The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEraiEVILLE COIMER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTH** HT ^ItKANBAb 'AND SOUTHEAST U188OUKI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 2-i-J Ulyihevlite. Dally He*B. Hlythevllla Court*!. m,YTHKVll,LU. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DKCEMIJKK 30, 1<M SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO OUTLAW CHIEF NEAR DEATH Millions in New Income NBIESFEEES WHAT A MAN THIS I9H3 WAS! is, us Prospect Bright That [934 Will See Continued Improvement. • Millions of dollars ,of addi.Lional . Income for the people of Mississippi and neighboring counties, Lh«,' H'sult of improved farm prices, levivod Induslria! iclivity, and the government's pnb'.lo and clvi! works programs, made (he lattn'l hali ol 1933 a r. ?:-iod of marked Hcovery for all lii'ssi of business in Blythcville and tithrr communities In (his :irc!".. While tin rush of the p're-holi- day season is pas'. every indication is that Improvement will con- tinue. Further aaius in [arm prices are promised under the 1 ijgricullural acljusipicnt program fqt 1034, and hur.di-cds ol thousands of dollars o! PWA and CVVA money will 02 spent in this u-m- tory. While the depression reached ii.- depths during Ihe. early months of Ihe year and''business war, iill but at a standstill at the lime ' ol the bank holiday last Maic'j. the come-back was so pronounced that to many local concerns 19:« trcught the largest volume of business' jiurc 1029. For 'nearly ail the' closing months of thc year produced business^ approximating , ( that of prc-deprerr.ion times. !i Thc improvement was reflected . i ct only in \vholc?aie and retail trade but.-An bank deposits, real estate,' loan' payments, and collec- ,ijons on ojc.' account?. \ : - . . . • Where' "did the money come from? Cotton.Brings More In the first place a 140,000 bale; cotton crop broyght Mississippi rcunty upward of 51,300.000 more than a 193,000 bale crop did last year. Neighboring counti-tt. it may be assumed, bencfitled proportionally. Lasl year this county's income fiom lint cotton war, approximately $6,562,000. The direct roturn from this year's much smaller crop wa,s approximately $6,720,000. But In addition thine must, be considered approximately $1.4CO.OOU ir. government plow-up benefits, l-'ar- mcrs of the county ha;e alreaoy KILLED BIG'PUNE Ttissells lo .London Craft Explodes and Comes to in Flames. UUYSSELEDE, Bclaiiim, Dec. M UP)—A Irl-inulorcri Tmik'iia! Air- ays pr.r.senger plane, Hying low heavy fog, crashed Into n vliclcsa tower today nnd In tin: r.M.Ing explosion c.nd (lames ten rsuiii. one possibly nil 'Amerl- n. lost their lives. ;Tlie plane, niuni'i' "Airollo", had ell Uiussclls bound for London •Jill n 1'H.vsuiEr" list of elghl, ibniewnrtl boinul for the holidays lid wns due al Croydon Klclil flt :25 p. M. Flying exttemelv low over Iluys- eledu It eincrgcMl siuldcnly from A lietuy bank of ir!st and fog iiiul before the cyi'ji of, horrified wlt- crushed headlons! Into the wlrtjess Ipwei The Apollo's was hvstanx nnd complete. II fell-to the'ground'In c.xp'osivc (Innios and In U|c furnace it made [hole was no char.ce .for survival. " All but one of the 10 bodies In- cliiiJlng those of • the pilot, liste;! i>!; J. Gitlins, and his inschanlsl, were burned to cinders. 1)<vj Mission' Is History For Southcasr jVlissouri 1933 -.','. - runt iigahul Hie clly and wont oji D:iy dawns - cold, 'gray and; u cnsli ' binds. AM payments nrw up •liTnry— • i i u rink 1 on t'ho water mid sewoiaitc Nol a nrt in cloud-veiled skips. Life's Viit'iioil road looms dink and Kloomy; • •• • • l-'ond hO|K\s fade — ni'lm rouinijf! ' dies. By MAX 1,. KKU.KY STKKLE. Mo.—Tomorrow ulshl— us Ilic bells vlnu nnil Ihp whlslkvi )low— a Now Year will be bom— and tin; worlil will lake on new life. Thc Inst stroke of tlio old family clix-lt as 1! tolls the hour of nilil- nlfiht will sound, thc death knell of the world's Krcntext ilepr(!.s.slnn, and maik lliu lH'i;lnnln(; of a mm 1 dny. As iho old year pusses Into history we find Hie people, of the valley of Southeast Missouri taking n -now louse on life— their wagon lillclicd lo n slnr— nml ready to r,o. ; All Note Improvement Business is reported nood anil bonds llierc Is n fair balance In Ihu trcilsury lo take cnro of.puy- nicnls and Interest comlnij dm. ni-xl year. (irnutli Has l\trn Sound St.ielc, the "Baby City" of. Soulh- Mbisoiirl, Is locntcd In tile hrnrl of the agricultural empire of. South I'cmlscoi county, ami Is surrounded by the' largest solli block of 100 per 'eciH productive soil In the great nlluvlal valley o Southeast Missouri— tlie pride o Ihu' Mississippi valley— tlio ««rilci spnl of tile world. Tlio steady growth of Slcelc fo the past 25 yotirs. from u vlllag of ill people, lo n thriving Illtl city of 1.5W population, Is n tfl bute lo the agricultural passlullllle of the vallcv. and evidence Hint town can bull:) and thrive oil "ng arlcullurc, nnd on ngrlcultur alone. OmlfMlltlnrr vnlnlu IITA^.I ntt|.|r.ii mm i Season Opens Monday and Some Prospective Candidates Are Ready. Wilh the barrier to be sprung Monday, prospectus candidates for county oflV.:es ni Democratic practically all of Ihe primary to be Held next-summer received J863.617 allotted in direct cash benefits, and will ,'oon receive die balance ol £538,080 in cotton option benefits. Income from cottonseed this year was practically th. 1 same as lasl year. The crop was smaller • bin the price was enough higher to (.omnensnle. Corn hay and lesser crops brought r.n ii,creased return. 5.000-Given Work were jockeying for position this week. Indications were that at least two and probably more announcements v.-ould be forthcoming on tne first day of the year. The old maxim that "if you're gocd enough to be elected your name can stand tefore tie public from January," still holds gocd in the belief of some and will be put to the lest again. I Wilh occupants of four of the Nudists Will Sponsor New Year's Eve Party , ' ' i NEW. YORK, 'Dec. 3o' (UP) —' The Spartan Society of New York, a • nudist organization which believes one should exorcise the same care in selecling a wife tint one presumably exert-; in is,?ng a horr.e, is spdnsorin? n New Year's eve parly. The feme is "yreet the dawn us you were born." May Mean Millions of Dollars in New Business for . America. So much for agriculture. Prob-lmajor elective county offices finish- ubiy of equal impiaanc'.' in slim-1 ing out two terms in 1031. races for iikiting business thc govcrn- nunt's le-i'mployii'ent program. vhich has provictcri jobs for nearly 1 5,000 Mississippi ominly men and v vomcn, with similar aid for pro- thesc offices next summer seem assured. Two otlw comity offices, now occupied by ••one-termers." appear fcss likely to be the object of competitive cainnaignina. But with t!:e "camnalgn season" openin;. traditional;;', al least, on Monday, porticnate numbers in adjoinini counties. Levee construction and other I it's "every" man lor woman) for public works projects in this county provided work for 2.233 men. according to a recent report by \V. A. Rooksberry, federal re-employment officer for Arkansas. Late In the fall the Civil Worjs Administration put more than 2,000 men and approximately 350 women,to work in this county, all at a wage of Sly per xvrek or more. These hlmscll." MOSCOW, Dec. 30. (UP)—A breath-taking program of Industrial expansion ami social betterment that may mean many millions of dollars to American trade and of- Will Convene at Osceola to Make County Appropriations for 1934. The Mississippi county quorum court will meet at Osceola Monday to make appropriations for operation of the various county ofTiccs during 1934. A committee of members of the court, appointed by Judge Znl B Harrison In November, will meet shortly before the" entire court convenes lo prepare its recommendations for appropriations to the court. The committee Is composed of the following magistrates: R L. McKnight, Bl.vthcvllle; C. C Danehower, Luxora: E. P. Alston Manila; G. L. Waddell, Osceoln fcnd John E. Uszell of Pecan Point A total of $128.383 was appro priatcd to carry on the county'. fering Iwpe of vastly improved con-1 official activities in 1533, SH5.50C dltions for the Russian people was| ', r J 9 ;! 2 J lI ). d S110 ln ' 11 ' ™ icvealed today. tno ° " " Tile official newspaper anummced the plan formally as I quiring counties to make their fis having been approved by the po- tn! y p!lr coincide with the calcn j 1932 "year" consisted of 14 months Izvestia I because of the legislative act Prison Breaker Flees Jail at Crockett, Texas CROCKETT, Texas. Dec. 30 (U factories, canals. |»'.i'cr plants, rall- P>—Early Joyner. ieuvicleiI.Grap3-| wavs. and more efficient farming land. Texas. bunK voblwr and one j methods. c-1 Ihe 11 prisoners who lied sev-| litlcaf bureau 'of thc Communist <far l' car . party, the ruling body. It is to be siibmit'.cd to the party congress ini January and will bo approved all-' tomatirnlly. The project Is part of the second five year plan that culminates in 1937. In it are included plans for 'Outdoor Girl" Groundec ;After Nearly 10 Days o: 1 Continuous Flight. MIAMI,- Pla:, Dec. 30 (UP) — Mrs. Frances Hnrrcll and Mis. Iplen Richey, "extremely'tired bu :qry happy," touched ground wlti .heir monoplane • "Outdoor Qirl 11' 10:46 A. M.. ccslern standait •'me, today after setting a wo men's endurance nark far bcyon :he old record. The plucky, dnrlnj young womc nd. merchants.' farmers, business could be called a "boom".year and ml profcMloniil men. report .that ,, ollc 0 , lnc ^ towns In the val- , M", 1C 1 b * ymr slnc< : ley mat did not have 11 bank' fall- 9. nnd that, business in general nre ,i m .i n •II. show an Improvement of 30 % !! aCe tp ynr ' ,1.,..,, am , n , n"d h'lhe' on town m Highway 01. between Cape , n, M , • ., v., . . ape For He first time n the history a!riln | cn(l S,,«i Memphis, with two ' 'anks passed the - half ' millloi nnrk I Ills fall. Coniparntlve statements of the Bank of Stcclc Hnd the First Nn- lonal Bank show dnposlls of ; 537.B77J4 as compared to $351,137.81 on the (iarne dote last year, an Increase of nearly J200.000, lor " banks. past "twelve . months. the . two'itianlcs iSh oh hand • and due fran banks and bunkers, as compareil to $104,124.43 on .the Within the trnilc territory .of I Steele, extending from the Mlssls- islppl-rlvcr, west' to Little river, nnd from Carnthersvllkv south lo Bly- thevljlc, will be found some of the most progressive' and up-to-date towns and community centers in the State of Missouri, with each and every town' and[ community center ' rrilry point of view, with each support- .ong Search {or Notorious. Bandit and .Murderer - Ends; .Today. : SHAWHEE. OVIa., Dccl. 30 tUP) -R Milled by flve bullets, v Wilbur . Jndcrhill, desperado shot tnd csp'- turcd here today, awaited .-death ••: his afternoon with'his wife at hb . side. --.-.; , -. ':••'.: Mrs. Eva May Nichols, shot thru ' Ihe abdomen In : the: battle which preceded' the 'capture' of the. : bad man, was ato near de»th; • . - : The noted, desperado and Kansas • prison fugitive had'given up ; h«pe after boiotinj to hospital authorities that he woqld live thdush .he was "all shot to hell.", ,--.-. ... His last concern was tor.tne wife he- married boldly under,'ins .own ' name recently though he was a fugitive. "They haven't anything ; on you,"'he assured her : as -he'told' h6r "I don't .think I'll live." He told her where she could find hfc : automobile and valuable papers.; , He was captured soon after the beforc-dawn raid en n. residence. The .notorious oul'aw,' known *s "til-state tomr", was 'found ringing ut ; a furnlturei stoio. He uid broken inlo the store ,In ' a renzied search for a-haven. '. - •'•' •Traffic police,and deputies foiind 1m lying, In a blood-soaked-bed n'thc furniture store into which ne had broken. H'-s. face was racked In pain. ' . ; "You're In 'a n'ctty bad way,-. Underbill," sheriff Stanley Rogers of Oklahoma City said.- ; •• ."Yes, I'm shot to hell,"' Umier- lilll moaned. IThey hit .-me'-. Ove,' times. 1 counted them as they ,\\ liii me." surrouh&&l]>y \« vert'tgblc Innrt front' Bn''hgTicuItiiral ° f past twelv.monthsj^riow'n 0 ing first class schools.. chu;rc{ics In keep- houses were creeled In Slcelc at R cost of about $20,000, and four new cotton gins built within the trade territory of the town. Without- n single foreclosure, and with a fair amount of unpaid ta)!- cs on the books, the City of Steele retired the Inst outstanding war- Steclc—the "Cotton Capitol" of South Pemlscot County welcomes the New Yearl Storm-clouds asunder; 1934 part nnd drlfi Heart again with rapture glows Evening sun descends In splendor Clouds nrc turned to molten goid [ijers with light and hearty vc cponscs lo an ucc.'aimini; .tliron stepped out of the cramped ftuar Icrs of their plan- after havln alloted their "old faithful" ove Miami Tor 237 hoi:rs and 43 mil' tes. A waiting ambulance wilh trained nurse and other attendants carried the flyers straigiit to ll'eir hotel almost immediately af- Icr they had landro Thc massed oowd pressed in as photographers took hurried snapshots. No official-celebration wus planned until the flyers, strikingly llred anu »:tnry, despite their good cheer, l.ave taken a complete rest. A rain squall descended as Ihe flyers were being hailed and drove most of them to cover. cain private industrial nnd commercial • employment in Bly- thevllle. NRA requirements and increased business volume boosted the payrolls of locil wholesale nnd retail concerns Ir.duslrial plants put on more workers and increns- ea wages to comply with the NRA. 'Ihe Chicago Mill, after months ol Idleness, reopened its sawmill, picviding. in mill and woods operations, employment for approximately -loa men. Payrolls Khher Two BIytheviHe industries which materially increascc' their payrolls this year were the Blylhevillo Col- publl The secret group will work alonz h s^e^SnS «»»«'» os;"'"!!"!.* «» Farmers Bank at Grapeland in July. 1932. as a member of the Davis c nn 3 cf bank robbcK ojmulin; in Texas slid Arkansas. same name which functioned effectively against crime In Chicago I a few years ago. I Members of the "Secret Six," all students, nrc known only to the editor of the publication They will report instances of "cribbing 11 j to the administration of the school. I j Each week the paper plans to | • • j carry a report of the number of i IPSWICH. Mass. (UP)— Miss | "critters" and the punishment' Mary clcmeno of this to™ grows: ,,,eied. The place, time nnd mcth-1 her own silk stockings. | cid O f the offense also will be list- Fnur years ago her grandmother c d. Massachusetts Woman Grows Ov/n Seeks $6,006 for Accident Injuries Donald L. Jones, insurance solicitor, has filed suit in circuit cciirt here against A. W. Gordon, c'ntng business ^ the Gordon Transport company, asking approximately $6.000 for personal injuries and damage to his car sustaln- r. highway accident on October 7. Jones alleges his car was caught, between one side of n Highway 61 bridge, near McGavock park at Gridcv. and a Gordon truck due 10 the reckless handling t> thi truck. He declares thai hc sustained permanent Injuries for which ho seeks damages to the extent tf J5.600 and that his car. valued at »315 before the accident was worth only $10 afterwards. The suit was filed through Hoi Ir.nd and Barham. local law firm. Lack of Funds Threatens Arkansas PWA Projects WASHINGTON. Dec. 30 (UP) — Unless congress apn:oprlales addl- ional funds for the PWA, about flood conl!">], iiKvlgallon, con- -ervatlon and power projects in 32 states, involving approximately ">850,000.000 will die a natural dcatn. hc United Press learned today. Th« projecls Red River 3itch Laborers Worked ;in Rain at Their Own Request Shonyo Declares. Charges of "Inhuman treatment" of CVVA workers engaged in thi* i-.ntl-malarla ditch cleaning pro- Cram In Mississlpi i county linvc been fouud to be groundless. O fchoiiyo. supervisor of Hie program Paralytic Stroke Brings Almost Instant Death This Morning. ' Waller Driver. GO. prominent Hauler and member- of an old family in Mississippi county, died this morning, 7 o'clock, In Osceola lie had a stroke of paralysis which causrd almost Inslnnt death. in Mississippi anc! Poinsclt coun-1 The deceased had made his home with his sister-ln-lay, Mrs. Eli Driver, for several years. Co, i! turvivcd by a brother. Skclt Driver, of Memphis, and a sister. Nfrs president of Ihe United Toilers of Lilllp D. Roylanri, nf Hot Springs America, a laborers' organization Olhcr relative;, include a cousin l!rs said today. The charges were made In n protest lo W. R. Dyess, state CWA director, by B. Peyton Walker. incorporated here last fall, Imilcd to enlarge on his accusations, Mr. Walker is said to have accused CWA oUiclals of forcing employes to work in rainy weather and ol permitting the Tiding" of worko.'s by foremen. Mrs. J. M. Gillospie. of this city. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete but burial will probably be made tomorrow at Osceola. . -------- --------- .......... - , , .. in Texas, Oklahomr. and Arkan- Investigation rcvenk-d. according to KIS. S36 519 000- WhUe H'.ver drain- County Medical Society gaon rcven-. accoring o ...... , „ Shonyo. that the ditch dig-, WlJI Meet Here rilslrict. Arkansas. ; l.' n « program had preceded dur- Devall's Blufl-Mltl: Rock canal. Arkansas. 58,780.41?: Big South Fork on Cumberland River, Kentucky and Tennessee, 518,000,009; St. Francis Levee district, Arkansas. $500.000; Sulphur River-Days Creek. Texas and Arkansas. S10.COO. Closing Stock Price* A. T. and T. Anaconda Copper ill 5-8 14 5-H Chicago Wheat May open hlgn 33 7-8 85 7-S low cl053 83 7-8 85 1-A win her some silkworm eggs from I the southern Italy. They died for lick , the management of the _.. „ . , iv— .. H...J. ..~j -.~» .». —" , me management 01 me paper' ton oil company, -.'here the nice.- ot lhelr nat ,iral toed, mulberry threatened to print names of of- g , <£%£ requirements added i smeSi but slncc tnen Mi55 clem .! tl ,, l(1( . rs r.carly $3.000 a moith to the pay- cno has acquircd a mulberry tree. I "Cheaters nrc as objectionable to roll, and the- Bly.hcvlllc Canning| she now plans lo flnd a factoty | Howard as thc gangsters lo Chl- company. which spent moi- than u .| 1ic>ll wU1 convert the raw silk cago." the paper said in an edi- , violations do not cease, \ J ul> e <Coritimied on Page, Five) inlo fi pair (if stockings. torlaKs Chicago Corn May open 50 3-8 high _. . A July ^2 1-4 53 low 50 1-8 52 1-8 close 50 7-8 53 Bethleheai Steel 37 Chrysler 57 5-8 Cities Service 17-8 Coca Cola 96 General American Tank 35 General Eleutric ID 1-2 113 rainy weather, but only when! A special pro?ratr. has been ar• • • • ranged for the meeting of the Ihe workers themselves voted loj l! r avc Ihe clcmcnU and not because it-cy wore ordered to do so. One result of the investigation has been, Mr. Shonyn admitted, thei segregation of white and nc^ro Body Torn..hjf BnUeli:- The barta'ge '-ofv.-miich'lne gun •lugs, shotgun, qhargbj,-pJtd: : pJsjot'i lire tcre his body. H»-btii:k"/waa~ peppered wilh shot. Inflicted ~as he <!u:hed from his innijezvops, firing hack at his pursuers \vlth a •pUtdl." He was wounded In the left airm, rljht leg and head. • " . . .-' At the house \vlierc he. .had. spent the nlghi ofllt-ers.found fc,- , 300 worth of bonds &f.trie Franklin Title'and Trust company',' of -Franklin, % Ky. The securities, were > In his coat pocket. Officers b2lieved \\ Ihls comprised par 1 - of loot taken in one of the many bank robberies In which' UnderhlH was a 'suspect. .' ' ~- . Underbill v.-'as conscious when biought to Municipal hospital, but; li.rsed inlo unconsciousness shortly, after being recelyti!. ' • '. ~ None of the-officers wa's wound-;' d In the exchange of shots acV companyirig the bandit's rout from Ills sleeping quarters. ' - . Those held besides Mrs. Under- bill gave their names as Ralph : Rowe, alias Raymond Howe, and Eva' May Nichols. Rowc was shot in the shoulder au£ only slightly wounded. The »-oman was ,hit tw ice In thc stomach and In in a terious condition. Wanted for K. C. Massacre Underbill's capture was the -result of a raid by federal agents _ who had hunted the desperatto whom Harvey Bailey. Urschel kid- laper, called "the worst I've e.ver ;(cn." since his break from .the. Lansing, Kansas, prison, May; 20i Uncierhill Is wanifd as a suspect in Ihe Kansas City Union Station massacre, the slaying of a night toliccman at Chetopa, Kansas,' and numerous other crimes. He 'was serving a life lerm In Hie Kansas prison for thc murder of, a Wichita officer when he and ' Dalley led the daring -Memorial Day break In which Warden Kirk Fralher was kldnapid and a reign cf terror spread over Kansas, . Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. ' .'. . More than 25 federal agents workers, all negro workers rioupcd together. being Criticism Is Invited. Mr. Shonyo said. If specific charges are made Mississippi County Medical society al lhc Blylheville hospital Tuesday evening when the ntw officers will lake charge. They are: Dr J. L. Tidwell. Dell, president; Dr. J. J. Polk. Kefser, vice-president; Dr. P. D. Smith, Blylhevllle. secretary. These papers will be given: "Im- sc they .can be investigated, as portance of Orinnlysls". Dr. N. 13. CWA officials have no Intention of allowing wronj conditions to exist. Rob Mansfield Bank General Motors International Harvester Mlddlewest Utilities .... Montgomery Wav<l New York Cential Packard Phillips Fetrolcuiv Radio Corp Simmons Beds St. Louts-San Francisco Slandard of N. .1 tU 35 1-aj MANSFIELD, Ark.. Dec. 30 40 P:-—Five men robbed Ihe National r.ank of Mansfield of approximately' 22 1-8 33 3-8 3 7-3 16 1-4 G 7-8 18 1-0 2 3-8 45 3-4 Texas Co 24 3-a U. S. Steel -. -.. 47 3-4 S'.COO tcday. They escaped in an I-UtOIKObllC. Petrified Bones Found ONTARIO. Ore. (UP)—Pclrlfled bones declared to be those of prehistoric animals were discovered about 10 feet underground near here by Glenn Howard, Ball and Bob Ellis, Wilson; "Discussion of Al- Lulnurle" led by Dr. E. R. Barrett, Jonesboro; "Importance of Urlnalysls in Diaeresis and Treatment in Pre-Natal Cases", Dr, T, F. Hudson. Luxtra: "Endocer- vlcltls". Dr. H. II. McAdams. Jonw- boro. had been on his trail for a month. Sheriff's forces o. 1 three slates pursued him. ' LOWRY CITY, Mo. (UP) -^ A unique newspaper, a monthly publication called "The Swapper," Is published here by Ralph Hadley. Advertisements from all over the country list animals, curios, snakes and relics ofr sale or ."to swap." Its reading matter consists of stories of hunting, fishing, trapping and the old west. Hndley Is the author of a book on the circus and a book on virile characters of the old west. One Armed Player Runs Team PEORIA, 111. (UP)^oseph Cage, who has cnly ono arm, will captain Klngman high football team of Peoria. next year. Depsile thc fact that hc has but one arm Cage is rated as a passing back both on offense end defense. He displays rare ability at snagging forward passes, WEATHER ARKANSAS—Clourtv with local raltis tonlghl and probably Sunday morning. Slightly warmer tonight and in the centra; portion Sun- nay. The maximum temperature here yeslerday was 42, minimum 21, clear, according to Samuel P. Morris, official weather observer;

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