The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
Page 6
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HAflR SIX -*_.-• M * - • i t l/f VTUWOll i t* CB=^= " =g~~—-*BgiJ~. i • ; i- i ——^^___ °l-'*l-*UEVU.I.l!.. IA lift, i M-' J'.l II NKWH Chickasaws' Rise In Cag^SportTs •& mmtt»*mm*. — ^ a> « m _^. .-.._• "" _— ____,„ ^^ OF IT GOLF MEET jfunctlpnlnj county Sunday baseball kno«n pugilist. spent most of the loop, which had been anything but year away from home. He foiivhl I satisfactory the past two years,; frequently during the year and Wenl by tile board? and It, was cv- continued to hirk Mm outside fe cry team for Itself. And as It wus circle of first rank contenders for almwt every small connnunlly h:d'. the featherweight crown. Don'iii>r- — [ion. another Blythevllle fljhtcr ' Wrestlers Come Into Own: First N. E. ,Ark.-S. E. . Mo. Golf Tourrjey Held, Winning of the Arkansas ftourlli District Irish school case title 'iy the Blytheviile Chicks, the revival of wrestlins, and the staging ol (lie • first Southeast MUsouri-Northeaci Arkansas golf tournamenl stand out as t>e high spots ol the 1933 siiorls parade in B'.ytheville. Al first glance it appears :oam with Sandy Ridge, Lilies and yarbro In this immediate vicinity playing th« must games John Smith organised his annual Blyihevilit- baseball team composed entirety ol out c[ town players. The tenm played almost all of Its camw on ihe and advanced to the finals in a southern Independent touniey at Memphis lx.'fore ellm- Inntion. After Smith ••disbanded" the team, the players, practically all of Memphis, continued lo tour Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee under the name of the lilythevillc Independent. Crawford K«ps Net Tillt; The annual Northeast Arkansas tennis tournament was iield In June .with Elkhib- Crawford. Marion star I successfully defending |]| b singles i iit!e, defeating Jack Finlcy Robin- con of Blythevillc in [he finals. [Crawford and Robinson paired lo sweep aside all opposition and re- aln ihelr doubles title. Indlcn- lons are that the tourney mny be -emoved to some olSer place r.ext lummer, possibly Walnut. Ridge. ' cage title of such importance ever Jc . rr Roland, boxing and wrestling won by the local echool but because COIrmib s!°n«r. turned a "cold shoul- Coach W. D. "Mac" McClurkin's aer " on a Memphis woman pro- team finally "arrived" after meet- "oh>r"»-hn »-'«i""i >« mi«»._i - ... ing with Indifferent success earlier in the season. Hailed as potential champions, the Ciilcks suffered rc- ; verses in the Invitation tourney nnd Blytheville's Interesl in sports and participation ns well lagged somewhat during the year, but a closer Inspection reveals a variety of activities. The triumph of the Chick bas- keteers in Die district tourney ui Jonesboro is listed us one of l'.:e biggest'.«'parts events of the year - not only because it was Die first -A>~ - •* jwcn a Missouri national guard en- |Cainpmeiil mie as „ lightweight boxer with Die Ritcesion. Mo., guard ! company, | Horse sfioe tossing, an anclem; sport that- blossomed In IMS fell! by Hie wayside In 1933. ' j [)„„ i Future prospects for a real game! pr?wrvt at Ulg Lake looked brl»ht 'a-; tin- stale legislature 1 passed leg. Iflallon designed to give Hie ii-t- i eral government necessary power tot develop Its proposed plans for 1)11.1 FIGHTER SEEKS S TITLE n cl a I e , A Scolchman From Soufh Africa, After Crown. county tourney here, only to smash I through with a clean cut victory ; over the Jonesboro Hurricane in : the district meet. Tne Chicks were washed out of tht state meet, 6fi to. 12, by Beebe. ! The revival of wrestling 'was • brought about principally because • or a sort of bull-dog.tenaclty which is found only in promoters of the mat sp:rt. Despite the black eye • generally given the sporl by tl-e .- press of the country- the grunt and . iiimace performers had leaped • ahead of boxing In 193:- in th» ! Country generally and eventual suc- , cess here was not unexpected Pro• moters first started their shows in I June I"" lave up the effort tor ' ?£ ; n°^, y to come back slron ? I" . he fall. The usual "color" E,, prom• ^ent m the modcrn-wrcsUln. gam- . te;an to pick -en, [•„ when money • :erevei ' tiiousiitiie ' ]ra - who wlslwd to attempt a revival of boxing shows here in the inrly fall. Roland hckl that she didn't, have n. chance (boxers not elhjr able lo work every night, like .-rentiers and consequently for as Ittle rrgorwy). that (he wrestling )roniotere had built up their sport lore fnr (lie fall business and dint ie didn't h»ve time to look after both iporls. The Blythevllle high school fool- ball team had a fair season, win- five tiomes, losing lour and , playing one lie. A sensational pase- ie ' ]ra . became somewhat p-rltrb-rt , ; because an "unfriendly pr«v rc - j . fused .to take them seriousfv" That S .-!"e grapplers offer, entertainment ' ! 1M * trtl >- ki » cannot Se Go " Tomrney Here Missourl- youlhful veteran o! main- tourneys, won by four strokes. . Ddwell. Caudill and Leo Llnlzen- ich, youthful ace of the local club, were among the participants in the Wetlem Amateur tourney » short Spanish and Irish Ear Twisters Make Debut Here Monday Night. After skipping last •resiling promoters will ,„„„„ Heir weekly shows nt the nnnon Vw Year's night wilh some the cnrd. " -*••"! i . A nc ijiiin;. vill be over the two out t>r ihre ell two hour time n m |t. Taking n cue from the Interest :iented by appearance here of, ;mll Firpo, the South American i he promoters will present Juan OoiiTMles, whose travels along the ear twisting route have, it Is said. 'loiHn. htm from fnr on" Madrid Geiiznlps will mix with Whiicy Swede Olsen of Minneapolis In a wo out of three foil, one hour Ime limit., preliminary. . attack mtde Ihe Chicks n colorful .team but their defense was weak.: They scored 200 points to 156 for (heir opponents, making at east two touchdowns in every game and not being blanked ay a single opponent. Charles T, Kramer.* . alhletic director.' and Charles."Ace" Pucketl coached the team. Rumors of a "new deal" for Blythevllle high athletics, of lt-c type' that hjt many colleges during the'year.-.were In the air ns 1934: approached. with alumni mowing increased interest'and dissatisfaction.. . ' Craiir Stars at Tennessee Pete: Craig, slar Chick performer n past seasons, was the outstanding ex-Blytlievillc high gridder of the year to perform with a major college: clcvop, Pete, who gained recognition on -some AIlrAincrlcn high school picks, was one or the outstanding sphomore stais of Coacli .Bob Neyland's University of Tennessee eleven. He was considered cue of the besl defensive backs In the south. Oilier ex-Chicks played well on lessor known school learns and In the list was Ed Sherman, vftteij all-state quarterback as field general of the Henderson college .Reddics, Arkansas champions, others were Bob Elllotl a Arkansas Stale. "Red" Alexander nt Union. J. T. Craig. Tciin., frosl and . ., Tipton, Alabama fresh. Not only did former Blyllievllle and Llmzmich failed to qualify but gave a g;o3 account of themselves, Efcwell qualified but was eliminated. LinUenich rclurned home Ic sail through easily to the Blvthe- vijle country club championship bv giving E. B. Gee, 1932 champion a drubbing in the finals. Earlier in the year the Forl Wayne Howlers, world professional basketball champions, made their second annual appearance her- They defeated the Earle Cardinals displaying a smooth working quintet of the hlgliest order bul"lack- ing the "color" created by the presence in the line-up the preceding year of Rusty Saunders, great exponent of the wheel play. The local cage loop, which struggled through the previous year with little support, was abandoned. Baseball and golf were adv»nc-d to lh« status of major sports at ^Blfthtville high schoDl by Charles T, Kramer, athletic director. Neither sport showed up to much advantage. The local golf team lost In a tourney with Paragould and oth«r schools. Paragould, winning KcfOtt T»kw Track Meet Plggott, 1932 district track ccam- Ptons, repeated in the meet held »ie, with the Blythevllle chicks .furnishing a mild surprise by fin- BWnj ts high is second place. Parmgould took third. Only one aUUict record, was broken, Ahlf of Plfiott breaking the high jjumo «cord and setting a new mark o! ;,ol 5:10 had been held Joint 1 ""^ i BartWi of BlytheviUe and Hazer of Marked Tree, being established In 1820. Thirty fetten were awarded Bly- theriile hfch «chp« players In Uw IOUT major sport* of the winter and Wing Mttoo-bMketUU, tr»tk, bMAall and golf. ^ BlorU to rtoitanlK a tmooth nentlj- In sports"nl various colleges mxi univcrsKics but on the side-lines, clireclluj play, ns w e11 Herfchel Caldwell, star of [lit Rreat BIyt'pevllle lootball tcnm o! : 1922 and hear! freshman coacl at Duke University, was honored during the If. wlien ihe Durham. N. c., schoo set nslde a da; as "Caklwell Day' to do the Blylho ville boy honor J. B. "Ears" WhltKcnh became one cl the youngest head coaches of major university In the country when he was named baseball coach at the University O f Alabama in addition to his duties as assistant football «nch and scout, while Eugene "Bo" Sherman did net attend the local school, as did Cnld- well and Whitworth. re was considered a Blythevllle boy for ssv- •=ral years whlio his parents, the Rev mid Mrs. Jefferson Sherman resided here. Sherman met wllh unusual success as a grid coach, dl- Ollcn. Duck hunters and quiill hunters nind yame. while not plentiful, at cast In a f u | r amount. Amateur fishermen braved i. lc summer heal "id winter cold t o get good catcher All in all 1933 wns a great sports ear for Blyllievllle. liy FRED BAII.KY Unllrd Press Stan' t'nrrcsriondent CIllCAOO (UPt—A Scotchman from South Africa—Donald C!n- nie McCorkindale — is the lalpsi heavyweight boxln^ invader seeking the crown that Hi'imo Camera llallnn giant, wears. Don ihe prefers t!;nt to Mac) has been fighting since he was f 12-year-old, burefoot youngster In Pretoria. .South Africa. He smiles broadly when lie admits he hasn'i always won. but modesty' is 011-^ n! his likable points. Well Set-l.'p A v,-ell-sel-iij) f?l!ow standinu c I feel, 1 1-2 lucres (nil and wilh curly 1 brown hair, McCorkindale has manv ! cf the mannerisms mrf ap]»ar- i ances of a cclicse football player, j He doesn't even talk like a fighter! I His ring record is more Irnpres- five than lhal of trio usual foreign ', invader. Most of his experience i lins been as an amateur. He won Monday; tin; Brlllsli nmnlcur heavyweight i resume tllle in 1920 nnd fought his "way Ic ():e semi-nnnls nf the 1023 Ol'vm- |)ic Games Former All-American Grid Star Favors Pros CHEHAL1S. Wash. (UP) — Pro ootbntl lias made n sure convert n Dave Nesblt. All-Amcrlcnn end roni the University of Washington in 1932, who just concluded n successful season with the Chica«o Benrs. "The players are older, smarter i nil would easily outpliiy nny col- lese tenm." Nesbit maintain* •Roiisli playing is mcL with lines. Jnt players extend themselves, because their salaries depend on their making good." "Sine I'll play next year." he concluded. Kailnuil .Iran While Don first put on the pad-' ded mitts at 12, it was not until two years later that lie took up' boxliie seriously. He worked as an • apprentice engineer on n railroad: during the day and did his fl^nt-' in? in the evenings. * : He fought everybody there was In' flglil In Africa and then ivcnt to Britain, where he joined the stable of Ted Broadribb. a one-tim- loading British heavyweight The importance of that connection ,-as' that he married the boss' damjhter. | Adjoining Broadrlbb's office waj.i that, of his daughter Chrissle. who 1 acted a-j his secretary. Both say It' was love at. firs! sight, soon they' were married, and she became his trainer. S::e is vet. Beet and chemically. cane sugar are G. G. Caudil! Gdieral Insurance IdC M. Broad«aj Phone 197 Simmons Has Helped Build Blytheville For many ye;irs we have bt-en connected with the Imilding activiliis nf this com-- ninnily. \Vu have seen business "on the boom", and we have seen '.icprossion. In (he last VI months our business, like many others, has improved anil wo look for 1 !).'(•! lo carry us ftirlher aloiv; (he road (o a new prosperity. Blytheville Blow Pipe And Tank Co. IIS S. 1th St. reeling the Henderson Rcddies to the top bi state college circles. Jess Kberdt, (ormer B. n. S. and Ala- bima star, was named assistant coach it Hot Springs. , D*«fM StU H(bU • I LeRoy Doujan, Blylheville's best "BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sell* For Less We hiivc the Most Complete Line of Hardware in Kjistcrn Arlinnsns! Not the 1.[lines'. Nut the .Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why nml How? Our Overhead is Less. WV I'ay f';ish - - \Vc Sell for Cnsh. We hive no delivery. No porters or high powered salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for !,essV H's no secret ns In liow and why. Come In ;tn I lie Convinced. We Accept the Chiillange. OUR MOTTO KllRKE HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less And We Have One Price To All Fire Ice W»ter and B«3t HOQBU for Men, Women and Chlldrrn 1 Start 1934 Right Buy the NEW FORD V-8 for 1934 De Lu« ForJor S,i,,. One of eievcn'lTindiome new bod> tjpis, =11, V S cjlmdcr mctoV A'u Radical Change of Rasic Dexiyn. Hut Greatly Improved ECONOMY - COMFOKT - SAFETY BEAUTY and PERFORMANCE uer oper- at ion in all driving ranges from idling to highest top speed. FORD TRIUMPHS AGAIN WITH FORD V-i5 TRUCK Just, us with the 1934 Ford V-8 Car 1934 Ford V-8 Trucks Offer You * \Vith new V-8 engine rear axle'. JJ I ^1 W -8 engine and 5.H:1 r ^(^^;ln"^'^°° Ib ; r.p.m. i £ C.l Wit h new V-8. engine and 6.6.1 Conventional truck paylbad rating, 1 Vi tons - |l POWER with Now 3 Way liconomy Dnllars, Ahcarl \vi(h V-S Orieraling Costs. 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