The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio on December 22, 1905 · 1
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The Times Recorder from Zanesville, Ohio · 1

Zanesville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1905
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X V 31 ecoraer VOL XXL, XO. 31i TIIE PAPER TEIAT PRINTS ALL THE NEWS. ZAXKSVILLK, OHIO, FKIDAV, DKfKMP.ER 2J,-J:.'i. Tlffi PAPER THAT EVERYBODY BEADS. jja pages j MptVz 12! TODAY j lQ Times ilpR -JO PAGES lh TODAY BRUTALLY SHOT DOWN BY STRIKERS Third Murder From Polishers Strike at Newark, Thursday, HOMER LOAR, HANOVER, IS VICTIM OF MOB Was Going to Work When Se Upon by Vicious Crowd No Clew to Assassins. Ul'LLETLV Newark, O., 21. At midnight tonight Chief Sheridan arrested Stri ker W. M. Bm-kford, aged 22 on suspicion of having murdered Loar. Newark. 0., Dec. 21. (Spet-ial.) The third murder resulting from the strike of polishers at the big Wehrle move works last July, occurred tonight when Homer Loar, aged 35, of Hanover, one of the polishers who have taken the places of strikers, was shot and Instantly killed when some 20 shots were exchanged between him and a crowd of striking polishers within a stone's throw of the plant No arrests have been made. LAY WAITING FOR HIM. Since the strike of the 300 polishers at the big plant last July, considerable trouble has occurred. Four shooting affrays, three of them proving fatal, have been recorded. In order to eliminate this daring elenietn of the striking men a sort of barricade has been established inside the Wehrle plant for the protecton of the so-called "scab" polishers. Around the big plant a company of private detectives constantly keep watch over the company's property and the lives of workmen. -d-arge numbers of the polishers have been living within the factory limits, all provisions having meen made for this. But Loar is one of a small number of polishers who maintained a residence elsewhere In Newark and continued to go to and from work. Tonight the strikers lay in wait for him. ON NIGHT SHIFT. Loar was on the night (ahift. He was going to work and met the party of about 15 strikers ail Eleventh and Jefferson streets about 5 o'clock" tonight. Many shots were fired that attracted a large crowd. Loar was shot In the right breast, the bullet going through his body and piercing the heart. Death was almost Instantaneous. " , The crowd of striking ixtlishers Immediately dispersed. Who fired the shot that killed Loar Is unknown. At a lale hour tonight no clew had yet been secured to who were In the crowd of assassinators, LEAVES FAMILY. While a native of Hanover, Uiar was well known in Newark, also in Zanesvllle. He was well liked by his fellow employes and his employers. Ho leaves to mourn his death a widow and two aniall children. LONE WIDOW ' IS MURDERED Man Seeking Shelter From Storm Finds Her Lying in Pool of Blood. . W'lltlanisport. Pa., Dec. 2lMrs Sarah Whit more, a widow, aged 5" yeBrs, was' murdered last night In her homo near the village of Muncy Valley, Sullivan county. Robbery Is believed to have been the motive. Mrs. Whltmoro lived alone. The crime was discovered oy manes Flick, of I'enn lowmthlu, who lale lasi night sought shelter at the house from a storm, N' one answered his knock on Ihn door, and he entered and found Mrs. Whltmore lying In a pool or Mood with her head badly battered. The silting room of the house showed evidence of a struggle. Mrs. Whlnnore was alive lint un-conscious, and died before lid could lie summoned. That robbery was the motive for the crime was evident from the fact that every drawer and closet In the house was opened and empty. New York's Postmsster. Washington, Dec, 8LTh president, today nominated Henry Wilcox to ls postmaster at New tork city. i CLERK FALLS FOUR STORIES AND DIES. Columbus Man Had Just Purchased Armful of Christmas Presents. Columbus, O., Dec. 21. Chester A. Barbee. an entry clerk in the Green-Joyce wholesale house, fell from the fourth floor of the building to the basement In an elevator shaft at noon today and was instantly killed, his neck being broken, Barbee had gone to the fourth floor during the noon lunch hour to purchase Christmas presents, and had an armful of ar ticles when he attempted to get on moving elevator and lost his balance and fell backwards and railed into the shaft. DARKE COUNTY'S ILLEGAL FEES. In Two Years $7,237.42 Was Drawn Unlawfully Sheriff Got $2,343.32. Columbus, O., Dec. 21. The report of Examiners J, C. Wood and W. R. Mahaffy, who have just completed an Inspection of the books of the county officers of Darke county, covering a period of two years ending Sept. 11. 11)05, was filed with Auditor of Stato Guilhert today. It shows that a total of 17.287.42 alleged excessive fees were collected by county officers dur ing that period. Of this amount ll.3C7.25 was drawn by Crfiinty Clerk Wiley, and $2,34:1.32 by Sheriff Smith The latter has paid back into the treasury $2,026.74. It Is alleged that $1,1 88 was Illegally paid to assessors Amounts less than $200 In excessive fees are alleged to have been drawn by other county officers. FIRST WHITE HOUSEJNNER President and Mrs. Roosevelt Entertain Formally; Alice and "Nick" There. Washington, Dec. 21. The president and Mrs. Roobevelt gave their first formal dinner to the members of the cabinet and their wives and a few Invited guests at 8 o'clock this evening. The dinner was In the state dining room, me following; were tne gtiesis: Presment and Mrs. Roosevelt, Vice President and Mrs. Fairbanks, Sccre- ary of State and Mrs. Root. Secretary of the Treasury and Mrs. Shaw, Sec retary of War and Mrs. Taft, Attorney General Moody, Postmaster General nd Mrs. Cortelyou, Secretary of the Navy and Mrs.. Bonaparte; Secretary of Agriculture Wilson, Secretary of Commerce atid Labor and Mrs. Mot- alf. Secretary I.oeb, Colonel and Mrs. liromwell. Senator ami Mrs. Spooner, Senator Slid Mrs. Alger, Senator and Mrs. Knox, Representative and Mrs. Sibley, Representative ! Loiigwoith, former Serreiary and Mrs. Paul Morton, former Pust master General and Mr. Robert J. Wynne, Mrs. Long- worth, Mrs. llobsoii, Mrs. Slater, Miss Roosevelt, Eliot Gregory and Lieu tenant Sheridan. XMAS CELEBRATION ELIMINATED BY DEATH Father Wires Son to Make Holiday Arrangements-Goes Home and Dies. Mt. Vernon. 0 Dec. 21. After tele- graphing his son, William Whltcher, of Cleveland, that he would meet him iu Cleveland In the evening and spend the holidays there. Harry Whltcher, 64 years old, returned home at. noon to- lay and dropiwd dead, the result of an attack of acute Indigestion. Whltcher was a traveling salesman for a Detroit hardware firm. 4 TMRSDAY SHORTEST DAY OF YEAR !!'0.Y Thursday, Dec. 21. was of short duration, nine hours and 4 4 I!) minute In all. It Is usually 4 4 considered the shortest, day of 4 4 the year, but for practical pur- 4 poses It may be classed In point 4 4 of length with Dec. 19, 20, 22 4 4 and 23. In all these days, ac- 4 4 cording to the rcMrt of the 4 4 weather bureau, nine hours 4 4 and 19 minutes, Only when a 4 4 fruition of a minute Is consld- 4 4 ered Is the 2tst day I he short- 4 4 est day. The time of the sun- 4 4 rise Thursday was fi;51 and the 4 sunset 4 in. 4 4 I44444444444444444 PRIEST FREES BOY OF CHARGE POGKETPICKING Ragged Orphan's Innocence is Clearly Established. EUCLID AVENUE IS NO PLACE FOR POOR MAN. "Poorly Dressed in That Section are Suspects," Declares Minister. Cleveland, O., Dec. 2t.Appcuiliig In police court as a friend to George Dumphy, who was charged with picking the pockets of Mrs. Anna P, Mansfield on Euclid avenue several weeks ago, Father George Valiey of the St. Columbia Catholic church, on Superior street, clearly proved the Inno cence of the bov toiiav. with his hand upon the shoulder of' the boy prisoner, patting new hope into him, the priest stood by his fide and cross-examined the Witnesses for the state. They were subjected to severe cross-examination from Hie priest, and their testimony was at tacked with vigor by him. MUST STAY OFF EUCLID. "A nooilv dressed person takes a great risk when ho goes upon Euclid avenue, lie is iiKeiy to oe arrestee! as a siisii c ous person, n nas come to where a uoorly dressed young man, a child of poverty, Is made to feel that Euclid avenue is no place for him; that he has no unfitness there; that the avenue Is only for fashionable per sons. The poony (iresseo man in inai section is a suspect," declared Father Vahey. I7e vehemently attacked the testl- . . . . . . mony of tne main witnesses, ue- fuddling them and clearly proved to the satisfaction of the court that the young prisoner was physically unable to have run away and jumped a high board fence after picking the woman's pockets. He showed conclusively that the boy was hardly able to walk. COLORED MAN TAKES HACK. Cross-examined strenuously by Father Vahey, the colored man who had previously identified Wumphy as the boy he had seen running away after the woman s jtoekets had lieen picked, stated that he was not sure whether Dumphy was the boy or not. Before leaving the stand he stated that he did not think Dumphy "was the boy he had seen. The testimony of Mrs. Mansfield was also gone over by the boy's de fender. '! Father Vahey produced evidence showing that the prisoner was physically unable to run. He declared his belief in the innesence of Dumphy aud asked for his honorable discharge. BOY IS AN ORPHAN. Judge Fiedler, after remarking that the evidence against him was flimsy, discharged him. Dumphy is an orphan and lives on a street In which Father Vahey's church is the center. WALSH PAPER STARTED RUN. Oberlin Banking Co. is Victim of False Rumor Cashier's Statement. Oberlin, O., Dec, 21. Rumors that the Oberlin Banking Co. held Walsh paper started a run on the bank late today. Tho directors declare the rumor Is absolutely false. In a statement made tonight Cashier Lovclatid said: 'The bank has no Walsh paper, not dollar's worth, and never lld. Neither has it any paper In which Walsh In any way Interested. We are ready to meet all demands, as we have plenty of currency on hand. Today the deposits were up to the average, PENNSYLVANIA TO LET OUT FOREIGNERS. More Efficient Service From Americans is Probable Cause of Dismissal. Pittsburg, Dor. 21. All the IibMrms and other foreigner employed at Hi te and crossings along the entire west Pennsylvania division if the Pennsylvania railroad will bo replaced shortly by Americans, No cause Is given for the change, but It Is said a higher j?ral of tendency Is desired by the railroad comnany. Several hun dred foreigners will be aff'R'ted. GUARDS' DESPERATE FIGHT WITH CONVICTS Guard Morehead Sustains In juries That May Prove Fatal-Hit With Bar. Columbus, O., Dec, 21. Five guard; had a desperate fight with a ctmvh at (he Ohio penitentiary this evening and one of the guards, W, H, Moore- head, sustained Injuries which prob ably will prove fatal. Butler Styles, Franklin county prisoner sent up for manslaughter, hid while the prisoners went to stipiier. and the. five guard were sent in Nirch of him. Style was found ' one uf the shops. Sein(! only Moorehend, Styles rushed on him and felled him with an Iron bar. Th other guards at nine opened fire Style and, seeing resistance was fit tile, the prisoner surrendered. H was not hit hy any of the bullets Guard Moorehrad's skull was fractured. COSSACKS ROAST 900 ihey are Attached in EarracKs and Building is Fired. FIFTY THOUSAND IDLE AT MOSCOW Rumored That Majority of -. Council Votes for Universal Suffrage; Czar Vetoes It. New York, Dec. 21,-The mutiny and rioting in the .Manchiirian army ui' extending and the most terrible scenes are witnessed daily, snys a cable dispatch to the American from Vladivostok. A detachment of Cossacks has attacked tho barracks at Tomsk, wherein 9oi mutineer!! were confined, and set, fire to the buildings. It Is reported that all Imprisoned men were roasted to death. Rioting on the streets here is continued in one street drunken Cossacks set, fire to a block of houses and massacred 12) of tlo: residents as they atlcmpfbd to escape. Numbers of people are killed daily on the streets. St. Petersburg, Dec, 21.-2:33 a. in. The leaders of the government of the proleiarliit, laut, night, were making their last preparations here for a general strike which will be on at noon today. The workmen's council has been sitting 'continuously since 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, receiving reports, and Issuing final orders. FIFTY THOUSAND IDLE. Moscow, Dec. 21. Tho town Is In darkness and the theaters and clubs are closed. The employes of the muni cipality have abandoned th-ir work. Fifty thousand factory hands are Idle. The troops are confined to their bar racks and every possible military preparation for eventualities has been been made. VOTE L'NI VERSAL SUFFRAGE. London, Dec. 22. The correspond ent of the Daily Telegraph at St. Pet ersburg says that a majority of those present at the council held at. Tsarkitc 8el Voted for the granting of a system of univers'il suffrage. The emper or, however, after listening to all the arguments, deliberately and decisively refused to abide by the decision of the majority and declared against univer sal suffrage. MAMMOTH MEETING. Moscow, Dec, 21. Twelve thousand pci wins am holding a meeting In (he Actpiarlum. The building Is surround ed by the military and police whose objo'.t Is to prevent the exit of persons sopiswed to be armed unless the aims are delivered up. A conflict Is expected, GOLD ARRIVES SAFELY. Riga, Dei'. 21. Eight machine guns have reached here from St. Petersburg. Many gendarmes who are mining; In from various stations along the railroad, relate that they were disarmed by revolutionaries. A train carrying go! I for the branch of the state bank arrived safely. It was attacked by revolutionaries near Walck, but the attack was repulsed by irtsips, POPULAR TRIBUNAL. St. Petersburg. Dec. 21. A rumor Is in circulation here that tho Insurgents in Courland have seined Wlndau, Freidlchstailt, PraUnburg, Holding. en and other plac es and that a popular tribunal at Kopenhouzak has executed several people,' MYSTERY OF STOLEN BANK BOOK SOLVED Thief and Not Owner of Boo! Found in Pickling Vat. LATTER TURNS UP IN LOS ANGELES Finding of Body Indicates That Thief Came to Un-fortunate End. Scllns Grove, Pa,, Dec. 21. The story that the Isidy of H. E. McCarthy of this place, was found in a plcklin vat In one of the medical colleges at St. Louis, bus brought to light a case of mistaken Identity ml clears up to a certain extent the mystery surround n g the disappearance of a bank book belonging to tho man named. According to the St, Louis story, the dcHd man on his person a bank book which showed a deptmlt of fll 000 to his credit In the First National bank of Selins Grove. ROBBED OF TRAVELING BAG. C. B. North, casWr of the bank said today that McCarthy some months ago, while traveling In the western states, was robbed of his traveling bag, containing his personal effects, along with his bank book. He notified the bank and a duplicate bisik was sent. Nothing was hard of the thief, who baffled the efforts of de tectlves, and the affair wis forgotten The finding of the body In the medl al college and the tell tale bank book Indicate that the late possessor of the bank book came to an unfortunate end and that McCarthy, the rightful owner of the deposit, Is alive. HAVE LETTER FROM. HIM. The real McCarthys parents are prominent citizens of this placet,, ami their fears were allayed this afternoon by the fact that they have just re vived a letter from their son at Los Angeles, Cal. McCarthy and his wife are traveling on the western coast. PASTOR'S WIFE GETSDIVORCE Former C "ses "Spiritual Love" for Another Woman of Congregation. Elyria, O.. Dec. 21.- Mrs, 11. S vvaniiamaker was given a divorce from her nilnisier-hiisband today. She- had named Mrs, Mary B. Fulton In her petit Ion, and took the stand to tell of their love. The decree follows Wan- namaker's suspension from the minis try by a Congregational church conn II, and its censure of him, Mrs. Wannatnakir told of a confes slon of love for Rev. Wannamaker made to her by Mrs. Fulton, who has teen organist In the Second church here, Wannamaker's church. The woman, she said, had avowee a love for the minister greater thau that of his wife. "SPIRITUAL LOVE." When she asked Wannamaker about she said, he told her It was true, and that he loved Mrs. Fulton. Their love was a "spiritual one" and he be lieved be could explain It to the hurch. She told of Wannamaker's prayers that she "might be taken to tin Lord," so that she would not hamper his church usefulness. A daughter of Mrs. Fulton was a witness against her mother. $22,000 ILLEGAL FEES IN MONTGOMERY. Surveyor, Sheriff and Coroner Principal Offenders, According to Examiners. Collunbus, O., Dee. 21. According to he report of the examiners of the state bureau of Inspection, filed today more Utah 22,ooO In alleged illegal fees has been collected by county offi cers of Montgomery county In U months, ending Sept, J, ptoS. The larger amounts charged to have been Illegally collected are: K. C. Balrd, surveyor. .'i,34;i; Wal ter L. Kline, coroner, $3,221; John A Wright. $'i.2;7. It Is announced that Sheriff Wright has already paid bac k Into the county treasury fl '", and Clerk of Court P, G. Blezer has paid bac k 'M. McCURDYS TRANSFER THEIR PROPERTIES Father and Son Turn Over Valuable Real Estate to Wife and Mother. Morrlton, N, Y , Dec. 21 by which Kit-hare A. Mi Curdy, former president of the Mut ial Ijfe Insurant-Co, and other members of hl family have transferred valuables property In ihls city within the last few days were made public today. Mr, Mi-Curdy and his wif on ftet ember lti and again on Ittweniber 19 transferred parcels ot real estate to their son. Robert H. Me- Curdy. The son on lxernt,er lit trans ferred to his meither his interest in the New M'-Curdy, which has been oc cupied by Richard McCurdy.ant! which is said to have cost about fto'i.ono. Bv this transfer the country house and the Riirroundlntr estate was put entirely In Mrs. Ric hard A. McCurdy's name. HON. F. A. DURBAN SPEAKS AT DINNER. Members of Columbus Club Honor Governor Herrick With Farewell Event Columbus, O., Dec. 21, A farewell dinner was given to Governor Heirtcs at the Columbus club tonight by mem bers ctf the :lub, , Covers were laid for about 73. W. F. Bordell was toast master and the speakers were Judge W. T. Siiear, if the supreme court: Frank A. Dur ban, of Zanesvllle; Ft, G. Ilutchins. president of the Columbus board of trade; W. O. Henderson, and General Thomas E. Powell. WORDY WAR OFPOUTICIANS Representative Pumphrey Re fuses to Shake Hands With Baker Till He Explains. Columbus, O., Dec, 21 A wordy en ooiiicr took place in the Nell house lobby this afternoon when Ftopresen-tatlve Pumphrey, of Hardin county, refuse! the proffered hand of Rev. F'. i. Baker, superintendent of the Amer-an Ami-Saloon league, until, as the former said, Mr. Baker explalneel his attitude toward him in the late campaign. Mr. Pumphrey had been friendly to Mr. Baker and the Ant I-Saluon bfagoe, the former said afterwards, In explaining the incident, and his' antlimthy to Mr. Baker had been aroused because Mr. Baker had failed to tell him about a letter that, was cir- ula'ed in Hardin county a few days before the election asking votes for him on the ground that he was friendly to the liepior Interests. Mr. timphrey claimed that Mr. Baker knew about the letter before It was irculated and said Mr, Baker should as a friend, have told him about it. so hat he would have had an etppor tiinity to reply to It. BILLY" THOMAS BECOMES "OUTLAW." Star Twirler of Marty Hogan's Braces Goes to Harris-burg Next Year. Youngstown, O., Dec. 21. "Billy" Thomas tesiay made the statement that he has signed with Harrlsbnrg of the Outlawed Trl-State league, Thomas was one of the star twirlers on the Ohio Works" staff last season. His home Is In Girard. He said be would hav lilted to ilay here next season, but, the Inducements held out y Harrlsbnrg were too enticing. Another Safe Robbed. Williamstown, Ky De 21 The safe In the Corinth Deposit bank at ,'orlnth. Ky,, was roblted early twlay of $2,500. MRS. M' KIN LEY GIVES ll'Ki TO DINNER FOR FOOR. CanUtn, O. Dec, 21. A con-tribiitlem of HK) has been made by Mrs. McKlnley to the Canton Salvation Army fund for a Christmas dinner and clothing for th poor. 4 TUX WEATHI. Washington. DecemUr 21 For Ohio-Cloudy Friday, sno and colder In northern por-tlein. brisk to high west to northwest, winds; Saturday partly cloudy. ROOSEVELT v W mm mtm m s OPRNLYflAIIRD PARTYWRECKER Ex Governor Odell Gives Out Sensational Statement. SPEAKERSHIP OF ASSEMBLY AT STAKE. Governor Higgins i3 Charged With Unprecedented Political Duplicity. New York, De- 21. Former Governor Odell, chairman of the Republican slate committee, made a .' ment tslay in whle h he charged President. Roosevelt . ami Governor Biggins with a deliberate attempt to wreck the Republican party of this state for their own personal ambitions. He dec tared that If disaster ensued they, not he. will be responsible. Mr. oSell s accusations wore a prt of his comment on the situation grow ing out of the contest In the Kep'ii.- Ilcan party in this state lor the eak- ershlp of the New York sta'e as-cfto- blv. Mr.-Odell dec lured hloifceir m favor of E. A. Merrill, Jr., several days ago. On Monday last Governor IliKKiUH came out In favor of J. W. Wads-woith. jr, Mr. Odell said today: BIGGINS WA3 FOR MERRITT. 'I notice that Governor HiKglu said he never was for Merrltt. Shortly after election I went to Governor Hlg-gins and asked him whom he wad for for speaker. He eliminated all but Merrltt, and said that neither New York nor Buffalo could have It bccausei It would stir up oppowi'i"" against the cities. I asked him If Merrltt would be satisfactory to blm, and he asked me to see Merritt. and ask hltn somo questions, 1 saw Merritt and repe tried i,. tha siicorncir and he said he !U satisfied. I clearly understood he was for Merrltt, and was never so surprises) as when he switched his trolley. This Is the worst case ef duplicity In politics 1 have ever known. Merritt Is absolutely right In saying that the governor agreed to support him. He offered to the governor to stay out of the content if the governor wanted him to do so, WARFARE UNNECESSARY. "Led hy the e:o!!arless and coatless young man who took us all to rlereat In Dt'Jl (apparently referring to J. Sloat Fasetti William Barnes, Jr., Colonel George W. Dunn and others with sore thumbs visited Washington and stirred up this trouble. If President Roosevelt had the g'Swl of the party at heart he could have sent for nie ae any tune ouu i wmnu u glad to confer wilh him for the sako of obtaining harmony In the party. If that, had been done all this trouble wejuld have been avoided without-, warfare. ROOSEVELT AND BIGGINS "I charge Mr. Roosevelt and Governor Higgins, with deliberately trying to wre k the party In this slate for their own personaHtmbltions. If Gils means parly disaster they, and not 1 and my frlenda, are responsible. They and not I are to blame. ' "Sei far as gratitude is concerned. Governor Hlnnins certainly owed mo something. Instead f putting out ton hands of friendship he choows l , throw stones at those who have b-ii' his friends. Biggins could have told me that be did not want me nor Merritt to be in this affair; but. Instead hn throws stemes. If the president wanted reform I was friendly and they could have had It. I charge him and Governor Biggins with injecting tlu-lr personality Into this matter. Their harmony conslsis of 'knocking.' They bad time to write letters In soppetrt of District Attorney Jerome In the lust election, but never said a word for Ivlns. There was no cause for friction, Mr. Ilalpln,' chairman f Hi" county Republican committee, was willing to go to Washington and si the president. They have done tic damage and will have ft take tit" c seqiie-nces. THREW OLCOTT DOWN. "The president sent, for Ob-oil (formerly candidate for chairman of Hit New York county Republican commit-tee, and then threw him down." Speaking of the candidacy of Congressman Herbert Parsons for pre! . dent of the New York county roinncl: . tee. Mr. Odell sall: "Parsons' Idea of party harmony i to throw bricks at anv friend. Thero was no talk of Odell or anti-Odcll in the codnty committee. The trouble all due to Mr. Fassett. He, c , oftener than tho tides. We are in for harmony If we hav to fight for it. f NOT WADSWO'tTH, UK SAY.l I "I make the prediction that Wad-..' worth will not be elwied a c speaker We will put blot out." j r )

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