The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS ' 'A-} t VOIAJMK 1—NO. 253. ^'" : '-^V : ''V.-' Bm'HKVll.U-:, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, JUNK 8, i'm THE BLYTllEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except Sundays In tlie Interest of the personnel of tlie Army Air Forces Ad' vane Ml Two Engine Flying School ut Blythevllle, by th« Blythcvillc Courier News. It contains tlie news of th« Air Base. Waac Is Jeep Driver The Waac at the wheel U a Texat imTii, Auxiliary Joyce Ruttlc, who learned how lo drive the Army'i version of a Texas "cayiue" at a WAAC Motor Transport School. When ihc became a skilled driver, »he made i\ ible for a soldier to go to front line duty. , . Softball League Standings The 703rd. the 701th, the 25th. and the 70Cthi are lied for "the lead nt the end of the first week of the second half of .the -inter- Mniadion Softball league.. Each team hus two victories and no de- feals, Standings of the other teams are: Medics*, won 'otic, lost fione." 7l)l5l. won one. lost none. Athletic Dept., won one, lost one. 702nd. won one, lost one. Finance and Ordnance, won one, lost one. ' 20th, lost one. Medics and Quartermasters, lost one. • . Hand, lost one. lOGfilh, lost two. 320lh, lost two. Parachute .Packer To 'Show Kiwanian Tricks CM Trade FIELB T Attack" Will Be Part 0( Program For Visitors On Open Post Day Kurmy aircraft will bomb anil rate ths lllythe,jHUe Army Air Ickl Thursday afteViipon, but will eel .with ,'.si>ii'!lcd'j,f'eslstancc by ntl-aircraft/imtchlnceun defense, It will be a part, of tlie .program u- Open Post Day, In- which (he uhl|c Is inyUcd • to visit the Field n Hi? anniversary of its nclJvnUon. 1Jciubcr-|yi)e ' ships will mke (he attack), going.through tlie laneuvei.s'wlileh.'Uiev will use, at nuiirc tlin;,"lnV'cniTyliii,' the wai .) ToHyo alnrt' nerlln, and the dc- ense will be b'y the inachihtutm nli-alrcraft squad of the 32(ith qundroti. "\:fe;»..; 'Ihc defense wlll-V^i lijlreclccl . 'apt. John P. Mead, squadron com- nandci, Leaders of Ihc squad lire Master S;Y|;t. George .P. McClnln ilK'r of a machiuegun cointn>ti> or .two years, ai|cl SJatf Seryi 3hnrlcs r. t'ra'zleri yetfrantyl scvci •ears in trifi VXrjiiec^.-rjr'c'es, .will xperience'as .a inenibferJ pf-a 'ma- rhiiicgim company'-thvjjjjwall. The niEichlncgunners arc Tech eriit., Ross I. p'Hnllorciij Tech. crijt. Nqrmari. -J.'. fcrnult,' Staff Serijf. Wallace S. Hoke; Staff Scrut. Ncnnan Deck, Corp. Clyde R. Ihud- :y, Corp. Prank R'. 2at,or, Corp. ned E. Potlor;' .CorpV'Hqvj'ai'd n. Mcmany, 'Pfc.-' Pnink A. Herbert, Pfc. Oscar McNcex, nnd"Pvt. Wll- !>m Sharplcss.. ' ' ']'.. Dauntless Over Wake Eward E. Liiuier, foicmaii of II parachute department of tlie ni> thevillc Army Air Field, will dcir onstrnte the packing of a para chute and tell the story of the life saving equipment of the flier, a the Kiwanis Club meeting tomoi row noon at the Hotel Noble. Spreading the expansive silk folc upon a 40-foot table, Mr. Liudf w'ill undertake to' repack II in riiinutes, although the aycrag packer may take as nuicli as 45 minutes. He will relate anecdotes gleaned from his years of experience witli parachutes, starting as a umper in the barnstorming days of aviation. Capt. Alex.andcr M. Robinson, commander of the Suhdcpot, : of which' the parachute department is a part, and LJciit. Geoffrey Willonghby, public relations officer of the Air Base, will be guesl.s. Klyihevillc Negroes Oulscorc Army Nine The uiytheviHe Negro Independents defeated the Post NCTO Baseball Team C-4 in a baseball game played .Sunday afternoon at Air Field. The giimc was called at tlie end of Uic sixth inning because of ram, spoiling what might otherwise have been a rally for the Post Team. Dean, big g lm of the Army nine, drove in two runs witli ;i round tripper and other members of the team showed signs of waking from their battiiiE .slumps. Jack, the Independent's mounds- innn. was out-slandhi.; for his team displayed a high fast, ball that had the soldier-players' swing late the ball. He struck out six It is '.veil to remember that oil sho-.dd always be changed when motor is hot. This will permit greater amount of sludge to pour out with the old oil on men. (lie SMALL LOANS On Anything tt TilM. Main Loan Co. J06 E M»tn _ Ph»n« Crotty Awarded Promotion Warrant Officer Leonard R. Crotty, assistant personnel offi:er of the BAAP, lias been promoted to chief warrant officer. Normally a warrant offier junior grade.serves 10 years before he is eligible for promotion to chief warrant officer. Mr. Crotty is custodian of the Post Headquarlers fund and assistant officer in charge of the Officers' Mess. He has served successively as sergeant major of the Cadet Detachment, personnel officer of the Cadet Detachment, and assistant Post adjutant. Assigned to this sialion in July with the first cadre of troops to report here after activation of the Pos't, Mr. Crotty was promoted from sergeant to staff .sergeant on Sept. I, and was appointed warrant officer on Sept. 19. At Maxwell Field, his previous station, he was Post sergeant major. He was inducted March 10, 1942. His home is O?.one Park, L. I. Read Conner NEWS want ads FUNNY BUSINESS S PORTS * + NOTES Soaring over V-sliapcd Wake Island, a Douglas Dauntless dive foomrjer from ll.o U. S. carrier Knlcr- , jirise prepares to blast Jjip installations there. This 19'I2 rnlcl was one oC the many missions Uio Enterprise and Us planes have taken part In since 1'cnrl Harbor. Javelin Star Sets New Mark Capt. Martin B. Biles, assistant post technical inspector, hurled the javelin 201 feeVn'nd.G'i inches to Ect si new'record bV Ihls event at tlie Ozark'AAU Track" Meet at 81, Louis Saturday. The officer, former national champion javelin thrower, had little'' 'difficulty breaking the old •'• record of 17D feet, though he 'was below the form that carried him. to 'the national title. .•'•:••• Pvt. David Miirpliy, clerk in Ca- .riet Headquarters 'and the 1 ol,hej member of the ( .two-inpn ' t,cnri! from this field.' wbiT'lirst 1 .'place in tiic half-mile, but ''was unable 'to break his own record ,ln thus event, set last year, because;'the track was flooded. However, he run his race'.in 2:02 nrimites and finished about ' five yards ahead 'of his nearest rival. • • ;' , The victories ' gave the DAAP a tic for fourth place' in spite of the fact that Captain Biles and Private Murphy were gompeting against star athletes from Missouri University, Washington" University, and the Missouri ' Athletic Club. • • • . Tlie University of Missouri team won the meet with 44^ points. The Air Corire tea'tii from .Washington University took "second place with 4Mi points. ' The Washington u was third with 16 tallies. And Blythcville's two man team tied for fourth witli the Missouri Athletic, Club smiad, each winning 10 points'. Arrangements i are'. being made Lieut: Bill Adams, post athletic officer, taid today, to send Captain Biles fend Private Murphy to the National AAU tourney' ''nt New York June 27. Thomas and Gear Transferred Two new linn chiefs have been transferred to ° the BAAF from Moody Field, Ga., and assigned to duty. They are Master Scrgt Cleston O. Thomas, 25th Training Group, and Master Scrgt. Milton C. Gear, fOSrd Squadron. Sergeant Thomas has been in the servic? .-inec 1(150. H" originally en-" hslert in the Quartermaster Corps and was transferred to the Army Air Forces In 1933. His wife resides in :\fontgomery, Ala. Sergeant Gear enlisted hi 1936. In 1940 he took a special course as a propeller specialist at Chainite Field. 111. His home is at Hollls Okln. The Soldic Friend r's Friend and Samaritan In time •• of distress, the American Red Cross, p iis the volunteer agency-' created atul .suiinoi leil by the • dollars and ' goodwill of the American peoplp. extends n helping hand to'the man Hi the Service who happens to be in longh luck. A field director Is on duly (it many' Army stations. He can KEt prompt information 1 and notion anywhere In the country through-tin; nationwide organ'-,., ization of county chapters oT'i . tho Red Cross: „. • ,: -• '•'= - } \ In thlE.VeOliimti the field dl v 'i r« the' lilytheville Army > Air Field discusses examples of • bis work wjtli full protection , of the confidence of those who consult him. ; BY-niKI) I.. SWAN, Field Director Ameriean lied Cross Men discbargEd from service lie- cause of physical ; disabilities, can obtain assistance'" from the lied Cross in their home towns. Such aid many i anye from helping exscrvice men lo fill onl government claim blanks to'furnishing actual cash loans without Interest lo tide the disabled man over a tcVnpof.iry' financial crisis. When a service man is discharged because of disability, his home I own Red Cross chapter is sent ;he complete data ibont his case with tho recommendations of his station doctor A long-term plan of treatment, worked out. in collab- Mr; hwiln oration with Ihe field director, and based on the Army medical staff icccinmcndalions, is then undcr- aken by the home chapter, in cooperation .with the community, slate and federal resources. 'Ilie disabled veteran sometimes Hospital, Doctor I'Ycc If hither Is Sergeant, Corporal Or Private You can have your Iniby nmv without 11 loud of worry nliniil how' lo inc'ct the .Send the bill lo Uncle Hum, lie's Ink- liiH eare of his boy.s in the Service. Doctor and hrj.spitnl hills for llu 1 baby will be paid If fnlher Is ii •(fcrccniit. corporal or private, Stall', 'technical and muster serueauls 'inujil pay^ thelr^own lu>.sfill<|l Jilll 1,01", Ii" confinement ensei hov/i'ver. yllielr wives can. no lo the .Medical j:elacliiiicnl nt the Hospital aw prenatal <:arn and obstetrical service. ! An ar;t recently passed hy Con press and approved by Ihc I'resl- fleiit innkc.s the new arrangement Double, Application forms for Ihc M e Swinysters Make Debut Saturday Tne CM Swingsters made their debut Saturday night ali the weekly dance of Ihe r.-oncoininlssioncd Officers Club: Piano. . saxaplionc clarinet, bass, fiddle and drums, the Swingsters are made up, of four members of the 351st' Army Air Forces Hand.' They . 'are ' Scrgt. Franklin G. Shaw, Corp. Lawrence Abrurao, Pfc. FVank Cc'rinlnaro and Pvt. Nick Clfrulax.' : Tech. iSergt,' Harry n. Hardihn cf the 102nd Squadron,- put oh a feature number willr a clnrinct solo j<crvlce can be obtained from the' |, u | pon'n'n" Aimy. niiiergenc.!' Hellef Oificu ill ( mc ,| i, v ('|,',, the Blytiicville Army Alt Field, or (,„,,, orirlcncuer from (lie Mississippi County Hea|lh ' ' Unit 'in the C'omllinuse in Hlylhe- ville. or from the American Red What do you want lo know? In Hits column u vcU'nni of ywivs of expn'liMic.e In nil tlie noncommissioned ollleer grudes answers (iitcstlons on Army eiisloms, innctlee, Imilllloii ami re^iiliitluns. ComtiU'iilmid iiues- tlons nrc InvlU.'d. Addie.s.'i eiim- miiulcatlons lo the Public. 1U>- latlons Officer, Army Air Held. Illylhevllle, Ark. Heiul In your cpiestlons. lly I'l'VI'KK .1. WA11AKKA Wiirninl Ofricer.KI NAIII Ho de|it;iidetHs of mllllaiy personnel (-oiitlnue lo receive atlol merits that have been made In tlicir Invoi, If mi officer or ;nllstcd man Yes. Any person in uctlve .service who Is officially reported n.s miss clitm, In n a IH u A "ticiulo" him is responsible for ue '/OOlh'.s five slfiiil!hl vlclorles i the Inter-.sniiailion • soflhnll •atiiie. Llenl. Henry Tolnsso, ,si|iinil- on commiindi'r, and I'lrsl Scrgl. Vllllam I,, lluffhhies, don't like lo .T their HiGuiil/iitloii runnlnii be- ilnd In anylhlnt,'. Accordingly they ave nu'inbers o( the team a little i:p tank. The |{lst of theh' remurk.s s not known, bin It Is understood hul the .words "or else" ended (lie nils 1 . 'Hie athletes took Ihc hint. ... V — Hlcbulls, catcher for tlie Oimid S(|iin(li<in, has oni: ol the finest hrowini: arms of any iceelvrr In he leiiBiic. lie Ilircw three base ilculer.s out In n recent gnme. . . . . V — And Attnim. net' inounilsman o! the 201)1. Is one of the finest softball pitchers on llu< field. Tin question Is. does ho have a Ic^nJ delivery? A hlirliT's nun Isn't suppose! lo lie more limn six Inches fvon Ills body (Inline, his pitch. ... V — Mnllslul men may no loni;cr tak Ihelr physical tralnlnti In (he !><>s flyin. 'I'lie Idea Is lo lei 'em K plenty of fre.sli air mid sunshine. ... V — "Dem I.nvely IJmus" from Brook lyn lire the Ol choice for the to spot In the National League I'A'on Ihe mosl ardent of tlie soldle fjins don't seem to know why. ... V — Lieut., M. J. Anncll, Junior phys! :al director and second biisemun o ne Alhlellc Deparlment softbn U[im. can't sit down, liecniisc I did home while weurhiK nolliln )tlt Ivaek iianls. In fact, hi; can liardlv walk. .'Hut It hasn't Interfered with his baltlnu. lie's hilling .(if!7 and Bcttlnu holler nil the :lme. V ~ 'aycheck of ho IQIIi, Adam.s of the OTlli, Groves of the IGlhd, and Sehwart/nmn of Ihe fOOLh, are the :adbi|; iiltcher.'i In Ihe second half of the Inter-squadron league. Kiteli has won two names and lost none. V — Sehwiirt'/.man. liowovcr, tops 'cm KATES pN.J^QUKS^ ~~ r-n r,v liter - Squadron'/'Softball Game 1 Played 'Friday; Other Contests 1 Held '.'^ The 7011!) defeated' the 32<j|h 3-U In an. Inter-squadron ^ofttall engue' game at {lie ^tnieMe" AYcfl •'rldtiy iiflernoon. Kinc fielding on lie part .of..the '104th i held 1 the 1201)1 lo 12 hits. ;nic 3teh ^ind liclv turn In ihc foi'irlli wlieii'lficy iccounlcd for flvci-runs, bill// In he sixth Ihe 701th rallied ami took i seven run ' lead. 'Kticliria'cs'kl;' of ,lis 32<i(h, showed fine pitching. In iplle of his team's defeat owed (lie visitors only 10 hits."' In other'grimci Ilie 25llMlcfca)cd. :>arliiient dtfeiiled the Medltn 0-3. The box 'seoru of Ihe 701ll|-31H>tli gnine was: Rovlteh 0 ,.,...... 4 Oandlnna sf 2 Cillvarv ss .'.. '4 SnoilKWi Isl , I Armstrong 3rd ....' .-. :) McClcnclon ; rf' 4 Nlupiloimis 2nd ,••••<• 4 ScnlRgs if i...'..,.".'..' | I'olacek cf 4 n it 3 2 0 a Pachuk p ' ,. 3 -1 1 • ' • >"• . ••<••!» ys.Jfl 13 AH a n : 4 1 'i o ..410 Mowcry .s.s Wasliowski'y 3rd .... Cox If ...' ',.... '4 'o 0 Ullcos c ..,.-. 3 1 Mtlbll 1st •. 3 2 2 Hyatt sf ......:.,.'. 3"4 1 Ladoucor cf . ...:2 2 1 Hall 2ntl 3 I 1 Kuclnmcskl p .....'... :,'.,-;t'0 0 Ilnino rf ;3. 1 0 33 12 6 McClain Lead in ft ' Softball Hitter McClain of'tlie '• hi'B hlltei- of the liitcrrsquiidron nil In one respect, lie's In the first fioflbull leauue.-ut Hie endj'pf the four n.s 11 pitcher and Is lied for first week of flic sccpnd' half. He third In the balling avcrnyes. He's Is butting .llfl',1, which' gives'' iiim u Cross Cliapler oirice in the l.yncli Building on Mnin Street.. The application form Is to be completed and signed by the prospective mother and her physician, and is forwarded by the physician to the Slnle.' Director of Maternal and Child' Welfare. You pick your own doctor and hospital, but they iiinsl lie approved and rccognlwd under Ihe standards established by the slate health agencies. The form includes a .statomcnl by the physician that lie will provide the services ns authorized lor the amount that will lie paid by the state health agency, niul without iiny additional payment by tl patient or her family. If Ilie soldier minis to nrrnnce for medical or hospital services at n cost higher llian the anlhorm'd "mount, the whole deal Is olf )„. hii.s to pay the ml he hill. The plan, as e.xplnlncc] by l.irnl. Hugh W. EldridRc. assistant Special Service officer, provides tor ed or besieged by the enemy fore 1 4 receive.'i or hu; credited to his n, cminl Ihc .smut) pny mid allowances to which he was entlllid al the lime of Ihe bogimiing of Ihe absence, to which he iimy Ihcreilfter become entitled. If he had made an allotment of pay for the support of dependents or for Ihe payment of insurance premiums, sneh.nllotinciils will continue. In the absence of an allotment, or if the allotment is not sufficient ic i for reasonable support of dependents or payment of Insurance premiums. tl|e Secretary of Wai- may direct, dial, allotments may bo .smacking the apple for tin average of .0(57. . . . V — I'vl. David Murphy, winner of tho hnlf-mlle nt the O/.urk AAU -Meet Saturdny, had to wade through 880 yards of mud lo cross the finish line. Tlie track was completely covered with water. . ',". . V - -. > SRt. Francis Vcncttl of Ihc 7(X)rd has aerccd to umpire "Filer League" (tames i>layed hero. This Is a break for the ballnlnyei.'i ns Vciictli Is an experienced arbiter who has called numerous semi-pro mid service camp games. He knows his stuff. / . . . V — So docs Sei'lieant Hewitt of the 26lh, who'll call balls and strikes or officiate at Ihe liases. ... V — The Post Negro Huscball Team should become one of Ihc best In the vicinity. All the men need Is practice. Corp. l<con Knntor, physical Instructor and coach of tlie team, has done a good Job wllh his athletes. comfortable ..lead over I'inncri of the Athletic Department, 'who' ' s runner-up with' '.7M/' " •' '"' lending hiltci;s,.|inij,.t,l)elr averages Include; .' ' •••••'. Angcll, Alhlcllc Department,''.007. Hcliv. 1 arl/.maii. : 700lU, .007, Urgol'u, IQSlSth,' ,i!M. '"' ' : liovltch, 11)1111, ,025." ; l.ij ' .Tiillanelck. .innth, ,57). ^ -, ,. I'VancIs,' 703id, ,fi55. Mowcry, 32Clh; .lint). - .•;;- '\ Iffttnpton, 25,1,11. .500. ciriiy, 70flih;'.riM. ''• •• ' The'Modern Ic« Bo* l ' COOLERATOR >«"!'. For Kcononiy anil 1 'Service..' Tom Little HwdV Co. ' ' Phrat iJi' 1 -""''''.« Courier News want Air. Waniksa cations and is aided in obtaining vocational " >m ! >ll:ll: medical wrvice ciuilii',. ihe training to <lcvco!p som2 .skill wliicli I" 0 ' 1 "' 111 lierlnd. |nb:>]- ami ]iin-i- puts Ills mind and body to work''IT. ""• ''leluditi;; care rf and by which lit; again becomes self-supporting. If yon know anyone who is bclns discharged from the service on a C. D. I)., refer him to the Red Cross i office so thai his claims may lie ; , m ,| n .. compleud and filed with the proper authorities. iunns care r[ ra.upii- i.petalUui. care of n,,. ncwt.orn Infant, ,-md poslparlnin examination. Medical, surgical and hospital '•arc for the Infanl, a m \,, K t \, t . nrsl yenr of H.s ]jf Ci - K p iov i,| |1( | Hie Plan. Exjilinwlton and lelails will follow In a .-.niy-niuem irticle on mis pane. inude or increased. Try our "Own Made" fce Cream Die Hickory Inn Acrc<3 from High School PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock (lUnrnnlccd Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Auto Repairs Gxp.erl Mechanics on All Makes and Models. AIso.-Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Earl BUne,'Shop Foreman 307 E. ,Maln Th. S19 24-KOyR SERVICE Bxperl Rejwir Wink on Genera! Molors C;ir^. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'llw.y 4 (Valnnt I'll. 5M When thl connler of the it; 15 K Broken jrid worn. h.\v<t us I"-|MIT ]1 and pul In a n«w herl llninc. A nS.AI. MTlillt AppCATiTlR r^^llll 1^ *^* Kiirod | H-flLT€RS , QUflLITY S HOC SHOP 121 W. MAI N-ST.- KITJ'KJ) HY 1, 1. .ntl J. C. OUARD OI'TOJiKTUISTS IN IILYTIIEVII.LE SINCK 1022 BPTICkSTORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2012 TIRK RKCAPPING- SKRVICK . Seilirilinp; Factory. iMc Ccrlifiralc Iteqliircrt seiiRer Cars. Quick, e Service. LOYEICH Ckcmlet *M 171. Wi: I ll.l, AM. DOC'I'OHS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVK VOII MONKV STEWART'S Drug Stor e ln & Lake I'hone. 2822 Flowers For Every.,0cca- sion ... 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