The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 29, 1950
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 1950 PAGE THTOTEEN Berry Season Turns Into New 'Jam Session' Meat Crusted Corn Pie Perks A ' DESSERT to make the tamilf "*larry eyed" is colorful can- tied fruit cocktail and flavored gcla- tin io a fancy mold. Half of tlic fruit cocktail and gelatin are lilcmded in a'transparent layer for the star mold. The remaining gelatin is whipped as a Ilufty, second layer. . . .- . Us refreshing blend of flavors wins popularity for canned fruit cocVtall. This medley of peaches, pears pineapple, grapes and cuer lies combines with any flavored gelatin for a number of easy-to make, eay desserts. The syrup from -in? canned fruit is also used, being part of the liquid to dissolve the Velatit). The goodness and rainbow <-olor« of this fruit-gelatin team ruly make tor starred desserts. Fruit Cocktail Star Mold 1 Xe. 2% can 2 curs hot water (ruit and (mil cocklall CQL'kiaU syrup . l>ac4;ape flavored gelatin (any llavor) Drain.fruit cocktail, ami mcas- ire syrup; add water to make 2 cups. Dissolve gelatin in hoi liquid Chill until slightly thickened. Divide mixture In half. To ono halt ol the gelatin fold In Vj of the drained fruit cocktail. Turn Into 5 cn[i star mold. Chill until firm. flnef remaining gelatin In bowl of itf and water; whip until fluffy and thick. Pour over lirm first layer. Chill. Unmold on serving plate and garnish with remaining fruit code- tall. YIELD: S servings. Don't let the berry season slip away without putting, up some bright Jars of jams and jellies. Start now to prepare for a real "Jam session" in the kitchen and be ready to take advantage of berry bargains as they appear at the fruit market. Preserving't require a lot of special equipment. You'll need a large kettle for cooking the fruits and berries, a colander for washing them, a Jelly bag, stirring spoons, a ladle, plenty of javs and glasses and paraffin. The rest of the -things needed are standard kitchen items. Easy and quick to make, the following recipe for blackberry jam is made by the short-boil method, using pectin. Blackberry Jam 4 cups prepared fruit 7 cups sugar ',i bottle liquid pectin To prepare fruit, grind about 2 uarts fully ripe berries. (Or crush he berries thoroughly so that each erry is reduced to pulp.) Measure ugar and prepared fruit into large kettle. Mix well and bring to a full oiling boil over high heat. Stir distantly before and while boiling, oil Imrd 1 minute. Remove from eat and stir in liquid pectin. Stir nd skim for 5 minutes to cool lightly to prevent floating fruit. Pour quickly into hot glasses, par- ffin nt once. Makes about 10 six- unce glasses. Diaper and Pinafore Set Has Own Summer Treat '' Entertaining for the diaper-and-« - — pinafore" set is a summertime "must." The following apple fluff dessert, will be found a prime favorite for such important occasions as birthday parties and such: Apple Fluff Dessert 1 quart of hot applesauce 12 marshmallows 1 envelope plain gelatin 1 £ cup cold water , l /s cup gingersnap crumbs Soak gelatin In. cold water while you cut marshmallows Into hot applesauce and stir until melted. Add gelatin to hot mixture.and stir and cook slowly for two minutes. Remove from heat and place in a pan of cold water and whip the mlx T ture until fluffy. Serve chilled in dessert dishes, sprinkled with gingersnap crumbs. (A good way to use the crumbs in the bottom of the package!) Beef Casserole, One-Dish Meal, a Time-Saver Up Old Standby A new svay of preparing nn old ilandby, or a new combination of familiar ingredients, can peril up the Job o( feeding the family. The result will perk up the family ap- petito, too. A dish like (he following is a good example. ' ' Corn Me With Meal Crusl Crust: Three - quarters pound ground beef, 1 cup soft bread crumbs, 1J2 cup milk, 1 egg, I teaspoon salti 1 112 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce,' 2 tablespoons minced onion. " Filling: One and one-half cups drained whole kernel corn, 1 cup well-drained canned tomatoes. 1|2 teaspoon salt, l|4 ' teaspoon basil, butter or fortified margarine. To make 'cnist," soak bread crumb,? in milk and beaten egg for 5 minutes. Add beef, salt, Worcestershire sauce and onion; mix thoroughly. Line the bottom and sides of n 9-inch pie plate with mixture. Mix together corn and tomatoes and drain off any excess liquid; add seasonings. Fill meat shell, dot with butler or margarine and bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees F. Cut in pie-shaped wedries for serving. Garnish with eon pepper rings or parsley. Arkansas U. Names Teacher To Art Schoool Johnfried G. Berpschnclder has been appointed an instructor In art at Ihe University of Arkansas, It was announced today by Dr. G, D. Nichols, dean of the College ot Avts nnd Sciences. _ • Mr. Bcrgscbneldor, who will leach sculpturing, will Join the faculty September 10. He has exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art In Boston, where the first prize for sculpture was swarded to him In 1049. lie hns participated In group shows at Ihe Downtown Gallery and the Mortimer Levitt Gallery in New York City. This spring his work was included in a contemporary American sculpture show at the Whit- new Museum. He studied on n scholarship at the school of Fine Arts in Boston, and received a scholarship "for study at the Archipenko School of Art at Woodstock. N.Y. He also hns attended Harvard University, Appie-Crumb Pie AI[-Time Favorite - One-dish meals are a Joy, to ; the homemakcr. They save time and trouble In preparation and make dishwashing a light Job. Here is a suggestion for a splendid meal-in- a-dish that contains a wealth of food values. Try Beef Casserole fi strips of bacon or salt pork 3 cups (2 IbsO beef cut in cilbes salt, pepper, and flour K cup sliced onion IV* cups peas l & teaspoon sugar l Tablespoon- lemon Juice I 1 ,? cups v tomato Juice 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 4 carrots (about) mashed potatoes Pan fry the bacon or salt pork. Season flour with salt and pepper Dredge the cubed meat. Brosm the meat on all sides in the pork or bacon frit. Add sliced onions, sugar lemon Juice, and ' Worcestershire sauce. Cook about five minutes Ad{] tomato -juice. Cover and steam •until almost tender. Add carrots am peas. Cook until meat and vege- Boned Rolled Roast Offers Easy Carving Easy carving! This Is one of t] grand features of a boned and rol ed roast. In addition, homemakc arc pleased to find that these tri r lasts fit neatly into a refrigerat and take less space than simil roasts with bone in. Among the roasts that meat dealers bone and roll are beef rib and pork, veal and lamb shoulder. Identical cookery steps are followed for both boned and unboned roasts; however, since bone is a better conductor of heat than lean meat n boned roast requires slightly longer cooking time- about 10 minutes per pound more. According to Reba, Staggs, meat cookery expert, a rolled roast -is cooked as any other roast. It is placed on a rack in an open roastiv»£ ~pan:''Np water? is 'added 1 nnd the I meat Is left uncovered throughout the entire cooking time. Beef, veal nd lamb roasts are cooked in a 300 egree F. oven; fresh pork roasts in 350 degree P, oven. Homemakers can't, go wrong in Including apple pic on their menus, Tor H is the all-American dessert. Ttie mellow flavor of the apple is brought out to its fullest in this irrestible apole cnimb pie. / Apple Crumb Pie 1 cup sugar Shell: i-l'.'i Cups crumbs, finely rolled graham crackers or plain bread crumbs '.i cup sugar !i teaspoon nowdered ginger '-•! cup fortified margarine, melted Mix crumbs, sugar, and ginger Add melted margarine in thh stream; mix well. Turn Into 9 o 10-inch pie plalo and press firml; into shape. Chill. Prepare fruit. Apple Filling: 4-G tart apples 2 cups water 2 tablespoons fortified margarin* "A cup tart jelly Pare, quarter, core and cut apple into eis-hths. Bring sugar and wate to boiling. Add marga'rine. Coo apples a few pieces at a time, se ting aside unlil all are cooked. Fi pastry shell. Reduce any apple s> rup that Is left to a very thick s< r:p. Add jelly (off the heat); rh and pour over the top of npple Bake In moderate oven (350 degrei F.) about 15 minutes until fruit glazed and pie shell is set. YOUR FRIENDLY' MAGNOLIA DEALER Shirley Hipp Office Phone 1091 Residence Phone 740 Bljlhcville PIANO TUNING ai Radio ibles are tender, place In cas- erole. Top stew with well seasoned lashed potatoes. Brown lightly in .ot oven or under broiler unit. ;erve hot. (Lamb or veal may be iscd in place nf beef.) Steak Wheels . Spread flank steak with bulk por sausage, roll and fasten with skew ers. Use tomato Juice as the brais ing liquid, then cover the utevis closely and cook slowly for abou 1H hours or until the meat is ten der. Cut the roll In 1-inch slices fi serving. With the Courts Chancery Helen McCftrter vs.' Hownrrt Mc- Carlcr, suit for divorce, Arnold E, Cole vs. Jessie Cole suit for divorce. a lad Season nvifres Fruit 3ish for Lunch For lunch daring warm weather crve salads made with fruit or egetablcs. They provide nou nent .especially when served with nriched bread or rolls, and rest ghtly on the stomach. Tomato Sandwich Salad Put two slices of fresh tomato to- ether with a filling of cottage Servo on iceberg lettuce. Top vith mayonnaise. ' Oilier fillings uch as chicken, tuna or egs salad may be used too. For youngsters, cut this "sandwich" into bite-slza qiiaves for easy eating. ' Calico Veaeh Cup Salad Crisp cabbage-apple salad heaped n a luscious fresh or canned peach mil is a vegetable and fruit combination that will menu hnppy eat- ng for all the family. Leave the re<l skin on the apples and garnish top with thin apple slicas. This salad is unusually attractive looking, Malehsllck Salad Place a small mound of cottage cheese on a bed of shredded lettuce. Dip one end of crisp, cold celery and carrot sticks in a bit of paprika and insert them in the cottage cheese ball, "flame" end up. Or heap the "matchsticks" loosely on shredded lettuce. participating . In the conference, which Is sponsored by the Nntiohal Education Association's Commission to study standards for colleges ami universities that prepare teachers. Delegates represent nil 48 states and the territories of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Other conference leaders from Arkansas are Clifford S. Blackburn, State Department . of Education, Little 'Rock, and W., C. Ferguson, clean of Arkansas Stale Teachers College, Conway. IGA SUPER SPECIALS No. 300 Tins CRANB'Y SAUCE •IGA-Dd'uxe Vacuum TflFFFF VUITLC Pack 1{CK > Drip OrPulv - 2 For Lb. Swirls — For I'icmcs or Lunch I If t IV! 12 Oz. Tin The Chinese custom of leaving some grain in the fields for gleaners makes the introduction of efficient harvesting machines difficult. Campfire 1C> oz. I'kg. M'M ALLOWS 290 IGA—Whole Without Giblets. A natural with Cranberry Sauce. • CHICKEN - 3ib tin 1.59 Blythcvillc School Leader at Meet \Vinn5e VirgU Turner, elementary supervisor of Blytheville Public Schools, is one of three Arkansas educators serving ns conference leader at the 1950 National Conference on teacher education and professional standards being conducted this week at Indiana University, Bloomington, Iiid. More than 500 educational leaders from throughout the notion are Economy AssOrtmem Fresh. Dressed and S.ROYALS Repair Done by Banded Serviceman Every Job Guaranteed Everything in Music Supplies and Repairs MAKE RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE Ilfl7 E. Main Phon« Mil YOUR USED TIRES NEVER BOUGHT SO MUCH BEFORE! Mrs. Mabel Kitchen, 1650 Amsterdam Street, Covington, Ky., says that she didn't realize tiow wonderful It is to be without those unbearable aches and pains of neuritis and she thinks HADACOL deserves only the highest praise— Mrs. Kitchen was suffering deficiencies of Vitamins Bl, B2. Nla- cin and Iron, which HADACOL contains. Unlike most remedies HADACOL> doesn't give temporary relief, but instead treats the real cause of the sickness due to such Mrs. -Kitchen's statement: "So far I have taken three bottles of HADACOti and 1 am Just start I on my fourth. Before I started taking HADACOL I had aches and pains of neuritis in my shoulders, my back, my arms; I could hardly move without having those terrible aches and pains. I seemed to hnve a cold all the time and worst of all I couldn't cat anything to give my system a balanced - diet. Then I heard about HADACOL from n very good friend of mine. After taking the second bottle the aches and pains were about, gone and my appetite had improved. Now I am on top of the world, I eixt well, I hnve led -weight nnd, best ot all, the aches and pains are gone completely. I heartily recommend HAD- ACOL. to a 1 ! my friends." It's Different Remember, KADA'COL helps build up the hemoglobin content of your blood (where Iron is needed) to carry these precious Vitamins and Minerals to every organ, ant! every part of your body—to the heart, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys and luncs, even to the eyes, hair and nails. Countless thousands are benefiting from HADACOL . . . even hundreds of doctors have recommended HADACOL to their patient's. Don't forget, KADACOL Is sold on a strict money-back s\iarainco. Give remarkable HADACOL a chance to help you. It Is never too late to start taking HADACOL Try HADACOI. tday. Accept no substitutes. You'll feel great with the first few bottles you take—or your money back. Only $125 for Trial Size. Large Family or Hospital Size. M.W. c IflSO The Lc Blanc Corporation * Exclusive ROYALTEX - new anti-skid traction -- holds where liros never held before. * Everlasting White waifs — no more curb-scuff and abrasion. * Renewable trend-up to 60% more safe rnilcs. T. S. ROYAL MASTER • Exclusive high-speed, low- presvict; design. • Chosen for the finest new can • If it isn't a U. S. Royal, it isn't "Air Rida" U. S. ROYAL CHANGE-OVER DEAL 1. Toe ifewmn hr MMM< MlMfi ta pret- wltirn. 2. Fiyimm tnn» if dtvft it jwr CWHM- fcic*. 3. Om «Mfc (IM bU riti M ywr mm ur. MAKE YOUR ^^s^ CHANGE-OVER TO U. S. ROYALS TODAY' LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. ROYAL LLLAAJ BILLGODWIN SPORTING GOODS Swim 1'runks 2.95. Tennis Rafjucls Caps of all kinds Jimmie "B" Boats $50 Rascball & Soflhall Uniforms, all prices, IctlerinR AD types Summer Alh- leic Equipment. •'If It's Sporting Goods, See Us." 421 W. Main f'K. 6762 FRYERS Ib 47< Wilson's Certified CHUCK ROAST Ib 49< Streak O' Lean SALT MEAT Ib, Country SAUSAGE 4 Ib. 1.00 BRISKET STEW Ib. 29* Snyder's Catsup 14 m. Btl. 190 Firm Ripe Slicing TOMATOES --- •- •-.- - lh.dn.-27* Long Golden Ripe BANANAS - Ib. New California, Long WHITE POTATOES - 10 Ib. WATERMELONS Lb. 4* California — Full of Healthful Vitamins ORANGES Doz. 49< Hi-C ORANGEADE Franco-American SPAGHETTI Monarch TEA •IB 02. Mo. 300 Tin </<-Lb. Hag White Sar 350 CRATED TUN A 35p Campbell's 150 TOMATO SOUP Const 290 APPLE BUTTER No. 1 Tall 28 oz. 190 CHARLES WICKER IS NOW IN CHARGE OF OUK MEAT MARKET PLENTY FREE PARKING MAYS IGA Super Market West Highway 18 Blytheville, Ark. Phone 6122

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