The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1934
Page 4
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PAG* BLYTHBVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1934 : '_* i'tfji XHE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' OO0RIKK NXWS OO, PUBUBHKRS . >. ' O, a. BABCOCK, Httor H. W. HAIN£8, .» ' ' N»Uon»l Advertising ,-wpr.ftnuilvrM: -f Ark»ns*» DuUlw, ino , N»w York, omugo. Oetrvlt, Bt. LouU, D»lli!, Kaww City, Memphis, £' Published Every Altercoon ir«cul smiaay. Entered us second u^sss matter at the post office at liiytlicvllle, Arkansas, undei act of Congress, Oc- tobcr 9, 1011. Ueryeu nv rnn nnltca Preu RATES By carrier in we o»y 01 isvtiic-viue, 15o p«r »eek or $6.50 per year In advance. . by mull'within R riiiluj o! 60 rollea, »3.00 P«r y««r, $1.80 iur »ix moniiis, 85o lor tlj-ee monlM; py mall in postal zoiiea-two to six, Inclusive, W.50 per year, in zones seven auo eight, |10W pei )«•». payable In advance. gel a passable road over which farm- era and ginncrs mlshl deliver (heir jjSIDE GLANCES - Bv GeOtgC Clark .seed? Why have 1111 n<lei|uale water II __; £ 2 . supply and adequate scwcr 1'aeililicK, not to mention tlie raiul been • H problem for the canning company? Wouldn't it lit'lt) uiiikn lily- llicvillo a more attractive place for new industries if we just went a rea- h'onabh; way lowtinl makint,' conditions as favorable iis potisible for those we already have? Industries Caruthei'hville yesterday celebrated the opening there of the big new plant of tlie Brown Shoe company. Tho event was one worthy of the cominmi- . lly rejoicing it occasioned. Not only does it mean a very substantial payroll, but Ciiruthersville people hope, and with some reason, thut if the Brown company- liiuls their town a good place in which to conduct maiuir ' factoring operations other concerns niay follow its lead. The benefit is not confined to Caru- theisville. Any important contribution to the prosperity of one St. Francis valley community contributes indirectly to the prosperity of the entire valley. And conditions in I3lytlmvillo are enough like those in Canilhorsvillo to justify the belief that the. time is not far distant when industrial establish- 'mehts will seek location here. We are not certain that Hlytheville need 'offer inducements such as those that ultimately the selection of Caruthersvillc for the Brown plant. Canitliers\'iile'm'eu, have an investment ivi'that plant that will not be paid out in a short lime, although over a period of yciirs there is every prospect thai il will return good dividends. But whether or not we are prepared to put up. hard cash to attract industries we should at least do what is right and reasonable to make conditions here not only altraclivu Lo now industries but satisfactory to those we already have. The two youngest of Blythcville's major industries arc thu Rlytbeville ; Cotton Oil company and Hie lilylhc- 1 viMe Canning company. , Itath came here almost unsolicited, sought no : bonuses or oilier special inducements, conducted no local stock selling cam- paigns, in fact asked nothing of the ' community. The cotton oil company 1 has now been in operation over ten "_ years, the canning company is now in 1" its sixth year. In payrolls and in ; money spent for raw materials they ^ : have meant hundreds of thousands of I dollars to Blythevitlc and vicinity. Are we glad we have them? The answer, unanimously, is yes. Why, " then, has the cotton oil company had ^ to beg for years, and ultimately do ', most of the work itself, in order to Soviets 'Cain Confidence Kvidence that the Russian government is growing more and more confident, of its solidarity among the masses is to be seen in the new rules which liberalize the Soviet electiun laws. AllluMij'li the Russian government does not pretend to be a democracy, or to have a/ great deal of use for democratic processes, voting rights in the forthcoming elections for local Soviet governing bodies have been extended to the iuilak class, to certain minor capitalists, and to various members of what the Communists like to term the "parasite" groups. This, to be sure, is only a shadow of genuine self-government. The average Russian will have very little more to say about the way' his country is to be run than he has had in the past. But relaxation of these rules, unimportant as it is, would seem to indicate thai the Russian government is feeling a new confidence in its own popularity. OUR BOARDING HOUSE "Kememljer when we took this one, dear?" Let Left-Handed Children Stay Left-Handed, Says Dr. Fishbein- Final Dejtal oj a Disease News thill scientists of the^ Iiislilulc luivt; lit lust poi'lccteil a vaccine Tor yellow fever brings one of the most hei'oic ;iud ii^ijiritig chiiptcrs hi Hie history of medicine nearer Ixi its conclusion. The light to wipe out this tri-csit pliiguc hits enlisted some of the finest brmi'iti' Mn medicine, mid some of Hie bnivcst spirits. Kroni Reed lo Nognchi, thu work has buen in Iho liandii 'of men who did not hesitate (o risk their oufti. lives;- ami '*• ' Iilii buen ' curried forward witli nn intellectual skill iind a patience that are notliiuy less than ama/.ing. It is filling, too, that two American scientists — Drs. Andrew Watson Sul- lards and Hans Thciler, both of the • llarviinl Medical School— should have played prominent parts in development of the new vaccine. It was Americans who struck the lirst great blow in the light against yellow fever. ' It is good to learn that Americans, also, were in on thu last campaign of the war. II Uic working; iicople lire to te regimented, I would much rather sec them regimented in honest labor, at a decent living wngo, than on tho relief rolls and in bread lines. —Mayor Fiorclln II. La Guardia, New York City. •• OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams IIV III!. MOHK1S I ISIIIU.IN Ildilor, Journal of tlie American Mcdlc.'il Association, and Hygcla, the Health IMae^lni- Tlie superstition, that there Is something wrong wllli people who' lire left-handed, dle.s linnl. Tn fact, left-liandedncss seems lo be appreciated most in baseball pll- cliers, but hardly in any other form of sport. Even llie dictionary records the left side as inferior. Thus it state.: that the left hand is Inferior in muscular .strength, readiness and skill, and tills hand is less under control than the right hand for operations requiring delicate manipulations. The Irouble is lhat the dictionary docs not take into account thuj fact that the left Imnd miiy have been superior at birth, but that' somebody's notions insisted oi\ right-handedness and, therefore, the result was marked inferiority n both sides. In n previous generation nt- cinpls were made to make every hlld right-handed, regardless of ho tendencies which it betrayed owartl the left. The child who -s born left-handed conies into a vorlcl which is right-handed. Of course, lcft-hanrtcdui?ss is >ol a sign of inferiority or abnor- uallty any more than blue eyas on blond linir is a sign of inferiority or abnormality. The motions of our hands and legs arc controlled by our brains, Tharc are two sides 'of the brain. The left side controls the right hand and right leg, and the right side of the,brain controls the left hand and leg. In most cases one side or the other dominates, and this Is dependent on years ol hereditary development. » • • When we try to change left- handed children to right-handed ness, we are ronlly trying tc change the complete organi?^ tion of a switchboard, a netwo'rl of wires and switches that \ve tt HrvVfA-ULSOON TELLXQU/ EG/MX I KNOW THt SOUTH "DIAMOND SECTION, LIKE I ' USED TO KNOW THE t s ~ UM-K^r-h-KAFF- IR AW -HOW I KNOW "FIELDS, 1 OF KIMBCTtUEV/DE BEERS, K TAPIOCA/ ( TMJTOVTSP/XN, ' •""• YEH, THEY CALLEt) YOU >§ IN TO 6ET YOUR ON TH' - ENGUSH JAKE SAYS Pfe A DIAMOND , FOR f BUT I SA.V THAT \ MANY AN AUTO 1 TIKE '' TIAT '( OVER WHY, YOU COULDN'T TELL A\ PEKRL PROM A PIECE Of- Meat Packers Plan Discussion of Problems CHICAGO. (UP) — Problems of providing an average annual supply of approximately 150 ponnds- of meat for every man, woman, and child in the United States were listed for discussion as delegates gathered In Cnlcago for tlie 29th ing planls arc exiwcied. Headed by Cliesier_C. Davis, administrator of the Agricultural'Ad- justment Act, who is to" address the packers at tlieir dinner Oct. 113, the list of convention speakers Includes leaders of Hie U. S. Department, of Agriculture and the packing industry. Discussions will be centered and other problems vital to industry. around general business conditions, Drer Hunters Allowed 30 Days BOISE, Idaho. (UP) — Idaho's deer hunting season will last for 30 days, starting' Oct. 5, state game department officials have announced. Most sections of tlie. state will Ue open to hunters. • Lincoln was not the principal the status of foreign trade, prob speaker at Gettysburg lems in connection with made his famous speech on Nov. Institute of Ainet'iciui Meat Pack- ing meat for relict purposes, the 19, 1863; that hcnor was held by attempt to force rishl-hamlcdiiess ers, which opens <ct. 15. Representatives of sevoral hundred pack- left-hiinded jwoplc. nr;(;i,\ 111:1113 TODAY \viirn i>.\.\ III,I:F.KI;H. junior imlitl.ilu-r t,f Tip Illiiilr, li-!irn» Hint CIIAlll.KS Mi>nm;.\. piilii-e killi'il lie ili'lcrinini-.s ( .SHIMMY OIUI-T. rmn»i>i "Kisl. lit »t>lvi- Ilir- Tiinri Jlunll-ll Inl.l IM-CII l,« ll-lirn nil h, tjnulil iil.nn II. CATHAY, i.mlcl.j :i rrnt. irlio hint I Fin-.-ili-i Tin- llhiile lirrnititv chr rn.nrrr.l CiiTliiiy linil ^l^l>^ll t t TIIAM u *•, I'LL ADMIT I TOOK A FEW PUFPS ON A CI6AR BUTT, AND i ET SOME GREEN APP'_H,S AW TWO ICE CREAM CONES, AN' I POUND SOME WEENIES' IN TH' ICE-BOX , AN' x SOME 6UM VJlUU "THAT CURE ONLY JUST TEMPORARY- THEY HAVE NO MEDICIK1E FOR BRAINS. 1 C:I||I:I.T mil! n i I'liiipii niAit »il.u«[,ir. Mil l<vker lipr' lii rhur^t-ji Ir II TCtrilvlini:. Inter Mnnlc intif:cs, CAIIIAV Tin- Itltlllr urn! Illlo In DM- i-ilMi nr the Klvcr- - li-li-|ilion . ii^Ein. i> KTj:\\KV, Whrn itTil lly Clll- 1111 UnJ not actually control, if it wcie telephone system, we could con nccl find disconnect wires. In th human being, all we can do i endeavor to train the system itit a form of operation which may b against its natural tendencies. As a result of this forced training, awkwardness develops. There may also be blocking, so that stammering and difficulties .Of ccrJi follow. Disturbance,'; of inking are usually associated th disturbances of speech and th blocking o[ this type. It the mental machinery is ad- Hslcd to n certain system of OJJBV- lons and we try to force it, into ome other system, the new sys- m is naturally slower. It is [clt lat muny disorders of behavior Establishes Nursery For Persons in Trials xow KO o,v WITH TIII: STONY CIIAI'TEH VIII P)AN Tll.UUKEirs face pave no ^ hint of excitement. "Fijink Ii. Catliay." he call!, "died about- 20 mirniles ago. For some reason Uie> were Irying to hush up Ilia news ot hia death. Ueckley sens a veteran reporter out to the bouse. The reporter ;;ot wise to It. There wei'e two doctors und there's t'.oiug to be a scandal. One of the doctors says Cal!»:iy was poisoned." Keiiucy stared at Hlceker with wide, startled eyes. "Poisoned!" lie said, Illceker nodded. "That," said Kenncy. "makes lliiugs looli a little tough fc,r his wife. 1 presume Ihcra vns a Jo of properly,". "Around Iwo mill ion." Hleeko said. "How long had Cr.lhay been slckr "He was taken sick yesterday morning. Apparently there's uo question about the illness. He was stricken at liis otiicQ. Ho was taken homo and put to bed. As usual, the doctors fooled around with a lot of funny ideas, and then Cathay Insl consciousness. That was alioiit 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. He's been unconscious ovor r.incc. He died wilhoul regaining consciousness." "Then his wife," said Keniioy. "must liave known he \vas seriously 111." ' Utccker nodded hi.= head In slow acquiescence. "And," Kenncy ivcut on, "the man was oil his deathbed when fihe and the lawyer made such a hurried trip down here to ciuash that libel case. Why did they do tnat H Cathay was going to rtie? "There's o woman mixed tip 1/1 that she thought hta sickness was the result o' a nervous collapse from worryins over what we might do lo liis-reputation. And she couldn't have possibly made- a bel- ter gesture lhat would show she- regarded [he illness of her husband relatively trivial." 6 mi »>>>y «,-!-<.'• *•" ^ipte iS^' * °**<-Z?' •s \/ IVAC?" ~~- = ^CTf?.v.vLl.llW5 " '-.X. ...^. .T''..' _... . , "i5°. L '. :l '; r >-: r .. ; r.-]^ SALEM, Mass. (UP)—When their wrcnts come lo court hereafter, hildren will not bs allowed to run about tlie corridors. A nursery has been established o car« for Ihe children at the district court here. On tlie walls of a vacant otfics n the building have born painted some prominent persons of fairy and such as: Little Ho IVcp, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spratl. Little Miss Mufrctt, Simple Simon. Little Boy Blue and Mother Goose. The room is furnished with children's furniture donated by the local business houses. Parmcla Delaney Ferris is rep- rpsentatlve for the Society for t'a« Prevention 'nf cruelty t' Dead men can't hrins libel stills. And It's not likely that their rcpu- lations will be blasted." "Perhaps." Hieekcr rcmarke,-) . "they didn't know how serious the Illness was when they came down, 1 l^outler Vrant TAEN'NKY gave a laugti. •^ "If slic gave him poison," In Paid, ".she knew how serious th illness was." Htccker's tone w;is impatient. "You use .1 lot of 'It's'," he said "As a mailer of fact, if she ril havo anything to do with glvin him the poison, siie couldn't hav Riven herself any better break tha hy coming down here with tlie Inn lly lawyer. It shows tliat she wa loyal to ter Lusbaad's interest "You've told me everything;" isliCil.OriH. "Kverylhins." said IHcekpr. "And i \visli you v;ouldn't tbo floor. You're maWns me iierv- ous." "Sorry," faid Griff wilb a e,t:i and dropped into a bij; chair. lie Blceker regarded the'outstretched arm. : "My God!" be said, "that makes me ucrvous too." C'.rlH sighed and dropped lire arm back to bis Jap. "It's a habit of mine," lie said, 'when I'm llilnkiug. I don't know | why 1 dn il. It secms^to give rne sonic measure o[ conti.ct with the dc I'm".about Are you interested in any .o'f.,,that sort ot siuff?" • ••: . "What sort ol .stuff?" asked Bleeker. "Mental telepathy, hypnotism, and all that." Griff said. "You know there's something peculiar about our personalities. They're lillcd with life. Life Is vibration. Vibrations arc sent out and re- olved. Ii3very nmn's brain Is. lo a :crtain .extent, a broadcasting Bta- ion. Tire's too much luterter- :uce In Mil; receiving slatlons. Too nnich slalic lo hrin^ il in clearly, particularly with the conscious ntiud. The subconscious mind gels a hit of that. Uiat :hn conscious mind doesn't comprehend." TJI.KHKlvfl tamited the tobacco lu liic bowl ol his nioe- with a quick llirusl ot his right (orcftnser. "i\'o." he said, "I'm not interested in that stuff." There was silence tor a moment. "What were you saying about the pickpocket?" abked Uleeker. 'lie was cillier a professional ^ick\iotkct or an amateur pickpocket." CrilT said. "It he'd been r.a amateur, it's hardly possibln hat Iio'il have managed to nick Jalhay's pocket without Cathay know-ins il. Of course On the other baud, pickpocket invariably strips tha ' wallet ol money and throws the wallet Itself awny. Obviously there's nothing that's moro incriminating than lo he caught with a man's wallet in your possession, parllcu- Kenney slarcd the ic junior publisher. "Hut," ho said, "if Cathay was mrdercd. then the person who poi moil him knew thai (.'aUiay was oing to die. It he knew Calhay as going to die, what was the ou- ect In killing Charles Morden?" "I loltl you." snicl llleekcr ox- lesivcly, "lhat you're jumping at o n c 1 u s I o n s wlllioul knowing jiiough about the facts. Ynti gel be facls. Then we'll put Ihcm together." •Tm gelling tlie fads all right," <emiey told lilm grimly. "Get more then," said Illccker nn tanged Uio <lo<it behind him as 10 strode into the corridor. * *. >* •MONEY C. ClU.rF tt'jj'In his lale ' thirties. -A woolen bnlhrolu slrctclicil to Ms ankles. s!a|j|iei! about Ills walked. He fas pacing Iho floor with a restless rhyUim. Dan • Rleeker sat in an slulted leiitlier chair, lits pulled up an upholstered stool and ^lUIUIIL VV.LUIily course, he. m\glit. t\ ind. a professional I ^ larly when that wallet contains cards and other means ot Identlfica- thrust liis less out in trout of him, | Hon." wrapping'the liuthrnnc nrnunil the I .,-j.,,,., .i ocs ,,' t ,,, can vcry mi, c li legs. He settled back in the clialr f;lr a6 " tlie so i',,ii on 0 [ n,'e mystery. \ and lit a cig.irct. "I'm a reitlesi cuss," lie said. "I know il," lllceker told him, 'hut ^o am !. \Vhat do you make ot this business? 1 ' Sidney fir lit was ioug-armed and long-lcgBcd. He reached out with liis right li.nnd, spread the extended i apart and made little wavy motions witli his arm, as though he uiig'nt he feeling llie tcxlure ot the air. "It's something that requires work ami thought," Uc said. "Have you ideas about it?' clamped ou llie stem cf a pipe. His Jark eyes walclilug Griff with uii ol frowning irritation. lilceker inmilrcd. "Yes." "last's licar tlicni." "In Iho firat place," Griff said, " can't uudci'i-tfiiid why the niau ,wbc was arrested tools Iho name D Crank B. Cathay. Of course, be'< taken the wallet. Let's supuof lhat ho did pick Cathay's pocke Now he was either a professions pickpocket or au amateur." is concerned," Hlecker pointed out"It may and it may not," Grid said. Ho was on his feet again. \ow, here's something else, here's a woman mixed up in.,tlio asc somewhere-. This Mary Drlggs, 10 hitch-hiker. She must know omclhlng about 111? man wbo osed as Cathay." We're going to find her." Sleeker aid. "I've already figured slio night tie a key witness." All right so much for that." Grift said. "We'll let th , at ™H " Hoinent. Kow we come to the fact hat Morden lolfl you he was coo- lading a woman, but didnt want .0 mcliltoii uer name." 1 don't think there's any question." IJlccker Bald, "hut what lhat . woman was one who was connected dlreclly will) Calliay." ] (To Be Continued) ,'-,', Sidney Griff •tnrli uorfc on lha CnlhaT cn»e ta the ncil Initall* molil. "KlQd Mar? 3rt»l»," **

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