The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
Page 3
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SATUUnAY, DKCE.MBKK 30, 1M3 Kl.vnrKViU.K. (AUK.) COURIRR NEWS Mr. Roosevelt Will Call the Tune II Pip LUES It Will B" Libels vs. Con-i servativcs When Congress Meets. This i.s (lie last of a sreles of five articles on "Here Comes Con- grrif," Hiving the background of the Important issurs that will tie at stake when the lawmakers con- ', vene again after the New Vear'sl huliday. HV RODNEY DIJTCIIKR ! Oiurfer News Wellington Onirre- j spondfnt '. WASHINGTON, Dec. 30.—PnrlV , linos, will mean leis i'i thii sesiion : of Congress than they ever did ; before. i Huge Democratic pluralities a 11f l i a majority tendency to "stand by | the president" assure a certain • fiimlnmr-mal stability from the ad- i ministration standpoint. ! Congress, however, will be com- , posed of liberals and coivserva- i tives of various shades and types, j It will be largely made up of men ' nnd women who must make ree- j ords with which to appeal to their i constituents. ! Demands of war ve'.eran. labor,' and farmer factions are given os- . pedal heed in an election year. ! Even when such demands obvious- ! Iv are doomed lo failure, their pro- | prments insi't on putting up hot. fifhi^ "for the record." BOOST "FORGOTTEN' MAN" : The NCU- Deal ha.s given many | legislative pronosal.s, heretofore; considered "radical'' and supported by only small minorities, a! , chance for .serious , consideration.; ' Progressives will be trying to make; the most of their opportunities to . curb monopolies. redistribute . wealth, and give the "Forgotten Mnn" a break. 1 ; AGE THREE Dammed Waters to Cover Site of Historic Town U. S. Buys 50 Fords for Flood Control Work ASHTABUIiA, O. (Ur')_NolHlll|! but Hit! memory of Croytown. one of Ashtabula County's oldest, scl- llc:nenls. will remain In n few inantlis. Tin- silo of ihi- town will b<> ecu-red by the rising wtiter.s ol llu 1 vnsl I'yiniainiliiH nwivolr whose dinn, now being built, will iluocl i.s of counties In both Ohio mill i Pennsylvania. -'iillcllnKJi In the village Imvi' already boon raml for tilt 1 Inundii- tlwi. The town In Its lieyduy n wool™ mill, blacksmith shu|>, shoe shop, harness shop, a B< ni'inl store anil srvi-rnl homes. British Burglar Told License Clerk Truth I ONDON (DIM — All applicant In'.- a marriage license m u l,on- don rcKlsliT office told tin: rctiis- trur ihul he wu.s by ]iri]fi',v,lon a : "lions*' breaker," | Tin- ifglMirnr Mitjjji'sl.'d lluil •'' 1 might look fitly new 1-nut trucks— u solid linluload of new "pick-up" and lrnus|x>rt unite for (he use of U. S, Engin- bi'ucr on the form. So that's how ; ,. m in llcod ronlrol and n-vclii'ttil woik In ihc Memphis engineer district, wen: delivered lasl weeK Iti'millv 'noi' lo'i'v after the l " fa ' 1 '"'' ''iilhorltU's nt Hie West Memphis. Alk . Ilotxl control ilcjiol, by (he I'lil'llps Motor Co., Bly- inai i Inue 'ceremony Imd been |*T- j H'cillli- !: °'d dnilt-rs. foiim-rt. di'iccilvos mieMloiied 111'; j Ths trucks are shown llnicl u|- uiuiiK\ldi> Hie Ford Molor Co., HIverMdi' plant In MimiphLi, "Just before rcniMrar. Tile "houw denwllslier 1 ^' u, L . -|,| X jmnide" slartod nrross Hit- Mississippi river, Aiul i™ey l '!lldi?i im"an e jittUjrefik-' '"' c '"'"' tll ' :lll ' r *' I " i low MMn ' "" lt "' "):; up flu- furnltine. ' Mld-Soiilli. u""- 1 ''-"'"- 1 ° r I'"- 1 Iriick orders ever placed In tnc ivill choose the- tune.. ..and, li*e marionettes, congre.ssmen tii.-y :-inrl th?lr mome-itons session Jan. 3. chmce to it, wneti to eliminate the permanent insur- \ l:ct investigation, a.s U. S. district anc-e plan, effective in July next attorney for New York City. Here's a o ° n some of lhe ! >' car ' Covering all deposits im somc °' '"" William C. Bullitl will ue con- n (KM). 75 per cent up to 550,000 i Tinned quickly as ambassador to 1 i and 50 per cent above S50.000. ! Russia, bill opponents of rccogni- are likely to take the occa- mcsl rontroversial measures likely ' to reach a vote' , wrrpAN PFT TFF I i<;t vpir Rcosevelt would like to Pive the; t wh cf RroLeH domination 'ovYr Permanent plan a tn'otit. Full in-;Sion to express themselves. e of deposits up to S2.5001 effective in January, will be con- '• ConRre-^s was strongest, the veterans' lobby manaeed to knack out! Sinn.onoOW of a'prooosed S450.- • tinned, in nnv event. QM).COn saving on veteran! STOCK MARKET—A regulatoryj | This year it will altemnt lo eel i law seems sure. Roosevelt wants to' 1 Ijpr-t '(],» oilier SI'iQ 000.000 and.'eliminate bear raids and pcol ou-; more. ! erations and his propo.sed legisla- ( BONUS DRIVE CERTAIN j tion will be based on reports from | The American Legion voted! both an inter-departmental com-. asainst demanding immediate i mittee 0:1 stock exchange control, pavment of the bonus, whicli would land the Senate Banking and Cur-: Hornersvillr Society-Personal I.ONGVIEW, Wash. (I)!') -A! perfect bridge hand of 13 hearts uas held by Louus Scliarf litre the other night. He sot the bid al five hearts. Mrs. .J. K. Williams left Ttnirs-| Jay for her home in Helena. Ark., • cost about S2.2SO.000.Oill). Someone, j renr-v committee, which .still is in-J after snending the Christmas hoi-1 is sure to start a congressional i vcstlealtns the New York ex-; da y s wllh lle r mo iher Mrs W E i drive for it. however, and. al-: PnssiKe methods of con- i s n ijti) ! thoiiEh a ride, bv both housi-s nverjlro! bn'.t ber>n studied carefully: ; nr ' nnd Mrs E Q c . | a presidential veto Ls me-st unlike- j T,,O.,T =«.-r;i;p'r,KS *r-r . E d allgmer , MISS ' M ary.' and sons, i My n-rail mav develop. ; SECURITIES ACT -'Roosevelt' Edwin and Ralph, spent Christ-' The lesion stands for rcturi) oL. fnvo"; "clarification" rather than . service-connected disability pay-; mrditicntion. ooposes any weak- r-mni^ to where iliev -sloud before | enir ,n,. i, 11t vv «nts" to eliminate any . — r . . . r . . _ , Hie Economy Act passed. Incluiiine I atubfuuities ' - Ml ;- alld ills ' ^ ohn De f" EP ?" 1 i "presumniive" ., cases of service j i,,,... t , ncm | M ,,k-rs nrolest be- fV" da ». ^ lld Moi ' llil >' '" B1> '" levll!c : connection. 1 \ ne held completely liable, along im - lr P arel " s - i Special review boards appointed I , v jif, rornorntion directors for any : T 1 ' 6 Rev. and Mrs. C. N. Galnes; to DS-W on discontinued awards I ~i"in'eni(mt.s or omissions of and son Lloyd wcnt to Dexter; - liave reinstated about 40 per eent j f,,, t , tmm ?CC uriiv advertisements Sundnj-. From there they went lo j ond the Legion wanls similar I They say the act is holdintr tin : Pisk - Tvl0 '' Knere thc y visited until j win and Ralph, spent mas day in p op!;1 ,. Blu(r as glicsts --- \r r and Mrs L E Tedrick ' ' ' ' ' treatment for the other CO ner I cent, as well as non-service disa- bl«i» nensions. nemanti al^o i.s made for hos- recovery by s?ues. That's scaring off security ; T ' ; esday with lelalives. : Miss Opal Tlnnln and Clint Tin- mcot point, since other "in, wiio attend Sprin?fleld teach-', nnuslv a^ ooeratin? to ers college and Jonesboro A. and | riitalizatinn of all veterans rcquir-j n m [ end. Federal Trade Commls--M. college, respectively, are here 1 in<r it. trumuh the Ecor.omy Act 'inner James Lanrtis. who wrote for the holidays with their par-! barred hosnitalization for non-;'v, n a ^ w ,, s j t nns enabled the. enls. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Tinnin. connected cases. RFC to kec>> hundreds of millions Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Rores of i SFEK INTEREST ABOLITION Finallv. tjie Loeion will lobby for abolition of interest payments n bnd stock away from the pub- '• Hayti visited Mr. and Mrs. W. R. 'ic. : Sewell from Monday until Wed- ANTI-LYNCHTNG—Stirred bv a ', r.tsdny nfternoon. on the bonus loans, whirii would '^-r"e ini-rna';" in Ivnchine and by j Mr. and Mrs. Ray Seabaugh of save veterans—and cosl the eov-|-er»nt spectacular mass min-dei^' ,Inck.son spent Christmas wilh t-mment - nhoiti ssn.OOO.MO n year. | •- '--lirnrnia. Missouri, ond Mary-j Mrs. Soabaugh's parents. Mr. and The government hns been hand- I •"•]<! Senator Co=li-ati of Colorado I Mrs. Ed Burleson. in» out so much money in so^—miters nidi a bill. Pat uiirlcson ' wis reelpctetl many directions. Ihe veterans': ^ ^ Dv.r anli-lvnrl,|n, bill was . pl Li d ent ". m" Hornersvil.; Wjh fronds will areue, that the ex- .«, 5 ™rt or.ce. overwhelminglv. by • , cnool ,i., mni association -\l the soldier should be penalized no ••- HOH=C -—-• ' - ' association ai me •le Dyer's, which would have loneer in the name of "emergency." The Treasurv is cxuectinir a stir- : niartn connMes liable, for deaths of phiF for the HP>U fiscal year over i '••-i-h'ntr victims, removed normal expenditures and. nltlnir r h • -.lo^on- sho-iff* nnH i^rovi'ied for no one knows what the emers;en- '• federal prosocution of Ivnchi-rs. cy bill will be. veterans will stress M,'.V MOiiiry niu.'f. HIM, fact. • Dtiop r"on ,\NI) DPtlOS but di»-d in n Senate i banquet Wednesday night. Cecil " tU! :?.'r., hi " .^Vl'jBrannum of Haytl was elected ! vice-president and Mrs. Florence , Bryan Donerly was named sccrc- com - | tary-treastirer. : Little Mildred May Gcoch. 1-: ' vcar-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Gooch. died Wednesday mor- -- Hell! Well! Well! I.(ink;; like things were picking up ... and w e sincvi'i'ly hope you KV( your share of a'J Ihc wood things 1931 offers. Mania ret l)c-;;n lieantv Slio: 1 The Farmers Bank & Trust Co. Cajjilal and Surplus S240,OOI).U(» ^, Arkansus Veteran evnenriitures last fiscal The Tuen-cll bill for orotecfion of-" ing ««" two weeks illness with. year were SKfl3.000.Ono and will run j users of dnres. food.?, and cos- "Assies nnd pneumnma. over $60a.nro.tKH) IMS year, thoueh a S150.CW.OOO savine Al-h-iics is exp-lcd to nass in mod- '•'"vices were held Thursday after- was =r, P( i form . T i lc measure Torbade, ntrai '" lhc «e">«l>sl church. —">ct.ed. '"'iferan cost.s in the first irf< p prlis3n" .statcmenUs which le- Mr. and Mrs. L. Edmonston anci Rain water can b? used in storage batlerili; it is much the same as artificially distilled water. four months were but $03.000.000 : --llv couMn't be made on labels,:!, 011 ' J - °- alld cedl H:1 5"". 5 Pe"t under those for the same period j M> nt noisonous foodv nnd estab- - ^"l 115 ' a " d Mond!> J' "> ""rst.. 111.. last vear. • •••:•-,) ri-re HetniVn standards and'', Vlsltln ^ J J rs - Edmonston s sisters. PAY MAY 1W. HESTORET) '• definitions of quality. Mrs - Uc ' l " a Ktnsolvmg and Mrs. ECONOMY ACT—The other b^ j The nalcnt medicine lobby and | Pope ' saving in this measure was made. nt)-er Influences, regnrdin? the j thronph a 15 per cent cut in fed- i hill as loo drastic, iimxar to have '• eral emplove salaries. Under a ii^urcd important changes. sliding scale provision, the nrcsi- COMMUNICATIONS — An ad- ; drnl could restore that reduction i niinu-lraLion plan calls for federal or nnv pan «f il in case the cost : r- ( . n lrol over all wire and air com- c' 'ivlng rose. ^ ''•I municntions. with monopolies The Budeet Bureau is providing through mcreers of telegraph nnd for restoration of n 5 per cent.'-adio companies which would be involvine $45.000.060. But some: controlled rigidly by a powerful con?ref.=ional leaders favor giving i""- federal commission, back the cnllrc 15 per cent andj Strong opposilion to ths monon- siich restoration Is not unlikely. ' -'•• feature has developed, led by BANKING — Further bank re- i "••»ak'" Rninnv and Senator Conform and control is fairly certain j ^ fn t of Michigan. In this administration. Roosevelt | CRIME—The Corjcland commit- wants a uniform nationnl banking,'se. which investieated racketeer- system which will absorb national, ing and the underworld, has a find state banks under close con-• oroeram for combating crime trol and possibly headed by strong federal central/ bank. He Is nrtnlv convinced that in- which provides firearms control, federal participation in most kld- noning cases, a nationnl finger- stltutlons which operate with "oth- -rlnt svftcm. and modification of er neopb's .money" should be the unanimous jury requirement scrutinized carefully. The recent-'"•• conviction. Wiggin-Chase National Bank dis-l I'HIIUTINE ISSUE RETURNS closures have made Congress and PHILIPPINES—The indetxnd- the public more "anti-banker" ence issue is back again. Filipinos than ever and Roosevelt can liavei'••icncrt 'be Hawes-Cutting act such legislation ns he wants. (orantln? Indciwndcncc in 10 years, CONTROL Ur-l now ask immediate fredom. force olli Tlicv also ask large concessions ^1 UJUll t.v. HLJ.l i\UVK>^>^IL t ^i such legislation os he war Si ACQUIRE BANK CON! 'Vj Deposit insurance will I / \ banks into the Federal Reserve system by 193G and the RFC Is acquiring a stake in many banks through buying their preferred stock. Thus, Increasing control already Is In process. Commercial bankers will fizht for subsequent Imports of Filipino uroducts. It's doubtful whether this Coneress will act. APPOINTMENTS — Couzens has promised lo fight confirmation of Martin Conboy, attorney lor Albert Hi WigHin in the stock. mBr- Howdy, Folks! W 'R'IIE wishina y n it ji liriglil i\ y w Year, clioek- lull of I'rosperity ami finntl Ilcilltli. o.c. GANSKE "The Shoe Man" Wo have passed .through three of Ihe most depressing years that this generation has experienced, aii'l, since there is a showing of some return of normal conditions, we' feel that we should all work together for the return of prosperity. This can he done only by the whole-hearted cooperation of all interests. In the spirit of,this holiday season, we wish to thank our deposit- oils, and other friends, for their part in the creditable record"of service made by this bank during the past year. You have helped to make management problems easier to solve; your friendly confidence and understanding have been strong assets —all of which we deeply appreciate. Now we are about to enter together a New Year which holds real promise of a turning tide in our economic and national affairs. There will continue to be obstacles in the path, but with courage and united effort, progress will be assured. Conditions next year should show marked improvement, and we hope you and your friends may enjoy the best of whatever benefits 1934 has to bring. We assure you again that this institution stands ready and willing 10 cooperate and extend every facility to assist its customers in every way ppssiVIe to further the busines; imerest of everyone in this community Everyone in this bank joins in wishing you well-deserved good fortune in the New Year. The Farmers Bank & Trust Co.

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