The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 23, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUIl BLYTHEV1LLE. (AllK.V COURIER NEWS MONDAY, J1AHCI1 23, 193 THE Hl/1'THEVH.LE COUKIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAlKES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Tlie Thomas F. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas. Bar. Antonio, Ban Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office a'. Blytheville, Arkamus, under act of Congresj October 9, 1811. Served by the United Press SimSCKH'TlON HATKS By carrier In the Uly of Blylhcvillo, 15c )>cr week or SO.SO yet ye:ir In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles,. S3.00 |k.-r year, S1.60 for six mouths, &5c for three months; by ninll in i»Etal tones two to tlx, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven and eight. 510.00 ;ic-r year, payable- hi advance. Justice lli'ii. K. E. Alexander's stitlcnunl of Si'.tunlay, coupled \viili comment lh:il has lilU-rod norlh from Osraih ;unl points Lolow, would, if liikon :il f:icu vr.luo, convey the imiiiTssion Unit wo of the Chickusawba, district him: |)ur- miUud i;vcviiici:il and short si({hU:il sellislmcx-: to blind us to the I me merits »f I lie controversy ov:r ihu distribution <>!' this county's skuv of highway turnback money. When delegations from the north end of the county went to J,ittli> Hock in tin cr-tleavor- to ti'ouun for I ho Cliiclitisawlja district an ctjtial division with lliu 0?ce- ola district of thu turnback money, 11 1. -Ak'xander, if we may accept his own DKUL'ititiit, found himself in the- difficult position of Iwviinj lu choose; between the selfish demisiuis of the larger piirt of liis constituents, and justice. 1'iu'ii- ful as it must have been, -Mr. Alexander's decision, or at least so he tells us, was on the side of justice. "1 v.'iis actuated purely by motives of justice." "I did what ] did because it was vi.'rht in principle," Thus Mr. Alexander explains his refusal to block the well planned program of improvement district promoters and land owners of the Oscoola district to have taxpayer.; of the Chicknsawba district pay for their roads. 3n substantiation of the claim that it was justice to give the Osceola district the. lion's share of the turnback Mr. Alexander declnrrs that the Chickasawba district ha? received the major share of !icw state highway construction in the county since the adoption of the Martineau la\v in 1927. Along tho same line tlu> Osceola Times advances the claim that (ho Ciiickacawba district received sf'v.Uer benefits than tlu- Osceola district ihroujfh ihe assumption of road district bonds under the Martineiui law. In onler that they may have a better n;id:r.;law!ing of the situation \ve invite the attention of both Mr. Alexander iiiui the Osccola Times to the following i'-^urc.-:: K'?ad improvement district Iwnds outstanding; in Mississippi county when the Martineau law took effect ?G,Uu'l,000. In Osccola district 3,828,000. In Chickasawba district : 2,833,000. Excess in Osccola district over Chickasawba district $995,000. The figures above were arrived at by taking tho outstanding bondsi of improvement districts situated wholly in one or the other of the county's judicial, districts, and by apportioning between 111" (wo judicial districts on a mileage basis the Iwnds of District Number One, which was in both districts. Money spent by stale highway department in Mississippi county from March 1, 1927, to August 31. 19;!0 for conslruction §.100,108.06 In Osceola district 2H),G20.GC In Chieltasawba district .... 180/188.00 Excess in Osceola district over Chickasawba district §:{!),!32.GG Thus the Osccola district is seen to have received over £1,000,000 more of stale help than the Chiekasawlia din- " trict. II! tho present highway turn- back law remains in effect the OsceoUi district will derive another million or more of exces- benefits. Not so bad "for unselfish devotion to justice and right dealing! This slate aid comes from the proceeds of aulomobile license and gasoline laxes. Somebody has to pay tho bill. The Osceola district is getting the gravy. Who furnishes it? The 11)30 census gave the Ohieka- s;iwba district: a populalion of orS.lOG, the Osceola district a population of 31,183. Of the county's assessed valuation 5o.f> per cent is .in the (.'hicka- sawba district, 4(3.5 per cent in the Osccolft district. In January, 1030, automobile license payments in the Chickasawba district were ?G7,G22, in the O.=cenln district $33,15<1, or about two to one. Assuming that ratio would apply to gasoline tax payments, as no doubt it would, the Chickasawba district in 1930 contributed ?232,GSG.31 to §11<I,607.58 by the Osccola district, to the state highway department. So far as the division of state highway funds in this county is concerned it has been a case of you -;al and we pay ever since Ihe adoption of the Martineau law. There had been no general dissatisfaction, no organized protest from the Chickasawba clistrict. There would have been none had not mere inequality in the apportionment of the.-e funds been followed by daylight burglary in the appropriation of Ibis district's shave of farm-lo-market road money to pay the bonds on somebody else's roads. Talk about justice, Mr. Alexander, and the vindication you cxnrct to receive from the fair-minded voters of this county! Read the voters lliefc figures, lull them that you ar<: Ihe man responsible for taxing them to provide goon gravel roads for the big plantation owners of Ihe south end of Ihis county, through cast MOTHER NATURE'S CURiO SHOi SIDE GLANCES By George Clark i <V3!r-; to t!:e Pi-iviur hi Co:iv:iii:o!i ivl'.ll it .s;. .'-.-!; iLi: •. h»s tosr.i' dov.i'.i i to i!s :<s liii 1 ijif-i'.iesL I):::CD o! o:a-i ; lory o! Hi; colonial era. | i H ivns i!ullv:-rpd hi defense of thcj 1 .> hiin=(lf i traiuctil, (o or.~ur:?!: n ir.!i;;ia n: ! to nut 'Jii c.jluiiy in n.n attit'.'.ilc c[] dc:.::.\. u^ mcj'. stirrin ^S'-^K-y mz,* ^.:^^')%~£0> U.'-lT/L ~H£ HATCH, KO FOCO D ~!>-t;s '"nitre !s no rctri-at l^:t in s. i.'s:i;:i r.ncj >;av!ry. On:- ct:.ilr.s ' Vf Ij ' ii. ,.;•,! on iii : ' plsirs i/t ! :v:\>. :;al:; lh-jt Iroiu Hit! i:r,:lh Mil! l;rhr ; ll:c clash !c£ r::o:i!!(!i;,'.: nr:n-. O'.i ' :ui; iihvtly i-n l!i" -Uiil. V/hy idle? Wint is i 1 liin: '< M •'.- •'••'•!'• '•: .'•'••'•'•'- ^'^ I , r'.r.tkrcd i>y the- Chancery Court !L-I- it:'- Ci:c !-.asr.'.v!w District ot | (_ i l-!i?-i:.:'.••;:: (::::i:;ty, Arkansas, on! "Oh, he's Koiujr ( 0 he a hiwycr? Why, I was just poinR Trr'tn"'™'. "«n\.^ e ^li^fS 5 (O silKKl'Sl tliiil very 111 in;;." ! ond"^ :,;. nor.; e: a! v:eve''cefei- " ' " ' f:^>it.r i" : i* •,- ;i -,\ \\\\\?\r oi'»; V.M aD'' Hoover Has • ai.l A.ll-?U>^X J...tt3 T7 '1 1 T4 1 ftt ' tailed Declares iNorns ts. v::]: :ci! at (jublic f«\<* .v.n ' ''' CHURCH EXCUSES r.y Geor:;L' V.'. Earh.Lm== at u . c fr(Vjl ( , TOI . Q . Hou=0 ' bt "-' xfm !h = ho '-' ^^•;,'?.t%^ April, 1931. uio follow ii! 3 ira es- ., vo ,, d , v ,ii, ba , ; . ,,,,,,.„ a Church, thu v;e ' not °* n '° t=D ht!st - v a r.V KOUNT.Y IIL'TCIIUK M:,\ Service Wrilu WASHINGTON.��The i of I!::- p;i.:)! L - v.-hu li-d str*:! for' tati; - '"-•>"• 1 —•<••-• •• '--• i —'••-• ;i !e ,, f . i Lot three, Diocit „.„.,...,„..,..- ,,, So/:ond Addition to j l ' K ' / v. . .. L .: -h ''I - -. ot'; c!03c!:-:vni = cf Ihe (!!• lionet lilurt le Ct'iir'. jik-ci<!eil . Blyihe-1 , K;I S i;.: :n cnr i c :-..:r.- fvcm "", Game h there and ai'.cr vvai'.in;; torest to cci-.'-id?:-. Jim lus a rj '.v;.:.: ser-mcpl loreve: v:e ^ot i- lj-.-; nc.v; thai rc-guiri-s him to ussoc •'.even, HP!'- i tr ' " xl:1 ti:c SrcrL ' inr >' - ; ayi'-'-S :!:;;'., and ccnnct v.-ith cp::ain tyic; | clashes of people- and yc;i k a:- \\-j-\f rue a let c." pccpi-.-'ia n belli the country anil !•„• Ucpii'o- lnnin|i.)ii'- "f the p-,'e- n-cno'io'v l Blytheville, Mississippi County, l El - : " u; f- 1 '- 1 "' ^oan. t-.vo yo.,r; :u- thd^ aie a let c; pccpi-.-'ia r, lican r ,:-.r!v d-.-iniuid thai l'i.':.;<lrnt Clio- Movb's'Y-UI "' ' Arkanss::. ;'•'•' ; ;v '"" lcft - Tl " 1! <'i^icr!-s every Church that von do r.r, Hoovt-i' shc-ulil be npiti- :- :vnom- "luij^ hi', po-.v;v of -. .", !-n .jr..: Said sa-o v.ii; be had t.i .-jtisfv' nj VK , J&1; ''' >' e:irs !? - lcr - : pecially care n,,-. Tr.r-i tiler-? L: :i:i.tpd no.- r.-elccb-d. ar, ...::iu; io : Mrc,y.d .ihf- Muiclc S'^r\ b ; H •"•! - ;;i - ! (1 —^ i" '^" sm-i of jl,.3:e.C!. . ' V "^ '''V vu . 7 " l[l!n - i -i-<- i:l! ' : « v -' llj " :i ™ ^"<- f •Senator Ocr,i s p w. Kon. n ; !;e- mca'ure lieriRiicd to n- : i- Hi-: «ith 1C p:r ecu: interest from J«h- 'V :l1 - 1 : •-'-•; : -i-''-, =••.-"-s :•. jt.<e • er, as that !u:a:!y reaches ••.-.:.• hvaska .chairman of th • recent! yrcat «.verninen; uroparty p- Mils-! '• 193 °- . .,.? ''«necib;i-c:i uisi v:e i-:ia one's bu<nr;s. The -A-fs ir.,1- Piogr.^stve conference. • cle Siio.ils for Us? chci'.pt-ni:-:- a:' Ihe purchaser at s::id sslu sviii \ '': ." :e lir: " ! 0 " c .' ; v 1 ' 1V: '- ''"- v '" ere « :elul -it-'J'- ''*'• f "'- ;1 ej:i::-jc- Norris and Hoover arc ;v..i of the • ferliliz«i- for Amerlpann :-Tr-',':'ir' fc- required to execute iior.d with! w - nm!I S lo "'- v,-iic::i::- evcrytiim- and uei i:i v.i:!i the r'^ir. v>'Jii.'j ]iis: ::-.::t v.j bofo:.; ;o;n;a!: of folks. Ko ni'.cr co:is:iicvinj t! most thorciighgohia pc::i:i..l one- rv.d iKilir.alicn r>f the surplus JOT-- ' :.yp'.'nvsd Ecci::ity. to scrure the , ll " ,, 3 ,, ' - :!:l l!;i D0l0:j ^"""v o- IO!KS. So filler consiLtvin.; t! mles In i),:lj]ic life. Nor:, ^s Ilin or f c: - the benefit of i^op:? v.-iih r. y:'y:::ti:t cf t-:r: p«rch.::-c inoi:cv,' IK ' r v >' !1 " n tiie ksi •„:!.-.•; c.:iii: th:nr? we dociurci r. -y..'A lie i!-,depr]j:loiv. Rcpiilillcnr. ivnu-nr t:-.n:tn:is?ion dli'.anco of th.' J- •' ; '" •"•- ':•" v,-i!l 1:":- rc!::::isU '.ID::! . Jl; " ;Cl ' Vl ' a " qu;: " M1 ' :ul :> "'' ] '•'" i ' n ' : '•'• "• ai: K ••' ; '- ;: '-' - l: "- i '•'"/ "-li 1; who fcok-.d (lie Hoov,2:- :iekcl in ve!opmn-.'. The po'.vcr p.c:\- '••••••'' propt-i-cy :-s ;i:li!U:c.i.ij :-:cu:•-:':'-'. ''"'-'-~-'f~ i; - t;:rr! - '^'•'••-'-' i.'-'-''-"fS butter line c:i :':.u t:-:..d thai i 1028 and rr.llrrt for (in e:rciion ! ivaut no • ard.stick which svo-'!d <••:- : : :-' £"r :hi- usynwn; of uich psir-1'-" :s " lion n".l:'"i I son: io: t'.i c tn cur C'.'.iiic-i. Ju:iir.: : S of Al Smith, the Demccrii. Hi-has! jiCFC their c:::oil!jiiil" rn'.e.', .-. •>. ^i-" : e mcnev. ' j Pieacher azain. While- I iia i:c'. arc yci:i!Lr end then is parit lert many a:iti-nclminis!r.v.!c:i iiulitil :>rr. Knoi?r killed Ihe 1)111 p.fte'r ; ." : V,':-.:-.;ss mv np.ii the seal or : to:i "•'•-"•• '•'•>'•• '• l ' ;:i : " ;! - iii! •'•-•' '--"c 10 jet ti-,(-n; in. I'i-.i ;In tho Scnnte and Hcoviv i-.ns -,et hrd tr»n pjsrect by tech hoas"-. o: •--' C.m:. o:. this, tl!e 'JOth day. wtrL ' lc - ; l1:v - ' !5i:0:i 1;Lni V -' ;I:L - >ic v-'n-irrt. fc;r it ;i!3>- lie I:i:e .-.usii liis far- acninst raanv ot tl:p nicas-1 Cracrf.s. " • "i Mr.rci'.. 102;. 3 tin ! £ - lcu! " do o!;= - it i; - ^ !ir > inform.!- my friends who i5 a ir.;n:aD;- of j| nrpo osnnusc'.i byNorrf, :'.::d Uv.-, "The; pyesiricnt stands in the va.- ''• ^ tSAiSKd, "jtir.!i V.M? nn; very satisfactory. Sn! other Chutch f.ii;i. af::.-«jtv other Prosressive.-. Ko^ 1 . :':; !n-.ui.: I: i a natioiv:! :-\.--tcin of floci! co:'-: C-jr.inr.-:;i-.:;<_-v in 1 . T r" 1 :']:;. told him v.-e wor.ici thii;;: ulJer i; may l:c i ; .:nl r.. "ffls;ii^ Robert V. I.ucn^ of !hr n nitb!i:P:i • trvl i'---: '.1:c Mi-'.irsit:"! vrl'c 1 .- "~~-' '21-'J8 Apr -i I-b-u: ;oir.irj^ real s-cn. J;i:: ar.Ci t gc : . iji r .erc-it?u and ^.xc.a'.ly a'a - .... :::e.\ National Coaiinittcc. tricil to cie b: [lu 1 ' .iiui: 1 ;: 01 r'oi'ai"- ti'ims o f.^at Nonis by rliv:in: p npiii.-.- i,',_. :i-;!iutin j .! 3 nf t]ir-":ili=sir~:p|: • • in I^.L- In:-'. ^L-br.i:-\'i siiK-.lbi- ir.,.;. >i.- feel that there are so nuiny thhics they s:c u? v..:y o;r. si In l.-,e In:-'. :.;'br.i:-<n stnr.loi- ;r .,':. >;•• i!:o;t.i:.-; ! hi-in,--:l:,-.t" ir- I-'-.-... :-, ; .:.u -.J-.L'.I .ii.a iii:- {"} 7 pi j i i ipi .-. ' in i^e ct ^c S ,-es-,e co-i'-rpi-n- •><- j nj^-Tv.,^./!^^ 0 ; 1 ,,.'^ ji;: i ;!!^:; ; ="^," : ; m ;.i s: ™ ; .v .: LI( ,^ :: ;i ^^^11 tl blioiilders Arc lii-asiLy • Corrected if Treated Earlll tVic::sh non-pa] -,vas in many : r,i. I.a'.vrcnc? vivi-r. but lie rc.i]icr;.i an cr:':,r. : .,:.d prot :U ! u- •> nj el!t:-; lo l-::dcc:n ;i'.:i; aiiaiii.U tlii- f.iliiife i'l '.lie KLCUI : pn.-.y.i t \ luiniinb.ti.itif.n to :is:t in m-.-vl ^Licii '-Uii<].'r hi', leadership and ir.:ii;- pr:blcias as iinci-.iplisyinent. njr:- ; e , Kc . inco:nn tasci of :i"J vcr..;i.. cnliiuiil distress, p-.iblip. i;ti!itips mid ! :-%v-.- h en n-i'»c?i! v.itho'.n a iu.'- o;!i(-r inn! -.::-.', cf coiurrn to Pro-' r e.5!:rndlu? vairctir.ii for the un:i".| n C,'n::n-.y, Ark;ui:,i.~, on; i, i.r.-'l \V. L. LX-!-:j::y. a«, Kfiim, ,:;M'.;I:I! c.; U;o Aracripnn v.vre Pip.'-miff.~,j J';,! A.-ceiaii-iii. aiiS r.f Uy- Sr.y^ "Suv.crnirin 1 ' i\ii1nl j 'Mr. Hoover c:un: into ofiicc n:-j2 I]'.? Ainc: iL-a-.s people l:ad T.imr Duel;"! •;-,. c: a! were l .v: S.^v.-- b:':,-i:f;l that bailiy Ixon mndr lo believe he V.-BS a ;"in--iie.".!-(l ic::.iu'. ',\ a? the 'I I'liir- !;-.\:uii:::r.: to lb? Con-:i''.i- io <-.r.-.-.c; - difficaliv : . r.a:.h:r.7. n.:!!i. an,-; a pi The de'-e!op:ii::-.i r,; the moc' rL^min? r-prc'nl'y of c:'ihor.c::ic r-ur^L-L-y ' r honcl-on-,e . -"cant sr.-n: rcli-f for yec'-ilc v- ! l:1crs :nc : .!:a'.o tv.-isreel EI;;:V:.- v>!io foi-mcriy .';- r:i l?.i';ne. fa 50 thvc::;;!-. V.f: wdtally V.'ciK rnav i!1 S worse- r.nt! isivarhbly obj'f OUT OUR WAY - ^ R f w ' rictiltnro is in much vcv^n Condi-| rnvv ir.d.-. ir;v.:.'. liifit "'- ^«" jiicn than v.lien he to-iS office. ; lave ci !:i- ::.v:iy :.s well I "He lias done a>i::i,; iinihinr: ' i,- ( •>'. t;.« c.;-.i:'.try ' list I:. s'nn.]!:l n:iL!iur I ? .' -, ::;-. 10 I\T C'.-:iL'inl:v:s'. fir.;n July 1 1930. Williimcl lo m - ct t!1 ° epc!ion;lp do!>re«i-r. t!i:it I:.-shn;i!:l :i:-it!i " ijj - laulo !and the vast n:--nipinyinra'. which jntcd nor rt-clcctcd.' '- U rrralrd. Not rr: 1f r-nl v.::li nv.i:- • • imi;in3 I'.IP sltnmion nnc: fai'.iivrj TO?lO!;rn',V: npav. i'.. Ire vptrr<i nr:' bill \vilicl'. '; orit! !ia\f; e- 1 : 1 .!-.- ,!-isr o. co-ri:ci:i-.a:rd natio:ui! :.y -, \\--\\\ ICIM of pu'.p'.nyri-.c-ir. exrban-::". muni-i or.i.i^*: .-.f N:itii:nal c^iju;<v- tr.r> Horn.: 1 ridini:ii v , all '\vho belie 1 .! 1 in an ii ••K-.-'. :v.\;\ iairj _\o. ; :-j for ;•. ;pcr:a!if' to p.rr.ih- r. bva.-r cv ' r.radiMilv .i-..xi:fyir.4 U :in lo r,^ .; ;o hoiii'-he •:ic-il( : - the impiovenicnt.. ; ;ip;::i..u J r-:.-cu:i'.y. to L;';i:re II,- >\-r' I!..yinv::t cf the :;-.:rci.:i-• ,no:'.' lies! v.ill ' Vll! !?;-! an: ;-..ick in jiropor position: A-= .i-.y.j-.-; c.v.i r'slixo. tiie ^•'i :<:::; cioii'Vi lor tlv.: ;-^r^on L-J (io- ( i-r ti.::,:n\?:lt i> br.'un tile ^ '-'- vrlop a correct pos'.'.irc. Ms t!-; i',o:.'ibility of or-^ivv.e c'5| ::h i-cnr.d cr M-opc-.i j The childrrii v.--;o incline to i'l -\e. DOC-r OiOM -fo EAT lil . u ,;.,. tent!i-::cy cf the 1o o:u;.- i ; " !trto ii;.-ii:h'.-:-. or perhaps fcvwr.rd ta .•nicrc, nv nt o: lln- prr.inuit!.-n !.v.v. c\\'i:: v f F..IV; I'.irlis .11 Attltutle . lv. A',i:.m "Uy ; l .::^.i:i trol r-i '.':u- U'!ie! i:>r i-.-.iliiP-r.s PI '.t^.rvinr, iv i,;,;., [•- [Jiftv-.- 1 .:: A'.v.crif ;-. . Itirpns and. j r , CCOLOMT GOT TO NlG»-\T CLUBS \AJI-IAT" ABooT |lif:il" !.r.-, irulicnl--.! that p-itis,in fln! - iS nr:d"::'l!n:is hav- v.iore •.vr:[:ht. him O.ian •.',]• :.;!cvi;>:i'>n o : mi-ery T..-...-.: •••.cut his art?»5^^y^ ife. ^ jl. .vn that !::• £c UT t \viK v: .-cr. . !.- -rev, -n-.ini!'.::! s . lcl j „ ,. -1 n.-..r,:' - (.iv.ileil by r.ny ~\-, xn y t h: t imv ;! • ' f SSP?fc ; V A !! W^'?--^. fe&feV' V; •!!; • ^^^ tSfcjS&fc \<< '. < '-' :J^^^^^ Otif \V:iiil-A(l Service i.s lil'.o coi!:nu!!iily Sv.'ilch Y<:ii ti'iins:nit you Ad- r i';;ki-r . f(ir::;s . you anti ; <li:L'.-!.c.4 iiiiil mu.-t (lircL-1 ecu- ^ tisc! with n-.stili.-. /fl 306 — For an Ad-Taker

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