Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 23, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1896
Page 4
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Jotio Gray's CORNER. Oft the following items: . " AJ1 kinds of warm weather • dress goods: all kinds of gauze underwear for ladies, gents and children; .-ill kinds of gold, silk and leather belts; all kinds Of laces and trimmings and nil other kinds of goods. DAILY JOURNAL Published every day 1» th« week (except Monday) by the Lojranaport Jour-.- iml Company. Greatest Discovery or the Century. 19th N1W HKMKDY Modicntvil Air Kor the Cure of Clitnrrh, Asthlnn and all palinonury Disease*, It bus no equiil '.ot Sick and Nervous Ht.id- hchf, 1.WW.IXX) pttople die annually from tim ubove niimeJ diseases, Wily HUfltt mid dip, when Medicated Air Is VJCOi CAT f'Oft* «ui"*nte«l to <Mre jou. ••dlcated Alritiid Drug Co., BIchmond, Ind., U, 3. A. It !• the best remedy on earth for La fcnppe. It -will give immediate relief Vi will effect a cure where all other •medleg fall. •old by B. P. W. S. WRIGHT President A. HARDY Vice President C.-W. GRAVES.... Secretary 8. B. BOTER Treasurer NEWLEADERS Self Appointed Democratic State Bosses. ARE SHORT ON ABILITY Price per Annum Price per Month Official Paper of. City and County. (Entered as second-class mall-matter at the Loganeport Post Office, February 6. 1888. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAXSPOKT, OflPITflb • S2OO.OOO J, F. Johnson, President. S. W. Ullery, Vice Prenldent H. J. Heltbrlnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. i. T. Jolinson. S, W. TJllery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. SnMer. Buy and »"'! Government boMfls. Loan money on personal security and collater- mli. Issue special certificates of deposits bearing- r per cent, interest -when lelt one year; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited ftlx months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this tank for the deposit ot deeds, Insurance pallclos, mortsoRes and other valuables, rmted at from J5 to $15 per year. To the Ladies. Those who are interested in dermatology should call on Mrs. Strlngham, who Is located in the St. Elmo building ou Broadway and be convinced that dermatology is what every woman of intelligence and refinement needs. It Is conceded by our best minds rLat a beautiful complexion Ls ;i necessity of the Nineteenth century, aud which civilization must have; and every worthy IrtiS' band or brother will take interest la and those who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eczma, tetter, freckles, acme, liver spots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls wishing to work for $10 a -week should call and sell Jit's. Stiinsham's preparations. • Catlerice Stringta, DERMATOLOGIST. TUESDAY, ,TUNE 23. 1S015. One of the remarkable scenes ol' the Reini'btlcaii wmventloji was the wltJi- d 111 wal of the silver mining States. TDar incident must have Impressed every one with tlie selfishness of the I'roi? .illvia 1 movement. In 1800 the doc-trine of States rights meant .property interest iu slaves. No less emphatically IMIS free silver been shown to IMJ property Interest In silver mines. The Suites withdrawing cast few electoral votes for the Republican caudi- dnie l'or president In 1802 and the loss ks nor. great. These States owe their I'xlstaice as States to the Republican party :>«d in ti'.iis -fact insrar.itmlo is a.dded tn sc-lllish considerations. But in eni'phasizlng the fact that the free silver movement, is of local origin these S,Uvtt\s have imliiteuHoually furnished a ooni'pl-ete. answer to the free- silver <Jc.- mauds and have provided- the campaign argument nocossary to make the ciuurt.ry overwhelmingly Republican. The Republican parry is pledged to a gcuurous use of -silver, to the use of it as fa,r as it is possible, looking to ward the pn.vsi'1-vation of a stable monetary system. The Ri'imblittui party believe.* l.ii an anvple circulating medium, n pro- rata. thai: skill give the necessary currency. It does not believe in the repud- iii'rion of national or personal Indebtedness, nor in a eutireiK-y that shall give to the farmer or Uie . workl'ugwan money having two-half purchasing power. It most emphatically does nor'believe i-u legislation- cltat shall double tho value of the protluct of the few .small .mining States and of mining countries outside ait the expense of the people of the rest of the United States, But Long $n N|rv|--Tim Griffin Outwitte'i.-SHvrtr, Strength in State Convention. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. .010 BROADWAY. DR. S. H. WARD. HOnCEOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Tftjlors Jewelry store- Slutual Telephone No. 290. Residence D13 North Street. Hero is one evidence of (he return of fonfulenoe, since the nomination of McKiutoy: Dun's Review: There arc continued sijfiis Hint a saia fn busiaoss has .be- frun. 'Stocte have sono lilglier I lion they wore before the artificial 'break ten days ajto, wh«U nud cotton arq in better dc/mand, there 'us more couiklcncc in monetary circles, and the tendency rowanl .^hfiu-Ua'se In Kresit i-nihistrles seems In some measure, at least, (b be 1 checked. While the outcome of. .the Donrocrsitk: convention i.s •ii.ncfir'tain, and the great crops arc not yet wholly iToyond Jiinsrcr, a. sure anil stmng jjn. provcincin eoaild hardly be expected, bnt the tone ju business -circles has grown div-at'inctly more hopeful. Clearing house excliniigos for Hie past week are .'!.4 per cent, less than last year's, and only r>,2 per cent..le.ss than fu 1S93. June failures 'have been neither ris numerous nor as large, -as lust j*eiir or in 1804. The reduction of Hie wage rate means less travel by rail and less goods purchased to bu moved by the railroads. A fallin? off of the earnings of these corporations is the result. -Under the JIcKilulcy law the earulings per mile ol! the railroads were .*T,050, •Under tho blight: of tho Cor.msm'law tho earnings per mile arc ?ij,p3j>. A rcd-uctioii of onruings means'' a cutting of expenses and this moans the letting out of hundreds of employes. Not long ago the I'anhaud-le cut (she track force (o two men on a section where there had l>ecn five a-nd six steadily employed. Such is the far reaching and distributed effect of a vicious law. Indianapolis, Ind., June 22 '00. The clans'«h-e gathering for the -Dem- ocrntiic State convention, wblch uieetn In fhis city .Wednesduy. There will be scveirteon liun<U«l and fourteen delegates, of these about three 'hundred will be for sound mioncy anil the other fourteen liraidred for free silver, the majority In favor of u dear declaration for •fVue silver at .the ratio of 1C to 1. One of the. surprising- cliiugs about th'ls convention will be the appearance of now find Inexperienced jnou as party leaders. Si; Slwerin, Major Mongies, Jim Mir Jock, Hug-h' Douglitery, Tom; Taggart, Sterling 1-tolt, Bynunv, Cooper.. Kt'ni, oi'ffiiBizei] tlie State committee" witih Holt as clKiiruinn in an organi/.a- liaii whifch sooiiKul Ircni-cOad, T'.RNSC able politicians set out to lead the paity out of the wilderness and to establish it ilrmly in favor' of sound money. Suddenly and almost wlfJiout wai-n-lng they found themselves dis- t-roili:ud, in wuti-ol of less than one- half of the State convention and not evon iternilttei 1 . to represent tlielr party In its Xatilonal conveoitlmi. The men whom* tlii.« rnvolution brought to the front are not as a rule prepossessing. Allen W. Clark, who perhaps is entitled to -the credit of leadership, is :i visionary youth who edits a weekly paper in- Southern Indiana. The crowd throughout sewncd to be idle dreamers. Concerning one of thorn Mayor Tom Taggarc said the oilier day: "That man is a smarter man than I am. I am willing to admit that. 1 don't know how to earn a living except by hard work. He Ls smart onough to stand on thu st.reef. 'corners and tnik all day and live on the tut of the laud." This crowd calmly organized au executive committee from- their number, usurped (he work of. ilio Democrat. 1 !. 1 State connnitteo, and havo serenaly UiJvuii ciuirge of tut' State coni-outioii. and all the functions of the regularly elected cumtuHiec. They i>ven went so far ;i-s to formulate a proposiiiou sug- gc.siing chat Hie rcguhir cominJttei; commit hn.rii-Uiiri. 0-no of -the pocuHa,r statesmen tlib revo'lntiou has brought to tho front is Hie Hon. Tim GrilliD, the waiTlOr-.ijt the State house, who is Costodiau anil-Su- per.intendMit of tin: Mop Brigade. Tim has only sixteen "boys" undiM 1 him, bur. his influence U feit throughout thu city. Tfcm was struck by liiglitning one? and got fhc best of if. and ho has'had an Ajax-defyitng-Wi'c-liglrtii'infi.aii' ;cvcr since. Tim scorns the use of argument as a 'waste uf tl'me. He tells the "Hoys" what he wants done, tells them thai Matthews 'warns H and with- an iusinu- a.ting surile says: "Whatever the Governor wants did is got to be did and we've got to get out and hustle." Tim led the.forces Ju Uie Fifth ward ;bt the seloc'tlon of delegates to the Slate convention this orhr-r night. lie opposed Jjtchor th« brewer, who . .favored souml money. I/icbcr at DUO tiine sold Iris brcwerj- to Hie English syndicate investing in American breweries, and Tun's war cry was "Down with Weber Jieretoto're '.spoken on the subject has declared for both gold and silver money. It is onr traditional policy. But the"maintenance of. the double standard at the present iline Ls. not a. question iof desire; it is a question of ability. The [commercial value at silver has declined ;in : the market^ of the .world. ( "Whatever The causes a-re and who- iCver Is to bhvmo, the fact-is that silver •has. .declined and free coinage now, at l(i to 1,' is tlie "same as our offering for all t3ie'i»Uvtt'-i!n the world about twice .what it is selltag far In the market. In- tenintloual ex.c:l)ii.n-Kos have to be paid .In gold. And,lt. would seem plain tlmt If we, uptier'Vheso'condilions, open our mint* to.jtiie free (^linage or silver ;in«J gold at.a.'.ratio'of comparative value, which Is.iargoly .at variance, wl-tli the comwctx-lal viilue of tho two metals, we must.take ) lle entire stiver sui-plus ouiisclycs, maintain its pnrirj- wlrJi gold, or oise ivo shall go to a sHver basLs. "France, in .1873, closed her mints against silver and abandoned this ex- porJmeur, dcemiug licrsclf unequnl to the .task alono; ami at lh-at tlmo it wa.s inucdi lesc (Jillicnlt, for silver was then at par with gold at the ratio in use. and even England's mints in India were open to.the free coinage of silver. If the cxpertaeur. of maintaining the parity of the two metals at a. coinage staiul- iin.l was ilillicult. then it would seem to be positively .hopeless now without tiifeMatioual a^riiCinout. Germany. Ki-an.ce, BolgLu.ni, Italy and Austria bi 1 - lievo Ja a double standard and desire to establish it, but no one, two or three of them d-eejii thomselvos able to maintain the double, standard, even wi;h tihe co-operation of the United States. "It wmnot 1)0 denied that the t'eelln^ amo-ng out- people is that free coinage by the United .States alone wi-11 not give us the gold and silver money at a parity with each oilier (which i.s the a.ssump- -lion upon- which it is taken), but will bring us to monometallism and a change In. onr standard of value, ami that change, it is believed, will cause imemdiate ruin to onr industries and no permanent good to any one. Tin's feeling is general and intense. "Personally, Lt is my opinion if (lie Democratic party goes on that platform al: this time they w-IIJ get (lie mast disastrous del'e'at that any party has ever had in. this country. I WHlorsMiid it Is honestly believed in and people think It wiill bring relief from their present trouble;:, but between now and clot-lion day it will bo pretty thoroughly sifted a.nd llw people of this country will not t'.-ice the disturbance of values, the loss of con-lidenee, the general distress and ruin which- would come to their business i.mcrests in such a change in their st.-inilard of value as would arise from such action. A.ud it will, in my opinion, ovurw-hfllm the persons w.ho undertake it." W. S. AY. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking _. m. CW owder ABSOLUTELY PURE PERSONAL The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Later Saving. Will •iprtnklo four times greater area than any •then). Highest award at -the Chicago •xpoftltlon. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC, •Me Manufacurera, Sprlneneld, Mass. F»r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber •t*rea In tho United S to tee. Tlio DuiiiocTiitie silver forces; issue buUctius estlmnliug their force In tlin C!ilo;wo oou-VOT-tion a-t 384,. with 102 coining: nucl cortain. The sound money wiufr is jjlvun 240 cwtaln, nud 10(! p'ros- poctivo. In these statistics Is Hio to.sis for ;in argument that may sunder the Domocrntlc orgati Democrats caauot evade issues. Tlic prlvait.c lives of McKlnJcy and Hobart uro wltliotit smirelies. Stick to ''the The coudkjon oC the Democratic mass is not .siieli tlmt .Hon. G. Cleveland's word \vHI work except by contraries. WANTED. A (HENT5 WANT KB: New book; Illustrated and A Draraatlo Blxton ot the at Loulu Crclotm Til gnpblr account of Deatb and Denotation. Pto>2Go, Terirs free. Burclaj 4 Co., Clncln- •O. Ohio. IN to take erdfirn In evntr town and city; no flellvrring; good trace.'; jaj weekly: no capl- Stead7»ork. GLKN BB08,, RoctMtw, N.T. W ASTKD: A»»?ita for the»utlJ(<ntloDI»toi7 H tbe prat cjclone: 450 piitn; 1(0 special pho- UcrapiiH. crclxhi paid, igenta report 100 orders dally. 10 two c*nt »t«mp» for outfit. Act quick SoOJttr i-uhiislitng, Co., IndtinapcHj, lad. 'Die American "Economist publishes the speech of Hon. C. W. Fairbanks as excellent protection literature. Xlie conscience of Senator. Teller now parades tond-in-hand wltlr Hint gentleman's presidential boonilet. Has there been a report from those who are preparing for the Fourth of July doings? Wait for the Indiana watermelon. The Georgia product is a delusion. ,'i-ild the British syudicati-." Tills wns hi.s onJy arguni«ii'i,, lint -when'.he mnr- shiillecl liis forces ;ID<I coiiutecl noises he waa iu the lend. The Ldtber men! however, linil the coiiMiilttecmnn. Hcjcalloil the meoti-ng to order m a. tone-oil.vo'cs a.wllbJe to only liflecu or -l.weu-ly )wliom lie had gathered around hi'im -rccelvwl a nominal-Ion for chnlrmaii, put Uie motion dn a wWsper :ind had.it caiTled by tlirco or four fello'WS'VotLuR "eye," Nobody el.se knowing what was gcrinp on. In the same way a committee tii seleor delefrates was a-piw'inted; tlie coihnikti'e made a report and the-report was adopted. The whole ti"unsactlon did not lake five minutes and- Tim and his -"Push" were entirely ignorant of what was being clone under tlwir noses. Tim am] his men afterwards discovered t'hat sonirth.iiiig was np and tremble was looked for, but there was lio friction. Tim's men selected a chairman .and secretary and, us vho meeting was held In a. beer garden,, there '• was plenty o'C room, and both chairmen sit on tlw same platform and presided over tihoir respective forces, Tlie Ueber wen got the credentials from the 'Weber'co-mmit- tccman, however, J'n'it Tim will appear before the Stare convention with a contest. ' " ' •A great'deal of comment has-been occasioned' by. Ex-Secr'etnry Whitney's letter,' whicli"was -inpde publjc today. In it are found these paragraphs: "Thiis movement foivfree-coinage purports to have for-it$< object the- estab- llshment-an-d-maintenance of feoW 1 . anti- silver as the money --'of the country on equal terms' with each other |an'd at a parity of pitrcliasing- power.. Ifyby -the-. proposed ineasiine, that-object'could he secured -there-would be no. substantial disagreement In tbe party. Every nn- timiai .Democratic platform that has CASS COUNTY BOY. Warren H. John Pushed in Prominence in California. The I'o-llowJng editorial from ihu Central Califor,nj;i, published at Ran Miguel, Cal,, refers ro a young man who attended school here up to 1SS7. He is a son of G. A. .Tohu a.ud lived iu Clay township, uear the E(J river while iu Cass county. He i.-* city editor of tlie San Luis Ob-ispo Daily Tribune: •'As staled before the Central Cali- L'or.nia. is noii-part.iisau in politics. .It L< ueither Democr:i't.ic, Populist nor.'Ee- pu-bliaui, but it. views with much; favor Hie efforts Iwing mado by a 'largo niim- bi'r of tlie members oC -the Republican party in this county, lo nomt-tfafe Warren Jf. -Tohn ot San Luis- Obispo Cor the a'sstmi'bly. We favnr it chiefly 'from a ma'ttor of princi-i\e, in-so-mnciras It '* a. recoguition of the younjr liivn'of the county and further from the fact, that the man spokeaof is well and favorably known in every section, as^ (in enterprising, piubllte-splrited citizen, and an orator of considt'rablo -talent,' 'and In every way I'liomughly fjualilied to rep- rdsent' h-.is' follow citizens with 'great credit-to all concerned. li is quite generally conceded tha.t lie can poll a trem- endous'vote outside of the Republican party. The Democratic and Populist parties would do well, also, to rtvog- nixe wrthy young men tn t.his conntj- and State, as the great mass of Ropub- .lican voters of San. Luis Obispo county have practically signified their iulon- tions of doing, a bead oC their coiniry convention." NOTICE Is hereb'y'given that the annual meeting of stockholders of tbe Loganspori and BuHJngtou Turnpike Co., will be held at-the Council Chamber, Logansport, In'd,' ,-i:t' : 2 o'clock p. m., on Saturday, July 4, 1S90, for the election of a Board of Directors for the ensuing """' S, L. TANGTJY, Sec'y, : - TWO, SERIOUS ACCIDENTS, The BlAckbwn university ball team wJilch,played here recently, phiyed the WatoasH ;coUege. t<?ain Saturday and during,the game tberc were two serious aodden-is, A -spectator was struck by a ; baJl and 5Iulroney, Wabash's second baseman, suffered concussion of tiic brain, being hit by a pitched ball. M.iss Eva Smitli is visiting at Kctjt- iand, Orlando Reder lias gone to CJoodlaiid to work. ' Miw. Will MfXitt is viiJiriug friends a i W.'ilrou. .7. E. Knauss is spending a t>w days at Kokomo. Ohas. Enyait and Chas. Gnmt were at J^ifayfltc Sunday. Miss Grace Barker went to Chicago yestt'rdny afternoon. Miss Bessie Loudcrback is at Creen- ville, Ohio; for a visit. Carl Shock and Harry Cain of Kokomo were here Sunday. T. F. Birminjrham aiid family havo returned from a pleasure trip. Earl Davis. Oscar Daily, of Kokomo. visited friends Sunday night. Howard Jones and Lora Li Hani of Marion were visiting friends Sunday. Tlie Masses Alma and Floyd Xon-is of Denver, Ind.. are vLsiting iu ihe c'ny. Frank K<.»nlcy is at Hithinond tJie guest of his brother, John, and family. Misses Maggie Friend, Annie Friend and llmiua O'Connoll spent Sn-mlay ai reru. Mrs. R, E. Brewer of ri.nui. Ohio is visiting her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. John Tain. .Masses Bess D:ii!«y and Georgia Duke of Kokomo spent Sunday with Miss Maine Stanley. Will Me TIennaun has returned for the vac:a-r.ioii from l:)io mi-ivcrsiiy of Noire Dame at. South Bond. Mrs. ,T. ,\, McCulIough returned yesterday from Win-Chester whore she has liei'ii visiting friends for several days. T. W. Nichols of Toledo, Ohio, spent Sunday witli his family in this oily. He is doing well iu the brokerage business. Feicr FoUon has retivrned for the vacation from South Bend, whore he has been attending Notre Dame university. Miss Harriet Stonfl'er has returned to her home at Wabasli after a visit of two weeks wiih Mr. and Mi's. Cott Barncrt. Den by Coleman returned Sunday evening fronii St. John's 'Military academy. Wisconsin, whore ho has been attending school. Kokomo Tri-bune: G. ,W. Waiters, ar attorney of Ixigansport, was the guest of. h.f,s aunt. Mis. T. A. Alexander Thursday evening. Lee BI.-u:k and Rol>ci-t; Stewarr of Chicago were in tho c-ity attending ihe funeral of the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horstman. Misses .Tcimie and Ella Siii'itli. daugh- icrs of Hwiry E. SmMi of Indianapolis, are here visiting their aunt, Mrs. Ira S. Miller, 922 East Broadway. Prof. W. 'JVGJffe and wife aail sev- cnil oHicrs started for the music leach- ens' convention at Te-rre Haute yesterday to be gone until Friday. Major .Tohn M. Burke, advance, agent of "Buffalo Bill's Congress of Rough Riders." was here Saturday. He had mado six cities in less than forty-eight hours. Peru Chronicle: Emil Voigt visited friends at Logansport yesterday evening a short: t.rm« Dr. TJpshall came home i.his morning from a short stay at Logansport. Miss Ma.yme Crawford, who has resigned her i»sitlon, as teacher of stenography at Michael's' university, will return iu a short time to her home :it Delaware, Ohio. Patrolman William Schricr returned to duty last night, after an absence of four weeks, during which he and his family luive visited Mrs. Schrier's parents in Central Kentucky. Mr. Lomis D. Ek-hhorn of BlufTton and Miss Dessie Moore of Huutington two of Indiana's promineut musicians are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. G'lffc. They aw on their w;;y lo the T. M. T. A. meeting at Tcrre H.-uiio. Misses Amy aud Bessie Hogue of South Bend are the guests of friends in this city. Miss Bessie, although IS years of age is only thirty inches, tall. She will grad'uato from the South Bond high school next year aud is one of fh" brightest mom-bcrs of the class. Peru .Tournsil: Mrs. .Tohu Miller is liome from Logansport, whore shfi went to have Dr. Thomas treat her eyes—v Louie Young and family vflio went ro Logansport last Sunday, havo -K'ft that phice for Dura,ugo, Co)., where they will remaui for some .ti'iuc. W, B. Watsoai, who boarded with. iJiem, is "baching" it now. Wa-bash Tribune: J. Q. SweeUer, ac-companied 'by Houston Sweerser, arrived in the city last uiEht fro?u Logansport and will remain with Miss Rosalind Keller until tho remains of Mrs. Sweerser airive from Florida.., -.Miss summer in Wabash and North Man- ehi-stcr. .. .Pierce Jackson, of Logane- jiort. was in the dry today on business ....A. .f. You returned this moruiDg froui Logansport... .Ben Hirsch returned last night from Logansport where lie went on business. OFFICERS CHOSEN. Last evening at a meet.iug of Wabash lodge No. 1831, K. of H., tho following officers were elected to serve during the OHsiiiug term: Past Dictator—Lewis Epstiae. Dictator—Richard M, Hirtcheus. Vice Dictator—Charles W. Kleckuer. Ass't. Dictator—Pearl R. Fisher. ReporUT—-James S.'Bolt. Financial Ko'poner—C. L. Alford. Treasurer—M. Fornoff. Cliaplain—The Rev. J. C. Kauffman. Guidi.'—John Hamm. Guardian—Adam Wc-<.-li;. Sen)iuel—William White. Auditing Commjitee— Charles Woil. ihe Rev. J. C. Kauffman. Miller. the at A JOLLY DELEGATION. Terre Hauto Tribune: ^"Iieu Pennsylvania, delegation alighted tin 1 Uilfon cle]Wt. yesterday on H? way home. i,t was headed by a queer and good natured trio. This was Sheritf Barker, of Loc-Uhaven, Ponn., who is G feet 7 inches tall, and ex-Lieuieuant Davy, of Carbon county, aud .Tohn Matthias of Macknoy Cit-y, who are each 5 feet 2 inches high. They were cheered as tJic,v marched iuto the depot restaurant by the sheriff's sid*. "THE LAKE VIEW," LAKE MAX- INKTJCKEE. This howl will reopen on strictly first- class basis, July 1st. New management, improved service, appointments •thoroughly mo<le.fn. Accommodations will be reserved upon application to C. S. Moody. Manager, Lake View Hotel. Marmont. l-iid. FATAL BEI1R1ES. Tcrre Haute Tribune: The young aughici: of Mr. and Mrs. Payne of North Tenth street, died Thui-sday nigbl: of peritonitis, agixi G years. Raspberries, which 'the- child had eaten to ex-cess, became clo-ggc^d In the intestines and caused death* A SMALL SCRAP. Two young men. Frank Schrader a»<J Harry Keller, were involved in a small disturbance wiih unknown panics at the Panhandle station last evening. No serious damage was done, though blood was spilled. GOT THE WATCH. Fred Davis of J. D. Ferguson's store was given the gold watch yesterday at the opera house pool room. Ho guessed on T.he number of beans in a quart jar- There were 3.13"i beans. III.* guess was .3.130. The Vand.ilia will put. ou a through chair car next Monday between South. Bern! aud Indianapolis. This will ran on the train going south at 7:H a. m. returning at S:35 p. m. By this ar- rangenK'ut a change of cars at Colfa^c will be unnecessary between this city and Ind-iauapolis. Hot woamhor'clothes ')0c, Stanley hel- KM.S r>0e. oelluJoid collars 30c, straw hats ilk-, negligee shins STc. at Otto's. Thirty years ago there were only two do?.eu explosive compounds known to chemists: now there are over a thous- 11 nd. Daisy AVIlUams who has been teaching in the public schools at Logansport, has returned to tils city and will pass the Life boats are HOW being made iu me quarters out. of pumice stone. This is a material o-f great lightness* aud strength, aud a boat made thereof will support a considerable ioad, even when full of water. ! PICTURES FREE In exchange for coupons with Mail Pouch •"Chewing.and -Smoking" he only NICOTINE NEUTRALIZE TOBACCO. iome Water Color Fic-cimilei. Hindsome •,*c:ipeiin Fine Pattel illei. Lmnd- . f'.zc 14x23. 12 subject!. F«c.«imite», Landscspc and Betutilul Venttitn. Sctnei, Works of Ait me 20x30 inched 4 mbjccu. Mignificent Witcr Color 6ravur«i, after f»- . rnoug artitti, ilzc 22x28. inched, 4 f abject*. N. ADVERTISINS ON ANY. pf THE *5gyf. •. • • • • • • • • Coupoin explain how to Hicare tbe Abor*, Ont Coupon in tw,h 5 cent (t «UHM) Paekaot. Tun Coupont in each 10 etnt (4 ouw-e) Pttctagt, Mill Pouch Totaooo It uUbialidnlen. Packan> (n«w on tale) eontmtnlnc no coupon* will be accepted *• coupon". "S<»." Empty Bag at OM Coupon, "Ha." Xmfty Baa «. ftw Ompont. LLUSTRATEO Cttalagu* vfotlur Valuable Artiest trithtxplanatimktntloga Oim, HillMlon fMimL Thi jE* BrorTobMOjo.jWhHltai^wTS

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