Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1895
Page 3
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F. W, KINNEY, ix Fish, "Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. dress our own Poultry arn therefore have every thing fresh. day THE TOU'1'AIJI LIVE KKVIVKI) P.I; <;in>:i[iOiU E q-ilf« C'jni.Minea a. di-umch i'w{)-:v.B:vr n.tvi>.> AM> R-^rion Ind., in thiit one J A WHS ia ttaat cuy prupo-cd rH.ll Ma wh'ch Qihld, in iho ?i'at, Onm tr i-ltilt d Lif-i>t'.te, - ru-t of c. F-ir'. KIIOM CIIAFKIVG. ISOLD ONL.V BEN FISHER'S DRUG STOR F INCREASE VOUR INCOME Otiws • r. rt»ln« It wli}- nut "Oil 'f Invmt $10.«) la rjHcuinbor w.'iwit. Our .iy«to:i! Innui^invtoci ror ttifi b-IIHIK or Bin.ill fii-!ur>, ttiTK yon «n weal ent iiip irtiijiity to try It. Wrltn m toil i foe lull l/ironnnrlon. I'K'.lfiNS A CO., Itt'l Kliilto BlilR, Ohlauto. 111. NOTICE FARMERS- M-KI»-< \[i'i:ilr,. f f il>l-/->rn-> .v II !i> nt .T. W J.n '» Kn<i;l -.'or.! on Surlli s r ri.-t. H;!-iir(l;ij.H to exli.h.t i Wlr-|...<s i,;:i.-i: ! ( Hinvr on tvlilcti tliny havu bt-oii hllowtnl a [i;it\-nt. \':R F. M. BOZ-.'H'S DENTAL PARLORS. Overstate rational Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTKI)! KKAL ESTATE. \Vuriftil Sin ill r.irins 1'or 'filo. Kxi-:i-i'i^ii -iii-Mis f')- City I'roiit-rty IiiivHiiiilNi nTr ilnti>rl-';irni.s. M. M. <^o:ti>o v,spi- u'o,-,k Lo^iiii.ipurt, IiiUliinn. K. E. TKUAI, M. D. Sppcliil ntli'iitlon Klvsn to Nose, Lung, Liver anciCdrorilc Ulnftum. Olllot. mm [{tvslilmicn over Stato Natlonnl Bank. Sours 10 to in a rn.,'.' to -t p. m., anil 7 to ii i). m. All eullc promptly uttyinJoO. KKOE^ER & STKAfN, Undertakers and Embalmers, : Couldn't I>r|v - NiillN. S 'Hny, H-trtviile, Od'.o, relates an experience all ibe more wonderful because he is co-v nfarlj> seventy. He fiiy*: ' i wouldn't take $100 for thp good Dr- Waoeler's Nerve Vita l/.ar has doae me. I always worked hurd and was careless about a little Jtocn-icb trouble I Had and Sleeplessness, whlcn I suppo-a uccounts for tbe njrvouj trouble which struck ma about four years ago. Limba of my rl£hi side g.jt so I couldn't control toemj at ticoyri I couldn't huld a cup in my hand to driulc from it. and in a crowd would uQCOns^luusly bit people ivith ray j-rldag right urm. The doc lora called it norvoua paralysis and S-.tld that at my ago, I couldu'i be cured i saw Dr Wheeler's iSlerve Vtt«liz?r advertised io the Il-iposHury and got a simple bottle of it, which I thought helped me, .-o bought a bjttle. Tnlok I tidve used three bjulos, and they have mudo a steady man of me. I h.Hvo Dot felt a.-j well in four years nnd am still improving. Wny, for two years I couldn't drive a nail." Mr. (ruid linger, ia whose store the interview took placs, fully corroboia- ted Mr Swariz' statement, suylng bis cure was a surprise to n.U who knew of tho case. We are authorized to say, this medicine forcontrol and cure of nerve troubles, is sold by Ben Fisher and by till druggists. thill fits nt-w i-Dnd I? IO rounect >"Hfa the G.-UDIJ Riulds ai:U InaidiijiHl Fore \Vn.\ne. Uis tDe Inietu of the pro j-e.tors to t;?o the old to*u?.ta of ibe Wiih«-b CMDhl. brt^een Fort \Va3Qe and Humiotjton, wnieh it i.- c'nimsd baa b(u-n tiecurod. U is their idea to bii^o the roHf) from Fort Wavio to Cra-.vfurdsville built la the f prlngf. M.Q [Iliaols Cemral t of hla brothers, Kennoy, the Fan Wiilltirn Kenaey conductor. i= a. ffue J ipeph and Jimes 'lanale cooauciors. Tbe amply car mo?ennnc westward on most roads f-tr exce-.ls th« move meet of loitdpd eni-s as it e shipment of irc^lo. e-tyojiiily wha-u. is forming tbe bulic of eusibound saipments. 0 *in2 to cut rate?- bit*pen tbe roacla he Indiana and Illinois coal An OIll Slllll-rs' tl-c<>m;u-n(l4tlotl la ^he lata war [ wa, a Soldier io iha f-irct M.d.ryUod Volunteers, Com- piO3 G Daring my term uf service I contracted chronic diarrnoei. Since then i have u?ed a (rre^t amount of medicine, out wbsa I found anv that woulu nive me relief it woula Icju e my stoaiui-.t. unll'l Cb«mb l .rIa i .Ci' ! . (Jo;i.:, Cnulera atd Diarr; a! L Ktrtut-dy was brought io tny nutiee. I used it and will t.a.y it l» the only rt-mudy thin gavu me perojuneDt. rc-liu? a/.d oo &jd rtr^ults folluw I tnke pleu.-ure iu recooimuuding- thi preparation to all . of nay old cumrures. svno while giv- ; luK ibi-ir t,ervit;fS to ihsir couatrv. I conlrHCU-d this diVBdfuI ciseiiSe at- 1 did. frocn eating- unwholesoiup fond : Vnurn truly. A. E Hendtng. H-i!s,>y, Oreiron, For sale ny B. F. Keesliofr, druggist. MORE GOLD THAN EVER, n At most An Increase In l v rr»Unet!on Evi»ry Gold Region. Tho world's gold product for the last year will surpass any your in its history. Tho production of last your exceeded th:itof all previous years, and was reported by the mint bureau at Did you ever PCX; occ of tic fainons waterproof Interlined Collars or Cufis^' It's very c.-.sy to tell, tor they arc all marked this \\-cv TP.ADf in i ioids, soft cutl is selling in Chlcngo" at two dullais a ton, the lowest rate i record Pan Hdadle engineer Thorns sLonga- h>iunh was called to Harrisiurjj. PH., 'ut-.sJay, ny toe denth of a reltulve, •)uyiaeer Wen Suaworiog, bii> charge f tbe M-.rlon and VVioarmic run, engine No 521, during Mr. Long- DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MUKMNG. JAN. 31. Thj Jourrml has a few birdsoyu views of Logans jurt loft.' Ttu-y c;ia ho hud In pasteboard lubes for muilin h ' or preservation for fifty cunts). S. M. ClossOQ h»d n few hundred dollars privuto loo.il funds, also K ^t or a. rnonov in uny H. mount to loan on raurt^ii-ro security. Oilleo N j. 310 Four t-troei. \ I><>iii mil I'm- »iin»i ;,•;.••.. M<iry Wrijjni di.-nrinL's !?.">U of John B.-iruharl for tbo alleged lap down of tho fence at the front of her properly. Too plaintiff charpos that tho defendant drove bis horses on tho sidewalk and broke do*vn her /ODCO. The case was up in the ciroui court yesterday. As overheard by our reporter: "John, please got some -sugar at Black's!; be gives more for tho money than tho other dealers; to economize we must be careful Vo pot our money's worth of overythtnfr—and Go! John, ' don't forpet to stop at Ben Fisher 1 a drug- store for a bottle of Brant's Balsam, it only costs a quarter and it cured my cough so quickly before, i have confidence in it, besides Its economical to use; the bottles are extra largo, while tho dose is only a half toaapoonful." Got Brant's of Ben Fisher. A. IHrllKtny ive eucnre wan played Tuesday night by a jolly company of about orty of tho friends of Mr. and MM. Fred Br((fj*3 of the West Side. The event was n surprise on Mrs. Brings, it being her birthday. Tho Orst prize was carried away by Mrs Maud Drls. coll aud Mrs. T. J. Ob nebula w*s given tho booby prize, u check for five cents. A lluusi'li'ilil Tronsurt 1 . ">. W. Fuller, of (Jd.Dujuhn.rle, N Y., b that he ulivays keeps Dr. King's' New Discovery iu ibe house and his .'(irmly bus always found the very best results follow Us use; tbal bo would not be without it, if procurable, IT. \. Dyko'u.'in. Druggist, Catskill, if, 1'., eajs that Dr. King's Js T on-Discovery i-< undoubtedly the best cough r £ mud}; lb;it bo has used It in his family forek'at, jonrs and it has never failed lo do all ihat is claimed for it. Why not try ti remedy so long tried andtesied. Trial (joules free at H F. Keosliog's drug store. Regular size 50c. and $1. A. Su ]>/ i«o I'artv. Tuesday evening nearly twenty of the members of the Woman's Relief Cjrps perpetrated a complete surprise upon their past president Mrs. Anna Twells, at her home, having with them handsome and useful presents as tokens of their esteem After having enjoyed a delightful evening they departed wishiDg- her maoy succeeding pleasures. it 8. Woolsey, superintendent of telegraph un tbo Vriadalia, has tea- rturrd 013 rdsig Jiition to take effect Foi. 1 Ho will tie succeeded by a Pennsylvania company rn<in, A. M. Soboyer. suprrintend- nt of telegraph uf tbo Pe-'iusyiVriuia lines *vost, having niH l.en-itory extended to take In tbe V.indnlia Colonel Wooisey has been with the Vindalln fourteen A ears, leaving the Indiaoapoils & Si, Louis roiid to take tbe position, and many will regret his retirement-. Aceordlng to rece.it statistic* 2,200 trains Jeave tne stations of Londuu every twenty-four hours. Every bour between 10 ID tbe morning and 11 at night, 1 COO trains sturt for the varj. ous termini ID London; that is at the rute of 120 tnd more ovary hour, or two a minute all day long, not includ ing the trains of the M-tropol- itan district. Of the 2,200 dispatched daily 1,750 serve the suburbs and a suburban region of thirty miles around the city. Fifteen leave for Scotland and Ireland and sixteen for the continent. Three bun.-, dred and twelve trains start from Victoria 321 from Liverpool street and 395 from 8-oad street. Chief Arthur, of the Brotherhood of L"comolive Engineers, Is on his way tn tho Pacific cuiist. Un. er hie in. structloas nil tbe brotherhood? on the Southern Pacific railway are being );>!led on tho ro.-i.ds la order to set u vote on the question uf ordering a r enera! strike. Tbo englneuri- on ViliJer's division are in favor of striking but are somewhat fearful lest their attitude toward the A. 11. U. during the strike in July will react against them now. Sy soon as Eugene Djbs gets through with his 1 troubles in Cticngj ho will ?turt fur California and has sent word to ail tho u.'lkers of the union to not untaoo tbo Brotherhood of Locomotive En gineers in the event of that organiza tion going to strike. A Jture * rent. A rare trait i* promisee! /or evening of February Gtb at the Broad way Preobylfcrian cdurcb for the music loving and cbarltaoly iocilned people of Lotraofpyrt. Mi?s Margaret Guelz of Chicago *hj is a well known lead- mezzo-soprano, and whose cbarm- log voice and manner have made her a favorite in C-bicago. and many of tbe rmaller wes-.ern cities, his been engaged to sing at Muncie Feb. 7in. At the solicitation of friends here Mis s Goetx will leave Ch.cago on the C> h and will stop . S and give our people a bem-fit eoi g recital for the benefit of the Home for the Friendless at tbo nine and piaca t-tated ab ive. It is noped the bouse ffili be crowded for all will be richly repaid. Miss G-oeiz donates her services and will oaly receive a sum barely sufficient to cover the extra Ion of time eud expense. ' i HiJ YMII Hi-or Try Electric Biuoru as a renedy for your trouble?? If not., get n, buttle now and get reiiof. Th s me:lulne has been fouac to ba peculiarly adup'.- ed to tbo relief ar.d c'.ire uf all ftinulo complaints, exerting a wonderful direct iu.'l.ience in giving strength and tune to the organs, if you have lo=s of appetite, constipation, beadaebo filming spells, or are nervous, ski p loss, excitable, melancholy or troubled with dizzy spells. E ectric Bitters is tderaediciao you need, ilealih an btreogih are guaranteed by its use Larye bottles only fifty cents at B. F Keesllcg's drug ttore. To Savii H,-r l^ifd. The left leg of Mrs Scott Used of Twelve Mile, was amputated yesterday by Dra. Buejann and Sterrelt between the Icaeo btid hip. The bursting of bluod vessels in the Jimb bad cai.a cbe coagulation of the life lljld about tbe knee, causing tbe bone 10 become diseased TheJsgwas amputated In order that Mrs. Roed's life might be saved. The production for 1S04 seems likoly not to be loss than SlTii.000.000, or ii gain of nearly ?-,'u,000,000 over the figures of IS'.'S. The principal gains have boon in the United Slates, tho Witwa- tcrsrandt region of South Africa, Ai:st!"ili;i and Kuss:,-i. | it was evident last su minor, says a : Washington authority, that mining ae- j livity in Colorado and other western •• Ktates would carry the product of this j oo'.i u try for the year from $l)5,0:>;i.OOO in I isu:; to S-ii.000,000. It, now look's as i though the total would ro.-n.-Ii ?4.~>.CM)0. I Director Preston has chocked and ! pruned t)ic estimates from tlie grait ! mining states, but, even with largo n> ! ID ? [ iluelious they indicate an inerea.se of $-1,750,000 in Colorado, Si.OOO.OOO in California.. $1,000,000 in Montimn, and C$00,uoo in Idaho. Large gains nre also reported in Oregon and Washington, for which exact figures have riot beon obtained. The increase in tlic prcni-jetion of tlio U'itw:itersrandt, region has Ix-ou steadily maintained for n've \-ears. The production of 1^70 was -til-!,SO'J ounces, at about $17.50 a.n ounce: the production of 1S01 was 720,OSS oniicos; of 1SOJ, 1,210.SOS ounces; of 1S9;>, 1.-ITS.-!7."> ounces, and the estimated produulion /or JS'.U is -J.-JOO,000 ounces. Tlic eoinph-to iig- ures have been rccvivei? up to tho i-lo.-.;t of November, and every month sho\vs an enormous i net-ease over the corresponding month of ISO;;, with "an nd- vauec during the present year from l-.tn.21.] onnees in .January to 17.'i,S09 ounces in November. Tho value of this pi-oduet\vn.snbotitSJ:'r.cno.O()0 in ISO:?, and j wil! be about S:;?.00;).()(i<) in 1 ;••-.).]. Other ' r f> rf.iu;iK of .\uicrif.i arc expected to siij\v sligltt gains, but they prodiuvd in the a;,-^;-e;j.-ite only about f::.(inri.ooo \vorth. Australia, which .-,IM.I\VS ;-, j.-rnduc-tion in !«):; of f:^.i;ss.u::(), is i-ivdited with an inerer;:sc of $:-!.OUi),iiOO in is-j-i. Tbo Russian empire was cre<iitod in liio hist, mint report with (lie same pro- duc-lii'.'n iu IS!'." as in ];•:!•_', u-!iic'!i \v;is .?:M.so:l.::()0. Ofiloial figures sinee re- ei'ivei! show an incivase in IS!W of about Si,-,00,000, and it is tlioaglit tbat tills will rise to f-J,000,000 for the present, y;-:>r. Tl-.ow gains alone will .swell tbe world's productioji by $L'(i.OOO,fJOO, and would ina.kc an aggregate of more than fiSI,000,000, if "no losses wore indicated in otlic-r countries. It is expected that such a. loss may occur in China, where the product iu ISO," Vi-ns SS,-120.000, on account of the war with Japan. Even a large loss there would leave the world's production above ?175,000,000, and would exceed the most sanguine estimates made by Director Preston ia his last report on the production of the precious metals. Mr. Preston is endeavoring to keep his estimates within, conservative bounds, for he does not wish to make a larger claim than the facts will finally wan-ant; but it would seem that l:is estimate for this rear of S170,- 000,000 was certain to be" largely exceeded. T'leyT're ths c=!r : They'!! s:;::'d ri.Li'ln 1-v you <b ""' V v""" "^""""Vrx'AD^ ' lsu:! ;i|g!iUJLO?! Ti'.Q dr>t co<t :> t::c en;-,- cost, for tc.-y keep cicjii a, loi'vj l'i;:o, ami \vhca roiicd y-ji: c.ir. clrar. UJC-:n i;i u inin-.-.tc- 1 y simply v.-ipii;:; o::" v;i'h a \vct oloth —ti;al is tic kHiJ niarlx;' i;::'s v.-sv Vi T Thesc^coll.-irs an« c; six linen ones. The l.-ir.adry trials and Ui3 i.i::'.l'?d neck a:xl 1:0 ; -0:1 rt a collar :^o; ..... \.iil onUast • \VC.UXT escapes ::i.!ry l:::;-,~ao i!;-";^ <l^v.a if ^ Ask your donlcr {-rst, r::id tike noth- i;\cr ih."t h^s i.-i.t above tr:vde i:;a;-k, it" yon dc.si7C perfoct s;:tisl";:oi ion. All fibers arc in;;uuo;!s absoh.tcly. If yon c;-.u't i'.i:<l collars cr cuffs J.'.'.-iriii-d tkis v.-fti-, \vc \vill so:ul you a -.' .a'.plc posl]j:nd on receipt of price, Cellars, ^5 ctx c.".ch. Or.;".-, 50 els. pair. Give your r'i/.c u;:d My \vhcthcr s'oiud- •.•;> or lurnrcj-dowii ejlkir is wanted. TKF: CELLULOID COMPANY, ..•JV .-.!:) i;.-i>ni!w.-:j-. KliW YO11K. to il dls- II.-ill's SI Oil Itl-lVnld, »JOO. Tlie !?,-w)f>rs of LIH.I i«ir«»r u-ii; bt< am that :h r>- Is at li> ist ono rirKidful tli.-ii .sulc;n;e li;i.s ij^eii ,'ibln t, ciiji< lu ;i]j It,-, MIW-S tliiit i.s Calanli. Hull's O.it;irrh Cart 1 Is tin- (inly pusltlvb ciirn now Kinnvn tn Uu- iiu-uluul Pii.si'. rt>i|iilri)s .\ cuiixtilii:.! in il triMtini'ir. i-rli Cun> iMiiUrti liituni.-illy, m-liu^ directly, ulinii r.lM iiiti til nil.I inilj 'il * S'irt':i(!t!i D|' tlit» systom thcri'D.v ilt-sir -yiiii; tln> finimiMlldii of tlm iii.-wt.it- I iin<i Klvlmuhf iMin'nt siri-nctli iiv bnlldl -« »|i tlif ooiistriitlnn .-uiii ;issl.-iln^ ii;itiin-ln dulnc'lis work. Tin' |iri-|ir»'in.,s imvr> s.i imicM 1'MlHi 111 ltd cimiilvi ponvr.-i. tout ilie; oil?r Oim Hiu.d.-i-d I)'il!;irs for.-uiy ciM'tlu; It tails to c-uro. Stud for list ofuvitlinimi.ilM. A'!dn-s<; K .I.CIIKXliY i CO., Toledo t'pu.ois li\o upon Hies and very small insi-v-ls. lint ;])<> <•)-,-!b s]>idoi- is very bol.l r,-.nl pugnacious, nnd will attack nny eroat'.iro. nol only his own size but even 1,-jnror, v.-itli the intent, to make a dbncr of his enemy. Small birds, lizards and other little ereatmvs ara just the hind of supplies which sr.:t his lasloand siijiply his larder. This gcr.tlouie:) is what is called ft "night .spider"- -that. Js, ]jc spends most of the day in sloop and takes the night to gambol about in search for his. moals. At this time-, when all littla'. birds are safely (as they tbink) asleep in tlioir nc.sts, he eivopSHp a t,roo und' quickly finds out, some of those unsuspecting- liti.lo crMtnros. }Jo is very' strong mid fierce, and finding his prey} off gijartl lie goiu-rnlly succeeds in kiltJ ing it. * I UKtAT CRAQ SPIDERS. We «re .\-kt-d 10 Joiu. Lcganspon has beea invited to join with Torre Haute, Eransvlllo, Joliet, Blooroingion nnd several other cities. in a western interrelate babe ball league fcr the coming season. The league has already been organized and the movement Is bticg worked iu a vigorous raancor by thoso interested. Chamberlain's Cou^h Ketnedy Is Tamous for its cures of bad cold?. It •opens tho-secretlons, relieves tho lungs ^and aids nature in resto-ing- the sys* toco to a healthy condition. If freely used as soon as tho cold has been contracted, and before it has become settled In tho system, it greatly lessens tbe severity of the attact and has often cured In a single day what would hare been a severe cold. For sale by B. F. Koasllngr, drug-gist. IlMcklcn'.i A.i'uica Salve. '/ho beat salve in tho world for cuts, bruises sores, ulcera, salt rheum over sores, tetter, chapped hande, chilblains, corns, and all skiu erup tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 coots per bor. For sale by B. F, A KIre ai n Water Tank. The fire department was called out yesterday at 10:30 a. m., to put out a lire at ttie water taok at the Peorla Junction, which caught while a railroad employe was trying to thaw a pipe that feeds tho reservoir. The damage to the tank was slight. Sometime ago Mr. Stmoa Goldbaum of..Saa Luis Rsy, Cs!., was. troubled with a lame back and rheumatism. Ha used Chimbarlaxn'd Piia Bilm and a | prompt, cure was effected. Ee saya ho has since advised many of his, What In tHo Work uf the K.UIucy»? Xo romuvc frurn tha oluuU its im purities. Tne products of coll wa wnic-ti have bsen Duroed up in sustaining life and guing strength to the system. Every particles of Dlood in the oofly gucs tnrough tbe kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to perform their : work fully, sooner or later the system is polsuned. Therefore, San Jak is the indicated blood remedy. XITVOUS Debility. K/ery por;.on having nervous debili. ty, organic weakness, Or filling mem ory, is entitled to sympathy of every honest parson, and should have ex tended medical aid such as is found in San Jak. Sold by Ben Fisher, druggist. Railroad man ia general expressed feelings of sorrow over the VaudalU catastrophe. Tha V rt n3alia was one | of the most fortunate of roads in refrard to severe injuries to passengers. Tais is the first time any j passenger on the Vandalia propar between Terrs Haute and ladidoap lis bad ever been killed. The number i of employes killed his been, very few. Two car loads of sleigh-, from the celebrated Fuller Buggy & Sle'gh Co., Jackson, Michigan. Cume one, come all: come every body; we have sleighs for the millions. Prices below the lowest. Call at GEORGE HARKISOX'S, 617 Brotulway. jMli!o:n..iiit-Lookiiis Crcnliirrs TThlcli still ll:iv« I'rionds a ml "r.Htlo Dnrpndt-rs." To tell of all the different kinds of ;pidcrs would take many book's. Spi- Icrs ;;re of all .sixes, from the tlrendfnl )i,7 terror, of which yon have heard, the eelebratcd tarar.tula, which lives Only in hot countries, to the tiny little spiders that erm secrete tboi.-iselvcs in j such small spots that tho sharpest eyes | have hard work to find them. ] Xot cm!y do thoy diiter in size but in ' habits and in tlie variety ami style of their houses and of their me!hod of c->- t.'iblishing their nin-.v.erios and bringing up their chiklron. Some spiders Jive in the air out of doors, some :n the corners of old building, some in the ground, H<-pnl)Ilf!iii*i In iho .Mujortly. UAsnixoTD.v, Jan. :iO.—When Sena-) tors-elect Mantle fz-oin .MonUiua acd Clark from A ,\'j-oining arrive (botb of whom will be here this week) the dem-' ocrats in tlic senate will be iu a minori-' ly, and the republicans upon all questions, oui-side of fin j uce, where they can counton populist support, willhavq! the power to control. Tu>,t. Olllcc Cliiincvi- 'WASIIINGTI'.V, Jan. 30.—The pOhlof2co departniiMit has been advised that tho. locution of the post, office, of Dash,' Mich,, has been changed from Muske- I gon to Xi-wayufo coiint.v, and that the j county se:tt <jf Tucker county, \V. Va.,' I ba.s lici-n ehn.,;red from St. George to i'arsons. C",-"l're'-i.\-: o<.-ral.'c ]iartv wholly r.--i-..ilv rur.v expi-rieiic the idlelieso Ocean. i f'lovoland nnd hi,i dcm- "f tariff rcfoi-ia aro •il-lo for all the trouble -d i;i forci;rn trade, for >f machinery, and for :ai.-u. — Chicago Inter nnd sonic on the water. There d not seem to be any variety yet found which inhabits fire, but perhaps some OhanljorJcia.'3 Eyo and SLin Ointment Is unoqti.-illtvj i'or Kcwiii:i, Totter, Salt- . Rlioum, .SenId iio.-ul, .Sore Nipples, Chapped Hnnds, Jicliinj; File=, llnrns, Fro-t Bitea, j Cfironic.Sorc Jiyr-s.-uid 0';-:ii)uhil«(i Kyp Lids. For snle by drujjirisUj at 20 cents per bos. _ f or putting a liorsc in a fine healthy con- nre at least five inches For sale by druggists. \Ve Hav« ibe l to prove that Zja-Phora stanas at the hesd as a remedy for all complaints peculiar to £irls aod women. Modest ladies will not let their testimony be published in ceirspapers, but we mall friends to try it and all who have in 38 iled letters to ladies who request done so hayo spoken highly of it. It is for sale by B. F. Kseslingr dru^lat. it.—Zoa-Phora Medicine mazjo, Mich, <Jo., Eala. The Journal has'a few cf tilt beautiful birds-tye views of Los" 05 ?^ 1 " 1 Jefc. Parties desiring them, can if they.\Mi,-h," get them inj pasteboard tubes for ^mailing or preserraiion. Size'2^144 inches. PRICE 5O GENTS.

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