The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE MMY AIR CORPS NEWS " f*\ f « f . iis. p a i' VOLUAIK 1—NO. 218. THE BLVTIIEVJIAE AHMY Alii CORl'S NEWS Published dally except Sundays In t!ie interest of Hie personnel ol the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blythcvlllc, by the Klytlieville Courier News. It contains Hie news of the Air Base. LUO, ARKANSAS, \V101)NKai)AY,"Ai 7 Ku7a8 1 11M3 Construction Starts On 4 Ne v Buildings At Field For WA&Cs Housing eotirflniclion lor Women's Annv Auxilhvv Corps nicmbui's has boon slarled al ilu- I'.lylhcvilU:'Arm'y Air I-iolfl. I'otimhilioiw arc bc'iiijr laid |',>i- hvo donniloi'ie.s each \villi a wipacily nf 38 \VAACs, and |' IH - a lm>ss i, ;l || . 11H | ' Construction is lo be completed by June 21, iiccordiiifj lo Capt. VV, C'. over to the commanding officer of the Air Field by June 28. It is understood Hint the WAACs will arrive when their quarters nrc ready and thnt they will be as- RiBiicd to duties now performed by enlisted men. thus releasing soldiers for combat duty. Mobilization type of construction Is prescribed and the buildings will be much Ihe same as the lilack tni-papeml hnnacks in which the soldiers live. The barracks for the WAACs will be about Ihc same for the soldiers, will Donates Books To Library cots and without puiiiiioivi, except that tlie WAAC officers will occu- py'rooms walled off from the rest of the barrack space. The construction area is about 500 feet square fu«l ii .':H:!~ ; .?d on the main road, midway between the west sale and Post Headquarters, onixjsite from the Chapel and the Officers' Mess. The contract has been awarded to the construction firm of Dit'mavs and Dickman, of Muskojjce. Okla.. whose men arc at work with build- Ins materials which have started to arrive. Twelve book;;, each a best seller In Its particular field, have been donated to Ihc p n .st Library by Council Number -1 of the First Methodist Church Ihi-onsli- their president, Mis. F. E. Black. Those books have been classified and are now available to enlisted men. officers, and families nf military personnel. Included in tlie croup arc The metal j White Monkey, by John Gals- Lieutenant Horyan Is Made A Captain First , Lieut. J. M. Morgan, a flight 'commander and pilot in- stnictoi- here since last August, has been promoted to captain. He was commissioned in":>Fcbruary, 1912. upon completion of advanced training at Kelly Held, Tex., nnd was nn instructor lit Grceni'llle, Miss., before being assigned lo this station. Captain Hot-Ban -left the University of Mississippi to become ,-t cadet, and had his primary train- ine at Heck Field, Fort' Worlh, Texas, and his basic training at GoodfeUow Field. San Angelo. Tex. Ill the slimmer of 1010 he took a course' In the Civilian Pilot Training school at Louisiana State University. His home is Meridian, Miss. worthy; Five Minnie Biographies, ' , by Dnle Carnegie; King's Row, by, Henry Ucllnmaim; Great fihorl Slcrip.s. by miscellaneous' authors; Mrs. Minniver, by Jan Struthcr; Blue Plate Special, !>y Damon niinyon: Fully messed And In His Right Mind, by Michael Fcs- sier; Delay In 'Ihe Bun, by Anthony Thorns; The Paradine Case, bv Robert, Hiichens; Flower of the North, by James Oliver Curwood, and The Bowstring Murders by Carter Dicksou. Girls Will Be Guests At Post Dance Tonight A Bay inllltnry dance' with B'rls of m.vthevillc mid nearby Unvns m guests.of the soldiers will he held tonight nt the Ilcc- rciitton Hull. 1 . •••-'• Army trueks umc.s will transport, the gilts from (lie USO Center ul lite City Hull at V.-TO o'clock, (a the Air Ilase and win return tliem after the dunce. Miss Oenei'leve .Wli.ilcn, USO director nf women's activities, nnd Blytlievillc • women will accompany lite girls -us supervisors. . • Music win | )c by the Ah- Meld dance orchc.s(rn. Specialty nnd novelty numbers have been prepared, and Warrant Officer liernhardl M. Kuschcl,' band master, promises nn iiuiisiuil progi-iim. ffc. Noriniin Weiss of the Special Service Office, was sivcn charge of aiTitnscmenls h.v Lieut. Oscar IScnsou, s|>cclul service officer. Schedule For Games This Week Schedidc for this week's games in the inter - squadron softball league was announced today by Lieut, iiill Adams, post athletic officer. They are as follows: Wednesday— 5MS P. I'D., 704th vs Medics; 320th vs 007th.. l> ; 45 p. in., Athletic Dcpt. vs Flying Adm. 2olh vs Bye. Thursday — 5:45 p. in., lOlifith vs Medics and Q. M.. 20th vs Ale and Quail. 0:45 p. m., 700tli vs Band; Post Acim. (Group 1) vs Bye. Friday— 5:45 p. m.. 701st, vs Finance and Ordnance; 702nd vs Medics. 0:45 p. HI., 7(Hrd v.s- 907th; 70it)i vs 320th. Nose Otil Flying Adminis- ti'iilion Squad 16-9 In Thriller Monday 'i'he 201U Flylni! Tnilnliiit Group defeated (lie Ply Ins AdmlnlslriiUon (Group 1) leinn 10-9 In tin Jnter- Kiinadron lensae Uanic al the ulh- Ictle. m-e:\ .\Tondny iiftcmoon. Ky- lamlcr of (he losers led his (cam In hluhiK. ijettlnii lln-ec bhiKlcs out of four trips to tlie plate, First .Scriil. Paul Cliiunplon of (he aith I surpi-Isert everyone Inclndliit,' »l'»- wlf by closluu hl.s eyes, swinging inl|)lillly nl Ihc ball, nnd gulling two hits out of three lime nt bat. In another ufimc HID Athletic Dc- iwrlinent leam squeezed rail a close vlelory aw r Ihe Mill Flying Truln- niK Oroup by a ii-4 score. Aduiiis, pitcher lor llio 25th. hurled a nice KIIIIIB aiut held lite victor* lo only llircc lilts but was defeated by lliu ,si(|)erl> base runiilni; of his opponents. Garrison led (lie Athletic De- iJiirtincnt team In lilttiug, jjetlltij,' '.wo for three. In a llilnl game |ii c 700th [cam defeated the Medic Masters 18-5. Hox mire of Ihe fame between tlie Flying Admitilslration and lliu 2(>th tennis were: l-'ly. Artin. Heinzmann Joins Band IM. Clemens E. Hemaoann, former flute and piccolo player of Ihc University of Illinois, has re- porlcd at (his station nnd is assigned to the 351st Army Air Forces Baud. Private Heinzmann, an accomplished musician who hnd lour years experience in the hijjln school band at Cariyle, III., before he entered the University and became a mrmber of the famous varsity organization, enlisted in the Army Feb. 2. HC n-a.s (i.imtaTcd here last week. Plane windshields are now being fashioned with specially prepared resin sheeting one-tpialter of an inch thick between hvo layers of tempered plate glass. In trail of this is anolher sheet'of tempered glass with a scaled air space between - lo prevent (he I windshield from frosting WHO OUNNIT*A,.lt$ tHf A _^- OWN AND ENJOY A GOOD CAR! Think of (lie many times when il i.s ncce.s.sary for .you to ride in an ,;ui1i>moWle. Visual/re Hie pleasure sitisfacfinn and hapiiiiK'ss a s<x«l car would afford 'you.' your uwncrsliin ,,f a S nod car is easy to lu-naire fr,,,n n n and Ibc Rood car jou l,,,y f,,, ;11 „, is ,„,„„„ ,,„,,„,, ,„ ^ ;' " properly. Our terms arc and m, ar e ais ,"c," of -i dependable Mile to (ht- B o«,l cur you !,«,- Vro,,, ,,s. .19-10 KOHI) DEI.UXK TUDOR, beautiful maroon col- ,«v,_j;<««i "res and mcchiiniral tomlition. J!II2 'aiBKClUM' 8 TOWN SKMAN, will, |,, w milciiirc and the ck-Hii ai>]>viirimce ;ind tondjlinn of a iirand new ear. .. .™ mi roiu) sui'KK DKI.UXK TUDOK, w ai -h ,,aiia and iinhdlHlcr.v like new, low mileage un J''ireslone tires. An excellent ear. 1'OKl) CONVKKTIUf^M COUPB, r>-I>ass Club type, A-l (Jootlycar fires, heater, radio, Hcaudful car. , ET SI'OUT SKDAN. S|,udal l!)!l TOKO V-S OEMJXE COUCE. dark blue color, Bood-l-ord tires, ( class appeurancc and Our good rare arc nriccd S50.CO to S100 I,KSH n Wn il» i, nl p.,y ccmmisstons (o Mtcsnien-tl-.f., sav"n PHILLIPS MOTOR Tel. 453 Autborizcd Ford Saks and Service Open NigMs Sports Highlights Hector sf ... Kylaiulei- p . Anderson c. Klein ss .... Lfibiiinn 1st Woolr." of .. Hcndi-y 2nd Wolfson 3rd Hoeing If ... Lupa'iT AH ,. '1 .. -1 .. 'I 15 Overage Soldiers To| Return To Essential Civilian War Jobs 'KiON REQUEST l-'iflcen men, over 30 years old, Hive received dlsclini'ues nt tlie UlyllievJIlo Amiy Air Held so (hat nicy may accept einploymeiH In cssenllnl war Inilusirlcx. Inchidt'd In ihe group nrc: Corp. Abe S. Scijal of Ihe 32(itl>, clnk at (he l>»sl f.-sclmniie. He will return lo his home at I'ort- nscvllle, Mo,, where he owns .several stores nnd warehouses, i'fc. Adolph J. Holland, snundixin finll mini In the 320!h, who will lieruic Ills fnrin In Monlann. IM. t'.iiijcnc uupnls, 'r.s <.-l«k assigned |u ;|2o'tli "I return to Ms former Job us traffic mjinagci' for the C'lilciiijo- Norlhwvstei-n Kailrond Company. IM. Stephen Holler, n xqiinilron , Wnsli., l'_v(. wllllmu hi, . iliily mini o t<> th« . wlio will work In 11 wur pvoihietloii c. Jackson C, Osbmn, wciilb- ibsmw, wlio will work In u forulii caimlnu fnclory. c. accrue Ttimslun, xmii'd In lOGiidi, who will work nl a Brooklyn ship yiird. I'fc. Detune A. Snmlcisim. radio upi'i-iitor iissltjiiwl lo the 703rd, who Uini to Ills clvllliin Jot) n.i to (he Medleiil liH'ni. who hus neerplitil ment. thmniih the I'oiiirtyivmrtu Department of War Manpower ns un flectrli'liin. Wo. Finnk Sexton, Medlt-al lx-- laclinn-ni oiderly, ivlio has rdiiin- eil lo his faun near Unnton ill Corp. JUIHC.S \,. ijay, a clerk In the Jtilst Faiiilnei'i-liiB Office, will return lo ii| s in'aci-llmo Job us n*. sbitanl personnel nuiniiucr nl (he i?lmmon.s Company, Allunln, cm. Corp. linyimind A. McMnhun. aviation meclunil,: (ml^ticd | 0 the i ninchhic openilor Iti (lie Tucoma, wnr lndu.slrv. 700th, who has accetile'd n Jub as n inni-hlnlsi lu n wnr production factory. 1'vl. diaries J.'unonc', smiiidron duly In tin: Ml),. W |, ( , (V ||| ,„„,}. (|1 the Willow linn llomblin; FacUivy In l)i-lroll, Midi. Men discharged from tlu> :n)Dlli Negro Aviation Sipiadron Includf: I'fu, llerinun I'veialey, cook In the Neiii-n MCS.S Hull; 1'vl, Chrlss llennctl, nltcmlniH nl Ihe 'jlvllLin Mess; and pro. Hrlcs Harris, nt- teiuliuil nl (he Neipo Mess; all of whom will work on farms or In Softball League Standings I" »•! 0 10 1 'II 0 leiiliii 0 Field the Alhlelic Department, JTOlsl. Ale and Qnnll, Mcdlcnl nc- I lachmetii. and 10-ltb tennis lire lied At Ihe end of one week of piny the Intcr-scinitdroi'i Softball iiic nl Ulythcvlllc Army Air the Alhlelic AH . 4 . -1 . 2 Mii-ssey p Scinple 1st Wlolko 2nd O'Fnrrell f ; S "nirel 3rd .'.'.'. .1 Ul'illltlcy c ' ;| Chitmplon rf '.'.'.'.'.'. 'J. O'Donncl If •( I La Oiiiltn cf •> !llg)ilifjlil£ of (he week in tlic inter-squadron Softball leagues were: The batting punoh of'the Ath- letiir Departmenl'iand thoi'fjerfoi-m- unce of their ace hurler, Corp. 1 Courad Diencr. In two eamcs they scored 44 runs bcliinil the shutout flinging of their mouiulsman. The showdown drive of tlie Ale and Quail club. They snatched two victories out of apparent detents with last mlnuta- rallies. The home run hilling of Brant- Icy of the 20th team. He slammed tn-o round trippers in the (5111110 with the Flying Administration team. The hard, luck pitching of Groves o! ldyri(, ami Adams of the 2511). Tiic latter lost'his first game in spite of a beautiful three-hit performance on his part and lost his second although he allowed only five hits. The latter pitched a no- hitter for six innings, allowed two hits in the seventh canto, and lost. In liis second mound try he gave up only four hits and lost again. Tlie top ranking hurlcrs ill the league LVencr, Athletic Department; Kovacs, Ale and Quail; Hartmaii, Medics; and Slcnc of the 701st, each of whom has won two and last none; and Hull of IQOlith, and Beycric of the 20th, each of irhoin has a win nml a loss. j for (he tend, cuch hnvlny won Iwo i;anii-s and lost none. .. Slandings of Ihe other teams »;are: . n I Won Lost "(VfliMli i n 102nd ICCBlll :<^iiih , 2111)1 . Hp.ost Adm. .' Bund . ... ( Group 1). 31- 10 B Kosenherff A ssif/ned As Adjutant Of 25Ih Second.-Lieut. Ale.vnnder- Hoscn- berg, n • recent graduate of O!fl- ccrs 1 . Cundldalc School nt MlaJiil Beach. Fla.. has been assigned as adjutant of (he 25lh Flyln« •ri-jiln- infr Group to succeed Llent. wil- linm Tucker, who has been appointed squadron commander. Lieutenant Rosenberg enlisted ........... "Htmit ................ Finance and Ordnance Medic Masters . 25th .............. Flying Administration ': Lieut. Cecil I'lnner, ... 0 junior 0 I I 1 1 1 1 2 o 2 2 •2 phy- A'thlcdc Department tciun;- Id Iciul in'i! In hilling with u perfect avcr- ' leading baiters und .s are: Alliletic Department, Slimnc-Medial, .Hf)0 rirnnlley—2Glli, .714 McWhortcr— Athletic their 1.000 Dcpl,, 1 , I ,,,,,u,ti:i-/u,i l ciic ucpi , May 5, 1942 al Phlludelphia, and Cwcns-Alhlellc Dept., (Ifll '"' B ln "" n "' - De,t., Cli7 . lInn, the Finance M ' Ala. He worked Department at Maxwell Field and Buckingham Air Field, Fla., and was promoted to technician fourth grade before he applied for. officers' tralntni; In civilian life Hie lieutenant was a clerk for the Pennsylvania Railroad Ccmpany. lie Is n 133,1 graduate of the University ol Pennsylvania livening School of Accounts and Finance. Two of his brothers, Samuel and Overcoats, made of fireproof, waterproof illicit lined with hair fell and closed with zippers, pro.- ... ...., .,.«,..„.,.,, u.ujim;! illl(t icct war cars from Ihp rvli'cm Max Rosenberg, took part in WorW ] tanpcrnlurc. and sand In the d™ war i. i. Sto'nc—701sl, .GOT Sllvunnnn—Medics. .Ii25 Engcbretson-Mcdlcs, ,571 Nlcndcinns—704th, .571 Stabler—Alhlctic Dupurlmenl, McPlicrson—70-Hh, .SOO Ketlncr—701st, .fiOO Glizicwlcii—lOCOlh, .500. 1'vl. Clauile J, Dunslon. air aviation mechanic of Ihe 701st Flying 'Irulnlnit e-:(|iiudron, spent his convalescent period from i\ recent III- nc.«s skelchlim H'asler bunnies and designs on envelopi-s for his filcniLi, From his home (own In Greenwood, iS. c.. lie rcccK'cd several boxes of envelopes from friends, accompanied by rc'imviLs thai lie dcCoriUe thcm wi (hul ihey could send Easter ureclliiK.i In them. Si) from Ills cot hi (h; Muse llonplinl there came n sternly flood of lirautlfiillv designed envelopes for Kaslor. Private Dunslon C nl iimclilne pntlcrns out of aluminum, steel and other metals, for the Iluhan Textile and Machine Company nl Cirucmvooil, before ho entered' the Army last July, 116 learntd to draw by taking a private course from u Greenwood artist In art and sculpture. BEflD PHI Soldier Musicians Soon Will Make Debut At Blytlie- villc Field A hoi "Jum band' luis be in foiin- I by four mcmbi'is of Ihe ,)5l b L Army Air T'ori/s ilund and s oon will be Introduced nt dances of the Air Field. It Is led by I'fc. Walter i.eiikc, composer of "Heavy, •nvy. Wlml Uiuitji, Ovei", whltll nindo Us debut u( n recent USO ilaitce, nnd lojider of nn orchestra \vhleh pjnycd about continental urope 1-1 years. Private I.enlte pluys ih« clurlnol In his newly ownl/nl bund Pfe, Frank C/'ermhiara, who In clvllliin life Iruvcled over must, of Ami>rlrn as u member of nn oi-cheslrn which |)liiyi>il for musk'iil revues will slrmn Hie rhyllmi on hU bi u \ >nia viol. I'vt. Anthony Gui-./ethi, .snnrc ilrmnmer who who hud Ids own dunce band In New York live years lidorc lie wus Inducted, will bent nut the leinpo on Ihe sinires and Ihc (Inini. b'eriit. Kranklln Sliiiw, leader of a Jam b'und 'ul •Mlcr Plold, Mus,, bcfure lio wns transferred here, will wmiuln hot licks out of the jiliino. ' 'I'he small orchestra lias not yet nccopled Invitations to piny sliicu the innslclaas feel Hint (hey need more practice Uiiirlher, but It Is believed by fellow bund members thai they mity take their first biiw lids weekend. Inspection Honors Shared Itu 4 Units I'mir nnlis were lied tor first plnee In the weekly Inspection of personnel, equipment, bnlldhius nnd uromidK, will! a standlint of DG. 'i'ho IflZiid wns hlnli nmont; Iho Sl'lybif! TrnlnliiK Sqtmilrnn. 'I'ho • other winners were HID Mill Avln- ! lion acinudron, Iho iioilh Qunvler- mnsl'ir Co., and Ihe SWlli Quarler- innslcr Plnloun. I It is Hie first nine Mini more .than two orjjanlxallons Imvc bi-en , tied for Inspection honors. Thci winner n week HBO wns Hie fJimh QM I'liUomi, .ivltli a standing of Oli. Ex-Louisiana Lawmaker Goes To Miami Beach OCS Strst. Cyrus A. Greco, cndel sup. ply clerk nsslijncd lo (lie 701st, Fly- IIIK 'I'niliting Squadron nnd a former Louisiana liiwmakcr iliirimj ihe lines' LW\K iiilmlnLsti-Hllun, ha:; been sent to Officers Ciimlutalc Sctiool nl Mlnml Bench, Fin. Scrueant Ortco reported here for duty insl July, lie entered Iho Army Jim. M, „(. 'ilckrnw, In., where he hnd been a pmcllclns atloincy for sovcivd years, lie was' a member of a bonrd appointed by Senator Long lo rewrite (he state's original code. Itc Is a urnduate of the -Louisiana Slate University Ltiw School. The ijimfUe liiiomi|)tei-, « (| ny device used on bon,!^,,.,. nm | ,.„,„. nil planes, provcnls HiiDiiera from Inadvertently shoollng thu tail or other pai'ls otf.ol theli- own planes Sergt, Joseph Trulio Will Seek Commission Tccli. Sergt. Joseph Ti-ullo, chief clerk of the property office of the 007l)i Quartermaster Co., and onc< cf the first enlisted men to report here, lias left for officer's tiiiiniiii; at Camp Lee, Va. He has betii on duly al this station since June 2£.. Sergeant Trulio enlisted two years ago. He has two brothers In the service. In civilian life they all lived at home with llicir mother at Ossining. N. Y. Complete Slock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Uke Phone 2K22 Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED If Ihc uppers are still good. BrinR Ihcm lo us for quality "HALTER'S Quality SHo t Shop ! jm w., n>. Trv our "Own Made" Ice Cream Ole Hickory Innl Bi»h SUPS f WHO OUHHIT? " • itf THCKt PARNEO SMALL LOANS O» Anjthln, «f V.I,.. East Main Loan Co. I'M C ,M«lii — Fbont U|« 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on ftenernl Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY TVd»»j A Walnnt Ph. 59] CABRIOLETS GALORE! Just Arrived From the Kast! I.ll'i )'I.rii;nnlli (Vitii'vcrliWr <;mi]i(-. llMullfiM |)hi r (inish. hi-nwn lc:itlier !i|>)ml.s!rrr. ni- dio, lic-Kcr, 5 good tuns. inn radian) Cnm-rrlilita (,'oii|)c. llrnim, Kill, i,t m . U| |. holslcry. (Junil (ires ami Inh of accr.ssoric.s. 1911 l)(.-rlKC (,'nnrcrlililc <.'mi|ic- I cream t-cili.r willi ml Ic-allui- iipliolfilcry, radii), lic.ilcr, fo£- lishls, good lircs. ' 15-11 Chrysler New Voilii-r (,'onvrrHWc Coupe. Grmi, with Brccn leather upholstery. Itadio, hcalc-r, spol-lighl. ."] while sidcwall fires. 1511 Doilse Coiirrrllblc foupr. Mlur, u-llh Wuc tipliolslery. Rn- •dio, healer, s good |i rt . s . 'Mils (,ir has only been driven a few Ihows.incl miles'. 50 Oilier C'.'ir.s lo (,'lnwise From—$7fi uj) Kasy G.M.A.C. 1'aymcnt I'lan \\c Never Close Sales Dcpf. 0|)cn Unlil !l p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. PRESCRIPTIONS I'Vcshust Slock (JiiJij'iiiUc-wl Kcst IViccs Kirby Drug Stores BY j. L. »n<t J. C GUARD OI'TOMETRISTS I'honc 2912 1'lionc 578 Docs Your (.';ir WEKD THESE? Ilatfcij—Seat Covers OilfiUcr-Uaiiio Toj; Lights—Lock Gas Cap _A coiiiplclc line of Polishes LOY EICH 25* Pk*a* ITI Tlie Miiilcm Ice Box • COOLKRATOlt I'nr Hconomy iintl Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Fhone 819 C. S. Webb Cities Service Station divvy, lil at Colloi) llrll Tracks) I'lldlie 1(21 We I'lx Hats XVasliliiB .V (IrftaNliiB Our S|icci»lly Now The ; All KigliiFor,""^ ' Scivi. Clicrcusld r'V R WORUJS-lB .. ARMY ... Alexander M chercpski, , - In the 702nd Engineering Office, nmt Miss Pdltl) L$aliiciJ a nf Oiccolu, found romance .I'lrpw" the Aimy 'ihe vouns iio|ict>m w: tiaiTirciit'd lo thtj Uhthovlllfi'/ All Field wllh t|ic ffrsi cailiV July I'oi several month* lio vn - pLilcnccd the loncllncu of Hie sol- dlei at a ne\v station * Then he met MisV Lc-illiers, l}i» l . .. "^ ^' ind Ml* B H. of Osaola, nnd , chimucil foi the soldier,,Ai'kaiisaa' had Midclonlv bEcoiuo a uomlcrtul state. He iinclilcd u,at lho'cbrk-i>«- sjxinslWc lot putting i,ls n.ujio' oil I tic fililuiilni! list to tliL?'|)Osrteli u swell Buy,- , , , ^ Miss l.c'iidifn on the othei 'liahd, k n" me. Army. t A .so"l!iiinc} n ,-jio .tail ni'vei- had ocinvlon lo . form an opinion as to « noithemcr • like kci'ijciint ChtrcitoH, who hall.s from New Jersey. She Ilkul MK.I peppfo, she .10011 decided . , When lltln^smt like llils'bctwcen n man and n womnii bomclhlhfe iismilly happens H did Sci(!C»nt. Chereiiskl and MUs Lo,illieij> were man-led fintmday aftsuioon at Cteoln: Aflor a bilef lion'oymooil tic noiicom will iclmn ,tq his dimes, Icuvlnij |,|, |,,|,[ c (u mf ^ r. home for him . i aci-Kcnnt Cluiepskl enlisted. Ju MiO Army Feb. 12, 19»2,'nl CttWcV N. .1.. where ho win n ninclilne on['Ml ml' Ml'f r~>1.r. B ,L... I.I r .' a Aicn illic-ooi Jnpl William N. Cmmlniilinm lepoits itial a dcf- hilk- "buck- to- the- tmm" >tmuc- offk-es In Ihls niea IIM" ic|Toiled a definite trend r m Inboi to S 0 buck on the faun, espcdnlly nnioiiL' the older ]ieo|)le Just 4 Miles To Thp' „ 'ii Stale Ljne M(l ;;;v Service Staiipn" SAVE on i'iiiiii|>, (lu.titif (iiaii- r. A Oil, I>rniii|il, CViurtcolls "•!«'. Ojin.Ued by MiC'll.'L jlpyn.rilih. OPERATING HOURS!, !''nr A-J5-C Cttitpon Holders SUNDA.YS: !) A.M. it, « I'.iM. • ALL.WIJKIf PAYS,,,/, '•> AM. lo 12 Noon 1 I'.iU lo 8 KM. "'" Yir. I'II,I, AM, TJOCTORB' , PRESCRIPTIONS 'S AND SAVE YOU HOMY' ) STEWARTS n UR Slore ' Slain jt f.ako r.Iiune K«.sl.«i; l^loVvcrs! " I'litre 'I'eloKi.uil) Oiilcrs "" ...... Now. " " ' t'nrsiiRcs of every ile THE FlOHfR SHOP,' OKI.IVEUV IIOTEI, .nM>a,-i<i'., t'lionc I'll — Nile I'honc 2Slt BUS LINE IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS "• ' ' ' ;>t " le '^' r "ase. Flense c.ilcli tbc bus at your m-arcsl sl^lp^i• | HUDSON CLEANERS Special care taken in cleaning uniforr,^. "= Itulfons carefully handled—I'leals and .crcswcw' hand Qnishcd—2 day service. • "' Garrison Caps —^Accessories — Insignia SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA \fr ROBINSON'S 1 "THE KEUAHLE DUUG aTOHE" There's no wider selection of shavlnf needs, cosincllcs, novel'Ies " cln., In Blytlievllle than at Robinson's Latest Magazlnes-Foujp' Ulu servlce—sandwlchesl •; mw^uun... Service Men! Meet Your FricnrK al Rol>m*ort'i! '';

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