The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1937
Page 2
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, <ARK.V COtJMBll Credit Corporation Head Will Address P. P. C. A. Meeting Tribute ^ Pai^^ohn U, _ Needham Upon' Completion '' of v Long' Service *! OECBOLA; * Ark.—Rounding out fifty consecutive Jtars as magistrate of Big" Lake lownslilp.i John, Ufiol- phus Nccdhain, K$, of Manila, shoot <he hands of -his associates on the Mississippi'polmty. quorum court at U-e meeting here 'last Monday and retired to .private; life. . ,-nv*. • Because of l)is advanced age and failing"^jesight,' Mr,- Itfjedham tuk- "cd last summer that he not be con- Eldered' 'as a-"candidate for reelection and ^YJl 1 borll-Wells was chosen in Ins place Born In 1853 at Marble Hill, Mo., in the,strongly Republican county of Bellinger, Mr. Needham came to the- wilderness surrounding Big Lake when a mere youth and helped deaden the timber on the land that is now Manila Wins Though n Republican When in 1886 he decided to run for Justice of the peace his candidacy* was looked upon with some misgivings by the Democrats of the community, Button the morning o( the election I L, Daughcrty, judge , of the election, addressed the voters, urging them to put aside the feelings and passions engendered by,the ChllAVar. When the votes •ttereYpunlod Mr Needtiam had received all but nine. Contrasting conditions then and now. Mr. Needham said that iu his early years in office when he hnd to attend quotum court nt Osccola he,usually left homc'early Sunday morning, ferried Big Lake and traveled all day on horseback' to' reach Jiere Sunday. He attended the court session on Monday nnd, devoted Tuesday , to the Journey home.';For this he received $150 In county scrip,' «hich at that period usually could be converted Into about 60 cents cash Monday hf Jnade.tiie Irlpf'from Manila to" Os- cepla in about an hour The round 4rip,» including attendance at the court.session, required little more than half a day, and he recehed $850 for hfs services. 'In the early ? days, Mr Needham recalls"; the poor and aged of the county were boarded in pmnic homes and $a per month per person Vf»s allotted lor their care. In-his fifty years as a justice of the peace"Mr. Needham has married-over y>00 couples When he performed Ws.last marriage cete- mony*last Sunday the bridegroom expressed surprise that he did not have lo read it from a book. • Pay Official Tribute ,' ,At Jhe close of,-Monday's court search ^vords of tribute to Mr Needham \\ere spoken by County Judge's. L. Ola dish, G. L Waddell and other members and n committee,' named by Judge Oladish prepared the follow ing ^resolution o! appreciation fqr his service to the county; ''Whereas John Udolplms Needham of Manila has for 60 consecutive .years, 1886-1936. served faithfully and well his fellow citizens of Big like township as Justice of the peace and member of the quorum court of Mississippi county, therefore be It "Resolved that \\c hereby express our sincere and deep appreciation for his many,jears of service, for his conscientious attention to the duties of the office and for the high plane upon which It has been conducted, "That we commend his example of stewardship or the privileges and obligations of real citizenship lo lounger men in office; "That as floras lived from the fifties, of one century to the thirties of another and the shadows, of c\emng lengthen about him, morning may be m his heart (signed) "R. C. Branch "C. c. Councs "C P Tucker "W. B Loflm . "G L Waddell" F.fW. Ncimeyor, president of the Production Credit Corporation of St. Louis, will be .the principal speaker at the animal meeting of stockholders of the Planters Pro ductlon Credit Association, to be held Monday afternoon at tho Gem theater In..Osccoln. A program of interest to women Is. being arranged In comttction with.the meeting, and the families of many members will accompany them. Gordon .Evrard, correspondent of the association for the Chickasa'wba district of the county, Is arranging transportation foi any members who do not desire to make tho trip in their own cars The meeting is scheduled to open at 1 o'clock In the afternoon. Several Persons Suffer Minor Injuries in . Accident Lasl Night ' Several persons were hurt, none seriously, when two cars and » bicycle collided at tho Intersection of Clilckasawba avenue nnd 'Tenth street shortly 1 ' after six o'clock last night. Injured were Annie Knte Holli- niiin, cyclist and the only girl paper.'carrier In the city; Burl Dark, Rltz theatre employe; Bill Helm and (he lattcr's: daughters, Geraldine, 13, and 1 Betty Sue, about 7. U n Uainctt and. Ei nest Halncs, Jnkc linear Gin company employes, who also figured In tho accident, were not hurt. The two automobiles, one driven by Dark and the other by Halnes, collided and one of tlie 1 machines struck the bicycle. Dark was turning into Chlckusawba from Tenth anil Hatncs was driving west on ClilcksLsawbn, it was said. The Holllinnn girl, daughter of John Holllman, was rendered temporarily unconscious nmlr rushed, to the Blythcvillc hospital where her Injuries wero found fo be Blight. GcraUlInc, ..the oldest Helm child, suffered a blow on the temple and a bruised shoulder. The other Helm child was .bruised .^THURSDAY, lAkiiA^^, ,1931* while Helm wnsi- bruised mid rendered temporarily j unconclous' Dark. was cut nbout the lace nnd bruised. The accident occurred during, a' drhlng rain that inauc driving difficult., ' . l Attends Services lor Brother at Senatobia Mrs j M Fowler Iras returned from Scnalobla,. Miss., where she attended the fnn'eiiil of hci brother, James Madison jjam, 81, held Friday. There were services in ^Memphis, \\hlch Mr. Fowloi dlso iiiicridefl He returned home while Mrs. Fowler;went on to their former home for another service mid bulal. ' i . Mr. Ham, .who had visited here several times, is survived by his »Ifc, two sons, t.wo daughters, and several sisters nnd brothers TERRY AUSTRACT & REALTY CO. % Abstracts Lands & Loans Wohe'Rir ! rry, rres. and Mgr. Blylhcvllle, Ark. Charleston Embezzler Paroled by, Gov. Park CITY, MO.-Clnr- cncc L Joslyii, wlip had solved four months and 11 days of a two-year prison sentence ,for cmbeizllng about $10,000 of-' Charleston municipal funds while lie was city treasurer, has been paroled by Gov; Park. ; The parole was Issued on a recommend RUon made the; state Perinr Board MoiidaV. Joslyii was paroled [o Carl. Barker' of 1221 Ivo-.j Mist street, St. I/mis'. '• Tlic^jienal: board said It was Jos- Jyn's first conviction rind that c!em : - cncy had been recommended,, by Judge Frank Kelly 'of ! Cape Glrniv deau, the trial' Judge, 'atid* by certain .citizens 1 of Mississippi county. Joslyn pleaded guilty of cmb3i!zic- ment wnen his case was heard In Scott couiity on a change of venue. Letters recommending parola Elated the amount Involve;! In the, embezzlement, hnd been repaid, Judge Kelly said he "has been punished all a prison term may impose." Among others who urged the parole were Presiding Judge W: Q.. 'Mellon of the Mississippi county court; Sheriff Walter n. neck of Mississippi county, former sheriff J. O. King and E. J. Deal of Charleston. Read courier Ntws Want Adj. Beware the Cough From a common cold That Hangs On No Batter how many: trie dlclnes >ou have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you'can get relief now with .Crcomulslon. CreothulElon not only contains the soothing elements common to many remedies; such as, Syrup of White Pino Compound with Tar, fluid extract of Licorice Root, fluid extract «I Wild Cherry and Menthol, but iJso has fluid extract of Ipecac lor Its' powerful phlegm loosening effect, fluid extract or Cascara for its mild laxative effect and, most Important of all, Beechwood Creosote is perfectly blended with all of these to reach the source of thb trcublo. from the Inside. Creomul- sion can be taken frequently arid continuously by adults and children with remarkable results. Thousands of doctors use Creo- mulGlon in their own families as wen as In their practice'knowing how Creomulsion .aids nature to locthe the inflamed membranes and heal the irritated tissues 83 th«i germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Druggists also know tha effectiveness of Beechwood Creo- j sole and they rank Creomulsloh • ' top for coughs because you get a •' real tiose of Creosote:In Crcomul- Bloh, emulsified so that (t is palat- z able, digestible and potent forgd- ; : ing to the very seat of tlie trouble, ; Creomulslon is guaranteed s&l&< '( factory In the treatment of coughs, • chest colds and bronchial Irritations and especially those stubborn ones that start with a common cold and hang on for dreadful days arid nights thereafter. Even if other remedies have failed, your druggist Is authorized to guarantee Creomul- slon and to refund every cent of your money if you are not satlsfl»d with results from tho very first bottle. Don't worry through anothej sleepless night—phone or go get a bottle,, of Creomulslon right now. ' (Adv.) AFTER STOCK - TAKING RIGHT PRICES EVRUY DAY ON EVERY THING Kelloggs Corn Flakes Tomato Paste Can Picnic Potted Mjjat Call For Saving Stamps With Each .Purchase! "FKKSH STOCK" Icchcrg -LctUicc ..3lie Ciil. .lunioo Celery Tc rotatocs, t Kca Lb. 3Kc Green Cabbage Lb 2J4c I;ciuons : Large Site, doz. IHc Cooking Apples Lb. 3J>j Sniriach, Moslaril Ib 2c Onions, yellow Ib. 3c Grape Fruit, ea. V,'x SUGAR Fine Granulated 5 Lbs. 25c 10 Lbs. 47c Holland, News Notes Hiv Parker Pmkston of Okla- liom»-,Cily, Is-visiting his brother. Rev. J. L. Pmkston, for a few. \\eeks. 1 , _ ' Mr.; and Mrs. W. A' baVcs jr . and daughter, Marilyn, returned Monday _from, ^Syracuse, Neb. Becktold and family a 'ue^k Miss , Helen Patterson, daughter bf Arch Patterson, returned last Iljursday from,the Bljthcvllle hospital where shcTecenlly undcnvctil an appendix^ operation she Is at the home_of Mr. and Mrs Board Stivers -" 4 ^ Manford, Cohoon and Orvillo Pinkston left Thursday lor Flint, Mich., to visit relatives Miss,Mary Virginia Capahart has relumed from Highland, ill "tee she visited Mr., and Mrs.' nms Holmes and "family. • _ Mrs.- Sam Booker and daughter Miss Oleiia, »ent to Memphis Monday-lo visit friends and relatives , lor,a Jew days. . , , . •- iMrs. ,Frahcls>'Murphy -Rent lo Jonesboro Moliday to'visit Mr. and ,Mrs.Sfflll Secoy«and daughter. Mr.'i.andiMrs.-Lloyd Book, accompanied by Joe Pierce of Mobile. A!a,,>vfehe here visiting Mr BtH t Mrs^Sam-^vorXmaTi and family Saturday. ^ >; Mr^afld^Mrs^Everett Utlcy have been visiting Mrs. UUey's parents u* nr '^ 5 ? ! f -^? r ? f e *' ^*>s .Mora'-than>75-per cent of the province of Manitoba, "Canada,' Is wooded. . .' i 'v.'.v^r. -. i Vf^/'i /* •~ x i > * " ,'. +?;*"* ** ' ' BEANS Nu: Crop G. N. 5 Lbs. 35c 10 Lbs. 69c akes ly^c m . 2y a c 2 at 2y 2 c COFFEES YODF Choice Kamcr !»THC f.'UKiaiinb Canova Rite Trico Chase & Saubcrn Pound 25c A GREAT SALE OF GROCERIES & MEATS SALT Whole Oar 25 Ih. sack Me. 50 Ih. sack S3c 100 Ih. tk. n5c 1>ble Salt Fl. or loaizcrt Box 3J£c BLACK PEPPER 4 oi. boxes So 8 oz. lioxcs Or. 1 Ib. Box 17c This Is Ili- gradc 11 & K quality Evaporated' FRUITS readies Ib lie Prunes Ib. 7c Apples Ib I2>4 Apricots Hi 15 COUNTRY PORK SAUSAGE lOC^r ,GoCil ( t 1'ilrc Pound 15c Tobaccos IJccl Cap or Red Ox I'll re Lard 8 Ihs Net $1.10 PURE LARD 25 Lb. Cans $3.85 DAIRY FEED Fresh & Good 100 Lb. 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LIFE BUOY SOAP 3 Bars SULAD DRESSING Quart 23 ( PEANUT BUTTER Quart 25 C PEANUT BUTTER I'inl 24 LB SACK 65 TISSUE Seminolc Kolls ir TOMATOES Standard No. 2 Can '3 for LIBBVS KRAUT Can Can 19 C UBBYS PEACHES Can \T JFOOD VIGO Can American Can Tall Can 10 Full Quart 10 C RUBY 1'1-Oz. Bottle 10 C Full of Juice Dozen 10 C PORK BRAINS ' Fresh Lh. . 15' GROUND BEEF Fresh Lb. PORK UVER Lb. FORK ROAST Shmilder . Lb.' PIGTAILS • J "'-"i Fresh Lb. :.•',; PIG EARS Fresh Lb. PIG SNOUTS Fresh Lb. 12 C STEW MEAT Fresh Lb. 1 CU1' CHILI 1 CAN BEANS BOTH 25 ABROS STICK CHILI Ench HAMS l>iL " ic Slylc ' 8 to 10 Ijb> Avei- 91— c SLICED HAM Cu " s I( 35° VINEGAR Loose Gallon CANOVA COFFEE Lb. 27' MACARONI "SPAGHETTI, i 10 MATCHES Anchor 3 lioxcs LUX FLAKES Small !>kg. PORK & BEANS J.ibby's CilH 7 C L2BBYSCORN Golden Uanlaui No. 2 Can 12 C HOT TAMALES Wilson'.s No. 2 Can POTTED MEAT Standard COFFEE I'ridc of Memphis Lb. 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