The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1943
Page 8
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EIGHT' -^-i- , / _ , k, , Yanks Lose But Retain Their Lead *M.ty " . 7 Yesterday vas 'a day of waslcc ttttot at tlio plate, "nfe'NeV, York Yankees stepped out a dozen hits, but counted onlj a single run. The-Boston Red Sox dld^a little better, collecting a to- tal'of 10 and shoeing fuc tuns fit the, final leckonjng /Ithqueh the Yanks lost to Boston, 5 U> 1, they lelalncd their l«mu« load, Tex Itugluou had (he ' powerful bombers under his Iliimib until the ninth nhcn Ihcy scored on a couple of fieak singles fJlic'iCleselaiul Indians trained th^ir big suns on Thoinlon Lee and Hie White Sox in the seventh inning to send foui inns scamper- in j home-to win n four to two decision: The Philadelphia Athletics nnd Washington Senators played Into the twilight and the A's finally counted in the 16th to a In, 2 to 1 D^tioit nnd Si Louis dian't play. In the Natioml League, the leading Dodgeis bested Philadelphia, 4 la 2 as Wlnt Wyatt held (he Phillies to Jive scattered Mis. .The'New York Giants and the Boston ' Bra\es collected 10 hits apiece, but the." New Yorkers made theirs. when it counted nnd won 11 to 3 ' In PilLsbmgh, the I'natcs gtive th'e homctolks a «ood show In besting Cincinnati,. 4 to 1. Bob kiinger, Johnny Laimlng nnd Clyde Shoun held the Reds to five hits ;The St. Louis Cardinals hoppect nil over three Chicago Cub pitchers Mort Coopet shotted good early for 12 hits and a 7 to 0 \iclory. season form in holding the Bruins to five hits to notch his first victory against one loss Bresnahaii, Converted Pitcher, Became Famous As A Catcher; Starred In Infield and Outfield . BLYTlfEVILLE (ARK.) CQUKIIW-NEWS .Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Birmingham 4, New Orleans 2. Chattanooga 19, Knoxvillp 8 •Nashville at Atlanta, night game' Memphis at Little RocK, night t'ame. NATIONAL LEAGUE St Louis 7, Chicago 0 ^BrooUja 4, Philadelphia 2 : Pittsburgh 4, •Cincinnati 1. TJevfYork 11, Boston 3. AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston o, Ne« York 1 Cleteland 4, Chicago 2. Philadelphia 2, Washington 1 (1C innings).St Louis at Detioit Posponed vteathei No ganipi .scheduled Bead Courier News want Overwhelm Vols, 1S-4 the Wnkc of _ , devised shin guards, ? catchers \verc pro- \ (cctedonly by a.small - jiiask and ,1 clicsl pad '•• of much less tliinen-i sions than those now 1 , •"i in use. ^, ( liy United Frew A lies' slur has risen in the Southern Association — a young ntiles mim from ih c mountaljis of Mcrlh Carollnn. Charlie Coxarl is its name, and he's the only | e rt- uiiidcd pllclicr for tlic Atlanta •cXws. ile's also quite a pitcher and hitter. If the records of his llinl Same give any Indication, CoMrl last nlBhl—bcfore a ladles night cuml-collcctcd three lilts at. Hie plate nnd pitched Atlanta to' a 15 lo :i victory over Nashville Two of Ills safeties were doubles' and one .started the Crackers' scoring in (lie third frame. 'Hie uninc nave Atlanta the first scries, three to Iwo. All Southern Association clubs : arc Itllr today, in preparation for tlic ,sc«mrt scries of opening Kanie'; tomorrow. In Nashville, New Orleans. Knoxvlllc and Memphis In other games played Tuesday Birmingham beat New Orleans four to f.vo, Chattanooga blasted Knoxvillc nineteen to eight ai\\ Memphis won iis first same of the year—five to three over utllc Hock. Spring'VariefiesFound in Porks The masler mathematician and his score card. , Track Ol'Cic.ials Refuse To Closo Aulo Parkiji Lois Op»n 7:W pjn. -',- Show Starts 7:30 p.m. _;_ Adm. Always lie ind 2Se Wednesday & Thursday The Most Wonderful Show on Ice! GayJSfarfol! Excitingly Romantic! r»iuci» BAKER* MORISOH BELITA Paramount News Comedy B.v IIAKKY CiKAVSOX NBA Sjiorls Ijiilur Uoscr P. Brcsnnlian wns fur nnd iway the most versatile player of lie game. No other ball player could do everything quite as well. Brcsiialinii was a pitclicr '.vlio became a catcher and could play iny Inllcld or . outfield poslltoii will) equal skill. The Duke of rrnlec, so called because he was born In the town or name on he west coast of Ireland, played centerflci dfor John j. McGraw ind the immortal Baltimore Ori- ilcs and New York Giants, which •Ives yon a rouglr i<tet of hts ca- wbililics as. a flycliaser. Brcsnahan was a line broth of . Ind when he led off, batted .350 nc! stole 34 bases for the Giants f -1B03. The handsome Mick stood 5 feel 9 1-2, weighed 180 pounds, had big, lower (ul legs, yul was swlil enough o have won sprints In most any truck meet. Extremely aggressive, Brcsnnlinn, a riaht-hand hitter, crowded the plate with a short, thick bat. in his well-developed liands. ills but, had the thick handle preferred by many players of his day. He always was K choke hitter, and his I tremendous strength- gave him div Itancc In all directions. UK DEVISED SHIN GUARDS Bresnahsn was absolutely fearless. Pitchers could not drive him away from tlic plate. Andy Coakley nearly killed Roger witli a fast ball that struck him uelilml the car in Cincinnati in 1007. lie was out 30 days. "I happened to be pitching when he returned lo the gimic," recalls the veteran Columbia coach. "He settled for two Mis that afternoon." Brcsnaliaii highly intelligent mnn, and McGraw let him go at the end of 1008 to 'manage the St. Louis cardinals, which he did successfully for four campaigns. Roger became, involved in a famous contractual' controversy in St. Louis, Inter piloted the Chicago Cubs, but he will always be re- i mcmbci-cd as the stylish battery mate of Christy Matbcwsoii, Iron Man McGimiil-y, Red, Ames, Hooks Wiltsc ami Dummy Tavlor of the Giants. Bresiialian is also renowned as the man who devised shin guards. Until lie was overcome with Ilic idea while watching a cricket game in 1307, (he catcher was protected only by a small mask and a chest pad of much less dimensions than those in use today. Catchers had to be tough men then Brcsnahaus first 5 |,i u gll;U(is were of the cricket variety, with shields slicking up »b 0 ve the knees '-ateliers' knees arc now protected by. leather sheaths. Drcsnahan's shin guards looked clumsy, but he managed to get around with them all right. Blcachcriies around Ihc National League derided ihc new protection catcd Brcsnahan "Sissy,- but catchers quickly got next to themselves and sliiji guards became as sandard as spiked shoes and chewing tobacco FUNDAMKNTALS NKGUJCTKI) II Dr ""f llan «"'«( as a coach of Ctrolt clllb m recently as , saw a couple of World Series games between the Cincinnati Reds nnd Tigers in 1040. "I actually saw infieidcrs in the ,. e " c . s wh ° .tlWn'l. know how to stand properly while fielding a h rf M 0 ",'" ^ Commented. "They had their feet together, with the W - '° any .sweep of Siovc. With Ilic feet far apart you can bend and extend your hands on either side. "Those arc fundamentals, ami j Elicss ihe.v'rc not teaching them any more," They aren't. The excuse is Dint they haven't time. Columbus Favored In American Ass'n Tlic foiirlli wartime campai«n In the 42-year-old history of (he American Assuelation oncnr, tomorrow with the Columbus ned Birds fnvored lo ecu the pennant. The lied Birds, cliumplons of last year's double "A" playoffs nnd ihc Junior World Series, have bean selected as the team to heat by American Association Baseball Writers.. Here's lib way the pall placed the teams. Columbus fi r .;(. u, c ji (1 . waukoc Brewers second, The Kansas City Blues third the Indianap- Indians fourth, the Toledo Mmi Hens fifth, (ho Minneapolis Millers sixth, Hie Umhvillc Colonels seventh and the si. Paul In tomorrow's opening games the Red Birds mecl Louisville m c;o- imnbus. IndianaiKilis invades Toledo for a nl E lu contest. Bt, Paul Plays host to Kansas city and Milwaukee travels to Minneapolis s 1'AWTUCKET. li. f,, April W UI'1-Officials of Hie Nurriisaii ol Uticlnj; Association have i'e- "sed lo comply with an OPA rc- (iiost to close automobile parkinc ols near tlio Imrse iacc track. Tho rcfus(i) n-ns delivered h, the form of a letter lo stale OPA Director Del Sesto from President .fames Rooloy of (he Rachi" AS^' soclndon. Ills letter requested \ coiifcrcjicc between officials of the race track and ;rea!on»l OPA directors in the hope that mine sails, factory solution might be reached Donlcy said that compliance with (he request, would have the etTcct of closing I lie race track noolcy also points out that the I track had been denied rail service from surrounding cities and direct bus service from Providence Del Scsto says' he lias ar'raivcd a conference for Thursday simc The guy vAlli ossi/t'ec/ patellas. j.-. A base on balls . JTJ brings him to /tis /oet. The inquisitive lady [an. 7 "Is over r/ie fence out?" if 7Vie incredible Brooklyn species. WEDNESDAY, Al'llll, w, ,„ «S"X * Yankees ' Yankees to the heights ered competitive S |, lrl i he single asset ,t I all have. Branch course, but V Will is scouts still arms, legs and swin< and power. , ' u Johjmy McCarthy llcwr look and for .size BASEBALUTAND1NGS Honor Madam c)ihn~ .LOS ANGELES. Cal. "rlJP)- Mad,-,,,, Chlanu ted two honorary British and the olli..,- ,„..„-, , , Halifax sent," nnil L T pee conferred by u.c Hoy C ol" ICBC of Surgeons at Loivon fo, I, advancement of mwll u <"' <™ Onna. ArdiWshoo John r-.. ' trail ol (iih city coX;,! on ,; personally the <lo 3 rec warded w Loyola University. Sho i , , , 5 Archbishop '.she an, cd M ! Jesuit desree because "" o' uncajton, in the Ml,* ad teen a Catholic. Chidien Fcc<i SACRAMUNTo; California chicken ". (Iemandin 3 W|IBEO ei'av' most important—that -f which lays ejjas and I for victoiy or that of".™ who needs a little Hock Birmingham Chattanooga Nashville . xAllanla . '.'_" Kntm-illc New Orleans ".'.'. ^Memphis . ....'. •x—Nlghl yame. 1.003 .800 .467 .500 ,500 .200 .000 NATIONAL U;AGDK Brooklyn St. Louis Pittsburgh New York Cincinnati U I'd. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE No games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUK Jlucngo at St. Louis. • Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Boston at New York Brooklyn at Philadelphia. AMERICAN LEAGUE N'ew York at Boston Philadelphia at Washington St. Louis at Detroit. Cleveland at Chicago ADD SIGNS OP TIME East LBiising.-MiBhiKan Statc- Washmjjton Slat? football game scheduled at East Laming Nov •>? has been "postponed" because of (he amount of iiimcc<saary travel' Read Courier News want ads. By UAlilfV GKAVSON NKA Sports Kdilor NEW YORK.-Bull players complained about the new balata-doc- torcd .baseball being le.« lively than t' one 'I'ed Williams hit for a .350'nvcrnsc nnd 3s home nm.s in 19-12. "It doesn't bounce half as high as the old one," testified Joe Mc- Oirthy of thu Yankees, "We test- fil them by dropping them from the same height onto a concrete floor, and last year's ball bounced twice as, high." Tlic new ball, with balata and reprocessed cork nnd rubber in Its- core, looks exactly like the old. Tlie sphere appears hard and durable. The sound of the bat meeting it is 'something in the way of evidence thai is solid substance. Hitting to the Yankee infield in fielding practice. Art Fletcher rc- narkeci that It fell as though he was hitting a croquet ball. Early Evidence is that (lie atli- etes won't lie squawking about the >nll being knocked lopsided, «s hey dirt -last summer. I If the iieiv balata-doctored ball is •(leader than the okl one, there was no sign of it as the Yankees blasted Al Japery and George Jeffcpat.of (he Braves for 15 hits Including Nick Ellen's first home run -In a New York uniform and four doubles. The Braves took almost as main- libeulics with Charley \\Tjn-;V;tf and the venerable Jim Turner, compiling 12 |,it s ;„ n saiac ( j cc j ( |. cd by Johnny McCarthys thrce- run home run into the right field Beats. You wouldn't recognize McCarthy. As a Brooklyn prospect and then a Giant aspirant to succeed Bill Terry, the player, nobody denied (hat the six-foot two-inch McCarthy could field. He had it all, including physical iidrautaycs left-handedness gives a first baseman. McCarthy had to wait until he was ;D before acquiring hitting knack, hcnvever, finally piekin" it up in Indianapolis last season. Playing in every game, he batted .255 and led Hie American Association in total bases and runs- batted-Iti with 113. ^Headache your WONDERS ? wise A//-f We're in the service of Service - York .. Louis ... Cleveland Washington Philadelphia Detroit Hcslon . .,'' Chicago ,. ".[. for the MAW, WHO Cash for Anu Make — All Models WE NEED 50 USED CARS ir y "" w:ml '" :;r " Phillips Motor Co. Tel. ..Jf>3 ..5«i & Wai n ut Men and Women in the Armed forces and in War Plants Havt first Call on Greyhound Todayl ihJ? d - ayit '? SCrvicc '<"• the Service »nt—tOT M inose m uniform or \vork-clothcs, who »rc actively "iilritmimg to victory over the Axi». Transpor- laiion for these essential travelers is Grtyhound'i "'St responsibility under present conditions. CarrymRsclccwcs to examination centen-soMim ana sailors on leaves or futloughs—troops on maneuvers or emergency moves—men «nd women to their vital work in war plants-thit U Grey- Hound s major wanimc job. of" m« iS i<>b " a blE on «-m«sured in numbers 01 passengers or areas served. For prtyhound Welcome in peace... more welcome in war work V1[7AR production needs are pressing No time can be VV wasted on the job. Rest-pauses planned and' „ timed are the efficient way to make every minute count. They lessen tension, break monotony, and increase output. Add refreshment to a rest-pause and you promote worker-contentment. Ice-cold Coca-Cola is refreshment that docs more than quench thirst. Drink it and you feel and enjoy a refreshing after-sense. Its clciin, exciting taste always pleases, never tires. Coca-Cola offers something extra. All the difference between something real ly refreshiiiKand just something to drink. reaches thrccity more war plants, military camps, shipyards. alr fields, r,svy,bas« s , big c i lic ' s frn » s ! roans towns, farm centers than any other fr^.is- porlation system. ;„•• If occasionally you are inconvenienced or delayed inease keep on taking; it with a smile. This isn't some other (eitoV, war-it's yours and ours and w aihtyt to do everything.we possibly can to Greyhound Lines Station .11)9 N. 5th •;•;.• I'honc 411 ^^^ ^^ i».t n. om .; J 6REYHOUNH Letters from riliint managers from const la coast emphasise that (he linlc moment for nn ice-cold CiKu-Cola means a [»t to workers in war plants. It's ,T refreshing moment on <!ic sunny side of thmp... a way lo turn lo refreshment without turning from work. ion work better wlicu you arc contented on ilic job. Remember, contentment comes w you connect w itli a Coke. ^r The best is always the better buy I • OTHED UNDEK AUTHORITY OF IKE COCA.COU COMPANY 6¥ BLYTHEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY

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