The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1943 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1943
Page 13
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TUESDAY, APRIL 27, ' Bystanders Can Be Best Aid To Victims Of Faint By UK..-THOMAS It. MASTKKS 1 Written tnt NK\ Mosl people faint sometime in their lives. Mast causes for fainting are benign and carry no con- subsequence. Generally bystanders have no Idea what to do when n person faints, and they might. Ire of considerable help In the einer- Gcncy. There are numerous causes for fainting or unconsciousness. They all have to do with a temporary decrease In the blood and oxygen supply to the Uralu. TliLs dimlnish- nisnt may follow exhaustion, weakness, lack of air, or strong emotional disturbances. Many |»o- plc faint at the sight of blood, or an unpleasant or unaccustomed spectacle. In addition to the loss of consciousness the face and lips bu- come pale,-the skin cold and clammy with sweat, the pulse weak, and the breathing quite shallow. These symptoms arc part or the picture of fainting, and do not add or detract from Ihe usual pattern. Oilier symptoms may or may not be present, but when they arc, they usually require tile Interpretation of the physician. The most dramatic of such indications may even be convulsions. Frequently (particularly In wartime) a pliysiclaii connol'be reached Immediately, and usually Ihe episode has Ions since passed before he can rrach tli« pnUcnl. Ordinarily he Is not needed, if fainting recurs or If unconsciousness persists for longer than 15 minutes, tile patU-nt should be transported to a hospital, or a phvsiclau summoned. KKK1' IlliAll I.OWKltKI) In the meantime, those who arc present on u le SC enc may render useful service. Remembering that lalnlnm is ussoclnied with n.luck of blood supply to the bruin, the mad should be lowered. , A liorl- . - nontal position on the floor without a pillow, or belter still, If possible, a bed or couch with the feet elevated will let gravity operate to mci-rasc the blood in th e head Fresh air liclps, but he patient Is usually wet with sweat, and cliillmg should be avoided. A cold cloth to the head has u stimulating effect, ami the clothlnu about the liicc and dirai should be loosened. No fluids-water or medicine- should bo fiiven while unconsciousness lasts. They may be aspirated monla slinnilaies breathing and »1A'THEV1LL1S (AUK.)' COU1HBK NEWS Scrap of Copper— And Pennies, Too li.v HliTI'Y :lH»«iM>NAI,l> »VKA Slaff Correspondent WASHINGTON — 1'okc around flic house iiuil see what "copper mining" you ran do. you'll bi> surprised lunv many unnecdeil or useless uniclM ol topper you'll find. Uni-le Sam wauls 'cm. He'll soon put. on a new (t,.|y( to uaivaKe every lUilc bit of copper tlml you can lay your hands on— from tho pennies in junior's" 'pig bank lo Ihosc wedillng.prc.scnl Jnk'p clips Irani which ihe "eiianinlced" sli- vcr iilulr \itis Jong since mulshed <:in:i:i< UP, aiiu.s Conversion of fucfock's lo war pKKlui-tion 1ms chased innuy con- smnri- itwiis off (lie •iiinrkct, but If you've been . hoarding . ayalnst Midi it contingency' In the making • of bobby (lie pins, yan •<.,,,> s i op 1)e . fuel thai (hey live made Into UK: lungs. Sometimes smelling suits or aromatic- .spirits of ammonia slimliitc breathhij; nnd I hereby hnslen recovery. One should insist Uial.n person who lias tainted .should .slay down and tiiiiel imlll'lic Li completely recovered. Tlic encore may occur lu n less .satlsfActory plucc. lileli-nirlxm steel, ,thelr manufacture will continue, buy Wl>il officials. OltiAltS, CKiAlilVlTliS The wooden clyar box has none, along with Ihe wooden cheese bus, but the wood design on Ihe paperboard corona box will fool 1110*1. People . . . (he flat cigarette boxes are all converted, u.s vvril us the pipe and plug tobacco containers, S,\l,VA<ir. VAKN New women's stockings are dc- ly I'd to last longer, mid, by dm- lill Iciillon of styles, a .savins of 10,000,000 pounds of hosiery yurn Is snved uimunlly. I.ST.C / FATEEG-A-JEEBIES Cash for Your Car •Any Make, — All WE NEED 50 USED CARS Si'o us ;il mire if yim waul lo Nil dcliiy-driv,. I,, „,. idcpliui will cull al nine. sell yuur car I'Hit CASH f ami uu,- wpn'MnUili'« Phillips Motor Co. Wiil«ut THE 2ND WAR LOAN DRIVE IS ON! * * : Could this be. jou? ... »^ M A ^, eMiM v .wnhoiit hacon. Coffcc-jusl one cup of ic-wiilmiit > hcavj- Jusl a skimpy linlc pal of butter for my loast. Don't talk lo me nbont sacrifice. I'm nukini plenty. And what about ihe 10% of niy pay tiut KUCS mlo War Bonds every week?" When THIS fs your fellow American! "irv,«- £ mj unJcrfirc nigbl and Jaylorl2Jajtj.Meattfi as tbraugb heavy m,,,l. Wtl ami lirc,l. The rlighls arc fncziuq calil. No hot food. Only oar iron rations to keep its 5°",|' f 1 """'''" *"!'« been lieat'f. Yesterday, my hint- dj, Sfite' Anderson, got hii. But today it's worth- u-Me. Today we Harmed md look llic Naii position." PROM every front comes a story of the Heroism of oun •* troops-of unbelievable hardships and privations. And now from our far flung battle lines comes an •;. .urgent cry for help: "Semi us more planes, more guns, more ammunition." For today ihe fighting fronts blaze into new fury. In a last desperate effort to nnniliilate us, the Axis powers arc throwing everything into the struggle. The next few weeks or mondis may decide the outcome of the war. And that's why your Government is calling on you to lend it more money. Thirteen billion dollars arc needed-needed urgently and rieht now. This is a showdown fight. The Big Offensive Is Under Way We're not playing at war. This is the real thing. Our boys are dying in defense of our country-casualty Jists re mounting. The least we can do is to hack up our ico with every single dollar we can scrape together Kememtwr they do not Stop to' as!c the W>St-tKey pay with their lives. In the face of their sacrifice can any of us back here at home say that we are doing enough? Millions of patriotic Americans arc already putting 10% of their earnings into War Bonds every'payday. We can be proud of this record- but 10% is not enough. Today we arc confronted by a great emergency. Thirteen billion extra dollars are needed. A big sum of money, but not too big for America. _ What docs this mean to you? It means dial it is your patriotic duty to put more money into Government securities regardless of what self-sacrifice it may entail. Give np comforts, dp without things you necd-<Ws is a vital matter. ' i And remember, you are not giving a cent. You are ' merely tnvciliag in the safest securities in the world. You will get back your money with interest when the . war is over. It will suppjy cash for the things you want. '. It will mean security for you and yours, " What To Do Thousands of volunteer workers arc calling bn everybody possible, explaining the 2nd War Loan and the different types of Government securities offered. Welcome these representatives, they are giving their time and effort to this patriotic cause. But don't wait. Go today to the nearest bank, Post Office or War Bond booth. Lay down your money-more than you think you can sparc-for extra bonds. Know in your heart that when your country, called, you answered "YES!" There are? differtnttypes of U. S. Government securities-choose the ones best suited for you: United States War Savings Bonds-Serits E: The perfect investment'for individual and family savings. Gives you hack $•< for ever) $3 when the llond matures. Designed cipu- ciaity for the smaller investor. Dated 1st ilayofmomhinwhich paymenti»received. Interest: 2.9% a year if held to mituritj-. Denominations: $25, $50, JlOO, $50(1, StOOO.Redemption: any time 60 days after issue date. Price: 75% of malurity value. 2'/5% Treasury Bonds of 1964-1969: Readily marketable, acceptable as bank collateral, these llonils arc ideal investments for trnsi funds, estates and individuals.- A feature provides that ihcy may he redeemed at par and accrued interest for the purpose of satisfying federal estate taxes. Dated April 15,19-I3; due June 15,1»69. Dennminations: $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000 $100,000 and $1,000,000. Redemption Not callable till June 15, 1964; ihcrcaflr at par and accrued interest on any intcrc'. date at '( months' notice. Price: par anif accrued interest: Otter SeCOfities: Scries "C" Tax Notes: VB% Certificates of Indebtedness; 2%Trcas ury lionds of 1950-1952; Uniicd Stair Savings llonils Series "F"; United Stale Savings Ilotids Scries "G." THEY GJVE THEIR Um>.-/ffi!m YOU LEND YOUR MONEV! UNITED STATES TRE»SURY WMI FINANCE COMMITTEE **« SAVlHfiS SIAFF-VICTORY FUND COXMITTft This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by ansas Grocer Co. Loy Eich Clievrnlei fn. T«™'W i..i..._ Arkansas Grocer Co. Vrk-Mo Power Corp. .. K. Ashcraft Co. Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdettc A. S. Barborb & Co. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Blytheville Water Co. The Crafton Co. Delta Implements, Inc. Eich Chevrolet Co. Gay & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. , Hardaway Appliance Co. Herrick's Jewelry Hubbard Furniture Co. kbard Hardware Co. Huddleston & Co. Zellncr's Slipper Shop ^^^^^^^. " Tom W. Jackson JiedePs Keiser Supply Co., Keiser Langston-Wroten Co. Charles S. Lemons Tom Little Hardware Co. The New York Store Pat O'Bryant Palace Cafe - C. Penney Co. Robinson Drug Co. Phillips Motor Co. 1. Roscnthal, Inc. Rock Saliba A. G. Shibley Wholesale Grocers C. G. Smith Swife & Co. Oil Mill Thomas Land Co. B. G. West Floyd A. White UMP COMMITTEE lor Hi ii follftlion cil I'rldt BuWirl«l<ra ,i ,. J t' Addition k»f. or la, i trill. B _ Edwin Roblnion Additio M«rjr »ml w»in. r i,, r/H , ... . onil SVollor inniii ,M«ry on.l Wnlki rl WJ.Ko llownnt J. II.- HuljcYls Miirj Illry ('i,» O* Julirtniu IJiij-r Curr f'rfii Tnlu TIM « ai.uo 01.1)0 04,00 1H rill . Hulldl -S H. .\brlln- N'VNW II. Alurllil—SW Kl'. I.. Minim- --SW til iv Wl I,'.' T»i «. H. II. K. llli,.v'l,,cl,- '«" (I. - -1' 14 Mini—-I'll. S I'I -s\v x« —X i'l II NW »nl A. Truniiirll. l,,,l ;, A. M'rn ii'11—KW KM.—I),I... Aiiiv t i,i—i,i,i ArmiM—SK - ,/»•, . Hu>k--Wf,o' Hani) tVlnl/s-ta KW c;.,r T. «rr,— Xt'. fit; .vi; NK (;,„ .. \. lliiNl,«ni|— tj i,M II. i:. K W. i:..|| „ OlTY 0!' 1LTTHBVILI.1; fin I". Owner id gin .j, Alllion Aildllltm ins 1 lolin •TiiyiiPi- l'»niil« Altai Mlyduivlllf Vlck'n L.n, !,•;,., West I Dor<« rtril Aditltloi (Iriiy, .Ir. u llllklinul, Km.l Mi: I, .711 Mfi.Um,,, Dnki,,,,,,, Kniti Hh D«Yl« Third .'. ln-l.iii,. .Still I). II. , ' DOIIJ,. A.HItloli . ,S., llrl»«M Wll)' H5H' II . H. i. I?. |lrl«<-|.( HIS' H ' ' '- Uil>.,Habdl>l>loti F- 11. • •' u „ , Addition Hi-nrj HlnwrV o MIIA Hoe l-.Milo CIO!' 1 r , ' Hfir;! 1 A r«ry Addlllon M'l. Jullll I|ql,lr», ,| .j Hl|h!»nd. 1'lic. A4dltlo Jllneilo All [1,In k Il.i.t limy ,, rn II. M. (l.iihl.vh Vniilillilir II. l>'nlrllrl.l II. I'llr/i:).] N. Wriclil H. S. rc. S. Wrluli J. '>- Kiio V "I >.nitl Intlil* fur II, ll'i-lllll! s.iiil I.i, ,llr,,ll,, k ,),„,,)„ i,iiri*nsu <il fill ' " ''' N. ' Orlinnii'll K. llriiinniill HIS ma.. Adilltlon I'i Bishop Acldltloi film Biriill Irliiilil .Mrl).Tiii,,ll I Bljnht Addition • f . Mil Moll 1:1 . II. .Snllliii || <;. |-J . II. nml II. M. Ni.i|nr<iv ;] . II. ninl H. M. Ni ,1.111,1- I II. ri>li,-r '. .1.,j-ii» »rrk ^ llnnlnj, . O. ' KM. ill!" WMkrr mrlin,. Jlnrlli, I'. ,\lli.,.n I'. Alli>i,ii II. FMII'T" . II. 1'i-lin Illylherlllc . l>. ll'.inl : lyllicvlllc I.lir. Co T. liay<l T. H.,y 11 •r. lluy.l I'. M. Rr;ean3 H . .1. K.«,IMI . .1. l).,«,.,r, tk. Irt * Slur. C". W l rk. k.- t Ml,,r. U«i. V. W. llailrr W. Hinlrr «'. ll.,,|,. r \V. ll.nli.r rllnir llryrfin rllnir hrj-i-jin llryr,,ll rll.i C. II.IVM .. C, Kavis T. C. I>.ivi» V. C. K.iiiltr Aditlllnii '^.1 •ir, •jij •J7 :n ill fit •xi Cr>. rim Addllln IT.' l 3 .;: Second Addlllo N. M. llcnllr AMIllon" . Mr.., K. .1. Mrj K. .1. .1. T. Truvii Cora Ilarl>r K. K. Hun-kins lloyil Ili.rd H. C. . rivtrrtl M" 1 " I.."' M. I.. ii <;. Myrllo I - \j J: Myrtle HoTitr Hnrljcr Morrli Morris . . vrlle tyi-lle ,'lirts Nrrrllmni I 3 4 p a 1,1 I 11 710 .SO .PO .SO .SO .SO .HO .SO .80 IMcajo Mill & Lbr. Co. Scconi Aitdllion -*7lMd Plat ol N',', of Blocks 5*6 S. Holison 7 r, i no !. R. KoUI,on 8 C, TOO imM l.l.r. »<•» I.Vr. n.iu 1,1,. Tilllil.iti '&..;... ...J. Wnhl Unlito.n Mrs. M. Tncki-r Holltn II. M. lluller 'I'ttif (Furlier Ho]ll r ,cl«r-!!houjo 0. Hhonjn ' ' , l.uilh llntwti g Will .Si.lruiik • 3 W. (.'. iinil Ilitls Clurt II (I. Slum.*,, |a Nnniiin .Inti'cs i;i Arthur H. LliKluritiorn II . , Aidltlon ' 1 1:1 ( ; 7 P Addition ....iu> Ciirtor J. Hliiiiifi, i".i'«"lV w"«r".|i Mnry l'»r,i,.|| .. Hfll I. W. l'l»)il nltr .luiic-j iim riiij^ Itctgnltr Lota ~ II. C. C^nlr)- -'1.1)1 ] IrresiUr Lois ~ Ilium i;nrr I'M Si; Nilin C'oslif t'rf. :i :i 1 5 l", r! :)' i; J i n l r, n 10 0 S«c. IS-IO-II Sec. 10-JB-ll •. - n x\v II. lllll l."l 7 NW : M. Jkl ..... tl 1.01 17 XW .iinlii In HH Cur NW s\V Ill«i'llr Lou — Sec. 17. IS. 11 M. Mcfirlnnit 1^,1 .| ,V|; W !•! |.ol U NB t: *, !•; 3 ..| . . W. Kliii,] nrnnri Il 1^)1 '' K II. Kva w .Jolly Addition li's i; Addition U. llstnfj Hj|' . H»mli Addition | J. In I ly.l- DAV[> A. rlcj .^nn,lcr.< X7 ojf l)ill«r,l S 5'2.r,s Jack MIIrt»ll , Morris T. Mnllheivs T. MAIIhcM T. M-ilOiiMTj T. Mnllhewi . T. M«llhPwa T. •»lililitH > T. MlllhfUJ M. Morrl» KJ|. rill,' Allc-)- M. Morris Kil, Johns » Kollison Itollinon Rollljoii 10 II 12 1C . 1.00 1.00 1.00 —ago Mill* Lbr. Co. Second "iddl'iion .- lv - Atex»mler I r, i.oo (.njr fJooilMin 4 6 (.no |c. J. scijaiijh r, r, j.oo (0. V. .SclmuBh, K',4 0 ri .50 M'hirajirt NTill A- l.l,r. Coi 10 --0 I Oil CM«eo MIII * i> r . Co. Thirl •Hijiori a i pri r £ : : S ;L; | -;|S nVnoun S29' II ij 1'. J. O'Brien BnMlTlslon ..i— Us SO 2 Inll SUITCJ ... > Mrs, O'llrien Anlhony .1.00 1,1)0 .00 .ID 1.50 I.Sn . I.Slt I.'JH i.yo t.-JO i.ia 1.10 1.10 no MO .no M'AIi.NlrH, OUDHt ... „. Mrs. VnkTln MIMIJO h wiiliicfl .11 appear In the CiiiintLly' CoilH for the Olilckittnu'liii. ,District' 'I C'ounly, Arkansxs, wlili- fi thli-ly days nc.xl after Uic-ifa'tc: hereof, to answer a complaint -flleili .igdlnst her llieieln by_' Mlcl'iacl ' Ualcd (till April 10, 10-13 . HARVEY MOHHIS, ; ' 'Chancery Court ''ClcVkV* . liy Eldora Ncal, Deji\il,y, Held fc Evranl, Attorneys for I'lulnturv '' - "" VViiltcV L. I'ope. ., ....••' Attomey ud-Utcm. " " (t 0. E. Crasj llcnrltlln (lol.l ltcnricll» GoA'l |>r. W, A. Griinmelt Mrs. k'alc >'crgu.«on If B. Freeman ... T. Qalnei Jlrs. W. H. l'liilli|>s S. C. Cnlg S. C. CriiK I O. E. SttKiiil .1. It. Kn«,'y J, T. AlrtrJ 20, 22 '«' 31 iC ol Gl rj'J r,( 8» i.oo i.oo i.oo i.oo i.oo i.oo .so .60 .80 .,'(1 .90 '.SO .40 Carnival, Employe' Fatally Strickeii OARUTUKItSVILLE, April 27 -^ The body of toiney- Qrklinc,',>-!8 was sent by tvaln from here yes-' (erday morning to his home in I'lilliHlclphla, Pcnn.,., for bur,ial n Orklinc, concessionaire with the Rubin-ami Cherry'Exposition, 'didf suddenly of a heart ai)nienl last, SaLiirdny night while 'talking to menibcrs of tlic cxiiosllion ii>.front, ot the Majestic Hotel. He had tlonp a hard day's work at the 'cxnosi- tion Brounds, friends s.iid,' ' aiij sliortly before death, had eaten-a hearty supper. Orkline had irepii with tfiejsllqw- ' for many years, 'n'rrivhig lor ''ihc : Suimner lour just a few days aju He worked In n tlcfeus; -pJant-jff 1 ' Philadelphia- this past Winter—All ' ! iiciubers of the show group sub- ' scribe 10 percent of their Mvrige.'i •' 'or purchase of War Bonds', buffos imatc friends of Orklinc'said ife lad consistently |)it(, 53 'j^'rient.'^ ils earnings In ,\Var Boifds.-.'" ,"•; Surviving are his wife, Mrs: -Don» Orkline, • his parents,' and R 1 Istcr, alt of Philadelphia'. He sifs i member of the.Showman's League if America. Harry Wingfield,. a^o- vorker, accompanied the ; reih'alns o Philadelphia, where furieral'-'ser- ices will be held upon arrivM ,' The Rubin and 'Cherry. Ex'posi-' ion, largest rail carnival sliow.Jii he world, was purchased - rctentlv ^ y Saiii Solomon of this cityvjrha onncrly operated the.largest Iruci carnival show In the midwest. The. now exposition was brought here, where, it will winter annually * , V MO«K$M

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