The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1933
Page 7
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, JOBS •LTTHBVHJJ, CAM.) OODim E1W1 PAQK CiAssif iED SECTION CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line ror consecu- tl\e Insertions: line) .. 10o .. 08c .. 06C .. OSc .. 60c Ballwy * fadbtior Scrrtc* We KUarunte* you better b»ltery or radiator work lor lew money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored, Get our prices on new" and rebuilt batteries. Call €33. Shout-Little Chevrolet C*. lOc kl-10 (Five average voids to • One time per line Two times per line per diy 1 firea times per lino per day falx times per Urie per day ., iloi:th rate per lines Minimum charge 60o Ads ordered lor three or al^ times and stopped before explra- "lion will be charged lor the number of times tre ad appeared and adjustment ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy rubmllted by jxjrsoas residing out- 6We of the city must be accom- l anled by cash. Rates may be pai-Uy computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one incorrect iu- BCition ol any classified ad. . Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions take the one time rule. Phone 306 or 307 CLEANER!:. TAILORS Be ready (or 1034 und Prosperity by looking wll dressed. Have your clothes cleaned by the unique Cleaning Service. Phone 171. 20c kl-20 SPORTING GOODS Von will flnd a complete Hne of NEW MODEL BICYCLES at Hub bird Hardwire Comp»nj. 160 -k!2- FOR SALE 'I Fresh Cows ivlth young calves plenty o( springers that will fresh soon. Must be 211. sold. Plion 4c-t BILLIARD EQUIPMENT, cheap (or cash. Business good, rent rea sonable. J. F. V Ittle, Holland, Mo 5p kl- FOR SALE OR TRADE j MI-S. H. C. Martin, 817 Clilckasawbn dh tf :liryster Roadt.i; : r mid One and )Hlf Ton ChcvipYt Truck or will .adf for mules c.; limtiliiB ciiuly- Pliilllp-i Oioccry or I'hone - :!Bc Kl Cleveland Frie Chief Fights False Alarms i'S Into the public hriioos.- The chief's move Mowed » re- coin evening foray of nu-ilrv mils, in ivhlcli 13 (ICinl-i'iul j'un.s worn mudi' by Hie di'p.irlmenl. Twelve "i the calls. com | UK from tin 1 same nrlshbiirlioixl TOT believed to hnvu been tinned In by mo tame nliirm- dreii, me repealing the chief's wninlng that In fulso ulurm ur- rosis he \vlll «Mi I In- co\iiu> to Impose maximum sentences '$100 anil ccvsls antl mimlhs in Jnll. There mo N2 appolnlmeiiM-iU- to the U. S. Military Ac«(l- ny ill West Point, two of which e made uixm ivconimt'mliiltou the vli'e president, csiicclnll)' inferred by Hie president of (he lilted States. SAHARA Prlml lower tlinn iiny oilier of tin- hlul 1 . Bi'iule coals. $8.00 ACTON . $0.50. IIlQlirst Ir heal and lowest In iisli of tiny red ash coal. "We Oin't Sell All the Coul So We JiitU Sell the-Beat" l ;S" rr Robinson Lumber Co |P Sr Phillips ' Bargains In Used Cars LOOK! 4 yds. Rayon; 3 yds. Voile; 3 yds. Percale for only J2.S8. Rush your ord!"S to W. C. Richmond, Box 241, Caruthersvllle, Mo. REAL ESTATE '20 PONTIAC COACH. Huns Good, Looks Good . . $175 30 FOR SALE: 40 acres, all in cultivation. One mile south of Gos- r.ell. Holand Grten, '29 FOK1) STOUT COlil'E. Special $ ':!!) F.DICK COUTH. Good Tires, Good t'.iinl *; •SO CHEVROLET COACH. Runs Good $1^5 '3C NASH SEDAN'. Clean Paint, Good Uphol-jtir.v $265 TRUCK tAHUAlNS 'SO ]•' 0IID C'l OSED CAB riCK-UF. Goad Rubber .. S185 •30 CREVROI.L'I. 1 CLO. C A It 1'iCK-Ul'. >'cw Tires, Kuus Good .'...'. 5115 •3'.' FOIt!) Tlil'CK Closed Cat) lil. '1'on, Hunt \Vhecis, i.!l inch whecl-biiM. A bargain Come in, Ust your real estate See what we have to sell E. ftL Terry Licensed Detlef Terry-Worthimton Title Co. Bljtheiillc Phone 617 23u POULTRY & EGGS I>»sh efts da'rty, direct from hen nfry. 1'ickaiii'j grocery, 1044 Uiicka.s3wba. fOK REN1' Furnished AiiarLment in Ward Apartments, 1031 West Asli. Will be vacant January 1. Call 650 clt-H FOR KENT—Ol!ic« and tlreproot vault. Hot and cold water, steam 1-rat. $15.00. apply Broadway Barber Shop. Farmer;; Bank Bldg. 29c k5 Many Others To Chimse From Itcmcmbcr All I'scd Cars Over Siuu.uu Cirn- A Ouaramccl PHILLIPS MOTOR TOR RENT—Ni:u Furnished Apart- 200 Eait Main Street ~ 1'luMic 811-810 Illythrvillv, Arkansas. ~NEW DEAL IltAUiNU fOSX ptirnlturc, Tuois, Cluthcs, fclc- Lei's irailu. Ill tust Main. 6c Ul-b EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machine Keiiairuiff. U. S. Blank- unsnip, 116 li. Kosc. Call 185-J. AUTOiMOTIVB ment. Telephone 510. 27c k30 NICELY furnished bedroom, men prelerred. 1017 W. Walnut. Call after 5 p. m. Mrs. Ed Hardin. ; MODERN Three room Apartment with bath, unfurnished, Phone 764. 27-ck-U. Nice, lar& BEDROOM. Close In 310 W. Walnut, 13ckl-13 o room furnished house 209 Wesl Kentucky. Phono 612. 23ckl POSITION WANTED LOW HK1CES Oil winter car needs, heaters, nlcoiii' 1 , GPA glycerine, Jlodel T toils ^ side ciiruins, fl'J3 up. VvuLl 1 AK1AN, 128 E. Main. ^3c kl-'J3 Job Wanted—experienced as watchman, grocery or hardware clerk, plantation manager, references. Box "D H," News. PLANTATION MANAGER now employed desires change. 14 years experience on all farm machinery including gins. A-l references Box *PM" Courier News. 23p M WANTED WANTED—A man to fire Call 3C8-KnVs place-118 E. Main For Auto raiuting Body and Fender Service 29ckl-29 LARGEST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. Louts Also Auto Glass—I'hone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 2ckl-2 AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait. Call us for belter service. Phono 633. Shouse-Liltle Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 ' Call Us When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tircs-Kattcrir.*- Replacement Part* 1IUBBAKU HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dcpt. Ic kl-1 pressure boiler. Glencoe Hotel. John Tiiomiison, 29pk5 We pay more for pecans, furs, hides, brasj, copper, radiators, aluminum, lea i. batteries. Phone 1V6. Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. 23c kl-2U OPPORTUNITIES PERMANENT POSITION for right, party, paying unusual income. Secured cash investment of $1,01)0 required. Suitable for lady or gentlemen. Applicant must be 30 years ol age; have car,' and furnish references. For ment address Box "M" giving phono number and address. 26pk3 Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 12c kl-10 WKECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker. Day and Night Service. Call 633. Shouse-Llttle CrcvroJtt Co. lOc kl-10 COAL & WOOD I'HONE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black But We Treat You White" Ic kl-9 Brilliant and Ky. Coal, quality and weight guaranteed. Bartnick Coal Yard, Railroad & Ash. Phono 179. 4ckl-4 RADIOS All Radios, Including R. C. A., are being closed out at cost (or CASH at Uubbard Hardware Co. 12ckl-I2 I5A.TTERIES New Fo-;l Batteries Rental - Rcchaising - Repairing •i17 TIRE & BATTERY STATION ?Ro kl-26 GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST COAL There is no coil, West of the Alle- fhcny Mountains, as high in heat and as low In ash as the S UPREME* Super.IIeat El «__ That is a bold * ww t"t»t<ment, but U Is ethical, .because it's true. W« have authoritative analysis on file on all coal and can prove this claim. SUPREME Super-heat - Is the only coal of iU kind and sold only by this company. *,, 6x3 Medium Size Lump Ton - SJ.50 J: Ton ?4.00 CMh A Rich Jlan's Coal at A Poor Man's Price Superior CM! & Mining Co 301 W. Walnut - Phone Grungcr ilcclnrcd llnit 1.800 fiilsc nliirjiu so fur this year. huve cool the cliy based on tlie department'* unimiil LOST—One Dlt":V. yarn glove mit $030,000, Fire Chief James E. Gnui- expenses, innoiints to u Reward, uer Is ranylng » rampalun to . school chll- llamlin DOWN WITH TUB QUBKN! OUR BOARDING HOUSE -NOW ,66.11 H15, YAHOOSf I'fA IM CIlARGiZ OF Itlft EHPC01TIO ViE Aim GOlrt BACK ULLI GET ME ft LWBV DINOSAUR. A ITS MADNESS TO QO FURTHER INTO "BOBBY •BURNS? rAY -pOETi 1 'BOTH WVS PEE! ON LISTEN TO'WV3—UVAP -l MVP/R -"RU NVF --"ArA TQO-ootR TrtE GVFTIE. fv\Y \s SCOTCH, " 6H,CORK NOBODY CAN' VOUl.WUEN COrAtS. TO SCOTCH -B.UT T>OHT TWV TO -- GIE US TAH 5EEOORSIILSV/' TALK IT C YOUR "DIALECT ^ ' AS IT HERS SEE £E-6AD? ISK'T THAT A THEN', HARK TO THIS — JOHM THERE, BLUNDER^ 1 BOOBS HOOTS HOLDS NO CHU1KJKS! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 1 CMKJV 6l~- SARWSH1 CM,P(^^B^Bl-V HE WAS BA,CV HOME ,«OW COMt ,1 -sea. -iM ? "l WW'T GRASSHOI'I'EllS! WASH TURKS OOMT BE SAPS! S»V= YOUR INVEST m ec INTO BUSINGS?. /HO HO' NOT fOK US- WE'RE SAME . HERE. LET THS BEES HOARD ALL THE HON6Y WSY WANT; GOT OURS. MI6KT NOT ' BE SMART. SISTER, BUT ITS A LOT 0' FUN. YOU lOIOTSf DONT THE FABLE ABOUT THE AND WE AV^'AT WAS AeEE.IliE KICKIN' UP HIS HEELS *.tL SUMMER- AN' TH' BEE WORKED AM 1 MADE HONEV, ONLV TO HAVE SOMESrWKtl 602.0 TAKE IT AWAY FROH IM. SHE HAS CNKVEU 1DKAS! SALESMAN AM OH, Mo I IT==. 3uaT TW CHRtsTMfta Tftee. BQUG-HT Heae.- X'o LIKE To E<.CM^WC-& op tM TV.E. \ ae(\t> scon SI&N u5'T«efes.-e*s'iGoTso«e-wiW-UH,Ses- frVf CP.P- I Uj CARR.M iT IN ^~ QE. f\ PlfvMO, OP- Hi D1MIMO- <*ooo Folks GOT TKIH&S s TH&Y'o un<& To MIM) OVER MATTER! 1 ALWAYS FIGURE TVAT, AL'-'vOU HAVE TO 00 IS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS l i B-T.Tli= duu -TUiN'CS ^P- UBEP.TD NEE5 AMY 11SLP7 I CAM <3£TOUT By (AYSELF—BJT I COOLD USE A TOWUNE.IF LOOP THE ROPE. AROUMD REVOLVES, THE ROPE W.'MDS UP F A CAR GETS VOU INTO CAW GO INTO SH4W5!DE AMD 11 WE A MECHANIC 8B1MG A TOV/CAR 'OUT HERE! ACL I (J££O ' AMD ) AWAY 1. 00 I / OTHER EWD OF THE ROPE TIED roA TREB, IT'S VERV SIMPLE

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