The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1950 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1950
Page 17
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F fHtjRSbAT, .JUNE », 19M BLYTHETTLLE (ARK.) COURIER KT5WS PACT! OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams Our Boarding House with Ma j. Hoople O, MARTHA/ V*XX.O VpO 6Rea A DETOUR sao ota . trie ROAD TO cuLTiwe- ? ' THE MELLOVJ LILT OP A MELODIC v/ace WAFTto Or4 THE SUMMER BKECZE HAS THAT WO CHARkA FOR YOG. MN D6AR* DM.' FOR sou TD vufcs* stx STRAIGHT EV6N1MGS WITHOUT A VtLP POR. •*XIR. TURM AT WIPING MAKES ME SEWSE A BIT OF SKULDUGGERY HERe--JTUST WHAT HAS SHE C30T OM VOU THAT MAKES SUCH SUAVE RV ABOUT VOL)'SWING ? IF VOU BRIWG AMY HOS CALLERS I(J HERE, YOU'RE GOIM6 TO SET A (Jew IDEA, OF WHtft THE BATTLE OF THE 6UL6E LIKE/ THINK SUCH THOUGHTS • UNLESS SDCfD DOME THEM ' -WHEM SOU ti SCUMS? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Willing Helper Insurance Call 3545 For Complete 'insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency, •Planned Protection 124 W. Ash St. INCOE HOTEL BUILDING Help Wonted Operators wanted. Experv iencecl o n men's garments, Pajamas or "shirts. Single or donble needle operator. Apply at Rice Stix Factory. 2'lst & Main. 6-28 ck 6-30 Lost , Reel and yellow model airplane near YRfbro: Reward.'Edwin Wallace. 1 W. Main. Ph. 6244 6|28 pit 30 Round, leather, coin purse containing about. $6. Zipperec' top. Reward. Return to Courier News. 6-28 dh 7-6 Notice If you want polio Insnrnnce taVe II with a ICEB! reserve company. \Vrlte P. O. Box fl64. Blythevillc, Ark ." ••••-" Political Announcement The Courier News has been author ized to announce the following candidates, subject to the 'Democratic s. July 25 And August 8.' TflK Sl'OKY • rrlYPM l» Wolf 1-olHt. Jinnj; out hU Mhln|;lf I after be jilep* frum Ihc 3 «. m.. tktrrr'ii • fthnntEii •>lo»n. One ••>• U killed olHer woHadrd. W "TOR COUNT!JUDGE . Rolmnd- Greeb -•-" : --~- FOK STATE KEPRESENTATIVE u H. Autry Re-election post No. I John ,T. Cowan Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No. 2 Albert A. Banks . . Post No. 2 . . K.'C. "Gene" Fieeman I (IWr re-election Post No. 4) W- F. Wells For Stata Senator W.'R. Nicholson , J. Lee Beardeh SHERIFF AND COU>ECrTOR ' . Osee Nunnally William Berryman II HTTE cowpuncher cut Dr. John Sand a hard look ns he set down the heavy suitcase. LJnmind- ing, the doctor carried the small black bag over to the bar and set it down. Water was dripping from his hatbrim. and his brown eyes were taking in all that there was to see. Then his eyes met the cowpuncher's hard £ray bloodshot eyes, and he motioned' with his head at the man's left arm. One gray flannel shirt sleeve was soaking up the blood that came from a wounded upper arm. I "I'll take a look at that arm of! yours," John Sand spoke in a quiet voice. "I'm a doctor." A slow grin spread the cowpuncher's tight lips and his eyes squinted. The color had come back into his leathery face. "Figgerin' on hangin' out your shingle here at Wolf Point?" His voice was surprisingly soft, almost a lazy drawL "I hope to make my living here," John Snnd smiled and added: '.'Or slarve to death." "1 don't know ahout how much you'll make for a living, Doc. But you sure won't starve. There's always plenty of beef." The saloon man turned, away from the body on the ROOT and . shoved through (he.crowd: "He's The crowd backed away and turned to line up along the bar. A motley gathering. The man who had done the killing was the only one who looked like a "real cowboy. One gray bearded, bleary- eyed man had a collie dog and his clothes smelled of sheep. Another human derelict shuflled off and came back with a bucket of water and an old mop and set them down to take his place at the 'ar end of the bar near the sheepherder to await his drink. A. dapper looking man with the small build of a jockey sidled out the back door and closed it softly behind him. The cowpuncher saw him and grinned crookedly at the handed him the bottle. He walked over to where the heavy suitcase liiy and picked it up. "Fetch the tool bag, Doc." He went oul through the half doors and John Sand .followed him. He led the way down the plank sidewalk to a sod roofed log cabin that was set back about 50 yards from the main street. The cabin had been whitewashed but it was wealliered ofT. He went and lit a big Rochester based lamp. " "This is called the Whitehouse, Doc. Swamp her oul and gel rid of this truck and it'll make you good place to hang out your shingle. Till you get somcthin' better, it's all yourn. II anybody asks how come, you teU 'em one of the Johnson Boys gave it to you." The man grinned. The cabin was lillcred with old boots, chaps, saddles carded clothing and empty and half empty whisky bottles. The air had a peculiar stench of old tobacco smoke, leather and old clothes. A couple of tarp-covered roundup beds rolled tight and tied with bed ropes. Two were spread out on bunks. There was a lit- j tcrcd card table and a few old ! barroom -Chairs, and a round bel- ' lied stove. .Doc lit the stove. fOIIN SAND filled the te. dead, all right," whisky voice. he wheezed in a "I coulda told you that. Trot In behind the mahogany and dig up n bottle that ain't poison, and a clean glass. Doc here needs some- thin' to take the chill of! before he gets to work on me, H said the cowpuncher, who added: "This is Dutch John, Doc. He's got a heart bigger'n his belly, so long as it don't cost him a dime." The big cowman laughed. KIT CARSON half Tilled bottle in his hand. 1 "Toad," he said, "carryin' the news. • I3ut he'll get them fancy duds of his all wet fcr nolbin*. The law's outa, town." He waited for John Sand to fill his shot glass from a bottle that Dutch took off the bar before the man next - to him could reach for it "Tricks like that got Toad ruled off the racetracks. Here's welcome to Wolf Point, Doc," • • * John Sand set down his empty glass, the cowpuncher waited for the water to boil, Doc took a roll of gauze and wiped the blood-away from the bullet rip. He had the wound dressed and bandaged when there sounded B lapping on the door. The cowpuncher reached for the wooden handled six-shooter at his side as he got swiftly to his feet. 'Roll under that bunk, Doc." His voice lost its lazy drawl. It became a sharp bitten command. John San'd crawled under the nearest bunk. He saw man, stripped to the waist, turn the lamp down on low wick. He moved quietly to the door and slid the heavy wooden bar back, then pulled the door quickly inward. He was hidden behind the door with the gun in his hand. "Don't shoot, Dusty!" sounded a woman's voice. John Sand saw a small, slim woman in a rain-wet yellow saddle slicker come in. 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Blylherille, Arkan»i 130 East Main FOR SALE C«ncret« e»l»ert». IZ Inck U> W Inch/ plain « reinforced Al«c. C«ncret« R.ildlnj Block* cheip ei than limhci (m barm ehlckrn fmses, pump ho«sr». tenaml houses, too) shfds We dellrer Call « f«r free Mtlmal*. OSCEOLA TILE tr CULVERT CO. Ph*nr t*l TH€ WAY I FE6L, 1 VJOLH-OWT TWICE W93 FREE FOR THf SUW//CR.. UH~SEE H6R6". OLO BOY.WHy MOT WHEEL IbOR. BROKEN HEART ON HOWE? L-UH „FORGOT, SOMETHING' I'LL. WELP •fou LOOK IT, PAL I "You say you'll give me a dime if I'll kiss Aunt Emma when we get there, but at present soda and candy prices, can't you make it a quarter?" PRISCILLA'S POP WI1A.T you WANT;! CARLVLE! DON'T TALK LIKE THKT DO VOU KNOW WHAT A BUM IS? WHEN I'M BXS I t' GUESS I'LL BE PRESIDENT! SURE! HE'S A FELLOW WUO PLAYS BASEBALL FOR BROOKLYN! OH, I WANT TO &E. A BUM 0'MAU<EY and RALPH LANS HE'S POUND WHERE 1 HID THE DRESS. THAT MEANS Ht'lL BE COMING BACK WERE AfTER ME ANY MINUTE. I'VE GOT TO GET OUT Of HERE / 'r 1 THE JIGSAW PUZZLE FITS I TO6€1WER AT LAST. 1HIS OLD 1 DRESS OF YOURS, MRS. KYLE. IS COINS TO GET YOU PUT r-j AWAY TOR C ATTEMPTED \ MURDEk j A_^. AMD ARER [ 1HKOVV THE HANDCUFFS OH MR5 KYLE, I'VE GOT TO PHONE THE STATION TO KEEP ALEC FEOM PUTTING BOBBY RAND ON THAT TRAIN / BY LESLIE TURNER T tO\> MJST C«TOSS THE BIG RTsUCH OF FELIPE OftCCI*, RF.FORE CERCHIUG THE KRllECftD. PERHAPS *XJ TO 0BKCIA TRUE ft MESSftOi TO HIM FOE. HA ? J^ IH1 OKA-/, WRITE IT! WONPEK WH»T COULD'VE SttH IW THE CUPEE ABOUT HONDO PUEBLO THAT EXCITED THE FEU* HO THE TRMJINC POST... WMtt. THOSE LITTLE UMIMOS CAM TELL ME HOW TO FIND BEW SOEZft'S HOGRkJ .SO IM LOOKING FOR A ROUTE TO DEftD HOUSE, WITH WftTEK FOE THE CATTLE kBOUr EUEEV FIFTEEN MILES SOU A TOUGH MAP. BUT I DUWNO IF 1HE-Y LET VOL) WATER SO WftMV COWS ftT HONDO PUEBLO ff. I7'X> BV Htl SIEVICf. ItC BUGS BUNNY Something to Blow About BUGS SAID TO HLJWWY OVER WITH MY CORNET .' HE MUST WANT ME TO PLAY FOR HIM/ WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE ME GIMME THAT HORN-. RELAX/ WHAT ARE VOU POING WITH MY CORNET? GIVE IT BACK.' ... AS SOON AS I GET THIS HUNK O' L6AKV P PB REPLACEP. SQUAWKIN!.. YA'L-L GET YER on the stove and, vwhile he Phone 2434 USED CAR SPECIALS! 19(9 STUnKHAKER CHAMP- PION. Fullj equipped wllhi Otcr Urile, Radio, Cllmatlzer, White Ride Wall Urn ind Hill-Holder. . . »li« 1919 PLYMOUTH SPECIAL tlFl.UXE. Fqiilpped with R»- illo, Hrrattr, White Ilde Wall Tires ... a Wonderful BUT 1919 STUDEBAKER LAND CRUISER — DEMONSTRATOR f-'ullj equipped with Over I>rtve, Radio, Healer and his LOW Miltll« ................ }MJS Used Truck Specials 1319 STUDCBAKKR 1)4 TON with 12" BODY >nd In Per- lect Condition I1IM 1318 TORI) H' rON PICKUP. Low Mllrije >nd In Eir- . Condition | OS Visit Our Service Dept. Free Wash Job With Each Greas* and Oil Change Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friend!; Slidebkkw Dealer" R.R. & Ash Phone 6888 ALLEY OOP Slight Interruption HY V. T. II AM UN GETTING R(D OF OOP SLICE GOT ME OUT OF A BAD / 50Z&Y SPOT WITH OOP. V\WS TH'ONLV WITNESS, BURIED UNDEE MOUNTAIN IJOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HY K1JKAR MARTIN . VM so txcvvto'. ov\ GOUN '. WE.S«.

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