The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 6, 1938
Page 2
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UJE TW? (ARK.j'CQUKIEH NtCWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 6, 1938 Deep Water Docks Far From iY,£SS£lS TO onncville, Up To The )alles HE . 'Klindred 1 inlto from tjif sea, Tin a! trapie . pjt. 'irvo\mta,in i, tiiere sUnd" 1iere;'gre'al| "docks "piers, 'va'sV'oceaii, 'freight' t«r- itP'^U'the, ' eflulpuiont > of " .p will be \yill luiles liqri i the' ship lock at Bonnc- 'bain,' bloc king 'the Columbia ;44 miles below The Dalles mfeed 'Jan-" fy ll > c .- ¥ lllt ? 1 .a'3'wll have a great new. occai ' ainew ckep-water outlet fo wheat, fruit, aiid tlmlpe; Columbia river'ba.sin.' 10 •great dam at Bonnevi'.le is sy^ feet to thp depth ot the %t Th? Dalles, and creating -foot channel iropi' tliQ Bon- lfg,"sbii).' lock to. The Dalles. l('qc?an.-goipg to_ load- ligtf. itlg to, navi&^-.T - r , . i$am, for far al?oye (he Grand e»Ert)atn. is also, rcguMtins the - ' V ' L '.ween' them, U'.ey. vyill op™, KID. ' Oregon, and \Vs.shinston t?m id.ahp to river, tmrt ri;kip.f$c. '*'•'•<• Bnlld Oil Terminal .ready a l«K>-fq6l "public ma- Iffelgh't terminal "stands' at iallcsj as" It'lias stood' all '. the 'past summer. •Then it strange' sight, litgli and 'dry •he hillside v above"; the" river, the gradually-rising water ,n to approach "it. ivale interests are also bulld- ,n oil Icrminal for unloading trio" from the California 'wells Refineries. Western pine from Bend "area can be 'shipped Driver direct to ocean'.'snips i implements coming in and t>'going but, plus the loading ']&•'' directly oh rctrisjenjitor are among the' expected ad- ,ges of the new port, d'; miles; above The Dallci avails "stretch' across' Uie'Co &.f They' are high enough ke'; and "Cud of the lake that IIBERTY CftSH hundred miles fr ? m the sen, these new deep- water ocean clocks nml pfere at The Paltaj, Ore., -tovc nestled 'a^inst a mountain l.ackg.ouml and without a sign of. water beside them, c bam '*''" n " UIB tosln nncl " ! ' lkc ll i ' lto a ercat n? * w ' a " '" cn °? c >"' Cheap Iraijspprlalioii for wliciil," frtiil and 'scclioVis l.icrci'' Complclipn of Dmmevillc Pani \vil) r,aisc river 28 feel and prpviOc deep channel, through 'i;iic Onlies or "narrows. PUEBLO, Colo. <UV) — J : 9|i,V Moore, a ngwspapnr stprcotypfv,, htid unusual excitement on a vc,-' cent hunting expedition. He encountered n rattlesnake and' made It so angry by'teasing it with the point of his gim that'll shopk,off all is rattles. Thafs Moore's story: How ^onn^ville n.n,d Grand Coulee (lams, will open a whole :ui,?c region lo ccc'a.n. commerce, aivlng a dcep-watcc outlet lor the ^al >raln, fruit aiul 'iiimWr-pvotluclnB regions of Uic Pacific northwest s shown" on thir, map,. Ocean craft will bp able to co.uc inland as Tai- ns 'Ihc Dpllc5."s)ialiowcr-rtnJl river bals will llont en the rc»i!l«V?.cl. now" ol the Columbia beyond Grand . Coulee. F<lt Girl Ulighs GrQWS Witboul StUf«tion Did), or Bict-BrnlliH, ' Ben<)inj and Rolling Elerciiei. Here's a wiiy 1" Kct till ot naly fnl llurt vork's hn^d In linnil with Nnlurc. Million/ ot nconlc »rc Iniliw million* »r rounds o( (Inhhy flosli nnil KcUlnj! bntk slctiilei fitiiroR. \s'illniiil the ncfil fit .^li\ivntion ilicts o'r Imr^.hrtnkinK txcrr 15UM. I Mi-.lical 'sclrnre hn? ilk^ov^rcil Ui.i>l OIIL-. I ot Ihc cnusr* nt Iqo much fnl lies in n I little Khtml Doctors correct Ms comliltori I Ipy fccJinic thl» little uland tho nu(5tiuicc i^ fohi 1 s - lnrvH , iot) ,| ii: ( s or i,a c v-iin-«kini; £ up behind Bonneville'Dan "'. XWisl 'Out' Obstacle^ • above llicse falls, the rive el is ; being' 'tinproyecl Iting' and rerhoyiiig .the ob 'shso- that river steamer tra ffl beieasler and "safer. Tl tek£up"'k at 'the Dalles, jlsc puya.tes.l'dn'e of the woi i' : in * the river, including" the ous Threc-Mfle nnpids ave wrecked several" river ^rlfcrs, and ''."whlcli" will: be' .com- r subniergedJ 'So will' the I' Cascade paplds, two. miles "the* dam."" • ship' lock which, -will sopn fopened' at Bonneville is the Uw essels. ..''ship; mu'sl'bo raised"C3 feet hrBihiiry low'water'in the lock, lejst single-lift passage In Ed '. for' v ocean-goinE ' vcs; Marriage Licenses Only nine couples have obtained licenses to wed from.the Bly- liicVili?' office' of llie county, cpiirt clerk since' qhvWi.ims. ' offld'nl o'r "minister ' offldiitini;. i\l iiianrltvsei' If listed, fallow: J. I. : kodhcc jr., and Miss Dunavaiit, both, of Rlulcy, Teiui., liy Magistrate T. L. Cassldy; Ocorijc \Villiain Brp\yn,' pf Ctjruth- crsville. lind" Miss Louise' \Vitt, of il'ayti.'by \l|f Rev. H. I'ynn Wade; AVthiir ' Rogers, 'of' Luxora, and of Blylhe- Wdodiin; Joe''Millgi 1 ,' of Trnmnnn. aitd Miss vlllc ,nnd MUs Elhpl Prentice, of Carullistsvillp; .James Webster niui I\flss Annie' Violet llcntloi), both of Dlylh^vllle; 13111 Dowcll and Mlsft Jyleiba. Clark, both of BrngBa- docio, ' by ' Maglstnile CasMdy; Henry Ncal aiid i\t.lss Lucille Gar- reft, both -of. nolland.'.by., Mat'ls- tialc Cassidy. ™».Tr "' rill of paces* fnt. SIAJH! N Satisfactory "" Joe Work Miss .Toi.nmie Upward, ( Ville, by"lhe"f?pv, C.' E. . . . Vcj>tai".Grcen, of Blylhcvliic, 'by chMs'500 feet long and 76 feet ] Mngi^kate bassitly;' FrcO Powers -'*'' Ihe 'lower lock -gates, are ami'Miss'Gciicva^HendciBon, both" ...':lhan 100,' feet tall, as high ^ Blytlicvillc, by Magistrate O. W. a"; 10-story building. All the' i-otier;' Henry i'liilUps, ol Dlythc- bhihery'is electrically-driven. • ' ' ' 'Australia Changes Ccins JBXBOyRNE (UP) —' Australia Ichan'gin'g' the designs of all Its ^ ' 'empnasize 'tlie resources rlJcliaractiristics of the country. tUe't'tlie king's head .will still be jfried on the face of all coins, I. jcevirse' will haVc such images 1 kangaroos; a' rain's, head, iu- itiTC 'of wool; aiid Xhr'ee' 'ears hyHcat, syrnboiic at that'.crop. Birmingham, England, has one r -'e- to every 48 inhabitants; in ..^'sections, there ' are more Ires' than'there tire people. FQRTONES ARE MADE Evn-y rcrlimc hail its (oiindation llnirt loohlii' nflfV Uic l-.ciniics takes carc'nf UK- VlMy 'll'^'S 'I? K f way lo lip tHr'.f,ly. U'j'n by (r.ttl.ii; * \vlicrc vrUxs ^'rr nslil! S ..U I praises. C she, 1 for Oc . tar.i: I'ort. Ib t.Oc Dclicipii.!:. 5 f »c l \ 1 ' Fey. YclW, X His We £,' Ucil 1,9 ftNttlK . for , minor. : tjle Ih. Smoked Bacon," Ib H! Neck' fioncs, Ib "w' Salt '.Meal, best, Hi. .. "^ licrf Steak, llnncltsi'. Ib IT.- Bvcnkfavt' Bacon, sliml Hi 2 LAUD '' IJ Uslt IMiit | O. K. SOAP MAYONNAISK Quart poo FOO 1,b. Cans 12V2 Can lie ENAMEL CpLOIi, I Olive. Oil, t«r iiotllrs .. I Ilubbliig 'Alcohol, pint • • A'pirins. IflO's lioltlrs . I 81. Jwiph Prlllrn I" I li.ilh I'cvvn. & Viift. S m. 10 1 (Juti t'ivory Soap, 1 for 11 I F:u't 'rowil. SOr. value .... t I I'lniir, (linr.-vnfcfd Cryslal \VI,uti!, V>\ Ibs. S5c' nbl. .. I-.VOAH, l.aurnl C';inr fr* Lb'.. 5^- - 103 l.hs. <P"< IJIOTQK on. n I1 r,,-illotis 0 Or. l!fs">' Slwjcli * I'millry Itrm- cdir." arc Best. A cotnplotr Ime. Mwr, Sunyhini; PI. rir 12 39c 21 Lb«. 6Sc Bbl. S5.2* fCEE BARGAINS VALUE AND A COMPLETE FOOD CENTER ?RI. & SAT IN PERSON FRIDAY, JAN. 7, FilQM 2:00 UNTIL 2:30 P. M. JEWEL COWBOYS 65 Prize Recipes with Every I" O t II Purchase of Jewel Shortening ™ ^ < ^ ^~ (Jo III VII ' Home Grown Ih, Ucil Slo. I'ittcd 2 Can lender Small Calil'. Sweet uoiind Country Colonel, Golden iiiintam op Cuuivtry Gentleman, No. 2 can bunch Cliamp can Stalk Musiiird or Turnip, bch. pound 13 No, 1 liouud Delicious 2 for Porto Ivicp pound JUICE No. 211 Head Can Ilk sixo for l.ibhy's No. y/., cur. SVROT "il valurs' 'iit out stmc. llislcii | ailtl s;i\c. I,*, -ii. bt)ii'l for&cl the CmvIfCji's Vill l)c at our storr] Vl!.. .toi, 1 at 5 i>. m. them. I .IEWKI. SHOKTKNING 4' ..." (v. C. 1-AKINt; r\Vl>. 25 ()/. '!'.'.'...' i\riosu t'ofW, i.V- ;:f.UNTiu- lun^Ki.i Lb. .."... MK.AI, • Fre^h Crrani; 10 Mis St.canjpbat • 1/2 gallon , Standard No. 2 can Cook II). box lioltlc 12 pan FRUIT SALAU—1'rat I low No. 2"/, can JUICE 50. <>7. can 1X0. 2IA " wn " Miss. Cv.unty No. 2 can ideal I'l-csh Doxen Homo Like SALAD URESSINC, qtmvl Little Geneva 21 Ib, sack 7f can t'ajicv, Souvenir *.!()« count, pk<r. Shihlcy's Host 21'Ib. sack J, Choc, covered O|C 1 Ib. box «•»>' No. 2.1/2 can W Skinneriis ' '/z gal. jar 28 Uiiint size " 3, for, Chase, & Sanborn ' or Lord Chcstprtiekt pound pkg. pkg. Process po.urid Fancy Sliced • Lb. CHOP'S, Lb. . ROAST, Lb, . STEAKS, Lb. KreysHani Hair or Whole [io ti nil CHli.CK THICK Hill, SHOULDER (-1.01) I7c 27 Uindlcss I'ou n d . iEi , Boiling nound pi n I llphinium blub fa the newest and Js'rfcst xiolor "in' kitchen" ware depora- Anrl fiL^ Vfiiff it makes, as. [city a combuiathm as -\au cculd wish It's on Its- way lo becomn the most polar and sjnaftesl combination of em all Start, nor (o bmid a :seij and i the first »mvng youj 1 friends fo «avo l&et ot live new Dtlphlmum blue!, ' .„..„. v ,,t^tr,^ YO.VH CHOICE SHOUSE-BENRY HARDWARE CQ. A; llajipy SJlill feed distributors \yc ran supply you the hc:'t in nil your nccils at Kile Vriccs. Sli^rts .' 5f-^ S«'t feed 5V Dog f W d Ib 7c Ucrl Fccd .j.t5' Bran .. S1.15 ., . | ,-' ( orn chps l.M - Vc£itiv(ly thi : Uic sacks i.,way V I » » r • Best (JuJltty arp so useful. 6 V2 24 Llis-. 3()c 4R 'tbs. 50c BC Me Lbl. ... SI.75 SS.t.i SG.So —PHONE W. Shouse Phone. 35 Wilson, H^nry QTFRy^ d * li>K<-^ N'i,cc Grmlc • liound 2 rolls iQC \\ ? ith Tobaspo, Hottlc Camp, 'can. ' Small 2- fo.i- Hcin/. pin I Hcin/, 'Large Wilson Gol.don , Brand, W Coraponnd pound, pound I'ridp Memphis pound. 2 for Silvcrdalc SOAP. ;i cor 1.7' can Ib. (\ Ib tii, An\,crican Can No, 2',-i can l/aner bag 10 poiint's "55° Vo II). sq. box

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