The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 1, 1934
Page 1
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NEWS: X HOME EDITION ^^^^^^^=^=^J^^^^^^E CENTtiU Served by the United Press _ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP Count 19 Dead, Death Near Tor Outlaw Two Negroes Jailed for Armed Robbery} Floyd Spates and Marshal Coil-j (on, negroes, were lodged in jail | here today, charged wilh the roll-! II r fl [" txry of K. M. Shiilh al his homr j H r K r |' ncar Mcnrarman. between lilythc-1 ii L ii Li vill ° " ml D -"' i j The robbery nllcifcdly occurred I about two o'clock this morniiv/ ; Damage to Properly In Coast Cloud burst I iu.inu i wo OCIUL-H inis morinn" . ristol Bullci Travels Al- L rhl ;,, b '' 1 '; li - s f 1 ™' lht ' ir « ui!s "».• i.os ANCKIJ-.S oil j-iii i cnn vin.i,. „ _ . Smith when he opened the floor • ...,....,..,.,„,. . .' . "'• •*«"'•' ( U U — AliU-U'i-n |)Bl'.sOMS most L o m p I e ( c I y' r '» ii's immc in ic-spouse to the:.-• i ' ' <i<':ui_in metropolitan soiitlu'i'ii California, to-1 Tli»-rmr,K (-fV AV 1 I knock, it Is claimed. Approximate- ' llil -; , :1 ' ;i l - (;siill i>( a i; liii|;R'CC'ilc.'n!ml niiji.-ilorrp. ' InrougliJHis Abdomci H* c ,™ ™ ^ ,,f Kater and sil..^,™! „„ nil{ , lt j Shot during an atleinnled hold-Ins Ihe bandils. offlperi s:iv T-IH-V ' f. ... - ": •"°''V • clfising fiigllways Ulill ilir)!!lli' lhi)i':HI''h-! up at his home fou- miles nortli- 01 Leachville last night, .1. probably /-,! - ' h ." Chicago Night Club Scene.^ of Spectacular New'"' Year's Eve Robbery. t lll ' CHICAGO. Jan. 1 (UP)— Police. the today narrowed the gap lhat separates John Di'.iinner. Chicago pub- I lie S. WiUkins, farnie!. was in a critical ruidition at the tlylhcMH; today. Hos- l.iial physician:; sail 1 a pislol bul- itt that entered Wntkins 1-jfl s!d<and lodged jusl unilcr the skin o-i JUs right side had ix-iictraled hi'" isuretlnts n Him-'.. '. Watkins was known lo carry money on his perso". and li-.r liolcl- v.p men apparent^ might have j: consul .. ....... The |inir first rluwpd n]i m Watkins' house about S o'clock and asked for him. saying they wanted '.'. patch to repjir a car lire. Wai- kins' son. O'Neal, 20, who had retired, (old. Ihe men his father was r-way but would probably be in within an hour. The men evidently wailed, the j youth said, for wl.en his father! returned in ahoul M minutes they! approached him bnore he rep.chKl I < -' ari ' c n night club, expecting l.'ia house. In a f?v: minutes voung • would lead them to the Chi Watkins heard shots fired and saw Ihe flash of ijmifiie. The elder V/fitkhii said ihnt Die men asked him to aid them m .Martin;- tmjir car, v/liich they said iiad stalled, then drew guns on J-im whc-n they w»re close on him. V/atkim.wheeled and ran and the men lired. Onc.biiJet struck V/nt- kins but IK kept' running until lit- reached refuse in his (jarasje. The younger Walkins said' lj-> trabbcd his shots:'in to so to the Did of his father only to discover tnal he had no =hel!.s. In the meantime the bnnd'H raced tn their cnr and sped away. Th>- v.-aundcd man was brought !o llu- haspiti! I.ere. !.•>. Closing face preliminary i;','"':,.'" 1 "':''"''!^. All-* v '.Uionhes Ijelit-vcc) full cllcctii of il:e ("loo:l Iiad not Ijcuu ( k:-J<Jr: cvi/:i c ic-ntative i-stimate j'-i !'.';- li'.fs could ti> made rescue vt rkers ivt-ri; r:<i:ilr -HET FIELD FOR ,. __ . _ i -'- --"-I'l ii n 1 nnn '•"-" !suv ° c ^i- r lU I a '? ; " Hl L ' ach of tlv Ul I |UUU 1" " 1; -"-«ni<.-d i:i ;"f gulled streets tin' il«-p silt , , n i" mi roads. At : btantorrj Rules Favorite how many -A ii lt . veliiclc:;, i!ln» frndrr deep in the mud,' ^•cc-ii nb.tndonrd voluntarily. Although Muclrlv Gridiron May Help Columbia 30 IVibcns rtej-.ortpd .^lissin; The bodies of six persons were enrniy number one. and his; Iciind in the La v,, t ., tl . Iua ( an? o, esoaprd coi.vltfi from jail. I north of Glendale Thev • They followed Ihe trail of seven ' ci.liv 1-ul been SWCHL frL' men who held up the BeverleyU Ihe'scnrcJ of aulos [S it] len miles of its ler.ijlh. <o j Thirty were repcrted miss. ts ill 1 i_a Cresccrl'i disl"' ; ct •' Hundred dollars was fc.irrd mam- of 'these .' PAS/1DENA. Caf., Jnn. i (UP) — Sianford, boasting the Pnclflc 'coast's best team, and Columbia, ' yridiron leaders in the far cast! , meet today on a sloppy field to : decide (he supremacy in the historic tournament of roses New PI, - ' r«- ic. I'rnvsician Gives Desneraclo Small Chance jHoId Youth for Attempt to Wreck Fast Train! "«»>nl! A1U)0ugh anirfod h M not been al it£ bcst in mu <> «'«! valn-i" and valuable jewelry. More than l.Odn persons were in 'he club when the seven men entered and interrupted the New Year's eve celebration. With revolvers ^nmndnijly SWUI:R ta rover the room they lined • up !!:o pat- 5uffac(1 te °'"- v , y <ead. Thirty-five injured \u-r c re- r. cried in the (I-strict. of the year eleven ,^ a the lipht- er Columbia sqiiod of-Coach Ion Little. In M least iWraVss motorists'., ^J^'TV 1 " 1 ,, 1 Unless there Wils "" •' deninle break in the IVMIVH.,. fitJim/ ilu>ir v,-ny ihroii!;. ".p.ters drove blindly into treated bv washouts ai worst possible conditions would for Recovery. SHAWNEE. OkiaT.Ian. 1 (UP)Federal and slate, officers tried to draw new conlcsslons of crime . N- Y., Jan. I (UI'i— A' 17-yoar-old yoiilh was detained by I police today on cliurjjc-A of at- ' iK to derail a fasl Boston; ami Maine train near here in or-! of many lives, nfler his nerve do- ! sorted him. from Wilbur Underbill today his uliysician predicted lie would be dead before sunrise lomorrow. rons. In an adjoining room fwo nol- icemc-n and two deputy sheriffs' \ ,"'":! heard the command lo "slick 'em "P-" Realfeing a sm , h.utle in the ronm would endnnijer Ihp lives of tlie nicht club patrons, they slip- l»d outside and lay in wait. Meanwhile a night club employe San a,, crept The r aul and Observations — by C. R. : notified police. A squad car patrol .aivived anil mistakine the officers for bandits opened firr. Frlglitcii- led by the shootinj;. the bandits mnv Whatever other people think, I still clnsr myself ioung man. 1 inns' confess, ho«- i-vc-r. that it is sn m ? y carj dashed outside to "he hail of police bullets. met by a ,±,&£izs "«5r^r^«,»:^Hnr' •ate (hat the small bridge hr.o • ' To nhl" ""Ice,* lir.c piunged over anv conditions. Five of the -six! Bothered, however, Licensfis Show i o? One for Year y ,,.._„„ , •• "-' "WHJI.H.U, iiu\vu\cr, w .11,0!-.= v.-.rc drowned, the sixth. ticket sellers who lo,i-cd b'ln- Kscuixl Irc:n the sunken • to one of the nnnrr-t „„„., wreckage. • . years and the to^nnmem of rose" : aiid I "\^ :Ul T W °r i ';""' irici1 » s Mr-Officials who originally designated! ana .Mrs. j. E. Aroore. Martha' the annual New Year's game to ffirt""?! r I""™ aml T »' s -P" bllt:iz « ^e sunshine (hit Pasa- jj,, 'f S ;' ln Gab «cl. Mrs. .ilciia_ enjoys through the vas rirovvnrd .son'li of Alhambra Vme Ur.deiliill m. tomorrow. Occasionally joki around his bed. rome of them members of the party which he shot it out with in the raid 'on •the little while he-use here early I Saturday. Underbill had [ n hours'' from was filled with ,. This would i,e i Roosevelt's First Treasury » i * r^ .... ' H-'?f Fal1 to 14 cates. shift in,the v:intl ihh morn- r ,- ; Lounly Appropriations for* 1934 Arc ,$28,000 Under Those for 1933. . . 'Ihe Mississippi county quorumf >urt. in amiual r-rsslou al o-;-! 'cclu tlifc moniins, by-unanimous vote ffln::-a i a rnaft,. an nppixiprla-l mi for Ihc niyllievlllc mimltlnatl court, which la«t yenr received a' ctHTl uppioprlalion of $i,2iib cmi). a diliciency a|>prop:'latlon of S3 000 V nic iisstmbied Justiues of the : pence wielded th" economy ax i In Uhc-r'tlirMiiom also, with Hie' •o'r l ' 1 ii'3 lhRt ..- C °"" ly "PP r °( !ria "o»S: , . Sill.COO under liiose tor' 1933'"Vp' : Ii:roj.'riations for tl^ new year irj- - j If!«! SIOO.WO, i-omuiircd to $128,- : 'I ho blsgcst itcii: of savina iras • :n elimination of Die dencienty '• appropriation, (or years an annual ' bwlg^t .item, and -.vhlr-h last vcar ; $10.000. The action with respect to Hie ' municipal court will probably re- : mil In n court tost of ihe laiv un- c.i:r which ihe . co:ut was cstnb- • ilsiicd. Under the law it i a niah- <.'!>.tory upon city ancl county to r-Wiroprlatc for the si.pjmrt of ll'ie - wiirt. Hcfusal of the jusl ices to vote the npproprlMlon will urob- , »bly Iw answered with mandamus •• lircccedlngs, to compel them lo' ctmply with the statute/ The npproprlatkns committee, - i i>nd jM-oiuiscd ranfnmalion of wea- l.itr Umeaii frjn.-ca.sts of the arrival tonight of a PCW cold wove. Tfmperntures as iow as 14 de- crccs nhuve zero will be this section's tK.-uo-iif. ihr .'.1-ctU:. wouhrc i .'.U'ept Into fi.? north ct-ntrel v.c-alher bureau j rlutio.'i. six hank robberfe.i;. with s till us today, ih , , indicated. Definilely 'Quits „ „ ,. — pi- ' '- v Uniltil Press LaDlliet. j The new year roared intfj the middle west like a lion today WASHJNGTO.V. Jnn. 1 (UP)-- «"<»ug temperntiires plunging to E. Uwtt iiiciiidcil no recommcn- ; for (in municipal cotnt in r* its r;.y-| i»ay,n|-lht matte; ojin't ffr action v i> quorum mint. ] as a wl,ol,.. -. . ; ii-,> .„ j,,; 9 j •J-- u>tp_.the--.courtj disscnl nguhist iv an approp- ' ' (o, .. ^» u ,ci»-. — H - Wonclln. who hnmlled s 'i''-zero levels for the second time He denied'" 1 '' covnrnmenl's finances through j within a yenr. n,««c r-i,,.-Mio critical neriod of 1033, resigned Rnln turned Into sleet and snow Icxla.v as socvelarv of ireasury and TIle new cold wave followed on surv and Actini; Secre- ' tl ll(1 ltfets nf dnys of abnor- anor- j ninll >' 1'iS'i lemperntiires. In Chl- Dan Cupid ran a race in Parker, I have teen- ab!e tc \iew the ch- ..,n ™, • , ieals or viclcr'ps of fcottall t-imi -r J end " lg aild in la: ' 2 ' •-is mattci-s 01 "rave concern " I! c ™" as . one "«"'e marriage li- The eainest desire of a-nn" ,,'"'*• K '" 1933 " l:1 " '" tllc —f c - rr n]. ; .m.l that tneir tald he.ids may i; : ,, o r 'lasfv^r ***"* "^ '"" rn.,hte,,, v.'hen the flood sw'jt h A car driven from her bv Josepl. ge athletes lie n sweat about so Mfins lo me (hat he o! i-c- able tr, rmd a niallrr of the county court clerk, the low- r - - • "n : hn- anniinlly van to approsimalelv to rico ,1,,,-i,,,.; n» c "boom" times. " htisbaiici, stalled in: ihe oe'-p B-iiisv. A low car pulled into deeper water, seeking round. Mrs. Parker became j led. oyciir-d Ihe door, and' at filing headloii" into the flood. ; l-'ind l!odips in Streets The lass of life was belir-vnrt of o[ficc iu tho oval room above zero. While House in I he prcs- i Brusliinu the warm weather Ginrds willi machine guns shar- ; 'vn.s sticceeried by Kva i K 1 with nurses the task of watch-I 1 ""' W"rv Mwpmthnii. Jr. - „ o. 1M ^ tll IB over the fallen killer. Also : MovRcnihau immedlntrJv took I C(1S ° lllc mercury reached n high :W'ilh him were his molhcr and th" "- 1 "- " r -"••-- =- •- - *- > nf AG OK«,.« .sister from Kansas City. His wife • cf :0f less than two monlhs for whose — Move he risked his freedom and I lost, remained hi jail. j I'l^njin ;uifHijju'fi in resign "" "" ji v I.-JJILI-^ LKP icmtienituro 1 The body of Eva Mae Nichols.' October 31. He nskrd In \x- re- '. (lro Pl'rd 30 and 40 degrees within : beauty shop operator who was r ""' nrt ~ r l -'- j -- ; * ....:« >.n.,,^. T.TI..I—.._ .. :Shot when officers milled Under of members of (he ll ""' n "d Rooscvo.'l families "J aside, a bitler cold wind «;,:. sweeping , i n from the northwest.l was - ~j.n,.*.i iu:iiuiL-^. j Woortln .itlrmptori to resign ln mm >' P'nees the ' October 31. He nsknl In be re- (ll '°Pl 1 fd 30 and 40 drees wn liev(1 rt of his dulios lir-cnuse of in' a Coin's. Highways were covered ole. Ofcla., for burial. She yesterrlny of her ivcunds. heaviest in the O'i County Assessor Aulhoriz-Twn N,,r 5 es Added to however. ' H is an widen; 'fai'.l. thr-t a l^r^o par'. <_>' (hc- C"f ctr school:; are more li - .tei\-sl?:l i:i I hf athletic ii-ov. .rr.s of |.v.- lirrsfiil seiier.ilioii of under-srad- nates thin m v.lialevcr b.Tipfii.s they derive from their rtiis?.r:.r>m Muiiies. And inasmuch t-s t;-,ov are (nxpayer: n conlribuin,^ to; rndon-ment funds tlicir views ar.' t-nlltlcd lo soim- (Oiis-KK'ration, j I'oolball mir.dfd olu.-mn h;ivr' lnn 1 -! taken an aclhe part in t -oi- H'se athbtic alTai'..; and now th, aic ennrernliij tl;einselvos ii'.°h scl:ool (cairis If-^rr in niv- (hevilie there :!s rtcvolnpiti" ' n (Umaud for a "nor.- dr::l" in '.ith- Irtic.'-,. T don't join in it. -j-i,.. il'33 fottball u-aii! furnislu-d ;«:i-- riuale enUrtaiumi-nt for my prr- haiv; undlscritnln:-t'lig (asle. Those who claim to !;uov.'. how ever, declare Ihnt there is no ira- fon «hy Blythrvi'lr rfimiW IT.; 'invp fonll.-all toamr. cf Mnt- cha::>- I'lwiship callb-r. They Ixlivv.- ;: fc strongly, and nrc. so amirj-..' for the vicarious nchlevomcnt it;:'.-;:ja that pinnacle, thai they are d 1 -' Cash iiinndlng a mint of a to Sues for Divorce Announcement of Candidacy for New Post "f Its flood protection !nu- in No- i vi-mtcr «:ln-n a forest fin- 'milled' tho watershed are.; in the" hills! <-rtiii>d the- valley. Joe S. Dillnhunty. pres-nt county Pntrollii.!; Hi? eroded Glendnle! r:f - <: ««"', today : Ireeis olficrrs pailv todav found • Courier News to announce -„ «..,. t .. . health, apparently contrncled dur-' refuse, was sent tp Scmin-' lll! i (| i p I'usv days of lasl March i "''leu. the government worked ilsclf OIK of the tank (-risk. President Ronsr-vcll. liowever, prevailed upon Wooilin to take a, leave of .itecnce In order (hat he I could recover aiirl eventually re-' Kirn tn flic treasury pos'. Wooilin j vent tn Tw=on. Art?... shortly ;if- tcnvavds and bee.') ihcip ever since. County Health Unit Two more nurses have been as- enecl to (lie Mississippi county ant i 'f or .< ,,, " f t ' ol "P'' lrl -™''..fliose 1 for';. follows: ' . . V County general Jn.-ls : Poor House ..... Justices, Constables Circuit Courts ... Tuberculois Snnlt. Oi-mcnstratlon Aycpi Health Unit .. .. Ccimly Farm ... Municipal Court Municipal court Children's Home, Little Rock Crippled Children. . comity Deficiency Totals S28.116 4 '13,500 '• '13,500 '.', 12.000 • IS.ODO'.^ lO.OKi 11,000 f 2.1)80 3,000 i ""•""" 1S.OWI | 4,000 \ 4,320 • 2.180 ! lo.OOO.'i 2.268 ' 3,500 S 4,320 2,000 15.000 ! . 300 150 2,000 • 10.HW ' inti.rfcve oOo (.Vlton '.; not :r|ii co:iii'y farm crop (hat c.m :e hai'>-i\=ii'il n;id iii.irkolcrl in thr '.v iincr time. At noon today four \JK truth loads of spin l-ij by the was friaid in thr midcilr- of a strtcl. Tho tody of .1 girl in blue who appirontly had rush- waters. ' :<i in lile county for 45 yonrs and' l'"i-n .1 vcsiri; \.( of Oseeola ' and Dell. lie lives hen-, j r- r» « TTT^.— -Mr. nillalmniy's statement iol-'r.U.K. and NRA in \vlilrl] ho reltetaied lhat his stnte of l.p.iltli "will no: (wiiult run tn remain in ihis pavilion." Hold Services Today for John M, Lane, 86 : R L. '"Billy" Gaines Au- ( Announcement for Assessor's Office. flOO.200 S1283DJ Apjr.inls Board ApixjIntmeiUs by county Judge ' !I a. Hnrrison of R. L. McKnight, t. M. Wcodaid. C. J. Lovvraiic.-, Jr.. G. L. Wadrietl and C J Evr- nrd to the county of eaiul- iwtlon for the ensuing two year^ wc-re approved by th; court Justices in attendance at the- ircplius were H. V. Mitchiison' : Andy Karolimnn. J. F. Tompkiiis . D. Ashburn. H. C. Smitli, R. rj. ' ranch, o. L. Waddell, w p . frmrcs Mr." OaineV'u now wrvln K -his! ^ aspb<;rry ' C. ' C. 'Marrs. ' c. H. heid f ccond term as circuit court clerk.I „"""• C ' c - Cornice. George "'—.He is a young man who has lived V 5111 ^- A J I^'rts. Oscar Alexan• I In Jlilc Ivunin^iin t- 11 . . . tipr. G. .1 \.Vr»ll-o>- 17^ c. . they were from tho fanii • f Godfrey White, v-'ho is (ht> leart- i'K spin.itii prodiii--.-:- of ihesc parts. ••i';i of cni:::,r :!!,••.• wriv hradrel (he ;x>ny's plan!. lihlhcville Cannin.; coni- - , in January is some'.\ n ' CC '" tll= " un ™- l -' :in ? lllal probaWy would come i,i.,,,« nn ..... .,., ._ - . ffjirs ant fur lln!Klj . nmn; . M-iilnt-m.iX T"'" '""•" '"' "' ll " ^ ° L ' C ' 1Ul -'' Of Sl)"M"h iS tltnt 1101 Km-, R^. ° f , S01r ° bus!l " njl " " :!lly llocft " 8 rM " II "" Into »«' Ractnc ( 0 leach the Iwyr wlntir, but It stnrlr party In the h0 ;;' f °*° '|- - -Klni?. Splnat-h that raits to ma- ft seems (o m( - (hey r!-,oul:l two in the fall will winter over liave tnnr way. FV,,,,, ci (j,. ns . , .-„<; ,.,,..,..„„ l:::ow. liouljl that h'.;. ...rho,il [nm- :..r.m (i.iys ball serves any valuable nm^xxsi- in ,i;;m:,irv liul even lliry slimild i^ willln- ' UL cf l'.u : w.iv in tin- lo ngrce that if we ai-r. to have i-.u;f. football It might a- xvcH be Rood. 7f we are to tcac!: Ihc bovs fool- bal) we mlghl as veil do the best possible job of I!, ivirtir"'-i. v ir :iov.(h with the lirsl Or ir can be planted "r V'rli-itni-,- nnd be Give Baby Namej ...^ , „ nivii; linn > - in ti'iiui irnc ihobMic activilirr. than it lines ;\l foi'ixi in amilh-r . Police rei»rted nndins; (he body 1 Connly: f an isnirienlified voman. clad for- "W'' 11 - tins is g-ed old after ty. Mr. Gnlnes believes h flooded Montrose street. Four per was christened NMravclt Myers. sons. Including a police officer who! "If I am honored wllh thk of-' went to the aid of n stranded! f'rc I promtss to give my entire' group, were marooned by high wa-i<imo to (ho duties'of the office Rural Paper Delivery Increase Kan. (UD "I have been assessor of Mis- Those missing hi Ihc- bridge nc rr 30 yt'ors. bi'l.'evi-s the crea other ; wcre Mvc<1 - A " were given will offici.ile nt the services, i-ai'-, hPisrcrs ove: Tom Nance. Warte, SD3rtan<! HnW Reaves. Lee Shante, Virgil Fos-' pd „"' "°' d , tor. Frank Hitchcock. Fletcher i Nudist Bali in Private i c I — --• «j. i\%.nn.(i VI Memphis is jusl six seconds older •than the second child of Mr. and nmit carrier for' '•"»'''• Nni't Mcf.eod and a ^fr.: Hastincs. Interment will be marie, nt Elrmvood cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company Is in charge of funeral arrangements. —— i n t «' York's "first baby of 193V :. Jan. 1 (UP>—Tlie'ls an 8-pound negro boy born 30 ' members of the Spartan Society of «conds nfler midnight at Harlem ' i\ew York who feel no embarrass- •• hospital, ment at all whfn strolling about, The fl«l new y«j r baby In St in ihe nude, found the whlt« light: Lonls Is a girl, born when 1934 of publicity too uncomfortable last j was 30 seconds old. The mother Is nicht and closed their New Year's Mrs. John Wortman jr Eve ball to the public. O f cons- Ihcrc Is i limll lo llv', Prol> -" j ' «'amngc was esUmalcil imch nnrket \ml in VF''" " 10 mllllo " s - r.anrtslldc.-, bnriert ««'f«I rcnulrr morf "ll.n I W « hw »-"' Nmnerotts homes were st :, tm , T "r^!" 0 ^ aal , vacated in the foothills of iho "" - . Legion Meets Tonight ! building whose top it wa WEATHER lUthorilics. I think, can bn•'rclir'il' '-f^ i'L ^"'Lnrtl," ii' 0 ' a «''!*! Withln 2 "" hollrs fivc lllchcs of meeting of the new y, i-pon lo JCP to it that (he gam,- •• ' ( ' '* "L' 0 ''"''-',' propcrii r " ) " ! " n llerc ' breaking all itcords 7 o'clock, at the armory "Neinl ^,^. ^ 6 .j.i is n.akini, a .-plrndid proix>si- since tlu> wrather bureau was Rerrl rnm»mii,rf. i i ^ .• ^ cl a " " ucnaca H snmimi biilldli I 110 "- I rsiamishrd tn IB17" ler ullre « u '"'s, r i ?™'.. c _ 0 , mn ' n '\ < !", hns asked thaf, rosl. The work vas accomplish-j The under I hr iiropiwrl "tjCardwell Votes Bonds _ „. .,, irara for New School Building;^Ip^!- fTU^ „ ' "all nudist ball" lo which suesis ,-fdn.v a new bond issue or bathing suits.' 8 The resDon" ARKANSAS - Fair, cold wave to adorn i tanrtiU';";,' 0 ,' 1 ' 1 anotller sc ' 1001 <»w nucllst told the United Pres£.'l t « l "l»"'ti're " 'o 18 degress in 112. bear- ri,l hnn,u n . h ^ ,. "'" » ratif J'»W but toe apoHrants KoM a "<* M to 23 degrees in -- - nie- tMjnds are to be bought at proved '~ ^ — 1V - - •- by the government. CWA labor people." jf the i "The •i , , | all m ,mbm attend, r,l by n RWA rew 1 ° nco 'i Mcn<; of the party," he said, "and , ' pary, was: for (he feue, 329; went through with pri>ffl-nm as , the original Tuesday south porlion tonlglu. fair, cor.tlntied cold. The maximum temperature liero yesterday was 68, mlntmum 47. '•/ partly cloudy, according to Samuel F\ Norrta, of/lcltl weather obwrv»r.

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