The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1938
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1938 BIATIlKVlLLI'J (AUK.)' COURiKH NK\V« rAGE Five CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive insertions: DJIC time per line 10c rwo times per Hue per ciuy .. .OSc Three times per line per day ..Otic >ix times per line per dny ... .05c Konlh rate per line I i'ards of Thanks SOc & 76o Minimum charge 50c Ads nrrterccl for three or six times mid stopped before expi (ion will be charged lor the num- fcr of limes the add appeared and tljustmcnt of bill made. All Classified Advertising co;iy lubmltted uy iwrsons ic:,iriii)[; out- tide of the city must U> accompanied by cash. Hales may be iaslly conipulccj from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular /sertlons lakes the cine thne late. No responsibility will hi; fnkcn for more than one Incorrect Inser- lion of any clnssiHeu ftd. For Sale Position Wanted ijulwbun home. All conveniences. Middle aceil unencumbered ln:ly Cutsido improvement tax ells- de.sircs housework; companion i'i' (rids, lliqht price and terms tori nurse. Ciood references. l-'vce to immediate sale. B. E. Vail. Call 213. 5-ck-8 l-'or Sale, nice G nioin sincco rosl- <lem-c located 51'J N. First. Bar- Ijaln. r.midl down puymenl. Also $135 Sinjjrr Console electric, scw- machine lor 550. MaUoRnny (liiiint! room suite $17.50. Call 120, QUALITY SHOE SI1O"!'. Complete 10 volume set of Standard licfercnce Books with loose leaf binder. Call TS'J or 792. 15-la-fa travel. Mrs. Clava rellles, 000 Wnl- Salesmen Wauled Ealenucn wanted for Capper's Pulj- llcallon in Norllic'm Arknnsiir,. Can mako up lo $40 weekly. Musi Lighthouse Off Brest To Be World's Biggest PARIS IUP>—A new lighthouse, <lecl«re<l to l» Ihe most power/til in the world, will be erected within about 25 miles west or Brest. 11 will lake the place of the lighthouse at Crcuc'h which serverl us u cuiile to American troopships on cmulelpeAver, llnt-li Icn scrunch' tsvo tnovlni; beams will he visible,' (ilrls Wear "I.uve Dolls' , , ., UAUiAS. 'lex. (Ul'l—ShacU'.H "f each liiMlng two-tenths of a sir- mumbii-jumbo iirr em-plim Into tin; imcl. ' A nmsicr have ttteiv way lo France in Ifll7-ll). i. uji,. '.'""'::• 11. Cook, Gen. Del.! Ships 50 miles distant will he ' •, 000 •'' " 5-pk-a ;il)lc to sec lUe beams of the new ' ' Of French optical .sciencci, the llghthouw will i-i>m,isi of a knycv il!i reel liiijli surmounted by a' (jiiiiit linilein, the rev.-slv- IIIB lumps of which will In- -IU rt-e-t In hi'ijftil. Tin- kl;iu;l on ivlilcli I In- lighthouse will IK- hutll is known iti, "(lie rim i,| (He world" an<l Is u lavohlt- ing plnn- j'or uiiiri.-it.-i a population in :ili;h whools \\'Uh Ihe advent i:t Ihi- sliuk-iits 1 latest lioliby. Cllrh are weaving "hicky-in-love" doll which arc made In pairs iron twisted yarn. The dolls are Imnt round the wearers' necks. For Trade MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Business Directory Streamline COAL $0.25 & up per TON. Washed anil Sized. Him Tranthani Phone VI Visit HaiTv Railcv's New On Highway O'L at Holland Make ono stop for B e c r, Wine, Whiskey, Fresli Crap- pic, <jood Foods. Delivered in BMlicvilte by c. V. Uunii for $4.75 ami up. All Coal jC.uaranlccil—1'lione 5-F--1 & $18. Shoe Repairing Evi-rylhing for your slice:;. Free Delivery, Phone 130. Quality Shoe Shop Batteries WALLPAPER N'cw 1!)38 patterns. Cln« prices ARK-MO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 For Rent 2 room film. «p(. 1315 Miiln. Mrs, Henley, cull 335-W. 4-ck-tf 2 ov 3 room nnfiirnlshcd apartment, private btith, for ccnlple, Reasonable. Sll West Walnut. 3-pk-G 3 or -1 roonV furnished apartment 209 W. Kentucky, Mrs. Sisk. 3-ck-f Furnished hi)iir>c, Mrs. C. A. Taut call tMO-W or 515-J. 3-ek-lC iilodern bedroom, fitcani he.^t, r fioniible. Mrs. Simmons, S18 W Wainiu. 3-ck-10 Vill trade Rcocl 1036 Uodge up for livestock or will hell l'.r :«sli. Cjcnc Biiidljerry, Dell. 3-pk- Personal MKN OLD A'l' -10! OET 1'EP. New Cstrex Tonic TableU coni: •aw oyster inviuoralors and other iliumlaiHs. One dose .starts rc-p. Value Sllll). Special pric I. write Kirby Bros. Drug Store CilKLG: Increase your income learning a profession that lord con-slant employment. loll now in the Beauty Cull classes slnrtinu Jan. lird nt Bugle School of Boanly Cull Cooper Blclg. Walnut <& Sec UK.. Blythevlllc, Ark. Slate. proved school mccllng nil requ incuts for Arkansas and Missouri Kirfoy's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains More Quinine—Store Iron T&6 Recommended Treatment lot SMI,AI£IAI, CHILLS nml FEVKB SWAMP FEVEll — AGUr^ VKVIiU At All Slrl^y Drug Storel BA'fTEUl' SERVICE •J. Ben Clune Phone 8 nt Tom Jtiutoon's Aiuiouncemcnt V/a Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1044 Chlc1ia.iBTFlra 1'houe CTJ •Wan tea i Our classes in Beauty Culture are [j In full swing. Visit our .' : li v and let us meet yon and :;ho;v ;j our school. We will be Rlart Eire full details. Eagle School of locality Culture. Cuoper Blcig.. 2n:l > r c Walnut, Blylheville, Ail:. 1'lione 313. Bedroom very reasonable. 133 W. Kentucky, Phone 715-K 31-ck-7 3 room furnished aparlmcnt. fiOfl W. Walnut. 31-pk-7 room furnished house. 229 Du- gati. 30-pk-G Slcamhcaled. fnrnisliccl npartmcnl in nice location. Possession given lo suit ccavoniciica. Telepliones 571 and 191. 29-ck-l.r. One comfortable bedroom. Call ' Mrs. • S.,' S. Sternberg, 984, 1203 Holly. 28-ck-ll 2 room unfurnished apartment. Very reasonable. 701 W. Ash 01 call 1008. 23-ck-ti 4 or a mom modern house :n Slid bury School District. Plinnc 178. 3 c'.(- f'vl' <-10 New Uiin U-er new ore, by will lure the lure cond ap- dro ouri Iron VKK VUU f l. Sud- 178. -ck-3 K^unntftL- iuiu us atiius win nave aam HuiisUm iviirliit 1 -r tulal slreiiglli ul 5t)0,QUO,OOU was burn Jhia'h •> ITO'I for Country Style PORK SAUSAGE J1BAI) CHKEHK AND SOUS1 1 ! liilis, liackboiiL-s, Ti-nih-r- leln, Hams & ShouUlers. I'lirc l.ard. — l>r<!|i«ireil By — An Expert German Butcher and insiiected and pasw-d liy former Uniled Slates Packing Dnutc Inspector. Drive Out anil Save Delivery Chari^js DEE'S PORK HOUSE Pride ' Add.. Old Spicer l>liicc 'I'urn smith nil' lli.i;liuay is tit fii'avrl road iictucru Lost llity (irntTry and Itolfinsnii Mlllni; Statfnn, then Z b'lm-lis south. . GENUINE • SUPERIOR Washed Coal Is The CHEAPEST COAL I''in- (he Money N'l slale, ri:cU, sid|ihur ball.i <ir dirt, Absoliiu-ly clean coal. l'ii'|i;u(jd in (he mosl, in ml <>r ii ;iiid liirfjX'sl planl in (lie world. § ja tfa H|| ^y^tff Per 1 on SUPERIOR COAL CO r- i hone. r ((){) \ VKKK INSTRUCTIONS In Levied Styles KnUllntl •'HKKNAT" KNITTING VAKNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 11(19 Ohlckiisaivljii 1'hono 703 USED CARS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, A cale In LovelUMtl, Colo., lias i>luii oilcrliiK "free colTcc any iiiu during any tli\y His; bim is ot .shining." Dr». Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joo Isaacs' Blore "WK MAKE -JEM SKK" I'lions 540 J. C. EVANS BOX. 804 HlylhovJlle, Ark. District Maimgrr HAMILTON TRUST MJNI» tjiwiisurecl Hy Hamilton Depositors Cori). Hatycy Rtcw»rt;' Or, p. A. jiooinzon STEWART-ROBINSON BuccDtds City Dttf Stole We Specialize in •' PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine & Liquors 20U W. Main Phone i20 U'e /tody & Fender Repairs (.OHIO lii and tiro Us I.i'e Afutor SiilcH, Inc. I'rctlone lleattra Defrosters ELECTKIO & ACETYLENE WELDING AT BEST PHICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 FARM LOANS 1 IMO nn< Up Arkansas and Mlsionrl Lowest rales—lowest Also clly properties " DON ». KASSERMAN Thoiiian Ijncl Co. Ofllcc P. O. Box 4'IO, Plvono 527. 31 19,'M f'onl J'leh-tip ....... S2J5 ruiivii i;uoil tires S't'X l.'Wfi li)teniallo;n| l'U-kii|i 5.I7.T All 'I'niclis Cilia ranleed To I 'ass Hlale InspccHiiii ements, Inc. Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MALDEN GRAIN CO. W., 0. Kci'vcs, Ajjcul S«. It. It. Street UlylJiuvlIki, Ark. I'liunc Srifj Now Loculcil ut 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAUDS, Propriety 411 mukcii 0 ( Itelnilli Tjpewtltcni, Adding Machlnct an( Calculators—Kcpalrlnc—Vans—KIBbotw »«'•=« COBB FUNERAL HOME >'«««?i Hamlln Gla? ass AUTO GLASS Dxperl Workmnnshjp We Deliver lilylhcvillc L'aint & Wallpaper Cn. Wn Cut & Install ITionc RSD 111 a. Kccond A Dll'KKKKN'r ('{)I,OU DAD 6UM-THAT OL' BATTLE.- IP LAY OM£ OM HER WHISKERS, IPF'W SHE HAD ViHlSKEE.5 WHY, 6UZ-I'M SURPRISED ATCHOD.'I'LL HAVE VDU KNOW 1HW EEMV 15 A REMARIiAfcLE WOMAW-VA55UH. 1 WHATSTH'IDEAOFyoil AROUND? LIP CM •DQM'T GIT UP AIRHHISGAL EENV, IS A VIEW SHEtHIKJKSHEIS- A RE1IRED KIMG, TPAT 1 GOTTA BUM, AIvS 1 GI7 j 70 WORK. 1 „ V V3 '2 coinfortable bedrooms, private bath. Gentlemen preferred, phone 70'1-W or 181. 7-ck-lf. house on Holly. Call B. Steinberg at 084. 12-ck-tI BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES Wanted To Buy XOOO AVL MV &OOT-b '. \ Ooi^'T &EE , 6OCV\ 10 WR\MCb AV.V VASHjrumjs WWKT A. BREI^K, AN' BEVERLV HILL. ... AND THE 6HOSTLV RUINS OF AN OLD PL/WTATION- / STRANGE.' ML THE PATHS ' LEAD TO THIS PLACE. BUT WHERE THE BLAZES IS EVERYBODY? ivis.v (ci itmk al—ves sir! Slvle—snap y;id a (|tik'l, Kiiuiolh IMIWIT Iliiw. More (linn lliat lutvc "tcotl li-.nUinjv llscd Cars. TKRM8. KC*\ TIP TO TIP THEY SEARCH m ISUW, FINDIKiG AN EMPTV BOAT '.'!! I'lyranuili lie l.uxc Sriian .. FRECK1-KS AND HIS FRIENDS IS THAT THE OF THIMG TO READ TO A BABY fTSA MEW IDEA I HAVE IW.CHILD RAISIWG .'SCARE TWE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF 'EM WITH A BEbTIME STOW, FALL ASLEEP TO KEEP FROM HEARING '•>4 Chevrolet Staiularrl Coach, a s n; one '.15 Clir.vrcict Standard Co.irii. zn KIIUS- ALREADY SIR GREWViLLES S\V'ORD DRIPPED BLOOD TIME AWD AC3AIM IT LASh'ED OUT AND STRUCK DEEPLY THE BODY Of THE HORRIBLE BEAST? BUT THE OGRE SUMMCWED STREWGTfH, AS IP BY MAGIC. OWE OF ITS LEGS HUMS BY A THM TT-IREADj AND v ' We knock (he Knocks out of your motor. All work gwiranlccrt. You save win-it we st-rvo van. Let US Care for YOUR Cut -Ba

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