The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX " Coasters Inrr'/ss East On ,-' ' 'TiiurhphaiU' Tour; Lui- selti Spark Plug " ',- 'By HARRY GHAVSOV NBA Service Sports editor NEW YORK —Stanford s baskct- ,ta![ vmslty has returned to the Pacific coast, but the in«mwj lin- ( gers on An$2lo (Hank) Luisettl, n unan- , Iraous All-America as a sophomore last season, clearly demonstrated thit he is the Bate Kuth of the ^college cagers Critics agree that, ths lowering Cardinals form one of Hie finest hoop outfits hi in°in- or? Cenlrnl Mf"ouri Stats Teaehois uere considered tlie stion esl ar- ny in llislr locility but Stanford 1 repelled them, 51-31, in dsdl-nttis Kansas Cll> s nev, si\-and i-lmlf- clue, auditorium to basketball - - Temple w>s highly regarded In Philadelphia, but bowed, 45-38 Long Island Unlveisilj was un- Jieaten in •is engagements, but went donn, 45 31 Canislus College of IJiiffalo scaled an unprecedented level of prominence bv repulsing Nebraska ' 39-34, but Stanford was something else again Ttie GrlfTlns \\ere sub dued, 39-29 Stanford was hottest against Western Reserve in Cleveland, nnkllng' off with a 07-27 declslorl At one lime, the Palo AHoans led Temple, 32-9, and LIU,' 36- Cards' Winning Card BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 14, which , 5011 n rou»h idei of just hovt much the tall joung men of John William Bunn have on the old casaba Lutsiti's Four Mate-, * Do Work of Five Men Luisettl averaged a shade more than 16 points a game In the five, although his average time or play was only u half v The 20-jear-old Italian scored 19 points against the Olvmpic Club ' of San Francisco before the Indians -, shoved on on their transcontinental trip He registered 21 against : Cenlral Missouri State Teachers 14 against Temple, IB against L I U , and tOi«?d 13 Held goals in 18 shols from all parts of the court against Western Reserve v-'Luisetll onl\ picked up where lie left ofl last season when he accounted for the almost unbellev- "•able total of 416 points in pacing ; . Stanford to the Pacific Coist Con r ference champ'onshlp Hov,e!l Turi Her, r the oTher forward, scored 205 points ' I i v Lulsietli Is made to look ,even ' _ nore formidable than he is bj his four teammates who are able to do the work of (me men In a zone ' defense set up to be a good offense This enables Hank to break rapldl> '• without worrying aTrout an oppfts- _ ing- player shooting from his tsr- Hill-Billy Wrestler Adds New Color To Colorful Mat Game TUESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1937 Takes First and Second I Falls In Fast Match; Waylanrl Wtor '$,/•_>- :;- up Hank Lulsctll, Slnnfoid's grenl bnskclecr, read) to shoot, for Ihe hoop He scored •tic points for the west coast champs last yeai By Harry Grayson . Han> Cofipcr won neither the (hilled Stales Brltlsli open, Ihe .P. O: A. nor Ihe Masters' tournament, but the Englfsh-bom professional generally is considered the foremost golfer of the day Cooper Is so rated by Tonj Mnncro, the open champion who omits himself In listing America's first 10 for 1936 in this order "oopei, Denn> Shute, Ralph Gul- Jahl, Henry Picard, Horton Smith, Gene Sarazen Kj Lnffoon, Jimmy Hines Djron Nelson, and Pnul Runv an i Allhougli he compiled Ihe amaz* |H /^'/^tfji Lutseltl, led. Is shown In 'Bettor under Ihe basket ns Stanford brok( Long .Island University's wlnnlns streak afler .43 slrnlglit victories. opens, and also anklcd off .will Hie Glens Falls bauble. Nelson Is one of Ihe nior promising younger lournamen players. Tilt- ultra-daring-' typo, h definitely arrived .last -.summer h lassoing the metropolitan open a Quaker Ridje i fiunyan, inc leading profession nl In 1935 rankings went Into c slump early in 1930. In ^Manero's opinion, the mas Improved golfer' of the year wti no one ;of the first 10 ho selects bill Jlmiivj Thomson peer of lone hlltcrs Thomson failed of ranking dm lo Inck ot success In' tournaments but he has .concentrated on hi. shoit gnmc and piomlscs to b< one of the major Ihrcals of 1937, concludes Manero. Although Manero came from no wheie lo acquire the open, hi ~ritory i -Roy Clifford, Western Rcsene coach, decided to make Liiisatti drive by his plajcrs after pitching the Canisius guards back up on the Stanford luminary and ses- _. ing him shoot from thd field The only result v,as proof of \\hat Clifford and cvcrjbody else suspected 'In the case o[ Luisettl, one plan was as futile as the oUier bp«dy Cardinals Set Up fiajs on Spur of Moment Luisettl s agility belies his si\ feet three Inches "He's a natural—the kind of a i player flho makes a coich look good," Is the way Coach Bunn describes the wonder boy from Gal•' ' School of San Pran- ' He has plajed basketball since he was a kid and is blessed with tne ideal nervous sjstcm" His re- mark-able reaction and quickness - make it possible for him lo Ine up to the Stanford athletic news , service description 'Big, langv, powerful, fast, extremely clever, a wonderful shot, great on defense, a spectacular dribbler, a perfect ileo High CISCO IJY J, 1 Irish Patrick O Dowdy may not l)c (lie uoilds leading middlc- v tight despite his vlctorj qvei the title, holder, Gus Kalllo two \ eel's iigo but lo DIj llicvlllc fans he Is lops ' , The serious pol'ei faced Cal Ifoinhn made It three in n low bj defeating a one time chump Ray Myers louhvlli' Kj In the main nltnctloii of The American Iwion wiwlling siiow lasl nklil O Dowdy took the Hist an d llilid fulls i Pals title claims hung by n vcn i mnow thrcid Just bcfoie the flnnlc and il appeared ns If his teciil stieak would be snapped Mjeis hud taken HIG second fail with i sui f boaid-a hold wheie he victims nuns aie extended Inck of i lu> .hc-uldcr, while his I ojipoiicnt s act npplj plenty of ' Piessu.c In Ihe small of hi, back ODowds clldnt give up mull My ] V* foiccd him on hi, face and •Icppcd on lib bick After v 'ul minutes of the thiid round Mjeis 1 seemed a single hnmmeilock then comeiled it Into „ double that finally developed Into the MIX Don id Mjeis liled to turn Pat om but 0 Dowdy slowly rose lo IHs eel Quick as- a nosh he wheeled and fell on Myers and clamped on a double (oe lock Mjers qulckl} gave up The large t-iond lose and apphuded wlldh mnlcli Ihcj liacl ever seen" ODowdj look Ihe flist fall in iL^£!VX^ lalt> , e » hail toiled on about even lips. On the fifth Put "ratlj slipped undci Mjers cuf ting his feet from under "f m He up with the toe hold Eddie Wayland celebrated his slru overcame nduwhl8e to onn <* « order Ing average of 1184 strokes for S4> tournament, rounds, hard luck- trailed Cooper like n faithful hound right up to the finish, rheic he lost the RadK,Cup_,foi lo\v average scoring lo Ouldahl, v\ho had a figure of 7163 in 11 less lounds than Light-Horse Harry Cooper was being congratulated on taking the Masters' tournament il Augusta In April with 28S when Horton Smith came roaring home to.capture that coveted "fixture 1 for file second time In Its thrcc-veni span wih 285 Light-Horse Harry fairly had his right hand wrung off when he lowered the open record to 284 at Baltusrol only to see Manero sink three holes iii birdie 3s and tnke it all • » » Cccper Master of Irons "Cooper is the finest nervous golfer In memory.mid the greatest master of iron play in the game today," 'sa\s Manero, now serving with Shute, Mike Brady, Ned Everhiiit, vand Louts Castello on the Florida Year-Round Clubs' professional staff. "It is his iron play that makes him the mail to beat in major- t, o u r n a me n t s throughout the year. "Shuts, the imperturable, gets She No. 2 spot through his victory fesslon as «as the triumph of Ban Parks, Ji , nt O.ikmont in, 1935 Mnncro l\ad been- sorely handicapped by nn ailment lliat made II difficult for htm to walk the marathon ionic. An operation coi reeled that nnd his fellow professionals knew he possessed the iieiessory equipment, comnelilive abihly, nnd temperament PO You Remember? One Ye-ir A;o Today—Willie Klein won the 52500 Miami Open golf championship t<\r Yeirs Ago Today—Yargcr bioke the mile nnd a quaiter track record at Tropical Park. Florida stepping the distance in 2:05 3-5. Ion Years A?o Today—Forfl- ham dclcated Toionto University 5223, In the iiwt Inlcrimtlonai u.iskctball game sliged In New Yoik passer, and without a weaJness 1 " In the PGA, nnd second money Capt Dinly Moore, right guard, at six feet one, is the shortest ^Stanford regular Turner and Jack Caldenvood, 190-pound leit guard, ,-like Luisettl, stand sl\ feet three Art Stoefen, cousin of Les of tennis renown, Is a six-foot four inch driving center everlasllngU up on the basket Luisetti is the Babe Uulh of basketball not only on Ihr court but at the bucks office as well, for Stanford on its trip played lo 43,123 persons in four games—17 623 at the Garden, 10,000 m Cleveland, 9000 in Philadelphia, and 6500 in Buffalo Pacific Coast Conference rivals of Stanfo r d might just as well prc- t pare for the worst when the sched- showings in Seattle and In the Augusta open. He Is "not- spectacular, but a fine shotmaker and cold steel under fire. "Guldahl was the phenomenon of 1936, pressing Smith for mbney- winning honors and bagging the western open with 274, the lowest the major tournament score of year In the United States. He dians except Moore return next fall and tfie Palo Allo institution is reported to have a freshman • team as capable as the one which included Luisetli, Turner, stoefen "'and Caldenrood two jears ago - The east would like to see Lui- settl, Turner, Stoefen, and Calder- .wood In their senior sear Tops , now, and so good that thej set up - plays on the spur of the moment, they should give never-to-be-for- BoUen^demonsfrations with another season of experience under their crimson shirts • Hawalians In A. B C. NEW YORK,-Jan 4—Two five- man bowling teams from Hawaii will compete In the American Bowling Congress here ne\t spring One island quintet took part in captured the Augusta open, and carried off the year's richest nugget, the $2500 first prize in the Miami Biltmore $10,000 open. "Picard corralled the Norlh and Soulh, Charleston, and Hershey opens, and the Miami four-ball in partnership with Johnny Revolta He is the finest stylist In the business, but his putting action is Icose and remains his one near- weakness. 'Smith is the smoothest putter and recovery artist In golf." Sarazen brought back two titles from Australia, but did not figure' so prominently in American tournaments, j "Driving Is his most troublesome' worry," explains Manero, who undoubtedly benefited no littls by having the gentleman farmer of Connecticut as his playing parl- ner Ihrough the last 36 holes of the national open 'Laffoon has become the most reliable wood club plaver ot all the stars He was well up In all 1936 tournaments, with an avr- No Handball for Hank DETROIT, Jan 4 - Phjsldans of Ihc Detroit'Tigers have ordered Hank Grccnberg first sucker, 0 refrain fiom playing handball. They aie afraid he lull crash Into 1 wall and refraclurc one of the two wrist bones previously broken. Honest Man. Rises Early CLEVELAND (UP)-Afler he discovered he had received n dollar too much from a bank teller who cashed his WPA paj check. William Lurie,: at 5:30 A.M. took the money to police headquarters; When the bank opened a patrolman relumed the money personally lo the bank Wllb LIFT VAUJFD AT , , Bill ION A ItAR IN V S "v-NFA Sen Ice WASHINGTON, Jan. 5.-Pishlng and -hunting In the United Stales Is a billion-dollar business annually, according to the American Wild Life Institute, booklet, "The Dn'lnr in (he Duck," just released The Institute, In attempting to Interest business men In conserva- Uon, slre.sses the fact that hunters and fishermen spend that billion annually In -pursuing their hobbles In all sections of the! feet Norlh of the common corner of Sections Nino (9), Ten (10), Fifteen (15) and Sixteen (10), Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Eleven (11), Eas.1 running thence West One' Hundred Seventy-five (175) Feet to the Southeast corner of Lot One (l), Block Seven «), running thence North One Hundred (100) Feet to the Northeast corner of Lot One (I), Block Seven (7), running lliehce East One Hundred Seventy-five , (175) Feet „„ , , "* **'<- I \iicu acvc-iiL-y-tivu UYOJ Fppl country. Alarming decrease in fish j to Yarbro road, ru, , ing thence nlln an>»a' H*tv*lbnli - Innl. •'-* ' ^. .. _ . -^ . ••""& lllcllv.^. game through lack of restocking and coa r eivitton Is go ' Ing to eliminate this revenue If', business men do not back the movement, the Institute contends-. South One Hundred OOO) Feet along Yarbro road to ]x>Int of beginning. eald Sale will be had to satisfy said decree In the sum of $994.53, with 10 per cent interest from July 15th, 1930, and costs. THE purchaser at said sale will Crbwdcr Slill , Ailing DETROIP-Ahin Ciouder De'!?," T'T 1"*"" «»° »"d I" - -MM..™ tu ««:«« oonu , rellie last season because of an appioved secuilty, to secure the mine shoulder lias notified Man- piymenL of the purchase monn ager Mickey Cochrane that it and a lien will ber^la neJTpon IIISIH .espondcd to tieatment is "id property as addiUo il seuir- expectcd and that the Bengals ity for the pajmcnl o sucli ma shouldn t count on him next sei-. chase monev ' for mok ""ont, Tenn. «reslle pro- ovcrall -' i ' and c a>Tles atony his pet coon 0 car, I!j NtA Service COLUMBUS, O.—Lem Slecklln. Blue Ridge mountain hill billy is Hie. newest thing In wrestlers. Lugging hij, p e t laccoon Oscar, around with him wherever he goss, Leem looks the part of a moun- HIncer what with a luxuriant beard, overalls, and winter "unaware. 1 His overalls are his wrestling costume He refuses to don tights when getting into a ring because lie asserts it's indecent and ''mj pappy d shuck Ihe hide right offen niy back. If'-he saw me a-rasslin' without my clothes on.' Lem 28, lias been wrestling as a profess'onal since August, when a friend induced him to try his liahd at the money game after he had 'whuppcd' everything in sight down In Smokemont, Tenn , way Despile his introduction to eivi- h/ed ways Ihe mountain boy still can't get used lo orthodox meals He prefers to munch a hambone He's mained to a former school leacher, although he did not pass Ihe fifth! grade, and lias one son. CARDS' $35,000 RENT TIDES BROWNS OVER ST. LOUIS, Jan. -I.--The St. Louis Browns would have a hard the Cardinals playing field. The National League team pays time getting by if owned , their own the American club an annual rental of. $35.006, and that amount 'ha., been one reason why the Browns have lemalned in Hie league the lost few years, COMMIS SION Elt'S S AI,E NOTICE is hereby given (hat the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms' of a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba. Disi trlct of Mississippi Countj Ar I kansas on the 6th day of December, 193C, wherein The Georgia State Savings Association of Savannah, was Plaintiff, No. 0228. and W. H. Stovall, et al.; were Defendants will sell at public iiuction to the highest and '• best bidder, for cash, on 'a credit of three months, at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law in the City of Blytheviile, Arkansas, on the 23rd day of January, 1937. the following real, estate, to-wit: All of that certain tract of land shown on the official plat of E. M. Bryan sub-division to Blytheviile, Arkansas, as the East One Hundred Seventj-five (175) Feet of Block Seven (7) of sold addition and more particularly described • as follows: Beginning at a point on the West side of Yarbro road 1010.6 Coasters Use_Movies LOS ANGFLES, Jan. 4.—.The Los Angeles Pacific Coast League baseball club will use "movies to correct batting mistakes next season. Pictures will be made of batters iii. both hitting streaks and slumps A hitter who finds himself slipping can discover what's wrong by studying the movies. Read Courier News Want Ads WANTE D Government Loan Cotton Phone 107 APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. Berttj^Bldf. Bly^hevllle, Ark. n , ii ^ My llanct ami U'e seal of said Com I on ihls the 29th tnj of December 19M ADDISON P. SMITH Commissioner In Ghaneerj 29-5 EVERY TIME IF YOU TPAlKl ON 4OOD PURE MILK FROM CRAIG'S DAIRY Bounce back to GOOD HEALTH and feel fit for what's ahead "by drinking; a constant and adequate supply of CRAIG'S PURE, FRESlf milk. GRADE A RAW MILK Quart irjc Pint ..- Oc Buttermilk, Ql fa ..PHONE Edward Smith (70) ^ Jai "es three rounds ot slinging. Mike lively offichted loudos I.ikcs Afrlci JOHANNESBURG -Jim Lonrt ™ V3 weight wrestler who^dfop !>ed off here on a world tour to '' r , fatcele a guarantee or sjnon meet Londos. here. Read Courier News Want Ads - Play Billiards! •^Wholesome Recreation . Moieralcly Priced - Blytheviile Recreation Center 316 W. Main - Former Homo of Bell's Pharmacy GARNER APPUiTON MARVIN CHAPPELt, Wrecker Service - Gas & Oil OPEN ALL NIGHT Phillips Service Center Phones 777 - 810 DANCING Every Night SILVER MOON NIGHT CLUB 2 Miles North Missouri Line WHAT DID YOU BUY WHEN YOU BOUGHT 'APER? THIS it .*.*T— ^ «™o j«* v in lun^i, iuup last \ sine 1936 congress in Indianapolis'the Los Angeles age of 7248 strokes for 64 roundV' * * * Thomson Most Improved Hmes dominated the Pacific coast loop last jear, prevailing in and Riverside CIGARETTES CAMELS, CHESTERFIELDS, LUCKIES, KTC. ONE PACK FOR 10c WITH EACH PURCHASE OF 50c OF GASOLINE OR OIL AT THE MARTIN OIL STATION STKELE, MO. ^ First, of course, you bought the news from the far- off corners of the world. Late news and. live news, covering all the countless interests and activities of all peoples. Then,-too, you bought the local news—about the recent doings of people you know, announcements of coming events, intimate details of your own special circle. And, what more? . •. Aren't you forgetting the vital news items in the advertising columns? Items of immediate interest and real importance to you and yours. News of better buys in food and clothes and things for the house. News that you must watch ; closely and constantly —if you expect to make your money do its job. ; I This new year, form the fine habit of following the advertisements with an eagle eye. It will save you money and help you live a richer life.

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