The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York on May 7, 1932 · Page 5
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The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York · Page 5

Kingston, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1932
Page 5
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THE moasrar DAILY FKEEMAK. SATTKUT Eraryg MAT T. i*?2. --·^^^^^**--^**^mm^^i Local and General Affairs of Jewish Interest America's Attitude \ Am MOTHER-* DAY. t* -Of TW* th* ew Y«rk £!m *siri!: **4« ' *·**. ** 3* » H* U tike an- *Uttttt*. Tfe \ eJ**r* for skis XJ*M ptoct ·*,-* ;»£:tic*; :-{j * fact that the Ion* with the old roril r, tfc fsrfeoo- incas **·» b*-- f f i -w^ «· · V ·· * " " ~~"~ ~* r **-*'* rfc WS -J" EO5 To Religious ubertv^r^ *"*"«* * **= d ^ «= - I WBIC* a Berber uc*parie*!y «i her r*-*nt« T. AHIS o^ of rrrrvr GREENE. |fc °ff U S!iW j old royi! eov- lrri! 'et anti-war art:c-*« ia sfc*. --- ,--~.. wi .,,-» ,,; practical p*li-· «n**ct: il wa* aJbo roaffoc'ed br * *fio»! Mner. "Tfa* J**!tr". of wfc«-~ taa- SIPS. Is jfce fase of the Ca:holi=». a mpidly ianwajeec fr»»OEder»W fc: »a* Use *dt:or. Ry*kiad «n:b*rkec love tovrv*r. tiw old acuroBine* *»ff -* f **a««i«tm. Tfc* onpo*i!* *-v.r«-n.#. · «**o a jourealutir career on -se «*jo slsbborc and ls*«i 09 iu-o the aew'S*"* "EL**** '* Nllr E ° s! * D! - "'Ber*: '***' Yori World". Later fce re -iiv:rc;*z of *.:,s Oi»f:or. H Ht * v «-' '" RabM of E-a« Ooi- * t'.'. ,-*. o\er'.v»«.i republic*-, «*«*blwh B !#e I {«lftini:nM. ,» s contnMcd noiioas two I of the! :y as a] ou Other celebrations we asked the man in the lire--! what U the American doctrine about the plM* »f religion la th* ·*. fUl order, he will probably tell you ;r.t: it is a matter of whollv Urine one « f prJBcifl« of ·»; the ra** of a s -fee trso of prae v.naer*. belac ** rears o!J Like Ry«kind. be u a na :i»v of Xe« York acd e!d«- brother .of the more faraou* iieorce Gersh- my*e!f *ln. :he compote.-, who ihe mi:«:c for "Of Thee I irm ft^ hwlB w!lo ,, ,,, v , mrs -' -- ; brother, has written ' n obnV* Syric* for *" ·' . nobiins «,.., ««wa B di B e «jrte6r.:u, n o: ,h, P :«,.». ^^° S .^ : ^ ^ *·»** *~ v i c i n t '..- ·»._ ._,.,.... , . r ... froa! :::,."e-. j.,.. .,, put-!u- a:;.: f::r. ^--.r-.i., scr-,-.: H::: ',*"cr-.r:c3L: ~,-r-»' - - of i bv the latter. whose devotion and compassion a«d upon her own. knows neither boundaries nor limits, and effrontf-rv - n " - S ° tO ' UCSU anlmo *" i *'* *'" an . ;turt ^ fmn the dar. York !·! strenrthi':;:r.E and en- a::kii:i in :!i.- of t h e actlv- practical concerns " i A nsessape was K!«O r"co«v«H from : Conrremmsn Sol Hlooni. associate out. ^'irc po".r.:e.-i ^ow t h v :: ,«Ir«rt«r of , h * 1' i , w MUon'" ! ' i y - i T n K raRious J*nomi-jnent.« to the pr«eni time: but th*i iZward"'^ ,1^ Insult, abua.. ?» u °-i- ^ almost everywhere dii-ju samMMnc which cannot be r»cu- i M:pp,-»ried !.v r n n i r i S u t i o n * frnm * !nspir:r:c :o kr.ow ;h»- Com- ;cou, !!r y. !t . . ,, . - ! - . .--««-»i- ui»-j-» j-i-m^ininR wnicn canooi o* rrontF-ry oo not lessen her ^T" -.7- ln c ° me for » continue, jlated by constitution, or lawn aatf ! .'M"'; ""-·'»"«·- «ven. annually by i Addresses were hy TV . indi- *TM or for hvr children. Abundant :,', ' *. :i ' J * l raMons win su«est the : «ust be lef: to the dwelo- iwt «f!h -raternity to the American who |Samu.| Sehuiman. Pr. H Perwlra ' rlc-ja! responsibility, not property! *" Un for * tv en**? and filled with kind- J :0 "' cal compromise made necessarv an enliehtened public opinion i i.,"! ·°° n '' m *" 1 for J '* r ' a n d ! M - n d e S . r-. Israel no!rt-:t.| n . r.^ct to communitr dl^,i»»' !^-J he ^ r ^»^ «·*· attributes ^ l h e e "«'»S «ate of public o;,in- , ' | A h h o u S h « h P medal .« .. V e n s,v " \ n n i \ e r s a r y of ,.,, Cottheil M«-da! f o r ; Birth of tleorc.-- \Vashiitctan mmti*?. tfT *' of ° Tf riven, a n n u a l l y hv i Addresses were «.-!:·..-red hv *»" f this fraternity to the " for who to community direction.; O f God. I j To sufficiently r ?pay our mothers' J u Vp »- England the old church .!for the!r^care and sufrerinc is impos- 5f u ? I!s , ntnfln!s - unlike those of -he ion 1! ' S " :late ° f pub!ic °: in Ju New England the Toward the religious convictions and j ebf?rvations of its citizens, whether .., .._^,.,- ,,._ individually held or maintained jf b l f l - But «n^y expect no reward, so ^. tb - 'ost l:ti!e or noth'i'ns " : h r o u e h - tcroueh voluntary association* the'if 1 us ' nOwev ^ r - show them' that I 0 ' !I -»«U separition from the mother ; .rate should maintain a strict neu-' ^ boueb ourmeans are inadequate our coun tr-. The .Massachu?eri= consti- ! acainst this particular and love ' rranty. Over -Aiaericanism" of the present day. ire must set the prevailing tradition of western Christiandom 'three centuries aeo when our American commonwealths bepan. That tradition was variously 'expressed, but it was substantially agreed by the over-j majority of European j 'hearts are filled with RABBI JACOB RADIX. appreciation t u t i o n . «'hi!e declaring man should thai each : less important in the of relieious freedom sans :The towns his own **i.a U H I I st pu worship National News Of Jewish Interest York--Lone term credits ap- SSO.QOO have = Pro«m.tIn B t h a t ' all must publicly a n d ' a t stated sea . mad *' immediately available hy the .1931. sons -wnrch.- n .... -- upreme Reine"! ^'^'ine Seonc-rnlc Corporation to deeni !t Preferable :hai no atvard f r a t e r n i t y . :he a n n u a l awarded IK sei^ned by the editors of i h e .\n- clo-Jewish prnss of the fni'ted ?:atc.«. A f, e f 5rr , ral i. a |i ols ',. art " been taken it »-as found necessary lo announce t h a t "In view of th. lack of u n a n i m i t y wi:h respec: to ih-- been award of the Gottbeil Medal for the officers of Zeta Re:a Tau .''.a!ui o: «r:enr*» to ai! niay nrfd helji irrespective t!n race or relielon," , The full cb«lr of T»mp1» Kmanue! rr. !«f N*e\v York, under :h» rtiroctlnn of ., , . de l. az:lr ,. saint!!.-;.!-. furnish.-.,l t h * ·nn- IT...!. i: al ,h, Rernard Drachman. sic for :!;.- occasion. The choir wi. assisnui Ny Mns^r I l u t i i u o v Nai-iron^ nn*! soiiiis* must require - 500 families of Jewish a K - ^eiopmeut 01 reiijnous freedom on towns to support publ-'c wo-shin , n r i ' r^ni,,,..i . , · ^ T », American soil than economic inter-.; maintain P-4tenam, C ache" o' % ! " laborer* in Palesttnc to - iests and practical statesmanshiD. ' Hdon and mnr»i= «-«.t --_. ... ' beiome independent home and or- made this year for 1931. The do- Klias I. Solnnion. R.ihbi Pavid de Sol; Ka.Mii H.irrv \V.-i«s. Rabbi Rurnett A. Mlias and K n t l i N a t h a n Stern \ resolution was adopted which declared: W i t h u r a t e f n l homare do we r'-call the fact t h a t it was \VaMiincinn who aided in th^ t i s h m e n t of reliciotis liherf - q u a l i t y which transcend toli as toli-rance itself transcends hicotry. ' Never shall we forcet t h a t in and \ I1 ,. 11 .,. N ,, !hrouc!i t h a t f u l l relipjoiis liberty . n 0 :ani'cal f o r m a l l v .inii .-.!;,! .To.«.i;.h Yasser, or cave * procram of Ho- . . t i objectors f statesmanship. ' Hirion and morals, w i t h some allow ! th « f"^' 15 ? Of Massachu-lance for con«cientJous -"- -- --! chard churchmen and statesmen that 'thei^i 1 TM^*^ 1 " religious welfare of the community. *"·'* c ~* a !rs i not less than its material interests! wss a matter of public concern The H -state might and should give its active p . ro " nce - Out of lh e new colonies j they were numern»e o^."^.. _"°TM ' was organized in support to the maintenance of true reiieion and lend its coercive power owners durinc the 1630^0 that of Penn- : there was also proriJon' for"compuV- ' - vear - "^ordins to a report .... nr^ a ,., m g typ*- jSory cut-rcn attendance. Concessions' P"Iic yesterday by Julius Simon. the Pro P He^ry!Ep^opal^s t \^ n ^?:^ UC !' iaS ' pr - id - t « f «« corporation. w h i c h proprietary i Episcopalians and Baptists' wr ill- f*f*lfmtf*-- '· t n * - . . ' t**·*-»*-*» n LI province. Out of the new colonies i thev were numerous eno,,^ thus organized between the Hudson; tain lo«f ..rS"*^?"^. main main- . 1 9 2 G f ° r for the suppression of schism. heresy and The century preceding the English colonization brought important changes. After the Protestant revolution, the constituency of the state no longer necessarily acknowledged allegiance to a single spiritual authority. In many European territories sovereigns had to deal with subjects who professed allegiance to conflicting religious authorities, result, however, was tie role of the state religion, but even to accentuate it. For the Europeans who three hun- ·irei J-C2-- a?" rroewd the Atlantic to found new communities America this responsibility of the civil government not only to encourage hut to direct in proper channels the religious life of its people, wt" quite the normal thing. As to what the "pro per channels were, there existed wide- difference of opinion. Now. let us cross the Atlantic and look at the American scene. A large majority of the king's subjects in North America then lived in two areas. Virginia and Xew England. In neither region except in the territorially and- numerically insignificant commonwealth of Rhode Island, was it expected that the state should be neutral in religious matters or retard faith and practice as strictly individual concerns. The popular nniion of a complete antithesis in and the Savannah there developed a : in- Con-rV«,,-n r eBera " y 5 " eak -i v 7 ^'J majority of the thirteen states with i rural commun ^ Sm '- ««*'»"? In |N ««na! Home on which the American republic beean. i [ioc It I?,,«"?£.7"'"^ t b e """H thropic basis A* .i,« _i - _* -L . r - Lluti ot a preferred anH r.««.*:..ii-. · award by thereof." It has been Zeta Tau to award t h e G o t t h e i l Medal annually in May on the occa- fraternity's the previous recipient* crr:llfL the practice of 7.etn · eetlmvi-n. set t K i i i l i n o v . :!niiO!i:i! radio broadcast itli th"" 1 *l«-tiica;ion cern- i' 4 J. Miniiaciit* Lamport nlen. w h i c h was opened ·rday a: ihe time of The r;,irden. a elf! of f a m i l y of \ew York d hy v i s i t u r s from of :al ser\-ice«. GeneraJlv'sneak"l nomic development of the Jewish sion ,. .. - -P -. a n o n _ p h . U n _ I'V.jrhich will f a l l | , b l , year on May cision was reached w i t h :he creates! !lnl "1'iality. American J"wry h»s recret. but it is fell necessary in or: ' c r o w " In * strength tneasurn'ble by ,, 1ro . , c , der 10 preserve :he s t a n d i n g a n d ; i t " % "PPort-.iniiies n n d responsibility ,| , ' current ' Peculiar SlRnificanco attached to t h » " f service w h i c h liln-ny and enualit'v .,,.,.. 1 - a l u l . r l -- -- _ _ i . . ' ; . - i C I [ \ . W a S X I O y for us. i · * ^ , veiopment' r of t h - NVar^Katt d "peifds ' ' ' " f ! ° r ' h f Iollrl!it season. The hich upon m u l u a l understanriinc and | o m n i 'M' 0 n o r of Palestine. Sir Ar- srood will w i t h a m p l e o p p o r t u n i t y f o r . . l i r n -' 1 1 «auchope. [.resided at the development of «-ach croup w i t h - 01 ' 1 "ncroachinc on t h e rlehts of At the close of the seventeenth cen- j es tury they included every minority of "e^uut-u the Colonial population, but in their! the sta-e later development and in certain i i aspects of fostered on thought. preferred and partiallv - Catholics were; governorship and by requiring a The corporation was organized M the initiative of Bernard Fleiner. who is no%- chairman of the board of directors. l n This occasion is known in Ze'ia' " thors -" snl1 ? 'r Herbert Samuel. "" homo secretary for EncUnd. in mn address broadcast from Ixin-ion. yesterday, in honor «f t h e Seventh A n n l - 1 Reta Tau as "Old Timers' onnection w i t h this celebration 12 "" are held throughout the States and Canada in the cen- ! and Dr. J u d a h !.. j Maitnes. chancellor of the Hebrew r n l v e r s l t y since its dedication in 19:S. delivered the chief addruss. . M. Warburg is hon-' t e r s of Z 3T population The kev af j e x c l u d e d essence o-f the proprietary; system was its association of lane owners-hip with political jurisdic of l a n d ! - ^ u * lon - J" sho i^isd^i? a -f ^elsewhere, "the S to the' "In short", as 1 Hon. Herbert Robert Stold are ._ vice-presidents and Walter E. M»yer. ,,. i fair this year will be held at the Cen-t^L ousnM -' ftn jts . tral Park Casino, where a larpe " l -" of ZBT's one thousand the Hebrew Tniverslt stated. "A crowinc national con- New York Dr ; N a t h a n Krass. r«bb! of Tem- Emanuel. has returned to New which with his W « S.H^.n^j.^ "... -.-^K^ " *i.l y v l l L H , H I J U £ ISUIC- ' t. l J . . , . ' * u l - -C^«.IC HS n?t tn£? * t5 ° n - Ererr PTMPri«or was not oniv i h « Id to *"- distinctly religious. Chris- not to diminish ( responsible for the government of i l l a ? and Protestant.- in relation to his colonies, but personallv concern- i . ^ om sthinic of this "attitude m.v j ohserx-ations during a recent three personall; ed in the exploitation of Xow an estate In the wilde quite unprofltable bring people .to ; it besides paying r .-^._ . -- --...-.^ etor. IE contrast, therefore'" with j " the free exercise and enjovtnent'''o^ the selective policy of -Xew England rpllp ^' ln "-s * 1 -in relation to immigration the otovi- .=..*_. ^WIH.TSIU-( . . ~- -- " ^vwfc«uc m«v stitute tne nr«t n _ .asr=|S«ysi; ssfSs»JK\sjK^s. · !LSf4-,=!"SSS';,S,r-- HaS£-*^ -r... ,o ,J. .rom-l. N"_V«*._lbr ,,,,,,,«. ^, M '3SST iTM' Lf. 1 .* 1 ?^** months visit to Palestine.'Mr. Simon pointed out that the 500 famines who are to be settled this year, con- may stitute the first unit of a 1.000 fmm- _ an which was proposed two r»irs sgo as one of a This year Zeta father. Beta Tau ing a convention in New York three of Its sev-n regions This w If 1 "" 10 " 8 "' T h CTOUP coincide with its -Old Timer" nlv" i *" " nbiased TMTM"- week-end of May 7. This tri-reg lon ' a | I conrenU«» *«:! v are a Ma(lll *n, a r : T , part of the ninny | York from naltlmore. where he u n ", different pronps and rac^s is In »vi- derwent an operation at Johns Hop- e ~ | "Jence since the war. The Hebrew k i n s Hospital. Rabbi Krass Is ^ fntversity In Jerusalem, which, is convalescinp at his homo in this city. ""«^"«^ * , - - i - - « · * . - ' mi i. n |'rt I * v i I t - l l ' l l ( I p l I U r i U ! is n o i r t - l f o r interprotinc the hopes and . " t y ° M ^rations of each croup In Paler a.«- tlne a messac* whlcii he -a.'Va'! Mid he Sia Jewish News ons policy of the proprietors was not to impose rigid tests. This is not to Preference to there was a could hardly discrimination or all mankind"; but TMnTenuo» ·*·«:; Jsavc ieadquarters at · - - - - = - - - -" ..mzi: c r s t a the Hotel New Yorker Included in 1 r " Baron Edmond do Rothschild. Jerusalem--A total of t.5?,s 1m- ., in aid of the de-| the proitram are business meeting' f ou " d , er ?' lhe fir * 1 J^w^h colonies migrants entered Palestine durlr-c ^^V..^^!^^^? 8 TM^".--^^ »onth Of March. »«r^ corporation has loaned j May 7, the Cen tral Park Casino and investigated to date $2.751.-i party on the night of that day and la tea dance at the name in the selection j afternoon of M«v ~!ji. lasen oy a , Mr. Simon declared, "will insure the ! York The Penn-j selection of individuals and families } Zeta 177fi had a i who are considered to be most de-' on the ° R lne of the settlers; tint would be obvi-itest which excluded all h ,'r rll, * i ^ ho ,, are · «°"^ered to be most de- onsly unfair to the Catholic tians from membership in the «»??' TM"/ ^l TM* PT ° J f Ct - We 8h '" ers of Marv-land as well as to Pejin ! legislature -In Afarvland « state, provide the water for the settle- ami -hif n,,-,i-«,- TM_--«.* i_ ^- .'_-j . . " -»aryiand it was I ments. and where n»eri»rt .r»/-f fh*. T^u and his Quaker associates in Xew i made constitutionalI to r,v ,V, w f* « entS - * nd W . here n « ded - « Xew Jersey and Pennsylvania, It isj'cens for the-npport of ?he rl · « tfT'' co » wstin « ° f two ,,,,,,,,». clear, however, that business consid- religion rn^hTrLro.. rT " £L tCh «°, ' nd v « r « nd * » n J «ables. ei-»t,nn« a c .-oil ,^ ^,i« m ;_i» js. ;.._.,__ In lne -*rolinas ProtCS- The Palestine Plantaffon Tnmn.nv erations, as well as principle, dic-ftantism was tiven snecific 'fatAri a lihora! r-^lio-ini,, ^.nH^^ : _ * . = ... .. . . * en Specific iaied a liberal re-ligions policy. ! nition. North The first .proprietary government! necessary take root in North America was:South Maryland- Catholic missionary sf-iestabU,.,, forts form an interestinp part of the j fn short" Protes- recogr- The Palestine Plantation Company will provide credits for kitchen (?ar- . from Ixn dan. said: "Th? e.stahllshment o f ; K a m c Period 13fi persons loft Pales- men and women on the. soil of Pales-I tine including 51 Jews, tine and enabling them to become independent h:u« brosight stability to The Near Ens;. The f r u i ; labors in i have been las Jews. The laboratories and srl- . .--Funeral services were entists of the Hebrew Universitv aid i v f e n n i P^II .. · , yrns L. Sniiberjrer. widely in overcoming the obstacles in "stich / V i c n n a -- P o I I c e authorities In VI- r i.i * Philanthropic activ-; development and in improving the c n n a a s«»red Zionist leaders that ities and his leadership in civic and health of t h o community." measures will J^*%fi*n f*f±m m *»*.«i _ ^_ t * /~\» v. -- _ i · _ _ i _ . held for The Jewish entrants into Palestine total !.:35 includin? l.OSr, who 'stayed in the country without per- Arabs a.s well ('mission. lf-ffu» n mt J *.nt · Jewish communal affairs. this respect between eariy" Virginia early history of that province: but. | ma^operi, concern it-elf with^le! i nu.^ Dearly New Engiand is n uite un- £^ £r^£\2?^£\^.TM' *TM ^ »TM ^**\ S"ll^.u. ,. uus . ,,. , mam ,.r-, Mon t R - - - - den will not exceed the rent paid by Mo " nt Hope Ccmetrry. founded. 'irginia accepted most fully the -., - , . b e taken to insure a .. '· ' Other speakers m the intimation-/« a fe Dilrrimare nn c,, n ^,,- . ... Mr. Siilzber/rer. who w,» 74 v e a r « ; a l radio forum, arranged bv the P»K"nia/ce on .Sunday to the "Id. died Sunday afternoon after ill- f American Friends of the Hebrew * ravc of Theodore Herzl. ness over a period of months i '-Diversity and *ent over the natfon-I Zionist leaders have been ^!" D *T fd de .Sola Pool of Con-! w ^f.,__!l 0 ,- I L U {L_° f .__.' h; v «ional|encd with attacks upon tb^c procc.-- head IUd or t"e| Si ° n hj " t h n Xar '*- It a dens and small plantations." and I The cost of settling a family. Mr. e "the · Simon pointed out. will be about ^eory that the "K! ?£ ^^^^l^^^ ^^^^^^=^^^^^ T* pilgrim^ is a n M B M the elder Calvert may have been, the! ^'^--^ - =,,-- in t.ati^o^^i^^rl fc^^ g-TM- ^ P,^;^ ^^TM^TM^ti colony actually included from t h e ; Vir^/!"L O . f ^ r . epublla . . d . en . w| " not exc ** d ^ he rent 1»««" * The^ news Tr (5' = , K · Pari *-- '" America, r h o program «- as i The Zionists arc determined !o suitable "?^"^ s of Mr. _ S t i l z b e r s r e r ( introduced hy Dr. A. S. \V. Rosen- -arry o ,,,,. .- . ,-.-^..^ ,,, i living quarters, ne saia. "At t h e i , '.. f a * receive.1 m-th sorrow in · ha.-h president of t h e A m A n V a n these circutosunces the Dolicr of i^_* .'J"".?:.. 1 ? fl "?. Bi ." of Ttichts! International Building ^--.-. = - ' M "'"f firclos nnd hm.chr ,,«.,,,,,,. ·=._.-.:,. p ^ 0! "« ··'"·""·n outset a substantial and increasingTM"JT 0 " .f ,;'" s " ul TM a marlced · tne horrowers now for lei body of' Protestant settlers. Under if^-?. 1 "!" l ° T th ^ ^"e 1 ^ 1 Practice of j living quarters." he said, thes'e circutostances the policv o f i ^ 'J ,?,,« · ,1 Bl l' ° f ^'"^ts, International Building Cecilions Calven was essenManvi; fa 't,,-^ qU T-v r thc Principles j held in Berlin last summer, where - ; 01 religious liberty an d equality. I 23 countries exhibited plans and one of practical statesmanship, em-i, '"" s ''" u . s " oe "^ anfl equality, bodied at first in official instructions |?' nce ^'P 10 " cf \«'« be "directed only enforcintr a policv of mutual tolera-i_ J reason an d conviction." all enforcing a policy of mutual tolera tion and consideration. In all these proprietary provinces j there developed a practical kind o" models of workmen's houses. It was generally conceded that our were "equally entitled" to it* were the lowest priced of all." The ..ucie u c * c i u y c u A p . 2 i . i i i : j n i a u u ^ i r^v,.... i ' c liberalism usually influenced by! f )nr aseoiogy wnich made such liberty business considerations, which per-! 11 mauer of equal right rather than mitted considerable differences in ! mei ! e 'o'eration special credit is due religious faiths and practices. Those i t o Jam «- K Madison. Aside, from this variations, once admitted, created a ; Beeping assertion of principle, thc " -- constitution makers also de- ic die-' inrestment of the Palestine Econom- of conscience." For the'. ic Corporation will he secured hy first mortgages, bearing interest of eight per cent. "The drilling of the well for these settlements." the report declares, "will he done by American machinery which has been assembled under . . credit for the entire omission i the supervision of F. Julius Fobs, English pattern. To use the phrase- nloey of royal instructions, it was the business of every governor to see that "God Almighty" was devoutly and duly served" according to the ecclesiastical laws of England. The Puritan experiments in Xew England are familiar enough, but leas unique than has been supposed. Outside of Rhode Island we have a rouebly similar pattern for this group of colonies. A particular cult ·**s recognized as entitled to public support; dissent was repressed with varying degrees of consistency and severity, assuming its most extreme form in Massachusetts Bay where four Quakers were hanged for persistently returning to the colony aJier banishment. Even then, however, there were «w American communities relativel small and uninfluential for the time! beinz. where were" _ gin with that colony which, if not the pied a preferred position and a cer-jment of 1791. The former maintains · months in Palestine giving' Instroc" arst to breach tne defense of the old tain minimum of theological opinion !only one clause on the subject name-''ion In the most ejf. tradition, went farthest in it* de-j was required io give any religions Mr the exclusion in Article Vl'of any · of well drilling Thus far no such i parture from the theory of public re-j group the status of a toierated! religious test for federal office. To'modern well drilling equipment has sponsib'Iity for the maintenance of .church. Finally Penn himself did : this the first amendment added a been utilized in that eoiintrv religious orthodoxy. Amonc the mot regard his new commonwealth as definite, prohibition of anv founders of the four communities j wholly secular: Sunday observances ] act "respectint an «=;ab!is *hich gradually drew together in j were required as well as practical' religion or prohibiting on marked · the borrowers now for less suitable ' i I - _ -- -- - -- .-....,.,.. ,.. (Mm. pre; Exposition ,,, _1"^5,'TM^ an ? "rotiRht messa K es : Friends of the Hebrew nnversiiy. i n t i m i d a t e the Jews, f t would tit t h e i r plans, believing- t h a If Nazi t h r o B t s arc ono permitted situation which made subsequent Intolerant or discriminating policies r _ . _ _.... _. .. ,, ,,..,,. increasingly difficult. H should oe-i 0 ', tnose discriminatory features ; « n American mining engineer, who said, however, that none of those ! wi l!5" a PP«ared in other state?. ! Is a member of our board. Mr. Fohs 9«iu. u u w e ' c i . tiidt jivut; ot iuu^r i ^T "»-K-««^" 1.1 inutri tai«*. j is* » jneiiju^r cji our Doara. nir. f ons provinces assumed a strictly laissez-j There remained, however, the proh-j not only advised us on each phase A * , 1 1 ' » t * 7 i n * . ~ *i i ii»- n t r i 7 i » " \ i i n i p r s n v . i n 11 iiiiuii 11; i n t ' . j r w s i «,.^ n n( " e and - t r i h " I e from o u t - i a n d Fplix- M. \Varhurjf. c h a i r m a n o f ! Impogsfbie f o r a Jew standing personalities. t h e Council. even to appear Tribute* were paid to his civic ! "The pnssihilittas of t h e Near Kast niindedness by Acting Governor i sre u n l i m i t e d . " sairi Dr. Oscar Wa.«- on the streeifi of V i e n n a in safety. Herbert H. I^ehman, Felix M. War- jserman. burg, former Jiidnre Joseph M. Pros- ' ment of k»iier._r,r. Solomon Ixjwenstein and : B. O. Richards. Mr. l a n d business relations between who was a native I v i d u a l s and groups in a most hotter i ,. . about a of Philadelphia had been a resident' l i v e m e d i u m of of New York since J R 7 7 . !' Beginning his career as a book-: keeper in Philadelphia. Mr. Siilz- bent«-r la!.«!r was president of X. Er-:! Isnger Bhimgart and Companv. a ' ' , - , . . . , ,. lurire importing company, and" for i f , o , w ^! . ri! ' t ' an a n f l · Mosi e jn - as w « ] ' *« Viina--Tlie Chofetz Chaim. Israel The economn: -develop( Melr Cohon. is seriously III at bis countries always tends to i hom« i:. R a d i n . near Viina. and j i.v»iuviwn is causing t h « » gravest -Anxiety, owfng to his advanced yearn. It was. announced. flown mi = tinde.rsta,-uu!incs. I condition Tne Chofetz k n o w n by pious unlimited possibilities f or! h "' "" 'I" 11 ;- "·'"»"'·, a " d development of t h i f l i n f o r m a . | ^..!°««ll!. b ! «" d « w ^ *««? «·»««- ion ' w n i r h :h!IS lous powers, is now over 90 years of age. The Chofeti Chaim 1ft considered e revolutionary ideas [the Trinity a capital offense. In thejl'gious liberty is the Federal Consti-; driller, who Is being sent from this ,M» c*n«e« a foothold. Let us be- Carolina* the Anglican church occu-1 tution of;j_7_ST with the first amend-! country, and who will spend six hav» often little commonwealth of Rhode grounds and participation in pnbliclcise there-of." Nothinc in either "of he stood more nearly j generation, however, important new:f e ] ent ] Constitution was nil «o conspicuous leader in I development* prepared the way for^ the stas« weTM TM,,~^~i island the most significant pergon- ai:ty was. of course. Roger Williams. his earner career Williams was a itraace compound of intolerance and were still very far from onr comem-ior libertarian enthusiasm. As Williams j porary idea of reii?ion as a purely | «ent on, however, his perspectir*) iadfvidnal concern. Daring tn» nest i until any other conspicuous cha/ige? of «Tpression in national. ] and statutes of tie early republic, ith a com-j T T one respect thi.* laier provincial ideal of membership. It!era broacnt no advance, Th* Ion? rather .a "particular society", a. j roafl5rt between Ea;jan3 and the rly volontarv asvoeidtlon. ?i:c^ a : I-a»in powers for prexfomsn^tire *jj 'ociet'y might. li'ke a ciob. impoce any ] North America--evea Uioug!: the i«is of roemberehip it saw fit. but | moviag forces were dyaasiic _ . .. . . . - . _ , - i - -·· -· «. «qnally hy the Palestine Economic affairs was iimued to Cnri.nians. ^ these clauses prevented any state Corporation and the Palestine Je»- so matters stood ha. t a century]from continuing or instftutinc re-i's" Colinitation Association of Par- before the Reyomtion. Am°ncaas:li^ocs tests or church establishment is. WBO will manav« these drllltnit m-ore i^ill verv far from onr cotiTom- · *~ -».v = _ . , ., . .. . *· i · ·»"- «.TMWJTS -· ii.«n e the relicious units Jointly." . of its people. Though the legal effect · of the w York -- George 8 . . Morris Ryglrlnd and ffa Gershwin concerned and are joint winners of the P«ltt*er th * " m e K o f . h i ' S In introducing th* speakers. Dr. i t h e STM*"* 1 rabbinical flgure of the the bourd " f j R o s c n b a c h said that the University . Generation by Polish Jews, i which was opened by the Iste E«ri ; h c b *« "« v *r held an official rabb' h~ n , ,- i H J 5 "'* 1 ^* 1 " h " d l B a l f o u r in April. "l925. no* po»- nlcal votl ~ been actively identified wuh charlt-; sws . s a faculty of over sixiy men»-i """^ Chofet* Cbalm preferred i rity ; her." and a student, body of over 20fl.';** rn hi * livelihood a.« a morchar epi-; representing practically every Jew-' u "*ll ^e realized that by tradl ·tftif,, m «thod«; 1 ?It * * 011 ' t0 whlr - h Jewish !i.*h community in :he world. H« blms « lf - he w »« offering competlti ' .:.' .-- _. -_.». tPnii'ntrophy j n this country strives, j said t h a t th» first degree ever to be, ! " other traders and m a k i n g th 5 Mr. Snlzberg«r was active in ;h«-'. granled hy a Jewish university any- position more difficult. " ffr I support of the Hebrew University on ' where h»d been given by the He-- Thereupon he relinquished I iMonnt Scopns. j brew University in J a n u a r y to eleven , business, and at thf: same time i" wasiyonnj: men ,ina : wo yocng women . f«s»d any -abbinical pest. Includt 4»wJshj*nn rere;ve.-i rhr- d^ree of y.. A. He j t h a t offered him by RadJa ChartUe*. He al»o served »s pr»si- · 'nnonnred that t h e degree Th.n. jtown residence is located lent »f the Jewteh Arricnltuml and ! *"iW be awarded ny the Hebrew; The n»mn Chofetz Chaini Tndnstrlal Aid Society. ;lnivers;ty within another two years. · bo associafd with Israel M' To Mr. Snl*berit»r i* cr-dite.d the ! A P f t of *5. r - o ft from Mrs. Dora.Cohen, from a book on p!etv wfi- completion of an adequate fund !o ·""««" Shapiro, towards ihe rom-!he wrote and which }-c sousht wake powlbl* th«^ pnhllcation of th»i p l *' i o n of ln " Phrsle" b.iildini: ofijieii. travejjnc shroucho-j: h«- co : , \ E i," SS l ln In ' Milu « of Mathenisticshry with it. incognito. Amonc the ertmmnnjil po«ts Mr. ! an " P"^'^'- was also announced j , n sr j] :n , noo!; ^. .,.,,. ny federal rost of the machinery avid t.h« c* p -;""'', ^"""'-'-^ lishment of «al for ihis well drilling u n i t will b- Mm ^n" t ' '"r""?! ' e free exer- ahout |25.««n which will M shared ?I J?.? u ?* I _ l i ^ _ · «.H**«11^ 'W^. * V. d. T»_t _ _ * ^ ··· _ * . V/flll »^llC^. H^ el ISO re«trd!ess of any constitutional pro-j The three won the pr»»» which vision th. moral effect was doubtless! ««rrie* a ca.«fi award «f *!.*«« for e. As compared wi:h the.! theSr play "Of The- I Sin?." pf»- a = Convention had ] duccd a hich ar- j the trwt time fl. Thin in the historr of the and econo:aic F4 - . , -- , Award* tna* ,..^ ,...,,.. . : encs Sad in soae Acer*, emancipated j lw« awarded to a mvMrai »1*T. " *77iP'Wl f fi^^n "* * _ __. i »i ·*_ . ! ·*« ·*-· * _ .. ~ 5al».h*rr«r held ar» s*Tefary of Jewish Relief Committee, i radio. roe.;.«3xo from Pr. memb-r of She »x-cnJiTe conncil of!5;** )Je1 . from M: - -^^P"' 1 . r»ad:i J } ] . the Joint T)i«rJb«ition Cotnmittee: tif was rrico. j ·hat w i t h i'= i:=?''r;!:rati» piety wouirf he spread people. i "Palestin? is ,h» cr-nrer of t h i , t Ho?Js of IeCTnds nav «, 5prnnp 7t , Near Ka.«. and Jertj- · aronn1 th . fiKore of ; he CboCeti chairman of ·,!· T)nr»an of Jewish * T ' n - "·· ...- ....-.·= ·, -. ..»««=». Social Research: director of thelfJ!:" 5 ,-.^* hoiy rl ' y ; Js .' h " j 1 "*"· ff Ciiaini r»J«tisc ;o bis wisdom, pieiy Jewish PaWacatJon JV^sely of Am-ricmi: memher of ·!«· «»i«-nt5v* n could not accept state support inj^o 13 "'" TTVUUW-..L ..» ( .^--aw.-r-.,^ tm*n i«»-.i T -«-~'*· ;~"V 3 ~ ~ w "»?""»" --~~'~'C" *'"-· | «y form. What it would claim wasMa^ess helped :o k^p a3i-« tie «c- 5!^!^» local T.r?jt:d5c«. It is Mr. Kacfasan. co-aisthor of na - «n« 11 ouia c«im^^*.j^.^^ a ^^ j snSiBrt?!?:-? of t?j* 5-v-a- L._ e T SsUnc ?? ?*'·" ' n »* jl *»«»*· «n-|n3ero«» »l*y». i.« 4S y««r» old ^=-re freedoa fro - . , a religions BMUter?. NAfc for itself .«*='-« ce iSd meul».l tXr;n*B« annBxlMl :n 13 It? ran. iower-er, Caiio- tt*. conntryiae* in England. aV Js \ 3iai »» weJJ »* froi-ft^ain stood to Aserka, to practice * toleration! £» D *? t?ic n «' r conditions which: : crllicislli. ratify tie prohibition test* wet with some roznaiSM** of jfce American !··: *ro«»e» and fonner as: treasurer o* ihe F»deT*t;on JB» Snjtorl of J«irj«3) PhiJan- of !rw | *a4 an envulitr aewyyapgr career I 'hropfc Sodeti«i. -1 before derotrnic liaiKlf eiclasirelV j Mr. Sulzbenrer i* ejto p3ay writler. Bora in Pltt«b=rith i wjd»w. Mrn. Rachel JShls !ar,d ! sleep of roamy c»n;uri»-;= were no Kn!ver;-i;y in J ; f*«;l it would :oi3«. ?» is a?nof:j a 'one way not T'»a5«~ i j if this »«fr* don*-. If :her= - ''·"land wonder worklajr powers. I.' an j yoars a«co oe. aiaI* » ioar of the Iiir^ir town* of Po- Fis accorded a jnbJ3aaf ref f^t;«lr^l« of br W» feroad *T,ou«h to Jake the rofce from; gradually preraiJed asainst church^ "' s 5JSl t ."' **"" B » ' " ? ' * * *:: men. -«ia Porf*h and jiwfsi, con- = csUMMmeat ^d eaforced coa- SS* Fj 37 *** 8 - 1 *? s i* to * «f t^iltloa* son NoreMker IS. iM». oe »·* col-i«er. aad two sons. Arthar Hay« Stlz- j * ?C * W perhat*.' endnred by I «rb» fiavej^ i'' *:: men. -ye* Popish and Jewish con vivace*." A few years later he w»s i foraiity. ?«si Aim vaiuft^u vnst-·· is*...~_- - - __ ^^^^^--^ · ·^··^·v^^ -^c«c Are-yearsiaterftewwpoTM,^ Meantime, an i n creart n? j^ n ^ ta»JSS Jffi?^!^S: »«-i to se*thfc principle -tBtaUAtfil- proportion ia «tc2z =e^ cenerzaor:.;^^ 0 "' 1 ^TM 1 * °"'l'"* h l £ y * ? t emlMdied i. :he charter^ Rhode |e?p«iaHy on the ^^tward-moring;^* 1 ^^^* 1 «'»"«»»- *» ««· 3 and. though it was not consistent-) froTjUw. caroe ;o see Jfce pwsibiljties i it ,,-*-« rtiiSir » lv fn11«wrf iff**- hi. Hr^;b l«f frivndlT- hnman r^tttn-n* *«in«- i ^ , . . "*TM ls cni-iiy two Xeariy b«lf -aaisJiBiein after the of friendly human r *3f*J»as «B»»S; First, there is tne ?wen of.varioos tradiUons. Theory'0,1 ,,,«,,-« -»,^ ,, conscious tongiLHied. inCMMHU r Fraetl- t« M ^ _ , - . He said ;ha» Arab* and J-w* BTr,ni«t on the "Washiaitton Time*." i benter and D»v«l Hay« SoUberger. Jen.^ , n d slj»r» a common cnl:or« the "ETenine MaSL" aed wa cnn-jArtS3^ Hays Sulzbetit»r is » *»-*·-;;,, ^.3* j, n d SonJh Afri«i o-rer a B*C'^^| ^Jtw tfl^t "Xew Tortt dramatic editor of that paper. The only one play wrfUen by Mr. Kaufman hlvutelf is "The Bo;;er and EmtMaa Berlin--If anyon« is sroinc ^ fe!« ; tbat Hit'erJsm wi3| dlstjncnfs?) oe- reea Jerm*a »nd for*i?rfi Jewj. «or the "Tribane" and the! law of Adolpb Ocws and » rice-pares- ! period iajwinr *n*ny Ttsiw." ttfffmfi»f ifce' f*f*nt «f f h* "Nw Ti»rk T7m»r»." r :rta: f5f*m if *·.-*«·!· Edna Rwyal ~ ami Fa»ily-; with Rlnit aa.«*e Uvtecr ia "Jw«e Mo«*~, and with iln cen«nrie« »"« (f»rfv»vf fr»m Jnrtfipm a lar^-e measar*. Xew Tort.--Tlie *t!«? J«rwi«fc cel*-j ·'WJjat could »»«· mir^ natural *h»n bra;irtii of city wWe »c»pe i» fconorufcat the n*w I'nireryity at Jem- of the Bi-Ceme»»ry «f tfce Wrt* of JMletn sfcon!d derot* JJ.e'elf and be -- m_u i-- » wish an lntej»«jve «»ndy of [answer is that w» do no? w»nJ I distinction. Ir. J«:!!^5 Hr^xinitt. tb» presiderit -?' i^ C-entra' '"oian of German CJJirens «f J«wis! Faith, de- cSaretf »i an ":·:)ion n;"«inc heid h«-re. ond»r fh* *Ti«?jyss of the I.'nJon. to caJl on ail Jewish electors ?· jjir* their rotes in ihe Parliamentary elt«Un«J to the RepnMfoaa «··- . i* »«l«Iilioii to ."it may be said that. f» offer* wltb- rhe »«liil«rji of tfce X*w York Boanfjss? *x*erer»sfcr. of J*wf»* 5lilil!ner!l whlrfc Iwcltwles J for :he inve,:ic»tion of th- m»re «»·· «*»e lmidr««l rabbis of Islamic and Arabic miiM. Jewtok -fiatnwn and we a,r» ?i (« s»tctie»»y Jewish dangers tm e»r Gennaii fatherland. Dr. Br*4iitts t on. and in f»o» of that there

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