The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1938
Page 7
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rilUHSDAY, JANUARY 0, 1938 ' (ARK.)' COUR1EH NEWS PAGE SEVJ3N CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive Insertions: Due tlmp per line lOc rwo times per lino per day ...OSu Tliree (lines per Hue per day ..(Wo )ix times per line per day ....05o Jionth rate per line 6Uc inrds of Thanks 5Cc & ISc Minimum charge Me Ads ordered for three or six j.cs and stopped belore expira- i will be charged for the num- of nines the add appeared and (ijuslmeiil of bill made. All Classified- Advertising QI (iiIjiiiHlfd by itcrsons residing oiil- ildc ot the city must be accompanied by cash. Rales may be lislly computed from 'above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Vsertloris takes tlie one time rate No responsibility will be taken or more than one Incorrect inser- lian ol any classified ad. Business Directory For Sale Personal 60, acre laun. black sandy loam. 2 MEN OLD AT 40! GET 1'EP. New houses, 1 burn. Newly fenced. All in cultivation and well improvJtt. SCO per acre, 40 acre farm, black sandy loa.u. All in cultivation with one house. $45 per acre. 20> acre (arm. black sandy loam. All in cultivation with otic house. 5 per acre. TERMS. Part cash and balance on long term payments. ircx 'Ionic lablpts conmin u rcs arc f[ ,,, oyster lnvi B orators and other meter will resl gets which tick off the miles tally faster with a heavy passenger tlmn with a lightweight fare. Furthermore, It is cheaper to ride when (I bemuse the ilstcr as much as 10 cent more. H was suggested thai passengers might, "weigh hi" before the trip AH farms located about 4 miles north of .Manila, near Poplar Corner store. Sec Charles Jol- jiff m Poplar Corner .store. <l room house. Nice location. -1th & Liimerate. Cash preferred. Will consider terms. Call 493. G-pk-10 America's ili-sl wralhmiun, will of i>iu Asinmkis, young ' Dallas »i^ i r'!r u r ; «* «» ^ «««««« 200 yours niter the llrst. ,wciUlK'rl llc " U3Ci;iui ' s on u ' y »»««•(! suitly w:is m-.ule, | l'«'i - L'H h'.ind, Whun the nails Imvo W. R. cblef of Die u, <j. ! i;ro'.vn si> loiijr Dial llioj 1 Ijrcitk off, Weather liureau, Wnstiliijtnn, nl(end (lie- unveiling of n labli't on o by.s them carefully away as a | pail of In'r collccllon, Homo are ai the building in which Dr. lived—mill worked. Tlio building isj iwl > " ll 'l » null' in length. bfllovwl ly lisvB town lire first dniij' store In tlii.s country, i\s well as the first wcullHT observatory. Dr. I.mine's observiitions wca 1 made \villi inslnmu'iits similar in I l>rincii>k! t:i those used today. I'KKK INSTKUCTIONH in Stylos K»lUli)g '•KKKNAT 1 KMTTINIS YAWNS fllrs. l.tsHc Htioper 1101) Chlclinsawua Phono 10U E-nlnnljan home. All conveniences. Cutfiido improvement tax districts. Right price and terms for immediate .sale. S. E. Vail. Call 213. 5-ck-B Visit Harry Bailey's New CAFE On Highway 61 at Holland M:tke onu slop for B c u r, Wine, Whiskey, Fresh Crap- pic, Good Foods. For Sale, nice G room stucco residence located 512 N, Fir$t, Bargain, small (to\vn payment. Also $1.15 Singer Console electrli; scw- ng machine for S50. Mahogany Uniiif tooii suite $17.58. Call 120, QUALITY SHOE SHOP. Complete 10 volume set of Standard Reference Books with loose leaf binder. Call 230 or 792. The Jolm Dory Hsli tliows lilack >ots on Its sides, where, nccorxl- )li to legend, St. I'elcr squeezed lillc reinovlJiB a<cojri from its lOUtll. Dri. Wtrt 4 Wen OPTOMpIBlSTS Oyt-r Joe liaa.cs 1 . Store "VVK MAKE 'EM SEE" HO J. C. Box 604 Ulj'lht'vlllc, Ark. District »H»iia(!''r HAMIU'ON i'lROst I'UNI) BpotmoieA By Hamilton ntposltow Corp. Wo Hotly & li'emier Keiwlrs C'onio In uiid Spo Us U-c Motor Sjile^, Inc. Heaters ' DefrosU'ra WELDING AT BES.T' VWCE£ •' PUOMPT SERVICE FAJRIB DON H. KASSEKMAN •nipiiLu ijiiid cb, 1 dfiico ' P.' 0. box 4TO, Phono 527. Ucliycrci! in Blylhcville by C. F, IHiiui for S4.V5 'unil ui>. All Co:i IWitraiilccd—t'honc 5-I''-l & S7t>. Shoe Repairing Everything" for your slices. Free Delivery. Phone 120. Quality Shoe Shop Batteries Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MALDEN GRAIN CO. 15-fa-fa MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Streamline COAL $«.2a ft up per TON. Washed and Sized. Kim Trandiani Phone 17 WALLPAPER New 1338 patterns. Close prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben Clune JPhone 8 at Tom Jaclyion'n For Rent Announcement — I fiirnfcilicd steam liealet 1 lrc:lroom. COS W. Main, nli EAGLE" STAMPS PICkARDS GROCERY Jvlctlcru furnished room, heatec v.ith gas. Private balhrcom ant Savage. Phone i\0. G-ck-2-i 2 room furn..-apt. 1315 Main. Mr-s •'Mciiley, call "335-W. 4-clt-l ^jJUr classes in Beauty Culture' are /In., full swing. Visit our shop r^itl let us meet you and show you our .school. We will Ije glad to rive full details. Eagle School of Beauty Culture. Conner Bldg., 2nd & V/almit, Blythevillc, Ark. Phone 319. 3 or •! room furnished apartment 203 W. Kentucky, .Mrs. Sisk. 3-ck-f Fillnisltcd house, Mrs. C. A. Taut call 8-10-W or 545-.L 3-ck-l Modern bedroom, steam heat, reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 W. \Vnimit. Gl Bedroom very veasonable. 133 W. Kentucky, Phone 715-Jt 31-ck-7 AUTO GLASS Expert Wurkmniiaiiiii We Dcli\-cr Blylhevillc Paint & Wallpapoy- Co. Wa Cut & liistnU Phone 880 lit S. Second 3 room fiirnislicd aparfraenl. flOO ! W. Walnut. 31-|)k-1 Sleamheatecl. furnished apartment in nice location, possession given to suit convenience. Telephones 571 and 197. . 29-ck-lf. One comfortable bedroom. Call Mrs. S. S. Stcrnuerg, 984, 120D Holly. 28-ck-lI Wauled To Buy Goscl "used Barber Chair. Cheap for cash. Call 215. For Trade Will trade good 103G Dodge Pick up for livestock or \vili srli f,.r cash. Gene Bradbcrry, Dell. •J room unfurnished apartment. Very reasonable. 701 W. Ash or call 1008. 23-ck-tf 3 comfortable bedrooms, talli. Gentlemen preferred. Phone 70-l-W or 151. Furnished house on Holts. Call Mrs. S. S. Stcrnbcrg at 084. 12-ck-tf /-, -j -, V7 , batcsnicu Wanted wauled for Capper's Publication in northern Arkansas Cnn mcike lip to $40 weekly. Must Gun repairs. Guaranteed work. E 1935 1933 Thursday—-Friday—• Saturday Ford "(ill" Tudor—Cican as a I'in . . . .S IB5.UO. Chcvrolci C'oiicJi, color jjrccn, run.s good 1!!)5.UU I»")ymouth Coach, Healer, ;i re;-.! iniv .. :!S5.00 I'ord Coiipc/^ntor'A-l, New fires 175.00 Chevrolet Coach, new Heal covers, Tires and Motor 0. K IG5.CT I'ord Tudor, priced lo scil 'J7. r >.H!> Ford Fonlor, new jiainl cc Seat Covers .. J!)5.tll) \\'c h,tvc ;I complete line of used cars and (rucks and priced lo meet with every purse, if you cannot com? hy and sec (he many Hargain.s \vc have, call 810 for demonstration. Cal! any of the following and they will he jjiad lp bring it to your home: Bernard Gnoc'i, .loe Shanks, C. 0. Graves, 0. 1). Grimes, Howard Hurton. Arthtir Nabors. C. S. Dowdy, E. G. Woodard. Give any one of these a ring, they are .-it your service. Fifth & Walntil I'hone Sin , Hoy Calvui, Manager Used Car Lot Value $1,00. Special price 33c. ' Cull, write Kiruy Bros. Drug 'Store nd Mayor \Vlllltmi Morriso unteered the installation of profession lliat will afford constant employment. Enroll now in the Beauty Culture Belated Honor Will Be classes starling Jan. Paid To Forecaster Cooper Bids,-. Walma fc Second proved school meeting all require CHARLESTON, S. C. lUI'i— Tito .Sli.uisi' DALLAS. Trx. till')—The hul)l)J' ments for Arkansas and Missouri pioneer efforts of Dr. Joh Kirby's Tasteless CHILL TONIC USED CARS Bargain For Country Style Contains More Quinine— More Iron SIALAHIAf, CHILLS SWAMP FEVER —AGUE FEVEtt At All KlTly Dtug Stotei Washed Coal Wanted To Rent HKAl) CHKKSK AND SOUSK 4 or 5 room modern house :n Sml- seliool District, Phone 178, CHEAPEST l-'nr Itilis, Iplii, Hams 1'urc Lard. \\. (). VCVVCH, Agen!, tiff. U, K. HI root^ ;\rk, I'lioue 055 Flowers Arrive Fresh After Cape Town Trip No »lali-, H'rU, sulphur ur dill. AliMilnlflv cl«m Cllill. — I'rciinrcd By — A /f Expert German WILMINGTON, Del. (UP)—Mrs '. U. Ilicheson lias received .spring lowers in fine condition from a rieud in Cap e Town, Africa, a HsTanec of about 8.000 miles. flou'ers, a species of nurcls- us, were sent by a friend, Mrs. L. Burnham, and kept in a rcfrig- iratert room aboard ship. in (lie most. iiiul largest lilutil in tlie world. Now Ix)ca(cil at 101 N^ttfi ADDING MACHINE &; TYPEWRITER SERVICE; BUREAU ' ...... " iiml iiis|icclcrt ijiul [i.issci! tij' cf Vnllnl Slates I 1 ai'k- ing 1.1WS t'licv. 19:;I I'onl Oiiu-h rit-k-iip, iiiakrj at Rebulli Cnlenlajors— l(cpnlrlnc— llriyc 0«t and Save Deliver Taxis Charge. Higher For Overweight Fares I'JIli; Inlcrnallunal DEE'S PORK HOUSE All '1'ntvUs To I'ss Stiilij I'ride Add., Old Siii I 'lace HAMILTON, Out, (UP) —Overweight persons who ride in JJamil- :on tax'cabs will have to pay for their aclvoirdtipois and city officials have fomul no solution to the problem of (he new taxi meters. Tests have shown thai, the gad- S^PERI.QR COAL CO Mionc 700 Turn sondi off liiffliwaj- to gi'avcl road Ijetwccii Lost Hoy Grocery unj Kobiiiimt Filling S,f^(ipn, llieii 3 so u Hi. COBB FUNERAL MOW LEMWE SEE-ON, VES- MEXT, WE'RE &OMWA LA5H : POLES.IN PLACE - ALL RIGHT, BOVS-NOW WE'VE OOT ALLTH' S1UFF WE'RE GONMA MEED, LE'S GIT &U5VAM' <3iT 7H' RIG ASSEMBLED- "WELL, C'MOM- SHOVE THAT ROCK THERE A1MT MUCH LEFT FOR ME GOWM^ HOLD 1HI UP ALL CW/ L COPS. 1936 ay NE» SERVICE, INC. T. H. REC. U. S, PAT. OFF. UOOTS AND HEU I5UDBIES WASH TUHBS IHERES MOTAWOTHER HOUSE r OM THE ISLAND. I'(A POSITIVE f THEM WHERE THE HELGA ZMITH'S. PIRATE GANG BE HIDING? AND.THERE STANDS MELGA 2N\ltH, PERSON.' TMERt'S FLteH OF LI6HT A DOOR OPENS! GUESS V/HAT! THEY'VE (JWCORKED OLD 'MAW SCUTTLE. HE'S OUTTA THr JUG.' OH...OK ! 'THAT'S BAD/ \VHEW D|C>' You'HEAR ABOLfT IT, ossie? KHOV/ rr.' HE PASSED ME OW'THE STREET AND GREETED ME LIKE AW OLD FREUD .' WE- \ WE SAID HEt> LET KIDS WERE J BTGOWES BE EJtGOWSs! IWOMD.ER HOW FAR WE CAM TRUST^ HIM ~?-. ME GOT OFF FOR OOOD BEHAVIOR J -THE. OWES V/HO HAC3 HIM SLUWQ IWTD JAfLi GCWHA KEEP HIM IW JAIL FDR A TIME ! DowM ETLM STREET I 7-ck-lf.

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