The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1934
Page 10
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; PAGE TEN AHOvei 70YeaisAieEi , titled to Benefits Unde National Law This Is (lie last of a series three articles on the pragre made by-Great Brllaln In socl security uf the type which Is ex j*ct*d to come up for at-llon I Congress this winler, supported h Presldtnt Roosevelt and Ills Nc. Dejd leaders, stressing uneinplo> meat and health insurance and ol tft pensions. BY MII/rON MKONNKR NBA Senlce Staff Correspond*! LONDON. - When PrcsMcn Roosevelt comes lo propose t Congress /Ills program for soc|n legislation, one of the most 1m portant Items vill, doiibtlcss, b a plan to give pensions to age people. Hero again Great Britain inn furnish the model, not because that country was (lie nrst lo gran old age pensions, but, because o the Inherent humanity of it, scheme Countries which piccciled Brit aln In this mutter nil had some . plan by which people seeking lo qualify for old age pensions hnd , to pay (01 this kind of Insurance The Brillsh totnlly icjecled Oils idea. 1 ,The mailer first, became- populnr ' *hen Poiliamcnt set up n Rovnl Commission on Aged Poor. H was charged to ciisldcr whether any alteration^ should be made In the sj'slem of pooi law icllef in Ihe cose of people whoso (leslltltlon nas caused by Incnpaclly lo work * due to old age VAEIOtIS PLANS SIFTED The phrase "Over the road to the poorliouse," sat badly on .the British conscience The 'committee considered various schemes for old age pensions: : Either to be maintained out of direct tnvnllon; by compulsory insurance; or by n system of voluutaiy Insurance, snb- r sidized in part by Hie slate. It rendeicil an inconclusive ic- -port in 1895. s H H Asqiilth, then Liberal prc- . mler, In 1307 pledged thni his government would deal with the subject The old age pension ncl of 1908 was Ihe result Like so much Billlbh social legislation, It »as the pioduct largely of Lloyd George, then .'chancellor of the cvchequci He totally re- Jecled nil Idea of compulsory or voluntary contributions -,on the part of those who \\eie ultimately (o draw pension 1 ; CALLED SOCIAL CHIME He held that It lias :a social crime to force people to seek poor tow relief, who all llieir lives had worked,hard anxS'fiho, through-the vicissitudes of existence, had not been able lo put an; Hung by for their declining yenis It was ; he held, unjust to ex pec I such pfoplc, out of their slender earnings, to contribute to a pension fund So his Jaw provided thatiall persons 10 ycais and over _ slWuld be enmiecl lo old age pensions But they must have been British b> birth or .naturalization for at least 20>yenr<; before applying and mustjlrave resided In Dritialn tor thnl t period Their yearly means must not exceed $157.50 Persons excluded fiom Ihe act were those getting i>oor law' relief regularly, people who had been comlcied of crime, lunatics and ^ persons who had habitually failed - do work • FE?jSpf)!iJ RVltS IIOOSTKD The maximum pension WHS $1 25 B »«*> This figme fell according • to the size of the Income of 'the pensioner Thus a minimum of 25 cents *eekl} wns pild to those vjhose means e\ceedcd SH5 wr annum During the war the pension rates ,«ere increased, oulng lo'llie-ln- ;crejised cost of living The' new pension act of 1919 nfbvl'clcd' n sew scale. For those whose prl- Ute means did not exceed $130 per annum, n pension of ssso weekly, for those whose means did not exceed $155 Minimally, a pension of $2, not exceeding means of ^$180 annually, pensions of $150- not exceeding means ot $210 annually, a pension of 51 AMENDING ACT PASSED The Labor goiornment In 1921 Passed a short amending- -act Milch provided that In calculal- Jng Ihe annual means of n claimant a deduction • should bo made «P to $195 of such part of his ti come as was earned ' Thus a person could have total means of $130 earned and $195 unearned income and still draw his full pension ' All claims for pensions are decided by local pensions cpmmit- tees, named for every county, bor FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. DOT. AS (T WAS - r . "OVER THE HILL, , &'-C To THE POOR HOUSF" >Bh, or : urban i district. iiv -e investigated by'pension offl- •vs.: ' -'• y. When allowed, the pensions arc nld .weekly nt any ;'postolllcc lonen by, the recipient. There •c now about • 1,000,000 old age snsloners, costing about $2000,000 per annum. SUKANCE LAW IN KFFECT A new note was'struck when the allonal Ifcalth Insurance scheme •mine law. Under'this, men and men who pay their contributions . Insurance agninst sickn»ss, tic- <!elil In Industry, and disaMe- ciH also get-old age pensions. Tiielr pensions start when they come 05 and are nt tlic full te of $2.M' n week. Persons aiming this pension must show at they Iwd Iwen contliutotisly sured for five years before they came K years old; Hint (|i C y d paid, 104 weekly contributions; at they had resided in .Brita'lh r, two. years before (applying for nsion; and that tliplr -lust cni- lynieiit. was in Britain. A person diitllled to tills pen- on between the age's of 05 and , on attaining his 70th your, be- nies. entitled to $2.50 a week drafter regardless of his prl- to means. THE END Dead" Man Appeared In' Court to Claim Estate SPRING FIELD, Mo. (Dp)^Olle Cline, who disappeared Irom re and was believed dead, np- aicd In probate court 'just. In uc to claim nil $800 estate left m by an uncle Who died In 1911) Cliim had established himsell as traveling salrainan hi Callfor- a. He was driving east to ot- ud the World's Pair at Chicago ien . he decided to slop nt >rlng lie-til' "just lo see the old >me town." Ife was (old about- the SSflO due m, just hi Time to claim it bc- re it 'reverted to. the . slate. ' Defends Gloriai {ilamorcius Conalanco Honiiett rnbove).'B'ay9 sh'o 'will fiy ncrosa llio -coutliiffiit to Hie dereuso of Sir?.'Gloria Vaiidcrbllt if necessary to scotcli tho "faiilasttc, love stoi-les" told In court about her friend by "UlsKrutillcd servants". your wheels for SAFE more miles of non- tld .safety'at no eitra cost. because oj Flatter wider treail— 16% more non-skid blocks- Wider riding ribs— • Heavier tougher : : tread— • Alto you get the blowout protection ot Supcrtwbi Cord In every ply. THIS FALL AND WINTER! Skills cause 5'/i-time? more accidents than bliaw^u.ti— and smooth tires skid 77<fc -•farther, other new tires skid '1* to 19% farther, than new "G-3" Goodyear All- Weathers. This "Goodyear Margin of Safety" costs you nothing extra—let us quote on your^'Sizc "G-3"! It's Doubly Guaranteed I 1. Against road hnztmls. 2. Asslnsl defects for life. Shouse-tittle Chevrolet Co i Blytheville, Ark. Phone 633 Regulations. and Exchange, of 'Certificates; Announced Rules anil regulations with' ref' million cerlifleates for'cotton confining which UHjre has'been some confusion .« as follow.,, accoSg lo official Information:received hv County /vgciit J. E. Ci-llz-" W Siilc Kxdians.! and /fransfer rtny colton producer liohllni; sur- iltis colton tux exemption (Pemii «l*s may dispose of them as fol- Jfe may hold' them over for lils personal use In 1935, m .the cvonl I'rovldliijf tlie BankJicid' Bill is In force for 1035 these 'ccr till - cMes can be used providing you •make over your allotment for 19 JO. , . -• you piay sell them to another coUoM producer living in the some to mty . where ccrlinealcs vvci-e originally issued. : ixplnnatlon— '• All. sales.from cotton producers 10 cotton producers in Biini" cmmly ijinsi ba-. recorded in- Hie oltlcc of county Assistant in Cotlon AdJuslincnL where necessary forms for these transfers imc been furnished. .... • He may surrender tiicm to the County Assistant'in Cotton Adjustment /or -sale Itlirough tin Nntlonol pool. '.vplnnalioit— •• '•:•-. There will be no necessity fo any liidlflditnl in this county hav- Ing lo pool any certiricatbs In the National poo) (Ulc io-the fac Mint we will purchase far'lucre limn the feiv Indlvldiwls tha will have any surplus lor '-sole In droiit hslrlcken areas ' of the jtton belt where there win: ijc oro exemption cortlficatai in )h ( mnly Hum there win iy e - c - oUo ,, nncd producer will pi nce these in ool through the county Asslslnn Colton Adjustment, where there 11 surplus for such -county Th( ounty Asslstiinl In .Cpiloii Ad- islment in return . win place thi-- nount the producer has for ^K National Pool 'at Washington •or-instance this county has mail" ipllcatlon for sin-pins" ci'i-linca'-; ilch we estpcct to bo needed for ie county and. from time i o time le Mannger of Nnilonal pool of -•miitlou Ccrtincntes notiiie? us the amount he. has for sale nc- ding to the amount.Hint he lias cen .'offered from-areas where they nvc surplus for sale. Tlic paol win be a co-operative •»! ami all individuals ha irplus certificates for sute In outh.-dlsh-lcls will sliare ca-opur- ively in amount sold In areas lere siir|)!u.5 ticket.-! nnist be pur- ascd for ginning over; the iillot- ent for such comities. These ccr- flrales sold in'county-will be for !c per, pound where ns the tax'. Is »7 cents which gives n savings.'of .67 cents ner hundred of lint Farmers desiring lo pur THURSDAY. OCTOBER n, m '. L GfANT TORTOISE * TUP I.CC7llJ>.^.n.. _.J._ The Laying Mash that makes hens lay more eggs at a lower cost per dozen. Ask about today's price! ROOTS, BULBS. FRUITS, SEEDS : 'AND LEAVES? Mtiskallonge Chased • Dog; Out of River i CUBA, N. V. (UP)—The Alleghany River hns a dog-nghtlng miukallonge—and tiifce It froni Ray Moraii. gravel dealer and amateur fisherman, that's not another fish story. • Morn mis ashing In the river and his limiting dog went in for a swim. Sooti. fie saw the dog racing wildly for shore, "splashing "ltd yijjpltig us if « ghost were after her." To his astonishment, Movan says lie saw a huge muskic, 'almost halfway out of (he water, pursuing the <log. As the limiting dog clambered Up the bank, Moraii said, the mus- kic tame'in close' to shore anil stayed- there for several minutes apparently. challenging (he canine .o ciiler the water again. Baltimore Moved One Of Its Schoolhouses BALTIMORE (UP)-Early Using '""Imoreans rubbed their eyes in -.amazement ccpl for fc,mdatlo-ns t w lle lmM : Iron, 8o»u«a Street' aila Ca rolf on Avenue to a new hoine aijer cupn and Caroline streets," dl Mounted on a trailer ftml i ow ,., by B truck, the schoolhouse trav- olcd througii streets av one mile nn lioiir. Ji filled (lie thoroughfares from curb to curb. 'Parked automobiles hud to be moved inio alleys, trolley wires had lo be raised and several Imf. fie lights had lo lie removed to make way for the "van." The job was completed 'at b-' a.m. The average span ol Jll'u i s noiv four, years erealer ihan ii was 50 years ago, HO.TKL .NOBLE is Now i Aetnt ,, ;', '. • . -Fovj .. . : • : American Airlines, Inc. Call 835 ' ; For' . Information' 'and iiteservalions Cash Feed Store ARE REQUIRED TO HATCH TH£ G OF THE EMU, A OF AUSTRAUik. ' oa es ?e tubers, radishes are roots, onions are bulbs, cables «c leaves, tomatoes are frulls, and . teBM arc,, seeds. VegetaMes nny be any part of a plnrit that serves as food, but the. won! " seldom used in connection wilt, pbnl foods thai are sweet Miase these cerlifleates mnsl figure »s accuriilc as-he can in ordcr-nol io buy more lhan he'needs, and deduct 22 pounds from g ,- offl ivelglit >f_ bale for bagging and lies. Tliese ave rules nnd rewjt3 ( Tlions that have been given us li-om Na- tloiiiil Pool Manager, Aj r . E. L, p?al. Many farmers have made inquiry with reference to purchasing certificates from drouth stricken areas nt less than four cents per jwiinrt. Prom our rule sand-regulations as you can see in the above this is forbidden due to the fact Hint all ••xemptlon certificates would uot be ™<! and would not be use if In- ependent (miners were permitted' lo buy from individual farmers Whereas If they were placed In tibol whatever per cent .void would be xoportioncd to all producers p'ool- hif surplcis sxcnijilion ccitificales. rms is thc Crop' Insurance phase W the Dankliead niU. where one section makes below their allol- iiKH lli:-y are pcrmitlcd to sell to counties where they make over their allotment, and the monies are cooperatively proportioned accordin" lo each producer's share in'the poo! Doail Kislicnnan Guided Boat SOUTH BEND. Wash. (OP)- Deatl three horns, John, -namp- pqrueii, fisherman, guided his trolr 1'ng -.boat to shore .and beaclied it withmit shipping any wft tt, r . Th e man's rigid hand held onto the tiller, steering a straight cours" 'He apparently died from a heart at• .Alley Cat's Portrait Won PUYALLUP. = wash.'-.' (UP)A reformed alley cat won Tame at th» Western.-.•\yashingtqn--. state Pair when her portrait look nrst prize in the pholography division' The picture, snap^d by thc cat's master, Harry A. Klrwin .ol Seattle, showed her resting oh a pillow ;nzing intently at something. Read Courier News .Want Ads. BLYTHEVILLE 13 ST. - Oh'OSITB LAUNDRY BROS. Trained Animal Show and Circus Combined 100. HIGHLY EDUCATED ANLMALS ^KVEKAL; ADDED EUROPEAN NOVBI/riES SteinerTrio Powell Family And The •;-- NEVER UEFOHU AT SUCH .pR/cug .CHILDREN ADl ,, /re I FOUND A BIG WOR? TO MAKE'EM BELIEVE. I GIVE MORE MILEAGE/ I'VE FOUND ASWEUONETO MAKE 'EM THINK I'VE GOT MORE POWER/ NOW YOU i SHUCKS! lit JUST ADD SUPER, EXTRA, OR PLUS TO WHAT YOU SAY AND BEAT YOU BOTH/ The owl confides, tic 1 * much amused At what pretentious words are used ' By those \vho want you to believe Their fuels a stranp.e new power achieve! BUT *T THIS SIGN Thii tijn Tdtnlifi«i ihe 30000 El» SIMMIH foj Oulnt ( to tn l.ontiunt nho r the itrvicti iojj product! o t We ncyerhave «npli e d that Essolene possessc qnalitiM. "We have avoided nil claims of what i W&&G '' entirely by your o\vn finilinrf« t * T* it. maker, can, .vcl^jThlt it i s „,][ "H'tf sp "ak Llue WuoM* Motor Oil in thc crankcaie ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ *r*EOUtAR HOASOUNi MICI Smoother Performance ^^o^t^-o^i^rr^x

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