The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1933
Page 6
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.''AGE BfX (AKKI West Welcomes Return of Silver Dollar -11 But Abandoned Mining Communities See Promise Tof Comeback. NE/t Service 'Hard-money" again will clink in terlean pockets. Stacks of •'iron" . lars ciice more will be displayed .hind bank wickets. Silver is back. 'So was written another chapter In a history '.hat is older than the Bible, a long and dramatic story, replete wits color and interest, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a proclamation lor rc- Bionetizatlcn of silver, ratifying the (London agreement. Life comes again to the ghost 'towns of the west. On the gaunt, •scarred hillsides or Nevada, there 'is bustle and new endeavor, and battered prospectors, whose hope Is undying, once more roam the trails, mulling over their dreams oj a-strike that means fortune. Down th2 streets of crazy, rccl- .ing buildings, where only packrats lhave had their habitations, activity pulses, and In Tonopah and !other towns wlilch have clung to .existence there is dancing on the 'bar and backslapping and wild predictions of prosperity. ALL. IS OFT1MISSI Even ' the ravaged hills lltat •horn down on Central City, a 'Colorado sliver boom town that has held to a slender thread of life 'since the o!d bonanza days, seem ,to smile. Central City never gave iup. Optimism-plus has kept It alive. In the days far gone, its boardwalks resounded to the clatter ot 20,000 pairs of feet, and money camp over Ihe bars in bucketsful. It was queen of the mountains till catastrophe struck and silver died. "But the town has endured, large- .ly through the sentimental help of Denver bld-llmers, who knew it In Its day of glcry. There was an opera house there, where the greatest actors of the eta trod the boards. And when the boom broke and lean days came, Denver still was loyal to Its little protege. A new opera house was built when the old one burned and the custom of a great annual pluy was' maintained, with stars brought to the scene through the generosity of Denver people who never forgol. And Central City makes the mountains ring with its shouts of rejoicing at the comeback of silver HOPES RUN TOO HIGH But hopes arc extravagant against cold reality.' In th e vMtNscheme of national recovery, where Ihe talk is •m billions, the amount Involved in Iremonetlzaticn of silver seems al- Imost Infinitesimal. I For a four-year period, the Prcs- llclent directs the Treasury to pur- Ichasc 24,000,000 ounces of silver an- Inually, practically the entire oul- IPut of American mines. I r'or this silver, Die price is fixed |ai 64 1-2 cents an ounce, 19 cents labove the prevailing market price I at the time of the proclamation IThc most lhal can be coined out lot Treasury • purchases will bi I about $1,300,000 a,monlh. I Bimetallism, or the double mou- letary slandard. has been Irlcd • through Ihe centuries by. the great Icountriejj of Ihe earth. One at a Itirae they have abandoned, silver, •but'always there has iaged the • battle bstween the two schools of Iflnancial thought over the problem [CHINA ON SILVER STANDARD I .In aU the world today, china is luie only large nation adhering ta Ithe silver standard, some Lath • American countries are oartly in |volved. . The world produclion of silver ii Ithe period from the discovery o •America to the present day is some •thing over U billion ounces. It ha •increased ste.\dily since 1543. I To enable the average reader Ii •visualize what this production o •silver means, it suffices lo say tna •the output through these centurie •would be enough to pave a wide • street through your city for foi |miles, using a stx-lnch depth < " ~ a 'eat beyond even UK i of a grafting councilman Tne principal silver-producii •areas of the world in the time o •Columbus were Germany. Sweden •Austria-Hungary and japan. Then •the New World came into the spot •""M. with rich discoveries in Mexi .. Peru and Bolivia, rhese nations held -first ran' til the middle of the nineteentt «ntury, when the United State •c1T <1 'e t<> lhc fore ' The Weslcn •States'became.the center of silvc •mining The famous Comstoc •lode, theme of story and song, wa •found m 1859 ana almost every yea "lersalter there was a great strike ««m,lUl to 1900, the Unite Mr. silver Dollnr comes traipsing home . . . glaiicbnliij; tlu.. silver towivj of ihe West like Central City oo '.i - - States 33 per cent of th L~- u » *"•* »-v*Ji, ui n. Korld total, but fell below Mexic from 1900 to 1925, this country '""•»" being 31 per cent an 13 per cent of the tot __ PRICES DROP The proportion of silver extracl 1 from silver ore is far less tod a lan it,.was years ago. Novf man it ctxneg from other ores, lead (copper and zinc. Its price h« declined steadily mse the gre*l nations have ds .---whized it to «uch extent. Thoug ffte ratio of tllver production to tha r > ".^ bKn ""ly'w to i, t h .-kiii-u 11 iLi]ioilift ituiiiv . , . £i.iv.ii.-Mjiij^ LIn 1 31111:1 iui\ irj D; uiL WPS I lift 1 Colo., s'lown nbovt- jn n picture taken {luring boom (toys of Hie E>.ist, . But hope - *tln etcnul in the . its clumptooi art =WKKKLY SUNDAY riCHOOl, I.ESSOV Tho Life of Paul Text; Inter natiolm 1 '" o , " CCS °' i " U "' at<1 orm Sunday, deep appreciation. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1933 First Home Risrs in Mrs. Roosevelt's Colony Gibson Library Proves Tts Value ' To llioConnruimty! GIHSON. Mo.—Thai the com- munlly library, organized by ihe' woman's club of Gibson August n. has been of much benefit is s'-own ' In u -sian-mc-ai made public by the . librarian. Mrs. W. E. T.iv]:.r The sum of S83.0C rcccA^n .rom dues of $1 p;r yen r or 25 c?:i'.s fa- ' thite mouths, p!e supers. plays • and donations, was spent tar 3'1 new books, for expjnsfj •;'. K banks from th? traveling library at JM- fsrtosi City. Mo., fcr a 4 tajj e acros; • lh» .schcol room, ai:i fo; u:xj;: sJie!vi--. T-;ra arc n:-.v aver BOO ' u"o'::f. all donated except (or th? 13 i A', lint ihe library v.a; ocon..! ' only on Sunday afiernooi>.-3 bin i; Is IIM- r;itn Friday from 2 to 4 pin. and Monday from 2 to 4 ' p.m. j Members ol me library and those j donating books arc: Mrs. W. E.' ^am^Mifhr^v^^k A ly " iCal "° mC ° f l " C " rsl «""" •11. Miss Payc Garner.' Timothy Fj ' illlklln D - Roosevelt at Reedivitle. 101:0. Mrs. Hud still, Mrs. Fran- j • lla P i(t - of l-e smallest type p!,ii.n?d for the model U^Vatkhi^^Mrs''"^"""!?-^^'' 1 ' 10 ^ fl "' l " ulaUoni ;>lu! nil1 IK "'' ; ' !1 modern'convenances. The tint ticm:s, on tnc 1000-acre Artnur Mrs. I'c'rry 6w:-:is. Mrs^MHl Hu*°- I farm. boii 3 lu b-. '.he govcrni-.ifiit, M; Hires and fonr-rocm building';. : es. Mrs. Carl Hastings. "Mrs. S. = B. I ^ ~ built in i«c government fnrm-tactory coionv sronsorcd by Mrs W. Va.. is shown here, nonring'completion This house Is Lis a frame structure, wi'.h cement Smith. Mrs. kllottlt "^ a "< i , . School U» son for December 31 : As Paul neared the of 1,1s ' ^^nTs^rn^To « '^^^?^&^£ PiiiD's Ideal. The great goal of his Ion Kvercu' M flH So - : J, T i «' McCullol| 8 h - D - l - c; "- ^ 11 fn wn<: »lhn ,w,.*ll,....L „, .1... ,. ... . '.. "• I^O.incillt.lH. A. BOOne, Ric,l Parri? .Iain:. , | points in Alabama. teacher, is spending the holidays in j p - J. McCarthy carried r; wMj>lit . c lire wns "the o tie V I k „ * ' , . < 1 «"'«f and surveyed l,i s own life, knowledge of Christ Jesus my Thomas M - ,i -' . " " Nonhc "« i Alice Mirhie, Mrs. M. B. Cridcr — r"™ -j^ •> win u.^, Miurtimyc ui t/niisi Jesus mv Tnn'nfi^ BV mi. K. 01I.ROY, -D. D. ;he wrolc lo Timothy, his -.son In Lord" a knowledge lhal for htm ' n,,~\ ,7 c .»i .. Editor cf The Contr^ationalist the faith." in the words of our WM not an -x erna hing b" t' ma stri-kH nd rn", n"*" This nnal _leMO,i in the life of roldcn _ text. "I Have fought ihe , ll)on which he wished to "e? ?om, K Mr u ic ?r"j - • . GCC '' 8 ' a - Nliller ' Mks i Seiuviecier. Mis: L °- , . . . W«ley Johnson, H. A. Boon;. lllo limn 1^.10011 111 LIIL IUC Ul hulvlv;ll IL'.M. . -„ . .it is In place of Die usual re- Bood fight. I have finished lhc have his whole life based nrwir, MI,- «• • |w of (he riuarter's lessons. In course, I have kept the faith." For this he was willing to snf- sin Boorc \ii« i!i is case, that review would be "• was a simple statement of lei the loss of all tilings nnd for Vlvhn n'-ivn Ah mply a review of Paul's life, be- «'hat wns true concerning his ele- this he was wllilnK to forget oV Pnm Ariim« ,i ,, ause all the lessons of the rjuar-: mental purpose and Ills fnithful- crythtnB that lav hehlnri in hi* nVrVi ?, S ' . except one for World's Tern-'ness lo It. ]i: c . He describes himself "si orK xr r'"'.,')" -.ance Sunday and one on World Piml was not n boaster or a m.,, -pre^in"tcnrard Tlt^ coal ^ n. nf L " c "' c " urleu - L!o > cl l eacc. have had lo do with the, briigcnrt. There was In him Ihe the nrl^ nf%i,n i,i..i, ^•?,?,_ -' .:\f r '.. Bob I: °™'' anbcrt How-! * l ~ ' Annlc L whtte - Mrs . E. Parks, Albert woody, o. L '•• Su-; Story, Timothy Bo"ne. Earl Whit?. Speer. Mrs. Dorotiy Brewer, primary i 'are iinnited for life. Cape Glraideau. Two children of Mr. and ........ _ -. . Tom Johnson are very ill. j Louis In 1898. The pie supper nclted S7.16 for the library. Quentin still, who has been i!! several months, is now able to be up. ! Mrs. Charles Smith, who under- • went an operation a month <"<"> =>( i ;of 2250 pounds on h!s back for Mrs. : e '8 n _t steps, side-stepping, in St. ; r • J —.....iv i. -JJ.K. •,., .111 j. i\s;iit a]] UJICTiHlQll a :nam.jB!'.. Walklns, Mrs. Raymond Mi- a Memphis hospital _--irtS|'MIS. Mrs. E..A. Woody ar.-J Miss improved. i : |norolhy Brewer. Aboul 30 ya[roll , of tne schMl e. have had lo do with the . unigcnrL There was In him the the nrlzc- of the hig rsion of Ihe Apostle and his ; essential humility of Ihe man who God 'in Chrtsi Jesus" lr In the earl clnirch was measurin himsel o ' ilulstry In the early church. was inensurlnfc hiinself constantly a m,.,, e a o vir no, T him the the nrlzc- of the high collinc of ardMr CM "\ ai!oC " Hmv ' ' Miss vi ™ !1 R ^' °<- S-'-"-- vis- man who God 'in Chrtsi Jesus" ' i , &I<1|1C 5' Lipseoinb. Clyde : ited Mils Elizabeth TaVw F-'^ay ' " " . a -ay Lnestnr Cccil J ' °- nijhl aT!d attendee! tl:c"p:c supper. Mrs. V. U Blackwell and mo'llicr j ••• "••- «-m*j ^IIM.VII. — ...v.,.,, R .j,tiiji.ii vuiioi,iiui> What higher coal could n mnn Wei..,, M' • " •" We nine no means of knowing ncainst Hie supreme slandartls of Imvc? And what nobler cxnmolc >"r \™ 2~*' C ~' lm ' c]l Mrs - — , .. le eract a s e of Paul, or Ihe mini-. faltli and action. could we'all hnve in the pursuit Ha Ms M? n i'" 5 ' Jo; ' n " n ' Tc!n Mrs ' Anna Smith, spent Friday ir "• of years occupied In lii.s Chris-! Jesus Christ was ever so ooforo o! it than (hat of (he Aposlle Praiikic w^ ah0011 ' M - d Hu e''es.' niyihevillc shopping. • ^ Kten ^•^•^•'^^^A^^^^. an ministry. In the story of the j him that he was reminded ""con- Plu i'? rt.vrdotn of Stephen, we have; Etamly of his Master. Yet Paul -. _. -^,^f...^., t ..^ ., t i lv , tmini; ui in.) lilUSlLl. I(JL iilUJ first Introduclion to Paul, in. was a man of plain sense. In whom lie statement that those who | there was no mawkish sentlment- :oned Stephen to death laid down; allty or self-dcpreciallon He knew aelr garments nl llw feet of a i thai, grevlous as were his shorl- loiing man whose name wns comiiigs and his errors, he had "}"•. . ' tried lo live In gootl conscience Jusl how young Paul was at even in the days before he had ml Mine we do not know. The, seen ihe li»ht ' on the wny to : idlcntlons arc thol. after lib con- Damascus. ?rtlon nnd the enrly activities re- ... ' irdcd. there was a period of si- The wouls of our lesson arc n ' nee In which Paul was prcpar- vcrv nttlng conclusion to our study ig himself for his task of service ' ol the life of Paul They are Iran nder his now religious convictions, the Epistle to the phlllpplans. : * which lie wrote during lhc days of ; of Pauls life we his Imprisonment nt Rome. ' attended the closing exercises Friday afternoon prior to t.:e Yuletir!; vacation. There were two prottilv (leeoraied evergreens in the rcim from which gifts were distributed. — In India, after the wedding cere- moiiy, the bride and the bridegroom - tied together by the corners of For Sale 3 Hundles - 25c Special attention to large orders. CHICAGO MILL & LUMBER CO. re Indebted chiefly lo Paul him--'If. ns Luke has recorded the Dccchcs in self-defense on varl- is occasions ivlien Paul found it Mssary to tell the' story. We are indebted, also, lo the Hire wonderful record ol Luke mysteries of the Christian faith ii i^ C J J °° k ° f Acts -" record; win, nil who were willing to hear hlch bears upon Us face the evl-:- Our lesson reveals, in a very He was not sure just what was i ahead of him. He wns living in Rome «t ilmt time, n prisoner, but with n fair measure of free- ! clL-m. still able to see his friends' and to discuss the realities and mysteries of the Chr coking lo new triumphs. L?d by enator Burton K. Wheeler, of Icntnna. Ihey will wage a fight in K coming Congress session for he free and unlimited coinage of liver'nt the ralio of 1C to of Mr. and Mrs. llobert Clayton, entertained 25 friends Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Culhim and daughter. Ml;s Enia Davis, havcre- ...... ----.-.— - .. turned frcm a visit wtili Mr and While rejoicing over the victory ; Mrs. Robert Monroe- a Na ".vl » , Jlned when tua President remon- : Tcnn. They were acconmn'e-l by .ized the _metal. they declare that | Mrs. Culium's nieces. Misies Kaih- \ H .„ ,h n ° J ar enmlB '. 1 - ! r V" Monrce and Carolvn French. An.1 so the drama and iragcdy i M r. and Mrj. Karl Bullard are lid ejslv on. of silver goes end-1 the parents of Christmas day. Wilson Society — Personal Mrs. E. A. Rescnold was hostess o»!ic Wednesday bridge club. Mes- lamcs w. p. Wilson, s. A. Regenold and John Enoclis also were guesls. twin girls, born | I Once | Vauflovitle Star, I To Piv/acli TTcre | The Rev. Howard D. wisher. I Kansas City. Mo., evangelist, will open a scries of revival sermons i fnnday iiiehl at the First Asscin- : bly of Go<l church located on Lily : ,v 'i _ score was hckl bv Mrs s \ ! . . Rcjenold. street near Cherry. Mrs. S. C. Brandon eiucrialn-d I M J' Wlsllcr vvns formerly a j two tables at bridge- Tmirsday al-1 L*"of n ^° r , "'",' *'" s k "°™ '• terncon. Mrs n N Morri, u'iJ , "'eatncal world as Jack La. u. A. Morns was Plnmc _ ,, c , Bppc d „ tory you'll talk winner of high score. Dicky nnd John ertaincd 40 girk and ir Wcslbrook en bo^U, "i number of radio programs and will: furnish MHrinl music for ihe re, . Mr. and Mrs o M Hill ir I, , I , ' Wlshcr s '"osi popular. ' " °'" rCS ™ Cll!Ulcrt " First Aid '" VOlin^pr ^t 1 !. itl ' ' "" "* •-•""i 1 ^-" * IIOL niu. P-irty and dance WedncsdVnloh" ; T J' C >0 " ng evlul ' clisl - llns conduct-! Mr. and Mrs. O M iiiii ir ' C nicctln ? s '» « number or large • terta-icd th. vouliw i J „ r ' llps ' lncl « dll; 8 St. Louis, Kansas dance Triuidi 7ii W " Clty ' "'"HKnaPons. Washington mcming Mr Hlir^i ns f r Mif 0 ?,'' 1 '" f*' C *" Y ° rk alld ^"^elphla and; hrio Hill «.|,n i« . f r " hns " st eonchided a mecllns; at ho « a « L n n' ,"', h °'" e f ° r lhc ;T<>™'lo. Canada. He will be ns-! nouiajs frcm Central college. Con- i sistcd in the services by his wile. „..„ , : The nev. w. H. Rhodes Is pastor -^criyn Clayton, daughter' uf the local church. \JLw Miss K HARDWARE (.OMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less We h:ivc Ihe .Mosi Complete Line iif Hardware in Kaslfrn Arkansas! Not the Lnigesi. Hut the .Most I nmpletc. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Our Overhead h Less. We I'av Cash - - \V C Sell for Cash. w c h^tvc no delivery. j>n potters or hi K h powered salesmen. Ohvinusiv Vlhy Can't We Sell for Less? It's no secret as to CJ!"?., *& „ C0m ° In !ln<l l!o Onvinced. We Accept the Cnnllnngc. ouu Morro HURKE HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Lew And We Have One Price To All Fr« Ice W.t« an* Rm Room, for Mer, Wo«« .nd Children Two couples—married the same day. Txvo brides, with eager admirers. Two husbaaJi.-. who were human. ... A background o_ New York society. Here are real people- not puppets—lively drama from the stard DON'T MISS the first chapter of this thrilling serial. Beginning Thursday, Jan. 4th ii >*

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