The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1950
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNE BO, 1050 BLYTHEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREW By SPENCI'K MOOSA TAIPEI, June 30. fAP) -Kat Ui-si China locliiy imoinied niifld Nations it \viis li'.km^ to furnish "such i'.s-iyhinre ; within" its power lo the rcp of Korea. U'tTTjiiited Nations' i'.U'-'^'.ion t*) the "urgent need of toiueitol aclicn on the part of all United N:Ui >us nienilKT.s in orch'r to niLiinl-'hi iu- Imiationnl poare, .'Si-.'.'.u'i;^ 1 bniu in Korea and el.sewhu-o." The nnnouneeiueLit s^kl tlui i.?:-.^- cuiion of Ciilna's die is Ion v.*a:r iio- in» discussed with I lie K--. :'&••' Amprican Koverunu'nt.s, snrl General MncArthur In T'-!ivo 3 Divislsms . !! <V-<iy The NaUomili-'.t do.' 1 !-i'jn iv.j. to U.K. Secretnry C* h'e by Poreitjii Mi; Yeh, TnusLworthy .sumci.* conti'ibutinn \vo divL'Ucns anct an u:i ; bcr of »ir units. Chi- in# jK>.tsSblc diplomatic action U>^ prevent the Reds from benefiUinj; hoin Taipei's compliance with Wushilisten',s request to halt air and .sea attacks the Red China mainland. It was believed possible the Nationalists might ask the United S -.TIPS to approach Britain with a vie\v to an embargo on the move- nu'iit of war material to Communist China through Hong Kong and ci her Britr-h ports. The Nationalist air force, which )i;id .stepped up its attacks or» the Tied held Chinese mainland, it I le for (he third straight day a-s tUc Navy. ;Vi'rthele-ss, with the presence of _ i-u* U.S. Seventh Fleet between this | ami the Red mainland, there | v. ,us a sjierttet' .sense of security in j l r omu'!.s:i iJirn exi.strd tit any thnfi i pinoe the Nationalists collapsed on i tlie continent, , J!c-rfidps b.'K}stiiu; |>nbHc confidence I'is: presence of the U.S. fleet boo-st- (:d Formof:ah currency in tnoney i.'irkelK. Tlic 1 rate today was 12 T,>!ini>:~i>n dollars t(t $1 ^ com pa red ;irc di.ii i.sA-j v;Uh 15 to jl earlier in the month.. ,%£l J 1 i Lit 1 I i 1 J Sena o 1 t M OI > day t!•>•»( R pi b i s i foLin il re t oil, ti called the mistakes oi i jKlmini.stration in fuV' sftid it could be ust 1 document, Taitr s su e ti in \ reporter in the fuce o Trunuai's conini:.:!' (. the Ohio ir.c-nator tical statement ih:;L v, for in deni mil i j Secretrj\ 01 bti \ t In a ^inite f- n ' Taft si tl ui t Vi r 3 liad been re\ri t I \ order for nr mod in LIT v Korei to 11 ui 11 b lions' ceivse fire o\ The president told his no ference yesterday tiiat tin e i not been any UiispuLe in ii c o met over the Korean action Tiiei'e wasn't a word of- in tlie r n port that he hid le t d A he on ,tlic Pre ulent siid lie tdc 1 d in sentence he authorized reporters to quote directly: "I thitik the political statement of Mr. Taft at this lime is entirely uncalled for," No Reply Taft did not rt'plv publicly, -spying: "I am not- going to enu^e in ajJX controversy \vith the Piesi- ci.MI now." Me did tell a reporter he thinks the Republican National Cwnuilttec should sum up for the p;irty'^ candidates in i the. Noveuib I i u"on, Ohio sate nudi o s tiining against Tuft in the November senatorial race, called or his RejJublicEm opponent to rcucV j i Semrp seat. Ferguson .said Taft .still liits his head "buried in thi uids of reaction." Ignoring this, Taft said the GO! ^h.onld claim credit for bringing .bout the non -appease tnent policy toward Russia, largely through the ( r i ts of Senator Vundenberf^ (R- \Hch> and John Foster DuHes, r ;])ublican State Department ari- i er WUH.V MliKTS IN 1'OUO WAKU— 'I IIP [-rmvcled polio wnrd Parkbtid Hospital at Dallas. Tex., .sees some strange sights day Mrs. Patricia McOi-ow of Ijincastcr, Tex., (iu iron lung) is visited h •her 'soti.-j, ^Jjke, -i, (cflitev) and rat, 2. Al! are stricken with polio. Th boys have recovered eiiauch U) be rtudy /or treatuieiit of baths an pncks. but their mother still fights lor lier life. The nurse is Miss Eve Imig. (AP WirepUoto) • . • (Yorkers Caught With'Uh'Down IJALTJMOHK, June 3D. (A!')—A i'oui> oi ron.structUm workers were iiuwhl with their—uU—givtrd down The victims told police they ims- ,'c-fcd tin ad lor out-of-town jobs t a Miite at a downtown hotel. A mtily-faeed "interviewer" accepind 11 IK nnd told them to R<> into the i«'X', room to dlsi'obe lor medical He would keep their valuabti-.s, If hev liked. Nine Inmded over their .'.'a He-is, with ca.-rh amounting to '175. Stripped to their .short. 1 ;, tli .vailed. And waited. And waited. Jut iio doctor came In to look nt k he in. I-'mnlly, after about ;m hour, fine of them peeked into the main room. t'hi? interviewer wus gone. iJo were i he wallets. And the hotel iound I he room had bten cleaned out i nnipletely. Soen a ruddy-faced "interviewer" witli 11 .swollen wallet uround? Destroyers Alerted OTTAWA, June :*0. (/Ti — Prime Minister Louis St. ljuircnt announced todny that three Canadian de.stroyerH on the Pacific Const have been ordered lo be ready to g action riff Korea if needed. f/ome Improvements Planned by Stages; Repair Work Is First nfiU proijrarn.s i'v, n inlo three ei' HI \vhlch thw Homo ininr can he brnkr nt:i;*r.s. l\\ ch<: woi 1 }: usually . l--Ui'i;ent i^iiuiu-;. ' r v»r example, covering a Irnky ivuf v;i(h n.s|>halt shinj;te.s in-i'd.s f.n be done wltliout dv.lny because ;t yoinul roof i.s e.s- .-onital for ui-oUx-iiii;' all the of a hopst' and ii-, r'Miictit.s. U— Modwn!x:u:<m J«r 'better living. For fxutiipk', nc\v kitchen cabinets nihiM not ht 1 tiet'e,s.sary but they add to ih: itppeavance of the IKHIKC and m;iV:t: kftchon work easier. 3-— Addition:; for futui'e twe. FniiKhiiur ol niojHs fn nti nUiu or i\ tnisi'tnep.t <ir nni tnn.tioii of a nc!v: ieriion fcr :i liwoIlin'H are inipvuvetnent? iu tln>; category. Itivcr Locks Closed ROCK IfcLANL), --All loi'lis and diss sippi River bi'lw am! Kt. T.onis we public today ;;s a The action \v:is :'« R, I,. Ucan of the 111.. June :iO. !A r } ns on the Missis- ivp Mlnnrapolis n- closed to tho srcisriLy ine^snre. ! i K'?vnee<i liy Col i Hurl.; Jslniui His- " trict, U. K. Corps of i:ii£inrer.i. Hr said the ban (ii> vi.'.ilor- would rc- in effect unMl furtbfr notice. Ni'v' 1 '"! ! ;»n (HI ( !< !' i 1 ! i ft 1 is nniif- SCARLET FEVER '* SPINAL MENINGITIS ENCEPHAUTfS » Bloodl ISIeoptng SkWnl €*t Pntecthn *0 Ml IMCR£AS!NG 10 [$5,000410,000 ON EACH MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY] lo pay expanses of ihesa 9 dreaded diseases! 6fte Potlcy Awm?* &f/yos/r family* 'HuiLond, wi(o and oil unmairicd <hI1J/en Ifom 3 moolki la ag« It. . . .only $10 a year! ... or $4 insures one person! Foyi Bcnefifi { Oll Dgdor BilU — Hospital Bitlj — Spotlal Ntm<ii~X-ray — PhydolSercpy Trcutmenl —Blood Trcmifuikni-Diusi end Mudidnei — ittn lung ~fi ca ret and Crul<hvi— Ambulance TrampodetCon, ok a. Trust Co. Phone 3121 si Miss, onn the Democratic lori-j'/n FAYETTEVTLLE, Ark., June 30.— t I wo Denver youths who bur- olnrized a department store and stole | r automobile hero parly fast Mon- j d -v have been arrested In Hatties- ! bug Mi s. 1 Uie burg Police Chief E. C. Harris identified the two us John Lawrence Fletcher, 18. and Bruce V;mderpnol, 25, nnd said they ad- niM.ted the Faycltcvllle thefts and others. Fayrrttcville officers hart found the sume names on papers in a stolen automobile abandoned here. The cm' also contained six rifles, two ?hoK;uns nnd more than 3,000 rounds oi iimniunuiori. Tlie burglar's, were frightened away before they could carry away about 't "030 .worth..of 'men's clothing they f in cord from the Yalta Roosevelt, Stalin and C hurt hill February, 19-15, to dale. i '•! .think WR ought to pay critical attention to the mist Likes the fid- 1 ministration, has made in handling the threat of Communism hi the Pacific, errors that it- hiis had to confess by reversing it;? policy there/* Taft said. Senator TJiyc (R-Minn>, who often differs with Tatt on iiiier- national affairs, as reed in n separate interview tsiat tli^ Republicans ought to r 't up iiu- 1 Dfnui- cratic foreign policy rcLuru. in such a formal report. "We .should lay (lie farUs z~ they are and let them; foi themselves." he f:iifl. On the other IKUKJ, Senator num- phrey (D-Minn) sard Jic thinVis il would be a jnlstake for the Republicans to make a i>'i]itical ii'i.ue of foreign policy in a tune ?o cri:.u-;ii that the PrcsiclpT^t lias nrdrrccl :r;U- itnry action In Korea to stein the tide of Commutii?m. As!w Unity "In this critical hour our polkv nfTf.^arily must be : -fIi:;<I «i> inee- developments as (hey av ; : ! e. phroy r":-l. '"\Ve rn'^i' ' unity behind P->'. policy ; political bickrri r." Humplirey ! Jgf-g^uit on Tal ^J;ter'.s drn>;int sitjn. White Tuft ;:; the principle or '- T r tiim in Kore.;, tlrlnk:; t'nnt e^ .son's policies outtht to quit. Senator DcnujcrAtir 1(- rncTit \\':\:-\ in views' of the per Daily V," Chairman twitted by Senate thut sonnel wou' to ne'end Senate spei be appiaudo I in win In Iiis order, Mr. Seventh Flfirt tn last rcdnuht f»f Jhr alisto. xvhirh he would «et no mili . re.- | had stacked ^up . in' the Hiint nfn-eiicR of | imrtmcnt Store. They took $16 of!f| store's money. The automobile Ui which they came here, stolen in Denver, was nhandoned, and they stole another. Hattiesburg police quoted them as' savins they stole still a third automobile in Little Rock. They were arrested as they nt- ic-inpted to break into a Hattiesburg jtjweh-y store, Harris said. . . . \Vn;ir lljiin ^\v^^ I Summer Shoes For Men Reg. 10.95 Tan & Whifo Wing Tips Reg. 9.95 Crepe Sports (''adory-Trainccl Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices j Phone 264$ \Vc Pick liji ami Deliver Fred CulHhon Fir^l ^t [ Reg 7.95 Ten & Brown Perforated 3.97 Regular 2.99 Regular 3.99 ier 8SS Regular 4.95 Regular 7.95 All Reaiilar Every Color in the R<3?rJ?ov/ •— V/htes, V/heot, Navy, Red, Green, Mtdn-Colors, High & Low Wedge — all NesvEossaSiy Advertised

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