The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1950
Page 10
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FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 1950 BLVTIIEVI1.LR (AUK.) COW! Rain Stimulates Arkansas' Crops , Cotton Making Rapid : Growth; Boil Weevils Are Disappearing Stimulated by warm weather and adequate soil moisture, Arkansas' crops developed rapidly during the week and prospecls have improved. according to the Suite and Federal Crop Reporting Service. Farmers have practically finish fid planting late, rice and sorghums and good stands are being obtaintd on late planted crops, the Service said In its weekly report on the state's crops. potton made rapid growth during fh'e past two weeks and now prc- seiits a more promising picture al- ll^ough much of it is late and will need to pet the "breaks" in order to yield well. Blooms are bepinninir lo npnenr as far north as Mississippi County. Older cotton is (nuting well nml boll weevils arc decreasing In numbers, however, there are many punctured squares, Most Cotton Clean Cotton growers in some sections have been poisoning and are prepared to make an all-out fight to control weevil damage. Most cotton Js clean and in a good state of cultivation. Moisture supplies are ideal except in Clay, Lawrence aiul Randolph Counties, where the soil is too wet. Rice has all been seeded xvith the exception of a few fields and most of It is up. Early rice has been drained for control of maggots. Fer- tiliaer was spread over many early seeded fields during the week. ^Soybeans are making a fine growth and yield prospects are good. Harvest of wheat and fall sown oats Is" about completed in most areas. Most spring oats for hay have been cut and the grain crop is maturing. /The outlook for corn Is good in State's Spring Pig Crop Up Five Percent Aiknn^s no j t n pit citp the laifrsi fi i Hit nl" sin r ion nccorditi to ill SI ( n | fid,, ,] Crop iJojKU til *- 11 i { The sHrins crop loinled Rin.OOO nigs, the d IK 11 w) Jdi [ ,„ im.Tdi.ii> of five jK'rcunt over tlio 19^9 spi i ' c ) An mim tfi 1 1 [if n o * far rowed histweeii HIT. ! nnrl June i which is three ]«>r cent mure than last .ipimf, fit s i\nr n Kits id The? t\ i t n irnKi of j s i\ d per IlUti n is d 1 i f Tm 1 I full, ami n I t 11 r i t I u i in in the 10 \i i i u u n, ])r ,, ,, s of 5.n pi v RLpni ,1 At in frumors nn 1 ti linf Intr U ri u italic.' that 03.000 sniv.s will farrow between Juno 1 and Dec. ]. wlilrii Is l.nni) in rt t)i n ! t fall u , a r ice ,';:iid. C. Fi nn Ii LI s Uio | it «i in U'leu >n n i <n i in t'u <?0 s gave his first, drainnstrutioi) in ]'. , t< - rn in r "1 i rain I and .siU n O i j would pi ttic ill Late cnin i i t nh ill p) mf I ml thai U'hic!) is up is '.:i.-t(.m<< off in a good sturf. ConitiiniiK- of an expanded acreage of slnKlotiiry pens and hairy vetch serf is almoH riimhnl in southern areas nnd well alnng hi central and eastern counties. Digging of the commercial potato crop Is In full swim; with fair yields repnrted. "Green wrap" atul "pink" tomatoes are. moving in volume frnrn -southern producing are;is. Gonrl rains during th" week were verv beneficial to tomatoes nnd other triiclc crops. Cucumbers and .snapbeans arc lie- in? picked. Strawberry bed:; are he- ing worked out and fertilizer applied. Early peaches are beintr picked anil Etiiertas are tixprc'led to ,sixe u-ell. 'COLOIE" SAVES THE 1 i A II 1) (U N V ) 11,11 j,, C y L \ v/itlj 20 ()U;itls of milk claily. 'J'liu COIIIIK ill nl mill tic^li n Din tin t ui I \ in Jlk ±(i< t ,t)iy of Hep, •'.: ifllnc! six children, ;,!, 10, ;iie enjoying •. - a:..s his (urn, les are Fixed* ill Re pare" For Farm Bureau Twrkey II Officers' Meeting ^_PAYEITF.VII.L! FOURTH OF JULY PARTY on Tuesday FAIRGROUNDS AMUSEMENT PARK IN MEMPHIS VOUR FAMILY - HKINO YOUR FKIENDS No Ailmfssinn Charge lo Park FIREWORKS • FREE PICNIC GROUNDS • STIIEET DANCING • WTIMMING AND BASKBAM, t PKIZRS AND NEW HIDES, GAMKS, CONCESSIONS OI'EN: 10 A.M. UNTII, MIDNIGHT moycp of rp.i- r,-;r.-':j •• ^, Econonilrs «f !ri'? U •'-, of Acrrimlt'.rTf. ry*. ^o ;U F;r--'-r'h-.-fi; ft. tlve n:^nf v/ir- •}- •s U>r tin- fourth annual of- 'i-XT.s nncl k'artfirs confer enco of (.fie Arkinipji.s I'\u":n LJureau f-riiiioii have hpp» sot for July 1921, Jo& C. Hardin of Orady, -^tale F;inn BiifiiHi prc.suJciit announcctt tlii.s v/eek. Tht- coiifcnincc. \vluch is- on nn- niifi! summer monin^ for the r-iat'i fann orgnnlKntfon. will bo held in Fayultc-villc on tiic campus 01 the of Ai'kunsu.'a. >NS from each of thr; 1r> county Faun in the .state arn expected to Eittcmi the coutcr- eiicc, Mr. trardin -said. Complete cJi'tfiiLs of the pro;;rnn) 'or the meeting will he annntincDcI within a few itay.s, Mr. Hardin stated. The meeting will start with an evening session on July 1U, and \vill urn on the afternoon o[ '.s antl seneral sessions be hekl at the Univcr.sUy and ! pntci; Tv'iU Ijr housed QJI the University campus. Mr. Kardin will iiit.sidc over the Fe.^-iioiLS, National loader,i in n tin- cult 11 re and Farm Bureau pear on the program. U. of A,. Schedues Shorf Course for FAYBTrEVtU.E, Ark., June 30— A two-day seedsmen's short course h:is been *chednl£?fl for the University of Arkansas College of Agricii]- lure July ID nnd 11. 'All seed dealers in tlic slate are Invited to attend. In making the announcement. Dcnn and Director Lipperl s. Kills .said the course had been requested by the Arkansas Seed Dealers' Association. "The University and the College are always glad to cooperate with such 1,'ioups in providing short course Instruction," Dean Ellis said. "At the same time, it gives our own staff prenter understanding of the problems of special groups mul en- aljle.s us to do n better job for Arkansas at;rieiilUue in general." Instruction will be provided by College and Experiment Station stuff members. In cooperation with the State Plant Hoard. Visiting the Arkansas Ex, romtncnted that :K a similar school v,;-.s 135, from 10 :r;'.iH V.-HR set up in 1 fhsl time liit year iuoh r^ionnl train- ErcLension Service ': : . : i and Gt'unan i 1 in lite Uniipd ytatos ::y v.'.Tk of the Extension :'. o'l-ifT educational agen- ' :.!i Economic Ccxijiern- ,:•.:.- ,11:31 Ion project, Di'an '-. Irii-UKiPtl in the group . y .ue an assistant di- l ho coit-on .section o[ tl^e iiiMtry of Agricntture, di- rx! chief technicians at •.ntultural statinns, and s i:i tlie government'.-: Avrlctilture, Al'tcr their ::i-:i:i here, all" will en:•: * • • i >M o 11 work in v a r ioiis Turkey. o fjernifiii \vanicn, both iv.rn .are spending six the; United States. Mi:^ , formerly plant p:itho- the Institute for Finn*. in Bremen, v,ill hel.) id carry out nn Extension Bn-inen lyinn her re- and Mr.;. Dorothea BI:;c'.s- rf7<-.r-rnnif:?i trn.f'icr. '-vil 1 v in Connecticut, Nurtl: arul Kaiisa.s. for Jack Robinson Co, Sirnpiieity Of Design S i zes To F i f- Any T ra c f o y Rugged Efficiency Simp'ified Congo's We hove the answer to your spraying problem ... the SAFE-WAY SPRAYER! Simplicity of design is ino keynote in the construction of the SAFE-WAY SPRAYER . . . Simple in design, but is outstanding because of its ruggcdnoss, efficiency and extra features. Compare the SAFE-WAY SPRAYER with all others ... examine the nozzles, hinges, sec the no side clamps, and you'll see tor yourself it's the best on the marltcl today! SAFE-WAY High Pressure pumps deliver adequate pressure and volume for i=ll spraying needs; the SAFE-WAY Simplified Valve Controls make it possible to have complete control of fhc sprayer without hciv- mg to move from the seat of the trader. You'il like those and many other features of the SAFE-V/AY SPRAYER! ••W'^V* IS IOHNSOH .SS, BERMUDA .ity of Californin n. •.vili iinve n siiTiil-^r ^t:i1tj Institution. Ari:^)"-]=.' ro 11 i^.fion rr-oarrh sviil \;-'~ r by Dr. R. c. Th~mns. J':a son, nnci Eniary Dr. Ellis nlso rinur.Kncri '.TcFprran. instructor i;i 'iilturc and forestry c'.r hns broil giniu^d a yortr' 'ibsciico to do trrnch:n'.r! v-nnk his Pli.n. draw Unlvcrsily. ills i:'!-i!i')n ".', by J.nmor, K. f'i-fir;. Jr., hrrn \vorV-ii:<r n-^ n nv-:I: •civcd hiK M.S.'froin th<; (c-:-or nl .-,..:-:, :•:•••/,] , .1 till {JlTjycr iiy (, , r i( v . :" resi:rnili!; t" > ••' F r J -. :if,SS and many other grasses J Vr'cotfs. Destroys wood rools , p.-evenls regrowth. fn convert- i pov.'der form; ea&y to mix fo; a; a spray. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. For Improued 3 Children fxan?inc;: A* We// C/ji'W C/fnf- KJcht clHlrtn-n ^"n> !--::•- '• Dr. .Mr i;,.".i..v .. v; .r ;i Irs. Elmer ..\ir.1if> " ;u '•l!ie! l-'ill, ton:it;,- he r\\c \\'-r. <"••]'-:• c:i!nl: i Mrs. n.ii I.I.-'/.'M';-.-! .T, -• : DON'T 500 E. Main , ^flil r i «s? ^ ask Olytlicviilc i Phone 2371 E^73^'I^^^^^ In a majorily o( cases investt- -\.ci in sGvcral hospiTals and 'ivc*;, subnormal Kidney function : r . improved, Bladder pain and •"•cumforl reduced aflet Ihe uso ot V.-)untain Valley Water. If 'your doctor has diagnosed \---jr condition as functional Kid: .• impair men I this natural, un ]-;:;;•:d mineral walet may be very 1 .-.-'oliciol. Try il tor a few weeks. ]; is delicious, pure-lasling, and n ay be consumed freely. j:;:*own Whiskey Shop Main St Division STIil GRAIN-BIN b Fire-safe, u-eathertiglic, rodent-proof. Permanent, long-life construction. J convenient si7es: M'xS'— I 000 bn.; I 8'xl I'—2200 bu.; 1 8'xl 6' —3276 bu. Order Cutler Galvanized Grain Bins WOW from i$y/&fftfj/yM>:f'A seedsmen will also have an opportunity to learn more about the research being conducted by the Agricultural Experiment Station, Visitors will be housed fn.Unlv sity dormUoiEc.s aiuE will lake th meats in a campus cafeteria. ;i ft E.T rlic facts on low. " *• ' cosl farm liriunc. "UK . . . rrmi fiuw in snvc jvilli Ilie Farm Income I rivili-j-c, be fafc will, || 1(J 1 repayment 1'fserve. Ask us for lliis new booklet prepared Ij, || lc \^ lt l,. r ;, •lie fn-ld, TfiL- K ..... ial.1,. Lilt; Assurance Society. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 213 W. Walnut I'hone 2.S Hlylhevilie T fM 1 I ARE YOU GOING OR CANT YOU IT? If you can't afford (he expense of a vacation this year, perhaps (lie reason is llial you riidn'l I'I,,\N for il last year. Regular savings could liavc ])rovi(Ied you with the noccssiiry fuitrls. Yes, regular savings can do a lol to make your future happy . . . whether you're savin"; for n home, an education for your children, security in your old a.^e ... or even a relaxing inexpensive vacation. Plan next year now ... . Open A Savings Account- Today! The Only National Bank in Mississippi County MK.MIU'JK: [.'ICDKUAL KESKKVF, SYSTEM FKDEliAL UEPOSI'I INSURANCE CORPORATION CMUCKUS • From Your Ptirina Dealer j l_ ill s>,ii n IfSI 111!) LMLJi. ON££GG IN THE FALL IS WORTH TWO IN THE SPRING ^3 ,\ I .... PURINA GROWENA DEVELOPS <! THOSE PULLETS FOR EARLY ' FALL EGGS Will Yea Get EXTRA EGGS This Fall? Pullels laying 21 extra eggs in the (all—when prices are usually highest —are worth money to you. Purina-fed pullets averaged 21 exlra (all eggs more than those fed straight grain. Come in today for Purina Growena L. 1C. Ashcraft COMPANY Railroad & Cherry •M!I3—Telephone— flS3

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