The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1933
Page 8
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HIS FEfllUBE __ _ BL_YTHKVn,LF!. (AKK.) COURIER My NBA Ken-ire Joe .Jcannettr, n groat negro lii-avywiMtln. ulwiiy-i Defeat -of Favorites And! rKl bdon '" nBllt - !lu was Mroltll<;(l U! ' 1 im>k ' r ov . - ! ting table trying to get some slfrp Lcfnrc nh At teildailCC i Letter Johnson,. :i "gabby" negro. Increased Furnish Highlights. BY GF.OUGK X1HKSEV United Press S'.-iff Correspondent CHICAGO (IP;—The defeat 01 tvt-ry msjor learn in the nation •,vith Uic cxccp'.ion of Princeton. Michigan anri Mlnnittoln, Noire Dime's coll.ipi-;, Soullicrn Call- fiini.Vs downfall r,ml bigger croud? icr nil sections -.verc among the h'elillghts of ll.e IM3 football sea- ion. r-rlncclon v, p .u the only major tt-oni undefeated ai.d untied, but lik.'d a bit of a fuiiit on Hie mi)- biawl with John | Joe Imd just droj>|xxl o(f Into drcuinlnnil wlifn tin- door n]»iied anil I there stood John Lester, grinning from var to I'M-. i "Hurya. there, Jeniinsttcy," lie rnnrucl. Mailing Ji;i> out ol Ills .slumber. I "All right." Joe growled back, wlshim; John I.i'.'.'rr ucmlil (i<; nwuy. "Boy." returned Johnson, Ignoring Jut's hint lo st:»!ii. "! wish you'd r.cni \vilh me tunlght. Ah sure hud some f:f th.- riiOM I't-liiious fi ,ca^.sci'{t chicken :ih evi-r iliil m-c. TliU-k cravy. Irnilcr iiy.'l -" And so he rambled on inilll flt'ln time, ultli .Vc ijuwlny nivjner e\ery .SPCOIH!. When they climbed Into llie linn Jw a as [iiobi.ljly tin- most ngijrii- valcil hoy Johnson evi-r met. Hi; witixtil acioss tin r'liR nl tin; .suiiiul cl ihc bell, let one fly from 'way uack, :ii:d Mr. lohnMm lull, cum- pletcly out. Failh in Woman Enables Declarer to Make Five Odd FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1933- Today's Contract Problem Tlie contract Is six clubs by Scull].. West's ojientng lead Is lliu rjueon of s|i.iilcs.-. y/lint | Is the liosi way to play |hu • linit'l to Klvn tli<! fl|j|>o:ionts n I c'haitro to HKiki! a mlslako I uiid dot C:IK|I lioth tlic-Ir iitos? 4k Mono V A J 1 0 0 r, 3 2 4 K R 3 K 7 ! (Itllml) (Illliifl) "There." falil Joo, "Is one chicken 'ill's fric.isseiri." Tiger's schiriluli' was not ol proportions n enable them to lay any claim to the national championship. cnly ilicn, would we be wllllnc lo Michigan Drfralcd concede tin; fact that Tiitlen, now Michigan, -xhioli won every• p:lst w ls | wltcr lll;ln Ol|| . lnnk . except 11 tie with j ]1K am-itenrs Minnesota, capli.rcd the Ulg Ten title for the (nii'-th straight year— a modern record the aciiievcment Yost's polnt-a-intmite teams of the early ISOO's—iind p.\varcled th" lintlonnl chaniniur..«hip under the —To follow Johnny Goodman r.rcimil In victories In the British Dickinson system of rating. Minnesota also !MMi.'ctec! its schedule dek-at, but had four which equalled Amateur and Open and Hid U. K. of "Hurry-up" Ainatcnr and Open. Not only would they be nice nMiyimienus, but such n winning slrenk finally would HiilMi the four-year seaiTti fl NSWERS without tics. Notre Dam-; lalvngcd a great liiumph over -\irny In the game of a d.sastrous season hi vhlcli the Iriih were beaten five times, the mv. frrcd In one defeats ever suf- leaion at Notre Dame. Army C'ime down (o Die Noire Dame so.-r.c unbeaten and ur,llcd while the Irish had been iku by Kansas and beaten by Carnegie Tech, Pittsburgh, Navy, for the successor to the vru-alcd Ihrono of Hobm Tyre Jones. • • • Oh. tiring fork To tee the reincarnation of the Poughkeepslc regatta. There v.-as something missing from the 1933 world of sports—and the 'Kcepstc classic wns It. Brnt bucks straining til. nnrs . . . long sweeps of eight men. smooth ns clockwork . . . the constant change of positions . . . the slipping up of the stroke by challenners by the lenders kfo&yb TIME SANTA CLAUS OirKOUD I'INOIIOT h tli KOVL-Ninr uf Pennsylvania. 'J'l' j-nillar sl^n K!IO\VH rrincHenl I.KO, Hie I.ION'. Hant;'. Clans a xin:<ll vill:iso in INDIANA- and the response . and the Iwdue and Sjii'.hrrn California, jslrclch heroii: efforts . . . nh, me, The Cadets were tremendous | but that's something worth wntch- Invcriles but U-e Irish lilt their stride and In hiU'en dynandc, dramatic mliiiils ttored two touchdowns and kicked one goal to tri- «nph 13 to 12. ;-!ctre Dame'5 rcc- wd for the ^cavin wiis three victories, five defeats and one lEc. Tumbled Tiom Throne After going through 27 games without, detent Southern California finally was 'umbled from. its throne by Stanford 13 to 7. Stanford nnd the University of Oregon lied for the Pac'flc Coast championship. Nebraska, BK Six champion lor the fourth yenv hi succession, had ilo record blemisher! by o 6 to 0 ttefeat, by the Pitt Panthers. Alabama, wr.ich suffered its only defeat at the hands of Ford ham, 2 to 0, captured the Soutn- tastern chanipl-.'nsliip, and Duke, which had ""its' perfect record spoiled on the last game of the fcuson-by Oeorjta Tech, 0 to 0 won the Southern title. 'The University ol Ar):.'.nEas won the Southwestern t't.e which was marred by the itcl that the Raz- crbaeks had plnyid man in some of the games. Utah Shares Honors Utah which hi:? dominated the Rocky Mountain Conference fur many years jiimlly had to movi. over and shaiv the title wllh Col- crado Aggies bin! Denver University. Attendance sl:owed an increase all over the country, thousands being attracted to ' the stadiums tscause of the reduction In prices and a general increase In the cali- ocr of the teams in all sections. A eroivd of 93,508 witnessed the Clilo State-Mlrl.ifan game at Am Arbor and set a new Big Ten at- undance record. The Army cor tinned its long string of victories ovc ihe Navy by aeltoilng the Middle: 12 to 7 at Frrnl-lin Field, Plnia (Iclphla. IB. •To see sonic team from the outhwcsl Ret Hint Hose Howl bid txt year. They play bangiiu foot- Looking forward to the 1934 foot- all down that way. and it's our baU scnson t h e Blythevllle high IICM thnt Centenary, Arharwius. or school alumni organization and "B" rass Christian conkl give Stan-. clllb , s jjiannlng to swing Us full orrt a batlle—at least equal to that "ohimbla will put up. ,,7J,° ^ ^ C ^"".°. n .. ? f . ° nc , l'«! organization, has announced. George? To Make Plans . For B. 11. S. "M Grid Activities *AK| ¥ K Q • 1 -I 4.1-i J 10 E C 1 Solution in next issue. 21) Solution to Previou? Contract Problem A V CJ li 3 2 * A 7 C 3 4 A D 3 Dui>lk-aie--All vul. OpenlnK leiiil—A 4 Smith Wi-M XorlJi Knsl ! * I'asa J 4 J'ass ).\. T. 1'asa Z.N.T. l';i:m 'JN.T. I'lisn I'nsu 1'ass 'M EVERYTHING'S OKAY ALMOST dlately on the clubs, leading the six 01 clubs; but Churchill took lhe I'.nessc. The three good spades from dummy now were cashed, West dls- i carding ;• diamond. Cliurcliill dis- I car< ' C(1 a diainon and two I'.carU. ° dlamO " dS alld ' BV WM F MeKKNNFY Sm,tary, American Hrid^e 'l.c,«ue Good bridge players sometimes' ' ' , "work on" personalities Fur ex- 1 llov ' I lla y cd a sma11 diamond ample, in today's hand, played in. ? ! lle ncc !U1/J the " lcci tlle nvu of the national contract toam-or-fonr i c '" bs ' wlnnl »K '» "iumjiiy with the championship event at Cincinnati, ij l!ccn - Ea5t d''«>PI«:d H'e eight of the opening leader against S. Gar-j ts ' ton Churchill -of New York was ai Tllc ki "S or cllll) s was played, woman. Th-.-reforc, when she open-j-'""' East wa s squeezsd. If he ed the four of clubs against a three ! dropped a heart, the ace and queen "o trump contract. Churchill count-' uould be good, so he must let go cd that us a fourth best from her!-' 1 diamond. longest and strongest suit, ns.wom-l Declarer did the same, and now en are more prone (o make hones; ' !ed the jack of diamonds, throwing lends than arc meii.- East in tr.e lead, and East was With the four of clnrj- opening, i forced to lead away from his king 1 tie seven was played' troni dummy, I a «d tc " of hearts. Mr. Churchill East went In with the nine, and | lle 'd the queen and x, dummy hold- Churchill won the trick with •• the' '"g 'he ace and .x. ace. The rule of eleven told him A beautifully' played hand— glv- 'hai either West held five clubs or.h'S Mr. Churchill five odd. East had nothing left but the deuce, i South's next play was the ace of iliadcs. followed by the deuco of! r ' e 1Q3Q census showed that the •patles. West goin" in with the kini; ' mimljer of children 15 years old or ami active support behind school , nt |,, ct | CS| Adl ,, fon Smllh _ hM(1 ol 'irst Buggy Sale in 10 Years Caused Sensation WILMINGTON, O. (UP) — The Irst, buggy solrl In this community "or 10 years has Just caused n near' iensatlon here. When the vehicle wns placed In > store window before its delivery, citizens crowded about with the awe of seeing a first airplane. The. model, IQ33, too, came com- Mcle with rubber tires, non-spiat- cr dashboard and a! other "new" equipment. George Douglas, farmer, paid $155 for the vehicle. S17 less than asked in pre-automoblle days. mew ol two committees has been made. Fred Saliba has been named chairman of a committee of "B" men nteo including Reeves Allen Uoyd stlcknion-and Lehman Oil- lespic In addition to Smith. Clarence Wilson, Frank Whltwortii, W. G. Pollard and Chester Caldwel! have been selected ns a "town 1 committee (o work with the "B club group. Specific activities planned by the committees will he outlined at meeting to be held at Saliba's home tonight. with the kini; ' West was smart enough to put the declarer to the guess • imrnc- ROXY Friday & Saturday MAT. & NITE—10c - 25c y°" nscr ' incll!ded In this country. 343,000 In farming, 1109 NOW AU- WEVE GOT TO DO IS CTBT Sentenced for Maligning Wessel." ' ; . | The woman received 15 months, : | National Heros Memory! 0 " 15 man a v ear . »»<! 'he other w, i months. : | They were convicted of sayins, among olliers, tliat tile "Horst BERLIN (UP) — A woman and; two men recently were sentenced Wcssel Song" was written, not in mining. 35,189 in manufacturing J to P rlson " ror impugning the me-! t j, e slain stormtrooper, 'but and 8085 in transportation. J mory of the National nero. Horst! Communists. G.G. Caudill Central Insurance 106 N. Broadway Phone 791 ATWO-FIJTED PRINCrOF THE PIAINS Slides Bill Brauch er SATURDAY Nite fi:'15, 10-25c Mat. 2::m, 10-25C Frankin Darro and Dorothy Cronan 'WILD BOYS OF THE ROAD' SERIAL - - CARTOON Read Courier News Want Ads. wmamm last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 6:45, 10-35c Francis with ih« four men.sFit r loved in THE HOUSE ON 56'H STREET BICAROO CORTEZ JOHN HAlllDAY GENt RAYMOND W I I I I A M B O Y D COMEDY - - NEWS MKRf CARTOON . -, SEltlA'L); Sunday • Monday MAT. arid Nite—lOc - 25c Things We'd Lik« In -34 To see Tommy Bridges, Detroit 1 hard-luck hurler. crash the no- nm. no-liit Hall of Fame. Four t;mes in the bst two years Tomnu has knocked on the door, only to have big bad guys like Dave Harris. Joe Kuhcl. Sam West, and Ar Scharcin put out the "Not Wei come" sign. May ^34 be Tommy'; —To see Max Baer get a sho at that big Camera. The much- ballyhooed bout, after Max beat Schmellng, for the right to meet Camera after he took the title from, Shartey. failed to materialize in 1933. Now promoters have arranged 'a bout between Camera and Loughran. What do they want?; Do they Intend waiting until Baerj » a* old as Tommy before they sign the bout, figuring that at that age Baer will be an easy mark, too? That's probably it. I-el's H»w it To watch another Canzoncrl- Ross title go. If Tony can go against Barney as he has In his lest two battles with other challengers, hell give Ross more than he did In their previous two title bohts. • —To see that widely heralded match . between Ellsworth vines and Big BiU..TiMen, tentatively scheduled for January, Th«ri| »nd SUNDAY" MONDAY MATINEE ami NIGHT—lOc - 35c Mctro-Goldwyn-Mayfr's DRAMA OF LADIES IN LOVE! Lionel Burrynum Alice Brady Comvay Tearlo, Katharine Atcxiinder, Mary Carlisle PARAMOUNT NEWS - - THEl,MA TOW) COMKDY Screen's first story of e a womon doctor NOVELTY REKL COMKDY •'Turn ME to the WANT-AD SECTION" e ?, J arc prob- w li o "Mcst everybody cl o kno-,v. But thert ably a few of you may not have discovered what all these others know • - that my want-ad section is filled with bargains and opportunities." Turn to them now . . . "And don't forget to use this valuable section when YOU have something to sell or have lost something or for any of a hundred other purposes. When you want to place an ad just phone 306 and my ad-taker will give yon expert help." COURIER NEWS WANT-ADS

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