The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 28, 1943
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BUTHEVffiLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOBTHEA SI ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOLUMK XL—NO. I!G. Ulylhevlllc Dally News W.vllievlllc Courier niylhevllle Herald Mississippi Valley I*adrr K, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, AI'KIl, 28, 81NGLK COFIK8 PIVB'(JKN'l!s Today's War Commentary Swedish Neutrality Faces Crisis Will) Coining Of Summer lly THOMAS J. ItONOllLH uf Dulled IVcss CerniMit ssiljcrs are rattling; over Sweden, ;i hind Iliiit lius known no war for KM years. Ki'Uilioiis hetwccn tltc two countries sire wearing thin. A Swedish .submarine was sunk recently !jy Uic Germans wlio willed il a case of mistaken identity. Swedisli KIIIIIICI'K re|>eiiledly liave lircd on German plane* croswing Swedish noil. And Orniiui niili- Uti'V leaders have milking KO-callcil "ius|>cclion" lours along til" Norwegian-Swedish border. It, nil points lo one, thing—Sweden's neutrality is in grave danger and the danger will increase as the Spring wears on into Summer. Sweden is caught between two fives. Her sympathies lie with the Allies but necessity compels her to maintain n tenuous relationship with Germany. Tne .siumiion is complicated by the fact that Pinland, which is considered a "Wood brother" lo Sweden, is fighting on Germany's side. Sweden's crisis will come when and il the Allies Invade Scandi- imvia—and perhaps before. At the first sign of an Allied move in thai FRENCH » * > I :) 4 May Trap Germans Facing British - .-L-.J.-.J-. . —^- - — _ — . • -i f • • • Watching And Thinking 'romincnl Kcntuckian Was Owner Of Real Estate In Blyllicville Canadian Fliers Join In Attacks On Foe At Kiska l!y Unitnl 1'rr-ss Itoyal Canadian Air Force pilots liiive again joined Amcr- iean .airmen in (he pounding of Japanese-held Kiskn, in the IUTIOIBTF.D.I. direction. Germany is almost ccr- lalu lo strike Inlo Sweden, jusl as she did inlo Norway on Ihe pretext that the Allies were preparing to do so lirsl. Germany needs Sweden to fight an Allied attack against Norway or northern Finland. She needs Sweden's railroads for the swifl transit of troops lo liireittcned points of attack, bul she won't get them without a fight. Army Has Orders Three months ago, the Swedish Army of some 1.000,080 men was plven its orders for the duration ••Fight and stand." The order, from Premier Haiisson, was designed t< head off In advance the work of potential fifth columnists such a- conlributed lo Hie defeat of Norway. Hence, if hostilities begin any order lo Ihe Swedish Army lo cease lire is to be /.ignored. The light is lo go on lo. the .end. Sweden, probably Is fbclter prepared lo JigM than any nation the Germans" "have allackcd save Russia. :Almost, half of the Swedish budget this year is being spent : on. defense. Aside from her army of 1,000,000 trained troops, Sweden has a line airforcc of about 50 .squadrons of planes. Her navy consists of from six lo eight'vest pock- el battleships, two cruisers, one small ulnnc carrier, about 25 destroyers, 32 submarines and num- ' erous 'torpedo v boals and" auxiliaries Eighty-five thousand Swedish women are serving . in Sweden's home defense units and the country's air raid shelters are the last word, with air conditioning and full sanitary facilities. 'Sweden's artillery aiid ordnance arc recognized as among Ihe finest in Ihe world. Her liofors guns arc used on American warships and by American anti-aircraft batteries wilh considerable success. One drawback, however, is Ihal mosl of Sweden's field artillery is confined to Ihc lighter caliber guns, such as 15 and 105-mm. Coast Heavily Fortified Sweden's coast line is using most Aleutians. The Americans and the Canadians hlasted the enemy John o. Thurmond nf Gracey, Ky.. cvvner ot extcmivc reul estate n Blylhcville and c.randfaihcr of First Lieut. J. P. Holland, was fa- lally injmed in a highway accident yesterday afternoon near Ilopkins- vii'.c, Ky. lie was 83. He died lasl night, .several hours after his rar had been .struck by a truck as he drove oul onto the highway. Alone al Ihc lime, Mr. Thurmond had been looking over .some farm work and was returning home when he apparently drove onto the highway without seeing the approaching machine, il was said. Lieutenant and Mrs. Holland and son, J. P. Jr.. left Austin. Texas, at 1 o'clock this morning for Cly- Ihcvillc. From here they will go lo Gracey lomorrow where funeral services will lie held in the aftcr- icon. Lieutenant Holland is with the E of the heavier weapons. Including batteries ot U and 111-inch liofors. Sweden also has heavily lorlttieil her frontier with Finland. German-Swedish trade relations arc poor although they maintain a semblance of formality in Iheir fact Ls that Sweden doesn't consider Germany a good risk. In January, the two negotiated 'a trade agreement which Sweden was lo export wood products in exchange for German coal and coke. The joker was that roop carrier command at Austin. Mr. Thurmond aiming and real had extensive estate holdings n CJracey. where he long had Ivecl, in addition lo his business and residential properly here. He frequently viiiled in Blytheville with his grandson, son of the ate Mrs. nay Jackson, while look- Ing, after his Interests., ' ; He also Is .survived by a son, Jolin L. Thurmond of Oracey l;> tinieti Monday, lo raise the April raid score a«ain»l Kiska lo M2. Two of the 13 allacUs were made by the C:i- niuliatis Hying Ameriean Wai-hawk lighter planes. The plane scored hits on Ihc runway at Kiska and destroyed several buildings in main camp area. Heavy Liberators and medium Mitchell bombers were used, accompanied by and -Warhawk fighters. Al the other end of Ihc Pacific, Librralors made four allacks on the Solomon Monday. 'Ihc Japanese bomber of Kahili, on Bougainville Island, 'Was pounded twice, nearby Ballale Island was hit once, as wns the cn- rmy air bnse at Vila, on Kolotn- Mnsjara Island. The American bombs started firc.s at both uallale and Vila. General MaCArthur's bombers have been busy Ihe past few days. Yesterday the Allied airmen completed five straight, . days of heavy bombing operations on the norlli .shore of New Oulneli. The air attack have been made in conjunction wilh ground forces work- Ing their way up the New Guinea const toward enemy-held Salamaua. Another Allied bomber spoiled and liombtd two 4000-ton Jap cargo ships between Australia and Dutcli New . Guinea. A direct hit was scored on one of the vessels, while two^near misses arc believed Retail Business Concerns Adopt Half-Holiday A Week I his Summer Rlvntl ,iii,-j Employes of virtually all businc-'s (ibices here will be one afternoon olf each wculc ing Ihc Summer months- mirier i' plan sponsored by a committee reprwciitlng various lool clubs. II was announced toduy by Murray Smart, chairman of the group. >.'- tacli stdrt: iinu busings will Hnse each Wednesday afternoon 'beginning next Wednesday, May nmi the weekly hull-holiday will Osceola Jaycces Gucsls 01' Group Here Monday Niylil Members of Blylhcvillc Junior Chatnbcr of Ccmmerce were ho p ;l.s lo UK; Osceola chapter, when they met Monday night for dinner at Hold Noble. A musical program wa.s preient.- cd by Pvl. Maurice Well;, violinist, oT the Blylheville Army Air Field. He was assisted by Scrgl. Herman Spier at the piano. A special guesl. was Henry Mucry, a cor]>ornl in the Marines, who has recently returned lo spend Ills iur- lough with his family here. Corporal Muery related some of his experiences in the I'acific war/one. During Ihc business sctsion reports were given by chairmen of "• Ihc following commiltecs: Roy nc.n. countries I chairman of Ihe first aid classes, lo have seriously oilier 'in damaged the , ...... t- - _ also j ,<jon- conlinuc until Ihc day In September, will .enable WcdneH: 'II l>llllllll, 11*1; 1VJVI - J]<13 U WU ,I^UII- . . LribiUcd Us share iii tho pounding 0 "r who work downtown lo enjoy vari- OILS forms.ol relaxation or to have' extra Iiyi6 in which to cultlvjif.ii', Victory ''Gardens,.,-it .was 'polttiW 1 \V;iv Labor Board May Appeal For Intervention By President Roosevelt IVv llnUi'd 'llu> War Labor Mould Is reported lo have decided lo us!; President Rood-veil lo 'Intervene nl once in pic nation's coal strikes, with new \vnlkmils developing every hour. j-,'l|iT Wlj|5 plans lo take a formnl vole this ulternoon on updating for Presidential Intervention. Hoard members say only prompt action by the I'resldent 'can slop Iho Ihreat- cnrd national bituminous shutdown Salurday. The special WLI! panel conducl- tng hearings on the dispute over 2-dnllar a dny wajtc Incrcivsc <le- inaiids mel with operators this morning and will meet again Ihis allernoon. As was expected, no representative of I.cwts' mine workers appeared. In weslrrn Pennsylvania's soft cral fields, some [H.OOO miners have [mil work in (til mines. In Alabama, 16,000 more were out. In Kentucky, almost 7,0110 walked oul of 21 mines and In West Virginia, 17 mines shut down .when some 0,000 men refused lo work. Irving Olds, chairman ol U. S. Steel Corporal Ion. warns Unit a complete shutdown ol the soft coal mines would cause an Immediate 20 per cent cut in slcil opci-nlloiii!. And tie predtcals thut Ihc cnllrii steel Industry would have lo slnil down if a ;:oft eoa! strike lasted two weeks. And Ib of Ihc Japs. Raids are reported on Dassein. on- the Irrawaddy River and Akyab, on the Mayu Peninsula. The Datscin raldehs blew up a Factor bollcrhouse and, <lamagcd a steamer and several barges In Ihe Irrawaddy River. Rut In China Japanese planes raided a city 155 miles west of Kumniini;. Sweden refused to grant any credit to the Germans for the first six months of the Ircaly. They agreed lo lliink about graining Ihe credits al the end of six months providing Germany .settles up on some of her oiitstnnding debls. In June, Ihercfore, relations between the two nations will reach a new crisis. It seems that Ihe Germans have never kept their agreements wilh Sweden and have been in the habit of asking for credits, then forgetting about, the bills. Axis Deliveries Short The Germans promised lo export nearly six million Ions of coal and coke lo Sweden in 1942, but delivered less than four million. This year, they promised lo deliver five million tons of coal, but it's unlikely they'll be able to ktcp their half o'f the bargain. Sweden also is supposed lo deliver bron ore lo Germany bul because the Nazis fail lo pay for Ihc ore. Ihc Swedes have been cutting down on Ihc volume ol export each year. This alone might Rive the Nazis reasons tor invading Sweden and trying lo lake over the iron mines Ihcmselvcs. Paradoxically, it would be a blessing in disguise for the Allies if the Germans were to march against Sweden. It is almost certain Ihat the Swedes would hold long enough to allow the Allies lo pet up air bases on Swedish soil, i Planes operating from Southern Sweden would have the entire production region ol Northern Germany within close range of Allied bombardment squadrons. German positions in Norway and Finland also would be within easy fighter and bomber range. It's almost too much lo hope lor, bul If Sweden is attacked the Unilcd Nalions will gain an ally of Inestimable value. - reported that more classes would be In progress soon, the Victory Garden chairman reported all plots taken, Ihc group will send relics to the boys overseas (lie lies; cica- w'ilh money raised from bingo par- J. E. Stevenson was named Organizations sponsoring 'the Idea included the Lions, notary and Kiw.inis clubs and Ihe Chamber of Commerce. Members ot the committee repre.scnlliif; Ihc sponsors, hriulcd by Mr. Smart, included Cecil 1-owc. Russell . Hay?., Hob Colcman. IliLucH'Cnnipbcll and Jodie Nalicrs. , >' ' i Ganifjcs and nillnu .stations do not plan to close, however, and It is pcwible Ihat some wholesale places will remain open but the closing agrcemcnl will altcct mosl Uorcs and other retail places. Ihe .'itrikn extends now lo ' Hilling nn a hillside near Illr Mill-ball Pass, 1,1. lien. Ocorgii K. Pillion. Jr., wnlchiifi his American tanks move forward toward enemy-held hills. Smoke In background shows enemy arllllcry ao- Uon. The baLUc look place in ICI Cliiettar Valloy In ccnlrnl Tunisia, (NKA leleplmlo). as vice president lo fill the vacancy made by moved away. Plans were Fred Hill, who lias marie for the War Tim Boles. Buddy Bradley, Louis Conclave held May 1st and 2nd in Hoi Springs. Guests were: Waddeil. E. George, Willie Alias, ifd Tcaford, Dr. M. S. Nickols. Guy Roben- stcin, of Osceola and Karl Couchman, Ralph Barrii>ell and Henry Mucry. One Down Chicago Wheat open high low close July . 143% 144 143?; 144 143 Sep. . !«*! l«ft 144 14401 144^ Our Shipyards Must Answer U-Boal Challenge, Admiral Says By Unilfd rues?: Admiral Land says the answer to the Axk U-boats must come In an ever-swelling volume from our shipyards. Land, chairman ol Ihc Maritime Commission, .says Ihc United Nations arc short of ships and ship production must conic first in Ihis war of tranporlnlion. America, he says, has slcppcd nu its nurchant shipping production 'ICOO per cenl in fiv c years and now Is producing more ships than all the rest of the nations of the world combined. Land spoke before the Unilcd Slates Chamber of Commerce In New York. Admiral King, commander in chief of the Unilcd States fleet predicted last night that the enemy submarine menace will be under control within four to six months. 'Ihe Navy revealed loday lliat a Catalina patrol bomber Irappcd a U-boat on the surface of the Atlantic several months ago, sinking her with depth charges. The Navy also announces the loss of a medium sl/.cd .United Stales merchant vessel, torpedoed and sunk In Ihe Norlh Atlantic last month. Survivors of the ship have been landed in New York. Ten ol the crew arc missing. New York Stock* A T & T IV, 7-g Amcr Tobacco 54 1-2 Anaconda C'oppcr ... Beth Steel Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgoniciy Wiird .. N Y Central Inl • Harvester Norlh Am Aviation... Republic Steel nndio Socony Vacuum Sludcbakcr Standard of N J .... Texas Corp .-. l-aeknrd U S Steel nn 35 5-8 no a-a •10 17 7-8 C7 \-'i \1 3-4 17 10 12 5-8 II 51 1-2 •18 1-8 •1 i-a 51 3-1 „ anlhraclle Industry.:The hard conl contracl also ..expires -Friday. v; .Cffioials fti'.Uip 'l i 'c1lor»1.3B.urei'li of Mines say'Uic nation has .slight; ly more than a month's supply of .soft coal above ground on the basis of February consumplion rales, And they say (he need for coal this yenr will lie the greatest in history. High School Girls Needed To Enter Nurses Training ATLANTA, April 211 IUPI — President .lames A. HamlHon, of Ihe American Uo.snilal Association, says Ihat muses will be ralioned by December if fiO.OHD girls of high school age do not enler training within the next few months. Hamilton, president of Yale University's hospital, told the Oeoiuia Hospital Association Ihal there would bo a shortage of 70,00a nurses In the United States by December If replacement's were not Iniln- cri. He said Ihat hospitals arc opposed lo I lie extension of hospltall- znllon under the Social Security Act because they believe it would place hospltali/.a'tlon In the hands of bureaucracy. Hamilton .said thai group hospital plan wa.s proving successful throughout Ihe country and thai Liu: hospitals arc in favor oi them. New Orleans Cotton Mch. May Oct. Uco open high low close 2011 '2011 2010 '2010 2012 2040 20*8 20-12 202-1 201-1 2019 2022 2017 2018 M10 2013 2015 '2012 2012 201! ^••V7 : - >*•!•'•. >'-'rv^->; - ' ' -.'•• Frank WliltwoVth Succeeds Hiirmaii Taylor As President Of Club 'Itarirmn Taylor, retiring president •f Ihc I.ious Club. Installed Frank Whllworth H4 prcsldcijt for the coming yenr at the regular luncheon hireling held yestordiiy at Hotel Noble,. Sla«n sellings were planned l)y Dr. Fred Child who formed lllfc baiKiuet Inljln In a "V for Victory" arrangement, the rcLli-iiiR officers sitting on one side and the new riies on Ihe other. Two spot llghls flooded the table, the rest of the room was durk. Other officers installed were: Che.slcr Caldwcll and Paul Pryor us first and second vice presidents. by Jesse Taylor: W. ,[. Wimder- Mdi installed Murray Smart us Poland Widens Breach I.OMllON, April W. (tin—An) chance- for nn early rccondllutl'jh liclwcmi Hit: f'oif.s and Kusslitiv faded loday. 'Ihh Polish KnVenimcnL In e.\l!n issued a statement nppculliu! foi (he rcleiir.e from Russia of Polish refugees. The Polish govcrnmonl failed lo 'withdraw a request foi fin Investigation of nn alleged mus- siicre of Polish ofllcers In Ihc. Smolensk area, The: I'ollsh slalcnienl did not appear lo oiler anv basis on which lay Catch !)es>peiate Gci- mans In Vice; Doughboys Make New Gains Ky United Tras Tho Axis defense lino hi. Turihla Is beginning lo crack'. T'lshtlnt! 1'iciich lolrtlw. have breached . Ihe German > defenses along Ihc road Iran Pent du I-'ahr, to flnfldiivlllc 1 r'lcrc'i) Grmmlcrs, those leticmliiry Moroccan warriors who flshi undrr Ihe til-coloi, hiuc dugi,cd Lhch way In behind the German foir(,i (in-liin Ihe liitllsli lllh Arm., The sodden advance of I hi: Gnu- mlcr.vtlneiilc-nii lo catch In a vli Die Clermnns who had been boldiif; up Ihe nth Army push toward Poni du I'Yilia : for » week or morn. I IgMIn; Intense ovcrjwhclf ulon{* th'' balllcfrohl Is Inlcnsn tmtl thorn seems to bo a (inference nf opinion union'! Allied leaders a.-, lii how long. (lie enemy can kcup up he flijht. A hciulqimrlpifi snokesmin nyi 'pronpu Is an, excellent' Ho snj-i .he- enemy forces arc thinning nut nil alonj Ihe line- 1 find that II n|i- icnrs unlikely Ihc Axis will bo able to olfer. prolonged rcsl'ilanco, HOIMVII, 11 gcncinl of Iho Ilnl -sh Dili Annj MJS Ilic uiemy Is jclng cfimlnnlly rdi.fprced nn'l will light In the hills' lo "the h&'< nan. pvcry mountain, Uiis general ,ilys, hnohcj, u nmjoi illac.k Amoilctin doughboy; aic slui!- Binj, Iheh wav Coiwniil sgilnsl Cloiiuan potlllniVi |;;ni(!ln.: Ll- Mj'lo Mhuy have <lriven the Clci- Dirjh 1 ) .from Unct 1 Important maun (tiln ,t'ops''alid irp advancing now [lii'5i!|,»*hnna fields upon the \il- inYc of Jcffnn, which guards Malt lit- iincl which' ailchbrs Iho innlii Cirrimn dtfcnso sysUm piolcdinj llm United States Brllnln could apprnnch Russia wilh arguments for rcMunplloir of Sovlcl- Pollsh rclallons. While the slaterncnt rcaflhiiKMl Polish desires for friendship wilh Ihe Soviets, il also reaffirmed I'ol- Ish territorial demands which Ilus- .sccrelary; R. L, Shcrrlck Initialed I 1 - 1 " ,'"" '<;Jwlcd in principle. Karris McCalla n« lion lamer The slalcmenl wns issued after ,. . Ihe Rev. s. H. Wllford Informed » imm(l of conferences anioni; I'ol- New York Cotton high low close Mch. May July Ocl. Dec. IMS 201 r> inni 1987 1911R 1'JIH 198.1 U18, r > 2017 MM 200!) I DM 1033 1988 1085 wen 1085 1937 California's Democratic parly was organised. hi I'orlsmoulh Square. San Francisco, In 18-10. Civic Leaders Uiseuss Problem 01: Reereation For Public ilcrc Lieut. Valeric KhomyaUoya, Russian Air Force pilot, has good reason lo smile. She lias brought clown her first Na/i plane, a .... .Junkets..88 Terry Wayne Dodson Dies At Huffman Home Terry Wayne Dodson died yesterday afternoon 18 days after 'his birth at the home of his parcnls. Mr. and Mrs: Tom Dodson of Huif- lan. Besides his parents, he is survived by three sisters, Helen, Sue and Margaret Dodson, and one brother, Tommic Dean Dodson, Funeral services were held this afternoon al Number Nine Cemetery. Cobb Funeral Home was In charge. What will people do. adults ami Itemized by those prc^ul UK ' o| - childrcn both, wilh their lime this summer? The problem will be greater Ibis year. Blylhcvlllc's population .spare _ lows7 Park, swimming pool, public library, cycling, walking picnics fisbtiij, gardening, outdoor games. Increased 26 per cent nud with th" bridge, golf, movie theaters, dancing, July Sep. Chicago Rue open high low close 86?i 87!« ,86-i H1TJ, 86-J 80 1 /, 90 89 li U9!i 89« use of niilomobilc-s restricted, rcprcscnlaltvcti of civic organizations met last night al Ihc City Hall to consider the problem The Rev. S. I!. Wlllord. as chairman of the Welfare and Rccrrntion Committee of the Civilian Council of Defense, salrl n second meeting would be held soon with a representative ' of the Federal Security Agency. Principal opportunities' for summer recreation were recognised in the park and its swimming P 00 'C. H. Wilson, repre-wntiiiB the Mississippi County Fair Association, said It might lie possible to Improve the pool and the park's lighting system, lo increase park facilities for games and picnics, and lo arrange greater supervision. It was suggested that a fund of i2,500 might be provided, perhaps Ihroiigh the Community Cbtsl. It wa.s said that civic organizations are inlcrcslcd In the situation. Recreational opportunities were parlies, civic and social clubs, churches, pool rooms, bowling alley and Lesion Arena. Additional aclivillcs, for children, were Itemized as follows: Swimming, parks, Boy Kcoul and Girl Seoul programs, roller skaling. '.school ground names and Impromptu neighborhood groups. Supervised school playground F roe rams during the summer were .suggested, and more attention to •Scout aclivllies. The possibility ol roiling olf sections of pavement lor roller skating was considered, and the use of slrcel hydrants for .showers on hot days. Thoss present Included Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, Miss Itosa Hardy, Mr.". W. L. Homer, Mrs. JCMC M. While, Mrs. Rupert Crnflon. Mrs. Charles A. Hlmlmaii, Mrs. Glenn O. Ladd, Von C. Mullen, C. O, Kcd- man, C. H. Wilson, A P. Green, Uzzell S. Branson, G. W. Dstilclson, H. Jledel, and Wllloughby. Lleul. Geoffrey .lack Ciarrlgnn of his dnlles as tall- twister. Max Held Installed Jamc.s Terry, K. fl. Mason, llavman Taylor and Charles Rose to the office of directors and Fanner Kngland. Murray Smart, W. L. Tlorner and R !'. Honim as trustees. Guests for Ihis aflair were Capt. W. .1. Pollard, a former member, J. I.. McMillln and the Kcv. James A. Ovirholser. A rkansas Hricfn Lirrr i: HOCK, April 23 nil') —Attorney (Jencral (lny \VII- llams ruTrd (inlay thai rruinty flrlrnr|iiriit lax rollcrlnrs nr» rnllllotl In hivvr, the assessor 1 . 1 ! iirnally as |i:irl «f Ilieir frrs f(ir collrcUn^ (lelirt(|iirnt laxn^. \\illi i IM\ iold t.'«unl.v .liirl-c .'. I-'ianl! Caudle nf Fayrlleville (Iril !!ir law jirnvldcs Ibal such rrjfrclor.s flumltl ho t>aiit 50 |irr mil of all |ii-n,illirs added lo tin- (Iclinquniit lax. IMCIiams tnld Mrs. VirRini:i • Ileiidrison, :i Kamlrilpli County srlirn'l Miiicrvlsor, lh:il .in clccllnn lo levy o schii»l lux is lost if Ilirre Is a lie volr. lit: held also ill an ni.inlun rrr]ii«(rd by (be lown of Lux- nra in .'Mississiirpi Ounty Hie oiTicn «f cily marshal may lir added In Ilic cily clcrloral liallnl lo comply wifh a new .stale T:nv. Previously Hie mar- sbat has been named by Ihc cily council. MTTI.K KOCK, April 3S (UPI —Tl!« Slate Health'i- iv.fnf.s weekly resume reveals Unit rimkcn pox rasrs ronim- lied (o increase In Arkansas la-si «rel<. A lolal of til cssc.s last week compared wilh 51 Ihc previous week. Mra?*lcs. casts fell off from 11(1 ID HI, German measles decreased from (!) lo 57. One new infantile paralysis rase was reporlcd in Conway (,'oimly, and four new rases of «arlcl fcvcr/ivcrc rcrorddl. Tiilsifnih or rabbit fi-vr was reported in Ihrce cases, Iwo of (hem in Scvicr County and one In l.itllc. Knck. and tlrlilsli (llplninal.'i. followed by il Polish cabinet .session and a • TniiRb As»l;nmrttl Tlic sloimlnq of DJcbel A//ai; v/an a dlfllciill assignment 'the Ynnks were hurled back by Gci- ir.nn morliir and machine giin fire in their lirsl attempt lo lake. UiH hill : top on Ihe niad lo Mateur and hnd lo puhcibc tho enemy s gun emplacement wilh bothte and artillery before the Infantry could gel lo (he lop and stny there. The British' First' 'Army, operating wilh the French on the south- wcstein fiont Is clawing liito tin 'fraying German -lines guarding- Lhc 'plains 'to TnnlS, In the Pbnl 'du Fiihs tcctoi, Ihc lirsl Aim> |i,is only lour. more miles lo, go .bolero breaking Ihroiigh.' British. 'report 1 * my the Germans are lislin flatnr Ihi'cwlnij pfjjnks in^thluj beclor-,In Midi desperate efforts -to prolci l the lulls plains Hund.-cds of Mlnlslcr Win-),(,,. flo i,| meeting o( Pi ston Churchill and Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. The I'ollsh .slalcnienl rejected a Koviel charge Ihul some fnrm_ of contact, or understanding wilh Ihe. Kii/1 dovermncnt Imd been c.stab- IMicd by the Polish govcrnmcnt.' dead Germans have been left ou . imspnar Convict Reportedly Wouk Kidnnp Son Of Georgia's Chief Lxcciilive April (U.P.) -- (invrrnor Arnall of Georgia reveal! Ihat his wife has received a kidnap against their five-year- old inn Alvln. The Ihreat purnorl- <tlly ciimc by telephone from l/;- Innd Harvey, Tnltnall Prison fugi- live who escaped from Ihe Macon, (Irorp.ia. Jail last night. Arnall said that a man who idtnlified himself as Harvey called Hie executive mansion and warned I Ihal. Ilic child would be kidnaped I unless police allowed Harvey lo get Fllrrs. Altl OITemivc Cur planes arc ripping nl Uio Germans despite Intense" anti-air- iirull Mrc and in the-'Wcck ending Anrll 23rd ='-'Lhcy dropped almost, ^-million pound i of bomta on rn- em> t in,ct,s ai <\ ttcslroyed 240 cn- rmy planes. Yesterday. Flyliig For- licsscs heavily attacked.- -an '-n\r llrld on .Snrdlnln where',much, of the enemy's., bomber. Xtreriglh I- bused, An airfield near liiirrlc alco was bombed Monday night. And Cajro reveals llia^'-Brilish heavy bombers .made a.d.cvastatin[; new altack on Ihc.Ilalian 'Adri- alic porl'-of Harl, flvjrlly nfter Americnn Liberators ma3o'ii record raid on the same target., 'It wiu . dificlosed that 50 enemy planer, wcie destroyed or dnmagcd severer ly on the ground In Monday's American raid on flail. : Axis Ships Bolter Targoi Tlian Ducks, Licul. .Tipton Says Second Lieut. Dick Tiplcn, V,'--T tecenlly was n member of a cie^v wilh sinklmj reveral A::is lout of the slalc. I Harvey and D. C. Black broke shliw, wrcle a friend,'Eurl Bncklny, here Ihis .ivcck Ihal he is heller pn enemy targets ll'.an he is nl shoollng diicks. .Stale pcllcc and city irollce were to the Ihc exclusive [nn ol ilic Macon Jail last night. In «• hmnorpiis. way, he lold of •Iliey had been captured after Iholr 'imntng .inlo a nock of ducks while break from T.Ulnall PrL-son two "Umber hopping" In Ncrlh Afrinv weeks ago 1ml Ihcy fled the Ma-'but. Ihat he was unable lo "riifflc con prison wilh Ihe help ol a Hie feathers"'of .the. ducks;av he let loose many shots. • Trained as n pur.siiil flyer, Lieutenant Tip ton recently requested overseas duty which he .received a fhorl time ago. . Livestock--- • ST. LOUIS, April 28 (UP)r-Ho;s 9,850; salable,0,000. Top H.T); 18n- ,110 Ibs H.65-14.70; 140-160 Ibs 13.60-14,15; sows U.25-14.55. Gallic 3,30.0. Salnbie 3 ; Q(XJ. Calves 900 all salable. Saughtercstters 121725, slaughter heifers 11-1635; stockcr and feeder steers '11-15 50. Immediately rushed rciilivc mansion lit Anslcy Park section of Atlanta. 'Hie Governor said Ihat he and Mrs. Arnall bad planned to leave Icnlcht for Brunswick, On., and it Imd been planned lo, leave their son In Ncwnan. Ihe Governor's henic, lo stay -with lib grandmolh- er. Warden DuVn|l of Tntlnall revealed thai he had received n similar telephone threat from a mnn claiming to Iw fHnrvoy,

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