The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1943
Page 2
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MOW TWO ,BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS, THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 1943 EDSON IN WASHINGTON the Grade Labeling Enigma Be PET* R EDSON Courier NPHS Washinjton < Correspondent If the grade-labellng-of-canned- noods has not jet entered your life, cither \ou arc not:, normal, or «lit re ha\e >°" been? for this will cffeft tlie futures •'•.or far- more thim t»e l«*ralion ot jndlt "issue, or even, the fourth teem Grade labeling is basic stuff, •1 trfrtmhig Die quality of what •cj «8l out of ican.lf .and when \ciJm\e point values enough to >,-v theorv looks simple. Air it vould Wquire is that'every label in ev=li can specify that the contents aic either grade A or Fancy, B 01 Ch6ice, C or Standard. Tliat IMS stoM be ordered is Ihe con- , . s _*• ~ll InlmT- -rtV-tfftl«9flt IO11S. would be some Grade B corn selling for as much ns or more than some Grade A corn. From (he rc- lailcr's point of view, Hie B corn jus', wouldn't sell as long as there was any A corn>'on the shelves and It might: Jiisl,add to the confusion. IMPRINT PKOBI.KMS A second -point of protest from the canners Is bosexl on tli? fear of iimling enough federal Inspectors L l a can News Of WAACs, WAVES and SPARS A WAAC necrultftiB I'niiy will Interview women Interested In Join- hit' the Women's Army Auxiliary corivi nl the niylhcvlllc Courthouse al 3 p. m., Wednesday, May 5. Al! women, innrrlctl or single, nre eligible to cnllfi In the WAACs, providing Uicy pass H menial and physical examination. 1 Expenses of enlistment are paid for by the go\ r ' to grade the pack as It goes through their plants. The canning Industry already faces n manpower shortage for this season's work. Third, Ihe canners say it will be difficult if not Impossible. for them to imprint grade siiecl.'lca- tions on Uielr labels, mast o[ which have already been printed for Ilils year. Many of th? labels arc vain-- icntior?of all labor -organizations.; isiicd and will tflke only an nlmn-'« o! all-consumer groups, and of j nmn ink, which Is difficult to get. f icUWllj eveiy alert' female or-|g( nm p| n g them sounds easy, till g-iiiization fiom Eleanor "nooseveil |y OU consider howmany hundreds vid -luc'American 'Association of " ol m ii|ion.s of earns there nre lo TJnhusilj Women-to the Ladies _.._ " Contact ilie Army Recruiting Service. Jonesborol or the local Civilian Uecrullci 1 , Miss Delia Purtlc, Co. Treasurer office, for Information about Hie WAAC.' > m ___ Auxiliary Virginia Eileen Ellli formerly of Dlylhcvillc, Arkansas has begun training at Branch n of (he FlfUi' Women's Army Auxiliary Corps Training Center :nmp Montlcello, Ark. Mary A. iJicy, lilylhevllle, Ark,, vas enrolled In (he WAAC's effcc- Ive Aprl 23. She ha.s been return- 1 il to liythcvllle to wait for n call o active duty which wil be from wo to four weeks. nallmslirr (icts Service SAMPSON, N. Y. (U,P.)—The Inys were long and dull for Recruit Nicholas T. Dore, convalescing ut of the £iee»lng Car Brotherhood of It is the contention of all these iiioplo that Eiade labeling should be ippllid to all of the food products canned In 1943 to make price i|mi ^..^ „„„_ ,„„ ullv „. ccntrol .(-rfcctue. othenv ^; n ™ nn , ln f , lough and,- involved. So Involved, n fact, Hint It will have to be considered separately in the next issue. What worries the canners most of all, hpim'cr, • Is [he provision that all grade labeling must be In accordance with the standards set up under the federal Food, Drug anil Cosmetic Act. This one Ls to prevent a. canner, a wholesaler o i retailer from up-grading the mf'iioi nullities lo sell them at the highe/ gndc prices? Some evidence Ins been presented by the libor oiganfoillon that black mar- ke- Qli'i.itors and a lieel fringe of unscrupulous dealers have been cheating- in this jiwnner, so there is an apparent need for protection or the 'consuming public. The Army b'\s all Its canned goods under n m'grading so why not protect the billing public too? COM HOI. AND Feb. 18, 1826, wns the (Lite of publication of the first African newspaper. BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise ho U. S. Naval hospital here aflcr n illness. .So he wrote to the Ge- cva (JSO explaining he wns a long 'ay from his native Brooklyn and some pretty girl to visit him." The next vlMUng period brought two charming hostesses In the. persons of I/?ah Anholt, n student al Wll- 'would they please arrange for Ham Smith College, and Mary Ducklln of Geneva, both USD liost- Alhlctlc Director to Join NEW YOItlt '(UP)—Walter T. McLaugliHn, director of athletics at St.' John's' University, Brooklyn, will report to the chapel Hill, N. C., pre-fllght school May 27 as a lieutenant. CATSUP, Sloke- ft ley's, M o/ *v J ^Pjice Boss Leon Henderson handctl -down an order last December, just before the citnis fruit, c-.numg season began, making grade hbolmg mandatory on. all cllvus juices'- In February Henderson's s«cc£sspr ex-Senhtpr Prcntis M. Bio,\p also li°ld llfat grade labcl- iii" Vras necessary and in the lost Je\v ><v*eeks grade-labeling orders )me teen lssuc<l for four other c-uineij foods—lomntoss, peas, corn and enap beins. But recently Mr. , Biottii'lns indicated these orders: n aj *jrot be enforced and for this I bacVlraekmg he Is being panned i inneKMfiillj by all grade-labeling advocates '•'•' • Turi^ TIOVV lo the other side of the, C,jappci to sec what arc the objection!, lo grade labelins ns an •ut'unct to price control. Tnk? n Tetnflc f e\ami>le—ciiiuied corn coming ji\to Washington, p. C. Ordinarllv Washington grocery storas>Bet their/canned com from seven wor more canning areas— M-uiJfHid, Vu-ginia, Pennsylvania, ^aiu°, Nev. York, Indiana and Minnesota Under price control, tlie price is determined by canners' costs phis reasonable mark-up plus tiansporiation. Assuming'even tint* all canners'.,• costs and all nTuTtrUps \\cr2 the- same, which th»v>re not the varying transiior- t«iicu costs would mean that Oradc s A corn coming from these areas UiigEft' bo pi iced at 10, 17, 18, 19 or L>0 cents,, while Grade B corn from the? Enme areas would sell for 14, lo }G, 11 or 18 c'enUi. Tims there BUDGET YOUR DOLLARS AND YOUR THISUST! 2 Pound Jar DEL-MONTE 1 I'OUNl) BOX SAUER KRAUT PRUNES BRAN FLAKES PUREX o 15 CRISCO " PURE LARD 17' 17 Pint 10' 4 Lli. CARTON 72 TOILET PAPER OATS GOLD MEDAL SCOTT .'! Roils LAROE BOX COFFEE C "* SE *, S ™ N TOAS'I'IES 18 15 11 o/,. Box RON CO Cello. Pk£- 23 C 28' 39 10' POST SPAGHETTI KRiSPY CRAMERS 19 -R-E-T-C-H IfcSUGAR STAMPS! iuy : different kinds bi Doxmo sugars — instead."of 5 pounds ofvjusl ono. ;Have Iho tight stttjtir tor each • recipe . . . Eave.,,waslD, • servo meals oi chergizing goodnesa! Oranulaled Ofd Fashioned Brown CVRfeetiiMters XXXX • Superfine- • Yellow ,', r . l.g(i»f». Pure SUGJS C/»Nf S»,«f, __ JUST LOOK. AT THIS VITAMIN PARADE T n Q r L \J O L , 'tAfld she's sort NEW TEXAS POUND Onions Oranges APPLES F n v po"ni co 121 C RHUBARB FLORIDA POUND 8c 6!c Texas Pink fie GRAPEFRUIT , RADISHES If Jll C GREEN, HOME IVHLL GROWN, Lb. Home Grown Hunch Turnip or Mustard -ire Hume 13 , 29' WHITE SQUASH , 6 YELLOW SQUASH „, 6 PARSNIPS ,•:,„„„ 10 RUTABAGAS Pound HAMS TENDERIZED WHOLE Oil HALF Lb. 37c Sliced Bacon GOVERNMENT, INSPECTED MEATS BEST GRADE Lb. Swift's Brookfiekl Roll or Stick, Lb. CHEDDAR FULL CREAM, Lb. 58 BUTTER CHEESE »EALPATTIES"r; s ;i7| I MUD I'ATTIES, Fresh :vnd "1 ] LKmD Seasoned, Ea. ! 2 BALLARD'S BISCUITS F«t Ifcicks 1.1). Fresh Jowls LI). SALT MEAT SALT MEAT SALT MEAT Slr '" 1 li."" 25" DILL PICKLES ""Si™. 6 BOLOGNA 5£,4, 17i .. II will do Ihe $am« R^- v for you. Prices fiffectivc Friday & Saturday Rich In Vitamin B-l Be Sure! Be Safe! Spend Your Ration Points For KROGER MEATS Selected By Expeit GRAPEFRUIT «f|c JUICE/46 o/. OH PINEAPPLE •iOc .lUICE,' No. 2 can 10 24 DRIKD APPLES QJIO 1 tb. cello. ... 9 pis- 10 pis. Opts. VEGETABLES & ASPARAGUS Hl'/i w.. fan I'OKK SHOULDER Whole or Half, Lb.. POHK SAUSA(!E I'urc Pork, I,b 35 35 PORK LOIN ROAST 2'/, to 'AVi II). Avg., lb.. CORK BRAINS 1'oimd KACON SKINS Pound HACK BONUS Pound FAT1UCKS 1'oiiml 25' 10 C ...r PURE LARD Pound DILL PICKLES Kosher, Kach. .. CHEESE, WLsc. Daisy Pound SPANISH MACKEREL Pound OYSTERS, Fres-shore Standards, PI LAKE TROUT STEAKS Pound . . BLUE RIBBON COD Pound . 6 C 35' 39 C 55 39 39 CARROTS, Rcoll -iAc X 10 '/ 2 m. jar. . IV PEAS, Avomlale, AQc No. 2 tan, 2 for.. 00 CUT HEANS Kroger, No. Z can 13 Goldsmith's, <jt . . lU 14' 10 14 CORN, Slokeley's No. 2 can DRIED BEANS 1 Ih. cello CAMPBELL'S SOUPS PEAS, Green Gianl, No. SOU can 8 pis.- 11 pis. Hi pis. 14 pfs. 0 pis. Mpl.s. 4 pis. ;j pis. These Grocery Items Require Red Stamps: OLEO, All American |b. 20C Potted Meat L% 3,or 19 C . 2for27c . pint 31c . . Lb.55c . tall can 21c VIENNA SAUSAGE, Libby's \ JEWEL OIL BUTTER, CC Quarters CHUM SALMON 5 pts. No Stamps Required On These Items! HENS HOME GROWN FULL DRKSSKI) Lb. 4Sc 45c FLOUR, C. C. 21 Lhs 1.10 CIGARETTES i on Adv. Branits, cln. . .. I.OU MACARONI, C. C. lie IB 02 ............... II PEANUT BUTTER Embnssy, 32 oz iGwette / '•oo* SALAD DRESSING AQc Embnssy, qt .......... *w CORN MEAL, Packers Label, 24 Ibs CEREALS, Kroger Assorted, 10 pkgs CORN FLAKES C. C. -lie Lge. Siy.c, 2 for H PRUNES, Thrift Pound Green Beans lb. ISc TENDER FIRST PICKING FLORIDA STRINGLESS CARROTS bch. 5c FRESH TEXAS FANCY QUALITY ORANGES 5 Ibs. 3Sc FLORIDA SWEET AND JUICY—Now at their best for ealinp quality. CIlAi IOU DCKC Tender Sweet'Mississippi Grown tnULIoH rtAO 2 POUNDS RED RIPE SLICING QUALITY POUND LEMONS ^nd 11 I75-216s EXTRA FANCY WINESAPS •CDADAAII6 PRKSH TENDER ARKANSAS GROWN AdrRKRtlUO APPLES GUS Approximately 8 Ozs. lo the Bunch, Hunch STRAWBERRIES RE1) R :ST I;OUISIANA 25' AVOCADOS . :.,.... Eachlflc SQUASH,White . . ...... Hbs.15c 414 W. Main St. KROGER PIG6LY W1GGLY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE any Kroger brand item, tike it as well as or bctlcr ithan any other, or return unused portion in original container and we will give you double your money back. :

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