The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1934
Page 8
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CQUB1EB NEW* ooranat iixwa oo. M M — _ f , fc»»;iuuon»] Adwrusnt *ft**«M n*Ul«i, too, NSW York, 0*to*to. IMtKO, Bt, Lou!*, DtllM, EUptfe Clt.y.WempWi. accpt 8uno»jr, entered u seeons uUsa matter »( the po*t oflioe it B^UxvUH, Ar- UDSU, under act at CoocrMi, October 9, 1817. Served DV RIB nruwn SUBSCRIPTION RATES By timer m me Oiy 01 f6jO per yew IB I5c pel mil within a nditt of H mil* «S40 ptr «*) for •i v*«vy *w ••* j^Hwn^Bif <DC JOT T1*TM ttOAUtti „ «•>! in poMil MM two to tix. todutWe, DM pfcr je«r, ia MOW jenfa «no «USt, «!>*> per year, pt)«Me ID ' old'Key /d Industrial Jafn I- An admialstiation tlial came into office to the Wne o| a nation-wide banking collapse and the almost complete stagnation of bade and industry, is being foicefl by the irresistible logic of circumstanced lo discover in unemployment the key log of the entire ' 'jam. -,, . ,, • • The banks have 'been put on their ^feet, and trade and indiibtiy aie :|je- ing fetimuliitedj but 8,000,000 uhem- , Jgloyell men can cast a longei sliadow than ciobccl banks and unbalanced profit ledgers, and jf then condition J_ cannot be impioved the mipioveme'nts ^that are made in other ijuaiteis are " not likely to bo p pel maneiit. It IB this-facloi in the, siluation , which is moie and mm c iconung to oc- «upy the center of the administiabion's . 'Sttehtion. It is icHccted in the president's recent asaeition that he "will not accept as « 'hecessaiy tonchtion of our future a permanent aimy of un r ^employed"; and it bids ian to give tlw ddmimstratidn an extiaouiinaiily complex (prolilem. •',.- •••!+. * * It ,is interesting to aiialj/e tlie unemployment army V A few months ago Isadoi Liibiii, U. S. commissioner of laboi st.itiistics, - made analysis He found that -, factolies making loiibumeib' goods — food,' dctluug, luMiiies, shoes, and so ? orf— are now employing only dO.0,000 , fewei persons than they employ eel in J929. The diuable gooils industries— '. .those which pioduce things used in 1 Hh'e hiakmg of .othei things— aic, on the other hand, mow employing l,BOO,'000 knei peisoiib tlwn they employed in 1929. Employment ill the raihoad, mining 1 and "seivice" industiies is about 2,000,'000 below the 1.929 level. • • » Thus, in these gieat iiMlitelnal and Inismcbb gioups, a complete leturn to , the 1929 level would icsult in reemployment of duly 4,000,000 men. And moie than twice that mnrbci, by the most conservative figtncs, are now idle! Wheie do \\e twn, then? Most of the remaining jobless, says ih Lnbin, originally worked in building construction, ion the farms, and in piofcssiohal and domestic SGI vice The new hous- COURIER NEW3 ..hit' program may restore jobs to those, in the .first group; improvement in the farm situation is the key to the second group; and only H genera), all- .•irouml business revival will take care of the third. Analyzed in this way, it is obvious that the unemployment problem is far from simple. No ojie program, by itself, will coine close to solving it. There must Jjc a broad attack on 'many fronts. —Bruce Cation. Mos/ Traffic Mishaps Result From Haste ' . is nothing' on „ \V'hich people disagree much more widelyitlian on the (lueslioh,: What causes- autljnoljilt! accidents? : ' , '•>.. : < ! Everyone has his -own pel theory ; anri usually— human •.nature being whk(| it is— we are inclined to bjamc UiWii particular faults of which we know we' .^.ourselves arc never guilty, ! • :VBut there isn't such a great (leal of room ; for argument, after all. >A lot • of i)«i'HsU«k 1 itigJwoi < k''hii/ib'c'eu.(loiie in ; tabulation and Analysis .of fatal tityiic accidents, and 'the 'thing's!, which' cruise , ^tragedies,, are pretty 'clear.- Statisticians of the Traveler** Insurance Company recently drew up a table covering fatal traffic accidents for ; 1933, as officially reported by the various stales. . * * * They found • that i« more than JJ2 per cent of the fatal accidents in which drivers 'were found 1 0 be at fault, , a driver hiid been e.xaoedii)j> die speed limit, in 13 ; per ..eeh^ofi c ilii>.. cases, a : driver;, had :btien ..'o'lv/llur wrong' side- of' the roiui: In air ^qual- number of cases, a driver had .taken .the right of wify- when he was not entitled. to it. J» upwards of 5 peir!, a driver had been guilty oi r ''ciittit!E ; in," passing a standing street 'car, ..passing on a curve or. a hill, or .passing on the wrong side.. : In inear-ly 1!) per-. .cent, a driver had driven completely' faff^he roadway, in nearly '9 per cent vthe cause could 'be listed only as "'reckless driving. , ; '.•'.. Nfojv. the thing to notice, as tlie in- siiranct! company statisticians point out, isj'tliat all these causes, lumped .together, are practically syrionj'iuouY for "heedless, needless •haste: 1 '' They are the sort of offenses that are committed when a driver is in such a big/hurry that he fails, 'to tench to his •knitting. , : - , .',',';. , — Bruce Cation. w Cold" Season Here; "Coddle Yourself If You're Easy Victim •It nn organized minority, through what nmomits lo open revolt, can compel revision •of luws while (iemaiidlng .support -from governmental relief funds, then brdeVly government Imngs In the balnncc. ^Hobc'rt L. Lithd, president Nnllonul Association or • Manufacturers. * * * . ' • It should be established that iiiry stnlc is entitled to demand reasonable security from Us near and remote neighbors, .-trhrs, however, should never be interpreted as'ctilslrust.' —MBX- . im Litvinov, Soviet' commissar^.jto'r'foroign nf- fnire. '. fi ..'•. ' i ' OUT OUR WAY Williams THIO.TV VSfiR.5 TOO SOON By Gtorge Clark BY nn. Mortius FISIIBCIN ' Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association ,ind of II) ecli I lie Health Mtfrizlne I-ooic out for a cold at this time of \car, especially it you are eisilj •iscB»tlbIc to one. For thli Is the season when colds begin Boys and ^Ms return to school People who -have lived n ;rcat dell outdoors during the sum ncr, move Indoors. Ami many of is will si I for hours exposed to tile' elemcnls, at football games: It Is such sudden changes In tem- pcrnUire and other conditions that tna\ Jower vitality ^niid ghe waj lo ,old although the exact cause of Ihe common told Is not jet known Colds also nrc passerl from one iwr son .to another- by. coughing and sneezing Furthermore a diet hiat contains Insufficient litanims and mineral sails may lowei vltalitj and ieavb jon susceptible to a cold Chronic infections in nose and Ihroit ind in (lit cir mil} do so And so m ij interference with breathing through improper construction of'th'e nose; It you. catch .colds, .easily,. J-QI.I. should undergo nn .examination-as lo lite sneclnl c-orslitlons :cxisting -in your .system which might, be related to the ninnner In which -you ciitcli cold.- ; : • * » Through the experiencc'of many, years, '(cchnics have been worked out for Inking care ot the ordinary, cold, although it Is not certain Hint any qrthesc technics will actually stop a cold or .cure -It. The summary of the best, ndvice includes n few simple procedures. In the first place It seems ,(o he generally believed that alk/illnlzn- tion of the body is desirable.J'Tiiis muy bij accomplished by taking nl- knllnc.Urinks,. such as orange! juice; arid Icmoirjnlec hi the form of oif' niigcixde, ; arid lemonade,, which n't. tlji'jjsartie lime supplies plenty o'f water. \i(, the body. [• The taking or plpnly of water is known to be useful, not- only for nnsliing the and the kidneys, but also for protecting the body against fever. The alkaline solution ,may .also be taken In (lie form ot small doses''of .the citrates or bicarbonntes, but it is best not to undertake that type of Irealnicnt without medical advice. It is usually considered desirable to have the intesinal tiact clean. : does not mean Dial strong calrmrl.ies shooulrt be taken, but nnji'of 'the. usual 'mlld-riiieasiircs may be tried./ " '•It Is;best to go to bed and lo stay lhe;c 'until' lh c cold disappears WlUte in bed you should keep warm but not hot. The danger in oter- hcating lhc body Is lhc possibility of chilling, with the onset ol another cold. \ Because the lips and the nose m ly be ..irritated, lubrication in the form of 'simple ointments mny be ap- pl!ed.\ Sometimes stimulalum or the circulation or tlie blood u attempted by pfichig the feet In hot mustard baths-Olid by rubbing irritants on the skin.-. The value of these measures is questionable, but, they seem lo do litlle, it nny. harm. There is no good evidence lo establish the use of nose and throat antiseptics Once established, the cold runs n mild, course In most cases Too much, spraying of the nose may drive the infection into the ears. The same 'result may follow too vigorous blowing of the .hose. Babies cannot blow their uoses ordinarily, so that it is usually helpful to drop suitably medicated oils in the noSf with .1 dropper. Tills helps to .relieve the child or the mucus. Use of the Isrm "coddling' 1 a cold Is or treatmonl — one highly protective and the .other completely . disregarding'. It .is -not well to dis- THURSDAY, OCTOBER U, 1934 OUR BOARDING HOUSE —^~ " '; Ahen? •TU' UfiLE I <$ISO ¥&% IT'LL. TOR iT.wr-rHWJoWTf S^E \FVOU- SAILS T>OWKl-ro#qb/ i tSKoE AN^^I^^-^^rMlNSTBEL "DON'T YOU fYVJ&o START •DRArfSfclSf OUT TrV ANVIL, SAVIN THIS "DIAMOND %. "FORTUNE T>5 HOLD rAtLK/yf* "BROXEfN , HE NOUGHTS/ regard the condition comiiletcly, because .such disregard may result n> dcvclopmciil of a •much worse condition. Reasonable coddling of a ny illness is tile ijart- of tliosc ivjio 1 are wise. Lightning Iturni'd Corn sulk SUNBURY, ' Pn. (UP)— Lightning played one ol its ilicculiar .tricks at n Tnrm near here. A to'oll during a thinxierslonn struck a single alalk or corn in a field, burning- it (o a.' crisp, otiicr stalks around Wind-and Frost Aided In Cutting Huge Coulee CODLEK DA^r, Wnsll. (UP) — Grand Coulee, the great gap through which the Columbia river now Hows, site of the $62,000,000 (lam project was iormed bj forces .otlier. Ihan water, Hopkins, former U. , were undnmngRd. pgist, believes Major Hopkins Major -W. a. S. Army geol- snid wind and ftost as \\ell as watei ftppaientlj had,.cut the coulee during a pe boy to his death." CHAPTER VII was no answer from % publisher of The Rlade, Imt an abrupt, negative nod of tlie head. Kenney. llio city editor, pressed, tlie receiver support down; Into place, tlicn raised it again. ," lc "Miss'West," lie went on, "this, .is , , . Dick- Kennoy. Will you gel nits'hill Osborno on Itio lino riglit away? Yes, I'll hold tho line ... hello, mil, this is Kenney. Kiion lias just telephoned in (roin headquarters. Ho's ricked up a radio call. Tiio police liavo found a body out on tho out•skirts of town. Sanborao and 1D2<I Btrccls. It's .1 subdivision that's Eono sour. Tliero aro only a few houses out iliero. Tho police think tho body 1s ot Charles Morden. "Tako Sam Lano with you. Go down to headquarters and get OD tho job. Contact . tho homicide t(iiiad. Tell tlictu that Morden was working on an Important matter And (hat we'ro going to movo Vou can pass iho word that Tho Blado ia going to ,. ,. "•"-" Y ° U flnd lh ° 6vervw B r cltaned i,l cleaned u ft , P ' Ck ^ ,^ Understand?" Ae receiver bnc!c into place. "Poor dsvil," ha said. Sleeker mads a lit, Fargettett Murder it and when, with I o i matter bt HERE TOI1AV MOUDKX, rr, i-BANk .«;-oA-njAY" i ;, ! ! Hlvcrvie.v, utnllhy nn d ,,r,,nil. "fin, l.rouitlil la in.llcc,u;.r- li.-r> ..n -uni.lcUin of ilrlvlni; uhllc find nccnuipanlrd liyln whi. ealia SlAB* I1UU1GS, hitch. hEkyr. . Xr.xt liny .11 .U learned ll.;.t -lhc ;... IVH* .nn InitMiHlnr. - 'riu- real nlliny dcninhtl .,.,._.„?. _ rulrnutlmi. DAJ« III.KUKMn. IUT imT.llHhcr-ilf Tlip II ylnccd thill "juimcllilnt- 1^ ilali^" Murden lit ulvrrvlc^r. 'to nrn nil he .con til.nut Cnlhnyl'-> .mis. uAirKAi'iuiii. «n .nicobct nnil Inters him to tl.r I'nlncc iififel Inr :i r.mfeTrnr.v ullh her hiiM. hninl'. ltKV7er.UI.IAIIl.ns r-|^l,rr,nj« Ci.ll.llv will foiccl lil« Krl.-vnTue If Thi- i...liU«l.c» n r.-trriullc*».' 'lllcehcr _ntvrct:a ,tn du Ovor the tclriilmnc nnt ilnT "KXXBV, <-II» Pdllor, litinm that »u.\v GO',ON ..\vrru 1 The pofice hwt found a loiy ilj lhal of Charle boy to his death. 1 didn't know It, and ho. didn't know it, aid i/3!ec/icr, "itnl that what it amounted lo." rlod of thoiisnntis .of years/'Many geologists have held the out' wns made by the swift-flowing' waters of the river, once much larger than at present. Eiamine Heating Syslfcm The attention which tlie heitmg plint receives in fceptcmbei \ery largels deterjntnes Hi perloi mince in October and Novembei AIIJ repairs or replacements round advisable imj be financed undci tlie easy payment plan of the JFccicral Housing Administration. slowly ou lha desk. ' • disclosed them in -three days- I, ho said slowly, "sent, "Weil," Kennoy remarked, "Griff , but Uial's . n we get any clews trom what ho was working on?" Kenney askcuV "The body was fouiul 20' minutes ago. Ho'il been dca'il 5l. hours. Tho Imck oD his head was smashed, He'd been taken. out there aiid duinnei)." "He Iclefi^ipncd yesterday," hlcc- H c iW'''' " tl:n 't, t \e,was i 11'i v.j.i.. uv .>n« \.grKinjqn n oAivf.'iJtn'l. IloML-idlo piny around J ii-Jth some .woman io cultivalo :it. Ho flifln't mention namei!,". Yon go Bljead-aml lianclle this tlitiiK. Ken- li'ey. Put ns many men'on fha'Job •is'are necessary. Jlorden was one of our boys. Ho was bumped olt. We'ro going to avenso his murder. Moro tlian that, it's an Insult to tho paper. We're going to clean Ihis thing up, It wo have to move heaven and cartli. I'm going lo seo Sidney. Griff, tlio criminologlst." • • « TT'ENNEY wtiisljcil. •^*- "There's more- to tills cnae," DIeoker went ou, "than arrears on tho surface." "Ot course there is," Kenney said. can tell us inoro about It. He's gODil-tljo best crlmlnologist ID tiio country toilay. Wlien ypu'ro talk- Ing willi.bim,.try.,iml set some .Information out ot him about a man by tho namo ot Tiiomas Decker. Decker .was a witness to the murder ot Edward.Shiningby. a privale detective, Philip r.ampson - the gnugslcr they call 'Cincinnati fte)' — Is. held under arrest. Tha slory goes that Docker was frightened be- causo lie.-waa a .witness. Ho went to Grift, and Crilt has buried him somewlierp. Ho says he'll produce Pecker tit the ti mo ot trial, but Ihats alhho'll say. There's a slory in it if we could get Griff to talk." 'Ho won't," Sleeker said. "There's no barm in Irylnc," Kenney Insisted. , , lont slrides. r ° 0m lia- Bt-EEKER, seated at his flesh, got Ethel West on tho lei- d said. "Get mo Sidney criminologlst. Tell -hljii t to see htm upon " *~~* major Importance. " [or tor J e Frei1 thera ' w Blceker shook his head slowly. Kennoy," ho said. " M ™ , gain or Jeal , gan or eal 0t ^ OU ,vI° P ou3y - Thereto^ wo jump a the ' «°= lflslon immediate- [y flplro Cathay , was mixed up in ijr H6U.U x.rtiiirtj'• »ii!> llll.\eu up (rj his bead and dropped it. Bill Cathay Is a prominent citl- *""•'• '— -'--- zcn. It there aro any skeletons in his closet they'd be buried so deeply It » casual InTssttgallou wouldg') Uve case until after dinner loalgfit, I'd liko lo sco .him this evening." Tho tclepliono rang. Blceker snapped-the receiver from and heard Etlicl West-say, "Mr. win .will see you at-3:30'tonight it that Is convenient." "Quite," Bleeksr said. "Now g«t me Iho editor ot The Rlver'visw isked. Chronicle, In RIvcrvlcw. Rush the call." • ' He dropped the receiver back Into position but held his hand on minute and n half, the telephone rang ho snapped tho receiver to lib eir with a quick motion ' Hello bo said • is this BecMcy of Tho Bivervisv Chronicle' This ja Din Blcolter ot Tha Blade \\» ent a man up to look over your Dippings on Frank B Cathay A chap named Mordon Did you ffivo liim.anyMnformatloir 1 ?- ' Bleeker listened for a short lime, then nodded his head . ho said ' I want you to do something for me There may ba a big story In It I want you to find .out tor pie .where Prank :B. Cathay «a se='orddy ifternoon In the morning ff possible but in tho afternoon for certain 1 want to know every move Iia made You :an go to any necessary expense and send the bill to me Hes what 7 Are you certiin •> Check tbit will you' -Vou call me back just .as soon as jou flnd out. If I m not Itera sou cin leave any Information with TOiol 'Viest my secretary * « • gLEEKER dropped the receiver back into position left hi s prl- vite office and pounded through lira outer office with swift nenoua strliles He turned to the right in the corridor, walked down a Ions rausty pissngeway with a stock room occupying the space on the lett.'a photographer's Toora with 'a wries of dart rooms on tho rfgin. [io p-is^ed n room from which cama •lie claek of pounding typewriters lri\en at high speed -ind pushed, bin w-ij into Dick Kenney s prints office 't telephoned .Reckley of The *lvcrvlew Chronicle," ho safil. "for • i report on Cathay. He -tells 'vfy •lint Cathay was taken very siirl- lenly and seriously ill yesterday morning and has been in bed ever since. I told htm. to. verify It."'', "You tliiiifc Catlia'y and MordBn mil a. conference- Gomewliero.7" iked Kenney. ' "I'm not thinking nnylhlng Jngt.' vet." niseker told iilm. "I'm Bet- ing facu;. I hav6 an .appolnlni'rnt 'OT S:SO tonight with Sidney Rclff, \ .Vhal have yon found out frpni heatlqitiirlers? Anything!" "it's Morden all right," said grimly. , The telephone .on Kenhey's desk shrlllert Into sound. Kanner 'rowned and,pi01e4.lha .receiver to ils car. , "JCehney speaking,"-he said mo- :hanically..tnen nodded .to .'Bleek'ar., 'It's for you," hq said. • • / -Illecker .took-the receiver. sa.Jii 'Hello, this ;!s Sleeker," and -tt|b'n nodded.lo Kenney. •.- ' "This is Ions distance," : lie said. 1 liverv^ew calling. They're-comins now....... Hello.-B«ckley . . . .-3 ... you're certain . . . there's no:Clianc8^f a mistake >. . . I . . okay. .Tlianks aver BO .niiicli. .it makca ft" good story for yon' at that end anyway. Huh . . . yei, we'll riin Bomothlng .on It down jere. Telephone 113 a .complete • re-, Dort^ < ' ' ' - ., Ho handed-the telephdna back to Kcnncy. K?nney replaced tlie r«- celver, dropped ' \1i» -telepboBO into wsition da tho ,de|j(> aid -rate*4 ils iyebrowa at Eletief, ', '".What .did .you-find oulP , h» ( l (To.B« Continued) ',' :| ' ban'Blcek'cr Thin SIJ B ', r Griff,

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