The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1938
Page 6
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PAGfe teJGH SLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Ilurlinp; Terror Inlo Chinese Ranks Friend of Windsors Bizarre Career-F i With Blank Spaces BY BRUCE CATTON NEA Service Slaff Correspondent There is many a success story in the annals of American industry,, but none quite so bizarre and ;nys- ! terlous—or so hard to gel the truth about^-as that of Charles E. Bedaux, wdaux was introduced to the American public, via newspaper headlines, when the American trip of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, sponsored by him, failed-to Jell. Before that, lie was well known to facto™ heads, industrial engineers and labor leaders as perfccter of the "Bcdaux system" for measuring human effort in industry. He was known to New York society as a wealthy and spectacular good liver. He was known to the slightly dazed frontiersmen of upper British Columbia as an explorer whom the wilderness licked. But to the ordinary newspaper reader lie \yas not known at all. Nor Is that surprising; for Jils life story Is strange and n little mysterious, with odd blank spaces in it. No comprehensive account of his career has even been printed. Much of the little that has been printed about him is In error. And trying to nm the errors down and replace them with sober fact is as difficult a Job as the Who's Who of American industry can oiler. Who Is This Han? Who, then, is this man Bwlnux, where did he come Irom, and how did he turn himself from penniless Immigrant to dazzling success? He was torn In Paris on Oct. 1C, 1886. His family ilvpd in the unprepossessing Clmrenton suburb, and when lie left for America— erc between -IMS and 1908 —he hfi'i barely c'nwh money tn buy a steerage ticket, and lite worldly goods consisted of a wicker suitcase containing six pairs of socks. Most of the stories that have been printed about him say that he got a job as "snndhog" in n subway excavation project as soon as he landed in New York, and that it was by studying the actions of his fellow workers on that Job that he got the ideas about laborsaving methods which were later to rnake him rith. _ . ( This'is "'.wrong. Bedfiux iujyc: Worked'as-a sindh'og^hls stay-in New,York was brief, arid his labor- avicg;|tei*thods were devised "miicl: later on. He : did, apparently, have & job as a drill hand in a river tunnel in New York, for a time. Ijitcr lie worked in a New Jersey silk mill, and still later he worked for a time in Philadelphia; but befori 1908 was ended he had reached St Ixmls, where he got a S10-a-weck Job teaching French in a commercial language school. Took First Job Offered This wasn't much of a job; Bedaux himself says: "As soon n> learned three words of Engllsl. started out to look for another inb I >fayed at the school a few weeks and then took the first thin» tha offered—a job as laborer nt $9 a week at Maliinckrodfs chenuca works." • Things went a little better then although there was still no hint o' the future riches that were to descend on him. Beciaux married i St. Louis girl, Blanche de Kressie- Allen. He got along well In hi; work at the chemical plant. He recently told an Interviewer: "After I learned English better they promoted me to clerical work. They were very good to me I must have been an unbearable little Frenchman and they treated me like a child, showing me and teaching me." One thing the "unbearable little Frenchman" still recalls about hlf St. Louis days is the fact that lie wrote a fiery and indignant letter to a newspaper, which had printed a picture of his wife. She had won some beauty prize or other. The newspaper, he relates, printed his letter and gave him a none-too- gentle razzing for it. He's No Belter Off Bedaux stayed in St. I/>uis until the end of 1910. Then he left, sayliv- that he was "off to South America to seek his fortune." with him went his wife and their child Charles Jr. Whether Bedaux ever got tc South America is not quite clear: at any rate he turned up back lr Paris again sometime in 1D12, accompanied by his wife and son and no better off financiallv than he had been when he sailed foi America In the first place. Toe poor to stop at 4 hotel, he put tip with his brother, Rene Bedaux and the brother's wife. Mme, Rene Bedaux, who now runs a modest delicatessen store in Paris, recalls: "At that time he was far from being a millionaire and he \vas only too glad to share our "ip borne atu! fare." y \~~,\~ h? ( 'r. '^ th'" 1 '* ic 1 .'- uctive months In Paris thp ^•visi'v -worked out in his mine 1 the efficiency system which was to bear his name. It must have been; for i>e returned to America before Jong, and this time he blossomed out as-an industrial engineer in st«ad of going back to the ordinary Jobs he had had .on his first 'visit,• •,-.-v> : ' In U. S. Darinj W»r Mosl of the stories about him say th»t he spent some years In th« French army during the World THURSDAY, JANUARY G, 1938 lion arc almost a hundred p?r ernl convinced that they.can get the Wagner-Van Nuys bill through the Senate scon after Congress rtccnvuies )n regular session. The measure is on the preferred list and lomcwhat similar the House. come lip at once, A bill has passed Government Expert Claims Business Developed Own Over Confidence Uf 'HODNJiV miTCHKK Some filibustering is anticipated hut lobbyists for (he measure believe that southern members most bitterly opposed are so certain of eventual defeat' that they won't talk more than four m five days t the most, i'enntor James i'cuth Carolina, P. Byrnes of an opposition leader, privately has conceded that pass. Senator Tom the WASHINGTON.—"Lack of co r "iff"" Is m ofU'ii said to be a'rjcnnally of Texas, previously one jlurdaiutntrtl factor In the cf I he longest, filibiister- Several Divorce Suits Filed In Court Here A number of divorce suits have been filed In chancery court here recently. Mrs. Velma Louise Van Bibber charges Indignities in her suit against T. H. Van Bibber. Her attorney Is P. C. Douglas. Mrs. Beniice Rlamant also charges indignities in her action against Donald Diamant, Mrs. Diamant, frohi Mrs. Verlia C. Cooley oh the ground of Incfignltles. His attorney is Claude P. Cooper. «•* vho lives at Leachvllle, tfd by Arthur U is rep- Adams, fh:mp Hint It's it ne'.vs item of the Clutching bnyonclrd rifle. 1 ;, ft .si|iud of JupiiiH'.se .•jrs.iAillf.'r. 1 ; advances IU.TOS.S lliu roiigli terrain near Nanking, the caiihbonud coimtcruui Is of the sky ru ding l>omb<:r.s who valued dentil on lh« beleaguered Chinese cnp!l:\l. The .soklier ut rit»ht hits relc-us 1 -':! hl.s yrcnadc. Comrades behind him are preparing to throw bombs Into the thicket ahead where Chl.icse Mflpers or machine uiiunt't!; inl^hl lurk. Communist Hero HORIZONTAL 1 The first leader of the Communist ' stale. G He was • • of Soviet Russia. UBimishecl persons. 1C To captivate IV To relate. 18 Solitary. 21 Sinewy. 22 Musical note. 23 Flower palls. 25 Seventh note in scale. 26 Court. 27 Laughter sound. 28 You and me 30 Measure of area. 32 Neck scarf. 34 To lift up. 36 Blackbird. 37 Russian village. Answer lo I'rcvlous Virule O ID Note in scale. 20 Compass poinl 23 Lampoons. 2'1 Suspicion. 20 The former lUis sinn • is named after him. 27 Sharpens as a razor. 20 Holy man. 31 His memory Is by the Communists. 33 Pussy. 35 God of war. 39 Opposed to ego. 41 Marked with spots. 47 To relate. lis own ublty. An industrial engineer who rc- member.s Bedaux in his Cleveland career says admiringly. "Tlrat man is the dest salesman that ever livc:l. lie's a good industrial engineer, but hes u better salesman. Don't ever let him into your office, because if you do he'll have yon nil sewed u|) before )i e gets oul.' However all of this may be by the early 1020s the system was kliV! Beduux very rich, and as the '20s advanced liu became richer. And by 1027, or thereabouts, when he decided that it wns lime to start having n little recreation 1 , he began to impinge on the social consciousness of smart New York society. 43 Southeast, - Republic. 44 Street. "3 Requirement. 45 Eillicr. VERTICAL 40 Social insect. I To permit. 43 Act of storing. 2 Strives. 54 Dined. 55 To ogle. 57 Angry. 58 Pleased. 59 Glow. Gl Poured nccidcnlnlly. C2 This helped establish the Russian 3 Egyptian river 49 Duration. 4 Sick. 5 Northeast. 7 Chnmbei-. 8 Observed. 9 Wilhin. 10 Simpleton. . 11 To eject. 12 Water wheels. 13 To attempt. 15 Perched. 50 Either. 51 Branches. 52 Preposition. 53Kxploit. 54 Genus oC aulu 55 Tiling. M Collon machine. 00 Sound of ' surprise. Bank Hostess Appears To Spur Friendliness MANCHESTER, N. ft. (UP) — The newest writikie in the realm of business is the bank hostess. Tlie Amoskeag Savings Bank believes that Mrs. Doris Sle'bbins. described as the nation's tlrst 1 --<< »!<«=»»«•.•. win mi ike patrons led fit home. ; v»u wuni to refute the charge Ihnt banks me cold nnd impersonal," an official explained. Wa,rt Here, aguiti. there is an exaggeration. Before the war was six months old Bcdnux was in America, not to leave it until after (lie war. He appeared in Grand > Rapids at some time in 1914. ready to begin his career ns Industrial engineer. He did. apparently, have some genuine war service to his credit, however. In 1917 lie registcreit under the American draft law. ami in a petition filed In 1918. claiming exemption BS head of a de- fer various other Grand Rapids en terpriscs. Dy noiv he B-.IS becoming; prosperous. He bought a i-miiilrj place oast of Grand Rapids, abng tbr Thornapple river, which he railed his "chateau." lie nlso remarried— a divorce, npparcntlj, hiving ended his first mwiflee- tnkin; to wife Pern Lombard, daughter of n moderately prosperous Grand By 1910 c:'.an?c of Rapids lawyer. there came another scene, with Believe Student Amnesia Victim li-fn-'.i|i:s-d(i;' type when anyonq' sir"> that "Ico j)in:h coiiflik'nce,", r'lhrr thru nt.t uicmuh, ',v;i.'; one <-f l.'in recrsfihui's major causes. 1 If von li.-lli'Vf thai uvuivx- '::i'idid mvnitoiiux had much fj <(o with (lie drop in production. v<v,''r<! likrly to be Impressed by this rugiimt'iit now that pertinent "*• (1-tires en Inventories are avail-' nh'.e. Thiss figures indlcat" Hint Ihi- largest coruoratlcns had larger Inventories last September th-in they had In 102U. 1'lifip.M Too Much Iluyinj '•Tlit iilfiln (ruth of the matter Ls that business In general had tco much coiilideiic.c, and spci:u- In'.od In inventory buying," *ay.s Dr. Leon Htndursen, chief economist of WTA. "When a corpora- lien Is uncertain iibciit (he fut"re. It dors nol l;uv materials, supplies and new machinery. Business went blindly ahead even when many storm warnings were "fznnllfng that the great mass of consumers lacked purchasing power - to take their goods olf the market." Henderson's words have been carrying plenty of weight in Wiuihlngtan since lie predicted (he business recession, with startling accuracy, many months in advance. He gets mad when anyone call.-! it "the Henderson depression." as some facetious commeii- tars do. According lo Henderson's taliu- atlons. 58 large corporations wlir •olnl assets of $1,330,300,000. had ventorles valued ao $232,'-?,G,0 at the end of 1929. But at the end of last September, even though the price level was .considerably lower, these inventories i) mounted to $285.000.000. Those who nrc optimistic about business prospects arc sure dm industrial activity nill pick U] "when Inventories get worked off.' The "Why" of (lie Irishman Tn pnst years no president eve considered sending nn Irish Cain clic ambassador lo fx>ndon be cause relations between Englanc and Ireland arc always so' deli cate. But the appointment i of .Jo seph P. Kennedy lo the Court a Et. James inny turn out to be : good idea—because relations be Uvccn England and the Irish Frei State are still delicate. For one thing, tlie Brill si wouldn't think of suggesting tha they wculd just as soon not havi en Irishman. They need n unit* Empire front in the face of tin European situation, and t h e > can t afford to affront an Irisf government which still keep ticking pins in the British guv eminent. (The latest incident i; the dispatch of an Irish Free Slate minister to the Italian "fSuperio of Ethiopia" in Rome.) Furtheimorc, the U. S. gov eminent Is anxious that Dritnii be able to face Germany and It aly without worrying about Ire land, and -it Ls believed Kcmie dj s appointment, and perhaps hi subsequent activities, may heir Improve Anglo-Irish relations. Friends of anti-lynching legisla cr:; against It, has said: "We realize that we cannot '.•ojitpone notion forever. We realize that sooner or later we I'.re to be lynched under the name of 'aiill-lyiiching'." Jonesboro attorney. Mrs. Nellie Bishop accuses G. R. IJisnop of indignities and desertion In her suit filed through Ed 3. Cook, attorney. Mariln McCann alleges Indlgni- 'les In his action against Mclvina McCann. Shane and Pendler are if-movs for the plaintiff. Grady C. Cooley seeks a divorce PAJARO, Cal. (UP)—This city's candidate for the "meanest man" enlereel the aviary of Mrs. W. H. West nnd wrung the necks of five canaries. QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all times. SAVE MONEY AT S GAINES MKT. 118 W. Main Phone . , -, pendent family and as head of a i opening offices in Cleveland" mid necessary Industrial enterprise, he stated that he hat! served for fo:ir months and two days In the French Foreign Legion. To his first employer in Grand Rapids lie said that he had left the army because of some physical disability. More Than Muscle Al any rate, he went to work In Qrand Rapids in 1914. getting a olace with the Valley city Milling Co. at $50 fl. day—which Indicates pretty definitely that already he had considerably more to sell than just the skill and muscle of a hired hand. , ivvilylns I.I-, "system' to vavl.-us factories in Hint city. Kcre. .ij.iln, mr-r.l o7 the prpvtoiMiv printed stories i.boul him .ire in r.ior; tlicv say (hat Cleveland was the ccr.icr of his ope: it'on :. wlinviF it sd nif to have -KCU merely a secnmi&ry field will) Iiirn. n N'ev Yurk office scrviuj as his heau- q'Ji-Mfi.i. Itc So'.H HIiiiM-if In anj case. Beile.irx ccntinuert t'> c ; o p. certain iimount of work in until some time In l?-3. Vnp.n lip devoted ill of his.atten- tion to New York. „, . ., , „ It should be rcmcmbfictt, in this During the next three years or| vLsc to rorluuc lbrit u ; vft& nol x) he made more and more of a I merely an industrial system which reputation as mi efficiency expert. TJeHaux had to sell First and r n 1915 he installed his system in selling himself— the plant of the Imperial Furnl- felling his iiersonalily. his driving ture company. ••-•-- A nation-wide searcli has been instituted for Merle Austin, 1'7 above, of Emington, 111., who mysteriously disappeared from the University of Iowa campus Armistice Day. Unable to suggest any cause for his disappearance, his parents believe him the victim of amnesia. The 3-outh is five feet eight inches tall, weighs 130 pounds and has wavy brown hair and blue eyes Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & CUARANTKKU Safe, sore and with leu discomfort. All diseases and conditions ot nervous origin, foot aliments anrt skin cancers treated and cared at onr tllnle. DRS. NIES & NIES Osttopathlo Physicians Phone S3 514 Ark. OUR COMPLETE SERVICE Insures Your Satisfaction * * * PRESTONE RADIOS HEATERS DEFROSTERS PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST 21 Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call <m The earth has one satellite, the noon; Jupiter has nine and Saturn Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how many medicines .'ou have tried for your cough, chest cold, or bronchial Irritation, you can jet relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouMe may he brewing and you cannot afford to lake a chance with any remedy less potent than Srcomulsion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble and aids nature to soothe and heal the inflamed mucous membranes and to loosen ind expel the germ-laden phlegm. Even If other remedies have failed, lon't be discouraged, try Creomul- sion. Your druggist is authorized to refund your money if you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained from the very first bottle. Creomulslon is one word—not two, and It has no hyphen in it. Ask for it plainly, see that the name 3n the bottle is Creomulslon, and . you'll get the genuine product and ! the relief you want. (Adv.) I 'f ATTENTION, LADIES! BEGINNING FRIDAY, Jan. 7 The RAGLE SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE will offer all BEAUTY WORK at GREATLY 'REDUCED PRICES. This work, which will he done by students, WILL BE UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF OUR BEAUTY EXPERTS. AH Work Guaranteed To Satisfy PIDI ^ You may enro " now in our UlltLw School. Special courses givcTn in :tU lines of Beauty Culture. Eagle School of Beauty Culture Cooper Iflclg. 2nd & Walnut I'hone 310 " See signed by KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY APLAHTWMOUS THRODGH75YEARS i The Shorbrook Distributing t-' 0 -. Cincinnati Ohio Distributors Macn Distributing Co., i I.itllc Koch, Ark. Western Arkansas Distributing Co., Fort Smith, Ark, As early as 1746, the neighbors of young George Washington entrusted the surveying of their fields and forests to the master of Mount Vernon. They could count upon his unswerving honesty. His name upon a map made it an authoritative document. A good name is no less important today. As you read the advertisements in this newspaper, you see the names of manufacturers and merchants who have builded 1 their business success upon honest products. The very fact that they advertise speaks for their integrity. The store that stays in business has not only to get customers but to keep them year after year. Your good-will is worth too much to be endangered by inferior, unsatisfactory goods. Read the advertisements regularly. They will save you minutes and money. They serve as maps of good merchandise—signed with names which, like the name of Washington, have been tested by many and found ; completely trtistworthy. <H »*

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