Louisiana State Gazette from New Orleans, Louisiana on June 1, 1819 · 2
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Louisiana State Gazette from New Orleans, Louisiana · 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1819
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i I t T 1 i Trti;v, 3ur.e 1.' i rput tlit fiiiitrstvn Cif f Gaxrtlt. Lalesi frum '-r Hatfia. 15y the acar. Maiy Ann, cantani Croft, we have received bv our tlUn'.iv correspondent - . . ... - ' iiian p-peia w 1 kl" 14 ,li91- !,c.u iv;, aud a tetter, froas w hiih li.t loilaw , Nothing ha occurred cf itiuch imv rr.cat sice my last (per l-'gil Tender.) several Javs ,SSt f it n; Tv 'ia:a c zaead that the lUm.il t'u- ?i rv iib.mtt be ceded U ;t-;.t H:i- !c.t a reg'diaUon ws n.tu..lly tw-cdiu relative tw.t'.-it purpose It ha stcSasioued m fcuiuiderabie stir i.i the f j rii'sU (xSo;ai cuc'.ci, but tLiio idea is ' .jtirc!y ridiculed. ; Lrt cancrltu?. debt, thcyei-j ' clain., and if it ii njected, let us clain ! or iatfepiitideiice.. Wc ore fa. hf il. e are ley at pimple, and wo-ld ,ht d our tat dron oi' bicud t: tes'ne our country to the height from bitu h. i: fallen. ,' canimi iicvcr f ubmit to ftui-iga ,ke - s- i.ui.ea i.uuca ysm.jv' The ll:itisi. ting i f tar Resvrr, ajt. Kin r;;vid h-re f.uirt J...iiio m tl.e 1 4it it. Sailed in cmr;a'iy t utth II. 15. M. stun K; i-ii.u, vt'n'n t!tr iijmirai of that station, bir II. ro;!iam. This vessel Was not yt armed. 4 The tLf. Wahoiu Uray, olVaM- Ta.ire, b u,i fsr tins poit, was lnt tn "V- on lie lirry l'ain:-. i's- tv.' i4d. 'Jwu! Hrt, 1 nearly ira'iy f r?e i; M-: r j Jos'fL, from and jr our p-it, alc w a . fidii'; brig Lilian. liaLneil, ditliar . -Dur Viarktt l.c Amcnrsn pmdace i as oectinvU Rice is a ditliccll a'..- at S.0 1-2 ; L.A 0 j t.lsh 4 and 4 4tams MnM Carwli-s 2."; S-rtna.i-i U rs. per lb.; tixxip 11 a S Flour Xrera stef'r; fwr prime hliilaiL-l.ibia Ktuur SIS: Ntw Orleans 15 1-2; i!unU 7f liuoj.s CO; ah.-ck li n. rth, witb i ebi.g; flank S35; Scactinij SJ; Spars I n deraattl, price accrd.i to size. Our tHa prluceN! 'iises 8 to . ?lrt; JdciCuvadu Suar 14 1 2 to 17 ts.: llrvwn 14 a l5rs; White 19 to 4 5. f.cr ai ioU-j Culiie Si 1- a 4. k; Kiice at St. Jaode Cuba on 1st of ' " Il.cieia l;and yoa a I'rkes .:r.t:l .!". The Jt?hn Adawa still re-l 'Tiains in port. 11m: weather has set in lilrrn-.ely !s..t ; but lew cases tf fever - t'lLs 4-c vied as Ti L Kills an New York. .u . & tr j aiKHifj; J'itiladelphia, do : M "ja;;:.4..rc 2 jirrrtJt. (boston par and kj : dut!) Clitrli-aif 1 l it 2 percent pre- ' . 1 c!!nt t.'ii tiirv ninv i n n ; 3 ' ' Tru-t ai d Ida brathei. whom I tJ I2.d eosid-?rably better; they L') i-j Msunxas in a fe days H.1 vn lie a'yjbH-x. liiat. Times. Frnr. f'.e Ktt&uzky tt.fortr. Thomas S. Juslt, last wek, pessed tirugh th plac. n his wa to itU Loiitf to manage and rntnl in person tie ciptuilion to Ytllow Sloitr. j . Tliis pM'tleanafi isaa aiBcer of great me ;V t j i ' fit, aiid is at presetit q-Jiticr inast-r general if th anr.y. - He vrl! a tloub f ii- nciiaitir.- Letiu::tMf the ;l..ce to which ; s ; is n,. a.tld, w.iii ciecit to mm- aeifaausatUUctiou to the country, is estimated t'lat the exrJirion in n tne?- y II : :it . ' . I - j ; . ivu tthi ine oveiunieoc one mil I I I - Twin d dollars. Hie expenditure of thi I 4 "i large tara in the western ccantiT, wil mil lis Till, be of considerable tervic to u in the 1 1 -present hard ttuns. From the Jl'ckmukd rnquirtr, Vr'e ccpy if.c foU..wiu ai tides ofia-t-'.iigeuse ir. J rn tc , a:i.i received at t ;mt i.'C rttfuur nrm: tuvun ci win oaxes .!. - ... . f it . 1 1 1 hvj are i.e.eriiielesa iivi to the pco tins country, who cm now (ia U " 1 a i ttwiALT.tifr.re tif the fitmiuiiati .f itr 4.1! 'iurw I hi- Vasct Inill. , ;,p , ' i ttun ffthe progretscf the revnl-atioo in earlier thai tliir t.aro- ..if? iasmlB Awt-ri ra, r, i i r-eaa r.ei-nbors. f I a I l ' Khkistom. Fm. if. i I "Mwaii MU deposed the t.apUio S v.rti. I'TCanrrii. t'ardo. 9 mll aa n.igiii uirr Locri-ra, ami tlie Intend'.nt ral AranAarii,aid appointed in his it place, Du.vi l I kUioiiYy.!'i . ' i vitt. ' tie has auniiemied'the WAu.le.eia, ard formed a j ( ibiua, saijcri to t v. u iret : nu- pmciam.-esl i.iartia. ast resomcesit the Spaniards, :iwice is suuerinz much in .a-.;-, i i iih the Main. A Snanish eiiiUs;4ncd Terr.cityat 1'oerto ChIhI-l, ti - la a atrciiatit v( thri Uhind. j 'ljt th;y l.ae bat few Trovps or money. v d a w i t;:aiu,j mcar.a to eppofe tlie rT 2 i ( t . i ' w" . I ' - A ! ;s J VV. tit..5. rfawl that the ofSce cf the i r f it! r- I tfi'-k -s-t.- ihe United Matea this city 'i t I ', Vocl c,'7 Ttanr to r reive the notes ui , I VStUo;hf slficesi that La:.k, as has r S r . i yxu known tiie public, but also ; ir Tn ls-i nntiv ff tlc branchrs of th 3 I .. L - - " j pi, ii stare aanns ;a tr.Tjf c-v, and Tf-vfti iTi cer ' rears, the notes i.f the J.T jttM .i.k", txcrU in pjmat f . . a . i . . . ii is uiwiTvi.i n met tins an a ' sjCrs ha been aJirpicif to preyent its i; ; nfbel.igJrawn nat IW the purpose i f I ; 1 WUut lue tioithern towns. hi --'t? t s"v.iafiwyi5 ' 1 ' Hi I'? tW4tfa f the j vlc tvlK-in; I jnuC? hy rc WortW ratln r more than taestotra f the itate banks, in canse iKin' fan in JisTinetit ot D-ttiuf at ii Taat tnia n ea- u-i-1 jnsiwct: i uirx caes omy -r. tii-s K:Jth"n w j-"aey than'-u.r U: aWUitw4 M' I lid .vUtt;M" 11 U ! ( ,rt4r isi! ci ate im-.ti . ' are ?cij fccer. rcfase hc fl(es i f ibeir kit. Tit; i ir.tcriued to prevent Cue ccurr.c';.ton of balances avainst them nn ': part -f the oince of the U. S. bank, inasmuch as il will prevent tier- nftt;!ilMiir; txaru.lt notes Irons deituti- tir.g them and tUeli gisir.g checks in fa- v.-r hi that cdhce. l.i o.li t word, those who have branch notes and have no pav mentsta r.idk in the mother banks, w It have t-i resort to the b-anches, instead of dpfcitiii tinrin in the mother b:;; as hcrvtulun. h' ti. llepufter Vi'hen Ie wasmanarat Kdiiibu ht km iietrriimic 1 t imimtvt; upitu aiumsi-r, c:ul s-i liauig pr.n 'U' d a ar cl ol tur.e piu.id Imt, tliev we e pu' iiito a wtitre! lurrnw, t w-iuh iu alliv td 'i ictai'i litcl. Tlit fiwe, 1 idp'S k'-'ere placed at Oik back -f t!o. tj;e, as:i ur.eid tlic urpt-ntcia was itrdrreu t trundle tlii n !( I barrow f.t filled back ward atid ! w inl urrr ihr rids,ei Toe play wai var, and really m the twi Erst cfl'nrl". I'.ic thuniler bad a J effect. At lenpli, a tlie kii'g w.i bra-in tlie pritinir ," the pitilts st-jriii,"' tlie tViundeier's l-wit ilipped. and dnwii l Tihecl-innu. and s!l. Tin1 t being ca .ieoin;y,'.:.c balls nia 1 llieir wj to.vard t't.; i cii 's'a, v.rr. mee'ing witb bat a liable r-si.-ta'iLe !. ; the scci.e, Uid it flat uiw.n it' 1 Tli- j toriu was !fiw more ihfiu idt f.iT L &r t 1 stem Hi in tae inc l.e r.aJ fo.-l.rc r..)i:i-p'.aiue 1 of. The balls jtakini cvei r d: rection, he was obliged t kip bn-Liy alunit ti avoid l!eir., iike the man wiiu d.-.ncri the egs biirnp'pe. T'.ic CJiU- rs, iu alartti for l.ieii rat-gu!, liai.ed nut ! 1 1 ? or. hetra, 'id tu crown tv seene I t!r.i!'is Cir. f'liioii. the j..l-v,;nj uerrr lav i.rt-stratc vt l.tc J-Jst t , .c culJ,L.,! ;.,'l.keat. .h,r -. .Ik Sits 11133, Tlu- lt'er i tii-i t ruade in consres. to impose ;-n 'jnr s"ihibie rci'rtclsoii on tho people id in.- uri, in tha loi ir..liio:n I a ;atc goei t.i.tii, appears b; daly fppmtan-d in tint raailer. Tin pcu-ile are taking a bold aUn! against th.-principle-, on whitii the in;ijor;ty ofctm-grtss acted: Thz public prints are fi. led v.ith spirited and able eajton tlit subject, and the grand jury lor the county of St. iouis have presented t !-attempt iatonjrtss as an unconstitutional and unwarrantable tisurpition "f pawer, over their anjiie&ab c iifits and privile5c as a f.ee people, &c.' T1k occasion claarly warrants this d -cide-i course. Slavery is a great cvii; au i its existence in any part of the U. :vt"i, greatly to be "regretted; but ti-1 h.'i handed coae of tnp nrijority in iie !ioue ot representatives, i:i t".eir a - tempt not 'tly to deprive t ie pi-op'e cf ..iissnuri 01 property uerrt t t-j uaran-frd by the constitution a. i'l 'a s id ihe Ujitrd Sutes. but a'. to deprive t'.cai oftmei'f those unalienable ri:itsof so vereignty, winch belorg to every Iree people, is an attempt at usurpation in.re moii4tro.8 tlian th evil it is intended to remedy. Ken. lirp. Vsjt Torir, Xny 3. Tlie fit sailing snip tiachem. lli.lard. rtved at this wt yesterday from llu- emw Avtes,when she sailed on the 10'tj March. We have received a file -f pa pers of a iate date, an l a long Utter from a corregpoiideiit at that place. r rom . u. IJ. ortnmg.on, esq. late consul at Laenos Ayres, who has ar - t - cd in this ship, we have been politely lavoreu wun an inreresimg ueia.i oi re crr.t occurrences in South America, ot which we have only t.me to notice a part io this day's paper. Mr. AYortlungton left Chili on the 29th January, and made the journey a- cross the continent from Valparaiso t" utienos Ayres in 81 days on hor buck, a distance computed at 440 leaies. It was reported the United states fri gate Macedonian arrived at Valparaiso about the beginning if Fcbri ary. Ah? president s message lu.l been re ceived at Duenos Avres, and some re maras made i ;ion it in the papers. Thev teem to attribute the non-recognition uf their imlepf ndency by the United btates to the imure-sion which hid been ftjadel''Patch'.-d the div before ?! -r lar to this aide cf the troriics, respectirrr their party u.ssentwns. " a a ncy expected that Ibeir sovereignty would have been ack nowlrded in conseqnence of th-? favorable n-portsjwhich they anticipated from the commissioner to the congress ; but they did not appear to bear the disappointment in an improper manner. Chili was by the last accounts freed from the royalists. Sanchez, who commanded there, after bein$ beaten bv Santa Fee, had retired ataongst the A snerican Indians. On tse U.'i Jan. lw d Cochrane tailed from Yalf ata-so with his ("juaJmn, consisting of ihe Maria liabelb, (the frigate Ukvn from tlie Spaniard) the San Martin, the Lautern, and the Chacabuco supposed wnl the intentmn of touching at Arica, Cull no, c. and to capture or btirn the siiippinu at tne latter place, as Uiey had on boanl a large store vt rockets, and prowi.n. f A .1. f . -1 or iou ruwnuisw it was I'lotignt tins naval expedition would give life and as Tendency tJ the patriots in Lima. Capt. Yioter, f the Lautaro, real hero of the late naval auccess in Taicahuatu Iiay, had resignt. ,ird Cochrane was ollitn I of h'un. and wished him to remain 1 . . . .... .. .. Misplace was tilled bv Capti'm UriKe. M Cie nay, so trie marine ifOn ii is now wholly cotmuanded bv Ka glishtccn, . Tlie Uj iti-h f:ig.tte Audro n.ai.ie, whicb was said to be taking oS IrcniXima abstur J,000.0i0 Jvlarj, nrr-i . .. , . nspt oouiki iu iia aane:rj, it was sua peeled would bj intercepted by Lord Ct:hrar.c, under lire pretence "iiribc-tnMe,t;iat !. was violating iicr neutral ihiracter. " : Frvm nr Cvrrepor.deat. Cwkxos Aiars, March 2. flie state i ti trulj tlcpbiaWr; its iradc H very .t.uoj rc i-ccJ in rrftj. letic f tus cumiuuiticatiuTi iitlilh- interior bi-mj cut iT by windermu hordes f Itidianf, well armed and mnaii- tbl,w!iotiavr.se the country, dnvri" oft' tlie cattle, uud coni'tiittin ' excesses ti.at IikW bumanity. . All LimU ol foreign 2n Ms arc ii(iuiiii.i!t and t'ie j)-"o .ate ut t-ie country cs!re-iely scarce c liish. The riedit ot tliC C'ierum-i.t 1 Vi-iy m.K'b reduced, itsjpisper bei"' at 50 ji'-r cent. (!ioooiit, and daily setting lower. All tlie reulr.r troop- luve b.en tvitiidraun fr.i"i tin- lily to ?ct agaimt the '-'.'K!(rei.o.s. hT:hIi i;i-, whoiiifjsl '.ht j'tteri:-$b,t tluy casmot d i any tiling tiu:m. Heiu" v . 11 mcti'ite I, tS -y ;.! aviiil 4 :cii..ir at;'tk. It u said I'nt th d-ei"ti:jns b.ie Uc-a very "at Ironi t!ie troiips S'.'.'it oui !.: li-.Te Ihemmtiiv dutv ol t'i- c:1v H now iffcifonn.-d bv tin: rrtroc, or nii i'n cimpu..l )! t!:c m nc pn;u'. j'io'i, a id t.ie Iree u.a. k. A niutiny too!; p. arc i"i I'm -.l ijiimiii' in inc ft t'o.( i". fi- niiMits i.I a. a. ks. It apje.i-4 t!..-y w.-n i;r!freu f . a ;nj,e whu ut arm, nen it was ii.te !d to j-.i-upn-e to iVm t- join tn." r ;ti. ar anny viii'.li :n acting aainft t: e Metit iti-io.-. Tiieyli ! v.:. ic;o i t it 'iina a'temi.t :.l !h' kin iv 1 b ;..! ::' in itio, an 1 a- letri'.i wi.'i :rin ,r.: nn. "I'n iir.'v!it .1 s 1 t'i I ... i . H" - Cvtr .ei ! t cpa s.inir ir ; lr,i (.: .'. '. 7 J :. :,:7l.'.,i'S. rt Cr':-el.t ' 'ii'4'iti. dm' !-: cii-J ,;t !i- v t:r? wi;ii:c-, but til nui ib-r'ur.'.l thev w tu'd no!, fir fj'tj r man, a -d Le wl 1 1 a ve.-y no tou an.. i,.;u'iii' nan. e . Tiiey fia.l iv i!'er;e'i ! i. rii uv u aicortj. Xr iiij .i. j ':rs btt'abiiu th? streets.theer '- V !i iithvr. ami tve;t i.n' to.K.Vii. 1. .; ci.'ij rilit with V wiuVt Mea saivs v.cie ruir.rd atvly tak.n bj the i, er;u:i.iit to chuck this mutinous cpi nt. S r.iti' uarJs pa'iolied t!ie Bt.evs dr.v a-.d I'.tht, ta approheud thf Macks of i.r.-i 1 .im:.ii a ;d in a short time inuVi of the. 11 v. ore l.sig rd in prioo. Tiic fi.ited ;u!e sloop of war Oita rin, has L-. tn to I. una. where she took nu b i :.-(!, o 1 f. c.ht for Rio J.in no, n-boit a intii..:i i f .J . liar? Ait stopped at V.,!, ara'n on th; ril i) ccn.ber, but ' i'l three .1 r be wtr and put to bta again .Ijvs uf cr, jpi rtlitiiding that a searcu v j 10 be atteuijkt'd lor the Sie-cie as ioan- Ji properly. It is said that Coctiifi.ie adr;sed i. ord t'ochranu'a s-j'isuron put to sea sd lei Ij on the i-lt'. Jao. from Valpa raio, 111 pureuit .f two Spaniwli Iri-jjates tliat iheyhad information I. id s.ii! en f.o.n i:isa lor l'a:.ama, tncy were also to i...k ? a iii'.i at th: iiai o . of Li nm . Tr Jlnlian nnj 1J, Aviean amv : m: :er i?nn Mar.i j, a',rul 3.5!)0 .rn was to rn.bai k fir the si:;u. of Lira i sajii as the ileet rta.:i-: i to traii!;o' tLaai. Captain Wons r, w!i cra manded the OTliiuS frigate resig:i-i In coaunifeiwi just irrvi is t' Lis filing cf the Cect. The reasDn aligned f'ir it ia this f ord Codrane sent on baaru t'.ic frigiie an ord-r lor her to be ready J Tor st a in four bmrs, t-j which rapiain Wooster ser.t an anwerthat it fu iP'.po.si'j'e. Cochrane iuiand-strly cpcalcd his oidv'r, adding that th. wo:d i i jiMe sai not in his voeibuiy Ujiou winch captain Wooster threw -p Ins commission, and the fleet sailed without fin. The ship B"aver, cf New York, whieh i restored at Lin.aio Iofnnbtr la-t. J iya; f ccie dawji to Ylpa aiso fur a j frei. Considerable apprr'" nsion is enter-t lined hereof the coming of t!;s Tadiz Armada. Should it come out, Monte Viedn will no doubt, be given uby th-Portusu'sa, and thr. t!is river can b efT.cturJIy bbckad -d. ITiere cn.r.n.t bt a ibmbt of th n'timste fill 'ire of ti.is esvedition. AIth'--gh the people of this country are t'iviJ.rd among them a-Ives, an l th; interior in a state of comii'Oiin, yt thry WTild join agsir.-t aiy foreign enemy, and o he Spaniards are universally regarded. m a !tc n 4. It i reported h it a "fwiy.s-i ' G '" "'n Martin, with or.iers fr- hio - 1. , 1 ri n nis army :o . ms pmc .-. , t , 3iiiiina-.il- is 'o ie ii...ieu ';r-.":rrr: and It conforms t.i wh it l;ivrm!o recommends in hi speech to IV inn grest, which I enclose yon. r ar rf the (id.z expedition is, no dnuSt. th' principal cause of these movements. The exjiedition to Lima will, fcours, b upenil'd, at least, if San Mmir comes this wot. .'iVr. .J Ir. custom nousn, -M si, Cl.tvMiKy. Schr Jealous, Yictoirc. Oemnny. : - . CLEARED. iit ig Commerce, "aggt, Calypso. IJeale, Com Hull, Hiltr; Schr Martlia, KoguA . Yictoire, I.tieiine, Gen Jackson, Uadger 1 etiA'n s M.Jjile S York .l.- St Thomas Mobil Pensacola Mobil r-jrt nf .Vit York. .May 4. . Arrived tho llritish Packet Qicns b :ry, captain Teller, 50 "days from Kal- iMiat'i, and six Irom tljlilax, with the March Mail. . ' -The bi ig Alliance, from New O, leans, id IS daysfro n the Haliz. Apii! 22, I it. Sj, 24, l.m '. 81, spoke baniqc Ma ry, 19 days from New Orleans for Bos ton. . .Th. bti Argo, Meadcr, 28 days from N tlrleaas, with cotton and poik, to P. II. Schenc &C. s . Cleai e 1 iiiig Iscindeer, Tiiikbam, Xs-w 07ieani. - I'oitfJ rhilttdtiphia, Jrj Arri-ed ir;z tvmraodorc barter, (Grayer, New Orleans. 4D days. For ISortlcauSs 11 . sz-.tliVi LrT: 0rleai!s, C.j.pered and copper fastfii- j, .rouitu. y.m 1 ilZ Tne shio TKN N KKK, capt. iJiS Miswe.I, for rkitaiSfM. w.U ..:..x...',Muir,. om T;mri' m,rn- V ' !?" arr rtT ed t' !' e !lir bb .Vorn. t trssy ami w. j 'i'ie I For riiiladelpaii, f-Tr The fine t'f M.nt r UKHKi'CA foV-" SM.l-Y.raM'ain Onlfii. hs o..rt oi her ewp tns'nK. 1. rid nave erly tirat--i i I n- tif ir!it ..I avt 5". t.h.'.i or tne ri t l!...icifor -g', M 'y t- tb. opUin on ba-d ft tier lioVlir ii-iM Ikmis:. tr to .VOIM.AN, I) 1KSEY Si CO. ''"e t For llayoa Sarali. 77i Sfei ?'af. HAIAPO, j'rwi Will depart on Sunday nvitm 'gi xt t PJo'c'.'Ki 1 1 friRiit t.r p.ia . 10 it 'i n R e.;c. Point Coupee, or Uay.u iv. toll. ar;ily t.i ra; t Kee 1 on S -l, or to Tort 5 Clement. j'lt t The Consignees per hp St SAN f.xm l..vrr;o;l, are reipr-sted tw '.Tf I llinr p.-rni t m. Inar.1, ar.ii at n.l ti re-e i.-; Ilea gjK 4ihtier below the tem-u..a:. iur', Hibernian Aocicty. J"M!K 'ji-f, tji.t riy f.txt.n of the ill i UKKNiVN MJ'JIMV, will held at t)jvi' , 11 vu Sal-i.dy tvc-ijiglhe 5.li intt at 8 u'c;.s:U.. UVVI.TOX VANCE, Wy june 1 11 avail.'. OUjLiil. l, II xes bmh Jbivaaa yood Zj J oiulitv. t - i'e bv Archibalil M'Lca & Co jii-el ) r. -: - ,.l -OrtLi-i. J WATElt COMPANY. fUniMi.PriOl (ir Slirr in ll.isCm panv, wi -e "pcr.-d at .Macru ta-lite 4 h ol" June Ij19, and dii on Kri'l. ua' a (iisiiiiiif. X. I). The same individual cai.nnt su'nscribe, nn tlie first d.rv, t r rnort tlian twisliarcs. an aretiJon ith the c imnVitlee of the eirpnriiiun, on Wli ilieir ordiiancc is predi ctted, it is siii.uLiled that a number of il.arrs lull jc off 'red f r nic to t!it- ciiizcns resident, iu tlwcity of New O.-lerna, or in tue district 1 Ii ; wliole immLS'r h ch can be HUpised of is not asce-tained, but 50 l.arv will be soli at ibc prssc it time. 1'be wi le number of shares is ?W Lach share, aa w.U bewenonrc- fc i ewe to t ti art, is g J00 Ov Hundred dollars to ht p;d do-vp i tl-e time of subseriliing, n ich sl.are 100 T.. i- -red dV.ls.-s by notes at si-tyiKya 203 Ttm let ..I t- l iV.'.Iar by a sni.lae njit a- 12 J oaji. r00 5X A printed 5-im naf,y both of lh?cl.uv. Ordinn'-r, ard act of rieo -poratm i, . f.Minl at Masp-ro'i Earlian 'e. f tfct ul be Iit'enen.lfTit ot tlie w.Ji(if the Corporation of Ihu city, I i.at tlie bast pa i ot tlie Shan s nia 'j-taken by llieciliaens i N.O.tans, it ir.av be rea-nabiv eapct thai the capi l vili fffcr greater inte:t tiiaa any o.he. in th- Cut. d S ato ; a-d tliat its valu- will r ii.id.y increase aide cspiratxa ottlic tt-rm t.xr n li. II. tt. i-itR9:l?. inne t biauk liook, Di.ilioii.i.y, u, Comb, and Variety ritorc. Corner ot Custom l.onse tntl D:rseys Alley, ntar the i.evee SEVsr'.U. fnn r...lt:mot. hs Just o;:i-o ?'ir sl a senerai andexmi. sive assormcn; cf the (o'lowi"jj artxle!!, which lie will ofllT to tie citizens an l western merchants, liov ..le or rei-iil, a.nong. t winch are, itecnrUs ieders.lllavir.j cards asanMed Journals, iiay, Inv-juce.-H i.il d. Sale, Cs- , txtter, 11:11 V prt'Ta! vr.ini:-rt .. I'tlt s;esicis. Hat. ads itr t-enr-'.s r.n:i!.b usltt-r c sr.uff and N. to.Acc j.uco'i rant, .ud lla k 11a. .k &e. uc. ail s.sci a- C.r.Jic. i3rasi.es aad com'-., all knidfl l.wk;t boks asirrle Fa.oiivbit Its do ,ic-i pe.Tci svl ink- sun .Is l.ik po-.'e.-, wafcri. aad saimirn., it.b e. f. luaiamrnu doiBaiikrr'a ncte eases !Sciifi. b lC8 g. ntra.tj ! lar;:n iWhtng n'. i i"?r uangii.g-j fcr. fir . Yv'oh tie vii; d e f aa msr as pvsi-b!e fo? cash, or good iceptoncca. itt 1 ,- U. -Sir -isoite 1 Uu.'- and !c ter pap-.T a. , irwli,K;ngtri n l wj-ap- l p.r -oiper auoi nu I j i r 1 Museum Coli'ec House. 5jj - l0in:U4-C, great:ul fur liberal wiu, civx).1raeTut beatr.wed uj oii hira l.y i!-rtnc.-ciis ;:T:t-n cf Newajrl-tus, sii.ee' t'ie op-ning of tisiewtstablihmtt,-ii,l anx .sis to ffeturn in a suitable manner ttielr pis. Lvors, takes this opportunity t acq .a::r. ihcm, that inordrto render tlie M . u- more rislrtic .ivo ami iii-.ec.-t!tg. lie has wholly g:vrn tip his Ci-mcrhusi-iLSs leaeliini l Jcvote hun-r!l entirely la the classif.catMin, increase and proper rrntavn-.t ot his Miin nm ;to which willslior.ly bo aided aeoiiection of e!t.q-iit;cs. uiscn ip.ni uie sc;iici.res ci t;ie incoa.s, m a.:pr E.Typt, bt-sides a nnmier of oth-r ol-Wets wxr;hy the atu-niHSi of lie natmrs of that insti ution,S3i:ah:yclis.-d w.-.h a dficriation of t!ie mostcarimasqiuhti-.ations of each sub ject. .Mr. Djefrmhe mtcvVn to tire hnce forth his h.4e atini-n to hts c.!!r..tion, oilers to the lovers of lilera:ure and interesting works, a choice library, which tli be sold on the terrace id tlie iu..n Collced Iwise m Thnrsdjv the lOdi of Ju: e, at a o'clock P. M. bj jseph Lecarpcr.tier. . Several worki which are ccmmonly to be met with out hi large liSrar-es, win bef.mnd in this, atd otter a fav.:rai.e 1-pp.inuiiity v the ama teurs to sa? isty tlu-ir ti- tc A su,rrb Ci naoty decoratki, eonslstirg ol a handsome clock, war.-anird cxcrlirn', and two rich Hower Tasa, besides two glass show boxes mv SI Jtitrfit TOOlt SALE on lxrd brig 1, Thon-.as U, Dunlin master, frrm ltosion, 300 baskets sallai oil SO casks supeifiac cunet a ine 100bhUN.R. re-- 100 baes cod fish 4 bbia. & SO.bal: dn. no. I. laackarel 44 kegs first quality butttr 15 cases bons and sIhs to tlie mas'er.' F.ar terms aptly an board laiuc to?sil( ioau aun." i, or io innv r. ,v. n rzn XiHu v;ai.ted to riuoplrst t'.r loading tfl UK- tilt uulirz K:d iot jtJASN-V .M.VP.IA, cap !l. A. Vm', I i- AMsiT.lV?, to kid on cUisJay tle 2t .ton.r. A;(ly i S. ii. .tackl.ousp. Tlie s!ii; I.OllKNSO, Savage. natter, to sail on Thursday nest an J con tike 2'W bales cotton, cr .!ie uu'.k there-t Aj;r!y to G. P. SIIIPMAX& Co. mv: vl Canal tm-t. For LouisYille, The stcjiii bfat Gov. Shclbv, will tart n Sunday. 6 lime. l'-.r lreij;l:l 9.- passage, apply to eanain For Kiclnnotid. Va.J To touch itt .S'irj-jilf. 1 lie rln.iuer North Star, c:ipt i.n Slocuin, Cuo tiwlj.i k of 150 l.arrvls tweitlier of thesr plices. and aec-:rimsdjte ff.ur more ps-.-riri-i, and trill tail on ri:-su..y next, nund af.d weallu:r j:rn't:i.i. ap.!y t Win. liojd ami Son. mv 29 so Dollars ltevranl. ! T) A N AWAY f.om tr si.eril:r on the 3 1 it.tlt ut md.-nte-i apprtniice to ;he Hak.i. uu..r.,s, named .K!iSLI5 KAV.VNAf.II, bo:t 19 yearf ol'fre, 5 feet 2 or 3 "mches high, hlne ryes 1-t t.air, I jrht complexion, nl a little pck markrd ; had or. whtn i.e went away, Mi:e rmtee i pai.tul..s, hut I. as taWeu tti.tr el'.-tbinjr witli l.iia. All persons are liertby ra.i'io'ir.l ajrV.nst harboring, trusting or liking My s-id U;v. as tliey w.ll innir the penalties 4 li e Uw. 1 !:e aijiTr rvwa"il will te paid f.r tt.e .r.reitsisicr. w.d oth.-ry ot iue wul toy t James Henry, Fusturage. C I'.OCT 6-.0 acre of k-hx! grr s ar.l cb.vrr d'u well wateit-l, sliuded art o.-mpietely t-o. n in, lo I had hy tlie mr.rth, 2 montlis or 5 rr..intli tf.e plai.tatrfdi belr.rging al pretent to Air. Stephen Henderson, lymlt on the rieht hank of the river, kbout t wo iiiiles above New-Oileais. Any person w'wIitj to base the s. nie lor any of die above periods, can apply cn liuoi, mucs, aial Hats. a'lbneriber lias received pr te arri va's a ir neral snr;n.ent of Imvs and lia a, htrb lie jtitrt .ril., tetv etn 9 inZ 10 vre street, consiii.r;; ol Gentleman' b.ag '.d half E"3ts ZmIics lest!ifr nd morocco Boots do. kid :Ji l Dorvco slioes v.ih I.acitlei ami in d.i. c. I nrcd k;! and do. d. Chddre.' loatiier rml morccc.i Itcotees tleni'iemen's llais eo'.'ixir.j cf white do. d Llack Roys do do Tojcthcr widi shcj and hats of common q .id-ty. 40 doz. mo:o.-CJ and kid skins, all ol !ii !i will lo be sid on (;ood trrms bv aiioiiul ie";ister, 2 kJilE sunsenben lo the Nclionr.l Ilelster, are r quested to call on th; imdersijrne.l and pay tip Uieir subscription to lUe 1st July 1S18. Jamrs Strrrctt, siir ,v) Ati-. Zi ilvlia.s t.t WdiU. Ti -vNrt WAY from tle (jlantalion cf Major S3 J Minor at Latiiuxche on the lSUi April 'st, a iK-g. mnn slave, nametl JACK, remar kably st-"A mad?, laige eves, haj a scar on bis n-.-se lnch d-figuml his leit eye. Speaks English only. Ilad on when he wtntofTa pair il u-.)sers and sl.irt of brma iint-n. A rtira d ot twet.ty d'-f ars will be paid to ary ro:i arprehr.d.r.g ta d nero and deb-rcrmir hi.n at h.s owners ploiilaliun, or lodging n.m ui ji. IVM. KEX.XEll $ CO. mav ' 9 Louisiana Stale Insurance co mpany, Taj'W.-vTiai-)) ;.;., f, ; iw-ria- i. won ? t l.e L? li!nu Wte lutur-tnc- i.'.;..,.aiy fctucis. .r nsi.;u i.ndcr t'.e s.-j;nin i.J .riie :J '.r.e l"...Jer.t and diiic'...es ot the iUis i..a State Ka!,X, the r bsi k'nif; li.iiiiC, .;d wl continue open every dy fn.ru e'even nil pi -e o'elock. llvnir riCI'AUD RLP. - r-iir Af- Iienry Marston, N.l. 4. DII NV1LLF STaET, n.S S just r.;cr.:vl nu !rcis tor !e. A' ca i-s wn..c and red current wjie of suneiiur ! ju i'y. O0 doz holtlc.l cider 6 1-4 chests ri.il.cn tea. ' I V STOKE. Me .s and Nos. Boston Uetf Hois tii.ncts oil C.isks eta na.U, assorted Cherry rum in b'ds. Ik d sherry wine in bottles Kes ground nmr U ac maukt candles Ka'.i bises No. 3, snap se of men's and boys hats Cases long company yellow nankins Casts .Madeira and Froniioac wines Ttonts and .hoes. mav gt; . Hunlap and -Wooster, iirB FiB SAIK, Pipes IXoKsnJ gi.n, d.K Cale and white do. Flo. cognac brandy, half pines Madeira wine Kt-gs cordials, casks bottled p rter Hb.s. Albany ale, cafes Pensji ania Rirm Cases beaver hats a ilt buttons and watches Tnmks natty made clothing Amtrrcan castings aid hollow -ane Com crush -ng, and bark mills Garden na'.k mllers hnxes cahiocl furniture Counting House deika Spcim cand'es Havana sefars in hal fand qr. boxes Bbis. perk and beef Set cut stone, door and window sets, and lin- Til-S Z f.iy and Carriages, an.l J gigs mnv To be Let, TIIT. Store No. 3, formei ly fcctip;l hy Mr. Alvan V,'t.i-. more, situate t the corner of llit-fiv.l'.e and Ia:v?e stret ts ; Psssi.n t.n lie had nnthe Isl of Joac r.i at. For terms a'y tu F. A. i'lanc, mtrC9 At Mr. J. It. I. A BAT L'l 'S. Com and Wlicat. 2,000 hubLda Com ' 1 1,400 bashcb W heat, Just reerr--d and for ssle bv - urxi.ii' rj' irOOSTEJi. trn Ca.! tres . -'in iiK.i ..- I ...1 v....:"!- 11 . . .T-u ine : 'ioC4uit:S a '1 7" said 2T11II3 DAY. u.ii , "m:t'3- J 1 ' Wild .. .. 2-J Khds. Ironoo Term5 ul n tae a-, i3s( ts3 IutilClurir-Jf. tMotliofjur,,,, A iMaatutioii il ly. hnvnur t atn,. r. . "l bh ' .. '! Si f,.ernyT- ' ixH.ru id b; .i r' i, ; distant troni il,e Cl)y but y li"s11 i;ar.:t:i i,f yr tj , il-"- x m.!c, and n-t-.HK m:i K. f Sk in mnm.vi-r on ihc p!uj,H1r",c"tt. ' iinc i Lrestab,vlu ,t. i"i -llirmi! ;artn.eiit,amUcl.M:i C"Hrtj.J Lio'i, Terms st the ,t a la r ,,vi " '"J 7 yt K sold at -perAK,cul a-. J in-iito" r.An. 7 PrODPrlv Aba.1d,redl-yC.PjpMloh- AJiouseamilnv re, 11 Situate m Custom.:.., L..u: U.ii siretl. " A Ixt of Groi!n,l S 'uate ill the jubmK o u,. ' No. 2 toi ibecuraerutUUi! sin-.-ts. ; "w,;.ia A Creole Xcrro, jics r Rw;ivtirrit?!a,r t..irions l a: 1 1. ;re P?' ihtrlateairivJs. J9 CARRIAGES AMI) GIGS. .andean,. R,n, wfcJj vart-Kb f- g.g.hsmes..'. bnto trunk makers, copal txul.lj i, iT trunks of mcni ami i v ai.n ui, ar:civ or cohmr. ilkttndkerchirta.ItiSstca.l aM Wc ejeffsntpiwio tone, all if hs.k sl T' ci eap C cash or app.mrnl pa-. if. inEum Comer of Mspuzino and ;;rl itntu, bf.nr Si- War.e, K. It Ucn'lrmsncxi bare rior tj.: Pia.lc to uit iheir o n tas h fjj, 'i?' ptyinp as above. , ' Carriaccs and C.'igt rnoun'ed, dearf i stored on reasonable terra. may 5 aTj Hi,fCil, sj'tetilittlALVUVto JiS anil aqiiai litvofrrslcopalViHi In. I n',cl rt C l I liicliard, Spiccrijco, mil 24 . Just received, 2btl excelled rol liitltr, up fcria. iir use 000 cwt. Crawly Steel, U afe W may 27 - CO. Cash sSales, of Cliina, Clasj and Earthcn-warc . T1IIE subscribers wishing to nuke I di5 iJL ent arranetment in tlieir lwirj.rf loriale wholesale cr retail at an. on t.aml, consisting of China, dljs,i.-id Irs. en-ware, viz : blesnt and common French ma EttUifiw Breakfast. Dinner and Tea Serricorfwriw qualities Blue Primed, Enameled and Ccntrata TVae, alnmt every description CleTir.t Cut Glass dessert smicrt Cut ar.d Common Glass Uecanten,TTre,ai. lies, lumoiers, xiqiKM-sardunsMi v Pcrsous from ine countrj will find tbrir interest to pnrchxse, for wbuis it v4 a promptly repacked in the best Buswrtttr fi:ie Cut Glass will now be suld mudi Inter than ever has been sold, sad lower taw sew now-be biporUd, as since theiswisiat ilescript'ion w as imported time hii btmaiil- ntir.ri oiuy oi twenty per cent whI j ktn eHect tlie present jtar ; all their stwo.1 be s .Id kswer than it eer hs been is rlscl-e.1 .Vtates. - Families wishing to s'Tr-ly Ita---eivt-siU have an oj poi lunii j oi -o i a whi.lesaie prices. ;. T'ownsend Sr Dcmrccr. Canal strert, betTrea Sd may rnd tkarirf.-'r!. t1 1?. &. vVilat . - 5t!orv.cy and Conr.stUor cltiX S ES: I'EC I FULLY olltrs t'i .mtsnJ.Jf-5 vices to his tritiuU and Jic p iblc. 20 Hollars Ucward. ANA WAY from th- s-iotcrJ-i-rw veiling ui the 3d it r iiaU's'fi T'i vanr, namecd .MOCH'.H.LE.VN A rttULi a st. .nt girl about 5 feet 3 er 6 niches t$ ry atout built, full face, Urje ryi , sharp shite teeth, and shown e.w'ior vehen sAfntosaakl)iitcli.rGertnaii,y'J FoAK-tih n4 tome hnle Kmicli ; J1 " tv k, wavier, an l ironer : hail oa vita uo - j -.it ivv ay, a red strijird frntk.. . Any person spprc.K railing .-i R" stcirif g lier so as tlie f nbimoer mat pt !.a(l receive the abotre resrirj and 'l K! able ctmf s paiil. A!l pcrs-w ate against employ ing cr haiwritaf wd isw. Wm. I mlpott : JAMES .ItiMlT.WZ, CV"F.RCIlANTTAHOit, returns b grateful thanks to '.he eitism cf-Orkans and its vic.n.ty t t! hberal eneiW . agement lie has received, pledgltg mtl. V Kive ssusfiction to ilwise bo w.y wiih their citst.'sn. . . . j , Just received firm londftci, an assrf'.xc tiirr faahianabie CI..C.. Ca..t..n afd C Crapes, Nr,keen Lin- m, Toik ml. seilles Q.":ltipg; etc. wliicli he will ihe sliortrst notice, ami cn tl ' terrr.s. Xnli street, neit uW to L'xr I'-"' 1 Gaaette. ir.avw tor sale,".' ffNE cepper STILL snd C"" Vly with two Worms ol aW W . ga!leos, ith TabU : 11 emr.pU--c-. WLi ir mailv new and is made r tie nait I75-'..-x plan fur ix-mmvy, ard will ce fold I"-' . ici iris aj-.ply lo ' , ' Jaoctf ForsyUi. MTOKALI I OS M .H-SS P5 re-;ceoi rresn ri.' v ----n jr,i,. m. . it A as iJ per blvl. aceordmgto tne -f- 1 1 atcs liilM.roi.lr'rf dnri'.i? the i"-:o f( rti -r-s ou:icc ff iwad hit. t t-'I;Vw. Vsy ai). 1H9 . . -a.J-',3;si .. .-:in fl ,,i S ei J " i ; r: v . par b-s "' ' .Ifierep uifferc en v l . i.na r tit t-i Udece qo Uk-oiis pa- rat. u ? Yy ,vut iiiur"r a ..reset. JVlihition-i 5es, M'n rV lieset. r.uui ,ie lies g'tn , nen de t" oos inst'.tu liurinns iu . Lemieres lei ksiiiConeni Juiiubliipe !ai et e:o-; US QOiM eC kM14 cepim treriiins rj i iUngb b r peut-etre, wudante e I W, et a'.or,i Hleinu-ui. U mains lie he, f aba i Wts nous is i natio !et rre d ; Lut dans i ar sa p; tk4 eotltiu'i lioa de c1!-' Et la trait pas bial d exc ;fterre ir. ' nit nous ceision e s'isons i Estrai t . 10 .1.. oa les oi if : notn t forte ;d'atte i.U6de jlars tile mnn. i riiar. letsortc a. I i i let lit Ja Hons t reea r ntnt tn avr Xt. YV er, qui f le rs E, rtear soiv it cou roeur tsoi i'tb rleg af Mi CCWl offic itrrn l3 IQkl ten si en

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