The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1934
Page 1
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BLYTHEVItLE COURIER NEWS 1 ' _•!_ ." ™™™™' C »™»***™™™™™**™^^^^Z^:^.*' - 1 - 1 - 1 -' "T k-J Served by the United Press u»lly Nawi BlythtvUle Ocurter UiuUtlppi volley Lewltr Blytbertll* Herald , ARKANSAS. SATURDAY, OCTOBER IS, SEEK NllSTEfil Paris Police Say She Carried the. Pistols Which Killed Alexander.. PAKIS, Oct, 13 (UP)-^A thousand police agents were sent out today to nnd mysterious Marie Vjoudroch, named as having carried to Aix en Provence the pistols, .which killed Kin" Alcrinder and louKPar- thou and .given them to Petrus Kalemeh. the assassin. Well dressed, 24, describing herself as a Czecho-Slovakian; the woman wai said to have carried to Aix, where she.. the assassin, and an aide stayed Die night before thc assassination, two deadly automatic pistol -machine guns of a new type, holding 20 bullets each. Reveal Retails of Plof ANNEMASSE, France, Oct. 13 (U P)—The two international terrorists held by French police on charges of complicity in the assassination of King Alexander, broke down today, police said, and gave tlie authorities complete de&X'riptions of their chiefs. - , . The alleged conspirators delivered photographs of (he principals in the nihilist plot to General Simoji-, head police. of tlie Jugoslavian Headquarters of the plot were in Janka, Hungary, they admitted, police said. It was understood here that the Belgrade government would demand extradition at once to appease public feeling- both against tha plotters and against France and Italy, Laval Succeeds Barthou . •?£E»S, Oct., 18, (UPjXpjerre -Laval, a former premier 'and foreign minister who came to the United States to negotiate oiV'war.'-debis toiilght was. glveivthe foreign porr- Premier Oaslon 'poumergjJe ( a ^_ mg the opportunity to reshuffle '«s cabjiiei, after their individual J»s gnatlons today, named' Louis Rolliii colonial minister Markets York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 13. (UP.)'— Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1227, 1227 1223 1224 1237 Ijjj 1230 1232 1239 1244 1235 '1237 1250 .1250' 1241 1242 1255 1256 1246 1248 1258 1255 1249 Oct. Dec Jan Mar May July September, 1933. ' and cotton* , Public stora Spots closed at 1255, off 10, steady. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 13. (UP) —The cotton market was weaker today on easier foreign markets and belief among traders that In- ,~.i, .-.nuwea mat, there flatlon is a remote possibility. *'"* '2.112.688 cotton spindles acr- J.-ntre was also hedging against "?* dl "™g September compared purchases of spots and pool cot- ;'"," 25.M3.Ho for the same inonlh ton. Oct. Dec Jan Mar Mas- open high low close . 1235 1235 1227 1227 1243 1243 1232 1237 . 1244 1244 1241 J241 . 1252 1252 1242 1246 • 1258 1258 1249 1251 •i" ly , 1262 12S2 1255 1256 tipot.s closed at 1267, off 8, steady. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK! Oct. n (upi Indications the administration contemplates no Immediate devaluation of thc dollar dampened fpeciilative enthusiasm for the slock market loday and prices cased. A. T. and T in i_8 Anaconda Copper 11 1-2 Beth, Steel 28 3-8 Chrysler 36 Cities Service ..." i 3.4 Gen. Am. Tank 35 Gen. Electric 18 1-2 Gen. Motors *29 3-4 Int. Han ester 32 1-8 Montgomery Ward .... 28 3-4 N. Y. Central 22 1-8 Packard 33-4 Phillips Pet 14 Radio 6 Mrs. Clark Redacted by Democratic Women Mrs. ,'James' B. Clark, of 'this .'Ity,; was re-elected [iresident of District One.'of the Arkansas Dein- ocrattc , -Women's club In a rrien- Ing at Augusta yesterday. Olher officers named were: Mrs, 'Aim i Barrett, of August^ first vie-- 1 president; -Mrs. W. W. Bliinn of Marion, second vice-president; Mrs Bradford an(] : Wolfo|W'frlc Open B. P. Harrison, of conHvig secretary; Mrs. Lloyd'v Wise",- of BlythcvUle, corrcsoonrhn' secretary; Mrs. Burke Mallory, of Forrest, City, Treasurer.,. "Changing Standards," was the theme of the all day program which was featured \vlth addiu- ses by Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Ethel Cole Curmfnehain, of Dardaiiellr and Little Rock, Congressman *\v I J. Driver, of Osceola, Mrs. Lauia Davis Fitbhugh, of Augusta and Miss Aline Murray, of Jonesboro rslBT flFFEBJJECTEB Government Sees Discrimination Against American Bond Holders. WASHINGTON, Oct. 13 <UP)The German government's proposal to -pay approximately 75 Per cent of the $2,100,000 Interest lue to American holders of :Da\ves can tends on Oclober 15 is <m- :irely unsatisfactory to the American government,, it .was indicated at the state department today. The charge repeatedly made in lie past that Germany was attempting (o discriminate against American holders .of German bonds in favor of Eu . -. .«..., Ul^ iJHIVJ^^il IIUJU- cra pi tlie same' bond scries s,till IP stands, stntc department officials Tljjs view was supported-' by , s,.^.' with ._ Jtil u _ ri 1 foreign 'office by American Ambassador William'E. DmkTon'6c- .qber; 10.' - .,;..,. ".-The. .indication followed'''a for^S 1 :, rcfluest (p tlic ''state .'depart-' rtent. ,by German .-' Ambassador *ans.'Luther for - modification "of he; ."most" favored -nation"' claub n. the German-American' commercial treaty,- The treaty expires October 14. 1935, >nd the/notice 'was given one year ahead of.-time according- to the provision of the reaty. . -. XUICIBIICI^,.-'. \VHII uie.-./,scene in through. 1 . Harper's,' >• the ,...., .,.„ America. Operas Jmve\beeri - writ- jThe^ year" of work. on . the V dparj en by Ainerlcans 'with the scenes, "John ,Henry," ' started • recently) aid outside thc United States. ( K'ns, planned then. Lawrence 'flbl ^•B<n-.for.^h-v first .(Jme tn.lilstoryi W:ti.JM'iSi-:rH,-Araci:}c8'o .baVff-a!^ in 6per«.'in'Ith'.'American charnc- of. opera-.-mid- tnlkies, star^of «rs, American". scenes, s'core and Sharp Decline in Cotton Consumption Reported .WASHINGTON; . Oct. 13 (UPJ- Cotton consumed in the. ..United during .September declined . ' bales ' w bales in September.. 1033, census bureau reported to- Statistics showed cotton on hand 1 compresses to- J bales against 7,,bales in September, 1933. showed that there Oil Skin Umbrellas Latest Pan's Fashion wrinkle — oil-skin latest Parisian umbrellns. , M " d . e . to match raincoats with any « Top , the '" ''-id in Ihe -"• uu naa m the gaudiest and J °" n Ilcllr 5' was tor " °" " 1R most fascinating ^colors, includlni' hn ' > ' < ' s of tlle - Black river . «' n - r e robins egg blue. These paranluie ! nl! Ecod rousterbouts come from, ai'e a) gay W j(]i their greens and , CJ "" C into the »' orlrt «''"' " la I'J 1 " 1 ' L wl11 cer t!>Inly be too Cotton hook for a rl ? ht lla " d a " cl "Sd If there Is very much clear a tlvcr son ^ on ' J ' 5 tongue: weather. They give just the color " Lookl; ' 1 "1> and down de river, llCedCd On n rfllU ^~,. Twlrr* ac for ftc 7 nn,,M r.n« Simmons Beds Standard of 'N. J. Texas Co ... U. S. steel °- S. Smelting 10 41 21 7-8 33 5-8 115 Wheat Dec M»y open high | OW C l 0 <, e ',™'' 2m| 893-41001-2 100 1011-8 893-4 1001-8 awn « T ' ' a *J? wl » certainly be the cry -5 0 . lills winter as a result of the Do*-lc: ... v The sun got liljjlj and the (lay sal hoi for bale. And -then the sun got lower . . . - - - — —- ""••»• • . . mm .-ju um jonn nenry. . . . And he died rolling cotton.,Out of-this epic of Hie Mississippi river docks Jacnucs Wolfe at thc piano, and Boark:Bradford, stitndliig.'.aro turnlne Ci.ulford's. famsd; book into the first American opera, lwt John Henry kept up with (lie sleam winch, bale Ths sun .went down . . . And so did John Henry. ''John Henry," Epic of Ri to Be Immortalized in Music BY J. E. BROWN Ihenrd his first negro son"s Thfey NEW ORLEANS—Thc first Am- fascinated him. ••' J Combine orx Opem'- \ When-:, Wolfe . first', read - Jqftn rican opera • is being written in 'Jew Orleans. Operas have been written by Henry, hei wrote Rbark Bradford ibreito written by Americans, is »'>d songs the lli'adford-Wolfj com""'" • . - -. bination has done already are in&er way, and New Orleans is he; .workshop. . Roark Bradford and Jacques Wolfe'arc doing "John Henry" at Bradford's house, hercy. , Bradford, mthor Of outstanding successes in he: literature of recent years, Is vritinc. the libretto. Wolfe, of Brooklyn, ,N.. Y.. is writing the .. , Author of outstanding song uccesses such as . "Short'nins Bread" .and "The Glory Road." which Lawrence Tibbett sings: lead of the department of music n .the\Franklin Lano high school )f Brooklyn, Wolfe, (nleiited composer, ii> spending his Sabbatical 'tar turning out the music of the •pc-ra that is based on "John lenry," the outsandlng book success of Bradford, former New Or- cans' reporter. Critics .Wail Anxiously Critics in New York arc waiting or it with an eagerness born of he great success of "Green Pas- urrjs," the Pulitzer prize play wrought by Bradford and Marc Connolly of Bradford's "or Man Adam an' His Chillun." All the reading world knows Tohn Henry. "Now. John Henry was a man, nit he's long dead," wrote Bradord In the immortal opening of hat book. "The night John tenry was born, the moon was oppcr-colored and the skv was )lack. The stars wouldn't shin,: md the rain fell hard. "Forked lightning 1 cleaved the ilr and the earth trembled like a eaf. The panthers squalled In he brake like a baby and the Hississippi river ran upstream a liousand mllss. John Henry veighed 44 pounds. Born Sinsinf River Chan! "John Henry was torn on the Some of Ihe models are »d or finished off will, n mv iwrr knob, these Umbrellas Tavc sporty air about them In brilliant contrast to the drab blacks nnd brown, that have been ml ££ for scores of years. ",- r«* Ifonnd Whelps 16 Pa~ BARNESVILLE, Ohio (DPjL A fox hound owned by Oscar Morris, local dog fancier, has ju st wdiwd 16 puppies. J st Chicago Corn Deo open IS high low close IS 1-4 75 3-a T; n o May 77 1-8 TO 3-» 71 \-l T7 l-l • '" a river song on his tongue: "Looked up and down de river. Twice as far as 7 could see. Seed bcfo' 1 gits to bo 21. De Anchor Line jjonlcr b'long to me, Lawd. Lawd;. Anchor Line Bonier b'long to me." That's the character who's going to te the. hero of thc Bradford-Wolfe opera—a big, black , Mississippi river rouslerbout. and '.'Emperor Jones," i-ays the music uperb. Two New. Oilcans negro'house- maids,- whose present whereabouts nobody : knows;- sang,- • .them as Roark Bradford wrote them down nnd recorded them; on .a phonograph disc. The two .were Brad- rcbntir/jed on Page Two) Oklahoma Desperado Ap- \:parently Has Eluded His Pursuers. ;.',' KANSAS CITY, Mo.; Oct. 13 '(U P>—Charles (Pretty ,'Koy) ,• Floyil,' the southwcst's number one" desperado, today had eluded 'the army of 250 peace officers and volunteers who searched for him and two companions In central Missouri -for 24 . hours. ;. . The mnnhnnt wns called Olf this morning when Col. Marvin caslecl of Ihe sintc highway piurol ordr ered all troopers : to return lo their regular, posts. : Whether Floyd ' had dodged through the grim ' ranks ' of -Ihc searchers Into. his', -favorite hideout lit the Cpoksori Hills of-Oklahoma -or whether, otllccrs' became the- Floyd was not announced. , fugitive was not day. Arkansas Patrol Ready ^..., „„„,, UTTLE ROCK, Oct. 13 (UPI- reminded. The state's highway patrol stands n ^ • .-""• SKUe5 mguway patrol slam KesemmentAjrows at NazijT cndy - 0 " orders to , J° ln '" tt n - ,' r r., .hunt for Chnrlcs (Prettv Boi Domination of Church plQ > ld lr Affaii- enters Arkansas, Commissioner 'of the money was on Revenue Earl R. Wiseman told th I United Press today. ,SS°^ 'V^-K-'H A ^-^ "^rcycle patrol- aSSTft^^, ^ IUilu01l]bm<; InrpntnnincT i,. ~ Impn prtn lu, r n«, ,„ *_,,... ;._ . . . ""'mui H.JIM cnmps by antagonisms threatening Germany Into two hosl were Intensified" today uy u ,, Evangelical proclamation denoimc- i»g in strong terms the «ovrn- meiit of the Nazi dominated church. While efforts were made in Munich, heart of the revolt, a°alrs> Reichsbbhop Lurtivig Mcicller," who" yesterday deposed Bishop Hans reiser of Bavaria, to compose (he differences , between the two poups, the 'German cabinet, met in an atmosphere of ictision Munich was thc scene of a riotous demonstration of support for Bishop Meter in which crowds of his supporters had swarmed lo the doors of U ic Brown House headquarters, to vent Iheir te -. - „ notice' from the department of justice or other authorities, Wiseman said. The men Press Thursday night of whereabouts in Missouri. Floyd's Montmartre Artists Defied French Court Bailiff '«Jr^|— .», liuto ii i m in u motlcls barricaded themselves In Most Severe', Early Season Blizzard 'in' History "Sir!-, kes Northeast, ' ' BOSTON, Oct. 13 (Ij|i) _ T | 10 most severe early season blizzard ln.N<MvRtiehiii<| history rnseci (o- day with far northern section;, idrendy )cnee;dcep hi sm jtv. Maine was .hardest hit but inaiJ ly every portion of Ihe six'noilh- cnfitcrn slates felt ellecls:V6f the unpredlclcd storm. A ntth of Maine's bumper- uotn- toc crop (53.M5.00D bushels) wns threatened wllh ruin. Telephone electric Hnhl. and power linos In that .stnlc were crippled. Railroad Irolley and bus schedules were disrupted. , Highways were blockaded by snoiv drifted by a s tf (t northeast wind with hundreds of motoilils ninrooncd In smiled cars on Iso Idled roads. Shipping «-i« hnnincrM niul small craft'clung ( 0 harbors Snow flurrlcjs began ni miil-da yesterday nnd It was still enow- Ing this afternoon, flukes in Hoi- ton being almost the- size ot half •-T?ie stret.e whiM which .ic- compatiicil tlie slorui uprootid Biant shade trees, still brilliant ™'\ I"' 1 , 1 """ fo!lnee ll fcl 't!il 200 telephone poles and iuo clcc- . Inc.light mid power-poles in the. Presque Isle arcn of far norlhern Maine. Appeals V>;Hopkihs b Qr- :•' der Immediate' Release ::of^Reiief Funds. , i.UTTLE HOCK, Oct.'13 <UP) — Gov,- J. M. Putrcll' today '-wired Harry L. Hopkins, federal 'emergency relief. iirtmlnistrator, "asking Immediate release of funds,- If al nil possible, to open' schools : In destitute Arkansas ..districts Mon- Thousamls of children are -waiting, a federal allotment, before they can start to school, tiie governor W. E. Phlpps, commissioner' of , , - . -. - education,, was. advised by loiia rles (Pretty Boy.l distance telephone from Hopkins' notorious desperado office that tho order releaslno IS nni^nll..,,! . ~I 11,^ : - _ - 11-ltu.nllb i *»"jjr.iiia kictiJt and his signature was expected momentarily. The stale asted 52,, scc " 011 its dependent .dlstrics AI__ j_ ^mi.^, Ohio Bus Door Opens BUCYEOS. O. (UP) _ wllcn a northbound bus pulled away fro who, Denounced wllh finalUy that he and arllfst tt '°n'd not pay his fare. I(,,HI u ,,". " ""••"Selves In a "Who Is this man?'' asked tho siudo building on the top of Driver Of Clifford Schocfelc, sla- Montmartrc recently and prevent- "on ticket's agent. ., , >«... vwio, i</ win, iiiuir displeasure at tlic Hitlerite clergy. Brakeman Gives Hobo a I; Help's Him Into Car „„?!"• 0.~V)-Thb time ,i . from seizing the canvases of nn unemployed artist who had not paid his rent. The approach of the "enemy" "That's 'One-Eyed" Connelly" replied Schocfel, former Madison Square Garden employe, who said he had ejected Connelly for '25 . _, .. ,, t , 5 ,, uul „, years, only to find him back In sympathies, who stuck 1tis]"' c Garden 10 minutes later, out of n. nearby window and I Connelly defied Ihe driver's re- on an old hunting horn. • Quest for a ticket, and climbed dustbins were '"'° "'e forward part of the. bus , from a railroad: , thc words nil rtk' s rc pnecl before tlic front door of thc . Bus station attendants believed he which houses artists al- BI "S oti his way to Detroit for the exclusively, other tenants! nrs t Barnes of the World Scries. •'•-' • • Connelly now Is 60. nrhnne of • K,, , " B wora5 ""a "«"»«iuinB inai ihc r rents be reactions ot a Nickel Plate Railroad dwod In u, e ,, an)c O r nri Ono U b^'ca^ " Wt>ry knisht "^f u r° rthr<!atci ^'o^P«nm 0 uic mt\ cars. terniccc nn-IViA 1,^™^ ^f .cf_ ..-it:^ his adventures all the wav from New Orleans to Memphis nnd back. Tlie World War put Jacquc 'olfe, native of Rumania, naturalized American, on the trail of! 'icgro tongs In Dixie. Ho enlisted at Governor's Island. N. Y., was cnrolbd In an army band, given a saxaplione. and promoted (a Dcnlus of music graduated from Juilllard Foundation) to thc bass clarinet. Then he was placed in the SOtli U. S. Infantry band, stationed al Camp Sevier. Greenville,: S.. C. uarding a magazine of TNT, he i« n , j 'L— """ ^^"ui^iy crippled, !!" l , lcd , 1h< ; avi! > r on WUchcs near a that slopped to shift several onto sidings. As the train ™ , " ,,. n , i. . & n * t[]u irain was about ready to pull ou( , the irfikemaM grasped the man by Ihe inn, lilted him. almost bodily, on* l.°." C .,°'.' le . c '"' s ..(" Uic amuse- '/*^ I" n J"M, alrf%> UJI UlHl, ., , ' "••'•• "J* ' 1 IIL jcar! tliey heard the brakeman lc Wltn tllc Dlonne o.uinttipl say "I'm .getting (ircd pulling yon l ™ 1 tllc >' »« spoiled. Dr. back on Hits trai,, every time we • lhclr Physician, made the sl °P'" jMouncemont n few davs neo on the head of the bailiff. In view of the hoslllc attitude. the bailiff decided to' postjwnc his visit. Quintuplet Doctor Says Charges Spoiled . COKBEIL, om, (UP)-Thc trouble with the Dlonne o.uinHiplcls Is Datoe, , - jiioiincemcnt n few days ago. Dr - D «foe says Ihc babies cry T,,M! n t, i . ,„ Mai'* '•,,«, ,r I f ' Xup) - Itarr y ' lf , !. llmso "' moment to lls- footsteps and, ' "ear none, start again. He rrnwc ' , sar agan. e ,T ? a . u ' ctl ' < '«t °I Brlgham says.hc and the nurses are going hK nart n h" °' dC 1 l " rllCS '" to get slcrn Bb ""t ^-tmA slop all this part of the country. It had petting of the Infants, who are carved on 11.5 back tho dat« 18.55. 1 now four-montHs-old, ' Snake Story Wins 1934 • Valley Championship BELLAIUE, O. (UP)—The 1934 Ohio Valley snake story championship has been swarded to Walter Kralz by newspaper reporters ficrc. Kralz shot a copperhead with a line. Tlie shot wctit true, cutting off tlie reptile's head. However, the bullet struck a stone, ricocheted, wounded Kratz near the shoulder. The bullet then rolled down his sleeve. Kralz exhibited Uic shake, the wound snd the bullet as evidence and the honors were presented him without further Investigation. : Wind rarely blows In a straight line for any distance, exceeding 600 miles I Accused in Nash Massacre Case I •-Hrandtp 'l. iliitU'n" -Hi tlio lilot tcifico Finnk Nnsh, notoH- 0119 outlaw, wliloli resultoil hi the KIIIISUH City Union Rhillon ;m'a8sano In June lijj, Itlclianl T.'.Qalalas la ahawn 'ubovo ae ha .w'iA arrnlgnecl In U S torn). In Ifilnsna City Also cliarKOd «jtli Jiislico o.Vsli-iu.-(loti Is his ivlfo, Elizabeth, below. .Their arrjisl j:i Now Orleuna clfiimxcd au \ti- ; tensive iiullou-wldi; Eoarcli:, BUFE-.PEBGIML Accused of $1,000 .Robbery at Schuggtovvn and Kidnaping Watchman, JONESnORO. Ark., Oct. 13 (UP) —Two ps-convlcts were positively Identified loday as two ol Ihc- three bnmllts who , robbed. a SchugBtqwn, Ark., store of Sl.OOD, nnd -kidnaped the manager nil.I night- watchman on the night cf M/-II T r\ i- October 1. Will ISSUC Duplicates U store. "K !-->e store. ll11 -: Lindcninn nnd Adams were car- P no ' ricd across the Ml.isouri stnlc Itiit been /in-cited twice by authorities who believed he was the OkU lionm oullmv. Hot Water Fiicililies I.arklne WASHINGTON. (UP>-A survey made by the Department of Com- ncrcc shows that 15 per cent of Ihe homes In America have no I HE*, ft " MP| Mystery Still Qovcrb Ne- goliations With Abdu£ 'toV. , --f LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct 13 (UP)' •Another publlo appeal to lift Udnnpei of bcaulltul Alice,Stoll " as Issued bv the family today 'Ihe canui while a lapld- ly nioulug iiiray ot searchers tl\- uded themselves ,lnto squads «rt<h bcyan mi Intensive search of all the. territory aroilnd tho Stoll en- lit Us " "! Headed by Bduiud, j Cqnnelly. chief of the Cincinnati bureau ol Ihc fedora! deportment of Imestl jntlon, the searcher; were ln- st'.iUod to looif. not only for H possible hideout of the kidnaper but also foi the body of the victim, In case sho was nturtlcicd by ''(•r abdtiUor < Iloplns for CoiiUcl The latest nppcnl was bsurd tliroiiBh Ihe family's spokesman, WllllHiii Kammcrer, mm S M Complete Isolation of the Immediate family still b ij dnt , maln . ntned Tho. family s tm ls hop-, ing foi a contact" • > , As In previous coinmunlcaUoil<i 'iom tho famllj the latest appeal was subject to various interprotn- tom nnd Kammcrer cm] hnsized U «ns Intended, ••olely for the sjes of thc kldnapei and It was hoped he would sec It in n new - l'ajmcn( In Doubt Whether tlie $50,000 ramom demanded In a note left by. ttie xldnapci has actually been paid over icmalncd uncertain despite nn announcement by the family yesterday tlmt they had "met all "tijMin rcqulrepiants" 1 \ flcrrj stoji. w - auhj nu j band of ho kidnaped woman, made a rms- tcrioiis automobile trip Yesterday, preceding the announcsment concerning ransom requirements • bat v,'helher he pa ia u,e rniiEonrtto nn Intermediary, deposited (f at' seme secret plate or made^other arrangements wo? not revealed Mrs. R. E. Lee Witwn sr, Injured in Fall Thursday „„, ' Ark ~Mrs R E Lee Wlljon, Si , was Injured Thursday af lei noon when she fell on - a stone walk while leaving the homtr of her son, R E Lee Wilson, whefe she had attended a bridge party, Mrs Wilson turned her ankle and fell upon her left arm, breaking a Lone in her wrist and -a, small bone in hei ankle She was nlso bunted about thc kn°es Dp Hunter cox attended the injuries and slio «ns later taken to Camp-' bills Clinic, Memphis She re- turnrd Iildij, accompanied bj~ a Of Lost Certificates The men, who gave .their name., as Hnfe Pcrcivnl, nfcoilt 30, nnd Rilcy Ji:nn, 41, were positively identified by CIcvc Linckmnn, slor° WASHINGTON, Ocl 13 ivp)— manager, and Jack Adams, night ' n ' D AA A today de\bsed a method to watchman, as members of tho rcl '"c producers who lost thcfr trio who kidnaped them after rob- P«rttclpal!on trust certificates 'ti •—.«..i,«viu» uiisi, certificates 'til the govc,. nmcnt's cotton proditcsr? Oscar - . ...^ .,„.,,, omiu iiuu, v^tm jonnsion, nool monip^i- bound and Bagged, and tisd lo announced - that the MO "^ trees In i, swMiip. They managed could obtain an addition^! ad tf> tl'Pf fll^m<;r>l(^ c „!•*„_ „-, „„„— _r' rt - , «MUUIUU2t an- pound c of- pooi" to. lecc themselves after aboir- vuucu 01 i! cente a, counrl three hours. Federal indictments fcr their certificates, to th chu-fc-ing kidnnping may be sought tot <ale despite any losses against tlic l.v.p men, officers saTa. - near lierc. In-il night and broughi lien.- today. ; ':, . " _.. The third meiiiber of the bandit trio was' believed by officers here Snntk..r«.* II • Lo have Iw^n L-iiipfi in on ,.K« i ^ " u milWCSiCrn Uflivpfcitv iv jmvi. 1^.^11 Kuii!u in an utteiiiptcd ****** viiiTcijJiy J?2^«5!' ^ m ma S n Pri Sm A of: P ^^ Will Preach fleers satd was named Denver *-,.,„ „ „ .—— Kent, 40, filled the description „,?, ,° ">•*"• profe>«or of thc of the third member 61 tin rob- 7, , t ' e P art "" ! nt of Southwestern bery trio, Undeman and Ad-.;ns ?" Sw "\ ly .\ ^"Phb. will , occupy said. }"": ""'P 11 of the First Presby- Pcrclval, whom officers said re- T r , 1 c ^lfch Sunday morning, if sembled (Pretty Boy) Floyd has u • 0 " c - Mr - Haden is reputed to been /irreitcci twice by authorities ^, a WI(Iel >' known Bible scholar. There will be no evening service. The pastor, the Rev. stiiart fi. Salmon,. Is attending Presby- tcr>- til El Dorado.' WEATHER miming hot water facilities. Canada Leads In Asbestos QUEBEC (UW-Most of the asbestos supply In thc world Is nined In Canada, but until com- laratlvely receht limes it was torn rom the surface of. the earth .'by land. ' J: .' ' j ARKANSAS-Inciting clondl- .ness loday and Sunday. Nfemphls nnd Vicinity—Fair tonight Sunday cloudy »itli rising temperature .The maximum tetapenture here yesterday was 85,; minimum 54, clear, according to Samuel p. Kor- rls, official v> eat her obsen'er.

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