The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEViLLB, (AKK.) CQURIEIt NEWS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1933 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NKWS THE COURIER JIEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS O. B. BABCOCK, Editor . H. W. HAINES, AnverUsliuj Manager 8"le. National Advertising Representative!: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York. Chicnuo. Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock. Published Every Alterpoon Except Sunday. iie as second class mailer nl poEl offlcV al Ulytheville, Arunder act ol Cousrcss Oc- Y.L.- tobcr 6, 1917. Served by (lie til)lied Press. SUBSCHIPHON RATES By (Mi-riff in uic City ai aiyihcvllle. 15c per ncok «r Sti.SU per year In ndvnnce. Uy mull within it radius ot CO miles, 13.00 per (vni. JJ.bU for six munlrin. 85c tor three liionltis; by mull In ixjslul /ones two lo six, inclusive, t6£Q per year. In zoiiiw seven and eight, 110.00 per year, payable In advance. A Yea r of Progress \Ve of niytboville and Hie St. Francis river basin of Norl!iea:U Arluinsas and SonU'.easi Missouri ni;.y feft! that we are still ^omevvha! .--hurt of that degree' of prosperity wlm-h Die rich resources of this valley voiild seem I" justify, but we Van bul; badi iii>"» the year now ending as one that I'.as carried 'tis a long way upward from that slough of despond in whirl) wi: seemed mired a year airo. Farm prices are more than .">() per cent better, wages and epiD'oymeiiL are better, wholcFalc nnd ivi::il trade is better, farm land is in domaml al improved prices, vacant city business and residence properties have been filled ut), rent collections have impioved. Rut best -of- all hopo and determination lu K° a^eiid have lakcn I ho place of iliscounigc'ment. Our Inm- ble.s, have not all vanirhul but I hey have been conquered in the sense that we ean now ;-,ee our way out of them. And there is every pro:v.ise that when the depression finally h.'.s been vanquished the majority of our people will find life better than it uvvr w;>,s in the days of the lamented "now era" which collapsed so pain fully four years a;;o. TKis is . not a political edili.-rial. ' But any review, however brief, of the progress that has been rsohieved in recent months would be incomplete if it failed io mention the irn-i, that I'Yank- liiivU.. Roosevelt has played the chanife"* 1 fli!ft* w iTas come ovc-r this and oilier communities the nation. You may differ with the administration's program ;>nd policies. You may regard them ai; il;<ngerously radical or as too conservative to meet the needs of the day. Biu you must acknowledge that President Roosevelt has given us leadership of a kind that has lifted us out of '.he purposeless floundering lh;,t the early years of -he depression. We have not only received direct benttits at I he hands of our g-overmnent, but we have received inspiration to conquer the difficulties we face. The prospect { or the futu.-o is bright. Recovery has already jrj-iaed momentum that will carry it far forward during 103-!. And we in this productive valley are among liie !\r.- - t to feel its affect;. But let us not forget that in the coming year and in ail year.- the benefit? that come to each of us are JUT OUR WAY II likely Ui In 1 prclly hugely In pr to Ihu contribution esicl 1 . of us If you w:int lo .share in ilic advanlnifus of a bi'lkT, slroiiifcr, "i(li':r t-onimiiu- ity yuu mils! do your pavl lu\v;ml m;ik- inif such si community. Uncle Sam, Banker is the hirjjL'st Ulicll! Sitlll IHllV in tln> hi outside of N'L'VV York City llu iilUiin- etl position by buying'. llu'ou^h the JtFC, soincHiinK like .s,'>U.()00,000 in preferred slndi of UK: Coi.iinunlitl Illinois l^ink find Trust r'>iit])iiiiy, UM? Male ImviiiK lii-t'ii :i|i|)i'(ivcd jii.-l ilic iiir.ii 1 tlity by tlio bunk's dii'ci'li'iulc. AinoiiK all liiti ol.hci'.inti-i'e-'t*, Uncle Siim nnwiiiliiys .scuni:! Id Ijt. 1 ijt'cominic a biuikiM' in a |)rcUy L'.xl'.'iisivo fashion. Jusl whoro <tll tliis is H'-iujf to unil not ;it all c!t':ir. An ima)(inui]ve IIUVSOM i")iilil lie I'ov- nivt'ii i'dr iK-lirviiij,' Hint 1'c s;i\v liiltiiiK sli;i|:c, somewhere on Ihe Imrixan ;tliu:ul, complcti- iiitliunalixalion uf ihc nation's banks. And a siMi.iilivi; |iersi>i!, iiiiiitlful of recent disitslprs, alni ( >sl jv.iuhl be for- j;ivi n for bcliuviiiK that j.l;al coiiltl be n Ki'od thiiiR. 'ive Mills Off Properly on Sales. On the lux bills which Illinois piuperly owners will rcmvu early in 1U31 me Mult- lux ilcin, amomitiii!; this year to live lulls, will npp.-nv. In .innoiiiicini; it.s cli.-.i.oiulnni>ntT (Jov. Henry lioincr said: "Illimls fur I hi: llr:.L tiini- in 115 years luir; biTii able Ic' icll'ivc mil os:;-!o :!iui perKiiiiil lirojKMly of ihc .-.tut:' ta\." Bui lo do Hint Illlno:s. for :lu liisl lime in 115 years, is [joins to nnikc everybody pay 11 two per cent sail's tnx on prnclicnlly cvery- Ihliu; ho puri'lmsti;. All :>5ivi- Unit al»l!shin;, n siati- property tax is n KOflil tiling .|iiovicl(-.l Hie laxpnycr aet.s actual rclk-r un'.l nut a IUL'IV .^wiipping of Uiir- ileiu«. lint nolHuly in Illinois or elsewhere .should make tl-.i- misliiki' of r.snimm;; runt i-verylliiiis save;! liy tin- tlioppln.r; of in? st:>.te mllii>!;c will be ml jjiiin for H:B proivjrly cwnrr. A man with a home :uul otl'-vt 1 pros>oi'ly n.s- sessed for S2.0W had lo pny. 510 of .sl;itu lax on il this year. A Iwo |Ki cent sali's tux next year on S5CC of piuuln'.rs tor him'sell iiml Ills fiiinily would come ic- Sll). And II -the t;ixed .spi'mlliig of such ii^'Millly i-nmc' In. "Yoiih, bill \vhal would'shft-he without Man, Believed Dead 17 Years, Claim! Estate SANDUSKY. O. lUP)-Belleved dead tot 17 years, Charles Brezl, 73, has appeared In common pleas court here to claim an estate of $3,000 left by Ida Bretz, a relative. A resident of the Ann Lee Home, Albany, N. Y., Brezt was Identified by his son, slwrman, tnd three residents of Middle Ban Island. He came here at the nstance of friends, who inquired u to hU Identity from Albany authorities alter his name had appeared in connection with an automobile accident. Brctz left neve W years ago, returning only once for a visit, n years ago. Common Pleas Judge E N. Savord must decide how the estate Is to be distributed among Hretz and the other heirs. 1 THIS CURIOUS WORLD £ THE HIGH HEELS COW&OV'ARE AN IMPORTANT PART- OP HI& OUT Fit f But 20 Mills bj»^™i Texas Woman Named State Game Commissioner AMAIULLO. Tex. (UP) — Mrs. Hal C. Peck, a native of the Panhandle, has been appointed game commissioner of Texas a post that the first time in the history of Texas and proaably' of the nation has been filled by a member of, the fairer sex. "It Is evident that my appointment shocked the natives a bit" the new .commissioner said, "but • they have pledged their support rnd arc doing everything they can to help me. Tiierc is no reason vliy a woman shouldn't do the Job well as a man." Mrs..Peck remarked that she is >roud of her job and feels "at ionic" with her duties. CHURCH EXCUSE ni-.snhitlcns :ire made :il this dine of year by ninny of us. Wi' <U'Cl(!c- that .'iiicli and such ;i tiiang: shouli! .x' nuule In our dally life. No one c;iu explain jusl why we- ;:(-li!uni stay wltli our resolutions Hie entire yeiir. Many fall by Uic wayside Hi: first week. It is Hue to make go p jtl resomlloi:; luough we may net- stick oul tilt 1 year. Ii" you tin not atUnfl your church, il is UixiiiiM- you [lo not t-are to—lot's yen and 1 nmUt a resolution ror llici yi'ai- HI3I. ll'.ai lhoii".li xvj may nol atlciul our church, \'.v will e:iu!i uny f.:,-e u ;i w n.'nuLci of our iimc in incclitalion nnd nl Ir.Tjl in a tmnll -.vay iit u> Kive ot our iiio.nui. This will be n !;cod am! lielpfjil rosoh;:ioa ior il is wiitle.i that -wlierc thy iri'i'.sine Is. there \\iil thy heart be also." ATTEJNU CIJliKCH SUNDAY Committee. Hare Old Coin Found DAYVIL1E Ore. tUP)—Believed 0 be one of many such coins lest n this region many years ago was S50 gold, piece found lu Spanish julch by Ira C. Dcrr of Antone. 1 was issued by. Ihe stale of Cali- 'ornia in 1850 and was octagon GIVE OFF A PHOSPHORESCENT GLOW/ 6SCAUSE OF THE A HOU6HNESSOF \ HIS RIDING AND THE UNCEflTAINTy Of HIS MOUNTS, HE /AUST RiOe WITH HIS FEET FAS. INTO THE STIRRURS ...AND THE HIGH HEELS PREVENT HIS FEET FftaVS SUPPING THROUGH. AVIATORS SOMETIMES SEE 7WO5VMS AT THE SAME TIME/ THE'PHENOMENON IS CAUSED &V FINE ICE Cfc/STALS fN THE AIR, REFI.ECTIW& THE SUNS IMAGE. tt-50 Flower light is given oil by other flowers lh=n the marigolds. The sunflower, nasturtiums and tiger lilies, also, give off a faint phosphorescent glow. Flower light, may be seen by any person of normal eyesight who has the patience to »'ait and watch carefully for it. NEXT: Why is sand ideal for use in hour slassrs? Slli us $20 n week, Ilib EH!I-S lax iviidlel cost it more pi'r year lhan it .S.\\\M' by having homo ficcfl from .scale laxntluu. Every Illinois family will h,.vc lo nsccilaiu from cxpericnrc how mucti or liow little it «vc.s or Ics'.-s by having n sale", lax sub.slil\ilc(l for a properly inx. But .sales laves have a wuy of costing nioro liuin may t)'_ realia'd unless a com]>uialion is made. Tlio Aiknnsnn wtio buys ouu- packayu of dyari'Uc.; u day nnd uses Hie nieragc SCO gallons of t!!is,ili"c I 101 ' ytar in liis car pays $51.00 per year in tobacco and yiusoline taxes— Hie ciinlrai in of 35 nullj of taxallnn on propjvty usse;$i-.l al $1.500. — Aikansas Giizelte. Moncy is a m:^i-mLnjo flrvic:. in c-ncoma^e. prcmoic. and iacilil.iio coiniurTr and ir.idc and. boini: ninn-crcatrd. it is m'uj^ct lo control, inanagerncnt. and manipalatinn bv 11,011. —Sesi- alor Elmer Thomas of Okini'.una. Vo'.i'.h today is ir.ore rv-siKn^r. 1 ^ i:i the challenge of thi 1 Uleal and the I'O'i ot [ho utulh- wtiile than at any [hue in my —Rev. Daniel A. Pohni:. pivtidcni Chns- lian Eiuleavor Sociotv. Don't Discard Your Specs Yet to Invisible Glasses l!V UK. MOKKIS riSHHi;i\ , ordinary glas^s. hut are helped l-Mitur. .Tininiiil of the American ureallv by ciml-.ict glasses. Mi-diral Av.criatirn, aiul of Hy- ' ... j;cia. the IleallU Machine ; Some people feel li:al Ihc con- Allhough you may havj leuil j laci glasses arc dangerous lo wear, much about o new kind of i•}••:>- but aclnal trial has proved thai ijlassM Uial nr~ invisible and can . ih;y are safer [lian ordinary eye- he worn under the eyelid,, you glatscs so [ar as breakage, is CDII- needn'l fear that your own tvp-.- of •cfirnrd. a ^, 1 ' . l t " , . i cs have been worn In- nersons for Much can he said for I c new : milll monlhs witllolll l kuul of glasses belli as to :,:>,:«,-'., ia „„.,„ to ,,, elr cvps _ mice and etfcctivenjsi, bi:l ;iuthor- ! itics 5 av they never -«il! re::hr^ 'W»'"'" - - «'cn wrcre the ton- ordinary" spectacles, bsc.ius- th'-yL" 1 " ' b5s is m:ulc to fil Ulc <*«| cost more. tli:y nr? mere rhfficult' ln " P« r « ll .v. ' h "c is for a while i lo manipulate, -and they an- less i adaptable tj ordinary requknncnis ' • of glasses. A contact cyeglajs actually I worn under the eyelids. ui:h the rim resting directly on t:'-.' ?ye- bsll. Thr portion of the eyeglass; directly over that part of Ihe ey: which KCS usually is sL'p.iralcd fio:n it hy a thin layer of s.iii so- hilion. csjicclally prcpareri so that jit -.vil! nol. like'water, have an ef- i (cct 0:1 the tissues. By WilUam? ' YEH, Tr'EK£ : S \ GOKSNft BE ' SOME C'rlAKliE? IW ~H' SHOP, BUT, YOUKMOW, T OASSEN'T TELLTHINtS OUTSIDE TH'OPFICE •S-S-S-T- WATCH THIS—TKr_V GOT IT PIXED UP WITH TH 1 OFFICE. BOY TO GIVE OU A LESSON— IT SET. ON THAT PAPER HE'S TO BE FIRED IrJ TWO WEEKS—WATCH TH 1 CHANGB OF EXPRESSION-WATCH THAT NOSE BRING HIM WEEKS OF MISERY. till I I i rye simply caimo: cure! r "" mf " a " Q inserted several limc-i '' Ordlr..iry ;'yeglas.s?s cne-hnlf inch ! ficn-. i he every error cl re-.racl:j,!. b-.T:ui>e in Iiijiitr errors there is d]stoitio:i at the ease of the coincllnj lens.: Ti:e conl.ict eyeglass, which UI worn on Ihe eyeball, becomes a a Rood deal of irritation to the cyc- ; lids. As tho glasses arc worn for a longer lime, this irritation tends _ ' to disappear. It is mitcii harder to fit contact, glasses to the hunian eye l!:an to 'fit ordinary spectacles. They have to bD tried again ar.d again, then the wearer has to be taught to insert them ar.d to remove r.em. hocausc there is a irick in avoiding air bubbles over thai portion of the eye covered by the sail solution. The ccniac; glasses have to be • KIIIS IIKItK "TODAY IUAV1I1 !!AV»-|»TEI« Builrrlnlr-i if- (!•« nil whn kMct TBAv l ^i^NC. nrrhr«lrn Ir-ndrr. llnnnjaffr ! ""«. author '*nd fen*rf n^iy*- ^•np^;- nS*. ^- «*nrkn n» . ihp v-ntilo riv ulih riAINCV. .lor iriTi":T C pn.»"xcE." u iTioMi.' d rrMi* • i>4 knnmi u hnrf tl.llri lilac .liArilv hrrvrv tiln .irnlki Illlll- ^1A^ srtllLACH nhn rtrote Ivlnc • cl,rr:,rr.l.Mt Inter: anil JOI-: PAfinoiT. dD«m-:iHd-frcl vnwilr- vlll» nnWr. It l» Blr.,, knnrri. Iknl MEl.vr.tA HOI.I.ISI'EII. mlddll-J • »rj .pL.trr. 1>d , 0 nrre1ed nlib At. » f.i- nl ilrnil (• • »TTC<-kcrI onffi- llie hooks (old me what It would coiL If ness there's > jot tlf thio^s thnt lak» money, though, that they rton't tigure-ln. And then I may '.rant to stay Vin'te'i while If I'lika It. Do you 3iippo«« I could make ilie irip for—say. 51.000? • • • DANNISTEIi was thinking rapid- If. "I shbill'l tbipk you conlil do II in royal style fnr that." "Well. I n«ni to do it up rlsln," llolllsler assured him "They Laura Lot. ' BROOKMAM ^Vt«U aEA *UVKt*« HolliBlcf. Moltlit»'» !at(!«. Sat built up what nt • considered > fortune In his day. Mrs. Hollhter died before her husband and the money was left to Meh-ina rod «it' tbew with the slipiilalion that It was riot to he divided and, fio long as .Melvina lived, slie was lo say how the money stould bo used. Beyond that. Bob Whitaker bart little to offer except, one comment. "I wasn't as surprised as everyone else sccrns lo have been when they tffere': a s^'iinmln.q |ioot on ibis | foaiit her dead." lie said. "Mel- tinot and they d.ince orerr ulBhi—" I vina Hollisler was a Tanar."• - He went recounting ' lui- } nn Ilir Iki-nt; (hnr II Ittt elrl hr- hrvr. hmi-lf frrr tiler too tenrn ^V-'-l-,:, llnfll,,., ,, i,, n ,; rt •••<• 11%-d »lik kVr hr.'lkrr. HMI- flr'- In Sll.'.O.illlli. In" r,mr In ,r r Itrr. T«»y knTr nrr-r-crrt nltk noll»» for .lulln • " r-nirn hunif kuf «k« rttumtm I'-'iniUirr mrrr^ .lla'lhm llnl- II«<rr nn (hr mtrr-et. \I)W CO 0\ WITH TI1K STOhT. CHAPTEn SuV "What do you mean?" "She had the mcaiie'St disposition ifnhlor. anil askina m<iro nucstlnK [ aB ,| ( [ 16 s |,nr|iesl tongue of' any IRennlstor ion Him «-!,en tbey ; wmn;:u'; o»er mc-t. I don't see how I reached-'.he strcsi curncr ami van | t, er brother slooil il all Ibose years, na aloii». |k;iing tier boss him around the So Mallhew 'llollisi-r iva« pl^n | way she did/' ninj; » irip io llnvnim. MiMihew.i "tic seems nic-ek enough." ilewly cuflitierf by an expeuslvt-j "Ob. sure! flow ilo you think tailor, ralkeil easily ol spending |V\NNISTEB matched his step to I borough's words, "Matth .Maiil:civ ilollister's. The alder jiullc " forlim* now. mr.ii salii. -nil chilly this morning. isn'l ItV" He looked up at the »Ky. "I expect we'll §et a 'good mow before lon^." II had snowed the afternoon. Mel- vim tlolliKlcr hail been found de»d. llaaul-icr ; curiously. money h? the thousand, of goitig where there was gaiety and "liveliness.' 1 Yet il was less than A week since hie sister had been murdered. Bannister remembereJ Mm. Har- .ew'll have Probably nrounrl • S150.000. I wonder what he'll do with all that money." Ten days befoni Valthert Hot- lisler. wearing a threadbare tweed topcoat and a nliapeless gray hat, had seemed grateful because Bannister hud bought him a 10 cent lanced ot bli companion |j h g b 'Yea." be said. "1 expect cauM Workers on the stage, men in- <iiiljjiii^ in sports of various sons, and people with whom Re ques'- i lion cf appearance is paramount, such definite part of 'll:e' optical M-«I~RI : p , robabl >' *' m want l ° lvcnr sl " ct the ejc anil maintains thc'samo ' 8lasscs ratllcr tilnn sj'wtncics. correc'.Lon tor every position of tho' eye. This is an advaiUagr-. and mo.>: people v,lio v,car contact glnsit',> ir.r tho nr-t lime fcc-i thai tUv general clearness and brightness o: cbiuc;b an inipro\cment. Tiie contact glass ; .- ati\.int.igo In conditions the ccrnr.i of iiic c\c i.- s another in which Fined fcr Hiuincit Movie PORTLAND. Ore. (UPl — Tils question "is your daughter safe " nnisl remain unansivered [o t're- a:c:-iiocrs in the one Portland neighborhood district. The thealer iraimgor was fined $25 for exhibiting tlio picture, which Mrs. El- cancr T. Coiwcll. secretary of the motiuti picltirc censer board, said v.iii banned.' THKE GUESSES .s JSjiajg/", i \nfl MiiLr tf *n j i5=Alfred &. bom. ~s on we'll hnv« some snosv. Arc you attll at tht Shelby Arms, >fr. Hoi- liatcr?" . . "01-.. yen. I'm still there. Rent's rilil so I might as well 6lay. Bui I'ci nsiirins on gelllris away—at Ic.-.u for a s(iell." He put his hand 'flip the pocket of hlj coat and of beer. He had ' as a rare indulgence he- Melvlna doesn't like It." And hi had intimated that his sister WM worried, that he believed she had some knowledge of Tracy King's death which he was keeping from the police. Later Holllster had as much u denied that he had eald that. He might, of course, want to take a steamship toy age to forget his grief. Plenty of people did that. •c.V out several brishtly colored Uut HoIIiater had Mid not a word "Look at these!" he said about his sister, not a word to sug- ;eat the trip wis to ease heartache. They .verc folders setting forth P° ttle Contrary, ha was looking Ihe oilrti'.-iion ot rtleamahiu cruises la Ihc \Vosi lndie'5. Cenlral Am«r- Ica anil liernmrta. "(lave you ever been lo Havana?" linllister asked. "Yes. I've liccn IJierff.** "Pretty lively city. Isn't It?" "Ycs>. it's lively. |r 'lhal's what you're looking for. There's atw»j» a big crow<i'-of tourist!) about this line ot yenr. or a liltie later. Ha- TBIKI'S a beautiful place." lloHistcr nodded approTingly. "I Hfiurcil I'd like It.- There's on« ot trip: that lakes ID a lot 4t liffereut inlands bin i don't ki.ow i( !'d care so much tor that. Havaoa's Hie place 1 waul to ««. TheT'»« gol palm trees (iowtj there, haven't they? And it's warm there low. Ii says so here In' this book—" He held out the folder. "CiI like to go there." be w^nt on. 'anil Jusl loaf aroudd for .'» wn!le. You see. Mr. Bannister, I'vn niTtr tiaik a trip on a boat. As osean trip, 1 mean. Always. wa^Lcd ; 10 bin—well, ono thing-and aaptber he'd ever have lived with If ho wasn't? If hn'il only admit It I'll bet he's glad to be able to call his soul his ownl" 'T'HK Inlerriew hail nol been altogether satisfactory. H was near lunch time ami tiaimistcr left the newspaper office, walking toward his favorite restaurant. As he neared the street intersection a large blue wilan ballcil at llie other side of the slrecL A man stepped out ot the car and DanniS' ler caught a glimpse of the gtr 1 who was driving. She wore a brown hat and a *ark red suit. Almost immediately the car wa.i on tt* waf again. Bannister called. "Oh. ColcraanK* anil hurried forward. Parker Coleman si'..' "Hcllef Haven't seen you in a 1-Jv^ T,-» \\*y "You're just the man t 3.un\ to lalk to," Bannlsler lolrt hinv "Haw about coming to lunch witlt oie?" "Glad to." They strolled <* *j the irlaii; , rant, found a table »».*. orMredj^J Coleraan lightcil a clgW«r fjin asked negligeotly, "What's rt. i'V mind?" ed himself. And instantly ha ECI . .,_. , „ .., ... A lask for himself. H was to learn ab ?" 1 , M ^, ina Iloll i s1lcl ;,v , .. K. moro about Matthew Holllsler. 1,.^°; ^°J eman sa "'- l iani "* "Don't you remember that whil« (t I made ibo other day that I could'go inn aa w'cll aa not,.so I'went down tn'd Col thrso lltlle bodlu." .H«-saii(«4 hoyisbly. "I're'Min carr>bg tb«o arouud.titb me eter since!"- . v "Arc . roll planala'g on "!'d like lo.. By'lbt.ead ofM week. Course I'll hivt to m»k» ip tny mind first which ulp I'm going lo lakt. But 1'Te ibo-jt telUed ea TK« (ells* who c»fs a* 'E wsnt Brat to Jim Paslon. L "You're an old-timer here. Jim." he said. "At Icist your family's b«n here tv long time. What do you know stbout Matthew Hollls- (err . . Bill Pa^lon could tell him nothing be had not known before. The HoVuiters. be tneir, were, an aristocrat I o family. -Onco they had bceu 'ralher prominent BOcJally, Paxion liiought.'but-not since ho could re- m«tnb*r. 'He knew Matlhsw by s!»hl, tkougb he had never spokeu to-Ulrn. •"•..'• • ••W«at'» up!" h« demanded, now on the muriler?" "No,"'Bannister lold him. "Jusl api.idea'~I'T6 got-Inlo my hcnd. That's all. It It turns Into any. thing I'll let you know." . H« rent neit to Bob Whliaker, the, oldest rain on the Post's edl- IWlal.»tatr..'BoA h«ld th» tttl« ot iut« ejitdr artd his work was deal- iat'wlth tbs aut-of-to^n news cor rtfcpondenls. He' had worked : ott tl\j Posi for 30 re|ra and wa< a *alkiug.Tolum*.of local hislory. "\Vfcat d* you #»a'.'to:knoW about lh»'HHH»Ursr:'r- : ' • 'you CM UU a*.* • Beb WhiLaltr'a lUout v u I!B, wo were at dinner I told you I'd seen her brolher. Malthew. and ha told rno he waa worried about her. afraid she knew somclhing «lie wasn't letting the police? I asked you to go and !-avo a. talk with her." "By George, I flo remember now! Hadn't thought of it again until this minute, .ahe's tho old Eirl who was slrangled—" '.'She's tho ono," Bannister agreed. "So you didn't gel around to talk lo her?" "I'm d.iciile'l sorry about II, Bannl. ler. 1 icinembcr no« thnl 1 imft-'Vd. I s'uppose tt was because of all (he excitement over Drugan thai 1 forg.-.t. I've been rather busy lately, loo." Bannislpr nodded. "1 caa nndor., aland." ho said, "but I wish you'd seen her just tile same. I was mik- ing to lier brother a while ago." *Broken np about what happeued, I suppo«e3" "No. That's tho queer pirt. Ho isn't. In fact he's looking bMter Lhin I ever saw Wm betor»." "You dou't »av!" Cote man rilted his er« !• inr- prise. And U was then liM lh« td*.< csais to Biflnlilw. (.la Us ColtlBuei)

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