Mauch Chunk Times-News from Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1929 · 5
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Mauch Chunk Times-News from Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania · 5

Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1929
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' to value and aporaise the same. i Section 2:'-That the raid netition Bp it ordained bv the Town Council shall be signed by the Chief Bureess of the Borough of East Mairh Chunk, of said Borough. President of Town Carbon County, Pennsylvania, as fol- Council and attested by the Secretary low: of the Town Council on behalf of the Section 1-That-the said Borough -said Borough and that a certified copy ' Vr. of this Ordinance be attuched to the said., petition. . ' ' Enacted into an Ordinanco and adopted this Oth day of March, A. D., 1929. ' ;.. ' JOHN A. MARZEN, - .President Of Town Council. Attest: v M. C'BAMBERCER, Secretary. . ,Now, March 6th, J 923, the within Ordinance is approved. c. c. milan, ' , v Chief Burgess. ' ! 7-lot , . . ' , " Why Fish Get ,Awy ". " ' "T.r tit. -tlllni.-. miltl Hi l lu, the ssiciif Cliliininv. ii. "fs iiVifivf iiiitlce thai, even In llie mhist nl pulifij tlein-Oli.MMllcii. lime I rcqiilivil fur per sniinl. M;iin llmilglil. . .Vlfil . 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