The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS, THE BLTTHEVIIJJS ABUT AIR Published dally except Sunday* In the Interest of the personnel of the Army Air Forces Ad- v»nc«l Two Engine Flyln* School of Blythevllle, by th< Blythevllle Courier Newi. It contains the news of UM All Base. NEWS Policing The Grounds No minor maladuslmeiH .disturbs ic checrfiil smile of Tech. Scrjjl. arry Moskwa, chief clerk of tile l»clal Orders nepiirlmciit at Post leadqimrteis. lie kept on smiling luring the past week, even thoush ic was doing not only his own ork but that of his assistant, icrgt. Tommy TCHBUB, on furlough, ind Mrs. John Osbonie, miinca- raph o|»ralor. Mrs. Osljorno went home lo Malla to spend luree days with her mrents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jol- ff. It was a regular family rc- inion.'The houseful included Mrs. sborne's sister and her husband, wr. and Mrs. Charles Rowland of ast Orange, N. J., and her bro- ter Charles, a .s-tmlcnl at (he niversily of Arkansas. Tliosc ingcnioiK and mcchanl- :ally minded' feltoivs at ihe Base )pcralions Building have rigged ip a water cooler. The lap water roulcd through a coil sunk lu box of Ice. So Ihcy drink ice alcr these hot, days. Promotions arc unfrozen in Ihe oulheast Training Center. This ood news circulated about Ihe Air ase yesterday, bringing hope-'to Is who have been yearning fu- lely for stripes all these many cefcs. Recommeixlallons are going i now. Some scores of second and ret lieutenants are looking liopc- ul, too. The pfc who last January quawkccl lhat il was too cold or physical training now thinks it loo hot. He's the-man whothreat- icd to yo to OCS if he isnt pro- lotcd this month to corporal. of (he boys have been muUcrlng darkly about lli c rule book and surreptitious ways In which a ball drops Inlo a pocket wlllioul henc- fll of cue. Pvt. Edcar Norvcll says he found t wasn't gunfire lhat awakened him. as he supposed, when he dived under his bunk, and stuffed a pillow In each ear. Il c declares It was crcaklns joints as Seigt. Harold R. Williams did knee-bending exercises. . Slaff 8cret. aitmind J. Smith, who has been mentioned In Ihls column from |i mc to lime as occasion requires in Ihe discharge of the duty of keeping the public advised as to mailers of nole, Is not a subscriber .to this newspaper, which.sells at a very reasonable rale and Is well worth reading at all limes. Every morning- he slops In at, lite Public Relations Office to see lust night's Issue. (Thai's him just came hin to read this piece.) The post Tailor Shop can't give oiie-ay service on cleaning and pressing. Here's the reason: The shop has lo alter five gni-incnts for each cadet as lie graduates, it all has to be clone Iti about one week too. Guards at the West Gate listen to-the major league ball (,'iunes while they work. They have sel up a shelf, on Ihe wall of the guard house and have a small radio there. The Inter-squadron War Bond elling contest closed iUoncla}'. Re- ills arc being compiled by the pccinl Service Office. Names of inner. 1 ; will be announced soon. Who gets the prizes—$100 in War amis? First Scrgl. 'o. D.' Tucker of the 26th Squadron, is chief clerk, spc- al clerk,' assistant clerk and quadron clerk as well as top kick. is dorks are all in the hospital or i furlough. Second Lieut. Francis X. Foley, diitanl of the 32Gth, and acting O in the absence of Capt. Mead, as Ihrce brothers in service. TWO re first lieutenants and (lie third a corporal. His falhcr is a- po- cc official at Lawrence, Mass. The moustache which Corp. John Mike) Farr of the Photo Section prouted five months ago is now ill grown and mature, it is 'an tlractive sorrel color. Mice plague the Post Thealer: hey get in staff Sergt. Wallace okes hair. He is assistant manger, and lies waging a one-man •iltlc against them. A dozen trails are sot at strategic points." "The cheese," he says, "will fool them every lime." (Its popcorn 'dropped an the floor tlial makes 'up their slaple diet.) • ... ' Tile Guard Squadron -attended the wrestling matches enmassc, last Monday night, and PvIs. Frank 'Irepanowski and John Sweeney yelled advice lo the wrestlers, with (he counsel nnd support of -their fellow guards. .To their delight the wrestlers carried out some of the instructions. Among (he guards who thus look part in the matches were. Scrgt. James Crance, Sergt Elmer Kcndricks, Ptc. George Stahl Pvt James Braswell, Pvt. Joe Pav'elock Pvl. James Dencly and Pvt. Ed Nor- vcll. Scrgt, Elmer (Fingers) Kcndricks is. the ix>ol shark of lhc o Uiird Squadron. He seldom loses. .Some Scrgt. William Danhart of Ihe 28th. got cauglil. Recently he received a telephone call from a girl. Her voice sounded familiar and he dicin't want to admit Hint he couldn't think who she was. She suggested that he drop by some night. He'gallantly expressed his willingness. Then Ihe 'phone began lo pop and crackle. 11 was his "steady" checking on the faithfulness of her swain. .She had disguised her voice by placiii!; a handkerchief over the mouthpiece and had learned just what she had been suspecting for'a long time. It was sometime later when the wilted, dazed and subdued sciueant put down the receiver. Noticing his condition, friends, asked the, reason and finally got the story from the non-com. "You're going to have to marry yourself out of that one," one kind soul commented. This column reported Ihe other day that Staff Sergt. Edmund Smith's life is an "open book." Sergt. Guy Ladoccur adds the' postscript, "But it's for mature readers only." Lieutenant Angell of the Athletic Department can't sit down. He slid for home while trying lo make ipniethin gimporlant of a one-base lit in a so/tball game, and he was wearing. only track pants. . First •Sergeant Brls of the 703rd, will shop for a car while on three day pass. His pals arc curious. He says, "When the day is ended I'm tired and don't want to do any I more walking." Those close to him, however, say, "Sounds like romance to us." AiiKANSAS, SATl/UDAY, JUNIO 5, liM: }o\\\\ B. Daniels Has Previously Served In Naval Reserves, Marines A San DicKO policeman who l.s serving In his third brunch of the Armed Forces Is nn nvlntlon ciulcl lu the nnnl weok.s of Ills training us n nllot of homoer nlrcraft ill (lie lilythovillo Army Air Kleld. He k Cadet John 11. Diinlels. WPHITI- nf the C'lilim Service Ullj. hon ;incl the Good Conduct Mcdnl ejimcd us a Mnrlne JIOJD )037 to 1941. Dctore thnl ho wns In (he Unllecl StiiU'a Nnvnl Reserve for two years. In n few weeks he expects to add the pilot's silver wings. And nfler Unit—well, the Disllnyulshed Flyiny Cross and two or three camimign badges would look good Ciiclet Daniels' father was a lleii- lennnl coinmatulcr in Uic Navy will) 28 years of service wlicrevcr Uncle Sam's wnrshlps hnvc carried the Amcrlcuii nag. The cadet is Die son of Mrs Nellie S. Daniels. 4835 Bloiia Drive] Sail Uicgo. He Is married, lo ihe former Miss Vivian E. Prlsblc of Snn Dlc[jo. and lliuy arc ihe parents of a son, Gary, 2'.'; years CITS 10 lEJlETIC Future Pilots Al] Must Participate In Decathalon Contest At Post Can you sprint 100 yards In 13 seconds? Can you run the 220-yard dash in 30 seconds? chin the" bar 10 tunes? Bo 20 pushups? put th c shot 25 feet? Do a five-toot, jump and an 18-foot broadjump? If you can, then yon pass thc physical standards expected of an avialion cadet. If j-oii happen to lie weak in any one of these seven cvenls. you can still make the minimum standards if, instead you toss the football 35 yards, or 15 basketball throws out of 25 tries. And then there's always Ihe obstacle course. You must run the 440-yard course with Its 23 obstacles in upt more than Ihreq minutes and five seconds. Tliesc are the minimum requirements as established In a dccatha- '011 contest in which all cadels of Class 43-G must, lake part. They're supposed lo bo good In seven of :he 10 events; for they're men who iad to pass rigid examinations to lie scleclcd as future pilols of lhc Army Air Forces, and Ihcy have been in constant alhlclic training 'or 30 weeks. The dccalhalon contest -begun yesterday at the Blythcvillc Army Air Field: From now until they graduate In July, they will be gong through these events on the raining field in the Alhlclic Area. And finally, jusl before graduation, a final conlcst will deckle the I champion of Ihe dccalhalon. He will be awarded a trophy, and placqucs will be given Ihe second and ihfrd place winners. Chorus Will Sing At Chapel Sunday The Officers Wives Chorus, directed -by Mrs. David L. Moore, and composed of some 12 persons will give special program selections at the morning service of worship at the Post Chapel tomorrow. This group has mnde a fine contribution Co services in the pnst. All persons of the Protestant faith among the Army personnel and :ivillan employees 'of the Field are invited to 'attend this service am! all other services cotulucled al Ihe Post Chapel. JSiggtst V Mail Slalion SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. (UP) — This city has' the largest Fleet V mail station in lhc world. To help handle it and oilier fleet and army mail, poslal employees in San Francisco have risen from G28 persons in 1939 lo 16.000 al present. A (ire overshoe made from brake lining asbestos is being used by a New York man apparently with satisfactory results. FUNNY BUSENESS Performance Of AT-6C No. 300 Tribute To Builders, Mechanics AT-CC No. 300 is (he ship of lhc month. ninlii!,' May It wn.s in (he nlr lonser limn .nny other irnlnhiB .ship of the lilythcvlllc Army All- Field, if It had been piloted at inaxiuiunr speed din-Ing nil of the time It was uloft. It could hnvc iimde .six round-trips (o Tokyo. H is nn advaiuvd-lrniniiu!, slu- Ble-enijliic. bomlicr-lyiie Klrplnnu iisslsiicd to Ihe VflOth Plylnu 'naln- int; StiiiiKlroii. 'I'hls type of aircraft Is one of the mast popular, dependable and of/lclonl «r thl' bomber-tniinlin! ships. And AT-CC No. 300 is one of the bi'sl. of them nil. Wlmt miikcs 11 the l)i\siy U Ik representiitlve of the thicsl work of Uncle Bain's nvlullnn cnulnecrs who desinued this model. It Is miide of high (iiiallly mnlerlnls. for despite the rapid rule of iilr- craft liroduellan, America l.s not .-ciiilliiB pilou Into the uir In in- lor planes. Last, bill not leasl. 'I was maintained niul seivliw,! IhroiiBhout Ihe month by Ser«t. John T. Moore, crew clili'f, »i»l Corp. Miirvin A. llobljs. meclmnlc. The two non-coms me \vell- lrained speciahsls with » keen In- nnd pride in their work Ihcy carefully prc-lllBht their pane licfore each Irip Into (he clouds. They check thc wiring, make sure the Instruments n re working peifcclly, replace • faully •spill k|)!i;|,'s. Afloi the ship 1ms been < \ n (]„. r tor 25 hour.s Ilicy btliiK II In lor a llioiDUKh Inspecllim from pio- l»'llni to |,il|. More Ihoroufc'h lii- sptvllons me iiuule alter SO liour.s niul 100 boms of llyinn (line. '1'liey nisi) wash H. daily and polish ihe lui'lid fuseliinc until H ijleiiins. Wlic'ii Mixirc nnd llolibs sny tlu> plaiie is ready lo B o. n pllni can I'll!*.' II Illld (III! nil- Wllhoilt II •laiihii and In the raill/iillon ihui hi' ni-i'd fwir no li-chnini! lixiiibli* Ki'i'm'niH Moore learned his Inidc il » li'i'hnleiil whnol nfli'i- hi^ i'li- llsU-d In I'Vbiuary, loll, A former liH'hiiicluu for the Unllcd stud's Km in coiilrol Ki-rvlcc, he luus always been Interested in «:| ( .n n > mid so had Hide difficulty tu in.- omliiu n full.JU'diicd and capalile roisi- monkey." .'oi-poi-m n,,r,b,s Icin-iH-il lo per-' fi'iin minor rc'imli-.s on u moior K-k lu ,'ivlllnn life in his home cl Midland,-Ark. AcconlliiKlv Ills iu-i|iiiiliuiuice.sht|) with lools' and his nalnral benl for ini'eliiiiiic.s ma<lo U easy for him to learn Ihe Intrloacio.s of ali-[ilane mntors wlr- Ins "ml s(riielm-c. lie has never nlleiideil aviation inechaiilc's scluiol mid limned his timlc (hroiii'li nc- lual experience. 'I' are lhc men \i-Jio ltln( |,, if A'I'-GU No. 'MO lhc "|,l,,nc of Hie month." Canine Sentries To Help Guard Vital Points At AAF Post Here Dogs will walk post with sentries guard strategic points at the "lylhcvillo Army Air Field. 1'liey will be trained animals, •schooled In Army jxilice methods "t- Itie famous K-n Corps headquarters at Fort Robinson, Neb Quiet and obedient, they will fly n t the lliroal of an intruder at a word from (heir ma.vler, <iml will fiBhl fcroolonsly until (hey t \\K or are called off by the command of the man they arc taught to obey Corporal Elmer c. Campbell of the Guard Squadron, has been as- ned as chief of lhc dog police uad. nnd as their Iralticr. He has been sent lo the K-n headquarters at Foil Robinson, where he will lake a special course lo fit him for this highly spccialt/cd activity. Upon his return, Corporal Camp- 1'ell, us a trained specialist, will win W mV'"" " 1C rm "' "" " s »hlcl) ivlll be nssluucd for duly nt inis station, ami will train olher members of Ihe Guard , IJ1(1 „(„„, dogs which may Inter l )0 added to Ihe Ciinrd Squadron. An experienced horse trainer Corporal cnmpbcll was selected for' inc nsslginnenl because of his Knowledge of animals anil his nbll- ly (o (rain (hem. In civilian life he called Norrlslown, i>a home buMiiis trained horses throughout' Ihe United States.-..»; Until he ivas assigned to (hu Guard Squadron. Corporal Campbell W (, s „ nu | lo mc:L .| llu ,|,,. s | |C | er m lhc 700th Squadron. Ilc joined the Army Air Forces In Scp- Icmber and was assigned to this station In October, Army Will Name New Division After Famous Rainbow of 1918 Hold Everytliinff 1 ""—•^^^•^•3gajnmjm«L!H.i»CT.M.iKmnT/i»j \.-l keep him perfumed-8o we can find him duriua MarioiiUl" •' . "My sister's boy friend got a [medal, but all you bring home is dishpan hands!" PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Try our "Own Hide" lee Cream Ote Hickory lnn| ACVOM tnm PORT LEAVENWORTII, Knil. (UP)—The Hiiinhow Division soon will inarch again, following in Hie gnllanl tniililion of Us predecessor on the hnltlofleUls of Prance 25 years ago. ArraiiKements for the division's •cnctlvnllon have been miulc liy Gen. Hnrry J. Collins and his slnlf iiHl officinls of thc Rainbow Division Veterans Asxochilion, includ- B Presiiient, Albert Hoyt niul Pjist residents Mntthcw A. Tinley, iiby D. Ciarrctl. lia'rre IJiiuncii- thal and Fred Crawford. Jr. The War Dciwrlmcnt lias set July H us inoblliKillon dny for lhc lew division—ofTicinlly the 42nd Infanlry Division, which, like iUi >redcccs.sor, will be made up of men from sill parts of the country. The dale and hour, 11:45 p m was chosen lo permit Hie Halnbow' veterans lo celebialc their memorial ceremony, known as the "ChninpngHo Hour." in the presence of Die Division al Camii Cruder, Okla. it was at that horn Ihnl the Baltic of ChnmiKienc lic- gan. Interstate Commerce Commissioner J. Monroe Johnson, former colonel of engineers of lhc Division, will l-,c master of ceremonies for (he evenl. Ill the Afsnc-Marnc campaign of •""' 118 ; callc(l 1)y thc F >™*> ish, the Second Hattle of the Manic, the Uiiinlinw performed many deeds of siillimlry: The Itnin- bow, [eft nn imperlslinblc record In the Clmmi)H|>nc nnd Sedun incus, at at. Mlhlct anil In lhc Mcusc- Ariibnne cninpnl|>n. It w«s the only Amerlcnn division to withstand lhc Gcnniin ut- Inck ul C'lin;ii|)HBii(! on July M nnd 15. 1B18. With the French. Ihe division launched n coiitiicr-oirctisli'c nnd drove the Germans to Scdnn -mid lhc Armistice. Five Coiijjn'KNioiinl medals of honor were nwnnlcd to mcinliers of lhc old Rainbow, including (lie then i,l. Col. William j. Donovan, who Inter commanded New York's famous Bath r)ci;lment. A sixth inctliil has since been awarded to Gen. Doncla.s MncAr- Ihur, who coinniHiidcd Ilic Division in lhc days of Its greatest records. His medal came, however, nfler lhc Philippine cinnpnlgn In Ihe present war. I'lrsl Alii for Illislers I.OS ANGELES. Cal. <UI'>—Women vohmlccrs in thn USO here oiler nisi nld service to men of lhc nrmed forces. The big demand is for aid to Misters on thc feet incurred In louring the film centers. Civilian Workers Subscribe 100 Per Cent; Two Invest $100 Monthly If evnyhiiily Jumped into the win- ollcnl with lhc patriotic enthusiasm ol the clvlllnn i-mployee*. of Ihe Siibdi'piit. Mussolini could jnsl us well .|iiU wlllioul nny inciru di'lny nnd lOsCorponil .'-'I'likkoluni- Iw cciuld Just us well cull oil Iho wheli' war ilxht now. 'J'lii. 1 moil inul H'uim-ii who work In Ihe hnncnis. shops, (van-houses nnd nlllio.s ill |ho .Snlxleiiol m-i. nil oul for Win lloml pnrolmm Kvory HIM- of || u . m is n Mibscrlbi'j; ncomdmi-, (o n icpurt by dipt. Alexander M. Hnlmison. Kllbdopol oimimiiudn-, even ihouiili sovoral ° r ">«>i ni'i- !• 'Inn lhc burden ol Mokiicwi and iillu-r cmeijiency ox- Mosl- of nir Kiibdenot folks lake n $a!i bund every pnyilny. Two do- all Ihi' way and nrc mlllun down a $100 bund ,.vcry time they sl Kn I In- payroll. Konilmi urn dohiK pinny well with n $50 bund every iimnili. J •Thill 1 * tin- wny our people reel »'«"il il." /nld Cniilnln Kobhison. lucres no hnlfwny measures lu H'lirklll;; lor |1|,. n .,,,. ,,[!„,.( rt j| W(( I'l-cd to know Is one tliln'n: whul mist he done to do u,,, j, )M A)1( , if II lake;; tin- imruhnsi! of Wnr '*• why^lhnl's what our folks Religious Bulletin allinlli! .Services: .Musses nt (i::io , m ,| M ,,. m . ,con- ssloiis Hnlimliiy, a . 0 „. Jl(i> ,„„, prior to masses on Sunday). "<tk duy masses a.s ni'monnced il Sunday services. I'mli-slanl Services: Sunday— I'rote.staiit services for Ncnro s»Jtilers nl a a, in, Cii-nc'ral I'roli'slaiil service (for nil Pi'olestiiia dciiomliuUlons) ,,1 10 11. m. Wednesday— fJcvotioiml .service for NCITO liooixs at 7 p. in. ilrtv/sh .Services: _l"rld.ay ovcnlni; lit 7 o'clock.' A chnpliiln Is on duly each ovo- nhili. Soldiers mo welcome lo lliclr counsel and help. The chapel is ulwnys o]x-u for prlvnlo prnycrs and dcvolions. Mr». Yost ToTTend Noncoms Wives Club A Noiicoiiimlsslo:ieil Officers Wives clubs wris ori:an[/cd Wednesday iiUcriiopn nt, the NCO Club In the Cllencoe Hotel. Officers were elected us lollows: President, Mrs. l>iuil I,. Vosl- vice president, Mrs. ::ai.«m Hoiircols- lecrctary, Mra. William J, frnsov Itcnsnrcr, Mrs. ,Jose])U Nlcodemns- director of publicity, Mrs . ,, llck N. Krlck. j Mis. I'rlce «iid Mrs. Vfcory were j named ns.slslunls to Mrs. S. S Nclms of Ihe mi;mbi-rslil|) fominll- Icc. Mrs. Uass nnd Mra. H(|idrcs will nsslsl Mrs. Krlek in the publicity division. Meeting will he held Wcdiicsdny nricrnuons nt a o'clock. Wives of noncommissioned officers arc cordially Invited. Visitors included baby I'miletli- Yosl, Muster J,n victory mid lillle Iflta Helms. Some owls prefer dayliuht to darkness. Bead Conner News want ads Offi cers" Uniforms Compare the fabric anrf workmanship (if fine Rarmcnls before buying! Hclfcr Hlouscs 37.75 I'/l:iK(i([uc Trousers , 13.75 ! Summer Trousers •'/_ y^O i Summer Shirts .• '_ §90 i Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales rh. 51D Eatl gtone, Shop rore»»n J07 E, Main I-'ITTKI) liY Dactou J. L «n«J J. C. GUARD OPTOMKTKISTS JW BLVTIIEVILLE SINCE 8PTICDL STORE 09 w. Main St. Phone 2912 TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE . . . SclhcrlhiK Taclory Method. No Corlificafe Kciiutrerl ()n TasMiiRcr Cars. Quick, Dcpcnd- nble Scrricc. LOT EICH rim* m SUHSGU11TIQN KATKS'ON REQUEST *7^ tie WJinl do you wiittl lo know? In (his column n veteran of ycnrs of cxpcili'iici! | () ,,|| || lc noncommlK.sloncd oil leer (jiadc.s nnswcrs iniestlnns on Army cusloms, pinctlci', tindlllon mid reniiliitlons. comiiirnt nnd ques- llons are Invited, Address coin- munlciitloiis lo Hie Pulillu IU-- lulldiis Olllccr, Army Air Field mythovlllo, Ark. Hciul In your l|ll('»l loiM. ny I'I;II;K j U'uriaiiKHricir.Ki,.,,,,, <|iir.stlon: How numy ,\ HyH fl)r . niKli Is » .soldier cnllilcd ( 0 ench ycnr? Answi-.r: Not any. A soldier Is not fill tleil to any days lui'loiiuh nl nny lime riiirlng any enlistment period. However, roiiiilnlloii.s rend lliul cniniiinndliio officers may Kinnl fiiil(ii)^h.<j niul pusses lo mi'inln'j-s of Iheir coiniiumds, l''in lonuhs and passes are n ivllcge e.\lcnd- l<> nil inlll- Iniy personnel liy (he Ciovern- mi'iH, In so fnr'Hinlltlonstiiny '"like U possible llicre Is no law or r e K u I n t Ion which makes tin: Mr. \Viirnk.-iii Rinnllnn of pnss- -•s or furloiiKlis miuulntory. KnrloiiKh nnd puss prlvlli-RCs may bo su.siii.'iidcd or ix'slrltiled whenever, In llu- opinion of the com- ninnilliiii "IJk'Or, Mich siisnejisloii or iratrlcllon Is (U'slrnblc. (iiicslloui if n soldier becomes sick nnd Is ndmllled lo nn Army hos|ill,nl while on fnrloiipli i s the '•irloiiKh cniicollod? Answer: If a noldler reports to I'll Army hospital for treatment while on furlouijli, his furloiiRh Is sHsiJonded iindl such time -us he la illMihni-Rcd from (hi! hospltnl. «nd then (h,- unnnal portion of He furloimh Is used, The Inclusive (lull's O f conlhu-meiii in |J I(! hos|)llal should he entered on Iho furloiiKh ccrtltlcnle by tin- snrncnn' This entry constllnli-s lli c iuilhorl- ty for bcliiu absent, sick, mid ror ifihiR of llm reporlliif- dnte for >' nppeiircd on <• *' r 'if Command To Playlere The Fourth 1'etry Ooiiunruid basc- nll lentil of Memphis W |]| n]liv hfl lllyLhcvllle Army Air Si k .iriem<,o,i ,,i 3 o'clock ul ll lc Air ru'm'n ' n ', t;1(crm(l » I'lilcDciulciils, a chili™ Icmm, w |t| ,,, fiy nl , Ai Utiso ,,l a o'clock tomorrow. ; lolh BHIUCS nrc ovcnt« .of the I'llcr •ijviuiH! .schedule. Tlic-tfonra- ^oro Itidependcnts, n clvlllnn team or tilt Lcnmic, failed lo n ,,,, cnr fol . Btad Courier Newt 4ant The Mndrrn Ice Unx COOIJ5BATOR For Iviioiininy nnd Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Hun* III 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Itcpair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dw»y & (Valnut ph. 555 SMALL LOANS Om Anything * V«lM. [ Main Lou Co. C. Mate - FhMu MM 1 De- I to Softball Aggregation ' feats 1066th Team I 9 Here Thursday The fOOIh dcfcaUd lhc lOCClh 11-a for Inch- fifth slrulshl victory In tin Inttr-sqimdron .softbnll ICIIKUO BHIIIO nt the Athletic Area 'fluirs- dny iiflornoon. Scluvnrl/.innii, In addlllon lo Ills fine pHchlnij, l,«tted llircc oul of four nnd accounted for two of the rims. In (lie oilier ninncs tho '103rd dc- fniU'd (he Mnnnce nnd Ordnance •Jl-2 nnd liiu 101st defeated Hie 32(illi n-io. 'I'liB Imx score of the 700th-10BClh cntnif wns: ' 9li(!| li . . AIJ H H Mornn 3rd ,j i 2 Vnllone cf ...,.'.',',', 400 Olrollo ss j 3 i Slrulieliis c ". 412 low '.:::::I \ \ Wlllkmvsky if".'.'.'. 3 i i •>» *t .'."..':.'.'.'.' 4 i i M a i i 11)011, Sawyer Hi Tallunlcli 3b Hill rf .' Larson c Sohmldt cl ..'. Mosscy 'a, ... CJrisiiner if ... IMvIs ss ....', vSehwiirt/ninii Cihiy su .; 38 11 17 i}' Mi's Arc No I, Always So %'«|)iilatioii,'MP.surc rough and niul iiardljolled. lint— ™"!"" 1 '''• Wnlsli or lllc S(|iiadron received a box of candy the oilier day, and w llh a ".note, which road: "In appreciation of your klnd- icss ami in •griillimle for ihe lime sou had In « 0 Ulug us a pass Into ' '' »H he nlKhl of April 28, we send MILS Illllo iciiiemhrance on Molh- cr.s Day, with ticst,-wishes" Oonmnil wabih had la'kcn tho oiiljlc, on thetilKlil.of a dunce nl the I'ost nccrcnllon Hall, fto;nvc- uu hnri'" 1 11>C Offlccr '" « llllr 8° lo « n ft ' > " nS -' > " !tir " M '° wo »'«» «ho had come from Wilson' lo. S, '"."si""''"""'! home for a O, r ul ° ? Comlm »My Service daiiec W Wer ° nltcll[i| nB-lliu Duo of lliem liad wisffully mc n"'"'"'I Uiat It would be nice If they Miild we the .girl., ,,,,<| "i i' ', lllc <"" r l>oi'al Kia clltl his uood turn for the day. Wlion Iho coiuilor of tho shoo Is iiroKtn 9,1,1 a . or ,,. i ll¥0 ]ul rol , a ( t u «'"l l'"t In n now hoc! llnliie. A rliif r«snlt Is is- nral, inuit Annul HflLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOP izi w. MAIN ST. I WK MM, AM. DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS ANI> SAVK VO1I MONKV STEWART'S Drug Stor e Main ,t ],aki- I'tmiic 2822 Mowers l'\ir Every Occasion ... Funeral designs, wedding (lowers, corsages. THE FLOWER SHOP WK DELIVER.'' GI.KNCOE UOTEI. BI.BO. I'lionc 4nt ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, novelties, etc., In Blylhevlllo than at Robinson's. Latest Magaxlnrt— Fountain Service Men! Meet Yonr Friend* it Robinson's I HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations UODY OF UNIFORM SHIRTS MADE SMAU.EK Khaki 75«! .Tropical $i; ,3-^ay Senlce Garrison Caps — Acceuoriei —

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