The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1938
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 7,1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE .THREE, .Byess Baptists Hosts To County .Groups Tuesday There's Ease-On Skis The Modern Way Kciner News 4- *"<''• i * DYESS, Ark., Jan. 5.—Monthly Workers' Council and Mission board of the Mississippi Comity Baptist association met in the community bulking at Dyess Tuesday with W. II. Horn, moderator, o: Manila, In charge The morning session opened wit) a devotional message by the Rev Mr. Adklns. The theme of the program was "Enlargement.' "En largemcnt In Teaching" was givei by the Rev. Howard King, pas tor of New Liberty church. "En largement and the Lost" was give by the Hev. Raymond Butler basket lunch was served at noo by the Dyess women. The after noon devotions were led by the Rev( E, L, Cole of Osceola. after which the mission boird met In business session and the Rev. P. A. Whitely, county mlsionary, gave his report. A conference on W. M. U. methods was conducted by Miss Helen Shaw. Arthur Nelson of the First Baptist church of Blytheville sang a number of selections and played the vlbra-harp. Dyess school children were dismissed to hear Mr. Nelson. Other special music was presented by the young people of Manila, and the Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Gray of Dyess. After the afternoon session the visitors were conducted over the colony. -The young people's meeting, held at night, was conducted by the Rev. M. R. Griffin of Dell, director at county B. T. U. work. The Rev Mr. King led devotions, special music was presented by Arthur . . , p tt Hannah Little of Portland, Ore., skims lightly Going up! -.- . , - n \ f i m M Nelson, ^and ajpecto^sermwi ^9 j ^™' "^ a °™_ _„ *_„„„ pw( ,, ltps „„ owm Cnrlstianla tun, on Qie brief tin 111 of the downward glide, bkl enthusiasts, a, plclme. Rev. D. D. Segar of Wilson. Files Divorce Suit Mrs. Elizabeth Ridge lias filed ../suit in chancery court against Ed U Ridge, asking for a divorce on the ground of indignities. Her attorney is E. E. Alexander. Florence, Italy, probably con- tains.more works of art than any similar area. Mls-i Mildred of Memphis, siwnl the |mt week with lirr sHer. Mrs. Udwln Draco. Miss Lilly Pointer, of lloone, Ky., iToeiilly elected Into the IMser family, did not return utter the holidays. Mrs. 11. II. Jones Is 1111- Ini; I" lii'i 1 l'li»'< ! iml " tlu - arrival of the new U'Liclici' the Ihst ol next week. Wui'd was im'lvi'il Tlunsiliiy of thi' iii'iuh of Mr. J, c. isom, or VVilmuri!, Ky.. molliei' of Miss Ell/.- kMh Isom, Mist tjviuli) teuchcr. Mrs, I'. T. Moore, of Memphis, nmmoe the birth o( n daughter I'YIduy. Tho chilli WHS nnmetl Don Hay. lU'foniiiilory MANCIUM. Itaml Dresses lip Ok la. (UO—The OniniU' Kcfornmlory band dre^lnu up. L. V. Wuillck. ilc|i!i- ty winilen, said mllitnry uniforms of black -serge anil gold colorei binltl will bo miide lor the VI piece piUon band. Cups with c.olt urimrm'titK will complete Hie mil fOl'IIJS. Shapely Ixg "Exhibit A" SAN FRANCISCO (UP) ; — In a $50,000 damage suit resulting from n bile by an English bulldog,' Miss liorrnlnc Llewellyn was obliged to Introduce a rather shapely leg In court as "Exhibit A." Hospital "Twin Center" 1JUTTB. Mont. (UP)—St. James hospital iH'Ileves it has set a world record by being the maternity lo- cuk' for three sets ol "Identical" U.'lns In one month'. mother of li. li. Thursday. Mr. initl Mis. IS. MOUIV iiiul fiimlly iitti'iulcil uiwiil. held .Suumlny. I Mr. nml Mrs, llumly Woniack ' iinnmiiK'e the birth of twins M<>n- duy. Tin 1 two lltlk 1 i;lrls liuve not en nuini'd. Mis. W. M. Tiiylur I'liteitiilnod the 'IMi'.sdny Hi'ldui! I'lilb uiul one Burst. Mrs. W. C. Walls won hli'M k :i'ove and a favor wits'iilt'd to Mrs. E. W. 1'luK. Mr. ami Mis. Alton Hull an- Aulo lluni|U'r S'.ivi-s Child C/I.KVULANl 1 ) lUI'i -An iiulomo- I>IU' bitm|>fr served as u .safely ''•I "culclier" lor l-yciir-oHi liltfi Kul- hoiin. When u car struck lier, sh« bounced to ii .smiling position on Hit 1 buinpi'i' und rode ulo;ig, sale from Injury, i> INSCRIPTIONS AUK OlM SPECIALTY ^ Phone 141 if FOWLER DRUG STORE (Victor's Smile |*SSs snow and expertly executes an open Chrlstiania turn on he ski hill of Dollar Mountain, at an Idaho winter resort. Thousands have been captured by the national ski craze. No; more bnckbreaklhg climbs up the long ski hill ioi iiiovc, ride uphill, too, on a snow tractor, reveling In the beauty o Idaho's mountainsides. Interest In Farm Management Soil Conservation Increases Mississippi county farmers have shown sustained interest in farm management plans and In building and conserving the soil, In addition to making wonderful strides tii carrying out the Arkansas "Live at Home" program, the 1S37 annual reports of the county agricultural and home demonstration Mrs. Russell Greenway, of Dell, won the sweepstakes and first in the state In home improvement and second In the tenant class for Dinners. aeents show: There was a 12 per cent increase in acreage planted to soil conserving crops ov'cr 1936 and an increase within the past five years in permanent pastures from 10,000 to 23.000 acres. Better varieties of cotton are being planted with 75 T cent of the cotton of the D. & Li, Stoneville and Rowden. Acres planted to legume crops In 'were listed as: vetch, 8,000; .',' 120,000; soybeans alone, 17,- complied with 12 requirements. These requirements are: 'to raise enough corn and hay to carry through next year; to raise enough meat to supply the family this year; to have a 12-months in the 'ear garden and a canning budget; a provide milk and butter for the 'amily the entire year; to keep an average of at least 30 hens on the farm the whole year through; to make home conditions better by taking proper care of the orchard and small fruits, or by starting a home orchard; to work for richer lands; to terrace or drain land where needed, to enoll one or more of the children in club work; to add some home convenience such as running water,, electric lights, washing machine, oil stove, Barrel Stave Surplus Forces Mills to Close WAYNESBURG, Pa. (UP) — Is America's thirst being quenched? That was the question here after a Waynesburg barrel stave -mill, which had been in continuous operation the Itist few years, and another stave mill at nearby Wind Ridge were shut down indefinitely because of an 80.000 stave surplus. Most of the staves are used In whisky barrels and wine kegs. At the Hospitals Roy Hunter, of the CCC .cam) ot Hnyll, Is a patient at the Bly Ihcvllle hospital. Mrs. S. E. Webb lias been lakci to the Memphis Methodist hos pilnl. Mrs. K'/.m Winstend. of Manila is a patient nt the Memphis lia] list hospital. 000; soybeans in corn, 105,000; alfalfa, 15,000; lespedeza, 7,000. There were 1,800 people ;svho attended 493 meetings and demon- OIW COMl'l.KTK SERVICE Your Satisfiii'tiou PFESTCNE RADIOS HEATERS DEFROSTERS TIRE CHAINS PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST WINTER 24 Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Can o;ia RADIOS Electric & Battery 50c Down — 50c Weekly All Radios Guaranteed All Zenith Radios' .1 off Progress Vacuum Cleaners '4off FRL, SAT. & MON. ONLY HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO, Main and 5th .1. W. AduniK, MKI-. Phone 233 strations. Home visits by the agents totaled 850 and 25,000 people called at the office in the Blytheville Osceola court houses for information. A total of 103 method demonstration meetings held were attended by 1.050 people. Mississippi county farmers received $950.000 for their participation In the 1937 soil conservation program. Besides taking interest in butld- ing up and conserving the soil, iarmers and their families of this county took much Interest in the If'General Iwane Matsui weren't in high good humor, it would be surprising, for of all men in China, he has the last laugh— he's,commander of the victorious Japanese forces that captured Shanghai: He put. on his best mood to ts" Live at Home" program. Thirty-three Boys and Girls 4-H clubs enrolled 1,040 members. In cooperation with their sons and daughters, the fathers am mothers made;, an enviable record In the state honors for receiving certificates of honor. There were nearly 300 who received these which show they have pressure cooker or other things which will lessen the burden of housekeeping; to beautify the homestead and to keep a clothing budget. The 1,000 members of the home demonstration clubs were the "backbone" for the records made in this contest and in the Commercial Appeal's "Plant to Prosier" contest in which Mississippi :ounty won mor honors than any county won more honors than any sissippi or Tennessee. The county won the sweepstakes award by having 1,689 families enter the contest, Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey White, of Oseeola, won the sweepstakes honor in the plantation contest und second in the stale land owners group, and Mr. and Driver Runs Down Silver Fox JACKSONVILLE, Ore. (OP) , — :Edward Harlin did not run after 'an auto-hit and as a result was $50 richer. His victim was aJllvfer, Jox, whose value varies from $75 \ to $2.0CO. Blinded by the auto-' mobile lights the fox ran directly n front of one wheel. Burglar Takes $2,000 in Hose CLEVELAND <UP>—One burglar is well supplied with gifts for his 'girl friends. A wholesale notion linn reported a burglary loss of 350 dozen pairs' if women's silk hose valued at $2,000. HAVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPH MADE NOW Satisfactory Work Low Prices SOVTHWORTH Over Joe Isaacs **»•• District No REPORT OF CONDITION OF First National Bank In Blytheville of Blytheville, in the State of Arkansas, at the close of business on December 31 1937, published in response to call made by Comptroller of the Currency, under section 5211. U. S. Revised Statutes ASSETS Loans and discounts '."'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. = 516.19 Overdrafts • 3 goo go Other bonds, stocks, and securities 366729 Furniture and fixtures, $3,66729 inWii Reserve with Federal Reserve bank • iu.aai.ii Cash balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection Total Assets ,.$444.823.20 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, pamershl,*. and corpora- ftf $6OU,*xo (.11 rri m « rto'iLiu (if individuals partnerships, and corporations 18,714.62 JL IIIIC UCpUOl 10 VI lii«» « •*- r State county and municipal deposits • • • • • Dep&tedother banks, including certified and cashier's checks outstanding , • • • Deposits not secured by pledge of loans »n<V° r investments ;331 ' m86 Total Deposits , S331.193.85 CaPC ommon U st l c<k, 1000 shares, par $100 per share $1M,MO.OO 49,768.75 Surplus , Undivided profits-nel (Overdrawn) Total Capital Account $ll3.b&»..!!> Total Liabilities •' $444,823.2( State of Arkansas, county of Mississippi ss: I S H Williams, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledg and belle '- S. H. WILLIAMS, Cashier. correct—Attest: C. H. W5LSON H. HIOHPILL ROLAND GREEN, Directors. qworn to and subscribed before me this 6th day of January,' 183 HAKVEY MORRIS, Notary Public. My commission expires August 27, 1938, McCORMICIGDEERING No. 7 Farmali Middlebuster— a New Push *Type Buster, Built for Making Cotton Beds Thii MW 2 « J-TOW, buxHift or Jong Ae h power-lift F.tmaH ralddlebuiter potu <Hem. you »n out»t«Jvding opmtiag y «tw! b»r which nip- G»ug« whetls «n be r»i»ed or lowered whm tractor front furrow in variou. kind, ct work. Th« ""'' ^x™ Ktion J *° ^f to ill two fiont wh«I« run on tU tklgc ot in tho bottom* »re puih*d Uuousfa tk« wU ,h»»d of tk« trtctor <W»* whwit. Thii provide" p«rf«ct titction on m«l in«« °P«»ting requirement! by th« bottom of newly op«wd furrow* k«ping the front botKxnt level regsrd- tew of where- «K« tractor wheeli tun. We c»n*t tell you all about the new The new "No. 7" i» an all-purpoto McCoimick-Deering No. 7 F«rro»ll buit« in which provmon U made for Middlebuiter here, but we'll be g wiy sdjutlment to mc«t all requirement.. Bottoms can Uxt for differ- «nt row widthi by .IMing Oi« beam* out to your plantation. »dr»nuge r eg»rdle«« of illppery top (oil to JiKUW >« « l«>«*h with any cotton gr° w »' A Pr«one call will bring ui DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. Phone 802 South of Armory > Blytheville, Ark. ... a date with Chesterfield will show you how refreshingly mild a cigarette can will introduce you to that better tuste that smokers like. Chesterfields will giveyou more pleasure than any cigarette you ever smoked. Weekly Radio Features LAWRENCE TIBBETT. ANDRE KOSTBLANET?. PAUlWlHTEMAN DEEMS TAYLOR PAUL DOUGLAS Csf)rit«hr Wl. UcctVT * MUM TOMCCO Co,

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