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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · Page 3

Chicago, Illinois
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Wednesday, July 28, 1915
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MGENtn I bridge a co7Zl followed along l3 rain - to the n taJ I hptt go out the itPZT6 Pfl tried tUtoJHKf I the boat was Wn J M X lenhone nd notified a JtPartrnent and ih r J - - nine tL UrrJTedOnthedock 7 down from nil in IV - - Ti Tl and th tenant - 5 sfjsd oa Sand Bottomp 4ur opinion what cause 1 JA 1 beliey the boajlli M4 aft of mldihir nabenlc ltuy Jamrnad irukl naturally tip T25 a there or waa rK - i aillgIK or the prt m tried to tHm hi k rr VJ J9 did C EEtErjii1 - vestjn minute witfcLT a those on board than IT V Hiaa criticised member h he Bud m ma case 17 poy wap on oa the dock iv them vera official forToru the viltness sail fatter on the Stand Si a nv aald tha J tl Clears rintal Tj T I rerelt ti J Ihr - KmilUnri h r i r arriving about t eclo ftthr - arafrnm Valt l ma 1 1 tegan to worry a little beeaw ml to eo ahead wa not fnrH ufd se the captain of the But I njt orceins hU stern out Mr I set the x O K alniff gbt to the bride the Eutiuj fmt I thought at flrHthevovU ut aha went on oter t 6we4 the Eastland four TfW fttn noticed that ah tUttf J MALMROS - 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Moad the surender of the purser who a said to hold the key to tha situation m as has accurate knowledge of the Visit number of tickets taken up and ft lumber of passengers on board the itsttl at the time of the disaster Tell of Accident TU Esstland waa fifteen mlnutea roll - lax ertr on 1U aid In the river last Sat - artsy according to vldenc J resented to tl state grand Jury late yesterday Far all of this quarter of an hour the tata ship continued to sink lower and fcu on the river side approaching the fttal Bat when the Une of equilibrium fell Sat Uld the dead line Charles V Gordon of 1909 North Al - Ubj arenue and A C Rlgby the JtartMuid hoUl Clark and Klnxie UU were two witnesses who told the srr Mat wsiched the dsth ship from the Gark itreet bnCge They were specta - te inwa by the scramble of the crowd tetetea beard Wondered at Llat tht uv the boat start to list heavily 4 ipdte about it Farther and farther kaa4 uabl they wondered they said 3 Uutxa were aU right After fifteen austtf they saw the big - ship roll over MlUslde tser v tnssats are to be sent before ary by state s Attorney Jloyne to Ms S4uUar testimony which Is to fur - 4 the bsu for a general charge of H carelessness on the part of re - MaAle members of the crew The the - VI of the UU U that if the officers bsd Wftnatd their duty nuaaures would ttea taken at once to right the ship r t aalcad the passengers in thequarter t Is boar in which everything was all rw according to the atatea attorney rMcSork alao was laid by the Jury Is the indictment of several persons In the baHed btateasteamboat taspecjion SHTlca THOMPSON TO DECIDE TODAY ON SHOWING EASTUND FILM BY ARTHUR SEARS HENNINQ Washington XX O July 27 Special The department of commerce has re ceived repeatedly during the laat two years charges that certain veeia on the great lakes were unsafe There were warnings of impending disaster particu larly la the case of certain excursion steamers Charges also were repeatedly made to the department that steamboat Inspectors war careless and Incompetent and dominated by the vessel owner These are the disclosures of the official correspondency between the department and the Lake Beams na union and Chicago Federation of Labor which The f TatauMa correaondent Is enabled to pre sent herewith Victor A Olaxder of Chicago secretary of the Lake Seamen a union sought tor more than a year to Induce Secretary of Commerce rtedfleld to conduct an investigation of the steamboat inspection service which he said would dlscloie scandalous conditions of Incompetence and neglect of duty to the UaveUrg public Secretary Redneld stoutly defended the Inspectors but finally Initiated an Investigation as a result of which he dismissed t0 supervising Inspectors and eight Inapectora In Atlantic acd gulf districts Hla Investigation had act reached the great lakes districts when the East - sand disaster precipitated an Inquiry of greater magnitude Nockela Charged Irregularity On May 1 1914 B - N Nockels awc - Ktirr of the Chicago Federation or ia w t Aaalstant Secretary Seet that ha hd proof that - Inepectore of the steamboat Inspection service have kan orders irom nw mj t rtrard to the Pare liarqueue wnicn sank In Lake Michigan Sept 0 1910 with a loea of twenty - seven Uvea Mr Nockels said In part Ud t within four or nve oay w f ore It tank this steamer had been carrying large excursions out of Chicago dally fi - ortunetelr when It sank there were only sixty - one people on board prac - ticellyaU members of tne crew oui twentyeven were drowned The vessel went to the bottom Just aa help was nearing It The United States Inspectors who Investigated the case state In their report that they were unaon to determine what caused the sinking t ifc oh of the Pere Mar - tta that Inspired the Investigation made by this orgamsauon sinking of the steamer Iovta Ut ummer era in warned - of the danger Thousands of people mostly working ua crowd these steamers aaiiy aur - ln the excursion season believing that the government has seen to it that the iaels are safe The government uu n tO it M Mr Nockels charged that the following steamers were Insufficiently manneoi Christopher Columbus Racine Iowa A1 bama City of Grand Rapids ana tro nn the allexation that these steam era did not carry a sufficient number of MmiL Mr Nockels basea nis bccum lion that the government inspectors w doing the bidding of the ship owners Cites Xack of Inreatlgatlon On Airll 8 Wl Mr Olander wrote to nr TJhler superrlstng Inspector gen eral of the steamboat Inspection service complaining that absolutely no investigation was made - of the lake disasters on Nov and 10 MIX w wept that two master at Detroit ana wre e r queUe were Interrelated by the local inspectors actio under Instructtena from other officials Arttna - SuoeTvisineT Inspector General - rniiMt to Mr Olaadeiithat the complaint would have the attention of the bureau On March 2T - 18U Henry v j - i - im and Frank Van Llew local inspectors at Port Huron advised Mr Olander that - this board did not make an Investigation of the violent stona cf Nor and 10 because we concluded no Investigation was necessary tne eUments had - v hira of the ships making them unmanageable and they were driven be fore Jt untu uixi ChrUtonher Coltunbua Cited t - ttter to Secretary f Commerce Redneld on April 16 11 Mr Olandr aald in parti - The steamer Chrtstopliw Columbus U certified by - tha local Inspectors to carry from 250 to J800 persona on the great lakes aecocdlnaT to me km v - from land Aa the deck crew for that vessel exclusive of the licensed offi cers they certify two quanermwr - iw - dek hand Whether the vessel carrlea assa r 200 people Of couse It Is lmposeible to operate that vessel with such a rtaicuiowsiy ni M and no attempt is maoe to so mi It usually carries about twenty - one deck hands an witn uitu r ww fl for Benefit Exhibitions to Bo ld Before Mayor Acting Offl - r Ban Pictures - CtiaS tflTOP HnnkAli A wtA Tm Vta r rday barred the ex - rtcf several seU ef motion ple - r the Eastland disaster onthe that they were an effort to com - UxacaUmlty - Hotiaf picture lm which To or has for exhibition will be sub - on on his return todsy It Is ln - Jj t the enUre profiU from these taa go to the relief fund for the M ufferera Utn Law in tTincaa Plt - o - kaiirrrt w Tir - 4 uij i4iwa pw tna wAtt n Kk ttiha i - gt mv V Uiq CiimHUMl UAB - ttTkir rescuo of survivors from Bt upturned side will be the 2 a benefit performance to be JT tomorrow A continuance wnaBM iii - wu ouivr muuuo imc - ito irom ii ocioca on rw mre to pe sent to tne SafertK - H - - - - - - - Ul lIiCUt U UllUia Ohio Cann T uii fa - r i tcpuciai ii ne t Kt ca - s today approved hi i TBJ8VIK s Eastland disaster It tj JLbsvitnAA lk - tl va m U Th Tbibct - b are to be devoted rr reUei funri vi ilunM U MW w - C - vriatneedtosaiaveKlte In my opinion Is the inspection terries Itself I ask you very earnestly to examine Into the matter I do not believe you will have to look very far before you will find that my criticisms are fully Justified by the facts Secretary Redfleld replied on April IT that he had referred Mr Olander letter to Supervising Inspector General Uhltr On May 2L 1911 Mr Olander again wrote Secretary Hedfltld asking for a reply to hit prevlouu letter and Secretary Red Held replied on May 21 that he had received a report from Mr Uhler and that when I shall have read this report and conatd area same 1 tu prooabry send yon a copy - Redfleld ScouU Charges In regard to resolutions of the Seamens union asserting that lake disasters can be traced to serious faults In manning equipment and construction Secretary Redfleld wrote Mr Olander on Jury 18 1114 that there Is no foundation for the statemi nt In regard to the further assertion of the resolutions that any tnvtstigation would have been certain to disclose that the In spectlon service has been permitting yes - v sets under its Jurisdiction to navigate In a condition certain to Invite dlsatter and that the Inspection service should not be allowed to continue its disregard for the value of human life simply because the powerful shipping Interests on the great lakes so desire Mr Redfleld declared the steamboat Inspection service does not permit any vessel to navigate which In the Judgment of the Inspector - js not seaworthy Again he challenged Mr Olander to present the proof Another Warning on Boats In a - ieter to Mr Redneld dated July 80 1911 T A Hanson secretary - treas urer Pi the Seamen s union said I believe that no inspectoron the great lakes will deny that crowded passenger vessels are permitted to navigate with open hatches open main deck gangways and ports and with other eck and side openings left unfastened In such a way thai they cannot be quickly secured in the event cf accident Mr Olander writing on Aug 9 1914 to Secretary Redfleld said that he was a passenger on the Christopher Columbus on Aug 1 and that he noticed that every one pf the eight large gangwaya are la such condition that not one of them cat be clcted quickly In the event of acd - dentf On Dec 10 1914 Mr Olander responded to Secretary Redneld challenge to pro duce proof of his charges In an exhaustive description of navigation conditions on the Great Lakes covering forty two closery typewritten pages He submitted letters to establish his charge that local Inspectors made no Investigation whatsoever of the dlsaatera of November 1913 Mr Olander states that as a result - of hla comflalnt In regard to the Chris topher Columbus the local Inspectors at Chicago went aboard tne vessel one night and made a teat which dlsdoaed that It took - about one hour partially to - aecure the gangways while the vessel was lying at it dock where the service of every member of Its deck crew were available 0FFJCER OF SHIP COMPANY WILL SURRENDER TO LAW jBay Davis Assistant Treasurer Now in Minneapolis Beady to Return to Chicago Mlfineapolla Minn July 27 ISpedaU Federal authorities have been search ng for Roy Dayis assistant secretary hmJ treasurer of the Chicago and St Joseph Steamship company owner of the Eastland He a survivor of the disaster has been found In Minneapolis Lata today Mr Davis said be would leave for Chicago to surrender to the authorities Saturday night Mr Davis came to Minneapolis and has ben staying with friends Mr Davis says there could have been mo overcrowding If fauU there be be declares it was that of federal Inspector w he stood at the gangplank of the steamer and took careful count of the excursionists who hoarded the ship To his personal knowledge the incoming passengers were stopped when the United States government count showed 2400 aboard although the official carrying ca padty of the Eastland was fixed at 25TO Passengers coming on the Eastland aid Da via today came on the one gangplank At the gangplank waa stationed R H McCrcary head of the United States customs inspection for the Chicago district With him were two federal in specters each armed with a counting ma - chin - Mr McCreary told me that as soon as the two docker tallied 2400 no more would be permlttsd to board I told him It was a rood idea1 SELF - INQUIRY CIVILIANS AID REDFIELD RULING Sttfthry to Start Inyestlga ttonlvhwjKctorswlthGhl - cap Men on Board federal qtjiz HOYNE MEN FIND TO HIT OWNEBS - Ion nTnnianr jUDrAinunAut LINK IN CHAIN U S Officials Also to Bo Under Fire of Government Investigation SUB1WA BOAT HEN gelMYesaratian of the federal steamboat inspection service was authorised by Secretary of Commerce William C Redneld upon his arrival In Chicago yesterday Mr Redfleld announced he had asked Frank W Van Patten and William A Collins federal steamboat Inspectors at I Mr Ctrne Milwaukee to conduct the Inquiry with the i assistance of the commanding officers of ih steamboat Inspection service particularly ben George Uhler supervis ing Inspector general Picks Civilian Members Secretary Redfleld however made a concession to the demand that selfl Investigation be barred Although announcing that the Inquiry will be primarily technical he chose a civilian board to supervise the Investigation The board Includes the - following l Secretary ItedQeld chairman Albert L Tbnrtaaa solicitor for the department ef commerce Harry A 1 heeler vice president ef theUalon Trast company Marvin B Pool vice president of Ilatler Brothers Aa enatneer from the staff of the Western Electric company a Lyet unnamed The reason for the selection of the Chicago members the secretary said Is to give the people of this great city an opportunity for a part In this Inquiry Hearings Begin Tomorrow The hearings will be public and will be gin tomorrow In the federal building Dont you think It would be preferable to have a boa rd of naval experts make the Larthud Investigation T Mr Redfleld was asked Well we have no appropriation to employ experts and the United States government Is forbidden from accepting gratULtiea he replied Later Mr Redfleld announced I am here to see this thing through Nobody Is going to be shielded though this is more of an Inquiry than a trial Our particular field la the technical aspects of the catastrophe Here is a boat that sailed for twelve years with aa many as S 000 passengers What caused it to topple over In the Chi cago river after all these years It Is our business to rind that unknown factor How about Victor Olander of the sea men s union J was asked Mr Olander will be Invited to appear before the Inquiry was the reply He has been given every opportunity both personally and In writing to make good the very sweeping statements he has made In the past and he has tailed to do so Other Inspectors Summoned Secretary Redfleld explained he selected the Milwaukee board to make the inquiry j oecaue iapi ir u aiansDeia one or the local Inspectors examined the hull of the Eastland la July The Grand Haven Inspectors Robert Reld and CharleeEck - Uff and Capt Nelson who inspected the boat In Cleveland have been summoned to Chicago j During the afternoon Mr Redfleld In - 1 spected the Eastland wreck Ponce Capt Alcock acoompanied him Mr Redneld asked the captain to see whether the safety first sign had been posted In j the boat He bestowed eepeclalaltentlon L 00 the life preserver I They are of two different makes both j good ones was his comment Every one 1 examined bore the mark of six different i Inspections I The secretary was gueai at a dinner given last night at the Indian Hill Golf club by Rattj C Butter A W Shaw and Cornelius Lynda Aiemer or tne recerai trade commission were also guests So Stability Regulations f Has the department Issued any regu - laUonv regarding the stability of steam - shlpsf Mr Redfleld was asked JdentthlBksowaethereply Ak Mr Thurman There are none Mr Thurman said Why hasnt the department made any reqairemeat along that liner J Ton ask Oen Uhler that question I Secretary RedSeld replied - IX he wont j nJrmfg fl make Um enawpn t District Attorney Charles F Clyne announced yesterdsy that the federal Investigation of the Eastland dUaster will be swift and thorough regardless of whom it may hit Developments of the day tn the federal building Indicated clearly that the government s Inquiry la directed at both the Owners cf the Eastland and the officials of the United States steamboat Inspection service who have had to do with passing officially on the Eastland s aea - worthlheas There will be no whitewashing said SiTMC FrtafeMp Mm EastM Mm Bubpoena Boats Officers Significant of the direction in v hlch the government ls prosecuting the inquiry as a petition presented to Judge Landls jequesting forthwith subpoenas for four of the Eastland s officers and Martin Flatow general agent for th Chicago and St Joe line The four officers named In the petition are Capt Harry Petersen master of the Eastland pelbert Fisher and Peter Fish er first and second officers respectively and J M Erlckson chief engineer Judge Landls Issued the subpoenas tin - ra - diately and deputy marshals were sent out to serve them The petition waa pre - aented In court by Assistant District At torney Joseph B Fleming Mr Clyne s first assistant In the Eastland Inveatiga tlon It atated that the testimony of these men is necessary and material to the criminal prosecution of this case Thirty - sight Testify The subpoenas were decided upon fol lowing statements made by the ships officers and crew thlrty - 4gbt men to Assistant District Attorneys Freeman Fleming Epstein and Mlndak who called on them at the police stations where they are held by the police Tbe substance of the statement of all the men questioned v as that the Eastland was a cranky unaeaworthy ship a dangerous tub and that the captain and membera of the crew had knowledge of the boats unreliability They said also that the owners were aware of this Every One Seasick They told the government prosecutors that when the Eastland came across the Uk from St Joe a couple of weeks ago It rocked to such an extent that everything had to be made fast and even the coal stoker and deck hands were seasick They said they regarded it a miracle that tbe boat made port The federal prosecutor also made a demand on the office of the steamboat Inspection service for all books and reo - ords bearing on the Eastland case Mr Clyne spent considerable time in conference with William C Redfleld secretary of commerce Albert L Thurman solicitor general of the department Dickenon N Hoover acting supervising Inspector general of the steamboat In spection service Capt Charles H west - cott supervising Inspector of the Eighth district and local steamboat Inspector tBT A eTAFT COiatCSPOKDXMT St Joseph Mich July IT Special May the Eastland caU - - be Kid to the inenoKnip erinspecTors Konert Reld and Charles C Eckllft for the officers snd owner of the vesselT Did this friendship overcome any doubts they may have had when they Issued a certificate of navigation to a Teasel generally reputed to be crank and unmanageable with large excursion crowds on board These are the question which States 1 Attorney Hoynes Investigators prepared to lay before their chief when they returned to Chicago from Grand Haven to day after a two day investigation of the inspectors records and their per sonal affair a Pacts for Hoyne Although A M Payne in charge of the Inquiry refused to discuss his findings It became known that the following facts would be laid before States Attorney Hoyne Both Inspectors Reld and Eckllff were Utlmately acquainted with the officers of the Eastland Inspector Reld U a boyhood friend of George T Arnold president of the Une operating the Eastland and knew William IL Hull and Mrs BL A Graham the principal stockholders Inspector Reids son - tn - Jaw J M Erickson was chief engineer on the ship and the tatters brother Peter Erickson was employed as an otter Inspector Reld put in a good word for Jay L Fisher of Grand Haven who obtained a poatUoa os the vessel a an oiler Mrs J M ErtfkonInpctorRid daughter has visited at Capt Peder sens farm Carlton Bckllff son of Inepector Eckllff is believed to have bean the guest of the shins officers on at least one trip r Inquiry on New Certificate During the day It was also disclosed that inquiry was directed at the Issuance of an amended certificate to carry UKO passengers and a crew of seventy granted on July 2 by the two Inspectors oh the word of the captain that four additional lifeboat had been Installed It Is under stood that this certificate was only ap plied for when It became apparent that the Eeatland could not carry ail the pas sengers assigned to It by the officials tn charge of the Western Electric picnic t On July 1 the Hawthorne club official In charge of the picnic are said to have notified the South Haven line which chartered the Eastland that they expected 90UO persons to embark There was not enough room on the three ves sels It Is said acd Capt Pederseo of the Eastland 1 ld to have applied for a permit to carry more passenger In order to accommodate the crowd Records on Passengers Increase The file of the Grand Haven Inspector bow that the captain addressed them on July 2 saying that t had placed four more Ufa rafts on his vessel Thereupon a permit was immediately Issued to Increase the boat s carrying capacty from 2183 pasaengers to 2G0Q aa not this penult issued before you inspected the veeael to see if the Ufa rafts were really there T Mr Reld waa asked Whenever alterations are made oo a vessel after the annual Inspection it Is austomary to take the sworn statement o f the captain that they have been made he replied Inspector Reld denied the ststement at trftuted to Capt Pedersen that he Pp - deraen came to Grand Haven to obtain the certificate It was mailed to him he said The record show that According to Mr Raids report and hi further statement ho reinpected th Eastland on July 11 and found the addi tional life refti on board and the veeael In seaworthy condition Grand Haven and Its local newspaper have rallied to the support of ths two stammhoat toapectora both grown gray rn tho enrlo of that United States but the fact of their friendship for the Esat land owners and officers remain undis puted THERES ue for Undn Biscuit Ycry day la every hwn la eYqr ttrwet laewywra SBT WBw v X k uniformly fresb unifonoly food 5 NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY GET a whiff of that fragrancci Taste that crisp gingeriness Say Zu Zu to your grocer man NATlONAi BISCUIT COMPANY I lAn I IB msr I I w kPH0 I I m sksss CTk Tr01w Tg A - B f09u5 Rerr Clotms Excuwvtcr Exclusive Ac cuts Fee PoesM Pwr j4k y ne J - is n0 Ki ItZKtf OX T A I A assslasB - s - f jw 4j oaju b uxt ANDERSON C BROTHERS Washington and Wabash NEW GABLAND BD1LDINO Formerly 104 W Madiaon St a rltjU

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