The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1943
Page 3
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_WEi)NEgDAV, APRIL 28, 10<i3 ; (ARK.) PAQ4 SCHOOL NEWS The following sludeuls in the elementary schools In Blythcvllle and Yarbro made perfect scores In Ihe spelling tests given at Hie end of Ihe fiflh period of (lie school year; /.pril 1C: I.Tiige school: Mrs. Clemenls third grade: Hnskell Robert Brbvm, J. li. Ellison, Rcxie Hill, Belly Ogle, Bobuy Owens, Charles Ilanhujlon, Ira Spain, Joan Baker, l.yda Crlllenden, Martha Ford, Sandra Lunsford, Evelyn Rulh Overtoil and Marian Slan- fleld. Miss Dunmirc's fourth gia<le: Dan Atkhw, 'Howard Stanley Ingram, Hildred iienson, Beatrice Ahart, Vireinia Ellison, Tiionn Joy Gainfs, Ell a Mae Garrett, Bonnie Nelson, Betty Nell Tomliiisoh and Maiidle Walleson: Mrs. Hardin's fiflh grade: Jiicklc James, Rolaml Oxford, Blllie Austin, Mary Jo Eaton and Shirley King. Mrs: Rimer's sixth grade: J. I>. Brown, Billy Wayne Ilouchlns, Billy James, Claylpn Priest, Add Rolll- son. Elmer Lee Taylor, Nathan Wade, LaJiniR Antry, Oleda Davis, Patty Jeaii O'faliam, Pce'EV Jackson, Mildred' Lucas, Bobbye Faye -Michael, Mary Anil McLeod, Ada nolii- son, Ehi'fna Lula Shook and Catherine Yowell. Central Echool: Miss Outlaw's third grade: Jack Aiiplebanm, Don Burg'e, Billy Joe Copcland, Charles Kinnihgham, Oeoriie Oake Ropp, George Skelton, William Wunder- llch,- Eliznbetli Bell, Ann Bright, Ann Gnlens, Melbaline Hill, Junnila Hall,' Roxannc Johnson, iMartha Nichols and Jane Wilson. Mrs..vickcry's rourlh grade: Billy Craftbn, Allen Greene, Jimmy Jones, Ray Dowel), Richard Reed, Donald Rice, Marvin Ross, Murray Smart, Graham Sudbury, John Willis, Tommy Young, Leon Speck, Reba Beasley, Mary Sue Copeland, Jennie Lee Godwin, Mona Faye Goodrich, Jarinetlc Henderson, Annella Hiiinphre.vs. Belly Janet Michael, June Matlock. June Mll- honi, Barbara Oenning, Dorothy Rcnegar, Barbara Van Hooser, aiid Ann Wilford. Miss Swift's fifth grade: Pauline Alsbrtiqk, Patty Bartholomew, Robert Crrifton, Martha Ruth Davis, William Doss, Lay Eich, Jamie Ffex, Aleda Fi'eeinan, Doris Pulgham, Bonnie Goodrich, Bill Hamilton, Billy; Hatchett, Kenneth Hood, Franklin Hunt, Bohby Kirshner, Carolyn sLiritzehlch, Cary Mason, Maureen Norris, Robert Trevost, George Reed, Jimmy Rcinmiller, Dorothy Rice, Susie Taylor, Alec Trotter, Dorothy Ulin, Charles Wheeler, Bobby Williams, Betty I,lnd. Dorothy Jean Reagan, Malcolm O'Bannon and Loretta. Webb Miss Swearengen's sixth grade R. Ci Alien, Howard Bailey Ijiicien Colemaii, Fred Hanna, Billy Joyner, Jimmy Lowe, Jim Lancashire, Db'ii Peterson, Russell Phillips, Don Smart, Marion Randolph Smith, Alan Snell, Bobby Turner, James Westbrook, Roberta Braccy, Ra- inona Crafton, Oay Garrigan, Mary Fi'ances Gaines, Miixine Hill, Betty Nell Holland. Lillian Jonts, Roberta Knapp,. Betty June Neely, Anita! Page Rakllff, Ann Skelton, Anita June Stires ana Joann Triesch- ninnn. j i , U Sudbury school: Mrs. Baker's third grade: Ferine Brown, larry Barnes, Carolyn Davis, Louise Haynes and Rudy Hicknian. •Mrs. Hays' third grade: Shirley Alley, Jerry Berry, Juanita Buchanan, Juanita Brown, Donald Burg- esbn, Billy Jo Browning, Henry Al vin Collier, Greta Mae Curtis, Bobbie Estes, Pat Hearn, Anna Louise Hopper, Billy Mack Matheny, Rosemary Managhan, Glynn Ray, Mary Ann Robeson, Billy Jean Wcstbrook and Rodney Wilkinson. Miss Jennings' fourth grade: Shirley Book, U. j: Collier, Betty Joyce French, Cliarlene HTart, Thomas Ralph Prince, Joyce Quails, Anna Fay Smith, John Sturdy, John lodd and Paul Craft. Miss Hancock's fonrtli grade: William Austin, Jo Lynn Copeland, Jim Deer, Billy Edwards, Jimmy Handley, Bobby McDaniel, Billy Mick, Jerry Phillips, Bobby Tomlinson, T.ed Vance, George Ray Buchanan, Nancy Bratcher, Joyce Cavashere, Lavenna Crump. Shirley Davis, Bonnie Lynne Golf, Wanda Lee Humphrey, Joan Matheny, Eula Smith, Pearl Slilwcll, Betty Wade, Dorothy; Sue Williford, Xandra Ray and Ruby Jean Ralney. MBS .Silaz's fifth grade: Billy Brown, Reginoid Godwin, Edwin Lavcrnc Cbliler, Betty Lbii Davis, Mary K, Dyer, Mary .Jane Goforth, Charlene Hudson, Ann Lane, Bonnie Sue Thompson, Nina White, Kale Ferguson. Bealrlce Beard, Ruth Krtfli, Charles-Phillllis alul Anna Louise Hubbai'd. Mrs. Fi-y's filili grade: • BeVerly Alley. EllMbeth Belts, Jiicciuellhe E'itfB. Freddie Garner, Nniicy Htilm lloii; Belly Jo Jones, Belly Siie Lovelace, Helen Marlin, Charlene Mhlllns. Bartora Nell Payne, Patsy Ijou Pope,'Mary Ruth Paiicr, Nancy filiivley, Mailha Ann Bisk, Sara Ann Smothei innii, Ixmlse Eulllvaii, Edna Louise Burnhain, Pat Burks, Harold Ifoneycull, Louis • Jenkins, Larry Lutz, Clarence Sutlon, Eugene Shanks. Gordon Ray, Conrad O'liell and Ralph Morgan. , Mks Kiiiunons' sixlii grade: Helen Argend, Clirlsllhe Aiislih, Molly Jeiiii llyels, Gay Nell C>e- celius, Mary Dowdy, Eva June Ellis, Joan Lulu. Fannie Sue Rceder Belly Jean Woolen, Bobby Jeari DavLs, James Dunn, Harmon Ellis Jimmy Mailer, chafles McDaniel, Graham Parllow, David Shepherd, Moses Simon, William McDade George Xcnos, Mayes WikoiraiK Keilh Sessions. Aliss Peters' sixth Bi'adc: James Ayeock, H. c. Anderson, Nelsbi Belts, Rayinoml Hodge,' Eugene Johnson, j. w. Massey, 'Bilfle Joe Porter, Jackie Phih'iiK, Burct Tlioni)ison, Charles Young, .Janic. To'dd, Joyce Allison, Luella.Alley Bslty Jeaii Goff, Mary Jane Haynes Peggy Mailer,. Betty Jo NcwniaiX Reba Noble, Marie Sliilrp, bollie Thompson, Blanchie Webb, a'iit Elease Jaiiics. Yarbro school:' Miss Poster's l1 grade: Virgil Tiirnti- Handiey, Ellis Ray Swain, Milly Aiin Maljbry Barbara Ami Johnson', Peggy,Juhi Slallings and Mary Jane Shellbii: Miss Foster's fourth grade! Wll lard Ash, Tommy Craig,' Jefr; Hollingsworth, George F. H^risor. Liicrcta Bimch, Peggy' Jo'Fr'eeiiian Joan Whlllle. Mildred Wiillairis ain" Barbara Yarbro. ' ' Miss Roweil's fifth grade: Rose Eiiinia PaiTlsh. • MLa RovV'ell's sixth grade: Belt 1 Jean Joiies ,Joy BJ.JI Wooldfldg and Anna LoLs Shipp. Houseboat Mother Rows, Wades To Wai- Job from whom she hail llfleU licr' Ideas In Iho livst jiliice." This book slniuls .up Vllh Sinclair U'wls 1 bo.<l works lo date. i!o Vrlleti sliuroly niul wlllr entluisl ism lliul nimbil sceliis l» bubble oiit o( him. u-wls-. liltlliig on . -. ill four niolois, u ml Unit !H jnsl ilxmt the snme ns 'giving' you iv ' of your money's worth, lK.\lH,!:fiS ifi— UHit-lt-l! When you i;ct u lot of lutlnlis for Hie }n(v Admiral Jean Drfrlan, liiVel his niWcf to Ihe pu-vle of the camel of tho llilc olilcf of the FH'liili niifi In 'The L'nlxmiv of Adinlral Durlan" (Dullon; villi a murder story 'lu> horrific double Una feature* slnylng Hint hids Ihe wroiij] head on Ihe wronii )ody, you've not simiplu'l l-;spe- 'lully when you might have been d with an overabundance- of in stoics Hun ring praellcully snme bell. Crulu Itlce's Such a To eel from her lioufctraat homo lo her job fn airKa'il Allan, 111. carlHcific factory, Mrs. .Oclimy Spears Ims lo row across Ivvo'ihus —<mc Ilic wide Illinois, nlsnvf. ,\ml ils slnwii lit rlRhl, the • old mother tiiiist wailo Ibrbiisli :i lot of imiil before Iji'cimilnj; ;i I'ltlc of nearly r,o miles. . I)y NKA Service EASt ALTON, III.—Two inlei'- veiling' iiveii, iinuldy fields and a blis trip of almost 50'miles Inu'L 1 - ii'l kept-Mrs. Octntiy Spears fiom liel|)lng Uncle' Saiii to pass tlie ammunition. 'iiicrc were only four working days durliig Ihe recent bad whiter whcii'the doughty" and determined ordnance, worker .remained bii the Spears houseboat \vllli her fisherman husband aiid eight of their ten children — and those were days Mien [lie thiee-cpmiter- riillc-wlde Illinois River was luo roitgfi or Ice- filled for lier lo row in a 2-foot boat. Ordinarily she rose nt 4 a. in.. rowed across a 1 li'ibulaiy of Hie Illinois, ' IV a in |>ed through slretoh of soggy \voortlnncl, rowed nnws the river. f;lop,i'.ed im [he bank"nlitt thi-uuth 'opeii, Ilelcls to a hiRhway, rode nn hour anil a hnlf on n bur, to her job nt the big East Alton plant of the Western Cartridge Company. After Inspecting cartridges all dny, she retraced her iil-mlle route. It usually wn.s after, dnvk -when lihe readied the houseboat nearlvamps- vllle. PASSES IT To.oi.ui-:, JOE Tiie Scars' home Isn't very fancy, but its furfilshintis include one service flaa with tvvo stars.,Tlie eldest sons. Oliver and Josdpli, arc In the Army. They're 'one' reason why their ^-year-old 'mother -has bi'en r.o faithful lo her Job. In fuel, It look an old-tashlmi- ed Hiiuu 1 lo keep Mrs. Spears off !ho ammunition production line, Her lU-yenr-old honsekeeiilus daughter. Lucille, fell in love, got niiurlC'il and left home. Ko (he mother luul lo stay, on (he liouse- ljo:U and look after Ihe seven rc- midnliii; clilldren, whose ages inline 1 from 2 lo 15. Hut any day, now, Mrs. Sii'cnr.i will resume her M-mllc Ireks. A rclullvc is coinlnf! lo lnl;o Lu- cllle's place, iintl Mrs. Sportr.s will BO uiu'k lo "miikln; slntr for Ollli. and Joe to shoot at the Jnps." In 1922 the first all-metal sta- plane was built, It' was: used In short-rnnge observation arid carried a crew of three. It costs S2CO lo outfit a XJ: S. pilot with clothing and equipment —the equivalent to 14 $25 Wai- bonds at $18.75 each. Minesweeper^. HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Sinclair Lewis Scores Again! And A Couple Of Good Novels SINCIiAIR LEWIS Is Ihe Flying 1 Forlress of the war' on fakers. He blasts liiem with block-busters in his new novel. ."Gideon Planish" (Random House: $2.50), his first Important work in three years. As''a' / bdy"'61 ;; 10'i : 'Gideb\li t Plafiish' longed to make audiences listcii while he reeled at', oratorical lire- works. He'd be a senator or something. He turned out to be a man fascinated by tlie charm of his own voice—a professor, lecturer, professional moiiey-raiser for philanthropic causes that got nowhere, is perfect. Wllh a deadly accurate bombslght, Lewis drops' toils of explosives on I lie Hcskett Hural School Foundation, the Association lo Prdnuite' Eskimo Culture, the Oltlieifs yoniereiice in Consll- tutiohal CrUcs, the E"yery .Man- a' Priest PrateniHy, the Blessed to Give Brotherhood and that triumph of triumphs, Ihc Dynamos of Democratic Direction. You see. where the; money comes from, why, and where it goes— and howl There are some characters hi this novej who are sure lo enchant you. ' toastmasler, "organizator" and all around stuffed shirt. As a satire, as a picture, and as banlt, Minn.) whVis something of a chronicle of bombast, this book |a promoter herself, and- a graiul . Not the least in Gidcon'B dear little wife (Peony Jackson, from Pnlr- pciulcr. Then there's Ueacon wheyflsh vho eaii stride to a deathbed,-pre- enl Ills pretty speech along wllli Jlcsscil lo Give Folder No. HAS nul come away with a check. Nol 'nr back in the pnnido of glli leoplc h Winifred Homeward, the Talking Woman. On the boards a \vcnly-lliree "welfare" orgnnlzn- lons, she speaks 'publicly three .linos a week, and privately always 'She could convince anyone of tin exact opposite of anything sin. nmlnlalncd. Including the man Having Wonderful Crime" tSI moil and SclmsUr: $21. you've probably met the characters lie- fore—Mnlone, Ihe hard-blllen Chicago lawyer; j«fei> Jusluii, thn es- rcporlor, and llelnie. his bcnu- wito. All. as usual, lake an iicllvc and Itullvkhial part In fiolv- Ing the mystery. All set Into hot water. All are chaim'lers yon know hi veil! life—Mulone drinks like a fish, yet he has n keen mind; Jake loves his wife, yet he loves a ivoulil-be career as n novelist; illclene is an ever-lovlnn mnte, but jus) ain't keep from tlikliiB her (Inters in (he mv.itery- -ilviim pie. Author has done n swell Job of huriiclci'lzalkm and lias built up plot Hint will imiuilG you, oven nigh you pride yourself on splv- iig all mystery stories In Ihu flvsl hiipter. i * • :iivr AWAY I'iuw IT AI.I, Miiyhn you've had the suppressed leslre (o roam (he norlhwiiocls, to >al ai'omul with Imekwoodsinen. !ecl ymir miiscle.i develop over lArlaces, and pace Iho Illllc-known .rails throiiRli Ihe uneharled fusl- less of tlie near Arllo regions. All of us have felt the urge lo make a fortune In the mineral wealth of fai-noiih Cnnuda. (lip iiel-tiwny- (rom-it-nll fui'lltig, nnd Ihe yet to c'oiHuier unknown places like the voynijenrs of Ihc early days of our continenl. You'll feel rliihl at homo In rending I 1 . Cl. nownes' "Sleeping ls- Iniul" (Llpplncolt: $3.50) by tile fire or, out In Ihc buck yard. Downes Is an escapist—a school teacher hi his more lucid moments, he lilos himself off to 1 the hhiler- 'lancls of Canada In his off lime; ils resnlltnj! adventures arc more Interesting Mian Ihe most fanciful of fiction. You'll ijcl « boot out of rentiliiK Hits IJOOK, and niuybe you'll wind up becoming 'an explorer of Ihe ("real unknown urea of the United Stales mid Camilla . Moiilmoreiicy'fl viewpoint is clea! I)ailan <;6Wd ^to no wrong even though he had a Ihlrsl (or power, b6'Uiicllc,&> aiiibltloii, and was » Monarchist In politics. Nevci'lholr.M, leaders may get ft vastly diffei'eni jilclure ami possibly no two will see him esaclly is Moiilmorency sdes him. Darlan s painted hi human colors niul Ihc book Is Mindiit'lve lo a belter iinclcrslaiidluj of Ihc confused niriiid of French ixjlltlcs. ntl not the war Inlervcncd, a Had nol Ihc war Inlcrvchcd, n tin red and, In spile of Ihc war, tills revolution l.i .now iiolng oil. The book la must reading for nny- otio who wniils n bellov undcr- ot Friuico us It was, Li and will be. WiUlNINU ORDl'.Il IN T11K CHANOKIiY COURT, CIIICKASAWBA D I ST R I C T, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. L. ll, SchuH?., Plnlnltff, vs. No. 1)1(10 Wllma OcliuUz, Ucfi'iulant. The defendant, Wilma Scliullz, s hereby warned lo appear wllhln ;hlrty days In the court named In ,lnj caption hereof imd unsivcr the :omplalnl of Ihu plahnlll, li. H. Schullv:. Daled this \'i tiny of April, 10-13. Harvey Morris, Clerk liy Doris Mulr, D. C. II. Cl. Parllow, Ally, for l>ltf. L. E. Colei'mni, Ally, ad Lltem, More nlrplane built (ui'l delivered durinf'Ui»" fei [our munlhs than/ were produced In Mhe Uiiltsd States' duHo< the chllre period of World' W«» I, Read courier imn, wint •*. —• -.~- "— *• -^ • St. Joseph mmtm Whole-sojiie fcKxl, dellciously ' li rep a red .' Fi esl i vcgeUbltt ' dully— bcsl meat- cills, Hotel Noble Coffee Shop in your old age. It grows oh you, docs this book. AN F.NIGMA WMOOUNMttl iORS? Wilds Long-Staple Cottonseed, Ccrcsan Treated You can dust this cotton afteY it 18 matured—all of the leaves will fall off in five days, and it will open sixteen, days' thereafter. We have a small quantity of JV/« TRA'FE OF SODA for those who can qualify. I To hunt the deadly land mines sown by relreating Germans, American troops use this device demonstrated by Pvt. James Kalarrian of Philadelphia while Deffel, Bo Smith, Ann ' Boswell, --.i. Dining in England, . : WHO n DUNNIf FATCK A JttBIES Opens Saturday, May 1st THE GREAT SUTTON SHOWS Across From Blylheville Laundry Benefit Of Company K—Arkansas Guard Rides--Shows Clean Concessions $25 WAR BOND Given Away Every Evening! "Vji TRUE TO THEIR PLEDGE Si" f? >* v5fc tJP %<< Giving you a MILDER BETTER TASTE j THEY'RE 1 TRUE TO THEIR PLEDGE AMERICA'S 180,000 MEN AND WOMEN OF MEDICINE are serving humanity faithfully wherever the need may be. They give their best with our troops and are doing double duty at home. WARBOil | WRITE IETIERS * THE CIGARETTE THW^ SMOKERS WHAT-THE rp . • • •••«•*• -<wnq\ Ihe steadily growing popularity of Chesterfields is a sure sign that they 1 make good their pledge to give you the things that count most in a cigarette. Smokers know they can depend on Chesterfield's Right Combination of the world's best cigarette tobaccos to give them a MILDER, BETTER TASTE. They're true to their pledge t ... THEY SATISFY. 3 o Copjilghl 191), LreoiTT & Nl

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