The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1937
Page 3
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JANUARY 7, 1937 ILIIFE [IHIDPjiPI Natives Abandon Opposition as Italians Show Their Power By JAMES ROHRBAUGH United Press Staff Correspondent ADDIS ABABA. (UP)—EtlilQ- plan resistance rapidly is approaching the vanishing point as the new year Marts. Long columns of Italian troops nre swinging southward along tiie lakes, others'arc .cutting through to the borders of the Sudan, still others nre going'toward Jlmnia to occupy the rich coifes lands including the province of Haifa from which codec got Its name, while two other 'column's are proceetlin; slowly toward Cancer in the east and Bali iti the southeast.' Squadrons of bombers.arc dails flying over the regloiis whteh have hot yet submitted, demonstrating the power; of Italy to any one who may be In doubt. Not one organized Ethiopia!' force now T opposes these troops The few remaining groups hav< been smashed and tlieir leaders killed. Now the scattering bands of brigands nre retreating nnd returning to more peaceable occu. patiohs. Natives Abandon Opposition •Natives say guerilla bands have slopped killing and do little steal ing. All shrug their shoulders ant grumble: '. ' "The Emperor deserted us. Wli: should \ve fignt for him and ge killed for nothing?" Impartial-.observers believe tlii Italians will find they have a peace lul empire much sooner than they expected. The .Ethiopian is utter ly incapable of sustained effort That fact has been : demonstratcc time after time 111 the history o the country. It was repeated dur Ing the war and it is probable tha it will be seen again. Their vola tile tempernlment might cans them to rise up in rebellion p occa slonally if they had little rcspsc lor the government. But, the tea Marshal Graziani is well.en graved on the minds of the peo pie. . . • ' . AH Know Graziani Graziani- embodies Ihe power Rome in the minds of the peopl and there is not a beggar on th street who doesn't know his nann i It has been affirmed official! fchat peace reigns in all province •occupied during the last rainy sea «mn and. that qtierilla groups ai only found in scattered parts c the 1 --country,, But' they will onl exist for a 3horb (Vine. , '•'"Legions of ^workers follow the ar niies. Work is being actively push e<i on. tiie Dessye-Addis, Dessye :Assab, Tacnrae-Gondar, Addis-Dii Paua and Addis-Lekempti roads June 1 is .expected to see all these completed and a'year late all are likely lo be "all wealher roads. j ' ' Native Labor Used Because or Ihe desire of the go; ernment to finish these works s ihe country may'be opened to trac and immigration, native Inbor being used \vfhere white worker are lacking. It is planned, however, to use natives only in the regions too hot for white men continuously to labor. In these districts •whites will direct and natives will work. In the high crisp altitudes, whites will work for the government and do their own work themselves. • The greatest sign that peace Is returning lo the laud is the planting, of crops and revival of caravan traffic.. The crops, normally planted after the rainy season, nre being sown as usual. Formerly the winding caravan trails were black with mules and dust clouds were raised that yellowed the landscape. Once again caravans are beginning to plod thft-rralis, bearing coffee, collon, hides and grain to the markets and taking back loads of cloth and knick-knacks to de- the hearts—and stomachs of at home. BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FIAPPER .FANNY BySylv "So iliey finally ileciileil two conlcl live cheaper than one?" "Vcali. Amlon his salary llicv'll have to.'lliiby." I -7 Mission Union Group Will Install Officers CARUTIIEnsVIU,E, Mo. —New ifflceis of the Assoclatlonul Wo-' man's Mlpsloimry Union of the Hew Miulrltl l!i\|)tlst Association will be Installed at the quarterly meeting Prldny nt the Baptist 'hurch nt Rlsco. .••'-.• i Tiie Rev. Segnr of Porlngcvlllc will Imvo.charge of the Instnllii- lon services. Th? meeting will convene at ten o'clock Hint inorn- Itirj and u covered dish luncheon' will be served til noon. The new officers will be Installed during the morning- business session, nnd the aflemon program will feature a playlet to uc given by the 'cnr- utliersvllle W. M. U. organization. The new officers arc 1 I Mrs. T. M. Spldell, Carulhers- villc, president; Mrs. Elmer Lewis Ifayll. first vicc-presiitcnt ami chairman of the entertainment committee; Mrs. John Aslier, Cnrutlii'rsvllle, second vice-presl- :lcnt and Mission Study clmir- niiin; Miss Mary Anne Mc'dllng, CiirtiOicrsrille. Ihinj vice-president mid Young People's Lender; 'Mrs. J. Thos. Mnvkcy, Caiuthersvllle, sm-ctnry; Mrs. L. E. Cooper, Cooler, treasurer; Mrs. llnrry Cict- lliiHS, liuyti, Willie Coss chairman; mul Mrs. J. A. Patterson, Stecle, Persona! Service Director. Hornersvillc Society — Personal Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Sewell,and family of Patterson, ~ Mo.,'"spent Ihe week end here 'as guests of Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Cope. Mrs.. Virginia. Anderson fliul'neh ache" daughter, Martha Ann, of Capo] • ^ Oiraideau, came ,Sunday to visit the families of,. Dr. E. G. Cope and O. J: Cope. '...'•' = Coast Guard, to Rescue In Case of Stomach Ache BOSTON (UP) —\Vheii Guy Mnrcucclln, fisherman, was stricken with "appendicitis" 120 miles at sea coast guards were summoned to speed him back to port. : On his arrival doctor found him lo be suffering only a stom- Civilization in Asia Traced to 1800 B. C. LONDON (UP)—Proof ihat BII 'sLs of Mrs.- Bagley's parents, Mr. and Mi's. J. O. Matthews. Mr. and Mrs.-Charles Woodruff and daughters, Misses Mary and Com. Lee, of Lcpanto, Ark., nnd Mr .and Mrs. J.^T. L .Coforth'of' Parma, Mo., were guests last Friday of Mr. atid Mis. P. P. Bryant. Mr. and MIT;. Roy: Smith and children, Roy jr. and Patsy Carroll, of Flint, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Langdon .Taylor of, Tiptoh,•• Okla., and Mrs. G. M. Jones of Tulsa, Okla., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Langdon over the wcek : end. Mr. and -Mrs. .-James Beckerof Walnut Grove spent the week end here as guests of Mrs. Becker's parents, Mr. and • Mrs.u,. O.'-. n Layne. ' .\ ; .' ^> r •'•'*! - Mrs. Cecil .Gould, Misses Wilma and Nadiue Esswine of Paragoutd and Miss Hose Gould of Jacksonville, Fla., were guests Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Kenley. Byron Rose, .who-Is'.stationed at a CCC camp nt Springfield, Mo., is spending a week with his mother, Mrs. Betlie Rose. Miss Blanche Lahgdon • of : Cot- Ion Plant lias• accepted .the.posi- tion as teacher of • English and music in the Hornersville high school, filling the vacancy left by the resignation of Miss Mary Jane Burnett: ' .. Mrs. L. E; Tedrick nnd son, Bill, of Poplar Bluff, Misses Betlye Gene and Shirley Ann Cope of Maiden, Mrs. Martha Cope, and u I Pussy-Willow Preview May Mean Early Spring AMESBURY, Mass. (UP)—Tills town was the scene of a pussy- willow "preview" recently. Though winter hardly had begun when the harbingers of spring appeared. "Buddy" Gleason picked a iarge bunch of pussy-willows his home. Weather sages say it's a sign or early spring, while realists attribute the unseasonable appearance to protracted warm rains. HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Caused by Tired Kidneys M&nv of tbtwe Rniwiny, nipaing, puiofol backaches pcop]« blftnie on cojjj or gtraLDt we olten caused by tireil Jtidnej-*— and may tw rriicVKl when trcaUxl in the right way. Tb« Kidneya are Nature'* chief way of taking fxeesi acids and poisonous waste, out of the- I'lood. Moat people pa** about . pa** about 3 pints a d&y or about 3 pounds of waste. If lie II miles of kidney tubes and Ellen l *^ wc "' Poi-'onous wast* matter stays These poisons may atari E I . . . P 0 - ese posons may atari nsjicinc backaebH, rheumslic pains, lum!)»go, loss of pep »nd ecergj-, getting up nights, swelling, pyfliness tinder the eyes, headaches aaildininess jUont vraitl Aik your drungist tor Doaji'a Mb. used succeasfully by millions for OTCr 40 . . They n\f happy relief and will help tb« mile, of kidney tuti, 6u»h out poisonous Dull from the blood. G«l Doao'a Pills, isted in Asia about 1800 B. c. was cited at a meeting of: the British Museum and the .British School of Archaeology by M. E. Mallowim, leader of nn expedition to Chagar Bazar. ;Thc civilization, he said, is that of the kingdom of the Mitanni, in the upper-valley of the'Habur, not far from the Turklsn frontier of Northern Syria. Mallowan said the houses . of Chayar Baznr nt .this period were solidly built of mud brick, the inhabitants were skilled in smelter- lug copper, casting tlieir own weapons. anil 1 were members of 'a well-organized military state. Excavations at' Chagar. "Bazar will be continued this season. • fR££!\o sufferers of STOMACH ULCERS *£ HYPERACIDITY Willards Messaqe of Relief PRICELESS INFORMATION for those suffering from STOMACH OR DUODENAL ULCEKJ,. KUBTO1IYPER- AClniTY-I-OOR DIGESTION. ACIr> DYSP£PSIA. SOUR STOMACH, GASS1- NESS, IUARTBURN. CONSTIPATION BAD BREATH, SLEEPLESSNESS OR lIEADACias, DUE TO EXCESS ACID: I' EiplaJnA Uie marvelous Willard Treatment which is bringing itmnTTn'ir relief Sold oo IS <fojt trial. ' '; ; KTR.BY BROS. DRUG CO ROBINSON DRUG CO., Inc MANILA: PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE Rend courier News Want, Ads. Specials AH Day Friday, Saturday & Sunday PINEAPPLE -iAC LAYER CAKES . 13 PECAN NUTV. IftC IJRKAIX Loaf .. IU PINEAPPLE |AC HOLLS. IJpz.:';.;. \L FUDGE NUT '-IAC DROWN IBS. Doz. IV LGE. OATMEAL •! AC COOKIES. Doz. . . IU Specials for Butereg Hour - 5 to G P. M. Friday'-Saturday-Sunday' COCpNUT CIN- |AC NAMON ROIL, dz IV FKiJIT"WAFERS 'QC Doz 0 HOT noNUis |«c l)oz \L HOT PLAIN ROLLSCC DM U PAUKERHOUSE QC ROLLS. Doz 0 I.ct Us Make Those Special Cakes, Ties or Rolls Flume 110 k BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. DoirtlettonigW: you "My back," says orte Ausffalian bear, •• "Once bore more weigh! fhan you up there. I felt like lecd the morning after .. But CALVERT'S changed that weight lo laughter." CIEARHEABf '<. CALL FOR WHISKIES PAGE THREE KROGERsPIGGLYWIGGLY A"-.., , ; - Xn* « ',:• ' • ' * .1^' .CTPrfflS'ft,B* ^ > '.t-'ilU " V '. '.«••'• FOR FRIDAY AND SATUKDAY SHOULDER ROUND ROAST Prime Rib or Club Steaks Swift Pi-cm. Reel 1 • Pound ift Pi-em. Pound Cheese Cream Pound 25c | Pork Chops Jack Salmon, Lb. Spanish Mackerel, Lb. 22k Oysters, Select. Pint 35c I SHRIMP COOKKl), LI). RAW, LI). ... Salt Meat 15c I Sausage I'll re Pork Pound NECK BONES LI). CHILI IJrlek 25 I LAMB PATTIES PORK LIVER 12! I CHEESE Lb. 30 Cottage Lli. 15° VEAL PATTIES LI). 30 VealChopsLb.171cRoastLb.15cStewLb.10c GREEH BEANS' 9 CAULI FLOWER Hcnd 15 C KRAUT 'Avbmlalc 2</i Can GRAPE JAM"'!: 27 POTTED MEAT , 5 CHILI SAUCE 10 POTATOES Neiv LI). ONIONS Yellow 'Lbs. MISSCOPEftS 6 CATSUP Fntxit'r's MATCHES t Hoses FLOUR C. COFFEE C. Lb. C-, French, Lb. Jewel, Lb. . Jewel, 3 I b. 25c 21 c FLOUR Little King 24-Lb. Sk .... 81c 48-Lb> Sk. . §1.59 Bananas Pancake '5 J 2 for. Larpe 15' CARROTS Il'rcsh Heh. 5° POTATOES ^ BRAN FLAKES SPAGHETTI M r,r'10 c SOAP KLAKES Avalon -11C • Lgc. I'kp. Hi CRACKERS ; ',: 15 Grapefruit Texas , Seedless !! for Tuicy Florida Lgc. Size, Dm.. 2Sc 'Medium, Dozen Peaches Avondale Large 'iVi.C 2 for TOMATO JUICE 50-Oz. Can 19' MOPS Special Each 10 C VINEGAR Bulk Gallon 15' CANDY Chocolate Lb. CHLORITE Pint . Quart kRAPE FRUIT JUICE I 50-Oz. Can Clock Bread Long Loaf 2 for 15c Welch's Grape Juice Pint . Quart TALL BOY Spaghetti or Soup 10 S WANSOl'T CLEANSING OCC TISSUE. for 25 C CATSUP C. C. Lgc. Me Small 1Q 1 CORN FLAKES 13:0*. .Pkg. 10 BROOMS Clean Sweep Each 19' SOAP POWDER Octagon 2 for 5' PEANUT 1JIJ1TER .2-Lb. Jar 27' Cello, liag OATS C. C. •18 07. ] He ; 20 oz. LIGHT GLOBES Ma/da 15 (o (iO Wad SOUP Tomato. IJarbara Ann. Can FRESH EGGS „,., 27' Spinach Fresh Pound Cabbage New Green Pound Navy Beans £59c Standard No. 2 Can 2 for Pure Cane 10 Pounds Lettuce Lurge Heads Apples Winesap. or Dozen Seminole Tissue •I Rolls Hominy Country I«e. 2i/ 2 3 for Club Can P&GSoap 3 Large Bars

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