The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 1, 1934
Page 3
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1834 Whale Hunting Is New Thrill for 'Dude Sportsmen BLYTBCEVILLE, (ARK.) CODRIEB FTKWt C. I-. Keck Will! Convene Coui'l Here on J.'.ninrv 1.5. Tlic winter u>im of the civil division of circuit civil court will open here Jrmuarv 15 with Judge C.. E. Keek of this city piesldlng. A full docket awaits the court session. A lift of the jurors who will j Eerve ilurini; tlie u-rm was released nt ihe office of Clarence Wilson, sheriff nnd collector, this morning, j Juroi.s for the term lire: Max i Parks. T. E. Hose. I.enchville; liry- , am O.ilxniie. Bill Brown, John '• UpiKon, E. H. Johnson. Manila; \V. i E. Potter. C. H. Whistle, Ml; M. E. Cook. Gosnell; H, L. Perry, j Iluffhian; W. C. Wall. J. R. Slrad- ] man. Armorol! ,1. A. Hanes, Clear] Lake: J. H. Henderson. Yarbio: J. . S. Godwin, Ernest Rtcwnrt. Prom- I ised Land; L. f. Richardson, Oak; Tom Jones. F. E. nlack.l Homer S. Davis. E. M. McCall. W.' T. Harnell. P.. A. Crockett. ROiS! Steven;;. G P. Smith. D. Simmons,; L, A. Cothrcn. Fran's, W. . , , , , . , . . J. Wunderlicli. Ri!py H. Jrmes. R. Jl llll? ' dudu - v >' nal - r;: m llle - Vii( ' !)l shown here aie luAv enouK;-. to otic of the Itvialhans tlicy'r B. Stout. C: A. Kinnin'ihiini, A. A.! huntisuj. thi'y'i! have plenty of we to ::art: him will), as they're j::st a* the foot of Muir glacier. Alaska Hale, Allan Picksrci. J. W. Solo-j where «hr.!°s rcve! ill the icy wati-r. West ciast spurl.-:i:c:i uri 1 -.'i-;in° a new thrill out of the man. S. E. Vail. Elylhcville. I '' ' ° 'J Alternate jurors are: E. R ,; f , vllnk , ' ' Clones. B. J. Allen. Blythavillc; 1 Wall?;' Wright, Lenclivlllc. usin? M'eciaily unilpp d y;:chts. ' Church, jr.. of Seottlc. >AGE THREK 'opulation in Japan Increased Nearly Million TOK1O <UP>-Tl;c population fll prourr on Oct. 1. was 07.- .'iB.OOO, tli<> Slnlis'ieiil Hun-nil o! ! In 1 Cabinet antioti:u;-d. Tlu> tniin- 1 xr slious mi Inci <.•:<«? () f fHMca j :ump:md wl'h llii' ll-jmx 1 for UK flay of )!):« ! Of l!:i- lo:nl pupvhtlon, :t:i,^>l3 l 100 won- incci, and aa.-l-U.SOO wo- mi. 'Ihe populiiiiim in urban (.'l-slricis looted 20.aH.SCU, sdilli' I) viiiul districts there were «.23800. Ccmi.Mi'Cd with Hie figures . year ;iso, the 111 ban population i;:ci<.'.wd 1.111,000, while tlir rur al i»|iLil:iMon OccrMwrt 1GWOO. Of 28 eltie.s Tokio had th" largest |iupiilulli:n with 5,480.200., n fame next will, 2.IJ5-UOO.: Mid Kyoto third with 1,02G,%0 .vagoya is a clcse fourth, M'J.O'OU. Speaker Gets "Once Over' ing a new craf; shown here bebnj to Campbell I Steel Soars-Over Golden Gate Typewriter Pnm« Wheat. Corn and Hogs lo Be Higher Say Economists MANHATTAN. Run.. Jan l. ; 'UP)—A|!i:ciiltiiral economists of the Kam:is Slate college here looked for sonr'What lK-lter prices for wheat, corn, hogs and sherp during 19:14. The difficulties of- producers of berf catlli-. dairy products, poultry and CMIJS remained to be solved, the monihlv forecast, released today, satcl. ThVre is little prospect for any Immediate Improvement in prices of these commodities during 1934. un.'c-s regulatory and control mea.sMies are adopted or demand improves from a pick-up in general bu'-lncK conditions There is nothing in sight on Rcoubhcans Promise No| Organized Opposition in i Holism o! Reoresentaiivesj WASHINGTON. Jan. 1 iUP>—| Majority leaders of the house fac-j ed the cnming session of congress todav certain of full party strength which would overwhelm all snipping efforts cf the minority. Only the silver and tn>: issues I worried the leaders as each Irani' and plnnc brought back the fnllj membershin of 435 for the first i session under the Morris lame duck 1 amendment. I Minority Leader Snell and his chief lieutenant. Representative [ Trcaclwny (Rep. Mass.) indicated i that the minority of 114 would not attempt nnv concerted stand during the session. Stiell. in a statement. ?aid • that Renu'jl'C^ps would "go alont;, with the presi- ••,dent In any recovery' legislation j .i'vhf:re.'thc. prejjoSition 'seems falr."i- ..' Realizing th'a! the 1932 platform I ' i^uf the Republican party received] ' v -/ill repudiation in the election of I November. 1932, the house minority was facing the significant session with the realization that it ( provided a period during which onlv individual utterances wnnlrt count. ' 'H' Massachusetts Court Honors Mosaic Code .SALEM. Mass. (OP)—The ancient Mosaic code of the Orthodox J(-w;-sh faith in Russia was considered sufficient under the laws of Massachusetts, Judge Edward B. O'Brien declared, when David Chapman presented it to the court to Bel n CCTIificate that would m.ike his Russian divorce valid. The Russian divorce decree given Clifisman, had been handed down by ihe deceased rabbi "Pin-, cus. son of Ben Zion. of the city of|Homa. in the county of Umn. Rus- Invades U. S. Schools NEW YORK (U!')-—The world's Hrsi typewriter pr'iKcr hus mviul- <! (lit 1 schools. Tills uii-to-aai5 rncmter uf th: mr,?iern text l:<:o'-i .amilj 1 is "Tid ^nd Polly.' 1 a tyj.'c- v.rlter work book for children, m- rcdiiCL'd iti the Iciver ^rndes ol Horace Mann school here, and •hortly to bi 1 im;;>llcd in class- iconis throiiBhout the. country \ here tyijewrilcrs arc n part of i 1 '! 1 standard tquipnent. It. wns a study started tlireeir. hunger stnke ears ago by Dr. Ben D. Wood, ot kittens are taken Prohibition Beard Will Remain With Californian GERBER, Cal. , iUP)— The 'long' board Milch Al PreutMr grow i» protest to the 18th Amendment must remain despite repeal and Preusscr's Joy that prohibition has ' ended In California. I'reusser Is afraid to remove the beard. He might catch n bad cold. Anyway, he can't take a drink without violating his doctor's orders. The famillnr, w)iisker-covcr«d fnce made Its appearance after repeal, much to the amazement of verybody who exacted lo see Prnisscr's chin for Die first time In 13 years. H was believed A) surely would go to Hollywood to accept an offer lo have a ton- srlal artist perform on him before the camera. Al always said he would not shave until prohibition la« p s were repealed. Willie I'rcusser's whiskers grew lo n length of 10 3-* Inches, his scalp lost much of its adornment. As cooler weather set In tills year, theic dcvelojied severe neuralgia pains In ihe shoulders, and Al's vhpslclnn advised him lo follow a piescrlbed diet, which eliminated liquors. "I might shave later In the spring, when the weather gels warmer, b'jt not now," Al said. "Besides, repeal means nothing to me now because the doctors say 1 1 can't use liquor any more," - ' L ' ren lvl)ll ° ' of House Hemy T. nalney sils In the barber's which to b?Ee a forecast of spec-' chair, plans g,o on ni n fast clip for the opening o( Congress. For nclvr.iiccs in wheat. accord- Ing to :!ie rciwrt. Cousequenlly.: ivJicnt prices should sow little more Hum a slisU improvement over: December Icire during tlie first • month of the new year, the rc-]>orl ' when this picture was taken In the House office building barber shop, the Illinois sluKViinnn was talking over the corning r.eMlon with Representative Joseph W. Byrns i right) of Tennessee. Cat's Hunger Strike Protests Separation i £!•! QUINCY. Mass, i UP)—Hetty, jiel ;cat of Charles Citiadonnn. soei on out their lives, according lo Dr. : labeled tattles and price cards. f:iirl D. Bond, director of tile Men- i American-made whisky and gin, lal Hygiene Institute. ! labeled "tonic," arc more popular "Today's abnormal conditions ion display counters. be reflected in the mental A champagne cocktail costs VS •alls of ihc\ rising generation | cents, a whisky hightail sells for Ihroughout lls lifetime," he told 11125 cents, nnd other prices range parent teachers nssoclnllon meet-'.up to S5 [or „ concostlon In which Whisky Toddy Recipe For His Longevity BUFFALO. N. Y. (UP) — John Wesley Lewis, who was 100 years old Jan. 1, 1334, has found a formula for longevity. He drinks a whisky toddy before to bed. "It's a good recipe," he says. •very time away from inij. "Thcsi; ill effects be her | manifest In many her. nfler they have youngsters long forgotten the Columbia University, and Dr.i Six months ago Betty had a lit-'physical hardships of these times." "rank N. Freeman, of- the Unlver-!ter of kittens that were killed by, ™J| Island City in Dry Texas Very Wet rity of Ciiicago, lo determine the -iifiuence of the tyncwriter in ele- nicntary l:i:-l set pvtcmcbllns. She refused to ..- lor nine days. A few days ngo school r'lucation. which I pat c birth to mi>:< kitlet'^. two: iypsv.'riter.: lo clicking in|r>[ which were kep< by the owner. 1 is. i i-ntcr. however, ih-.-y were stolen : and Betty went on snolhsr indefi- i:itc hunger strike. ; •Show Depression Effects [ "Ted and Paily." of whicn rjr. Ralph Haefner, of Colunibia Uni- .^rsilv. is llu 1 author, was written! U s ^Lf ,~».h« pS a 'iori Prfsent Generation Will 'ir:teic.".ip.? stories to copy on my| iv pt writer." 1 fts publication was iirompted inj ! part by the. diicovery that chil-' | leading, spelling srcl conipositiun, and even, nunibon. more rapidly thai! children who do not. GALVESTON. Tex. (UP)—Champagne cocktails, H-hlsky highballs and fl??cs of the rarer Imported liquors arc plentiful in this Ishintl city of t'ne dry slate of Texa:. „,, ' -extended' tf.elr service to iucludu PHILADELPHIA .UP) -The drinks stronger than the stats-ap- present gcncralion will boar the proved 3.2 brew. Most of the places one establishment specializes. I- HAVRE, Ranee (UP) — Oiticiul tri»ls of Ihe ZJu^alli autpmotor, which will cover tnc distance be- lv:ecn Paris and Havre in two hours nnd ten minutes, will take place soon. The ne,v speed car will carry 52 passengers, wilh com- lorlable scats, and capacity for about 1.500 kilos cf luggage. Idaho to Take Fish Census in Spring BOISE, Idaho <UP)—The tedious task of counting fish: noses in Idaho streams will tjc undertaken next -toring by Commissioner Claude Drake, it was announced. Idaho was one of seven western st;ites in which surveys of fish and EKn food have been ordered by the ! federal government. I From the findings of these sur- j vr.vs. fish' and game authorities will I determine Ihe number 01 stock to i'" planted during the coming sea-1 son. - FOR SALE 3ft Acres, all In Cultivation, In illtht of Blyltmllta, S1.C50— $45(1 cash, balance 20 Annual payments, 6% iKttmt. THOMAS LAND CO. GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy A. •JB-tor. ste?l elciiunt svicgs slowly toward its plac- I l:nk is added to the longest suspe^it^ed over water uridge in tlie world, as graphically shown In this picture. T!;e steel unit i< f liie ^i7^;itic F|>an across the Goitlen Gale at Sar -'.Lt ii 1 . ovcr;,li length, and toiv.'ring 220 feet above ilie bay center. The bridge will cast about s35.COfl.ftOO anJ completion i:; set for 1937, U^ S, Program Will Aid Needy Colorado Students GREELEY. Col. (UP)—Work relief for students earning their way through Colorado State Teacher.; College here is being provided by tlie Civil Works program. George W. Frazier, president oi the college, received word from Washington that 50 student 1 ; would be eligible for K'o.-k durir;; vacation on repairs, impicvcments and and .•mother extensions to buildings and grounds in publicly-controlled colleges and universities. Many students will be able to Francisco. KOO remain in school here during 1114 who otherwise would have bron forced to drop out. Frazicr said. part is H-jfr: E!k'Slain During d N n v- M~?f Hunting Season Ex-Wife of President's Son Givrs I Slnit-Tns a Cheerful Link- Earl'u! rni r e !P. N. A!. i"P' — They 'm his out here. Enrico iM^ij.^n.'ic? rolurned hive \vilh the largest e'.k ever killed in New i . fff'--ir- i: wished 1.012 rmr.ds. It • Vr,-;i^ ni^abured five feet cighl ' inches. , Briiwir.;; in ln e cianl elk was 1 : more of a job Shan kilJhv; i;. Two .nnd a linlf days in 22-inch snow I 4 $ an -lev.i:ion of 10.WO test were i |U"-,rlr-d to ret the elk in'.o camp. I T))~ hunlcr.i rindo a crude sled i and P'lllcd it with horses. Two more dnys were required to brinT I Ihe animal on a i',vo wheeled cart | tc Ptcre;. Pur 'Is Aid Future | Teachers in Education HABRfSBUHG. l':l. <UP>— Fll- | ture E^acl'ifTs for pu^ii". schotls in Pennsylvania receive the co-op- | eratlon of abou! 2iVCWO beys and I girls In clriwnttrv sciro -Is. tvhll > | trey are stiioying teaching. Under the dircrtipn -y Dr. i Ja!r.?s K. ntili-. Sla'.i Superinl^i- ! clen» of I'ublir rn-tri',c!lo:i. th? chlMri-u nttrnd sell's'.' on the ciminiscs "f Slate Teacher; colleges. wli?re In-* stud"rl.= i>i>-i th?;- sturtrnt |pc"!rers. are under Ci? n- re 1 vision of i"s'nrtrr- =:i ? r "V- Ic?es. Ol-mi'if Clumri 1'nrl vh P-l's'i \:cinr in Oiymnic ten kil'i..i r -t.-i !.' I'--. I-''- « •-' vi i-r-fh.- fit •-''.fTiT.-. .- '••.'.(• • injury which must tc dclir'.cd bv surgery If he ever Ls lo compete a«in. The npcrotlon will be psi formed! In Vlcnf.a by an /wtrlan surgeon.I riie money ° needed for this pur- was collected In Poland. Spelling Bee Lost By Misspelling 'Misspell' WASIflN'OTOr: <\1P< — Spoilers v.ho misspell "inlssiH.'!!" can't win spelling bees. The word spelled defeat for Mrs. Harriet Turner in ;i .spclhui- contest held by Trensi'ry l.ndje 2C2. - ri.iticnr.! Fcdeiiitiijii (it TYder:!- E:npluyes. i 1 . .S:;i'Mcd vi::o:v. htnvevi-r. fed FOR SALEA Brand New Year Last year's resolutions ave gone — l\ept''ov broken.. Years have a habit of coming and going-, but the habit does not .keep us from regarding each new one as a new adventure in living achieve greater happiness. as an opportunity to P.cad Orjrttr News want Ads. , I ihrec Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal! Don't let (hem ",-t a sli.nwlel old. Fight germs tiuickiy. Cvjj- »'-'ot] combines 1 major helixs in c. r-ivcrful but htiriiilcss. 1' vt ! n ,ri<e. No narcotics. Your vcn t:r;r;Ty;t Is authorized to re- j t; mi i our'i:" en Ihe spot 11 1 ' i.rr c.:r!: or cnl.i 's not relieved • CrcDr.:u':ir.n —Adv. U "MHOAINS IN Nt'W * I'SKI FURNITURE E.J.DODSONfi W3 f.. Mai-, - rhniir l-Si f ' Kindling For Sale Tne former wife or Kilott I\oose\e'il. son o! tlie President. Mrs. Elizabeth Uonner Roosevelt here Is shown on ono of b i rare appear- ! anew since her divorce, as she made two young ncqi'nlntancv.s at a \ party for children Ir. Spcci;il .-iltetilmn !i> Ini'Kt' nnlprs. CHICAGO JII1.I, & LUMBER CO. Fu- isn't life, after all, in things material as well as spiritual, a constant, search for happiness? And isn't satisfaction a companion thought for this happiness? There's a heap of satisfaction and happiness in being able to buy the things you need at a price you can afford to pay. Many dollars can be saved if you know where to get the most for what you .spend. The advertisements in this newspaper will help you do this every day. of this brand-new year. They bring you the latest, most authoritative news of the offerings, of many manufacturers. Tlie suggestions thev offer will save you much time and trouble and lead you straight to the !>e.;j values.

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