Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 15, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 15, 1897
Page 20
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SALE OF THE - CHICAGO ^BARGAIN = STORE. At Their New Stand No- 32O Market Street- One Door West o± J. D. Ferguson & Go's. . . ....... 2Si «« Saturday Morning, October i6th, i»97- OUR FIRST GIGANTIC SALE. Below you i will find a few items, as spa^e will not permit more, that will give you an idea the. way LV A J. J.V«J * •vjiv-iAi.i----'— - . ^ goods will be Slaughtered at the Chicago Bargain btore. DOMESTIC. 10 yds. Blue or Red Calico 3oc 10 vrts. Brown Sheeting 39c 10 yds Bleached Muslin, the best ooc Amoskeag Gingham 3 7-8c yd. 7c Coiton Flannel 4 7-Sc yd. Outing Flannels 4 7-Sc yd. Table Oil Cloth 12 l-2cyd. Floor Oil Cioth, 35c grade I8c yd, Turkey Red Table Linen, 54in.wide 23c Skirting worth lOc yd. -we sell for 4 7-Sc NOTIONS. Corsets, 50c grade -^ Handkerchiefs, 5c grade lc Ribbons .1C Yd. DRESS GOODS. Plaid Dress Goods, latest double width worth 18c yd. yd- Embroidery Pins, per paper lt; Needles, per paper lc Ladies' Collars ••• 10c Odd and end Kid Gloves 2oc pr. Regular 11,00 and $1.25 Kid Gloves 69c Ladies' Jersey Glove*, 25c grade I4c pr. Ladies' and Children's Bicycle Hose 4c Ladies' seamless Hose Sc pr. Ladies' Fleeced Hose 25c grade. .12 l-2c Ladies' Wool Hose, 35c grade 12 l-2cpr Children's Hose « c P r Hens' Sox, gray, black and brown 5c pr. Mens'all wool Sox 9c pr. Hens' Overalls 25c pr. UNDERWEAR- Childrens' heavy winter underwear, Novelty Dress Goods worth 39 and yd. we offer at Velvet is the latest, Sic yd- come take them " wortb 5 0c go at Laclies > Union Suits, 75c grades Men . s Merin o Shirts and Drawers, worth .39c: .So MILLINERY. .$3.98 2.98 1.98 . 98C , 480 $10.00 Elegant Pattern Hats 6.00 " ', " 4.00 " " " 2.00 " " " i.oo " " " Felt shapes all colors, styles and grades. Your choice for 39 cents BLACK TIPS. ISC 39C 59C ,._ 240 3 in a bunch 3 in a bunch, very long 3 in a bunch superfine Prince of Wales Tips 750 690, 39C- JACKETS, AND CAPES. LadlCS Jacket Of CapC •> -«.«.. j fi f ac t every Garment at from 25 tO 50 pCf On the dollar. 75c 75 C Chicago Bargain Store the •JAILYPHABOS FRIDAY^OCT. 15, 1897. __ »EKJ F.LOtJTHAIN. JOHN W. BARNES. Lonthain A Barnes. IDITOBS ASD PROPRIETORS. T««.M8 OF SUBSCRIPTION - Dally per ™ s; per month 40 cents; per year . $L25 a year, yand the Saturday wo lon»ln ? the Semi-Weekly a year, strictly In advance. Entered at tho^gansport, In^postofflce a 8 ed »v. mu m&w^vr"* -* v,- j K , class mail matter, HS provided by law. explorers in this county THE Oil ~ r are awaiting developments. The drill was started In tbe New Waverly well yesterday. Now THAT the Panhandle road Is doing a great business and paying handsome dividends to Its stockholders, we can see no reason why the force at the shops should not be enlarged and better wages paid. TBS developments In the Union Pacific railway scandal show bow closely the present administration is allied wltb the great corporations. The bankers syndicate, of which J. Pierpont Morgan is the head, expects to make »20,000,000 In the transaction. JUSTICE FIELD has notified his associates on the supreme bench that he has resigned. He was appointed by President Lincoln and has served a longer time Chan any previous occupant of the supreme bench. It is understood that Attorney General McKenna will be his successor.' If I am renomlnated 1 expect to be the next mayor of Indianapolis. Bat whether in public station or private life I shall certainly do everything legitimate in my power to hold the Democratic party In line for the principles which it proclaimed In Chicago, and to secure the success of j those principles at the ballot box.— Thomas Taggart. ENGLAND is in a quandry over the silver question. The laboring people, the agricultural classes, the manufacturer! and the merchants are petitioning the English government to re-open the mints under an agreement with France and the United States to coin silver at the ratio ol 15} to 1. From all reports, the demand for the restoration ol silver coinage is stronger todaj in England than it Is la the United Stttes. The chief opposition in England to the restoration ot sllter coinage comes rrom the bankers and moneyed classes The same is true in this country, but they are in the minority, and the day is not far distant when our mints will be reopened to silver coinage. The enlightened sentiment of the world favors the reestablishment of the bimetallic standard. _ ___ THE people begin to realize why all the corporations were arrayed against William Jennings Bryan in campaign. could uss neither him nor any of the men whom he should choose as his advisers. Mark Hanna had /mortgaged the Jtiepubllcan party to the corporations before the campaign had pro- the recent presidential They knew that they greased six weeks. THE New York World, which refused to support Bryan in the last campaign, now sees the error of its ways. In a recent editorial it says: "If Mr. Bryan and Mr. McKinley were candidates now. would these Independent Democrats voie for McKinley? "We say deliberately that, so far aa The World is concerned, it we had to choose today between this Incredible betrayal ot good government,this Republican lying and treachery and fraud on the one side and Bryanism on the other side, we should unhesitatingly choose Bryanism. "Indeed, Mr. Bryan's chance's for 1900 are looming up in this state." A Scandalous Transaction. A steal involving an immediate loss to the government of $20,000,000 and an ultimate loss of over *50,000,000, will be consummated within the next twenty days unless President McKinley interposes his authority and protects the people. The Union Pacific railway corn- government over $53,1000,000. A pool of Wall; street brokers has engaged in a scheme of reorganization which contemplates the payment of 62 per cent to the government, or less than 133,000.000, whilejsecurltles subordinate to that of government will obtain 175 per cent upon their claims. All the iegal rights which the government might avail ol in the pursuit of the .plunderer* who rifled the company treasury are to be abandoned, and terms ot sale hare been fixed which absolutely bar every form ol competition and tflve the pool a big prise. There are scandalous rumors tracing a connection between this colossal steal and the subscrip- ot Wall street to the Hanna campaign fund and the selection of at least one prominent cabinet official. From Investigations made by the New York World the fact is disclosed that a syndicate of New York bankers contributed the sum of $2,000,000 to the Republican campaign fund after an agreement had been reached with Hanna which provided that the syndicate of bankers should be given the privilege of naming the attorney general in" McKi&ley's cabinet. John J. McCook was the chosen agent of the syndicate, but such a fight was made upon his appointment that McKinley was forced to change the make-up ot his cabinet and leave out McCook. But the syndicate did not abandon its plans an<? it now has the government in a position to enable the plunderers to rob the people of 120,000,000. People talk about anarchists. More harm is done by such plundering of the people—such corruption by moneyed men—than all the anarchists in this country could do In a century. It is to be hoped that President McKinley may be :orced by public opinion to prevent this gigantic scheme of plunder.. i«orth Carolina Town Fire-Swept, Raleigh, N. C., Oct. 15.—The city of Durham was yesterday visited by the most destructive fire in its history. Seven four-story wooden prize-houses filled with tobacco and eight dwellings were destroyed. The total loss is $250,000, •with S200,000 insurance. Ca-v«on Gets an Important Post. Washington, Oct. 15.—John A. Casson, formerly member of the house of representatives from Iowa and ex-minister to Australia, has been appointed a s rial agent of the department of state for the negotiation of reciprocity arrangements tir.der the Dir.gley tariff law. Indiana Han Appointed. Washington, Oct. 15.—The secretary of the interior has appointed E. B. Reynolds, of Hagerstown, Ind., special In 41an agent. _ f That Region. , "W. Va, Oc*. 15-^Joh Vance killed James Thompson and seri ously Injured Thompson's wife in Lcgan county Wednesday, the result of an old feud. Vance is a son-in-law of t notorious "Devil" Anse Hatfield. ROT Smith. 2 y»ars old, fell Into a kettle of hot tomato catsup at Arcola Ills,, and was frightfully scalded, Aboui a week ago the child mistook a cup of ly« for water and drank » jood portion of the deadly drug. Commander-in-Chlef Gobtn, of the O A- IL, ha» made th* folio-wing appoint meat*: Inspector general, Alonxo Will' Urns, ProTidanor, R. I.; Judge advooat* CenenU Ell Totrcne* Mtone»poll»; lor aid-de-cama, Milton A. Q. Hent, P*. ^.^^_- 1; Concluded from let nr steamer. T. waited for Instructions rom New York and had almost made up my mind to start Sunday, instruc- ions or no instructions. My instruc- ..ons came, happily. "My passport was made out in the name of Karl Decker. In order to take he Panama Sunday nipht and run the a auntlet I must get my passport vised and stamped with the seal of the secretary of the captain general. I knew that my passport would never be _ = ned. and I learned that an order for my arrest was determined on, and that I was to be arrested at 5 o'clock Monday morning. I was in a bad pickle. I got a glimpse of the writing of Senor Oarjoval, the secretary of Weyler, and copied it so that I had it down fine. Then I forced the vise signature. Ide- termlned to do without the seal. At the last moment I went to the wharf and took the launch for the steamship. The inspector looked at my passport a.nd asked where the seal was. I assumed a nonchalant air as best I could and told him that Senor Carjoval was at the Ingleterre hotel, and having no seal he signed his name to a statement saying it was all right. The inspector hesitated and showed the signature to another inspector, and he said all right and I was safe. "The Spanish authorities never thought for a moment that I would take a Spanish steamer. Xearlv all the Americans take the American line. They did not think to guard the Panama and watch for me. They arrest all prisoners at 5 o'clock in the morning. They were sure I would be in town on Monday and they were fooled." Senorita Cisneros received a number of visitors at the Hotel Waldorf yesterday, among them General Julio San- gui!y, Henry George, Tom L. Johnson | and 'ex-Postmaster Charles W. Dayton. ' Kush Medical Student Missing. Chicago, Oct. 15.— Louis Mowry, a student at Rush Medical college, has been missing since Oct. 4, and the Central police have been requested to assist In finding him. Mowry is 26 years old and his home is in a small town in Wisconsin. He has been attending the college two years. __ _ Eliminated the 'Word "•Woman." Des Moines. la., Oct. 15.— By a vote of 62 to 7 the Iowa Woman Suffrage association yesterday changed its name to the Iowa. "Equal" Suffrage asociatlon. The woman suffragists have lOEg been opposed to continuing the word "Woman" ic the came. TIME FROM 6 TO 10 O'CLOCK. 19c For Choice 4 in Hands, Tecks & Flowing Ends. Flats and Bows, Club House & Ties, Worth 25c and 50c 38c For Very Finest Ties, Scarf & Plate, Nothing Reserved, Including Elegant Styles Displayed in Window. Worth 50c to $1.00* Before leaving your order for Suit or Overcoat See the .Bierman Heidleberg & Co.'s -Tailor Made At Ready-Made Prices. Didn't Mob a Man. Springfield, Hie., Oct. 15.— The eleventh annual convention of the Illinois Anti- Horse Thief association adjourned yesterday to meet here in October, 1898. One hundred delsgate* -were present, representing eighty lodgea and 4,000 members. Tfte association during the put year recorered twelve stolen horse* .and secured tbe conviction of fifty men. New officer* am President, Stanfleld Baldwin. Jacksonville; secretary, J- WfUoo. PuftiriB Otr- . THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . .FOR THE.. . * Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys* Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE ... FOR... Dyspt.psia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, Kheumatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Headachy Lose, of Appetite, Blotches, Pimple*. Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Ehenm, Eczema, Weak Back, Fever and. Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Gents, PREPARED BY {• _."'.' THE THOMPSON HERB TEA Oft NEW YORK.

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