The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
Page 7
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SATURDAY, D riiK CEMBER 30, 1933 BLTTHEVniB, (ARK.) COUKIBK ITMW1J NEXT WEEK at Rlytheville's Theatres Vegetable Curry Makes an Ideal Winter Dish $90,000 is Important Local Business, The satisfactory (acil vlih'U by Ihe Federal CaMirti Warehouse company ' norr helped ir.akc Blythevillo the 'aU laruebl collon coinim'ss i>oint.. The company's two large pi: one located on South Elm 's( THE •''S'nculd Ladies Behave," with a ca5l" tliav ^Includes Lionel Barrymore, Alice* Brady, Comvay Tearle. Katharine . Alexander and Mary Carlisle In leading roles, opens Sunday al thc KHz Thealrc. This is an adaptation o( the Broadway aliiye comedy. "The Vinegar Tree." The play centers about the pclly jealousies o( a mollicr, aunt and | daugfiter, all of whom arc Interested in the same man. Thc pic- bales. ullhuiKili nearly t number of bales lire lsv j' ce ! first screen assignment following a often! successful career on Ihe New York s ' stage. Mr. Tearle's first Important a season, approximately! film vole since thc stage engage- n -menL of "Dinner at. Eight," and young Miss Carlisle's first featured role. 220.CCO bales being handled in ,£oc:d season. 1 Ai the "present time the ifii' 1 \i3relio:i&e3 have somc'.hing in > v-. cc. : s of 75.WIO bales cf cot'ci- in; floM^e, moro llian are held in i'lij : other Arkansas city. The hxtil presses have received more lh;-n 115.CCO bales this season. ]•<•:.> I; -elghlh of all the collon rcccLV- ,. Wf||k f lh Rit .^^ ancl Wednesday a(]tw) {m tl!eJ scrcen , rom ttlc hook'by Kathleen Nonis, is a semi- soph , sticata | dramalic triangular ' - rom „,„.„;- wm , 6all Eilcrs . Kor . . he , t . 1(U rolcs th arc sl , ppo , t(K area which extends in home nircc- T , )( , ..^^ Qf th( , CclUurv; . lhttl . lions more than a hundred mil-s.^ Paramount is billing th . Ihe company received a W 1 '-:' 1 '' i ]„,„ ]ls . of important screen play •number of hale sot cotton ''.'I C rs fealuml h , ,. AU ,„ Wolldcr season than any other coinpu-.v- ».' ,, t)jc fl , mlzatloil o , ArKansas. roll's Immortal fantasy which i Tne company contributes to the business and industrial strength! of the cily by giving employment over a period of about five months, and year around employment i" about' 40. bi:". until smooth. Mix anil Mi Hour, sail mid baking powder, nml mill 1 with remaining Ingredient.)!. lU'iil CKIH mull llglil'before eeni- IIIT blrlliitay. At. Ihe -toe '.'of Tfco, ' Lit lie Mafx\"lhrew"-»*jf Mafx\ was attended dh-n. '"Mary's arty nearly 2XXW with-bailer. Bake on a h6'.' pictiun theater, griddle and serve hot. on Tlmred.iy to the Ki'.i. licalrc lor a twn days run. Heading the list is Alice, played y Charlotte Henry from urook- •n, ^Jcw York, who won the cov- ted role uft;r an inwmalioiul earc!) lasting five monlhs. Some of the first-rank slurs who re Included hi the "can of llir enlury" are Richard Arlen, ll'j">- o Ates, Gary Cooper, L,;oa Errol Louise Fazenda, W. C. Fields jkccts Gallagher, Gary ciraui Raymond nation, Edward Kvevrtl lovton. Rescue Karns, uaby Loto\, Mae Marsh, Pclly Moran, J.u'f Oakie, Edna May Oliver, May Robson. Charlie Huggtcs. Alison Skip vorth, Ned Sparks and Pord Ster Ing. Tlic screen play contains the mos important sequences frcm bol'. 'Alice*;; Adventures" and "Tbrougl [he Looking Glass." 'i Vegetable curry Is a dish lit for lluhl i!cs.vrl in nddlllon to II. It's Kuutt In the cast of lalcnletl players In ; n y 0urm et. Nourishing but nt Ihe. a grand Sunday night slimier dish half the Warner llros. picture, '"I'lio ! t . llnc iime llghl " " ' ' ' " " Monday's Monu UHEAKKAST: C!ill!.-il lOMititc, iik't'. riMval, ITCUIII. crlsji Ijrollud iiicun. miillln\ milk, cullco. I.UNCMKON: Cream ul celery oii|>. crimlsiiio. r;nlls!ics, l<n>iu'ii ,;mcnki i :i, ^nipe Julro. , 1UNNKK: llrnlM'il lirof. Iuk2:l !i|ii:isi>. i;nv liirnlji and lettuce snl- ml. <]nliHT luviirlnn rivam. milk, collet. . , Tun-Yeur-l>1il Ciavi' r.itly KIKCiMAN. Kan. 'W>> — Lilt!.- ! Mary Anna Me-idc U a papular . llgiire In i his lown—eMiecluUy on Cluld Fish, Caught-In AHERDBEN, Wash. 'CUP)— Dilr- Inj; Western Washington's Dccfm- IXT lloodj, Mrs. o. H. Christeruon raimht a live-Inch 'sold -fish in'a j sieve. Tim llsh vvss swlnimtng.'jn I wain- U'at surrounded .her home. . •• m llAlUiAINS IN NEW & USEI»l| FURNITURE R.Jj.BODSQN 303 K. Main - 1'honc iji . s i m n!i-, It's n (ixi. And here's the way to mukr bei-n cil Onion liiul our- j ;ibli^[X»;-n uf euny which has| mixed In one-foiirlli cup ol In (ine-lourlh cup »f swirl Kenne! Murder Case," which comes p nmc i j-eclpe lo follow all the. rich It: to Uie RiU Theatre en Saturday.' [00,15 we have been eatins; during Slips' mull lender n mixed selce- biitlerll Then ndd Iwo cups nf there arc .but Iwo feminine roles • lne holidays. liun of medium stod pli-ces ol chicken ilock. Cook unlil smooth, against fourteen masculine, parts. | Vegetables, always palatable It i.v.Tel potnlo. Mrlni: beans, peas. Mlnlnii freniienlly. and add one- William Powell herds Ihe cast in ' pieparcd with a llltle imaglnatlDn celery, cnnnls. ciiullllower or olhev half liiblM|«xni uf lemon juice. the nopular iolc or i'hilo Vance. | and rice, which Is nourishing and Imrd vegelnblri. IX) net choose In-', Stir Ihe vegetables Inlo the f:\un: Ono of the strangest stories of a rlang'iinr love affair is told In the Wavner Bros, picture "Mary Blev- the main needing only an appcllrer uml Then make u stiuee as follows: b!c niul serve from llieuv Accn-cllns to C. H. Hall, man- '• ens M.D.," which comes to thc Rosy 'Theatre on Sunday for two days. Tli? irianale involves Kay Francis, i the star, t,yle Talbol and Tnelma Others in the exceptional cast arc Fifi D'Orsay as Lili Yvonne,; Ihe French actress; Sluart, Envln, I as the sympathetic picture pro- , ciiu'er; Nc<l Sparks, as boiled director; Patsy the hard- j Kelly, as' manager, and the TCrcc Rndio j Rogues. aqer. thc annual payroll nl ••.' company totals approsi;' :'.'.• S90.CCO. of which more 1'nnu SI; 000 a month is expended ihn-ii :-• '1'cdd. the fall. He pointed out thai :!; ; ; i Kav i.- ranc i s ^ sa id to give money is all paid out, to tocul 'm- pioyes iK nmlm-ino "even when he turns be seen on the local screen in many : from her love to another, wliilc mcnlhs, Eddie Lambert, famous ' ThMmn Toilrt gives a Pnc portray-; stage and screen cDincdlan. ami •i al of the selfisb spoiled woman to Ann Brocly. well-known scrcrn '• -vlicni love is but a Hitting passion.! character actress and comedienne. • i "Mary Stevens M D.," is a pon- i are ttanic<l for li:e first time in '•^nvfully emotional drama, of a woiu-I "High Gear." entertaining Gold- ll paid out, to tocul 'in- sltong performance as the woman j Presenting one of the mcsi thc company, with 'tht: Rector whose love for "her man" I roarious comedy combiiiations to ' - : •' ' MARY'S KITCHEN unil then on Iho oilier. Serve lint, result that it soon finds i 1 Into local tvade chain '•'•. Mr. Hall has been in rhaii'.. •• the Blythcvlllc plants fo> '.••• r••• ten years, moving 1'tTi '"•: 1 Paris. Tex., where he was uls-..- (H ncctcd vaih thc compress '•">.•'. ness. R. L. Taylor is pri-skici.' -•! : company op^ratin:j the lui;il iil:. 1 ' and B. Hester is gei.tral '••-•••\-' f ' Offices o! both are in MHIII lii... The plants nrc modern in e»n • ic^noct. offering arionu;t'.e .~li .'.n faciliues lor all eo'.ton gii>inil Ihis section. Several yeais j^ 1 ' considerable expense, tin )'•: inslallcd an »iituir!-"i sprinkler system for u>e in '.' event of fire. This feature KY SISTER MAHV N'EA Scrviie SHIT IViili-r a company breakfast or Kunchy : evening supper. The cakes me griddle enJ:es baked as largu as su]>tK i r plales and bi'ead crumbs to nilvantajje. are spread as they are baked with | On,-- and one-half e»])s line ^lale butler and jelly or bi:ll'.-:- and ni- | bread rnimbs, 2 cups hul milk. ua: 1 o: 1 bull?r anil marnialadi: and 'J lablespouns butler, U iri-j-, 1 I-- aie piled cue iibjve Ihe other. Tiiey j cup Hour. 1-^ tensiKHin .salt. :| l-'J IU;IH be kepi Wiirm unlil all arj : le-upixius bilking; pmvrtiT. baked. Cut In wcilsn'-shaprd jilec- | Combine crmulxs and milk and es, pie fashion to serve. ; Ficnrh pancakes are wiih i butter and jelly creamed togelhsr i and rolled quickly like a jelly roll, i Each roll is dredged with t]iiwilered ! •.ugai 1 . The iinlshlng touch i.; add- ' to the W YEAR! ND la-re's ImpiiiR lii:il it brinjjH y<iti all your hi'ails (k'Sire. All .-.•-. IhrotiKli Hie p;isl yoiir "iir frich(hi iiiul tusliimcru hsivu hi'tii wiinderful to us, ;md wo now tako up the simj;; Happy New Your To Onu Ami All! First Ml Insurance Agency A N y< Plume- 12 .I'll! IV. 1 .'. o I'-pul-u- and ilzlectable as they id by scoring the sugar by biirn- are. tlnpjaeks arc not a suitable ing wit:: a led-hot poker. The pok- daily toed fur thc person of sf-den- cr, o fcourse, was clsan- ; Ury habits. Wit': Ihls in miiul.'rd carefully. The cakes aie niiite many h^me-makcrs like to s'.-rvc as goad without tlus lust prccoilure an ditor. an unwed mollier. wlio|S'>»th comedy drama, which eom?s , t)1I . n ; ns m occasional li:ai. 'but Ihey leak quilc intrigului; an:l saved other children during an cpi-! to 'he Hoxy Theatre next Friday , s -. mf: [),(, i nsre i|i t in.s [cr mak-' unusual, rifmio aboard ship, but could not for a two day run. : m « grldd'.c cakes always are : at 1'ulnlo Uriihllc dikes rave her nwn. The excellent cast of the racing hand. Ihey make a splendid emcr- -\< Ka mvs t rated law p-jlalo. Othei-s in thc casl Include Glcnda j picture ates includes James Murray, .nency dish for a simple and satis-. 2 i-gs. 2-3 ei:p flour. 1 leasjinun ' Una O'Connor, Charlc-.i Wil- |Joan Marsh and Jackie Searl. in lying luncheon or supper. | talt. i teaspoon bakiiiE powder. '•'••-'- ,TH - TiipnHnr vn;i : r*'':- _c i\ ;..,:„„ jrai, Hamtd Hiiber and Hobarl Cav- I starring rol-s. and Theodor . von j nnauzh lEitz, Lee Moran, Mike Donlin. Mar- I ''' i oin Saycrs, Winifred Drew, Gor-: j rom European countries art! sub' Marion Davies plays one ot the[ don Dcmaine and Alan Cavan. stanlial enough for main dlslies. • mc5l cidertaining roles of her film ! career bi thc novel musical pro- : The addition ol meat or vegetables HANCOCK. Mass. <UI>) — The changes Ihcm iroiu a bread fubs;]- JL Ol £ii{;|Jvi. . Soin'c of Ihe. varieties of gridple,': 4 tablespoons milk. whlc'- we have korrow-jd. raie polaloes r>i'i;i loi »l.iiid in cold water fur several hours. Drain and grale. Beat eggs well anil add r.rnlt'd ]>olnlo. Mix mid :,ift flour, sail and baking lewder an:l add Street i-amp grounded Ship j dance, ensembles which make it one WESTERLY R 1 (UP> — The of 'he most, entertaining films ol explain of the three-masted j "'e year. Fdioouer Granville R. Bacon ran. Bmg Crosby, nolcd croDnc thc '^hip a'Touud in a storm when | radio and motion pictures, plays he mistook a street lamp tor a i the radio crooner liaht on a passing vessel. -M'ss Davies. role Service Is the Key to Progress "Hr |iro^n:sse^ mo.;l who serves best" . . . lhal is oi;r creed, and we have built a business on that idea. We shall not change this in l!);M, 'Service" shall continue to be- (lie watchword at this station, and adhering KlricUy to such :i policy we know that whnn the curtain ritiKn down on another year our efforts to K<> forward will not have been in vain. mil Wunderlich's Service Station Plione 711 Means Progress to smut., nc\v slrtic- liitmi:i(:rs :intl sharp saws mii^t i-onliniie workiiiK if city is to go forward We must biiilil fearlessly and well tin; lioines aim Ini.siiiexs stiTietui'cs \vhit!i must serve Kccognizinj; the inii)or!.:ir.ce nl K !|(J1 ' materials, we have a re]>lcnislied slock ready to supply I his conimunily with the ficKl crack of maierials available in IU3-I. East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. Kcl. It. Jones, Mur. I 'hone Successors to Kiisl Arkansas Mir. Co. llli yciiir in dime, and we ui.-sire .'A • iViciidly word beside your lire; To speak tu you via the prc-i? And thanli you fur your kiiKliiess. iioil friends, before your ruler's read, Memorize these words we've said: For you and yours this coming year. \Ve pray Frusiierity . . . iiini Cheer." Next Donr To The I'nnncr.s iiank Do Modern 'ives Care —> On Ilio very ni.qhl Dial Gypsy —wife of ;i innnlh—moved into her iK v w home, a mysterious woman en I led her luisbaml Tom. II \v;:.s ihcn that Gypsy diseoveroil :;hcvcoulil lie jealous.. And jealousy led lo— Here's bill one of the lunn.ii) inlcr- csl situalinus in ;i new slory Mint slrikc.s cour.i.m'oiisly al Ihe shallow slaiiihuils ol Miiuri socicly. MARRIED FLIRTS Beginning Thursday. January 4th-

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