The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 8, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI66OU1U VOLUMK XL—NO. 71. Blythevllte Dully News Blylheville Courier Blythcvllle Herald Mississippi Valley Lender HLYTHIWILLR, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, JUiS'K 8, SINGLE'COPIES' FIVE' CENTS CHURCHILL FORETELLS 'VAST OPERATIONS' Today's War Commentary 'General Nerves' NowFighlingOn Side Of Allies liy THOMAS J. DONOilUE of United IVess The Allied "nci'vc war" is in full play. The ingenious weapon Hitler used al (ho outset of the war la frighten his opponents into submission hits been turned iigninsl him— • with improvements. The reported attack on Uinipcdiisa island appears to have been part of a well-integrated Allied plan to undermine Italian resistance nt n minimum cost. Hitler used to t^iiin his objective's • • by brandishing his mighly army mid air force In Hie fncc of his tnialtcr furs, lie got Austria riiul Chechoslovakia I hat way—'.vilhcul io much as a fist fight. 'Ihe constant threat that, he w,ould use tliat urniy nnd nir force was enough to force the rnbniissicn of his opponent.'!. The Allies hnvc developed this technique a step further. They are brandishing (heir might before Italy's eyes with a practical demonstration of licnvy bombardment and Taps Lose 19 Zeros*-;. Six Others Damaged In Solomons Attack Memphian Addresses Fay cees Ihe threat that Allied armies will fellow in the wal:c of the bombers. At this static of Ihe campaign, Italy can feel for herself the ler- rific blows of Allied air power and yet she also knows that Ibis isn't all she has lo face. Psychological Pressure Thus. Ihe threat, more than the actuality, works on Italian nerves nnd there is just a chance thai Italy may fold up in (be face'pf Ihis unrelenting psychological terror. If she sill! refuses lo quit, the Allies can play their, trump card with' actual invasion, bringing al its attendant'iniseiics and devastation upon the Invaded land. The Italian prospects are bleak. There is no information o)i i.i>. reported Lampedusa attack, save for what comas from Ihe Axi: But no rnaUcr'-what' actually took place* en that barren, 14 squari miles, of -island, it can onlv be rn. gardcd as a side show to the mail •'event*'- -'•;'-"-.".r ",:.;;? :- •-'"-" •"' Ijimncdusa, a fcimer Italian pc rial colony with a pre-war popula lion of less than 3,000. is n for lorn little place.80. mile.s due eas of the Tunisian port of Mahdia. I is too far from .Sicily—130 miles— to be of much strategic:-use in th defense of that big Italian base And it scarcely could be used b the Allies, even if they held il as an attack base for action agains the bigger objectives lo Ihe norlh. Hence, Ihc raid on Lampedusa— and It appears to have been only n raid—probably was just, another praclical demonslratioii of what Is. in store for the main Ilalian Mediterranean possessions. "Oversized Patrol" The Germans say the invading force numbered about five companies—'approximately men. Compared to the size of the Allied armied massed on the southern rim of the Mediterranean, that was only an over-sized patrol. If the Allies actually Intended to seize Lampedusa, they would have subjected that Island first to a merciless air and naval bombardment on the scale of that belli" inflicted in Pantelleria. The mere fact lhat no preliminary bombardment was laid clown on Lampedusa indicates strongly thai the allack was just a hit-and-run operation. 'Hie raiders presumably were instructed to destroy certain objectives on the island, then withdraw. Pending further word froi Allied headquarters, we can assume that the attack was not in Ihe nature of a permanent opera .lion. ' : Probably one cf Ihc main rea cons for the raid—If there actually was n raid—was to intensify Ilaly's jitters and perhaps force her lo show licr hand prematurely It may have been a feint, designed lo lure Italy's fleet out into the opsn under Ihe impression that Ihc main assault was opening. Nazis Praise Italians Germany's nervousness over liovv Italy will bear up under Ihe psychological slrain is indicalcd bj Ihe tone of Ihc Rerlln announcement of the raid. The Nazis, in an apparent effort to bolster Ilaliar morale wilh lavish praise said: ". . . Once more the test ha? ended tn brilliant fashion for the Italians." But the Germans as well as the Italians know full well lhat any allack on Lampedusa would not prove anything. They realize that Ihc real test still is lo come. It would be extremely filling |f Thursday has been chosen by the Allied high command to launch the rea assault against Italy. For Thursday will mark the third anniversary of Italy's jackal-like entrance Into the war. There may have been more than rhelorlc in Prime Winning Ihc war Is Ihc primary oniiidcrulioii of every civic group, ccordiiiB tn Peiry Pipkin, pi-'omi- cnl Memphis insurance man, vho vas Ihe principal speaker at the nslallalion of local and state of- 'fce-.-s of ttic Blytheville .lunioi Chamber of Commerce at a mccl L ng of the group at the Armory ast night. "Every o'.licr conslc.lerr.llon should >e and Ls secondary in Ihc plsuis of any civic organization during the coming year," Mr. Pipkin said Mr. Pipkin is a former presiden of the United Stales of Junior Chamber of Commerce. .!>. S. BenLsh was Installed' as ^resident of the Arkansas '•junior Chamber ol Commerce by Henrj Beaudnin, past president of Memphis group. Other officers o ttie state organization induct^Jiui to office .arc, vice presidents-Gc^ Moore p! Harrison; Byrum Hurs of Hot Springs; W. C. Reeves o Fort Smith; secretary, Jimmy ;3t2 venson and treasurer, John.. Up Dowcll. 'Hie latter two officers-Iron Blytheville. , Local officers'Vfor the comin; Allied Commandos Raid Lampedusa l!y liniU'd I'ri'ss havi: beaten the Japanese American Ilieir, in in a big air bailie. The enemy sent '10 to 50 '/eros and torpeilo bumbtirs nto the second .liirge-scale attack on the fjoloinoh.s in' throe lays. Hul r,iir lighters did a bang-up inleiveplioh job and shot down '10 percent of the .lap flight. A Navy c-nmniiliil(|iic reparti our ... '. ' .ilols destroyed IP /.cros and diiut- d six other!) We lost seven .lanes. Bill three ot our pilot:? were saved. • The air halite was fought yes- crday near the American held HusseU Islands northwest of Guad- ilcanal. Tile Jiipiiiicsa objective h lot disclosed lint the Inclusion of Lcipedo planes and the large niim- l)cr of attacks Indicate they may have been gunning for sonic of our ships at. Guadalcanal. The Solomons 1 'tncaler has been relatively qiiiel in'recent weeks un- lij Sutunliiy. Tncii' (he Japs .struck with a mass nir flight and took a beating. We shot • down damaged three planes. From Solomons Bases Monday's attack' is believed lo Eisenhower And Marshall Confer In Africa Service Men Continue To Clash .With Young" Hoodlums lit Los Angeles 3 T ear are Louis . Davis. pjcsident. T Loiiie Isaacs.'vice' prcsldeiit; 'Sim-' on Joseph, secretary; ami Sanford Shelton, treasurer. Mr. Benish gave n resume of the club's activities during the past year. Certificates of honorary membership in the club were presented to Tom "Doc" Dean nhd L. G. Nash. Mr. Dean .was chosen to receive the award for Ills outstanding 1 services as auctioneer in the -'war bond auctions held in Blytheville and thtr cities. Mr. Nash gained lecog- litton for the outstanding work lie lid in the scrap drive during the last year. The Courier News and Radio Station KLCN were given cerUfi- :alcs of award by Roy Rea for Ihe vork they have done in keeping he public well informed. Tnc wards were presented to Harry W. Haincs, publisher of the Courier News, and to Harold Sudbury, manager of the radio slation. Visitors included .Col. Kurt M. ^andon, James Hill Jr., Lester Presscn, Frank Whitworlh, Bosco Crafton, Neill Reed, U. S Branson iind Capl. Robert R. Love. Kcmpton Bruton served as toast- masler for Ihc occasion. After the meeting the group was shown a color movie of Hawaii taken by Mr. Pipkin on his visit to the islands during his term as president of the national Junior Chamber. i have originated from Jnp bases in the Northwest Solomons. •The Nnvy communique also adds 19 more Japanese dead to Ihe At- lii casualty lists. Eleven blew themselves up with grenades when American soldiers surrounded ttiem in Chichagof Vallcy.iirhey raised the known dcpl to^ : '182G. More' arc believed to have -been buried or cremated by Ihe Japs. ; Our bombers continued lo hammer Kiska,-the last Jap'base in the Aleutians with a raid Saturday. . .-'•-; . - Allies on the iUove In -New Guinea, Allied jungle Lrdops siipporfcrTibyalr-'powe'r arc :arrylhg the fight -to Ihe enemy in the Salamaua'-Mubo area. Our 1 .I.CS ANGET E°. .June 0.' (W>)- Scldlcr.s nnd ' Miilm-.s nrc" pressing Ihe march n[jnln»t zool-s\lllcrs In Ixis Angeles. The war cf revenge was' InStl- r.alcd when youthful • hoodlums draped In the slo'jpy suits altack- ed two servicemen's .wives, and assaulted two .lone, seamen. For (lie cccoml night in' succession bands of soldiers, sailors and innrlncs Invade'! theaters and,night clubs to rip 'oil the : fancy locns and bloated 'coals .of eoot- Milt youngster;. . , Police rlql squadE, military and nnval patrols worked nlghl-lone Bto'p the violence.' • , More Ilian 1C3 yning : hoodlums were arrested nnd MP's carted oil truck-loads cf soldiers to little avail. -.',•• ..._..- •-.. if* One zool-sultor was^strlpned of all his clothes in downtown Los General George C. Marshall, Chief of Stall of U, S. Army, light, cc-nfcm with Ocncrul Hwlghl Elsen- hower, Allied commnmver.-ln-uhlcC, during Informal press conference hold al Allied headmmiicrs In North Africa. Marshall accompanied Churchill lo N. Africa. (Signal Corps nidlo-telepholo from NBA leleiiholo). Arkansas Briefs Miners and Operators Again Fail To'Auree; Coiifcv.- • .,..-r •;-L-. •!'.-. '''"[•'-' -'-'•*•'• V-f ' ence Kecessed forces are holding-'-posilions about (Angeles. • five miles soitlh of. the enemy b:\sc • Servicemen have vowed lo wipe ' ~ Ihe city's crime-ridden East Side al Salmiiaiia. ( . Nnvy Secretary Konx reve.ils that hc South Pacific.commander. Admiral Niniltz, , had a conference Admiral King on the West Coast recently-. Knox says one goud explanation of Iheir [>urpose could up that King, West Coast fleet commander, told Nuititz, conimar.d- er of Hie Pacific Fleet, what was decided at the Washington Strategy Conference. Nimilz now is back iii Hawaii. Farm Bureau Members Will 'meet Tomorrow 'At Courl House Nigh I Prominent Annorcl Farmer I'atally Stricken; Services Thursday John •Stiiotlicrnian. well-known farm owner of near Annorcl, died at I2;io o'clock noon loday at Blytheville Hospital Where he had been a pa I lent for the past cighl days. He was 66. Ill for a long time of diabetes, he was stricken ,wi tack Ihis morning. Mr. Sniolherinan is survived by his wife. Mrs. Maud Sinolhcrnian, one daughter, Mrs. Gladys Fmklca. ono son, Jimmy Snlotlierinan of near Parama, Mo., two brothers. Sinian Smothcrmaii and Charlie Smothermau, both of Parma, and one sister, Mrs. Annie Perry, also of Parma. Funeral services conduclcd by Ihe Rev. S. B. Wilford, paslor of First Methodist Church, assisted by the Rev. R. E. L. Bearden of Lcachville, will be held Thursday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock at the family home. Pall bearers will be C. E. Crlg- ger Sr., Fielder Perry, E. A. Hale, What can be done about such problems as farm labor, farm prices and farm machinery during the war will be discussed by Ihose of Ihe '3000 members In the Mississippi County Farm Bureau who at- lend a meeting tomorrow ni'/.hl at the court, house here. 'Ihc meeting, lo be in Ihn form of a round lablc discussion, will be led by C. F. Tompkins of Jiurdcttc, president. The acute labor condition will be foremost in the discussion because ol the difficulty In obtaining labor lo assist in Ihc cotton crop. Whether any plan can be worked oul for Ihis county lo stabilize the unusually high prices being paid for chopping cotton will be taken up, it has been announced. "Hie meeting has been called for fl o'clock in Ihc court room. of Mot-sutlers. State To Get Turnback LITTLE ' ROCK,' June 8. '(UP) — The Game'an-1 "Fish ConiinKs'lon lias announced that about $100,COO of its biennial appropriation of $c,fB,«0 will be returned to the slate treasury. T. A, McAmis, secretary of the commission, says that all permanent InvcslmciUs wore maintained and there was no reduction In personnel. • Figure Flood Damage LITTLE ROCK, June B. (UP) — Regional officials of the Soil Conservation have estimated that property damage in Arkansas and Oklahoma during the recent flood on Ihc Arkansas and White River valleys exceeded 127 million dollars. They .say erosion Is responsible for a large part of the loss. Million Dollar Camp approximate!) LITTLE HOCK, June B. (UP) — II. is estimated that construction of an intcrnmenl camp at Camp Hobin.sou will cost one million dollars. MaJ. F. p. Reeves, executive officer of the U. s. 'Engineers In Little Hock, says construction is processing on schedule for the housing of 4,000 war prisoners, ' , , should be completed by 'August. New York Cotton Missourian Kurned In Gas Kxplosion hcart at-1 'i'| lc explosion of a gasoline furnace resulted In James Reed, 26, of Stecle, Mo., being ciilically burned about Ihe face, neck and hands. The accidcnl occurred late yesterday afternoon when Mr. Heed, foreman of Denver Alfalfa Milling Company, lighled a furnace at Ihc plant. Although liiey were firsl degree burns, Mr. Reed was conscious lo- day. ,' He Is at BlythtVllle Hospital. when, in an apparent reference to Italy, he said: • ". . . It would not be right that those ttho fixed on Iheir own lerrtis Ihe moment for beginning w.4fs should also fix on Iheir own terms (he them." moment for ending C. E. Criggcr Jr. coob Funeral Home is In charge of arrangements. Bringing your car to a stop quickly may develop a brake temperature that runs as high as 1100 degrees. Livestock ST. LOUIS, June B (UP)— Hogs 21,000, salable 20,000. Top 14.15; 180-300 pounds H.10-14.15; 140- 16D pounds 13.15-13.65; sows 135013.70. Gallic 4,000, salable 3,500 calves 1,500 all salable. Slaughter steers 11.75 - IS.50; slaughter heiferi 10.75-16.25; mixed yearlings and 15.75; stockcr heifers feeder 14.50- steers 11.00-15.65; • tinners and cullers f.50-10.75; cows 11.00-12.75 open hlgl, low close 1012 1015 1939 19-12 1!MB May . 1031 Ift32 1920 1B30 IMS 2012 2013 IOC7 2063 lf»73 1981 1974 1975 ISfil 1907 105!) 1902 Mch. July . Oct. . New Orleans Cotton Mch. May July Oct. Dec. o|«n lilgh low close pr.c! 197C 1976 1059 19701) 1970 1058 1058 1955 !9S7b 196; 2042 2012 2037 2040' 204 2008 2011 2004 2005 20H 1997 1997 1990 1991 2002 Chicago Wheat open high low close July . 14t'v 144-S l«'/j 141«i 144* Sep. . I44Vi 145 144% 115 114* July Sep. Chicago Rye open high low close pr.c' 95 » 07 95',* 96 U 05 <H 97 It 95% 971 By United Press It looks as thoiijjh the coal (Ms- mte once more will be dunned uto the War Labor Hoard's lap. ^hc conference between the opcrn- or.H and United Mine Workers re- cssed lit noon with bolh tides iredlctlnf! Ihe cute will have lo no lack lo the vVLIi. The mine'operators have wanted 0 .refer tjic dispute lo Ihe War jibor Board ' all along, but Ihc JMW refused lo deal wllli Ihe joard. It's the portal-lo-por.tal pay Issue ordered by the board that Is Iho uinblini; block. And if no aincc- neht has been reached on the loint by • tomorrow, the deadline el .by Ihe board for direct nc(;o- iullons-lh'c VVL13 will have lo ssun new imtrucliou.s to the ncyo- lalors. 'Hie uoiihcrn operators seem cady lo oiler a Icniporary com- iromlsc of a dollar a day incrense or travel time, lint southern operators arc adamant In Ihclr ^' tenlion that SO cents n (lay h cnonah to pay for underground ravel. . On the oilier hnnd. John L. Lewis won't sclllc al this p'llnl for ^, penny less than oiic dollar and 1 half for portal In portal pny. Illinois mine operators have ijiven In and are willing lo slju nt a :lollar nnd a half. House and Sonale confcrrcs have |ilt a snajj in their efforts to draft nnolhcr compromise null-strike bill before the coal truce deadline June 20lh. Senate committee members ap- parenlly waul to soften I lie House mitl-slrlkc bill by olimimilinK the demand for a secret ballot and a 30-day cooling oil period before a .strike can be called In any war plant. And Ihe conferees from tbc Sen- iilc are not convinced the bill should carry a provision whirl] would require labor untcus lo Ille financial statements ivilh (he NIjRB nnd rofraln from runtrib- tilhiR lo political emnpiilimf.. However, the bill as It stanch Is sill! a tough antl-ilrikr measure which outlaws strikes entirely in government-controlled war plant.-, and provides heavy fines and Imprisonment for anyone leading or instigating a strike in n plant lhat has been laken over by Uncle Sam. Prior to tills latest deadlock, the Senate and House conferees had hoped to reach a compromise before Ihc end of the (lav. UTTI.K'IMXJK, .lime R (U1 1 ) —Only by curly realIxalInn nf the n'.ipvnsllillUlv!i involvcil can future office boltlcrs |ier- fllrnv Ibr llllttc^ i)(MlKllule<l of tinlay's leaders. 'J'luilVs ivliat Itoyn Stativ dclOKutcs bininl Itiip. tura-sl Kumll i>f l.lltlf :lti»'k siiy tiiilnyi ,Ko//eU SLilil'tbiit i:iHiipn>licn* slvc .sluily nf..niiiiiul K«vcriimcnl - Iirlncljilus Is thu <inly hn^wiir' to the probli'cn of hii'oni|ietciicr . \.i\A Knift. Drlcjfilto.s v^'lll nomhiiiti! tbi'lr stulu .(ifflcurs littcloilny . and <-.iii]|r.rlmis ami vnttni; will i-nm- tbe dj'cle timlpbl, 'Hvo pu- lltinil p.irtlrs, tin- I-Vilcrallsts nnd llic Niitlonallsls, vied fur offices, 1,11 11,1, KOCK, ,luni> 8 [111') —'i'bu Slule CikTiHiriitlnii (,'om- ml.sslnn lias set .Tilly 12 fur :t hi-nrlni; nn ;ipiillc:iilnn by Ike Hall nf- Newport tn operate n IrucklliR- llilc. ll:ill 'asks tn nli- rratu tin; line. LI.S n c.urrlcr of Srieclftnl cniimimlillcK. .AIAKIANttj\, Arli., .linlR H till') —II. M. Gqva", fatln'r>-ln-bi«' nf Limit. Cnl, Hi'iulrix t.afj^cy, Ar- liansas Cillard anil Stale American l.i'ginli l)cpartitiunt cnni- maEiihT, ilind at bis linnii 1 . in ^lariiuma today. ('nl. Lackey ami i\lrs. Lnrkcy tbr formci;..Fr:iCH:cs (Itivan, went In Mari^Hrijt Smuiiiy u:,cn liur falber beqainf 1 . scriou.sly ill. Services will lie biilil Wuihics- day aflcriinnn. HOT itritlN'<iS, .lime «— A Mnt S|iHlif;s club tnvncr lias brcti ordiTcil lu'ld for (irnnil Jury llU'i-:itli;:ilL(iu r.n a M-C- nnd ik'urri! murder cbarKr. Municipal JlKl^c l.nlj.MMVnn[l nrdi'rcfl llcrli \Yhrallcy bniinil <H'CI afli-r a hoiirhiE: ycsterduy. \Vhcallny is cliiirfjcd in cnniH-o liou will] Hie slaying of (icnrgc Kli-ban) itlnini 1 , a llnl S|>rlli(;s rarpciiler, 'I'burMliiy. Henri/ S. Anthony Killed In Africa During the first two months ot the nalibnal tire inspection program, an estimated 400,000 |to.sert- ger car casings, were found to tie EO worn or. d.imagea that they needed irhniedlit* repair $a five them tor further ust. Corp. Henry S. Anthony, who lived here all his lite until he on- tered the Army three years a^o, has been killed In action in North Africa. The 21-year-old soldier w,is Ihe son of Mrs. COra Hughfi, now of Corinth, J.liEs. .Born! here, he has a brother, lolls Woodrow Anthony In Uie Army rtow stallbned in Alaska. I'AVKTTKVIM K, .lime 8. (UF 1 )—Tim largrst (ninnu-ncr- iTiEnl cclctbrnltull hi (be blstnry nf the University cif Arkansas was clima^d last night liy the »wanting of Iinnorary degrees lo l.lcl l.-CJcn. Itrcliiin I!. Sniu- mcrvelf, commanding general of the Army Service nf Supplies, anil ,1. Dilpir Ilnnvcr, lieai! nf tbe HIT. l-'nnr bimilrcd and , r >0 senlrirs \irie iiiT.scnti'il ivilb. ili| cd Bombers Couccnlrnl Attack On; Big Junctio Near. Bryansk . ,.," liy .United Prcs.i •• Lnsl year this Umo,.lIIUerVani os In ruisslii were on Ihe move f lieir big 1D42 offensive. The major blow was struck June i;i(h. although Ihe offeusl n the Crimea was underway nonth earlier. This year, the stalemate is co milng Into Ihe .second week June, 'line, there has been a scrl of- German- feeler iillacks—all iiulscd, according lo Moscow. I) lie main.nation still Is In the n Hcports still arc coming In ,hc series of sharp air blows Iradccl )y Ihc -Russian and Oeriuan [orcrs over Ihc weekend. Russian bombers concentrated on IITEMPI FAILS, nt Allied Observers Bc- licvc Raiders Withdrew AccoKlui[i To Plan 'I lie Hy llnllcil I'rrss I'luiopo.ui \olc.ino is lo crupli I'uino Minislci Chuiehill c\tnK Hint Allied opci .itiot) 1 ) n n ViiHl sciilo nrc about Lo tiii-t. Ncivous Itnly dies onl^ lm(. thoj nhciuly have 1)6- ini , that she das iibsoibcil IP *n st asKaull lCuro])c l.i'. forwarncd lliat iiort'- loroiLi blows 'iirs' Imminent, from ho iioi'lh mid west as well . as the rmth, Not since the days preceding the German march: Into I'olund has here liecil such. tension as In. these lunl hours, , , • .' ' A supicmcly confident Winston jlniiclilll provided Ihe touehes oday In ti 37-mlnulc address to n wlldly-chci;i'lnB liousc of Cominbiis. Torcu In ; Us most Intense /arid violent twin" said Cliurchill; will DC applied upon 'Hie enemy. ''Arn- jiltlblous ojwmllons of p-oilllar com- ih'xlij and hn/nrd on a large scale lire. appiOiiclltng " 4 Itallaftn " Report Raid Hardly had ithe. PHiiio ^Minister concluded;) 1 his . fighting.-., opllmlst fpeech wlien Italsf Hashed ^vionl Hint British troops y,orc assaulting the llii) Lilniul of Larapcdusn. Ilnly claims the t^tlacX on the Island, rnUlKny bcUccn .TuhLsluC unjl.Malldj ^»i repulsed with the sinking oli Koftii) flaviCl barges Oc.r- iimns, hOHovci, sajs Allied troops (.uccccded ( n landlrig oil the hlilncl but \ntci were annihilated ' Alttiough Home I* lining to give Ihc lni|ircsslon that it >as un aclimi i Una slon attempt Allied obseHcrs bclU\c It «as merely a Commando inld and thnt the attackers willulrew oh schedule And the ' ticrlln radio supports Uils supposition, , Kald ISol itlentloned However, from our .hcadquarlcrs In North Africa there Ls no m-ii- tlon ot any such mid— Just the almost loath* (innouncenlerlt that ^"lolKrln was ripped and Inm- air "'^fll again all daj ycste« ay V r- (lmll >' "" tyl ' eii of Alllcd p sllot , railroad Junction—Uneclm It's railed—73 miles sonlhwcst of Hryunsk on Ihe central front. Fires and explosions were started among stores of munitions and train concentrations. On; Soviet plane was lost. Germany countered with two attempts to raid Gorki, the Russians anus city 150 miles cast of Moscow. Many of the Nazi bombers were turned back before reaching Ihc city, but others broke through and caused some damngc and casualties. In line raid Saturday night, twelve oui of tOfi Nazi raiders were shot down without any lass for the Russians, llnlln claims lhat three raids w;ir! carried mil nn Gorki and llmt llic attacks wrrc the "hardest blows slntek Sovtel was Induslry." The German radio says one thousand planes j look part In Ihe allncks, anil says that only two planes were lost In the raids. ._.. „_ - the Island liitnemVflghtcrs'ngalnst s loss of of our own Itic smoke from Pantellcrift s fires drifted 60 miles northward lo th6 coast of. Sicily. The' Allied.:.' campaign'"against' IU1> »ns ^he dominant Ihcrnc l\\ Churchill •( speech , r He Bald' nothing will turn the Allies Including Russia, from their intention' of. destroying Ihclr foes by bdnibing from the air.hi addition lo what he called cryptically all other " mesns." ' 'Speaking - of the rcsolut" A.llicd arinlea In Africa Chuiehill sail) plans have been made for them to engage; Ihu enemy at the earliest possible moment and he added: '[ can: Igvs , no,.guarantee any more lhan I have in the past as lo what will happen.' 1 '.'! Says Prospects Bright Hut he said that "bright and solid prospects Ite before us." •. • • ; Churchill" spoke of I'impc/idiiiB opcraliohs*' against Eilroiie; perhaps lo. coincide wllh assaults, on Italy.',s MeUltcfranEnn holdings. • • • In an implied .warning lo Italy that she has,)io chance for 'a nV- SolrJiers Recaptured HOT SPRINGS. Ark., June 8 UP) jgollathd peace, ChuicVnl). said: —Two soldiers who c.scap;<l from "Those guilty of trumpeting the, tbc uuaril house at the Army-Navy glories of war at the beginning.may Hospital at Hot springs have been well be .cjctollliiB' the virtues P' captured. The Uo soldiers, Prlvalc peace at Ihe end, and It would not Ailliur Oslo-land and Private be right that those who fixed on A. Iloshal, arc awaiting return to tlielr own' terms the' moment for Camp Pope. Louisiana, from wh(re beginning wars should also fix on they escaped a few days ago. They .Ihclr own terms Ihe moment for had been convicted by court martial ' ending them." > • •••• ••of assaulting a non-commissioned Churchill saw more than passing officer and .sentenced lo five years. |.significance Ui Ihe sudden German Private Fred L. Ferguson, anolher collapse-In Tunisia where the en- fcWler who escaped, has nol yet cniy lost nearly 100,000 troops. He S. llrnish, state president of. i le en found. He is an alleged de- said the swiftness of the enemy's Attend Searcy Meeting [he Junior Chamber of Commerce and Jimmy Rlcvenson stale secretary of Ihc organlzallon attended Ihc meeting Sunday in Searcy of Hie Kastrrn Arkansas Young Men's Club. At Ibis meeting L. si Bcnish who was a special, Invited the members of the E. A. Y. M. C. to affiliate with the Junior Chamber of Commerce with work In the slat;, since the work of the two organizations Is similar. It was pointed out by Mr. Benlsh that more effective work could bo done by combining these two groups In these trying times. Sometimes you Rtt the feeling thai your motor Is behaving as If Ihe choke wert open. It's probably (i slicking valve. Arizona Is the leading . produclng Elate In the union. seller from Camp Schllngo, Pa. New York Stock* ... 157 7-8 ... (il ... 28 1-4 ... 54 1-4 ... 80 ^-\ ... Ill Cm Electric 38 Gen Motors ... 54 1-8 Monlgcmery Ward 471-4 A T & T Airier Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Belli Hlcel Chrysler Coca Coh N Y Cenlral Int Harvester North Am Aviation 18 1-4 70 1-8 12 1-8 Republic Steel 17 3-4 Radio Socony Vacuum Bludebaker . .. Standard ol K J Texas Cc-rp Packard U S Sleel 11 1-2 13 5-8 12 7-8 56 1-2 50 1-4 4 3-4 55 1-2 disintegration Is "characteristic ot German psychology" but asked that no undue expectations be placed thereon. He added: "Prepaired To Win" ,.. We arc prepared lo win this ^.ar by hard fighting and if necessary by hard fighting alone." ": Churchill sild Ihe recent conferences In Washinglon and North Africa had resulted In complete agreemsnt. between Anwtca a^ Britain on the "forward steps to be taken. He''said May was the best month tor-ihe Allies In the battle of the Atlantic and said- the Reich might Collapse,: suddenly when It; loses i hope-of .victory: through Its submarines. The first week of June, he said, was Ihe best oi ; Ihe'eiUire ClttJenl of ,the united Stales spend ibSut $50,600,000 » day for food. .

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