The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1950
Page 13
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FRIDAY; JUNE so, 1950 •LTTHEYTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Vflllioim Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople •5OONOS EGAD, MftC*.' MY FIRST PUPIL JU9T CALLeD—AW AM6lTIOGs CHAP WHO WORKS lU A PET VOU MUST MEET THIS' GUV- HE'S A CHARACTER VDU1-L GET A KICVi. OUT OP: THAT GUTS A CARTOONIST AKTTHE>/ RUSH ALL IK COMIC WRnTHRSAW SUCH OVER TO MEET OL' E AW SOME PAY ED'S 601W TO GET WIS6 J yes, ABOVE ALLTH' PEOPLE HERE, VOU MUST MEET OL' EP. ; VEH.THAT HGAIWT SUCH AKI IMPORTAMT TOPMANP, AROUND HERE,BUT JUST A COMICAL. CHAKACTEE r COULDN'T TS.L soo <* THKT — vMeci Twe *PRESSURE GOES UP OH YOUR , YOU'D 6LIDE TO FIRST OrJ A CALLE THIRO BY IMITATING CANARIES/ HE SAV5 HIS FRIENDS HAVE TOLD HIM nts voice REMINDS THEM OF THe OFA svpsy. VfOLIM.' Copyright 1950 by NEA Service, Inc. Political Announcement The Courier News has-been authorized to announce' the following candidates, subject lo "the Democratic primaries July 25 and August 8 ^ FOR COUNTY JUDCJE •]j£ Roland Green . FOU STATE KEl'KUStNTATIVK L. n Aiilry Re-election Post No 3 John .' Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A Ranks Post No '2 E. C. "Gene" Flccmaii (For re-election Post No. *) W F : Wells Tor Stale Senator t W R Nicholson • #.' J. Lee Bcarden SHERIFF AN1> COLLECTOR Oseo Nunruilly WUlinm Berry man YOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER Shirley Hipp Office Phone '. 40!H Residence Fhone 740 Bbtheville ,SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Expert Workmanship H-flLTCRS QUALITY SHOG SHOP 121 W. MOIM ST.. BILL GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Swim Trunks 2.!)5. Tennis Raijucts Caps of all kinds Jimmie "H" Honls J50 Raselmll & Softball Uniforms. ;il) prices, Ifflering All types Summer Alh- Icic l'](|uipmcnt. "If It's Sporting Gootis, See Us." 421 W Main 1'h. R7fi2 Till; STOItVi .| U *< AH .TuUn Sand, ;. I)., iiiiilifs hU llr-tl :ii>i»-:>r:iu,-r in Wulf fii in I. .-Hum.. iKcr*'* • •IinocinK nt » -saloon ami 11 o<i \vliuy nniiu-il Musty kills n i;:tuiMrr. The 'awfjoy tnhr* Snail tt, u «hlte- viislji-a JOK fiibln. \rlMrh he «n?ft U .1 knock nn |hi- Jour. '[lu«(> or- il«rj» -Sunil in hiile under n himlc *nri >vlili A drntvn |»i*col. Ihr ouv«- lirjj- HHL-HM thf dimr. *'Ilt»n'l Nhonl!" iv.ininn In u yellow -addle nlfcker enlcrA the o.i F>jn. * * • III JTWSTY, the cowpnncher, closed the door and slid the wooden bar into place aTtcr the small woman entered. She walked over to the (.able and turned, up the lamp wick. Freckles sprinkled hur short nose and checks. When sbe pulled ofT the man's hat she was wearing, her hair was the color of burnished copper. She shed the yellow slicker and she had on a gingham- checked dress. Her gray eyes were dark-shadowed as she stared at the cowpuncher's bandaged arm. The woman and the cowpuncher stood facing each other. "Why?" Her voice was tense. "Why?" she asked again. "He was cnld-deckin' me." The cowman's voice went back to its soft drawl. "That's reason enough, Kit." Before she could say anything else, he motioned with his gun toward Uoc under the bunk "You can come out now, Doc,'* he said, and'then added to Kit; *!\Ve ain't alone." John Sand (elt foolish as he crawled oiU from under the bunk and brushed the dust off his clothing. "This fs Kit Carson, Doc," the cowboy was explaining. "She's named after the famous trapper." Then he turned lo Kit. "Doc's just starting business here." The girJ held out her hand and it felt cold us ice to Doc as he took it. "I'm John Sand." He managed a smile. He felt Ihc impact of her steady gray eyes thnt had the color of smoke with the warmth of a liddcn fire beneath. usEy , pulled back a bed larp ind was digging into a canvas warsack. He turned his back on them while he pulled on an undershirt and a clean blue flannel shirt •md. tucked in the shirt tails with one hand, lie reached for his hat and pulled it down across his thick, wiry, black hair. He put on a saddle slicker. "1 reckon I'd better pull out," fie grinned (tally. "I want you two to be good friends. Kit'll see to it that you don't starve to death. Doc. She owns the hotel and the dinin* room." He explained to Kit: "I loJd Doc to get rid of all this clutter and use the Whitehouse for his ollice. There's a shed "out back where he can put the lilier. ft'll make Doe a good office till lie can move into somethin' more stylish." He held out his hand towards the girl, who look it and went with him lo the door. * • * JOHN SAND turned his back on them and rolled down his shirt sleeves and buttoned his cuffs. He gol very busy pulling things back in the black bag, whistling tunelessly between his teeth until he heard the man's voice lifted above the low tone he was using in talking lo the girl over by the door "You ran turn around now. Doc. Quit whistling that hungry lune. I'm sure obliged [or whal you done and I'll pay my bill the ncxl time f get to town." He grinned faintly. "Turn the lamp down a little till I get oul the door." The girl closed the door after Dusty. She hesitated a long mo- ment and then slid the bar In >lacc. John Sand turned the lamp- ,vick higher. They stood racing one another n awkward silence. "I just got oft Ihe train," h$ said amely. "It was a wild west re- eptiou for a newcomer. I've seen wounded and dead men, but this s the first shooting I ever wit- essed. I guess it was Wolf Point's nitiafion of n tenderfoot." He realized he had said the wrong thing in his embarrassed efTort to make conversation. Kit tat down in a chair and put her lands to her face and a rasping sob lore ilself from her light aching throat and then the tears came. * * • JOHN SAND had training and •J common sense enough to leave her alone until she had cried herself out. He look a clean folded handkerchief from his coat pocket and handed it to her. U I haven't bawled like this since wns a kid in pigtails." She smiled faintly. "And in front of a stranger at that." She looked up at him. Somehow," she said slowly, "I don't seem lo inind it a bit. You must be a good doctor, John Sand." : "Hardly. I'm a green hand, fresh out of medical school. 'I had a year to go to finish my internship—when something happened. 'I saved out a hundred dollars and laid what was left of my roll on the counter and told the ticket agent lo figure out how far west it would take me. His pencil stopped at a dol on the railway map. The dot marked Wolf Point. Montana." "Dusty Rhodes was your first patient, iKcn?" she asked. "Here at Wolf Point. I delivered a baby on the train." His smile lost its bitter twist and the armth came back into his brown eyes. (To Be Continued) 15%OFF On Your Coleman FLOOR FURNACE if You Install It Before July 3)st Do It Nowl Save money, he ready for winter before the rush. And got the famous Coleman thnt gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat. See A Demonstration Today Chas. 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Blocki chtjip. et than lumber fnr birni chicken h«»xcs, ynmp HOIM^, tenant komci. loo I shtds We dtll»er t'*ll •> f«r free ntlmite. OSCEOLA TILE 8, CULVERT CO. USED CAR SPECIALS! 1949 SIUDKttAKKR CHAMF- PION. fullj equipped with Over DriTt, R>dlo. Cllmjclzcr. While Side Wall tires I9H PLYMOUTH S P E C I \ 1, IIKI.UXE. Equipped with Radio, Heater, While side Wall Tlrta -. . ..A ^Wonderful Buj 1519 STUDERARF.R r. A N n CRUISER —DEMONSTRATOR fr'ullj equipped with Over "rive. Radio, Heater and has Low Mileage ..... .... , |17J5 Used Truck Specials 19(9 STUDKHAKKK Hi TON wild 12" Boi>Y and tn Per- trt.l Cnndlllon l[«5 i»s roRo )4 ro.v PICK- ' 'r. A';?,™ M """ *"<* l» B Condition ........... ~; Visit Our Service Dept. Kre« M'ash Job With Each Grease and Oil Chung* Ctablin Sales Co. "Yowr f'rkndly T>*aJer R.R. & Ash Phone 6888 PAGE THTHTTOH FRECKLES AND HIS FRIBNDS-BY MERRILL BLOSSER Contact BOYS LOOKED 5O SAO. WAVlNS Gooosy . ir WORRIES WE I IM1RUS10M , BUT TALKIH&- Boor MV ISTER ! ME-is TKAT SHS WOLF 71 Wr GOT OFF WHEN we eoroi/' we- \ MORE LIKE A BLACIC. XDNT.. I V/10OW SPIDER / FBI tNDS BETTER STAY oar OF HER. "What do you mean, you can't go back to htm now? Your father and I vowed we were separating nine times, and finally got tired of running in and out!" ' mo II y >[A itRVICt. IVC. T. u. ntLV. t. MT. CUT I'RISCILLA'S I'Ol HY Af, VERMEER HAZEL, I DON'TTLJ THAT'S RIGHT. THIS IS VOUR NIGHT TO HAVE 7HE BOYS OVER, ISN'T IT? DO VOU THINK YOU'LL WIN OR LOSE, DEAR? SO LIKE TO KMOW WHETHER KNOW! WHY? TO OPEN THE TINNED LOBSTER OR JUST SERVE THEM SARDINE SANDWICHES HV MICMAJJI, O^IAM.KY and RALPH LANH MRS. KVIE SEEMS TO HAVE FLOWN THE IS! ft COOP. IHE FARMHOUSE 15 DtSERTED. COULD SHE HAVE SEEN ME DOWN BY THE LAKE ? •* BEFORE I S1ARI >PLAYING HIDE AND\ ,, ,, -^5H=K WITH MRS. kYU, f'•• f'^l l '° BETTER CAIL I THE RAILROAD ( >' 4 "S^fJ STATION AMD TRY ' 11^ - RIO STOP BOBBY RAMD 11. --71 f ROW GET TING ON THAT TRAIN.y WEH, 1 GUKS 1HI5 IS SOODBV, ALEC. THAI'S MY 1RAIM CAPTAIN EAS1 Enter Bull Dawson BY LESLIE TURNER FELIPE GO.ECI* \s MUCH RESPECTED IM TFip PUEBLO e e610K..ftMDAlWAVJ TO HELP A FELLA BULLMWSOW HOW DIO WOOH, WOULBVOU-AH- LEAVB US MOW? Please LETS LOOK IN M THE GARCIA HOWS N6Ae HIS BUGS HUNNY I'M THIH6TV...) ABBWT VOU 1 GOTTA _^/ AFRAID HAVB A ?i. T-TAK«~VOUR AT ? COA\E IN HANCWI HY V. T. HAMLIN ,VELL. I RECKONj/ } TuiT T.Mx-rrc *~—^ 1 JJG&JHG' \OL~TS HIM.' (SQ.'C<AY) so.' BOOTS AND HKR BUUDIKS HY EDGAR MARTIN

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