The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1943
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1943 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THWtt,' Candidates For Boys State Discussed By Legionnaires The main Item of business discussed, Tuesday night when the Hud Coson 'Post of the American U'glon met, was on the selection ot candidates for Boys Slate. This Is Held annually in Little Rock during June and is sponsored by the American legion. Pledges' from several civil clubs liave tioen received Mating they would sponsor one or two boys In cooperation with the project. Plans were discussed to send 1000 packages of clgarcls to the boys In Company M. Plans were timde for (lie joint meeting to be held' with" the Auxiliary June Jst, «t which time, the State president, Miss Cliuidla Kuykendall of M)rt Suiilli will 1 be present. Woodmen Will Meet •:..'... Woodmen of The World will meet at the hall Friday o'clock, for drill. •night, 7:30 FREE PRIVATE DEMONSTRATION By New York Laboratory-Trained Expert/ : ' April 30 & Slay 1 ~ " " . vfv .. !):00 a.m. lo 7:30 p.m. f^' HOTEL NOBLE—BLYTHEVILLEJ ] • Important discoveries revealed in U. S. Government' ',• National Deafness Survey make possible the greatest help 1 ever offered to the hard of hearing. Find out about the jt new, amazing, scientific improvements designed to give f yoii BETTER HEARING. Call for free private demonstration;' ,«' i Ask for Acousticon. No obligation. '• • > SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Peter, 'Most Human' of Disciples, Man of Weaknesses., Fqrgcl fulness WIU.1AM K, OIl.lWY, I). 1). Kdllor nl Ailvaimv j)ETER may not have been Ihc greatest of the especially judged by 12 Ihe stiuuliini HE&flING AID BASED ON U.S. GOVERNMENT FINDINGS DANCE * * Friday Night — 9 Hill 2 MUSIC I1Y The BlytheviUe A rmy Air Base Orchestra (Tliis orchestra contains several members of nationitlly f a ni o u s "name hands.") Cabaret Style Admission $1.10 per, couple of giealness In humility -nml scrv- thai Jesus established for Ills dlsd)!les, bill he was ccrlnlnly Ihe inoRt liuinnn nnd InlcrestlnK. The Mory of the relntions Uc- tween Jesiis unit J'eler, ns we get y II muses of It In vnrlpus ptivls of "Icrlplure. appeals to 111051 .of us because Peter wn.s so very much like ourselves, lie wus u iiinn of high . inspirations nnd of seilons weakness, moved by slrong Impulses of uood, - "ill subject also to great temptations, loynl lo (lie Master nnd loynl lo his friends with n deep Intensity, yet capable of a foi|>olfnlnoss or u failure thnl ninoiiiited almost lo Ireachery. We must not reail or study this lesson without having In mind the verses In Luke 22 (31-34), which ylvc us the most vilnl In- slBhl into Peter's character us the Master snw hhi'i. nnd also lell of the deep Ic-ve of. the .Master wliieh wns to, be Peter's anchorage aiid slreiiBth. "And Ihe Lord snld. Simon, Simon, behold,- Satan hath desired to have you, Hint he nmy sift you ns wlienl But 1 have pruy- ed for thee, that thy fnlth fail not; nncl when thou nil converted trrmglhen thy brethren." Peter Mil Indeed been sifted ns vheat, nnd In the final test nppar- ntly he hnd' failed. Hi: had fullim nsleep when Ihc Mnslcr left hit) upposedly wnlchiiiK with James nnd John n.s lie went into Ihe jniden of GethEeinnne. He hnd I :lenled 'his- Mnstcr- thriee, surely not out of cowardice but because, in a mood of depression when things .seemed sinking nml the drenfn ' lhat he had followed was vanishing, hLs fnlth hnd been temporarily blotted .out. But he. had gone out nnd wept bltlfrly. And now it is In our lesson that Ihe Master restores the broken-hearted Petqr to the fullness of. His confidence. ;>ETEB had been foremost.' to Ihe point of Ijoastfuhicss, In nssertine his faith and his loyalty. was with this in mliul that Arkansas Guard Armory Jesus asked him now whether lie overt Him more than the others, islful Peter had lost nil his boaslfulnoss; .he was content now 0 say merely Hint he loved the Muster, and he did nut add "more him others." As three times ho had denied :ils Muster, so three tlinc.s now ic asserted his love, and Jesus .'hai'ueterlstlcnlly gave him n task, also iimklni; it plain that hi' nlso would 'Imve lo bear his urais mid siiirei 1 for (lip sake of Ills fftith j mil his loyally. A loudi of the old Peter lingers s, when Jeans had predicted I'o- Icr's fulure. Peter turned to Ihc f.oi'd mul nswed concerning Joliu, "I-orcl. what shall this man do?" Hut Ihe Master's rebuke wns mild, "What is that to (hoc? Follow 1 Iran me." • It.was n triumphant Peter that we see tU Insl, still In some men- e a IVlev of Ills moods nild his weakness, but with n new fallli nnd strength, going forth lo ilo his part,In Ihe founding of the Christian Chlirch. If wns Ihc new Peter who was lo proudi'tl>o..'. great sermon on the day of Pentecost. LOOKING AHEAD nGEORCI llfNJON Bridge; Paily- Honors Two Former Residents Mrs. P. E, Black find Mrs. Hoy Harper •'eiiterlalliMl 20 guests last night lit u bridge party for the ninil large affair complimenting Mrs. W. J. Pollard and Mrs. Rob- •rl A. Porter, prior to their return omorrou 1 to Detroit, where they re living' while Captain Pollnrd nd First Lieutenant Porter lire lalloned there with the Transport Command. Their home was effectively deco- ated with bouquets of wygclla nd splrea and low lx>wUi of many olor'cd tulips and Valley lilies in he hall, living ami sun rooms. Tin 1 multi-color theme nlso wns arrlcd out' In the llower design JUST FtiR IATIH& MILLER'S BRAN .FLAKES Eat a real treat and pet the things vc want free! Milter's delicious IJraa Flftki will start the day right! Healthful, tool. This Eradualed eel of color,- ful mixing bowls la one or pon* on every package for k lhe Kill you want. . . Premliiih Catalog Free ^ Wrll& MILLER CERtAL MILLB premium Dipt. Omshs, Ntbr.l rjUKil'KKl'TY, (lie United Sinte.i never have been able (o collect tali 1 pay ror ihi'lr work. When I say "fair iiny" i mean us much reward for honest, I'ttedlvo effort' ns oilier .mm of similar skill 'get' for what (hey do. The nearest they ever came getting u fnlr return for wlinl IliL'j 1 did' wus In UHtl -when the average farm worker earned Kt pur cent as much as (lie alw- W Industrial worker. . . wince loi'i llieiv have, been marly" famous tip's uhil down's but Uie Inrin worker's pny exlwleuced- (he roughest ride of- nit. In 1W32, farm wages wele only 32 per cent of Industrial wages, on the average anil In 1942 farm pay averaged tit) per cent of Industrial pay. Form workers are In n bellel 1 relative "po- slllon now (ban 10 years HRO but ihelr wages do n&t «|iwl faetory wngos. An lliirquitl Itimlni As tills column'has said before, fanning us u skilled Is also hard work, willi long hours. Hii'lU'lUiiy the Imrd work, farmers ought to be well- paid for their skill. Hut actually ;they are paid pourly (or their -labor, mill the skill Is forgotten. Hirmcrs Ijenr Ihe same brunt of Wars, mid depressions. Hie sumo ai of floods nncl tornadoes, In (he past they huyo also taken Ihe'liarde.s'l riil> In posl- wnr adjustments, 1 . - ' Tlie liu>t-menllc)iu'd;nilamUy;cau lie avoldfcl. Farmers cnji and ouijht lo gel ii 'better deal fitter, victory. America's war plans nrc already iiindc, working with a lueusure ,of success, and tlmjicrfcct Ihouiih they be) changing them now would' be boomernnii blow to aurlcnllnre. in Ihc untune urn war," u working thai Involves post-war ar- shmild eiuml- with that Of Fraternity Initiates Three From This County The following Mississippi County men were Initialed Into I 1 ! Kappa Alpluv Fraternity ut'iho Vnlverslly; of Arkansas April IB. They arc; Wallace Bmllh, son of Mrs. J. y. Smith; itlcliard, itobcrts, son of Mr, anil Mrs. K. I,. Hoberls; Merrill Osum-lie, son of Mr. nnd Mrs, li. a. Osuorne of Manila, Avk. nirhnvd Holierls has been ap- IKilntcd song leader ot the chapter. All three ure members of Arkansas lioiislev cltib nt llui Unl- vcrslly, Represents Sorority MKs Mlldieil Whlslle, of Mr. nnd Mrs. H. Whlslle newly elected preskU'iit of Uclln Uamma aor6rlty nt Ihc Unlversltj in the .. gifts, their- wrnu- ml In tlie refreshment.-; of allies, )lngs, a frozen fruit' .salad plnlc served vllli sandwiches and lce<l tea. Mrs. w. 13. Chnmblin received a set of ciuht ash trays for high core; Mtss.Jvlary Spain Usrcy's second high prize was costume jewelry, 'and the i guests of honor ivcre given'double decks of cards. Brnzll abolished slavery In 1888. H wns the lust' country In the Western Hemisphere 'lo pnss abolition laws. (cxtinully caused) RELIEVE ITCHiNa-PROMOU HEUUNG I''lisc RoronOM—Inirning -vith'^litlROHtio llhick ciTkd Wliilu Oinliiiuiit. U^o ouly o-i clitectcd. In 11W. 25( and MX nizM. PIMPLES BLACK C» WHITE Graber's Have The Largest Selection In Town! Men's New 1943 Straw Hats Thai Should Si'lt For §1.98 and Mori'. Men's New Straw Hats Specially Priced 98c — Cienuiric Sisals — Coconnut Palms — (icnuine 1 49 — Linen • Straws —Split ' Straws —Novelty Weaves —Snmrt Sennits —I'eanut Straws plan beats anything reorganisation, bill rangcnient certainly luc fnrmers' Income industrial workers. The Slurlhiif (lun Higher. farm prices now would call Immediately for higher wages to offset loftier living casts of In- ilustrltil worker, and there would be no cnil. If ceilings fall lo hold, Uie run-away rice balloon will be olil, with the sky Tor a limit, Am! as Ihls war Is more cosily tban.thc ether world war, so. a price-flight now would be wilder than Hint of 191!) and Ihe Inevitable crash worse, ;han Uie one that ruined so ninny' lariners In the 1!I20'3. I urn one of hiilf the people lu America who depend directly or iixlercctly on agriculture' for subsistence. My Interests nrc wholcly agricultural. As a furmer In n farming community I see only one course for farmers lo pursue: 'Hold today's ceilings, guard against in- flalon, help finance the war, Improve their own credit and cash postloii .and stand , ready when pence comes to keep the' home wheels turning, men working, nt good wages and farm markets booming. "I/inking Ahead" • Higher prices lor fnrm, products after the war clearly .will benefit both labor and Industry. Prosperity on the farm menus more money spent tor what workmen make In the factories of industry. But in 1042 factory workers earned 70 per cent more than farm hands. Average income per person on the farm .'wiis $308 last year while Income per person not on the farm wns more thol) 2 1-2 limes as Inrgc. Total fnnn Income lust year was 10.2 billon dollars;' liarilly 8.8 bil- lon In 1019, the farmers' liest, year In World War One. Food prices nrc not much higher now than then, and there nre fewer farmers now. Growing more food p«r farm worker supports their elai:n ,'o better Income. Todny'H farm-price fixtures nrc undoubtedly fnulty in their relation lo food production, and factory wages. But the nation's enllrc war-time price structure Is based on today's farm prices, and holst- ng- them would be a calamity. An act of long-rang wisdom would be .to form n committee now, com- I posed of representatives from labor, agriculture and industry, to work out n definite plnn whereby fnrmers cnn depend on Income Cfiuallty with industrial workers after the war. LETHANGEtiO Illlll cuntocwK DUSTS .uud SI'KAYS itvallnblo Uirou^li: Arkansas Fertilizer Company * i,rr*n,E UOCK ARKANSAS General Hospital »uthorlUe» •»•«• wonder U they will both bteo&w • miners. Although the parents • of the Uo did hot know each other: they gave the mm* of Dale ' f Arkansas wherejsho Is t,junior n the Ails nnd Sclrncc'Bchool; has eon chosen (o represent her sof- wlty «t Province ; Conference be- UK'held at Ihc UiUverslty of MIs- Isfilnpl, Oxford, this week. e»ch Infant, Al*6, it d«velop*d'thit '——• the" first name of »»ch' f»th»f -'wti Aftn ol l.'fllnrldfnce Baric. Finally, both of th* Jatheri BIHKYOU, Cal. \ (U,l>.)-JScVer»l are miners. Will the eoirieWtnc* •olncldfnci'.'i in the already short 'continue In'ttw babies' choiwrof'» Iv'es of • two bnbles l»rn within i life career, the hospllil would'Ilke lirce days of encli olhcr make to know? • ' i ir/ Continuous Shows Every Day Box Offlc* Opens 1:45 , Show Staits 2:00 L18TF.N TO KI.CN 9:00 *.m. 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p.m Thursday & Friday Other Stores Ask !.•!!>• for These. Clever new shapes that will be popular for the cominj; senson, in all new shades. Straw Hats • That Are Easily Worth §2.95. . • SIZES: (Hi lo 7Vi • Genuine Leather Sweat Rands • Colorful PiiKfw.c Saah Hands Smart straws that are light and it i r y , t, h e weaves and trims are of qualities found in higher priced hats. Huts that were made lo our exacting specifications. Have plain or fancy piigaiee hands. Genuine leather sweats. • Ventilated Tops • Smart Pinch Peaks • Pugarce Sash Hands RKORi»o I'kCiun • CEOmi MURPHY Purnir.ount Nrws & Selected Slior ROXY Birjaln Nlflit Etrry Night Eice; Saturday. Bn.t Odlco Op«n<i G:45 Show Starts 7:00 Cantlnnom Showi Hat. >nd Bin. Need more ROTENONti dust? $ ' ••-..'" ROHM&:HAAS LETHME60 doubles the, supply! LE THANE 60 with rotcndhc gives growers twice ns much dust. . J better dust, proved by large com? mcrcial UBC./^ LETHANE ~60 ~plu8~rdlenone gives you u fully efFective dust under present rolenoue restrictions. LETHANE 60 is theitohm & Haas answer to America's wartime shortage of imported rolenone. LETHANE 60diistsarc identified hy this emblem. Thursday and Friday 74 KENNEL MURDER CASE whh MARY ASTOR Eugene PAll«tt« * Ralph Morgan Helen Vinion « Paul Civinaugh !'j«ck La Rue»Dir*ci«dbT Michael Curtii A W«mr BpM.-PtrK NitloiMl Pictur* Selected abort snb)e«U. Yrllme CUPnOClnE— Rollm & Ilu> ieopptr funglclilc gives cffticllvc blight control 1 rntuf* mlxtug klmfi— handy Non-Irritating lo op«rAtcr. Hlghl, laritl farmubi mnt by local uilxcr*. Apply dn; SAYCI wrar on Jpcwytr— ncn- €orro*lvf* Import*Til ^ktrngt with help • nd ci|uli>mrnl 10 ccjircct lltlt emblem CUPROCIDKCAN BF, USED WtTIl ROTRNONE ON rYRETHRUlC LVrHAWt MJ CUI'ROClllK ./«;rui maili Htg. V, S. Fat. Of. KOIIM& HVAS COMPANY For Smart New Straws That Last-Buy At Light on the hcnd. nlr-Ircc anU lu perfect Inslc—llmt Li the kind of straw you'll sec at Ihff head of the Pnradc IliU Enstcrl And HOI.AR STRAW Is the brnnd! Fibre mcsl), rayon fibre Find hbpsncying mesh models flrc tops. Also cocooimts nnd pandnns nnd many more handsome weaves in this sjiloildld, value-packed price range! •I .98 1.98 Open weave fibres nnd Hopokas at this economy prlcel Many other novel braids and Irlnis to choose from, tool Superb, genuine Panamas In ventilated (brnlds and open side crowns—*lr-cooled perfection for summer dressl ' Rpg. U. 8. Pat. Off.

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