The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE NEWS ." ±l.t-j ? ? kj J5I,YTI1KV)LI,K, ARKANSAS, THUKSD/U Today's War Commentary Jap Offensive Promised To Relieve Germany By THOMAS J. DONOJIDE ,,,. , , ... flt United l';ess itoiiL. n^tiniHt the United N<ilions • of Sos l 1^ MnK I" 01 ," 0 U r W'»'"«l« !M lh« Axis > Ul lit" VCS, till I MOVEM'i llPm«« lin»-/i i i II t 'i ••»"«• "v>k,itnun,Dh llUlt] (l)'(_j 111/ 1 DO^^MH I i f ip*i VJIHJl 1 CC011IIV, lilCH'C II ml I^Pott 11HI i * • ,-ccn the far Wen, am! £o,Sn S™ /Z"Axis' Japan .seemed to I -'-- •• «.\i.s. Enemy Clings to TunisiantfiUs W T f~l r-Mi ._ _. " ~~ ' — — , «i**^ U. S. Troops Make Vital Gains But British Drive Is Slowed Hi' (Milcci Germany and Japan never have contemplated any union of interests if by chance they should win the war. Rich wants to be top do., mid each knows Uic other's mind in that respect. But by now, japan and Germany probably realize that if llicy don't hang together llicy are more likely lo hang separately. There is more evidence of actual cooperation between the two Axis powers than at any time .since the witr began II Duce Calls in Japs Japanese experts are reported to have been called in by Mussolini lo help fortify the Mediterranean islands which could be iised us Allied attack bases against Southern Europe. Tlic Japs are masters in the art of oceanic or amphibious war and (he European Axis is putting the Jap knowledge lo use. Japan, in turn, seems to be adopting the German air technique of building separate and complete air forces for use'in different theaters of war. And Germany appears to have given its full approval to Japan's murder of the American fliers who bombed Tokyo. Tills new cooperation between the Eastern and Western Axis powers blossomed today into a statement by a Jap embassy official at : Shanghai that Nippon i'iitends to . relieve Allied pressure against- Germany and Italy. "" v ";.'-.••• According to thus spokesman, the Japs .will launch an offensive in .the: Pacific." /within the ' : ,net('t'\Yfc|w'. jhonths. 'Presumably !ie.-'meriiit"' : u/ creale the impression lhat as sc-on as the Allied nations are fully engaged in the impending offensive'! against Europe, Japan will strike in the Pacific. Siberia Unmenllonecl Almost too carefully, he'Insisted that the Allies arc incapable of sending enough rcinfoiceniciils to Australia and India (o guard against Jaapn's next thrust. There was no mention of Soviet Siberia in this outline of Japan's alleged plans. The Nipponese may be playing some kind of sly game. Tlic recent 100-planc Japanese raids on Allied positions iu the New Guinea area could have been a camouflage to divert attention from the Siberian area. The fact that American fliers blasted huge gaps in the ranks of the Jap aerial armadas was fair proof lhat there is little wrong with our aerial defense in the Southwest Pacific. Japan is strong down there. But all her preparations in that area seem to be primarily defensive— which would fit into any plans the Japanese may have for an assault against Siberia. There are many reasons for a Japanese attack against the Russian Maritime provinces. Hitler could ask for nothing more from Japan if the Nipponese force Russia to fight on two widely scattered fronts at a moment when the i Soviet is fully occupied with the I war against Germany. Kussui ,\ Threat From Japan's own viewpoint, IK Hi dim Stilwcll and Cliennault peeled To Ask Planes For China For K.v ii'm'ictl I' United stales commanders of ground and air forces in China arc in Washington today for an important conference willi Ihe Army chief of slaff. Lieut. Gen. Joseph Stilwell, ground commander, and Maj. Gen Claire Cliennault, air chief, are ex- pcclcd to ask for more planes for the Chinese war theater. Their meeting with Gen. George Marshall follows by a month a similar visit from high ranking officers of General MacArtlnir's slall. It is no secret that General ChennaiiH, the former chief of the famed . Flying Tigers Ls in favor of saturation raids on .Japan, once he can operate bombers from bases in China. On the Chinese front ilself. Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek .says Jnpjin has been guilty cf a "Chinese • Lidice." ' , •"•;: . • ' The generalissimo' in a cable lo United Stales Treasury Secretary Morgcnlhau said Unit Japanese troops slaughtered men, women nnd children along Ihc China coast in regions where American airmen landed after bombing Tokvo a year ago ^!£;;;S&[/i;™ ! "-"*'t=!± iis^sr"''"-""-"™"'-- me enemy's dogged resistance .—__^_ ' has chcckccl-for ihc mojiicnl at ~ least-n drive by a British First I Army column trying lo storm over the List ridge before the plains of lunis, 21 miles away. The cneinv ost heavily in two counler-al- acks, but succeeded in slopping the Untish after they'd readied wilhln WO feel of the crest of that hill The liBhting raged furiously before the British finally were slopped mid forced back, And tlic Tommies, besides inflicting heavy casualties, captured a couple of hundred more n-isoners. That boosts to 1500, the otal number of prisoners captured by lias First Army column since April 21. It's estimated that between 12,OCO and 15,000 German troops arc facing the Yanks on ' sector, before Blzerte. And llicy, as well us the forces battling Ihc British, arc takln s a heavy pounding from both Allied artillery and bombing planes. American big guns—Including the deadly 155's arc pouring 10 shells into the Nazi positions for every one the Na/.Ls fire. And Allied planes arc adding lo the roughing up with rafciii" assaults across Hie enemy mountain poslttons. lint it's not atone on the battlc- fronls that our planes are hilling Ihc enemy. In slashes against til cAxis supply Jlncs, our planes Destroyed six fire lo an- And a British communique .from Carlo rciwrts lhat American bombers from the Middle East hammered RAF. Planes Over France loclay Following Attack Last Niglu By Uiilliwl |>rrvi RA|.« planes were over Krmicr tixlaj following last niulit's heavy attack on Wiliiclmsliaven, In North- New Aircraft Carrier Launched .. • .....«,.«uii >viniuiin.'ji the Malcur we.slcrn Germany. enemy shi])s and set other. ''••: i ....•.;;••.• Naples, on the West-Coast of Italy yesterday — and also bombed tlic harbor at Messina, Sicily. Both attacks were carried out in daylight. At Naples, Ihe Yankee fliers scor- " '. " "" '<"!"«, me raiiKee nicrs scor- A Chungking dispatch says lhat led direct hits on the docks. And at tne Japanese drive in the Talhang Messina, they hit ferry installations a mountains of north China is bci repulsed. The atlack on the Hoiian-Shn border has been Roing on for sei era I days. In Burma, British land aid a troops are combining ( 0 rcpuls Jap attempts to push the Britis of! the Mayu Peninsula. Russia is a constant threat to her homeland. The Japs have possession of all bases in the Southern Pacific from which the Allies could bomb Japan. They arc steadily pushing Ihe Chinese armies back from the China coast in an effort lo deprive Ihc Allies of air bases iu thai vicinity. And they arc holding fast to the Aleutians despite a constant rain of bombs (o prevent American air operations from Alaskan bases against Japan. That leaves Soviet Siberia with its big air bases within easy bomber range of Tokyo as the only potential bombardment threat lo Japan's home islands. If Japan feels lhat she is cap able of holding her soulhwcstcn defense perimeter with rccrnl re inforcemenls seiil into that theater she may assay an attack on Eus- sla. One of her biggcsl air flcels Is deployed along the Manchurian- Sibcrian frontier and her army in lhal region Is considered "Tlic 1 Japanese Army. If the Jap bliU against Russia failed—and it would have to be a blitz; If Russia's Siberian armies held fast, all of Japan's big cities would be brought under a blanket of Russian, and no doubt Allied bombs. But if U -succeeded, Japan would consider herself almost immune lo future bombing attacks. Tlic prospects of success might goad Japan Inlo laking Hie risk. tiles May Be Held A Osceola Sunday For Mrs Willie Mae Parnell OSCEOLA, Art~A|>ril 23-Mrs Villie Mae ['arncll. wife ol Pau 'arncll. died yesterday al hei omc near Victoria. She w«s 33. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete but services probably will be held Sunday afternoon at Swill Funeral Home. Burial will be al Ernicn Cemetery. Arrangements arc pending arrival of a Meadows, of 11 incomplete son. Foslci -he Aimv stationed at Camp Adair, Oregon, who is cx- survived by another , peeled lo come. July Sep. Chicago Rye open high low close 00 VI OOX 90« 871 DO She aUo on In the Army.' Cecil'Ve^oVJs', now in N 0r(h Africa, and two sons. Arthur ?!. n nd Hclbcrl Mcart- ows of l.u.voni: one daughter, ikfiss Lillian Meadows of Lu.xora; her mother. MI.S. Catherine Jones ol trtixora; lluce brothers, John and £»"* Jones Jr.. of Humboldl rcnn.. and Thomas Jones of Oscc- n^™ 1 ru : c sistcrs ' Mre - ^'""= Iidducia ami Mrs. Margaret Deckel of Liixorn. Mrs. Uuth Ellis and Mrs. Virgic Moore of Osceola. and urn' n Tl)r " cr of CM *3 C A T Amer New York Stock* T Tobacco , and set tires in the railway yards. One of our bombers is missing nnd four enemy fighter planes were shot down during the raids, . explosion's were licurd h-om tlic direction In which the plnne.s ulsiippenrcd. •But there's no news yet about t ic lorauon of the targets In the dny raiding. During the night, big bombers of the DAF cascaded bombs on vvll- tieimslmvcii- silo of Naxl siibnm- r ne building yards ntul navnl h). slallatlons. It was the Tllh lime during the war that Allied planes have hum- nicrcd the iinvnl base. The lust raid wns nn American daylight attack on March 22. HAP planes also engaged in extensive mine laying operations I:IM; mem. The center of actH'ily mis' the Baltic Sea. Twenty-three Ilritlsh planes were lost in bolh operations. Last night's activities followed RAP daylight raids on barges iind locomotives In Holland, a stniill enemy convoy off Brllanny and \< ^ : ^ ,-v.i';. if -f (•• "S',<". f \ Mllf P»|l 'fl'iiK'hlns of the Navy's newest ahcralt umlor. II,, «' =•• ship to th, a™ ,,nd the new Voilclnwi,) w,,.s vath only the .sponsor's party and lo,,,, , mvn , „„„ f Wnshlnglon, wife o, Rw AlllBlrn| ]ICH , VC ',. ^ ' * . l ''J 1 American Warships'Shell Attu;" Army Bombers Hit Gilbert Base ,•$«•.. 'it» ; 'fe;-,,:..'? ^•i Vyx,* f ?-'•}''•> •>.:•"' r . •,' -'- •;' lifij!i)i«iv-y m$&&$.'. name of Intrepid [mil '«• John Howard Hoover IJ A tvkiphoto). ,".v llniinl Press The Army ,-uid Nnvy i w ve f TO new sharp bi ow ,s » e n\»si pan. A naval i,,. s k force shelled I.slund in (he Aleutians lust a ick ^ SC '"' slllwc 'l «'"l Maj, Gen. Jn- mid air chiefs, arc holding u coun- , ell of iwir to |>l(in new blows aiinlnst Japan. Aim n," y i ',".,""•' S ' x '°"" sllrf " cc: """ agnlnst those positions. Fires were .started. Enemy shore guns did not answer tlu> nllack. f, A m\H Afternoon .'uivy,rtmu;inrl. ipic re-ports thai Army', boi'ubci's caused extensive damage, to Installation^ at the air Imse ?.ii, Uilwn '" L ' 10 South Pacific Lillocrl r.sliuuk. All American panes rclurncd de.spile enemy ilanc oposilloii and luHl-ali-crjifl S • "j "* * *-n *i it 11.1 IV illlll rt «"M *HJll-(llJ LI Ji I railway largcls In Northern France i rirc ; J wo inmcswcciwrs were damaged „ !" c Ann >' 'wmbers may liavi hi the convoy attack. Three RAP V w " 72 ° "'He*, to hit '('nrawa. Tin IllilHr^ U'fxi-n li\i-t ' t >, ..n i i_ - • ))P!I |'|»K( r I nit ml a .. i ~ », . planes were losl'ln all actions. In Ihc Channel sea war, mills! lighl coastal forces sank an armcc German trawler this morning off the Dutch 'Const. One Brllisli vessel w.'i.s Youllis Admit Theft Of Cars; Will Return To Reform School Yesterday, the British hit am were believed lo have sunk iwo supply ships. t lV( , esco^ vcssch and a torpedo boat in Ihe same waters. Several recent car thefts and iiirgiarics were cleared up today when a 13-year-old niylhcvillc youth mid a H-ycar-cIrt Reiser youth confessed lo slcaling l»-o car.s here and burglarizing the of- 'icc of Dye.w Gin nnd Burdcilp Service Station. Tried In Juvenile Court, County Judge Rolnnd Green sentenced the rays to the reform .school at Pine Bluff, where both already had crvcd terms. Tlic boys confessed lo stealing he car.s belonging lo Mrs. Joe Kuclcr and another ofT West Ash trccl and lo biirglarlKlii!; Ihc ser- 'ice station of 52 in cash and some i(!.ircUr.s, while the Keiscr youth onlessed lo entering Ihc gin of- icc biiildins alone, where he at- einpted lo open Ihc safe but only blaincd ii mlscDllancous assort lent of articles. Both cars laic •ere found. Deputy Sheriff Herman Spire; nd Police Chief William Berry, lan made (.he arrests. Agents Attend Meeting Mississippi County'!, extension ngcnt.s arc In Joncsboro for two days attending „ district mccHng. Miss Cora Lee Coleman of IJh-- tlieville ami Mis., Inra Kincaid of Osccolii. home demonstration agcnls, and J. j. pickren of niylho villo and E. H. Bums of Osceoln arc expected 1» return tniiight. Mch. . May July Oct. I-Jcc. York Cotton i high low close prcl. — 10S5 1979 lira 196^ 2017 2020 2015 2019 2011 2001 2003 WSS 2000 MOD 1000 1003 1DS6 IMS 13S3 Ifl83 10M 1981 loai ijgj lave ,,, r .... u ;'"' c ' 1 Stales "imimoci II he Gllberl group Is in Urn EIJI C) isliinds, where we have a base a Thl.s was tin; .second air nssauli ol I nrawn. Army plnnes liomlie( an enemy cargo ship there lasi January. The Navy also reports heavy Army bombers have raided two Japanese air bases in UIB Solomoiif and Llghlning fighters pcppcrci installations nl Ki.ska In Ilic Aleutians. In Washington, U 0[1 t. G Suffers Spider Bite Ailnst Hack, 5-|. recovering •rom a .spider bile wlilcii Us entire body to become painfully sore. J liittcn yesterday, he was removed to niylhcvlltc Itospiiid niter ho •'.iniinniipil K physician Tlic spider was not of (he black vldow species but wius ii retl spi- ler. he sni<l. it j c a no , mr k of vtici-c If had bitten l,ir> vlellin but immediately Mr Uwk bo :an to ache UirousJioiii Jits' body 't Is expected that he will be »lc to leave the hospiUl i,y u>- loirow. Anaconda Copper BelJi Steel .... Chrysler . Coca cola Gen Electric ...'.'., Gen Afotors Montgomery Ward'' N Y ccnli-al In I Harvester '.'.'.'.', Am Aviation 55 3-8 64 1-4 75 5-3 93 3-4 36 1-2 .. 41 .. 18 1-2 ,. 08 3-1 . 13 1-2 . 17 1-t . 10 1-2 . 13 . 11 5-8 . 54 .1-4 . 483-8 4 5-8 U.S Steel ......'.".'..','.'.'.'.',' 55 1-2, Republic Elccl todio . .....,.'.' Socony Vacuum Sludobakcr Slanrtard of N J Texas Corp Hriiish Warships Fight Nazi Convoy Ry Unilcd Press Two British destroyers attacked Ocrman convoy in the Channel f the Brittany coast yesterday In an hour-long battle whicji llowed the British sank two German supply ships, blew up all cll eniy E-boal and almost ccrlainly sent down two Axis escort vessels German ships were said lo , ( h (c cw ' ri n that they were firing at each other. The British warship «u - fercd only rilghi damngc and a few casualllcs. '. New Orleans Cotton Mch, May July ct. DK. open high l ow cloie urcl • 2010 2012 2010 2008 2010 • 2042 2046 2042 2044 2044 • 2027 2030 202T 2029 2023 • 2018 2021 2016 2016 2018 • =014 2014 2011 2011 20 2 Reiser Soldier, Lost 66 D^ Endured Harrowing Experiences L. S. Hnr'tzog Of Sclmcr, 'Ala., Will Take Over Sho;) Saturday The Illylhevllle Ilakery has bnci purchosed by L. s, Ilml/og of Scl- mer, Ala., from r,. 11 McLumi wlio Jins owned (he business for Ihe | three yearn. Mr. HiirUo«, usually c.'illed "Mr Ihirl", was owner anil operator o the Sclmdr. Ala., Bakery - for scvcl years until he sold lh c business i month ii|;o. To assume charge or the Ulylhe- v lie uakcry Biiturday. llr. iiartxoif puns lo redecorate and lo innke tlber Improvements lo the |» building and lo Increase the dc- parlmcnts of Hie bakery. •iii'Jnu Hie next two wrcks tht,- work will \, f done, but nl llic WUIK- time lhc l) will conllnue lo operate and biikeiy iructa will •we olhtr points of Mississippi toiinly ,,nd Soiuhcasl Missouri, he Mr. McLaren, who will assist Hie icw owner for several weeks has 10 plans for lhc tutiivc, he said Mis. llailion nnd (heir flvc-ycur- ' <l -son, now In s c lincr, will join w. 'llaitnxj hue wilhln „ s | lor t iSlPLK MIS Boinbi "(,' Wiuit happened lo Corp. Wil 11 H. NicHol, of Kr-iscr. from Wi 0 when be left Guadalcanal in a FlyhiB Kortrcss on n routine mission and was rclurncd lo his baw- ™ (l "- v * In'cr. after liavlng bo-n cpoilcd tlllWill). In , lc t| on h!!S been widely publicized In new., <!!,- pnlchcs. His nmazing adventure aloii" with eight oilier nicr.s also civon jip for dead, b a slory of hnnow- iiig experiences lliroiigh which all EcRtncnls of lhc adventure were condensed something like Ihis A running, bloody balllc Feb. 9 with ||vc on .separate Isljuuls ,„_ ives liail w, uttlo (oC(1 ,,,, „,„, , land could undertake lo fml (hut many extra motilhs . . . native chief InstructP,! • ea.'.law.m (Hey ' Juicy Steaks At 1 ('culs FaLlcii I'vl. ,)t)e Applcbaiuii If you want a thick, jnlcy strife lor 1C i-ctils you cnn net It In Aiislralia. So writes l>vt. Joe A|iplc- ";""". of Osceola and Dlytlicvillr. D U Damage Axi, , Hangars in.Ukraine Hy IJnilcil I'rtss Iliisslmi 'pliine.s and big guni an enrliiji lilc'bruni of Ilic biutlo'oi melons! ciislern fi'ont, lodny, •NOW- Soviet bombhig nild.t diirlnc lie iifKhl In the Ukriilue flrei JiuiWiiv! other Insinuations ill a Gtrnnm airdrome soiilh of jwl- nklcyn.' And (he 2'1-hour toll of Nazi Dianas sliol down or destroyed on llie ground now stands ill M. In (lie .soiilh and In the norlli Russian iirimen. .still Is bln.stinc •enemy awuy sy.slcJnallcally troops and strongholds. West of Rostov, In the .south. Hod gunners aro credited wilh sc/illerliis and annihilating purt'of nearly one (hoii.siind ciioiny' Iroops And on Uic Leningrad from, Soviet arllllery hn.s destroyed 1C Gcr- "inn nun cmplncemenl.s nnd dug™(s, nnd three observation points. Soiilh of i.nke Ilincn on this froiil. Russlnn mortar, ,-|n 0 ami imicliincMun lire whipped oiil at a Niu.l reconnaissance vinil, and forced It to retreat hastily, leaving 111 of Us men dea ( | before the Soviet position. Generally .slcppcd-iip palrol and i r nativity Kjipcars i o be bringing tlic whole Russian f n) nt swiftly » life-. AIKI Ihc curtain i, mv be ;oini; up on the Jong-avvullai Spring oflcnslvcs. I Wurns John L. Lewis He Will Use Powers, To Keep War Woik Going WASHINGTON, Apr;] 2S). (UP) — Picsidcnt Hoo.scvdl i ordcicil the .slilkiii^ coal nwH to rcluii) to thcii jobs l>.v 10 o'clock Salindny nioni- fiom a 17-d,ty Lour of Uio cutiiitij', the Pics, dent ncleil liiimedlnlely lo end liic Kiivlou.s lliient lo conl nml /led irwhictlnn in n MroiiBlj-.vordotl (olfttvain to mine \,orkcrs' chief John t,, i.r«ls tho Prckldent v.nin- 'd If work Is not icsiiratd by &at- n'<wy moininu, lie will use ),h unvcrs, at, commahdci-lii-clilel lo ire: cut Inlcifciencu with Ui c pios- 'cutlon of tno «m 'idis pic,um- ibly would meiii) the use of Hoop? Morn than 73000 coal minor. low are Idle nnd a wnlkout o( nllro '-IfiO.OCfl litUimlnom mlnen n Ilia. Rust Is lliiTOlcncd foi Pit- lay mi(inl)!lil. Ttie Piesldonl declined ihai hcse are not meir sliikcs aanlns' imployers. flc sald'lhcy nil. ill Ikes ignliisl.l.lifl Unltcfl Stnto, Kovcrn- ucnt itself" b who has gniucd 18 ciitcilim (he service. liiyor Announces City Trucks Will Complete I rash Collection 'Ihe (Jleiin Up Campaign in !ily- (lievJIIr will be extended through Australia Is n»«i«h «i..« nie ;;;w;r,; ,,en c ^k, loclay by Mnyor E. B. i-tt^Lfritiii i<; nil risfil rll!^ \IMI t , J J •"'"/"< c*. (t ""'I yourself s i "ting eft Intirte n"' *' ll ,° snl(1 lllc clty ' K t "" lck ''' ho — r _t^«"b ICH nanrtcd would complete collection of trash -•>.' HiMriicipd • castaway.', (Hey ' "'"„ JUI ' °" tcul " K lcfl hattrtcd would roiiilr -H.iav^daily M ,,,ey dw wiu , I J~ ^ ,, „ ^ • ^ Cornoral \'iri,r>i« i ., ..: , •".ccm lo do mosi. ni,.,,.,,i>,i.,_ ... . f ._. wu " _°" c " He .suld ho has ordered Iho OPA o luvcslluiilp union charge., irlcii vlaluUoiiH In Ihe coal fields ifivc shot' 1H!n« ccsU up mui,h .... limn v,nsc^ And lo ul vlolatous wlieioioi die}' may 0 louiid. •Tlic Picstduit (Icnoniiaul Iho 1' 1 11 (' s IW t>lciu vl »l»tlotn of h- b oi''.i no-istrlko pledge. "Tlwyvchallange the gmcinntcii- II machinery,' fald tin- Preslucnl that has'lH-en 'el up foi the ord- rly y ntid pcncetnl settlement of all nljor di.ipiiles'' J'Thcy challonjjc," h f nilcltd. 'the power-of.the govcmmciil. lo tarry n'" Ilic''War" ^ , '-Tllb I'rcsldont scnl his telegram iot only to i jC wls, but nl«o to UMW Secretary Thomns Kciuiedi 'ho roprcwnls >oilio 00,000 anlhrn He miners Tlidi contract nc olliiltons aho reach a thrcatcniim ciidliije j'YIdny njfht Cheered l;y Tour Atlilc from lhc coal ufs!', Nft cosevclt Is cheered by wlmt h" >s seen In his olf-the-rccortl loin Army camps nnd \MU pl.uiU e feels om nm ctloit has Im- •oved .gj-cfilly sinte his tour Inst, One thine Impressed him trc- cndously—Ihe ph) steal and mrn- 1 Improyemciil in Uic counliy e lo IndiiJry nnd Aimj wm lining .programs As n result he golni! lo lock Inlo prp pccl,s foi vliig cvcij jonug Ameilcnn ewi yt'dr's scivlce (o the government In ponce lime, us well ns In war Durliiij .the Presents lrlj> fie went tulo Jo stales, traveled as far .w.est as Colorado, and crossed our southern Ijordcr into Me\ico (or an historic ineeliiig wilh Mct- Icnn President Avlla Cnmaclio The slory of lhc first hnir of the WI miles' prior' lo the meeting u'itli.Allla, Camocho has^bccn tpld. Vlsllcd Co!or»uq , ' ^ After prilling with the' ifexican war leader in Texas, ' prbsidciiL fioosevell swung west-and north'to Colorado, where he 'vmlchcd • the Army unlimber it.s big :ai|,illery with live sliells and'saw t|ic 'new anli-tnnk. bazooka In action. From llierc Mr. Roosevelt headed eastward" through Kansas. Nebraska, Missouri, Indiana and Ken- lucky, watching lhc Army in train- hii! and then squinting down production lines where their . euns, bullets and planes are being mnclc. Tlic trip came to n flimlc yesterday at Fort Kiiox, Ky.j where Mr. Uooscvolt watched a-mock bai- Un of armored forces staged in grim reality under live arllllrcy fli-c. And then he went through, lllc 33-lon slccl door Into the cool vault where America's vast gold It was cieht . Zcroc.s i n w lnrti . . n w .some of Ihc four engines of tlio Fortress were shot out and nil of Ihc nine of Ihc crew were wounncd, but llicy got four Jnp plane* while the others hunc on lor a 30-mile running fight. A forced landing at sea . . 15 oays spent on two rubber life uifl.' • rations low a shark mul i bass and n bird eaten Ighted on 15th day ... a tiny slant] lo which the wounded nion :rawlcd . . Melansclan h,H?'i"? l ' ill , f ' lchols llll(l ll him - »' oullct in the ball or hl.s fool lhc native doctor removed it. mm? » nlccn of R | !>w as a kn( , c Jo) . jive weeks the mcn | c i thdr wounds lic«l and hoped for rescue "I Japanese waters, they decided lo make for friendly land In an outrigger canoe, which capsized • • . II took two weeks lo repair boat and supplies . . hey stalled nR.iln with ;, native io sail lhc canoe bin Ntdml.s and ^"MT^^I^t 1 ^? "*» ***>*"* & Prlvnlc Applcb.,,1,,, who wrofc j • (Z ™f •'" tll!lt 5cclio " ^aln next Kflcnd. thai U , e coiinir, r^indccl! Z[ c ^ ^"^ «|>» ^'"^ 'IhLs i.s being done because some residents of Ward One did not make arrangements at th<i bcBln- nliiB of the campaign lo clean up , i hoard is stored. He cast his eye trip^ already made over over a slack of gleaming gold bars —one billion, 400-mllllon dollars worth. K < , , " * V^.MH.y IfJUluOCU Ulnflp i""^; ^;;^r^: ack iicre ™- .., half .sinned natives finally made ilcnris . . . natives had little fowl •lid clothing men asked lo rpnrnlo Inlo smnllor Rrniips .•.cveral otliers were left behind until hclo came because tlu-v were so weakened. Japanese ptonr.s f! ( .«- over thr canoes but. went on ... ihr lirnd ncn reached an island » few days !ller . . . there a marooned Japanese wns killed when he Irird to escape In a cnnor. . thf men were picked up by a Navy tlvin? boat. v ' Army planes dropped food and medicine to the men left behind n 'i the Islands until a Nnvy fl.vtn« boat picked them up and returned thorn (o Guadalcanal. fcopJe of Australia really do try t» help lhc Americans nml they all set in to apprcclnlc lhc fact lhal lie Amci leans arc all over there Lm'u'r om ' Privaic Ai>pic - He .said In conclusion "A.s soon <•» we have lickcri the j a] , s , i cx . pcct to come back to the best coun- ny in the world lo live. Tell all my friend,, 'hello' and write nie." Ho dtri in mall for two and a. halt monihi ""HI April 10 when 30 reached him. Private Applebaum's new address is l vt. Joe Applebnnm, .38211322 care Casual 5th. Replacement Uc- I'ol- A. p. o., No. 7U, care I'ost- nmslcr, San Francisco, Calif." 'there arc more than 7500 p.irls In a modern steam locomotive. , ll0 *«'<'• , )11( - lr " ck -s have picked up debi Is 011 ^ llal ! of , lll( : second wurrt and i^ Kl , lo tesin Qn w «rd Three by , '" n' y "' onilne ' "" Irlr ' lls ar f bel »f asfccrt lo pile 1 , " C lvt lllc ctlsc ° r »'= letlm , K " C f 1 '" f 1 ""' 011 sl'ould be paid iciieiSjio walcr S | fl ,,ri|, l!r ns t , lls Cilm pj ((fl \ will be followed by a mlsqiillo control program. Chicago Wheat open high low close urcl July . Hi U4« Sep. . 143)i U4 144)1 Before his arrival in Washington Ilic President told press association reporters aboard the train lhat he found the temper of the country far more sober and intelligent than the attitude of what he called "some parls of Washington." The people, he said, have a sense of proportlo nand perspective-not found In 1 Washington, «nu said the President, they do hot.magni- fy things of relatively minor importance. !'Livestock ST. LOUIS, April 29 <(JPI—Hogs 11,500-salable 11,000. Top HGO; 180"0 Ibs H.55-H.60; HO-1CO Ibs 13.60-14.10; sows 14.15-U.50. . Gallic 4,000 salable 3,000; calves 1.000 nil salable. 'Slaughter steers 12-17.25; slaughter heifers 1116.35; mixed yearlings and helfcre .2.75-15.25;^ stocker arid feeder >tecre 11-15.50; caiiners nnd cullers 7.50-10.75; cows 11-13, , '"

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