The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY. 6, 1937 BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS On the Firing Line In Auto Labor War 1 '/ '';'"V ; '\'^>;'3 1 PAGE THREE ' • t ). Invested with full power to call a strike. of 875,000. workers in C9 Central Motors plants a union "board ot strategy" was named '.to direct a major nflensivc against the nintnmolli corporatlo'i five or-the board members being shown here as they met in Flint, Midi., to plan their campaign. ' u-ft to right ore Leo Krzycki, vice president Amalgamated Clothimj Workers- John Brophy C I o director; Adolph Genner, C. I. O. organizer in Hie auto industry; Homer Martin, president of' the United Automobile Workers, and Allan Haywood, C. I. o. representative: Other auto union lives .were inducted on the board, as was Glen w. McCabe, president of the Flat Glass cxecu- Workm. Determinaliou of AAA Benefits Earned Now Proceeding Rapidly \Vilhout moving from their seats in two little rooms on the third floor of the courthouse, a half dozen men are measuring the acreage of each of the 24.000-odd fields that make no the cultivated area of the Chicknsawba district of Mississippi county. And they arc doing it more speedily and more accurately than would be partible If they went into the fields with measuring chains. The work, now well on the way toward completion, is being done to determine the benefit payments earned by; farmers of the county under the fe^jral soil conservation ..prpgvany being made of l-he area 1 of every farm field iu the county and of the I here until well Into the fall and' partly because after the equipment was available It was necessary to wait nearly a month for the ideal atmospheric conditions which are required if satisfactory pictures are to be obtained from a height of 12,000 feet. .The entire set of pictures for all of Mississippi county, numbering about 500, was taken In two days, Oe- lobcr 18 and 19, and about a month later the prints were available and the actual work of checking the crops and measuring the area of each field was started. A crew similar to that working under Mr. Knapponberger is busy at Osceola checking performance In the south end of the county, j The \voi-k there will probably be completed at about the same time as here. Pictures for Crittenden county were taken later than those for Mississippi county -and farmers of that county will probably have a longer wait for their checks. •Headquarters," where slrlke leaders inside one of the Fisher Body plants' in Flint kept In (ouch with strikers oulsidc, was: maintained at this Information window, with workers shown ciigc'rly reaching for books, newspapers, and mall. The strikers laid down seven conditions of settlement"—minimum wage, 30-hour week, abolition of piecework pay, seniority rights, union recognition, reinstatement of discharged union men, and a speed of production plan Menlb on icliululo was the ordci of the <liu foi the "slldown 1 slilkers In the rhhci Boclj plants In Flint, ulicic 8,200 woikcii \\eiu alfeclod by Ihp tut, pension of work leading to Hie great drive against General Moloii At the left is shown tho sdlkc committees commKiaiy. Ihcie food donated by •ijmpntliUcis was sloied and then rationed nut. to \\oikors slajlng Inside the plant tn defiance of an Injunction, aftei hooting n\mj the shctllT in nddlllon, mc.ils weie picpared In nc.uby rcslaiunnts by wlus and olhei relnllvcs of the slilkcib The scene at tlic ilghl sho^s the cooks busily at, work, the food, .steaming hot, being passed through plant windows to the "sitdowners." Housing Question Box ovlh Tenlh Street Dwelling Is Attractively Arranged •:• Among the houses recently com.. Pleled here is that of Dr. and Mrs. fleet of the United States, were ' D. L. Boyd, at 210 N. 10th St., cruising the coasts of Ireland and - «' nicl > is a six-room house of inocl- Scollaud, late in 1773, under com- ern design. mand of John Paiil Jones. Near Hull, .Tones sighted 40 merchant- Tlie exterior is of tan Italian brick, partly smooth, with a roof men convoyed by two British of cc dar shingles. The front porch warships. Giving chase, Jones, in nas a b "' lt «P wall of the brick the "Bon Ifomme Richard," drew up alongside thu. fleeing "Serapis" and opened fire. Across the" gun- and the low roof extends over the front porch. ; ....• .: , The 22'by 16 foot' living room crop to which it was planted In | Gardens Boost Incomes of> ar >d co. Wales the men fought in hand-to- I llas a fireplace, set In a curve and 1930. Measuring Quickly Done The area measurements are being taken from a series of 133 aerial photographs, covering the entire area of the Chickasawba district. The photographs, originally seven • by nine Inches in size, taken from a height of 12,000 feet, were enlarged to provide a photographic reproduction of the entire surface of the county on a scale of 10 acres -to the square inch. Every field stands out clearly on the enlarged photographs and the area of any one of them can be obtained in a few seconds with the use of cither of two instruments, the planiineter or the rotometcr, both of which measure and compute area without the' necessity of any pencil and paper figuring. The ojwrator simply applies the instrument in the prescribed manner, reads the answer and writes it down. Checks have shown that by this method areas are measured more accurately than would otherwise be possible without painstaking surveys of each field. The procedure was at first viewed with skepticism by some land owners but comparison of the re- |j suits with the known areas of sur- Ifcjeyed Melds has satisfied them of JYits accuracy. Certification of the performance records farmers program pleted about February 10. according to H. C. Knappenberger, who is supervising the work. Sufficient progress has been made, he said, to Indicate that tlie requirements for benefit payments have been met almost 100 per cent in this county. He believes that Mississippi county farmers have earned payments about equal to those made last year under the outlawed AAA production control program. Expects Cliccks in February While certification will not be completed until about February 10 benefit checks for Mississippi county farmers will probably begin arriving in large numbers about February 1. Certificates of performance arc being forwarded to Little Rock as the work progresses and the maljing of checks from the office there will begin before the work here is finished. Mississippi county was one of of Mississippi county in the soil conservation will probably be com- a small number of counties in which photography method cotton belt the aerial of measuring crops was adopted this year. A late start was made, partly because tlie Bowman-Park Aero Co. of Louisville, which took the plc- -lines under contract with the de- Demonstralion Members Club Now that the garden planning season is Just around the corner, some Mississippi county home demonstration club women are getting ready to expand their garden plots to take care of roadside markets, according to Miss Cora Lee Coleinan, home demonstration agent. More than 130 such markets were opened last summer by home demonstration' oljub .women throughout the stale, and added considerably to their incomes. Such a market will be especially profitable if the farm homo is located on a much-traveled highway, suggests Miss Sybil D. Bates, extension specialist in home Industries, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Roadside 'markets are co-operative affairs with the whole family participating. Canned fruits and vegetables, preserves, jellies and jams, ' attractively packaged and labeled are quick sellers. High, quality butter is another favorite, and grape juice and cider are easily sold. An expensive building is not necessary for such an undertaking. Native logs or stone may be used to construct a small building or booth near the home where some member of the family can be In charge, Miss Bates said. While the home demonstration clubs do not have a roadside or curb market in Blytheville or Osceola, many of the home demonstration club women have regular "town" customers from whom they receive a weekly income of from $1 to S8. "As surely as the car goes Into town we put into it the things that my city friends ask for," says Mrs. C. E. Lynch of the Nodena club. Mrs. Lynch realized over $18.50 from her sweet peppers and more than that from other fresh vegetables. nd combal, until the "Serapis" I flalll!cl1 h >' two windows. A colo- rrenciercd. II was the first nlal built-in cabinet Is a fcaturo of ' great naval victory in U. S. his- ' lho _ (llnin g room - The -Jones, Sc&iHi-born adventurer entered the Sussi;:.-; navy, afler Ihe American revolution, served five years, nnd died in Paris in 1792, aged 45. His grave, and even his cemetery were forgotten, until they were discovered in 1905 I and his body was returned for burial in Annapolis. His portrait appears alongside -that of John Barn-, on the new one-cent-navy Young Drivers Praised LORAIN, O. (UP)—After giving stamo. U. S.—1336 Navy series Jones & Barry- Ic f/recn Graduation Program Bore, some Nuisance Says U. of A. Editor FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Jan. 5. (UP)—In a move to do away with the traditional Commencement exercises, the Traveler, University of Arkansas student newspaper, pubr lished today an editorial proposing "to abolish in one sweep the expense, nuisance, and nonsense of Graduation week." "Of all the claptrap and useless fixtures of college life, Commencement Is one of the principal ab surdities," Editor John Hutchison said. Declaring that Commencement serves no purpose other than to burden the student with several extra days of tiresome program, cap- and-gown discomfort, and board license law, traffic officers were unanimous In the opinion that young people arc better drivers than old. "They're more alert, and their reflexes work better," the officers said. Mount Rainier. Washington, one of the highest peaks In" continental United States, was once a volcano, it was discovered In 1793 by Vancouver, who disregarded its In- dlan name of Tacoma, and mmed wrlment of agriculture, had no It after Admiral Rainier of thi> j equipment available for the work British navy. c-mn procession to accept their sec- lions of sheepskin, but most look forward with sighing resignation to an unnecessary and irksome period of frippery." "How many seniors want to sit through a baccalaureate sermon comprising little else than hollow platitudes and faulty philosophy?" the editorial asks. " "How many seniors have any desire to endure a funeral exercise featuring borcsome_ Introductions, political bombast and mediocre music " ' bixl- rooms have spacious closets. These rooms are papered in colonial paper and have hardwood floors and all of them op:n into a long hill. The kitchen and adjoining breakfast room are plastered and have Inlaid linoleum on the floors. .Especially attractive are the built-in cabinets, with glass doors and the archway between the two rooms; The kitchen, which --also has a broom closet, opens onto an enclosed sun porch which also has oak floors. The bathroom Is also smooth plastered and has inlaid linoleum. All of the rooms of the house, except the guest bedroom, have exposures to the south winds, the second bedroom having been extended east so ns to have this'ex- posure. The colonial trend was used throughout the house in the wall paper, the small paned windows and the arch\vays. This same scheme Is being ussd by the Boyds in their furnishings. Q. Our house Isn't very old, but the putty is all falling out of the panes In our kitchen door. Should tills BO like that? '''A. The glass lir-in door should not be held In by putty; wood beads should be used. .Have .a carpenter replace the putty with such bends. ' • " Q. I have a four-room bungalow, and It Is now heated by a stove set In the living room. Bui tills docs'not heat the two bedrooms or .the bath enough. Isn't there some sort of stove I can put In that; will carry hent to those rooms? : A. Yes; there arc_ a number of types of .heaters .you may Install. The simplest and least expensive would be n. circulating warm-air unit heater that looks something like n radio cabinet and sets up a circulation by drawing air In at the bottom and expelling it at the lop. To' get 'the benefit of this In the other rooms, the doors must be open or transoms built In. over '.lie doors. This latter expedient '.s .the more effective, as it allows the layer of air near the celling 'inc. which is the hottest, to qs- capc from the living' room and tnter the other. rooms. To have this scheme work'j;ffeetlvely, the bottoms of the.doors should bo cut off to allow about an inch of space-for tlie cooled air to flow back. Another type Is a hot-water circulating system using 1-2-Inch copper tubing for water piping. A small pump forces the water to circulate rapidly, which compensates for the small area of the piping, nils tubing can be rur easlly over the celling lo the radiators and back under the floor The tubing should be well insti- latcrl to cut down heat losses to a minimum. These two system; offer probably lhc best solutions of your problem. Darker Floor Looks Best in Average Room In. a dining room where a rug is not used the floor requires more than ordinary attention, it should be maintained with as few marks and scratches ns possible. If the floor is stained and varnished, a dark tone is preferable. If paint is to be the finish, nny very aark shade that will harmonize with the general color scheme may be chosen. Dark green, red. or terra cotta are. effective colors for the dining room. Painting and decorating may be done through credit advanced by private financial Institutions Insured by the Federal Hoxtsing Administration. E. Cc Robinson Lumber Co. COAL Per 1000 Lbs. Kentucky Egg $3.25 Sahara 4.00 Acton 5.00 Blue Blaze Hard Coal $5.00 P^hone 100 Q. We have wooden casemem windows, and they leak badly. Car you suggest how we can cure the trouble? A. You do not say whether the casements swing In or out. If they swing In, It is difficult to mako hem .absolutely tight, .but proper wcalhci-stripplng and drip caps oil the bottom rails will go h long way toward making them so. Consult sonic concern that makes a specialty of installing metal wen- llierslrlps. If the casements open out, the possibility of making them tight Is much -belter. Good metal. weatherstrliB will accomplish the desired result. 1 !. . Use of "Sealers" Gives Smoothness lit preparation for -uajntlng, "SeMers" may be used to fill the pores 1 of unduly absorbent surfaces and , to create a surface for the paint. By preventing the absorption of oil from the paint they not only reduce the number of coats required but insure a more uniform appearing, and stronger film. Funds for modernisation purposes may be obtained from private financial institutions Insured by the Federal Housing Administration. ,.'. Snyders to Rebuild Tlie .Earl Snyders arc making Windows and Doors Should Be Placed So Furniture; Will Fit The location of- 1 door mid window openings in a room may make or break It as n practical living unit. ", Consideration must be given to the wall spaces necessary to accommodate the furniture thai mustigo In a room. In houses built,': before the-. ad- Vent of central healing plants, ejch room guarded the heat of Iti fireplace or stove, \vllh ;i!]Ctilous care. Only enough windows wcr. cut In the outside walls to admit, a reasonable amount, of light. Inside doorways ; were reduced to a minimum, and > each dooraay had a door In it that could be shut. No arched openings were used except in hallways 01 other phiccs where the conservation ^of heat did not matter, So there was a maximum of wall space provided fur the placing of nirnlluro. With the advent of the-. warm- air furnace, designers went to the other extreme,' and houses, were made (o "open up well," and no plans to rebuild their house at, U21 ; opportunity; was missed to cuv n N. 6th St., which was recently al-1 lar &° ftrcllEU ' opening In a wall. most destroyed by fire. Practically r "'" "" "'"' "~ ' the same plans will be ii5Ct[ for the work with ^ome improvements, Mr. Snyder said today, although details have not been'decided upon. WIro Care Where electric conduits come In from the street io the house under ground, they must be of a waterproof type, if moisture Is allowed to reach the wires, a short circuit will result with .inconvenience to the householder and damage to the lawn. The consequence was that practically all' the furniture hacj, to be placed In the center of the room, ind passage from one ro<jm-', the next became a sort, of obstacle race. That period has passed, and all that remains of it are arched openings between the hall and such' rooms as room and dining room. The first silk mill In the United States was erected In 1810 at Mansfield, Conn., by Rodney and. Horatio Hanks. Repair Your Farm Buildings Before Spring - - Now while farming operations arc practically at a standstill is the time lo repair your buildings. We will gladly help you estimate your needs. Call on us. QUALITY KUILDING MATERIALS THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE .10 living Even these aie not seen as fiwiiiently as foimcily, and those that are nslallcd mo not as wide as their liicdeccssoif So now the sofa, and tho table and a few of tho chairs may once again be placed against the:walls ant! of the flooi left reasonably clear. In designing a room or in examining plans of n house, each piece of furniture that is to go in thu room should be cut "out of paper iu tho same scale as tho plain 'and carefully 'fitted In theli places. Sometimes the moving of nn opening a few Inches will make all thb difference! between a nicely furnished room and an nwkward one. Funds for icmodoling rooms to cure past Ills ot design can bo obtained from private financial ,ln- s'tllutlons under the Modernization Credit Plan of .the. Federal Housing i Admlnlstiatlon. 'Funds for, building now. homes, pro|>erly. designed, also may, bo obtained from the same agencies > under the Insured Mortgage System of the Housing. Administration. - All homes financed' under this'system must meet certain minimum standards of design and, construction and must be approved',' by the Housing Administration. '' The world's largest wheat field Is at Hardln, Mont. ' It comprises 200,000 acres leased through' the Interior Department to Thomas Campbell, and is part of two In- dlan reservations. ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE ; WELDING! AT BEST PRICES P PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 OVER-ROGF NOW THE WAY .,, and add extra insulation against heat and cold! • IT'S ECONOMICAL lo put i new roof on your home the CERTI- GRADE »>y. No need lo tear off llie old coveting—you can |jy CERTIGRADH Red Cedar Shingles right ovet «. You'll avoid m«, and dirt—no tiller in the y>,<l. The double thickness of lhc new roof and old will gfeallj. increist insulation. Your home vill be cooler in summer, and will require Icjs fuel in winter. CERTIGRADES will give you low inllial cost and extremely long life as well as lhc beauty 6f teal red ccJar. We'll gladly fmnbh estimiiej and full information. E.C.ROBINSON <f LUMBER CO. u,^ PHONE 100 e Do The Res • LUMBER -100 ARKANSAS . .

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