The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1934
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United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THJt DOMINANT NBWSPAPKH OJ* NOKTHBABr AKKAUBA8 AND BOCTIHASr MIMODR1 HOMEEDfflON VOL. XXXI—NO. 178 N«wi BlythevUle Ccurt«r ilssippl Valley leader BlythevlUft Uertld ARKANSAS. FRIDAY, OCTOHRlt 12, ' 193-1 SINGLE COPIES'FIVE CENTS" "PRBff BOY" FLEES SOUTHWARD • »i, I StoII Meets Kidnapers Demands RETURN WIFE Victim oi' Louisville Kidnaping Louisville Family Carefully Guards Negotiations With KiHnaper LOUISVILLE. KJ'., Oct.: 12 (UP) —The possibility developed line today Mint the family of beautiful Alice Sloll lias placed 550,000 at a pre-deiermined spot lo rhnsom the young society woman who was kidnaped 48 hours ago. . Berry V. Stoll, the husband, issued a note to the press,. directed to the attention of the kidnaper, in which he declared the fain lly had "met all ransom require ments," When this was generally interpreted as meaning the ransom had been paid. Stoll's attorney, John E. Tarrant, warned that such a conclusion "will defeat Us purpose." | Confronted with thr^e secmlr-iv ambiguous statements the one most . feasible conclusion seemed to ^ that the family had placed Hie ransom money at a designated spot as ordered by the kidnaper and was using the columns of the daily I papers to inform him that this had b°en done. Berry Stoll, frantic husband of the Louisville society woman,, issued this brief statement this afternoon: r "We have carefully followed Instructions, met all ransom require menls and aria" waiting fulfillment of promises. The- party may act freely without 'rear > of. hindrance/' ~StoU_jefuSid > "ta 1 elaborate on the statement but It was generally interpreted as. meaning that <«ii SaO.OOfl which had been ready for; the kldnapci since a Set- Hours • after the abduction late Wednesday, had been, paid .-over. One Mali Arrested The family, taking ,- every possible precaution against Harm, guarded Jealously their luture plans. As the announcement came that first definite progress" had been made In the negotiations between the kidnaper and the family, a suspect was held in Charleston, W. V«., but the development here • seemed to lessen the possibility this 111.11; was involved r directly. The suspect, wns \VaJter Childress. in whose second hand automobile police found tufts of wlia' teemed to be a womans hair Mrs. Stoll w-xs Lealtn over til* head with -v piece of lead pip' and earned a\\aj clad only in ' Beat/Mi brutally and taken from'her home by a kidnaper, Mrs. Allco Helen - Stoll. 23, above, member; of one of Kentucky^ first, families, Is lieUl prisoner for, $50,000^ransom',- which her husband, Berry V. Stoll wealthy Loutsvlllr oil man, has innoiiiiccd he is ! really 5 to pay. The abductor according tij the stor>\ of o m.ilrl \vho.ii he left bo«nd and,gagged foiced her to;tio{lns \ictims handi struck Mrs. • Stoll on the Head with a lead pipe, and dragged her to his car.' DISTRICTS] SETTLE ME NT IS STILL DIPT Conference Yesterday Brings No Progress Toward Agreeirient ' Sclllc-Miont of Drainage District 17's bonded debt, now in hojieless default, terms n.5 fnr nway as ever. In the opinion of members of the district,':: board of commissioners who' returned today front Sl/Louls where, with Clifton H.' Scott receiver for the district, they spent Yesterday In conference with the bondholders protective committee. Negotiations \vitVt the bondholder!; committee, looking toward n cash settlement, of 'the debt on a hnsls of approximately 32 cents on the dollar, which the district Ir, able to offer by virtue R.F.C. loan for the necessary amount have been underway for months but yesterday's meeting at' St [,o»ls rlc'.'oloncd no ^possibility of' an agreement. ' ' | What the next step will be Is uncertain but II. Is understood that n (tearing sviH' be held shortly before. Federal District .Iiidge J. E. Martlneaii at which Mr. Scott, in Ihc absence of any possibility of agreement with the protective committee, will ask the court for'nil- Ihority to take directly ,. to the bondholders the oiler. <6f' settle- fnent which th,e district<ls;.ablc (o make. '•'• i,',t.-. Federal Relief Rolls Are Growing Rapidly WASHINGTON. Oct. 12 (UP) — I'Vderal relief rolls arc approach- IIIK liisl wlnlcr's high murk of 4,100.000 families. Administrator Hurry Hopkins revealed today. lour million f inn Hies or muro Ilian 17.100,000 persons received re- lii'f checks from Ihs government, Hopkins said, In August, the latest motilb for which flgurex "TO available. Uroulli cBiidlllons in Die midwest, lloiiklns said, caused inn rise from DID July llgiires ol 3.800,000 families. lu Arkansas, for example. Die number ol fmulllcs on relief •Narried Regent In Yugoslavia Increased from 45,347 In July lo «l,r« In Auisusi. u thin neglige .and with, a thrown over, her-shoulders. coat Penalty Is IJrath LOUISVILLE, Ky., .Oct;-12 (UP) —Death is .provided by 'Kentucky law for kidnaping > for ;ransom, attorneys pointed out here. today ns ofTicors sought Berry V. Stoll. kidnapers of M: Local Property Changes Hands in Recent Sales A number- of real estate icr;( have rccent\y been trnns- madc Big Banks Making Sound Policy, : Impossible De. clares Senator .Tliomas; OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Oil. 12 (UP)SrBig money interests are pursuing' a "suicide pph'cjf. which will drive America into .•uncontrolled inflation unless they are curbed, United Slates Scniitw. Elmer .Thomas 'said today. ' Thomas, commonly called the leading inflationist in congress, denied lhat he is for unregulated inflation and said that lie preferred a managed currency. The bis banks want control as they have had it for 100 years," he said, "and they are willing to lose billions to retain that control. Thcf Chase National, the National City, and the Guaranty Trust bank of New York have $5,000,000.000 of assets, more than the amount of monev in circulation. They want every iota of biiy- ng power they can wring out if their money, every bit of polit- ral notvcr. and secondly the go;d will bring. The saine applies their bonds." here. Mr. and Mrs.. Lloyd V. Wise .'have purchased the resilience they occupy nt 1033 Chlck-asawba Ave., from tho Union Central Life Insurance Co. They are making numerous Improvements. The Baggctt properly nt 2100 Clilckasawbn, which consists of a two story residence and one acre of land, tins been purchased by Mrs. Nina Dyess Carroll, of Osceola, for an investment. This property Is on a new graveled road. Taylor Laymari has purchased a duplex at 626 Lilly street, which he is having apartment has was owned by The rlorida remodeled. Each three rooms. H C. J. Evrard. Bros., of CBccola, have purchased 68 acres oC farm land north of Armorel. 50 acres of which is in cultivation. T r.ian lo build some small houses ond ' barns. Tliomas Land Co,, handled these deals. Luncheon Will Honor Representative Thorn LEPANTO, Ark. —H. B, Thorn of Hnrrisburg. Poinsett county representative, who is "most prominently mentioned as the ne\l speaker of the house of representatives will be tendered a luncheon at the American Legion Community Hu here November 8 by his close friend, L. E. Coleman, attorney Over 200 Invitations have been ex tended to nil nominees house of representatives, DORCHESTER, Mass. (UP)—If John J. Cumraiiigs wanted to, he could have ,had a shave while silting mobile. barber shop In his auto- of tin ........ -, dlslric officers, Poinsett county officer and officers-elect, the Poinset county bar and business men o Lepniito. Governor J. M Fulrc has Indicated lhat he will mtend Mild Fall Brings Double Crops in New Jerse GLASSBOBO, N. .inusual mild fall has brought out a peach and apple As It was, he had a close shave. A front tire on his automobile blew out, and sent the car ca- rcenlng into the plate glass window of the barber shop owned by £ohn Otiarlno. weather her neiv crop , blossoms,., ai: . with . winter frosts in the very near future farmers still are har vesting crops. A woman of Elk Township, neo here, has raised coffee beans an E. L. Lowdcn Is picking cotto from a plant lie was able to gro 1 due lo Ihe long season, Want Offer Ms wife ocld prisoner Dy kld- aners. Berry V. Sloll, above, vealthy Louisville, Ky.. oil man. ma broadcast notice tbat lie is tady lo i>ay Hie S50.000 ransom. Sloll ia vice uresideul atul rellriery snperiiuemlcni of tba itoll Oil HeUnlriK Comtmny. luc. eeks Order to Compel Lumber Code Observance Lee Wilson and company, of Wilon, and five other eastern Aransas lumber companies are nmn- d in a petillon for a restraining rder to prevent violation of the TOA lumber industry code which United states Attorney Fred A. sgrig • was to present in federal' ourt at Little Rock today. Isgrig's action was said to result rotn "sales to a large automobile manufacturer of lumber al a price owcr than the code price. Lumber ruithoriti'es at Washington took, steps to prevent the sale and the suits were said to have been instituted as R result ot their efforts. The following firms will be -if- fecled, if the order is issued: Lee Wilson & Co., Wilson. Shannon Brothers. Helena. . Luther Wallin. Earl. Tschudy Lumber company, Wc- ona. ', Rhodes-Howe Hardwood Company. Helena. Northern Ohio Company, Parkin. .. Refusing lo consider the 32. cents on the dollar fVMement rn'iutc' possible by ths R. P, cTloafif the pro- cominlUce intimated at meeting that an offer possibly the dollar, miclit be acceptable, B. A. Lynch, one of the commissioners, said this morning. • As an alternative the protective committee suggested a plan unrter wiiieli the bondholders would take i-ome 58,000 acres of Iriatlenuntely rirained and unimproved lands, reduce Die debt against the district in the proportion that the benefits afscfscd against those lauds bear to the total benefits assessed ngatnst, the district, and require the remaining 104,000 acres of Klcrjiialely x drained and improved ands to pay the full amount of the debt thus reduced. Neither flan Held Praclital Tlie commissioners regard neither »lan ns offering any practical bail's for settlement, Mr. Lynch said. The susgeslcd CO or G4 cents on Ihe dollar cnsh settlement Is out of the question, for the reason that Hie district has no way of obtaining the necessary money even were It possible for the district to pay out' such a debt. The proposal for elimination of nonproductive lands and corresponding reduction In Ihe debt is regarded as equally unworkable. Even were it possible tot; the productive lands to assume and pay out the jr 1 share of the debt there would remain the question of the fairness of such nn arrangement, In view of the fact that the productive lands have carried the bur- rten of the non-productive lands for manv years, and also the ques- Court bi Appeals Upholds Appeal from Federal Court Receivership Order Action of federal District Judge John E. MnrtlncHU In ordering a receivership for the Arkansas-, Missouri I'oiver company of this city has been reversed by the Unllcd Stales circuit court of lip, peals at St. Louis, recording 10 word received here today by officers ol fhe company. The decision of (lie appeals court means that the company will remain under Its present management,"' Whether certain holders of preferred stock, who sought the receivership, will seek o carry the cose to. the'United: States supreme court Is •"•'' known. : - '•••• •»>' Paris Police Announce Complete Confession by Two o{ Assassin Band PAHIS, Oct. 12. (UW—1'ollce nn- nounccd today they hud obtained complete confessions from ilia men Involved In the plot to assassinate King Alexander of Jugoslavia nml they believed some foreign yoycrn ment may have been Invoiced. Inspector Rene • Petit, conducting Ihc examination ol the two suspects, Vlacllslas IMIICS and Nulls Sllko- mlr, said they had cracked completely under merciless cross-esmn- inalion anil admitted they hail been ordered to kill Mcxanditv In 1'nrls If the Marseilles attempt failed. • Police contended. that Ihc Ihor oiighncss of the plot, the (iiiantll] of false passports, and tlic fact thn 1 Ihc men were well supplied will money indicated they hud been fin unced by sonic government. Serlw Angry BELCiaiiADE, Jugoslavia, df< 12 (UP)—Publication of the firs pictures of. (lie nssitssinnUoti o King Alexander al Marseilles crc\ ted Increased bitU'niras luiln ngainst French officials in char? of tlio guard for the king. Many Serbs said the phologvi showed insufficient^ measures lakcn to protect >llie king he landed In France. nol Judge Afartlucau ordered the receivership on petition of a group o'f owners of preferred slock, ivlni' contended lhat Hie value of their loldiiigs was'Jeopardized by poilc- es of the management, which represents receivers far the holding company which. controls the common slock. Judgt MaVtliieau'. 1 * receivership order, entered nearly a year ago,- wns never made effective, having been held up pending decision of the higher court on the appeal Inkcn by the company. ; Aikansas OHice'rs Warned I to Watch fo> Oklaliomal Dcspeiado ^ ' TELLS f .' DF Insull Family and Halsey Stuavl Received Corporation Securities Stock tion of adequate drainage outlets for the productive ands.' Elimination £om the district of the 58,000 acres of non- iroductive lands would, take out of Ihe control of the district major outlets for thft. district's entire drainage system. District IV commissioners, besides Mr. Lynch, arc C. \V. Affllck nnd n. C. liose. Aged Hayti Woman Dies of fnjuries Received in Fall Mrs. Mary Wilson, 16, of Hayti, who sustained leg and arm frac- .urcs In a fall al her home late in September succumbed at the Bly- Iheville hospital last night. Funeral arrangements tire complete. CHICAGO, Oct. 12 (UP)—Tcstl- nioney tliat the Insull family and Hftlsey, Stuart and company, stock brokers, took "presents" of 1,000,- OOD shares each In the newly formed Corporation-Securities company was introduced today in the Insull mail fraud trial. The estimated market value ol the 2,000,000 shares of stock was approximately fSO.OW.OOO. Van Lament, Kendallville, Ind,, poultry fanner .iviio formerly ncl«i *.'• controller for the brokerage firm, concluded sensationally his testimony after vigorous cross-examination and re-examination. . He told how Halsey, Stuart and members of the Insull family turned in stocks and in return received the "presents." The prosecution argued that the move was made to evade tax payments. The defense nrgucd thai tax payments limply had been "deferred." Officers' Bullets Riddl Tire Aftef 'Youth's; Ca Strikes Another.' Here ,1 ','• \' A? •' George DiilTey, pe/ilttnjf ,-lS-ye old youth, sat In'.a .cUy.vJnll'icc today anil said hci'didii'tjfrunc'mbe. much that hapixned J list night after he took 11 "couple if drinks." but ofllceis who 'urrcsWl young Duffey alter a bullet' riddled lire forced his car to. a stop were not so vague as lo a traffic accident and subsequent chase, Dulfey sat in jail nurshig n swollen Jaw which lie "reckoned" some olflcer yiwe him but If "he (ild It wasn't enough", nnrt wished lie was on the outside. He claimed It was his first time to Indulge In liquor that got htm i:ilo trouble. ' i But even If It was .plenty of trouble it could have been worse If' Patroliuan Thurman Atkins had been a better shot. Police Chief Ed Rice said Atkins shot polul blank nt the youthful motorist when he tried to run down the officer but missed him, Dulfcy figured in n" traffic acci- iti-nt at Walnut and Second streets in front of the city hall and police station. His car crashed into another, occupied by Mr, and Mrs. L. Lansky, local merchants, but lie kept right .oil going. \ gi'ent'Uuclc ot Vcter II, bu> kluff of YuEO-Slavhi, Svlll servo UK one of Uio lUveo momliei's o( tlic icguiU' council cUirlnc the iHlnoyUy t>£ the cbilil m'on- nrcb. Itc is i'rluco Paul', shown above, lo wlionv Alexander 1 coiidclcil Ills fear'of nssKsslna- lloh beftfio he'left on hl9 fataj jourucy< |u> Krancc. L CITY, MO, oct'lJI <tl[>>'— 1). Mnrvln castecl^ chief of I the stale highway patrol, saltT'at I 2 P. M. today he l)«l!evei ChaiTes I (Protlj Uoj) rtoyd and Ills Uol companions lintl hlddcri out" nortl) of Molieily mid \\cre awaiting the toiei of darkness before attempt- ' IJIB lo slip llirdugh .jiollce lines. ('Tile"! ordered nil troopers In I ill nren to 'hold jour (.osltlonl | Ull further tnntrnctlnns." Dihlug nt /til) •speed with » | ounctcd comrianloh and caufpund- offlccis by his amiizlng back i ini',, the iihantom bmulll and llei «as rciwrtLrt seen In several I Unll'os In north central Mis- | url It was one, ol the .greatest m ints In Missouri's htstory. Into:] cry home, olllcc ami jwlice'sta- on that had u radio went the cquenl warning, 'watch out tor | itlty Boy Floyd' The wnralnj us broadcast froin WOS, the 'stale', I iDhna) patrol station here Seen Near Moberly Tills nftcrnoon the hunt led' to lie vicinity of Molieriy, (he fifth lace the clushc fugitive had | con ii(;)ik'il Shortly before noon lirce desperadoes one of whom n<l been Identified "several times nrllei during the morning as loytl, stopped their nutomolillo, a Fnrd V-8 scdasi with Illinois license plates, nt a farm'hottse near ! Uobcrty, The fann wlfo reported that nnn she thought v»as Floyd came o the . house- nhil asked for n' lowel. nnil water, explaining that "one.61. my friends hurt his ,hahd" arid tq clenn it up" Wealthy Playboy ' Su cumbs to Pneumonia a His Home in N.'Y. Stat SCARSDALE, N. Y., Ocl, 12 fit-Edward West (Daddy) lirowi hiB, 00, whose life, loves nnd ci ccntrlcitlcs wrote a unique cha] ter in America's "Jaz?, age" rtii today of pneumonia at his Scarsdale home. Only one of the numerous women who figured prominently hi his life Dorothy (Sunshine) Trizc Students Get Foodstuffs PROVO, Utah. (OP)— Brigham Young University students won't study merely for grades this year. For high scholastic achievement university officers have decided lo awnvd foodstuffs—produce from In- HuxtaWe New Supervisor for Highway District One LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 12 (UP)— W. G. HuUable was appointed state highway suparvisor for District No. 1 at Wynne today by J. c. Baker, director of highways. HuxUvbl» Ion. succeeds J. E. Bux- the university garden, also record grades. They will Fossick Is Starter In Louisville Open Jlmmle Fossick, pro of the !ily- liievllle country club, has to Louisville, Ky,, to comruf; In Hie $5,000 Louisville Open, st.irt- tng today. The tournament will be underway three, days, closing SnUirtlay. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Gencrally fair today nnd Saturday. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair to night and Saturday, not much change In temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 43, minimum 57, clear, according to Sauel P. Nor- rls, official weather observer. Atkins and Eddie B. David, deputy sheriff, started after Duffey In another cm and n mail clmse ensued that stopped momentarily Lake street. Atkins stepped of his car and started walking towards Duflcy's machine. Dut- fey ojriied the throttle wide nna 3'uirtcd for the officer. Atkins stumbled out of the way and shot at Uuffey as lie sped past but failed lo hit him. David, observing lhat Atkins was .uninjured, took up the chase ngaln anil brought young UulTcy's car to a. halt as he s|Kd back Into [In. 1 business section by "shooting a tire down," as olflccrs express The trip to jail followed and Uuflcy sllll remains Ihcrc hoping he'll get out soon. Mrs. Lansky is reported lo have suffered a cut on her head In the accident which required first aid treatment. Duffey says he understands .hat the mailer of damage to Lansky's car has been "straightened out". Chief Rice says he doubts if the city wljl comply with a request of the youth's mother to repair her car. Duftcy and his mother are mem bers of a group of tent dwellers camping at a, Highway 61 toiir 1st camp on Sixth street. They have been here a week or more Browning Hood, his adopted daughter—was at the bedside at the Otalh of the niillloiinive veal c.v tato operator a.nil -playboy. "Browning wns stricken ultli a cerebral hemorrhage lost June 23 nnrl was removed to Ills home a inoiJSJi ago. Browning's attorney announced that the real estate operator, who figured in several sensational court cases before nnd after bis marriage to Frances (Peaches) Hce nan, died at 10 A. M. Browning came by the nick ame of "Daddy" both publicly nd honestly. The women who gurcd prominently in his life •ere young enough to call bin daddy" and did. He tried with aryfng degrees of success to bo "daddy" to hundreds ol destl ute children of New York slum? Eludes-;Iowa Officers DBS MOINES, la—Less truing hours after the government named him one of Ihe £layer$ ln<ttie quintuple Kansas City• Unlon"*sta- tloil massacic, 'Pretty Boy 1 ' Floyd, Southwestern itcsuciailo, shot his | \\AJ clear from n party of Iowa officers Jate Thursday only lo set a host ot federal, state .and local au T Ihoritics on his new trail. A Bureau o! Investigation officer and Deputy,'. Sheriff Owens of Howard county exchanged shots with -the outlaw- aiiri two companions near Meln-. tire. ^. The two officers flushed .Floyd from a farm' house hideout -near- Ihc Minnesota border. • For Oklahoma i LITTLE OCK, Oct. 12. (UP)— All Arkansas peace officers *ere advised by E. E. conroy, .depart; nent of justice agent here, jc on tlic lookout for ..Charles [Pretty Boy) Floyd whq Is leading, apparently, toward i his hills retreat In northern Oklahoma' after a battle with officers' yijs- terday near Mactntyre, Iowa. '., Conroy asked officers to watch x>r a Fonl V-8 sedan or coach, rearing-Io«r» license number Jl-JtSi He said one of the three -men In Ihe car was believed wounded, riojd was 'last reported neiJV Mexico, Mo., .'where..he. wns "believed seen nearlng' the Junction of Highways 40 and--54, south of Mexico, driving , southward. Weighcrl I)OKU by Potatoes BOSTON. (UP)—Paul B. June a chain store clerk, was forccc into the back room of the star by two thieves. To Insure thei escape they lied his hands an placed two sacks of potatoes upo 'him. Betrayer of Sankey Found Slain in Colorado [legal Possession Costs Woman $50 Fine Emma Lou Cathey was fined $50 m a charge of .Illegal posscssU* >1 intoxicating liquor by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham yesterday. She was arrested several days ago In a raid by sheriffs deputies on her place north of BlythevUle on Highway 61. W. H. Westbrook was fined 525 on a charge of violation of the stale livestock law but the fine J suspended on payment of proper charges to a neighbor, who havior. 1 ™«lure' IO BooS g FORT COLLINS, Colo,, Oct.' 12 (OP)—Roy Glbbs, the . man-.who was credited by authorities STltn betraying Verne Sartkey, oh;r, .'th2 nation's number one kidne'.^v, --to the law, was accidentally ii.jj'to death near Estes Park, Colorado,' today. - .'I Chief ot Detectives Charles Arm-strong of Denver said, tli2 boiiy hud been found shot through the. head a short distance from ail overturned automobile. ! '- ; Further details were not at once available-. ..•'.• Cold Storage Plant , . Explosion Kills Two CHICAGO, Oct. 12 (UP) — : .|A w gas explosion rippci ihrough'th* bc . Central Cold Storage company plant today, killing two men anrt Injuring, more than a dozen others. V Man) of the Injured \ure pedes- Thicf Took Choclalcs and $50 Iritins who were passing the build- SOMEBVILLB, Mass. (UP) — Ins when the blast rocked the ' ' •- near north side, just across the river from the. Loop. The dead ,\vere: John Gunla, 43,; cooler man in. the storage;,plant; John K , who was passing at the time at the blast; Perhaps he was thinking of'his sweetheart while robbing William McKenzte and. Elmer J. Mnc- Halg, clerks at a drug store here. After he took $5<) froin the till the robber took along a .box of chocolates from the shelf.

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