The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Cunningham Indicated No Letdown at New Orleans; Romani Nearest Rival BY JERRY BRONT»F1P.I,D NBA Service Sporis Writer NKW YORK, Jan. 6.—As Die nation's track and field stars launch themselves into another indoor season, It becomes apparent, that the loudest noise of all will be made by the pounding reel of Glenn Cunningham and Archie Sam no- mani, There ar c those who claim that • the shorter, quicker-striding San '• Romani Is destined to become "the new king of -American mllers. Cunningham has gone along year nfter year turning in super-performances in tils specialty, and it would seem that it merely is n matter of lime before his younger rival picks up where lie leaves off. The other afternoon in the Sugar Bowl of New Orleans, there was nothing to Indicate that tills is the year for th e Cunningham fadcout. however. Beaten by San Roman! a year ago on the same cinders, Cunningham started the new ycr.r right by re"elline- not only his foremost rival, but Don Lash and Charley Fenske as well. His 4:13,2 lowered the southern record by elghl-leniljs of a second. . Cunningham, too, was the only 1936 champion lo successfully defend his crown In the 1937 National A. A. U. meet. The world indoor and outdoor marks are 4:08.4 and 4:00.0. respectively, and it is the hope of both San Romani and Lash—the latter supreme at two miles—that some flue day they will carve out .a 4:05 mile. It's more Ihnn a hope with San Romani. It's a burning nmbilion. Ramans' Careers Strangely Parallel Although the barrcl-clicsteel Cunningham breezed home In front of San Romani in Ihc Sugar Bowl mile, they'll be closer than a couple of eyelashes, once the athletes oct Into their fully-conditioned swing. The spectacular careers of Cunningham and san Romani nrc strangely parallel. Both are unlives of Kansas and now compete under the banner of the New York Curb . Exchange. Both suffered such severe leg injuries in childhood that it was feared they would not walk again. Little Ran Romani patterned himself after his illustrious neighbor. The indoor season starts In FI<vt- bush, Jan. 8. with the Brooklyn Columbus Council K. of C. meet, but not until next month will the bigger and star-studded gathcr- " ings get under way. : " Cunningham ' and San Romani will not collide In the Brooklyn affair, the former once more preferring (a open on the boards at 800 meters. Pan who in the past hasn't been fond of such a dis- tii>"f>.' Is lo battle Lash at 3000 meters. The Millrose Games will be held nt Madison Square Garden: Feb. (i; ">R Renio 1 - Metropolitan. Feb. H; the New York A. C.. Feb. 19; the National A. A. U. championships, climax of the entire indoor season, Feb. 2G; the Intercollegiate A. A, A. A. championships, March 5. and ti-n New York K. of C. Games. March 12. Boards-mid liernrds Due for Founding Cunningham. San Romani. and T>dsh tire not the only utlractions who will be on display. Penske of Wisconsin is n younger star threat- eninw all three. John Woodruff of Pitt, who 1ms no peer among the world's Inilf- <nilers. will be around a«ain with his 10-foot stride, with Elroy Robinson, Olympic Club runner, and Charley Beetham, former Ohio Stater, to chase him. Bill Seflon and Earie Meadow's, former Southern California aces, again will nirt with the 15-foot nmk in the pole vault, but their efforts will depend on their ability to train 35 business-men athletes instead of the college variety. , Forrest Towns of Georgia and Alan'Tclmicli of Wavne University will take up their duel in the hsir- j 'dies; .•• ; • . ! ;-A .'great auartet of Neno athletes' -rMel Walker and Dave Albritton' of Ohio State, Ed Burke of "Mar- owette, and-Cornelius Johnson, formerly of complon Junior College —will vie for suoremacy in the hish jump. The world record of 6 feet '; ION, Inches currently is -held by W»iker. It looks like another big year. with both the boards and records chi e for a beating. Two Kansas Cyclones GREATEST OF.AW.ERSj AfolV /A/DOO/?S,., Legion Offers Arena Without Charge For Amateur Shows ment of athletics school and in town. Speaking for the past. Commander James F. Harwell expressed thuir keen pleasure in doing their bit for the legionnaires In til! their undertakings and urged n closer contact between the two organizations. The first matches will be held Thursday nlglit, January 18, be- IIY J. 1'. KKtENI) With a definite place lo hold Hie matches assured, llie Inst obstacle wns removed for the promotion of amateur boxing by lhe Chickasnw Athletic Club. The' 1 Dud Cason Post of the American Legion last night agreed 'o the use of the legion arena and tween club members. H will without for only compensation. It tile bare expenses In the and heating of (lie the firel of eliminations in the selection of the local learn. In response to requests from several boxers froin the surrounding territory, Craig has Issued an invitation to all out-of-town amateurs who wish to try for the Bly- Ihovllle squad. The only requirement. 1 ; are that the boys must, be Simon nurcs and white, he said Young Bill)' Price of Manila has already indicated that he will join. ^Cllly represented Blytheville at llie asked Commercial Appeal Golden Glove tournament In Memphis last night. He Is a 118-pounder, James Terry. Chlckasnw Club President, nnei Joe Craig, chairman of the Boys Committee who will -ict as promoter nnd Instructor for :lic amateurs, rc|)resetited llie club and outlined the purpose of the project. They staled that 11 wns n continuation of the ntliietic pro- jram sponsored by the club and ihe proeeetis will go into the treasury to be used In Ihe mlvmiee- Blow Torch Tor Hot l)o?s DALLAS, Tex. (UP) — Mechanics students al Dallas Technical high school have discovered a new method for roasting weiners. When a weiner roast was almost spoiled by a raiu storm, students found a shelter, filled a bucket witli weiners and applied a blow torch. Within n few minutes, the hot dogs were done, well done, too. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1938 1 TESTS llsii full reciprocity United States In that work. I V Up In the air after Ihc bnll go Leon Lafaillc o£ Stanford, left and Bernic Fliogcl of C. C. N. Y ' ns the west coast Indians defeated the New Yorkers, 45-42, >n the season's first collegiate double-header at M a d i s o n Square Garden. Four Planes Will Begin Exploration Flights This Year tage to , their attempts to conquer'a North At!antl6 line withe confl- I the Noiih Atlantic air lanes. They deuce. Their ambition is to estab- believe that the reasons are large- llsii full reciprocity with t)>» ly political and strategic, Another problem which is concerning Die French Is that of handy bases, for the moment, I their .seaplane base is at Blsca:, whence their travelers from I America \vould hop to Paris by land plane. But the long term project, which It is planned lo complete In 1940, is for the con- 'struetlon of an artificial lake In the Paris region itself. For llie RHODES American end of first stop will be Islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon ill Newfoundland. From there the planes will continue lo Felon Freed Had Given Doff SAN QUENTIN, Cal. (UP)—Warden Court Smith of San Quentln penitentiary reaffirmed the doctrine that "dog is man's best friend" when George W. Smith, granted a parole after 17 years Imprisonment, was allowed to lake with him his closest friend Buddy, a dog that was born in the prison the route, Ihc | eight years ago and attached It- nt llie French self to Smith ever since. BV 1'KTEIl ( United Press Stall' Correspondent j other polls along the Atlantic PARIS, Jan. 1 (UP)—France has seaboard. just xl;cwn Ihe worlct two material I Kxplore American Link tactois of active preparation for] Concerning arrangements witli the conquest of Ihe North Atlantic; American lines for Ihe use ol" and the establishment of a com- i landing:!, Pierre Cot has just re- mercial airline across the ocean, ceived his emissary, Governor- Tiiey are the giant seaplane Lieu- General Oliver, who was charged tenant Pails and Ihe equally w '"' a mission to the United large landjilane Lieutenant Guer- States. BY HAKHV GKAYSON Sports Edilor. NEA Service LOS ANGELES. Jan. 5. — Tills rnny be a year of recession, If not | nnd depression, but sports attendance ancc ' ofTcrs something In the way of thai the total handle for the 50- day meeting will top the S40000- 000 mark. That semes to be a 'con- p servnllve estimate, tot with a fair ;;hake from the weatherman the handle easily may go closer to S'15,000.000. Anyway, a fourth new betting record in as many years seems assured. The total handle for 53 days last season, which does not include two charity days, amounted to $29,089,088, for a dally average of $548,850. And last, winter there were seven Saturdays when rain cold held down the attend- and a smudge made things biitlal, and sports attendance in the past has been a fairly accurate barometer. (Exactly :>>i4,070 witnessed Ihe hnlf dozen New Year's Day football 'games. Without a public safe, California pasted Alabama before] 00,100. Enst and West scrapped to Dec. 25 a scoreless lie before n capacity Dec. 2K crowd of CO.OCO in the Shrine char-' Dec. 29 ity game in San Francisco, and Santa Clara again tagged Louisiana State, G-O, before 45.000 ill the Sugar Bowl of New Orleans in Ball Player Yarbro Boys To Play Lone Oak Thursday Night The Round Robin basket-ball games Thursday night nt the armory will pit the Yarbro boys team against Lone Oak boys and the Yarbro girls against the Gosnell girls. The Blackwater lassies will engage the Lone Oak sextette, and Gosnell and Blackwater boys will meet. HORIZONTAL 1,6 (Lefty) ' , baseball star. 11 Constellation. 12 Solitary. 13 Billow. 15 Nobleman. 1C Vends. ISUoolslock. 19 Moor. 20 Exclamation. 21 Sun. 23 Exists. 24 Lad. 26 Policeman. 28 Toward. 29 Humor. 30 Food container. 32 Twitching. 34 Lean. 36 Laughable. 38 Lacerated. 40 Derby. 41 Writing tool. 42 Young (jog. 44 Plaything. Answer lo Previous I'uxzli* JMl 45 Diaphanous. VERTICAL 47 Valued. ] Promise. 50 Ocular. 2 Hubs oul. 52 Less common. 3 Split. 5-1 Toilet box. 4 Christmas 56 Pertaining to carol, the sun. 5 Upon. 57 Male ancestor. 6 African. 59 He is a World 7 Jar. Series 8 Fastens a boat. 51 Heart, champion 9 To implant 52 Hurrah! 60 Ho is also an deep. 53 Affirmative. excellent 10 Letter Z. 55 Musical note.<Pl.). !•) Deadly pale. 58 Railroad. 17 Plunder. 18 To blow a bom. 19 H was his World Series viclorv. 22 Lunatic. 2-i Flour box. 25Berel. 27 Cavity. 29 Lacking. .10 To peruse. 31 Frost bite. 33 Clique. .15 Possesses. 30 Cherry color. 37 Rcsinoid extract. 30 Wand. •U House cat. 43 Nominal value 46 Narrative poem. 48 Examination. 49 Vigor. unpleasant for days. The grandstand has been enlarged and belting facilities increased. Here nre the figures for the first six days of the current and last winter's Santa Anita meetings: Attendance Handle 50.000 20,000 20,000 17.000 20,000 00,000 Dec. 3D Dec. 3! Jan. 1 785,159 555.114 476,624 488.737 540.640 939,520 World Canoe Trip Planned ALBA.NY, N. Y. (UP)—By lash- Ing together three canoes, Capt. William SBllsten hopes to construct a craft that will carry him around the world in two and a. halt jearj, He says he has made around the world. nil engagement Hint started in the rain. On its eastern trip, the Stanford basketball team and its phenomena! Hank Luisctti performed before 3G.300 persons at Madison Square Garden In two night.?, played lo 12.000 in Philadelphia nnd 7800 in Cleveland, which is nil I'ublic Hall there will hold. On that same night in Cleveland, minor league hockey clubs deployed before all the new Arena ;herc accommodates, IU.,078. Major league hockey attendance is up. Sonjn Henic's skating troupe sold out the Chicago Stadium for ievcn nlghls. Spurred by improved figures tne six-day bicycle riders launch n; uorc intensive campaign in Cleveland. Jan. 9. Otic Depression Snowball Clicckcd But the most striking example of how the depression scare snow- Jail rolls wns Dr. Charles Henry Strub. general manager of the fabulous Santa Anita Race Track, telling his employes tlial Sanla Clans didn't live there any more. Dr. strut) Ls— ov wns — quite heavily interested In n sofl drink, and when tl;e stock of the company making it tumbled $80 a .share in . value, Ernest WoodrulT, one of the big shots of Ihe organization, warned the racing man lo check up on otlds nnd ends. Dr. Strub colled his stall together, and gave it a pep talk. He explained that the man or woman who wagered $100 last winter would be a S10 bettor this trip He told everybody to get on their toes and bear down. The stock market told WcoilruH and Woodruff told Dr. Stmb and Dr. Strub told the hired holji and all was gloom despite the fact Hint the fall and winter incctir,^. at Tanforan and Uay Mea<k>\\\ in the north, were their bluest smre the pari inulucls wero lesali;v<i |n California. The head of the Santa Anita Race Track mining words of Caution would be the height of M,me- thlng- or other even if a panic were on. nnd, knowing how members of the screen colony no\\ live chiefly for the PUVIXKC of tcMne lettuce, or folding monny, t)i'!, ilgl , ; mutuel wickets, 1 wonder 'just how surprised wns Dr. stvu!> 'vhen attendance for Christmas b,iv exceeded that of a year ago i>v 1( ) . 000 and the handle by SRnjoo? The management took $50 <•,•*, j n percentage and breakage ;<tvi ns much more in admission fci Totals Dec. 25 Dec. 2*j Dec. 29 Dec. 30 Di:c. 31 .Inn 1 187,000 Attendance 40.000 35.000 15,000 li.OOO IO.W10 35,000 53.749,394 Handle S 598,949 002,449 352 959 288,530 equally Lieutenant Guerrero, . both completed models for lhe projected North Atlantic route. Dy their record lllnhts across the South Atlantic In November. 1-Yniicfr rcvmled to the world that it Is busing th(' light for Norm Atlantic- (.' on lhe experience Dallied on (he well-established South Allan'!* 1 line, fn 1W3 two more tjlnn I planes, copied ufler ilipse two model. 1 !, will be completed In French factoilos. and the team of four will begin active lest flight.'; for (lie North Atlantic route 1 . A meeting was held Immediately after the trial flight at the Lnte- cocre company's hangar; in Tou- iouse with the chief pilots of Ihc South Atlantic flights, the director of Air-France Transallantliic. Louis Coube, and other important air oilicinjs. Discussion, which was not made public, centered upon plans for the establishment of the North Atlantic company and the developments of material for trial flight;;. Sixty-Ton Plane Projected It was decided that the construction of another giant hydro- s. (the Lieu- I'an-American Airways has concluded nn agreement for an Rxclinngc of studies on [he Azores, anil It is believed, for reciprocal rights for bases in America and in France. Tiie French national meteorolo- g!e olfice has entered into contract, will) the u. s. weather bureau lor a regular exchange of atmospheric conditions for flights from both sides of the Atlantic. The French are also making arrangements with private airline weather offices in the United States. Despite many setbacks In the last three years of work, and the big problems still ahead, the establishment of tenant Paris weighs only 49 Ions) should be undertaken. The plane will be finished in 1040, with six motors totaling 10,000 horsepower and will carry 70 persons, ol whom 60 would be passeii"ers By July, 1938, two planes based on the two present models are scheduled to take the air. In 1939, a new type hydroplane, of the CAM type will be completed. It will mount six motors in line, ana technicians predict that it will be Ihe most modern hydroplane, cap- Rble of great endurance and record-breaking nights, in 1940, two more giants, a Late and a Loire- Olivier 49 will take the air. In 1940, it is expected that material on hand should be sufficient to establish a regular service across the North Atlantic, That Ls, if other problems, apart from the technical questions, are solved by then. These problems arc two-fold. The first is the question of the 1 •! 1.000 $2,802,830 Totals This handle is suitable for the Big Dipper, and economic experts are looking around to see whatever became of the recession or depression. Manila Teams Defeat Dyess Cagers Tuesday MANILA, Ark., Jan. 5. — The Manila high .school cagcrs defeated the Dyess basketball teams in two games at Dyess last night. The Manila boys wou, 27 to 20, with Bert Williams .showing the way with 10 points. The Manila girls won, 14 lo 10. A/ores and permission of the French to establish a base there Although all the planes under construction today for the Nortli Atlantic roue are planned on the basis of non-stop flight f from Bis- carossa to the Islands of St. Pierre nnd Miqttclon, safely, indicates 328,685! lliat "'idway halts at the Azores 031,258 arc essential. In trial flights in 1 1935-36 the Nomy-Castrex and Codos Castrex missions made a thorough study of the conditions at the Azores. Following these tests u request was made to Portugal for authorization to use the islands for a base. Portuguese Answer Withheld Despite repented requests, Portugal has refused an answer In the last year, but has in the meanwhile authorized Germany, England and the United States to made use of the islands for their lines. The French, while officially silent on the question, regard this refusal as a direct form of sabo- Knfland once refused the offer of all Spain's |>ossessions in Airlca in exchange for (he Rock of Oi- brnllar. PRESCRIPTIONS ARE OUH SPECIALTY £ Phone 141 ^ FOWLER DRUG STORE Handle Suitable for lii s } Comparative figures fen Year's Day were vastly n coxiraglng. and now those know nbont snrh things Newt ".,,,. who SPECIALS Thursday — Friday — Saturday 1DS7 Ford "GO" Tudor—Clean as a Pin . !..S'165.00 1335 Chevrolet Coach, color green, runs good 295.00 1930 Plymouth Coach, Healer, a real buy .. 385.00 19.11 I'ord Coupe,, Motor A-l, New Tires 175..00. lO.'W Chevrolet Coach, new seat covers, Tires and Moloi- 0. K. K>5.W> HI35 i'lird Tudor, priced lo sell 275.UO 1!i:i:i 1'nrd For dor, new paint & Scat Covers .. 195.111) REMEMBER We have a complete line of used cars and trucks and priced to meet with every purse, if you cannot conic by and sec the many bargains we have, call Sin for demonstration. Call any of the following and (hey will he glnd lo bring it lo your home: Bernard (Jnorh, Joe Slianks, C. 0. Graves, 0. I). Grimes, Howard l!urton, Arthur Nabors, C. S. Dowdy, E. G. Woodanl. Give any one of these u ring, they are at your service. PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT I'ifih & W.tlmil I'honc 810 Uoy Calvin, Manager Used Car l,ol IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP THE UNITED STATES FOR THE JONESBORO DIVISION OP THE EASTERN DISTRICT OP ARKANSAS. IN THE MATTER OP MRS. H. GOULD IN BANKRUPTCY. To l!ie creditors of the abc«'j! named bankrupt of BIytliei'ille !J the county of Mississippi, Division anil nisii'ict aforesaid, n bankrupt. Notice is hereby given thai on Dec. 27. 1038, lhe nljovc named petitioner was duly adjudged :i bankrupt, and the first meeting of the creditors will lw held al my office in the City of Jonos- uoro. hi said District on Jan. !•!, 1938 at 10 a.m.. nt which limo IJio said creditors may attend, prove tlielr claims, appoint a iruslee, examine lhe bankrupt nnd transact .such other bissiness ari may properly come before said meeting. At J~"><*oro, Arkansas, this Jan. 3, 1938. i". C. MULUNIX. Referee in Bankruptcy. OUR SERVICE Is Your PROTECTION! And It ( Costs You Nothing LET US TEST YOUR Brakes . . . Lights. . . Battery . . . Wheel Alignment: Your car will not only perform better during the winter months, but you will have the assurance of driving a car that U safe. You need this service NOW! Ford Anti-Free.?e Prestone Winter Lubricants PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut Phone 810 COMPLETE LINE OF AUTO PARTS HEATERS ARIAN AUTO PARTS MOTOR Oil. DEFROSTERS BATTERIES 128 E. Main Jllytheville BOWLING Blytheville's Newest ENTERTAINMENT Ladies Reducing Is A Pleasure When You Bowl Sudbury's Playhouse LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Dealers For G.M.C Trucks and Trailers ;"' •;•'• ."• Offers A ' W^> New and Modern Auto Repair Shop WE CAN MEET EVERY AUTOMOBILE NEEU Including - - BODY, FENDER REPAIRS WELDING LIE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Oldsmobile and G. M. C. Trucks Sales and Service 307 E. MAIN ST. PH ONE 329

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